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SWTOR 3.1.2 Hatred Assassin DPS Guide by Aelanis

SWTOR 3.1.2 Hatred Assassin DPS Guide by Aelanis of The Shadowlands, with contributions from Evolixe.


Intro to Hated Assassin

Hatred plays very similarly to the old Madness Assassin. Energy Management became somewhat easier outside of execute range, and very tight in the execute range, and the AoE rotation was almost entirely revamped. With the new Leeching Strike, and change of self-heals from triggering on periodic effect critical hits to being simply damage based, we saw a huge increase in self-healing and survivability that has made it the go-to spec for PvP.

Utility selection should go on a boss-by-boss basis, as we have a wide variety of abilities that can make certain situations go from challenging to sleep inducing.

With the loss of damage on Leeching Strike, in combination with the resultant loss of healing and the reduction of life steal from Discharge and Creeping Terror, Hatred has been hit really hard in PvE, to the point where Deception can easily tie, if not beat, Hatred in both damage and survivability. Almost all bosses are better fought in Deception at this point. This is due to Deception’s AoE damage reduction skill and the spike damage prevalent in this tier of Hard Mode Operations forcing healers to keep DPS at near full health, which means they won’t give you the time to let your now fairly meager self heals do their work. Paired with nearly equal damage to Deception, there remains almost no reason to bring a Hatred Assassin to an Operations setting.


  • Single Target DPS: 7
  • AoE Damage: 8
  • Group Utility: 7
  • Rotation Difficulty: 7
  • RNG Dependent: Very Slightly
  • Burst: 5 or 6
  • Sub 30% Talent or Ability Buffs: Yes

Gearing & Stats Priority

  • **Must Have** Accuracy: As close to 758 accuracy rating as possible.
  • 5.22-6.62% Alacrity (423 to 552 Rating)
  • 64-69% Surge (222 to 360 Rating)
  • 0-175 Critical Rating (82 in Resurrected, 171 in Revanite)
  • All other secondary stats in Power
  • Augments: Willpower (Resolve)/Alacrity (50/50 split)
  • Relics: Revanite Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
  • Alternate Relic: Boundless Ages
  • Set bonus: 6 piece new Stalker’s
  • Lightning Charge

Gearing Overview

  • Reaching the Accuracy cap should be your highest priority
  • Due to nasty diminishing returns beyond the first 250 points of Surge, Alacrity is going to be very important in 3.0, especially since it makes your periodic effects tick through faster. The split will likely end up being a 3:2 Surge:Alacrity ratio for non-augment pieces through most of 3.X, though current Best in Slot looks like a 2:2 ratio for 192 and 198 gear levels.
  • Critical rating fell vastly in usefulness in 3.0. Thrash is down 20% of its old Surge boost, and gone is our surge boost on periodic effects and Death Field, though we picked up 30% on Assassinate. A smaller portion of our overall damage now has a Surge boost, but that doesn’t make the stat obsolete.
  • Choice of relics should be made on a fight-to-fight basis. Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution will give you a greater overall damage increase, while Boundless Ages will allow you to focus your burst into a short window for fights with tight burn phases.
  • Getting your set bonus as quickly as possible is highly recommended. It will increase your DPS substantially enough that having lower item level armorings with the set bonus is still a better option than higher item level armorings without it.
  • Despite the old 4 piece giving a substantial boost to the critical chance of a move used quite often, it is not as valuable, even with the new 2 piece, as the full new set bonus. You can PM Aelanis on the forums for these calculations.

Set Pieces

As in RotHC, gearing a DPS character will require grabbing numerous pieces. Below, I have listed below what you want to trade your token for, and why it may be a good choice. Power is rare in our set, and we require much more of it than we do crit, so pick up more of these pieces if you can. We also need a whopping 758 Accuracy rating, so Accuracy/Power pieces are incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, you’ll need to keep your eyes open for other pieces with Accuracy/Power enhancements, since we don’t get even a single one in our set bonus. You may end up getting a lot of Force Master’s boots. One more thing to remember: no offhands/main hands in this entire tier of gear have a color crystal in them, so don’t forget to add your favorite one in!

Piece Name Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat Comment
Headgear Stalker’s Headgear Critical Alacrity Set Piece
Chest Stalker’s Robe Power Surge Set Piece (Pow/Sur)
Gloves Stalker’s Handwraps Critical Accuracy Set Piece(Accuracy)
Belt Stalker’s Waistwrap Critical Set Piece
Legs Stalker’s Legwraps Power Alacrity Set Piece(Power)
Boots Stalker’s Boots Critical Alacrity Set Piece
Bracers Stalker’s Bracers Power Set Piece
Offhand Stalker’s Generator Critical Accuracy Accuracy
Main hand Stalker’s Saberstaff Power Surge Only dps staff
Implant 1 Stalker’s MK-X Package Power Accuracy Accuracy/Power!
Implant 2 Stalker’s MK-V Package Power Surge Surge/Power
Earpiece Force Master’s Device Power Accuracy Accuracy/Power!
Bonus Force Master’s Boots Power Accuracy Acc/Power enh!!!

Utility Choices

There are a few utilities that you’re going to want regardless of the fight, and a few that have situational use, but are not always mandatory. Each boss you’ll probably want a different Utility set. However, there are a few you should have for each boss fight, due to them being so strong in general.

  • Celerity/Avoidance: Reduced cooldown on our stun breaker, reduced cooldown on our interrupt, and a huge (25%) reduction on Force Speed cooldown make this utility a no-brainer. (Skillful)
  • Misdirection/Obfuscation: Movement speed bonuses help you increase uptime on a boss by both being able to keep up with it and close gaps between adds faster. Any time you can take a movement speed increase as a melee class, you probably should. As icing on the cake, the extra 5 stealth levels help you to sneak up closer to enemies before being detected. (Skillful)
  • Force Harmonics/Audacity: As the only utility that increases your single target DPS, you should definitely take it. Despite seeming small (1 extra charge every minute and a half?) it’s actually a fairly significant boost in damage. (Masterful)

That leaves 4 more utilities to choose based on the boss.

