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SWTOR 3.0 Seer Sage Healing Guide by Orderken

SWTOR Seer Sage Healing Guide written by Orderken of POT5. Updated for patch 3.1.2.


Intro to Seer Sage

For Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice on Hard Mode, Sage is a desirable healing class. It has weaknesses, but also strengths.

  • Handling high damage to a single ally: Strong. Commando is a little ahead. Scoundrel is behind.
  • Handling high damage to multiple allies: Weak. Commando and Scoundrel are far ahead.
  • Resource management: Trivial, and doesn’t limit healing. Commando and Scoundrel must manage resources, and resources limit their healing.
  • Synergy with co-healer’s class: Strong. Pairs well with Commando or Scoundrel. Sage-Sage isn’t ideal, but is preferable to Scoundrel-Scoundrel.
  • Mobility: Incredible. Commando and Scoundrel are fine, but less mobile.
  • Handling mechanics: Fine. Scoundrel is close. Commando is far ahead, because Hold the Line outshines every personal utility available to Sage or Scoundrel.
  • Passive damage reduction: Weak. Commando and Scoundrel are ahead. Sage has the lowest Armor and is only healing class lacking a Utility that increases damage reduction for all area effects by 30%.
  • Dealing damage in the healing Discipline: Strongest. Commando is close behind. Scoundrel is far behind.



  • Psychic Suffusion: Force Wave heals you and up to 7 other allies for a small amount.
  • Jedi Resistance: Increases damage reduction by 3%.
  • Tectonic Mastery: Increases damage dealt by Forcequakeby 25%.
  • Pain Bearer: Increases healing received by 10%.

Select Jedi Resistance and Pain Bearer.

For your final point to unlock the Masterful tier, Psychic Suffusion is customary. But if a fight, such as Torque or Underlurker, requires high DPS, and a Forcequakecan hit multiple enemies, prefer Tectonic Mastery.


  • Blockout: Activating Cloud Mind grants you Blockout, which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Mind Ward: Reduces damage taken from periodic effects by 15%.
  • Valiance: Reduces the health cost of Noble Sacrifice by 25%, and increases the healing of Force Mend by 30%.
  • Kinetic Collapse: A Force Armor that you place on yourself erupts in a flash of light when it end, blinding up to 8 nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Direct damage breaks this blind.
  • Telekinetic Defense: Increases the amount of damage that Force Armorcan absorb by 10%.

Select Telekinetic Defense.

In general, except as noted below, Dark Valiance>Blockoutfor your final point to unlock the Heroic tier.

  • Consider Kinetic Collapsefor Revanite Commanders.
  • Select Mind Ward for Revan.
  • Select Blockoutfor Coratanni. Though Mind Wardis best for the first phase (Coratanni and Pearl), Blockoutis essential for the second phase (Ruugar).


  • Metaphysical Alacrity: Your movement speed increases by 50% while Mental Alacrity is active, Force Speed lasts 0.5 seconds longer, and Force Barrier finishes Force Speed’s cooldown.
  • Force Mobility: Healing Trance may be activated or channeled while moving.
  • Life Ward: Your Force Armor, Force Barrier, and every charge of Enduring Bastion each heal you for 2% of your maximum health every second.

Select Force Mobility.

Life Ward >Metaphysical Alacrity in general, but Metaphysical Alacrity is preferable for Blaster. 


Optimal gear for a typical Sage healer follows. For further discussion, or if you wish to optimize gear for your healing, see Healing Model Spreadsheet

  • Set Bonus
    • SOR 6-Piece Force-Mystic’s
    • Retain a pre-SOR 2-Piece Force-Mystic’s until you have the SOR 6-Piece.
  • Augments
    • Power > Willpower, but the difference in expected performance is small, about 0.25%.
  • Power versus Critical
    • With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 55 in Resurrected gear or 120 in Revanite gear
    • With 14 Willpower Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 40 in Resurrected gear or 105 in Revanite gear.
  • Alacrity versus Surge
    • Among your Ear, Implants, and Enhancements, 3 have Surge and 7 have Alacrity.
  • Relics
    • Among relics of the same tier, Serendipitous Assault >= Focused Retribution > any other.
  • Accuracy
    • None. Accuracy has no effect on healing an ally.

Rotation Guidelines

In combat, no rotation is ideal for long. A healer’s job is triage. Decide who most needs your next heal by anticipating damage and cooperating with your co-healer.Guidelines for choosing your next ability follow.