  • Shadowy Veil/Insulation: Good for if you have to take a lot of unavoidable damage. Helpful against Sword Squadron, Underlurker, Revanite Commanders, final burn phase for Revan, Torque and Blaster, as well as 2.X bosses. (Skillful)
  • Lambaste: Are there significant portions of the boss where you can do AoE damage? If yes, you should really take this talent. Great on Revanite Commanders, Sparky SM, and Torque. (Skillful)
  • Mind Over Matter/Disjunction: This talent is overall very strong, but gains even more use in some situations. As Evolixe has said: “For example on Torque, so you can wander the fires like nothing is going on, or on Blaster to eat the “Boss” his lazer damage for a longer than normal period of time. Bulo, for eating the minecarts without having to f-off. It can be useful on Walkers, if you intend to take risks and not move.” (Masterful)
  • Egress/Emersion: This is a utility that DPS Assassins used to be very jealous of tanks for, it’s invaluable on fights where there are persistent slows, back to back roots, or enemies leaping to you. This utility, alone, makes Assassins a very attractive melee DPS on The Underlurker. (Masterful)
  • Cloak of Resilience/Shroud of Madness: This talent comes in handy when you need an extra few seconds of immunity to Force/Tech attacks. Use it to eat otherwise nasty abilities so that you can keep better uptime on bosses like the Underlurker’s Rage Storm or Sword Squadron to stand right in Rapid Fire or as a backup for if you need to use Shroud again. (Heroic)
  • Containment/Haunted Dreams: Very situational. In fights with non-CC immune (read: Revanite Commanders), it can be very useful to point at an enemy and insta-mez them for 8 seconds. (Heroic)
  • Sturdiness/Dark Stability: Not terribly useful in Operations, as there are few times you will get stunned, which also makes Mental Defense/Shapeless Spirit a less than optimal choice, but there are lots of stuns in daily areas that can make these utilities still very useful. (Heroic)

Abilities and Rotation


discharge Discharge (D) in Lightning Charge has a different mechanic from Deception, so instead of being an instant damage ability, it deals damage periodically over time. Having Discharge active on a target allows you to trigger your Raze ability, which is a very important part of the spec, and should have as close to 100% uptime as possible. Its duration is 18 seconds, which is important, as will be discussed later.
creepingterror Creeping Terror (CT) is your second long duration periodic damage ability. You should keep as close to 100% uptime on the ability as you can. It is your primary choice for long range abilities while gap closing, as it has a 30 meter range and no cooldown. Its duration is also 18 seconds.
viciousslash Thrash (T) is your general purpose filler ability, for if you have plenty of Force and nothing else to spend it on. Thrash, with the 6 piece set bonus, will also trigger your Stalker’s Critical Bonus, causing your next Assassinate to critically hit. This plays an important part in the opener, and causes you to use this ability even in the Force starved execute phase.
leechingstrike Leeching Strike (LS) is a new ability given to Hatred in 3.0. It is a hard hitting ability that heals you for as much damage as you deal with it. It also triggers your 2 piece set bonus, giving you a 2% increased damage buff for 15 seconds on a 30 second lockout. It should be used on cooldown, despite the cooldown not lining up with the lockout on the 2 piece set bonus, due to the amount of damage it deals.
demolish Demolish (De) is one of your hardest hitting abilities. Due to the Raze talent you get, it should (almost) always be free and an instant cast. You want to maximize uptime on this dot, which dictates that you want to trigger Raze as close to its 9 second rate limit as possible. This heavily affects your rotation. Replaces Crushing Darkness. With 3.0, this ability causes its target to take 5% increased Force damage from all targets. As such, you should put it on the boss as quickly as possible to benefit the rest of the raid.
deathfield Death Field (DF) is an incredibly important ability. It does not hit quite as hard as in 2.10, but still packs quite a punch, and now hits up to 8 targets. It also leaves 15 Death Marks on its targets, and will spread your Discharge and Creeping Terror effects to its targets that are not already affected by them. For single target situations, it is best to use this ability on its 15 second cooldown. With 3.0, this ability causes its targets to take 10% increased area of effect damage.
disorientingblow Assassinate (A) Should be your top damage contributor. Normally usable only under 30% in the execute phase, Hatred has the Bloodletting ability, that lets you use it on targets of any health, with a 30% trigger chance on any periodic damage effect. Pre-execute phase, it should be used in place of a Thrash only, while it takes priority over everything except Death Field during the execute phase.
spinningstrike Lacerate is your bread and butter AoE spam move. Use it when you have more than 2 targets in range for better effect, as it costs as much as Thrash, but will do far more damage.


Opening Rotation

The opening rotation is a chance to deal quite a bit of damage in Hatred, as well as set you up for the entire rest of the fight. Start by pre-casting Demolish into: Discharge > Adrenal + Relic + Death Field > Thrash > Assassinate > Creeping Terror > Leeching Strike > Demolish.


This sets you up for a very high damage Assassinate, as the Demolish ticks combined with the Discharge ticks give you a roughly 92% chance of having Assassinate ready to go, and also a slightly higher chance that you have both relics (if not using a click relic) going for the auto-crit for maximum damage. Unfortunately, Leeching Strike does not fit into the opener until later as losing a relic boost on the auto-crit Assassinate is a damage loss over the 2% damage boost.

An opener that does not hurt your Force bar as badly, and lets you open up from further away, would be: Creeping Terror > Adrenal + Relic + Death Field > Discharge > Thrash > Demolish > Leeching Strike > Assassinate. It does not pack the same punch as the first opener, nor does it flow into the normal rotation cleanly, but has a much easier Force recovery phase that follows.


Rotation Strategy

There are two ways to look at the rotation for Hatred: Move Priority and a strict Rotation

Rotation (previously dubbed “DoT Focus Method” by MKnightRider)

This is the method I prefer to use when I play Hatred. It’s a little tricky, but once you get used to it, it is quite easy to follow, and made life before debuff sorting much less of a hassle. Basically, your two 18 second dots will stay fixed at 2 points in your rotation, where nothing should interfere with them. This means you should have perfect uptime on Discharge and Creeping Terror, and they should consume more of your stacks of Death Mark, which is good, since they deal slightly more damage than Demolish per tick. Your rotation framework should look very similar to this:

Discharge > F > M* > F > Creeping Terror > F > M* > F > M* > F > M* > F

Each F is a spot in the rotation where you will have Death Field rotate through, or where other things will happen that I’ll explain later. Death Field has a 15 second cooldown, Raze has a 9 second internal cooldown (a half multiple of 18 seconds), and Discharge and Creeping Terror both have 18 second durations. That means that if you look at the Hatred “rotation” in an 18 second block, Death Field will fall back 2 spaces each rotation. Example (MA = melee attack, De = Demolish):

D > MA > MA > De > CT > DF > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > MA
D > MA > MA > DF > CT > De > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > MA
D > DF > MA > De > CT > MA > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > DF

As you can see, you’ll occasionally delay Demolish in order to not delay Death Field. Previously, this would never happen, due to the 7.5 second lockout on Raze, but it is okay to do it now, because you can safely delay Demolish up to 2 GCDs after its Raze trigger and still not miss out on Demolish uptime. With that part of the rotation explained we go back to the framework:

Discharge > F > M* > F > Creeping Terror > F > M* > F > M* > F > M* > F

Those Fs in there aren’t just for Death Field: you’ll typically use. Demolish will, if you go from the suggested opener, land on the second and fifth F spaces, and once in a while be delayed from the second to the third F space when Death Field passes through. Because of its 12 second cooldown, Leeching Strike, used in the M* spaces, will never interfere with Death Field, Creeping Terror, or Discharge, allowing for perfect usage on cooldown during the pre-execute phase. Assassinate and Thrash will always fall into spaces where nothing else interferes.

The main focus of this method is reapplying DF and CT right away, which you can flow right into from the suggested opener. You want to keep 3 GCDs between those two DoTs. The only time you will let either dot fall off or break your 3 GCD buffer is Assassinate in the execute phase, which has more priority at that point. As MK had said before, prioritizing Assassinate in the execute phase will definitely break the 3 GCD separation, and so at that point this method reverts to a priority method during the execute phase and moves Demolish up the priority. (A = Assassinate, T = Thrash, LS = Leeching Strike, SS = Saber Strike)

Execute Priority:

  1. DF on CD
  2. A
  3. De
  4. D (or CT)
  5. CT (or D)
  6. LS
  7. T/SS (likely SS due to Force Starvation)

Priority Method (coined by MKnightRider as well)

Most of this is quoted directly from MK’s old guide, and updated for 3.0. “The only difference in this method is it always prioritizes Demolish reapplication instead of the rigid Discharge and Creeping Terror reapplication. This means it can be a little harder to follow in an actual fight but this priority does flow perfectly into the execute phase and is exactly what you end up doing in the DoT Focus method during the execute phase anyways.

Priority is this:

  1. DF on CD
  2. A
  3. De
  4. D (or CT)
  5. CT (or D)
  6. LS
  7. T/SS (likely SS due to Force Starvation)

Openers will be the same as the other method, the differences show up when you get to the second DoT applications and later.

Some extra things to note about Hatred priorities and rotations:

  • Saber Strike usage: Saber Strike will refund you 1 Force each time any of its 3 hits actually land. With a 10% miss rate, it averages to 2.7 Force per use. You need to always make sure you have enough Force to get through your DoT application. If you leave 3 spaces between your long duration dots, you have 2 moves you can always count on in there to recover Force, as Death Field may be coming through. The Death Field + Creeping Terror + Discharge combo will cost you a whopping 70 Force, and you naturally recover 60 Force over the course of the 5 GCDs. With a cost of 20 and 30 being possibly back to back, you need to start with at least 38 Force going into this block. If you have more, you may not need to Saber Strike. If you have less, you’re going to have a bad time. Keep aware of this, and use Saber Strike proactively, not reactively.
  • Dot application dos and don’ts: If your target isn’t going to survive at least half the duration of your dot, don’t bother; it will be a damage loss versus just hitting it with Thrash. Discharge may still be useful for Raze triggers, but that’s it. I’ll go more into this in the AoE section.
  • On Overload: With Overload now being limited to 8 targets, you generally won’t use it any more. Lacerate hits the same number of targets and does more damage without knocking enemies back.
  • We still have Shock and Force Lightning? Sometimes you can’t quite stay in melee range, but want to keep doing damage. That’s when these abilities come into play. They aren’t rotational, but they have a 10 meter range, and Shock can be used on the move. Useful if you have to, say, kite Raptus in the Dread Council fight.
  • About Recklessness: You want Recklessness to be used on Death Field more than you do on Demolish. If you have to delay activating it a few seconds, it’s not the end of the world, and will still net you more damage that way. Conversely, if you’re in an AoE situation, you want to use all but 1 stack on Death Field, to maximize the number of critical hits you get, because all critical hit chances are calculated before any of them remove the Recklessness stacks.

If you mess up: It’s going to cost you a chunk of damage, but freaking out and messing up more will cost you even more. If you accidentally delay an ability (like Death Field) or mess up dot reapplication, do what you need to in order to fix it, even if it means clipping dots on your next application or delaying Death Field by a global to get it back on track. Don’t let things snowball out of control, or your damage will drop sharply.

AoE Rotation (DoTspread explanation and example by Evolixe)

With the advent of 3.0, you can now spread your long duration dots from one target to up to 7 more. You must simply have one target in your Death Field’s range that has one of Creeping Terror or Discharge (or both) applied to it, and up to 7 additional targets will become affected by those dots. With more than 8 targets, the selection becomes random and which ones you hit is out of your control, save for targets that have your Creeping Terror or Discharge already on them. Please note: Demolish will not spread to other targets (which would be hilariously more overpowered), do not waste time applying it before Death Field.

Case 1: You have some number of targets (Evo used 4). You hit one with Discharge and Creeping Terror. After you use Death Field to hit them, all 4 have both dots, because none of them started with it.

Case 2: You have some number of targets (Evo used 4). You hit one of them with Discharge and another with Creeping Terror. After you use Death Field to hit them, all 4 will have both dots, since Discharge will spread to all targets without it and Creeping Terror will spread to all targets without it. This method is a little trickier but a little safer. Instead of risking killing your only “host” (has all the dots) if you crit when they don’t have a lot of health, you have less chance to crit and kill both of two hosts. The spreading works just as well, and it’s slightly less likely to kill low health enemies instead of spreading your dots, it just requires more constrained placement of the Death Field ground target. It’s also less predictable in PvP. It can also ensure that you hit 2 different targets with Death Field that you want to make sure die first (or get more damage dealt to them) by forcing the game engine to select them as targets for Death Field.

After you spread your dots, if there are 3 or more targets, you want to spam. If they all survive for 18 seconds, you can simply repeat this rotation (dot up, Death Field, Lacerate). The only thing you must remember is to let your dots fall off each enemy other than the “host” or else they won’t spread to all targets. In the case that they don’t all survive for 18 seconds, you still have a target with both dots on them and can begin you single target rotation. Some general rules of thumb for AoE: after your first rotation, if all of your targets (2 or more total) have less than ~25,000 health in a flashpoint, ~70,000 health in an 8 man raid, or ~150,000 health in a 16 man raid when Death Field comes off cooldown, don’t bother reapplying dots or delaying Death Field, they won’t survive the group’s AoE damage to make up for the lost damage. This number will go up as your group gets more geared and/or skilled.

Sample Parse Analysis


Hatred 3.1 Parse


Hatred 3.1.2 Parse

Demolish (dot) should be taking first or second alongside Assassinate. It ticks very quickly, resulting in roughly twice as many times as your other two dots independently. Depending on critical hit luck, they will alternate between parses. Like Assassinate, it’s worth roughly 14-15% of your damage.

Assassinate should be one of the top two damage dealers for Hatred. You use it fairly often, it hits incredibly hard, and you use it an absurd amount in the execute phase. It’s worth roughly 14-15% of your damage.

Creeping Terror takes third place. It receives a lot of damage boosts from the tree, and has very good uptime. It’s worth about 13% of your damage.

Death Field hits particularly hard, and has a very high critical chance thanks to Recklessness. Used on cooldown, it should end up in fourth place. It contributes roughly 11% of your damage.

Fifth place alternates between Thrash and Demolish (initial hit), with Leeching Strike following shortly after. Thrash and Leeching Strike have a high surge bonus, and Leeching Strike hits slightly harder than Thrash, and Thrash is your general filler. The initial hit of Demolish hits decently hard and very often. In total, they’ll be roughly 27% of your damage. Discharge, with its initial hit counted, also hits for around 9-10%

The last 10% is split roughly equally between Lightning Charge and Saber Strike. Despite hitting very often with a very high crit chance, Lightning Charge and Saber Strike just don’t hit very hard.

For damage breakdown, roughly 25% of your damage (Death Field and Creeping Terror) is Internal/Elemental, while the rest is Kinetic/Energy. A further split shows that roughly 64% of your damage is Force damage, while the remaining roughly 36% is melee damage. This goes to show that your dots (and Death Field) are an incredibly important part of your damage. Lastly, that roughly 11% of your damage that Death Field is worth is Area of Effect damage. You can use this information to try to work out with your raid team what debuffs you want to try to include on your team.

About the Author

Aelanis is an avid forum-goer on the Shadow/Assassin forums, hailing from The Shadowlands. Despite having only raided Nightmare content since 2.8 released, Aelanis has put up very competitive numbers on numerous boss fights and previously held a spot on the World DPS leaderboards. If you play on the Shadowlands, you can reach him on Theraton, in Exit Area on the Imperial side, or Ellendra, in Death Mark on the Republic side.

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NICE guild! Many ‘thank yous’ for your outstanding work, mister (or miss?) Aelanis! 😀 😀 😀 :BIGthumbsup!:

Shouldn’t opening be like :
demolish(precast) ->dot’s -> leeching strike(2% bonus dmg)->death field->demolish(proc)-> all buffs -> then rotation?

in that rotation u get 2% more dmg from your hardest skills when they are off cd
did recklesness also working for dot’s or only for skills like demolish and df ?

No. You get more damage out of a double relic proc Assassinate than by adding the 2% damage from Leeching Strike. Using Death Field there also messes up your rotation 15 seconds down the road. Also, since Death Field has a cool down of 15 seconds, you can only ever get one off during the boost (and you’ll always get that one), but getting the auto-crit with the double relics is still more damage.

Eh, probably not going to be a huge difference whether you do or don’t. As long as you’re reasonably close, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

A widely varying mix. Mostly 186 with 180 mods, a Resurrected earpiece, purple Ruusan relics, new 2 piece set bonus, old 4 piece. A few 198 enhancements and A mods. 198 OH, 186 MH. The parse was pretty uneventful: nothing too out of the ordinary with crits. I might fish for a better one once I have my new full 6 piece and the 192 main hand.

1.Theory craft proved than the power augments is better than the willpower augment.

2.For the alacrity stats you have on your stuff more alacrity than you said on your guide.

3.without your actual stuff and all the alacrity etc.. i make almost much dps than you.

4.and your friend evolixe dont have alacrity on his stuff .

1. The Theory Crafting was using the wrong Crit formula, making crit/power augs worth significantly more. More recent updates have revealed that Crit/Power augs are pretty much equal, with the only outlier being Assault Mandos who run upwards of 600 crit rating, and even those DPS monsters who are hitting >5k dps without 198s are only 15dps ahead by using Aim Augments over Power.

2. That tends to happen, as they are still getting their optimal gear.

3. So, whats your gear then?

4. Thats because he prefers going without it. Alacrity does have issues with latency, where more latency = lose more effective damage from alacrity due to lag. It also reduces the cooldown on Recklessness, but not on force cloak – So Exilove doesn’t like grabbing it because it ‘desynchs’ recklessness + cloak in deception (personally, I just think it means the benefit of alacrity on Recklessness is moot, but its still a good stat to put points in)

On 2) I have less Alacrity in my gear than I came up with in my theory crafting. I have 0 idea what he meant. And for 3) he should back up his words and tell me what he does differently, as I’ve only been making tiny errors.

For Hatred PvE I skip Alacrity simply because we’re hardly getting 70% Surge yet even in 192’s. I’d rather take the Surge untill I go above ~71%.

There is no mathematics bound to this, this is simply something I choose to do out of personal preference.

1) No. It proved the opposite. I made a thread in the Assassin forums detailing this and the calculations proving it.

2) What? I don’t understand what you’re saying here.

3) Proof please? My gear is in shambles at the moment, and as a one off parse, it wasn’t too awful.

4) No, Evo doesn’t. So what?

Couple of Errors in the DoT focus method

first off:

D > MA > MA > De > CT > DF > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > MA
D > MA > MA > DF > CT > De > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > MA
D > DF > MA > De > CT > [[[[[DF]]]]] > MA > MA > MA > De > MA > DF

That DF isn’t supposed to be there

Secondly, you say that Leeching Strike goes in the DF filler area when DF isn’t there. Leeching Strike is a melee attack, and can proc demolish. Therefore, it should be in one of 3 spots.

End result, something like this:

Discharge > F > Leeching Strike/MA > F > Creeping Terror > F > Leeching Strike/MA > F > MA > F > Leeching Strike/MA > F

Of course, during the execute it changes again, but outside the execute you can consistently get leeching strike on a 12 second cooldown by using it there

First thing was a typo. The Leeching Strike was not. You have 4 melee moves to pick from, you don’t need to put Leeching Strike where you suggest. Not only is it not necessary that it be there, but you will delay it more often placing it in a spot where it will interfere with CT or Discharge. You delay it less putting it where I do and it still doesn’t cost any Raze procs.

Why arent you using Stack as begin skill it gives a high dmg and stunns target for 3 sec so in those 3 sec you can start your rotation

Which skill? Spike? Spike is a Force attack that doesn’t benefit as much from Recklessness as Death Field or Demolish. In addition to that, to open with it, you can’t precast Demolish, have to be in melee range in stealth, and it doesn’t trigger Raze. Outside of PvP, there’s no reason to use it.

I have a more general question: Is the diminishing returns for surge affecting all classes at the same rating or is it specific to each class?

Specifically, for Hatred, Death Field and Demolish favor some surge, due to having an artificially high critical hit chance thanks to Recklessness. The existing surge boost on Assassinate, Thrash, and Leeching Strike also cause them to favor surge a little bit, due to being pushed much higher up in surge value already (far beyond the ordinary limit for Surge, which is 30%).

Would you mind uploading a textform combat log where the rotation is done correctly? I really want to take a look at one. The one you used for your sample parse would suffice.

I wouldn’t mind, but first I’d have to have a correctly done parse, hehe. I made some mistakes in the one I posted, and could have pulled better numbers. Maybe later tonight I’ll post a good one in the forums, or if you PM me your email address, I can send you the raw combat log. Also, is a wonderful tool for analyzing parses, as long as they’ve been uploaded to Torparse, which is finally up again.

The Biochem Artifact-level Implant (Hawkeye Awareness Monitor, I believe), has 231 End, 222 Will, 102 Accuracy and 111 Power. Having 2 makes getting to the cap a little easier.

Yes it does. I’m actually wearing one of those right now on my Assassin and 2 on my Shadow, who I play a lot less now.

Fantastic guide. Thank you!
I do have one question though that has been reffered in previous posts and answered but I am still a little confused.
Looking at the opening rotation I understand the use of thrash over Leeching strike because it gives an autocrit to asssasiante. However that happens only with the 6 set bonus. Outside the 6-set bonus wouldn;t it make more sense to have leeching strike first?
And thanks for adressing this again 🙂

You are absolutely correct. If you don’t have the 6 piece set bonus, you should Leeching Strike in the exact spot that first Thrash is.

Is it worth the 2 second cast time to cast Demolish before casting Death Field and starting your rotation? You just stand there looking cool instead of having DoTs start ticking.

That’s what’s suggested in the opener. It also boosts Death Field’s damage, having the debuff on the target from Demolish. Just make sure you include a Discharge between them.

Okay, I kind of see it. My second point would then be you lost almost half if not more of the Demolish ticks, and those are your biggest ticks, plus the initial damage is awesome.

Except they’re your weakest dot ticks. The initial damage is nice, yes, but getting the boost to damage on Death Field is much more important. Also, you only have 1-2 ticks that aren’t under Death Mark stacks, since it’s only up for 1 global before Death Field goes off.

The guide will be updated with a section on it soon, but there a few edits incoming all at once, and the holidays are busy. There are some comments on the Serenity guide detailing when to use it.

“**Must Have** Augments: Willpower (Resolve)”
It’s in there, in the gearing section, it’s just not set out on its own so as to be completely obvious.

I am a newbie to swtor , could you explain what do you mean when you say that pre-cast devour into lighting charge ? i do not believe i know how to do this . also i sent you a pm through swtor fourms , i hope you can reply to it , ty this guide has been a huge help

Just so that it’s here, too, it simply means beginning the cast before combat starts, and as the cast finishes, hitting another ability, Discharge in this case.

Hi all,
first of all thx for the guide. I waiting for so long. THX ! I try to explain my Problem my English isnt so good , sorry.
You talking about the Stalkers Gear. I cant find it pls can u tell me the exact Name of it ? In the moment I use the adaptiv gear with 186 pieces in it. my DPS is 3,3 k at the moment and I will try to get a little bit higher.

thx for your anser. LG Marc

When the guide references Stalker’s gear, it’s specifically referencing the gear you can find on the token vendors on fleet, on the inn portion of the Supplies section. It references things such as the Resurrected Stalker’s Vestments or the Revanite Stalker’s Legwraps. As much as I’d like to, I cannot help you out with the German names of the gear, as the only German I know is extremely limited.

Thx Ellendra,
I found it. It is the Gear which I only can get if I run OP’s. 186 ist the highest at the moment and I’m a little bit mad about it. No one can craft higher in the moment and I have to wait.

192 gear can be crafted. You can also buy commendation gear at the 192 and 198 levels, it will just take you a while to save up the commendations to buy that gear. And I’m not sure why you’re annoyed. 186 commendation gear is fine for running flashpoints, even the hard modes, and so you don’t strictly need anything more if you’re not going to run operations. There has to be some sort of incentive to run them, or why would people do so?

Hi Ellendra,
maybe mad is the wrong word better I mean sad 😉 on our server you cant buy 192 at the moment no one can craft this in this moment. ok you right, it is possible to buy some stuff für ultis or elite token but there are only 3 different kind of the gear I need more stuff in accuracy and this isnt possible by the normal vendors.

So where is the ‘Group utility that all classes bring to the game’ that Bioware mentioned for Assassin?
Surely not the self heal to relieve healers or the optional utility ‘healing pool’ on phase walk that few take?
Am i missing something?

Its those 2, as well as having access to a Stealth Rez and also Emergency Tanking (though those last 2 are only for cases where everything starts going horribly wrong).

DPS Guardians and Vanguards can do the Emergency Tank thing far better, and they both have a better raid-wide utility that actually “stacks” with that of others of the same class (saber reflect/sonic rebounder can be used in succession, 2 healing puddles only gives more places for the healers to stand). Plus, the Vanguard utility is only a tier 2 point, not a Heroic one for Shadow/Sin.

And, as for Stealth Rez, Scoundrels do it far better (having no cooldown on their Revive) — on 16-man SM PUGs, I usually have to do it a couple of times each fight…. and their raid-wide buff doesn’t take up any Utility Points at all.

Overall, Shadows and Assassins got screwed for the Raidwide Utility.

Yes, we did get a bit of the short end of the stick, and while that should be addressed, saying that we got nothing is simply not looking hard enough.

As far as emergency tanking, heavy armor makes almost no difference at all. The self heals Hatred gets are worth more than the heavy/light armor difference. In fact, if someone could tank 7 infinite health adds for the Hatred Assassin (or they just do no damage), they could probably tank a boss almost as well as an actual tank, thanks to all the self heals. The reason tanks can take so much less damage is due to the DR increase (through armor and otherwise) in their stance, and then their defensive stats, of which DPS will have none. Juggernauts can last longer as an emergency tank due to having more DCDs to cycle through (and stack), not because of their heavy armor. It’s for this reason that PTs struggle to emergency tank just like Assassins do: they have one useful DCD in emergency tanking situations.

No, you’re right. The healing puddle is the intended group utility, alongside Stealth Rezzing and the 6 seconds you can play emergency tank for, up to 12 if you have your medpack and Overcharge Saber available to help your healers out a bit more. Like Kwerty said, though, don’t do those unless things are going horrifically wrong and people are going to die if you don’t. A stealth rez takes a long time, 6 seconds plus the time it takes you to get to the body and back to the boss, and requires you don’t get pulled into combat in those 6 seconds, which is surprisingly hard on some of these new bosses, but doable.

A little curious on your recommendations on crit rating. Mine is way higher than your recommendation based on where I’m looking (character sheet > critical chance > critical rating. I’m at 724 and not even in full 192’s yet. Am I missing something or just have that many pieces with crit I don’t need?

This. You may simply be grabbing pieces and not paying close attention to how much of each stat what has. The base Stalker’s gear has a roughly 50/50 ratio of critical rating to power in it (as I show in the table), so you need to get a few repeats of pieces that don’t have critical in them.

Question on accuracy (and this would be the same for any DPS character) – you say get as close to 759 accuracy rating as possible – that will be below 100% accuracy. Prior to 3.0 getting to 100% accuracy was always more important than any other stat. 100% accuracy is approx. 802 rating. Are you advocating accuracy percentages under 100%?

Must be looking at something wrong, because one of my many alts has exactly 758 accuracy rating, and this gets me exactly 9% accuracy. Combined with having a melee tank @ 100% affection, this means I have 10% bonus accuracy – 100/110/110 total

This guide assumes you have the melee tank companion to give you an extra 1% boost to your accuracy. 758 will put you the ever-littlest-bit above 100% basic melee accuracy while 757 will have you at slightly less than 100%. For classes that do not rely heavily on dots, it isn’t so much of a big deal to miss the odd hit if your other hits are doing a lot more damage (though it can still be bad and isn’t as reliable). However, for any dot-centric spec in the game, there are abilities that boost the damage of other abilities that you use that cost more than their own damage if they miss (Death Field, Weakening Blast, etc.), and so, at least for Hatred, you should be at the percentages Kwerty listed in response to your question.

You just need to have completed the final affection conversation with that companion to get the buff. They don’t need to be active, nor do they technically have to be at 10,000 affection.

You should probably be using it immediately. You don’t have enough Death Mark stacks to get all of your dots to always tick under the buff, and uptime on your dots is more important than getting them all under the buff.

i have a question about endurance. My character has got 4.6k willpower (with stim) and 4.8k endurance and he is 55k hp with full augmented gear. Do you know how to balance it? Thanks in advice.

That sounds like you’re running a ton of commendations gear. My Assassin is in a 198 heavy/192 light split, and I have 4544 Endurance. Now, I’m not sure what you mean by balance, but if you want to try to get your Willpower higher than your Endurance, it just won’t happen, unless you run all A mods and MK-2 implants and earpiece, which only drop from hard mode operations. If that’s not what you mean by balance, let me know and I might be able to help you out.

I found easier way to have little endurance- just remove hunter’s boon and my endurance is the same as willpower xD

Would I gimp my char too much in using 192 set bonus gear but keep my 186 accuracy enhacements until I can farm 192 force master boots?

If that’s what you need to do to keep yourself at high enough accuracy, then that’s what you need to do. It’s hardly gimping yourself, as losing accuracy is the biggest single dps decrease you’ll see.

I’m really not sure. This is a PvE guide, and I have done no work to examine the PvP gearing side of things. My immediate suggestion would be for Power augments, since your dots benefit more from Power and will be a huge chunk of your damage due to dotspread, but I could be wrong, and I would need someone to show me a damage breakdown of a series of over 10 warzones, so I can get a good feeling for the average uses of each ability in a warzone.

Thank you for the swift reply! I thought of power augments myself, I know the tendency in PvP seems to be for either Main stat or Power. The guide is brilliant all the same so many thanks for taking the time to compile it. Best wishes!

Have you tested with Full Alacrity build? DPS is my off-spec (fooling/testing) and wondering about if there is a huge difference between “surge 3:2 alacrity” vs “full alacrity”.

I tried a while back, using all Alacrity augments and enhancements save for a single Surge piece, and it played very oddly. I would definitely say it is a bad idea, and that you shouldn’t do it, but I haven’t tested at a higher gear level. The math certainly says that it’s a foolish idea, though.

Not really. You don’t get enough stats to really make that work in PvP. Also, your weapon damage and Force Power values are far lower in PvP gear, and so to get the “optimal” values, I’d have to run my code again using PvP gear instead of PvE gear. Also, PvP plays quite differently for Hatred, as a larger majority of your damage will be in the form of dots/dotspread/Death Field.

Really odd that I missed that, considering I wrote this guide and translated it over for the Shadow version. I’ll get it fixed when I can log back in here fully, I seem to be having some difficulties doing so.

Quoting from the guide:

“We still have Shock and Force Lightning? Sometimes you can’t quite stay in melee range, but want to keep doing damage. That’s when these abilities come into play. They aren’t rotational, but they have a 10 meter range, and Shock can be used on the move. Useful if you have to, say, kite Raptus in the Dread Council fight.”

I’m really curious what your gear was for that parse. I’m currently maintaining about 3.7k on the dummy with all 192 token pieces except pants, 4 non optimized power mods, 3 non optimized enhancements and one 186 relic. My stats are:

Willpower 4152

power 1736

crit 21.87% (74 rating)

surge 324 rating

alacrity 215 rating

accuracy 100.03%

When I compare your parse to mine ( I stop at 3:55) my number of abilities used is nearly identical(except assassinate I did it without adding a health mod) so I am doing the rotation correctly. However the damage done per ability is quite a bit lower. My assassinate is around 500 less per hit and 1k less per crit as an example. I also understand there is a bug with a relic that makes it double proc? I believe it is the relic I do not have. Does the approximate 180 or so power I’m missing from optimized mods/enhancements make the difference of nearly 500 dps? is it the bugged relic?

here is a sample parse i stopped at 3:55 this is just to illustrate similar # of abilities used and dmg per ability comparison.

Anyways thank you for any feedback and thank you for the guide I found it very helpful.

This is what I used for that parse: “A widely varying mix. Mostly 186 with 180 mods, a Resurrected earpiece, purple Ruusan relics, new 2 piece set bonus, old 4 piece. A few 198 enhancements and A mods. 198 OH, 186 MH. The parse was pretty uneventful: nothing too out of the ordinary with crits. I might fish for a better one once I have my new full 6 piece and the 192 main hand.” I hope you have a screenshot of this parse, though, as it’s getting replaced very soon with a better one.

Part of your problem is that you’re not using dummy modules. The debuff module will make you hit the dummy significantly harder, and the health module gives you access to your execute phase, which vastly increases your damage done. Between those, a 500 dps jump isn’t out of the question. Also, yes, the Resurrected Relic of Focused Retribution is triggering separately off of damage and healing (again) and so it’s currently better than the Revanite version, and much better than the Ruusan version.

It looks like you have a small bit of room to tighten up your rotation, but the parse is otherwise fairly solid. Throw those dummy modules on your ship’s dummy and you’ll see a massive damage jump.

Debuff module…please forgive my ignorance I just assumed all of those on the droid were health ones. /facepalm. This explains much. Tried with the debuff and finished at 4436. Thanks again. Reading will forever be my greatest enemy it seems.

In PvP, it’ll hamper DoTspreading a little, Nerf the healing apprciably, reducing survivability, and reduce damage laughably. We won’t be almost any more kitable, since none of our tools are disappearing. Skilled players will still be hard to kite and bad players will just not hit as often with Death Field any more.

They will destroy the Pve version of the class because of a few clueless under-geared pvp cry babies.

Damn these people.

Let’s not start fires here. Yes, it will suck if the changes go through, but we’ll live, and we have a better chance of changing things if we work together.

Hello I have full ilv192 + 6/7 set items and have 4250 dps on dummy (1mil) is it good dps?
Wilpower: 4477, Surge: 283 (66.50%), Crit: 89 (23%), Alacrity: 163 (2.13%) with buffs.

It looks like there’s some room for improvement, but it’s a decent start. My first guess is: use Assassinate more in the Execute phase, and make sure your APM is high by having no downtime between globals. I could be wrong on either (or both) of those, but it’s the main thing I see that people need to improve on. Also, work on upgrading your tertiary stat pieces, as you can get up to 444 total budget between Surge and Alacrity in 192 gear, but that’s just a “get some more gear” issue. Glad to hear you have your 6 piece set bonus, though 🙂

I have two questions: Why would I open up using demolish if it procs on the 1st thrash anyways? And why would I use DF ahead of Discharge so it does not spread?

I am always opening up like this (btw I am lvl 41 so I dont have the assassinate unlock yet):

scenario: normal mob or single target, out of cloak
CT (range advantage over Discharge) – Discharge – Thrash (procs CD) – CD – Recklessness/adrenal – DF (spreads all dots to all targets in range) – LS – and so on

(Assassinate at this point only per opportunity)

So, in all the operations, there are, with dotspread opportunities before your first rotation are over:
1 boss in Ravagers, 0 in ToS, 4 in S&V (counting city boss), 1 in TFB, 0 in DP, 0.5 in DF (trash before C0), 0 in EC, 1 in KP and 0 in EV. That’s not a very good endorsement. Of those, 1 in S&V is a terrible idea (you’ll pull all the adds in Styrak), and of the rest, only 2 fights have more than two targets to hit with your dotspread. We don’t care about a single target as (I’m fairly sure but haven’t done the math yet) you lose damage trying to spread your dots early to only one extra target.

The rotation I laid out is only for boss fights. Trash is largely irrelevant, but you would spread dots as soon as possible in those situations. On boss fights, though, precasting Demolish let’s you get an extra ability in on the fight and give you a little extra damage. It also places the extra Force Damage debuff on the target early.

Ok I understand that all the dulfy guides are primarily for ops bosses and are bascially meant to give you the general idea (I find all dulfy guides for all classes very helpful btw) , but what do you think of my rotation in regards of leveling and pvp?

In PvP, as long ad you spread your dots at all possible occasions to as many targets as possible, and trigger Raze as much as you can, you’re doing passably well. The same goes for leveling, too, really.

Hey Aelanis,
How I was paying attention to the PTS nerf hammer and was wondering if you got a chance to play around with Hatred on the 3.1.2 stuff before they closed it? How bad is it hitting us in the numbers?

I didn’t, but, depending on gear and skill (and luck), you’ll see a 50-100 DPs loss on the dummy and probably more in operations.

There is not currently a website that lets you set up a gear profile that I know of. I hear there may be one in the works, but we’ll see what happens with that.

My setup isn’t the meta assassin build at the moment. My sin is using largely 198 comm gear with a 192 two piece because I am a guildless filthy casual. My crit is too high sitting at around 385ish because I am done tinkering till I get more set pieces. I will optimize it better with time. Having trouble finding a spot in pugs on harbinger for ToS because melee so have largely been trying my terrible rolls for set pieces from Ravagers which is dirt easy. (I run into too few groups willing to take more than one or two melee for ToS) So my main focus has been on my mercenary. That doesn’t hlp your question much, mainly I just wanted to say don’t use my gearing for a guide, I have enough to be functional till I can get better gear.

Because PvP isnt scripted like bossfights, and requires a constant dynamic adaption to situations at hand.
You can more or less use a ‘rotation’ but too many factors (Others jumping in, knockbacks, stuns, slows letting targets gain range on you, forced restealths etc.) make it more of a situational priority system.

As opposed to phase X – do this/move there (dont misread me please, I am not trying to be condescending towards PvE), this is basically adapt or die.

i dont play this game from when the hatred class was called madness xD(before the carter hutt expansion or sometime like that was the name lol), so i want to play my assassin again (lvl 30) and want to ask u something :P, i want to play it only for history mode ( i like it alot) im not interested in pvp, and sometimes i wanna do operations (but this isnt essential i only want that work for this), before i leave the game i was playing madness and i like that gameplay, being a melee assassin with electric powers and aoe dmg, but i dont know the changes of the skills that they have now, so wanna know what build u recommend me for FUN!(principal this)/DPS, hatred or deception?

Honestly, if you’re going to do only story mode content, you can play either spec at a pretty casual level and still be able to succeed, so pick whichever you find to be more fun.

Most of the shadows I know had run Hatred (or whatever it’s called pub side) before this newest patch. I don’t main an assassin but I do have one level 60. Should I re-roll and attempt to learn Deception? I did level with it until level 30 when I got Deathmark on Death Field (before 3.0). There is more range with Hatred but if it got nerfed like crazy….

If you’re going to do hard mode operations, I would suggest it for most fights. If not, there’s no real need to switch: just know that it’s only as competitive in damage as Deception but a ton squishier.

I didn’t see it in the guild, but I know Kwerty in his VG guide for Plasma/Tactics gave whichever spec he thought was better for the fight. Do you have a preference or just grab one and stick to it?

I didn’t include it in the guide because I didn’t write the guide for both specs. I usually, save for Master/Blaster, just play Deception at this point because I’m too frustrated with the range loss on Death Field to bother with it any more. As for what I’d suggest for each fight: Sparky and Malaphar make no difference which spec you play; Sword Squadron, Bulo, and Coratanni are all good fights for Deception, moreso if you’re worried about taking the big AoE hits, and Hatred’s loss of range basically sealed its fate on the first two fights, where that was a significant advantage. Revanite Commanders is a Deception fight, as adds have too little health to effectively play a long duration dot spec unless you’re carrying the dps. Underlurker, if they ever return the range to Hatred’s moves, is good for Hatred, but without the extra range, it becomes more of a wash, and I prefer Deception for the burst. Master/Blaster is a Hatred fight, if you use a specific tactic for the Ion Cutter, and a Deception fight otherwise due to the high damage from explosive probes. Torque is a Hatred fight just because Death Field hits so many of the Tamper Deterrent devices, and spreads your dots to all of them, whereas Lacerate has limited range, though Deception can still perform well on that fight so long as you take the increased Shroud duration to just laugh off the floor vents.

I’ve tried (but not cleared) most HM fights. The only fight besides Torque I would take a DoTspec is Bulo because you run and put your circles wherever and your DoTs are still ticking on him. Granted, with good rDPS than can shoot and put circles at the same time you can overcome that. I know the range is nerfed but with the stacking 2 circles method and tanks circles killing adds if you are the only mDPS you should be able to easily stay within 10m.

Well, a single Hatred Assassin can eliminate an entire mechanic on Master/Blaster, so… that’s a fight I’d definitely play it on. And Bulo is definitely better as Deception, as you can, with some clever maneuvering, cheese Mass Barrage and lose no uptime. Yay, Shroud!

Still Hatred. It’ll still do a ton of damage, and they can just kite you for one more global before you catch them/you lose one move to hit them with while kiting. They didn’t really change much, and Deception only really got more survivable, which was never the big issue.

Did they nerf the Hatred/Serenity in 3.2.1? I used to average 4.3k dps get 4.4k dps once, and now im having a hard time getting 4.2k dps, usually getting 4.1k dps, im doing the same rotation and getting the same crit percentage as i would get for 4.3k dps, but getting 4.1k dps, has anyone else hit and noticed this?

No, nothing changed in 3.2.1. If you only used to parse before 3.1.2, you’d notice a large difference, but just keep at it for now and see if you weren’t just getting unlucky damage rolls/Lightning Charge hits, which restore Force. Small samples are prone to RNG masking what’s really happening.

yea i looked at me old crit percentages (same gear still if not better, but same crit) and im getting 28.-32% crit runs, when i used to be getting 34-38% crit runs, i never changed anything o.O Yea i guess RNGesus smites me now :/

I’m bit confused about your gearing at ressurected level.

Test 1 (about 10x 1mil parses)
– 722 / 774 Accuracy (Tested both, made no difference) (2x 111 + 2x 120 + 5/6x 52)
– 444 Alacrity
– 222 Surge
– 82 Crit
– All others have optimized power stats
– Augments are willpower
– No old or new set bonus
– 186 relics

best parse was about 3.7k.. normaly around 3.5-3.6k

Test 2 (about 10x 1mil parses)
– 729 Accuracy (3x 111 + 2x 120 + 3x 52)
– 120 Alacrity
– 444 Surge
– 164 Crit
– All others have optimized power stats
– Augments are willpower
– No old or new set bonus
– 186 relics

best parse was about 4.4k.. normaly pending around 4.1-4.3

So i assume i did something horrible wrong whilst adapting your gearing advises (Test 1) or at resurrected level stacking alacrity is not as usefull as you wrote it.

Due to lack of optimized accuracy enhancements i had to use accuracy augments and therefor used alacrity enhancements instead of alacrity augments.

Any advise to me ? 🙂

Two quick things:
1: What was your APM? The whole benefit of Alacrity is that you can get out more moves faster, but if you don’t fire off moves as quickly as you possibly can, you lose some of the benefit that Alacrity is giving you.
2: All my calculations assume you are using the new 6 piece set bonus. It’s only a small difference in what stats you should be using, but it does change things.

If give me a Parsely link, I can look over your rotation to see if there are other areas for improvement and if luck had an effect on your parses.

My lowest APM was 40.7 and highest 41.5. (done with my gearing style)
I will upload a parse later cause i’m not at home.

Got 2 piece set-bonus yesterday.. given me 90-140 DPS more 🙂

What i saw is when i am using more alacrity most of my hard hitting abilities do not hit that hard and the increased APM of about 0.5 didn’t backup that loss of DPS.

Part of it is definitely that you’re not attacking fast enough to benefit from Alacrity. If you have 444 Alacrity and only got an APM of 41.5, there’s room for improvement. A really, really good parse at 0 Alacrity in Hatred can hit up to almost 42 APM, though delaying some abilities a little bit to get more oomph out of them can lower that number a bit.

If you didn’t see about a 4% increase in your APM between the two, then you were losing out on potential damage. At 120 Alacrity, 42.6 APM is a good benchmark and at 444, that jumps up to 44.3 APM.

The best advice for improving your APM is to make your rotation muscle memory, and then mash your way through it. Fire off those abilities as quickly as you can, and don’t be afraid to set up a queue time in your options so that it registers earlier.

Finally got atleast my 4piece set bonus.

Currently with 1x Alacrity Enh, 3 Surge Enh, 6 Accuracy Enh, 2 Crit Mods, 7 Power Mods, 1 Accuracy Augment, 13 Willpower Augments, 186 Relics i am sitting around 4590 DPS

Adding more Alacrity always screwed my rotation and DPS. Will try out with more alacrity as i get some revanites pieces.

Life’s been kinda crazy, 2 moves in a month, but now that I’m back, that’s actually looking pretty good. Keep it up. Those relics are going to be a jump when you get them to Revanite level.

Quick Savant, Initiative, and Adept Enhancements. I don’t ever the crit enhancement names off the top of my head, but those were the power ones.

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