  • Use Rejuvenate on cooldown. Use Healing Trance on cooldown. When healing is challenging, use Wandering Mend on cooldown.
  • The priority for Conveyance is: Wandering Mend > Healing Trance > Deliverance or Benevolence.
    • Force Conveyance causes each charge of Wandering Mend to heal immediately.
      • Since activating Wandering Mend cancels any charges remaining from its previous activation, Wandering Mend is the highest priority for Conveyance unless raid-wide damage is frequent enough to trigger all four charges before its cooldown finishes.
      • Burst healing is crucial. Conveyance + Wandering Mend provides burst healing for one or more allies.
    • Conveyance increases your expected healing by about the same amount whether it buffs Benevolence, Deliverance, or Healing Trance. Among these, prefer Healing Trance. Conveyance increases the expected number of Resplendence procs from a Healing Trance by almost 1.
    • Don’t use Conveyance for Salvation.
  • Use Force Armor liberally but wisely.
    • Force Armor is ideal for mitigating spike damage to a single ally, because it’s instant and can absorb a high amount of damage.Reserve Force Armor for this purpose when a fight has frequent spike damage that you can prevent.
    • Force Armor is for routine tank healing, but not, in general, while a tank is at or near full health.
    • Force Armor is useful for mitigating an uncleansable DOT effect on a non-tank.Preventing a non-tank’s health from dropping far below others’ allows you to focus on tank healing while AOE heals suffice for non-tanks.
    • Though Force Armor costs a very low amount of Force, spamming Force Armor is, in general, a poor use of time compared to Salvation or Wandering Mend.
  • Use Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus and Altruism.
    • Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus is a buff from the SOR 2-Piece Force-Mystic’s Set that causes your next Deliverance to crit.
    • Altruism is a buff that makes your next Benevolence instant and free. This buff helps you regenerate Force, heal while moving, or burst healing a single ally. Deliverance procs Altruism (Altruism’s cooldown is 10 seconds), so Deliverance + instant Benevolence is a good combination for burst healing a single ally.
  • Use Noble Sacrifice only if you have Resplendence, so that it’s off the GCD.
    • Anticipate using Noble Sacrifice about once every second or third Healing Trance.In SOR, you need few Noble Sacrifices, because Force costs for healing abilities are too low.
    • Prefer to activate Noble Sacrifice after an ability that is instant. This guarantees that a Noble Sacrifice off the GCD does activate, doesn’t cancel your preceding cast or channel, and doesn’t delay your next activation by even a fraction of a second.

The Sections below offer advice for each ability. Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.

Heals for a Single Ally

See Healing Model Spreadsheet for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

forcearmor Force Armor


  • Force Armor is instant and lasts up to 30 seconds.
  • It provides a large absorb rather than a heal. As an absorb, it can’t crit, which is one of the reasons that a Sage benefits less from Critical or Surge than the other healing classes.
  • It has no cooldown, but debuffs each recipient with Force-Imbalance, which prevents receiving another Force Armor from anyone for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Utility: Life Ward causes your own Force Armor to heal you for 2% of your maximum health every second.


  • See the third topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.
  • Until you obtain the Force Mystic’s Set Bonus (SOR 4-Piece), Utility: Life Ward allows Force Armor to restore health lost to Noble Sacrifice.In general, don’t use Force Armor on another Sage healer.
salvation Rejuvenate


  • Rejuvenate is instant and has a 6-second cooldown.
  • It provides a small immediate heal and a HOT that ticks once every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. It also can trigger Renewal.
  • Renewal adds burst and additional healing to Rejuvenate.
    • Overwriting your Rejuvenate on an ally triggers Renewal in 1 second.
    • Renewal heals for an amount equal to n+1 ticks of Rejuvenate’s HOT, where n is the number of HOT ticks that remained from the overwritten Rejuvenate.
    • Renewal is a major boost for Rejuvenate. For example, if you overwrite Rejuvenate before the third tick of its HOT, the expected healing of the new Rejuvenate over 1 second is greater than that of a Benevolence in 1.5 seconds.
  • Activating Rejuvenate grants you 1 charge of Conveyance. You can have at most one charge of Conveyance, which lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Conveyance is consumed by, and benefits, your next Wandering Mend, Healing Trance, Deliverance, Benevolence, or Salvation.
  • Rejuvenate grants it recipient Protected, which increases his Armor Rating from gear alone by 10% for 45 seconds.
    • Though not substantial, any increase in mitigation helps, especially a tank.
    • Protected doesn’t stack. That is, an ally’s Armor Rating from gear alone may be increased by at most 10% regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • Use Rejuvenate on cooldown.
  • As discussed in the second topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”, the priority for Conveyance is, in general, Wandering Mend > Healing Trance > Deliverance or Benevolence
  • Renewal is strong incentive to rotate Rejuvenate between at most 2 allies.
    • Before SOR, rotating Rejuvenate among 3 allies, or using its HOT to top up any non-tank,was common and justified. Unlearn this. Don’t lose Renewal’s burst and additional healing.
    • In an Operation, while both tanks take substantial damage, rotate Rejuvenate between them like clockwork. While only one tank takes substantial damage, Rejuvenate this tank alone.
rejuvinate Healing Trance


  • Healing Trance is a 2.4-second channel with a 9-second cooldown.The pre-SOR 2-Piece, or the SOR 6-Piece, Force-Mystic’s Set reduces its cooldown to 7.5 seconds.
  • It heals up to four times. As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • Utility: Force Mobility allows you to activate or channel it while moving.
  • Conveyance increases its critical chance by 25%.
  • Each critical heal from Healing Trance procs1 charge of Resplendence You may have up to 3 charges, which last up to 30 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • Use Healing Trance on cooldown.
  • Healing Trance may be used while moving, begins healing immediately, and, though it’s lost some of its pre-SOR punch, has high HPS.
  • Healing Trance alone generates Resplendence.
    • Resplendence takes Noble Sacrifice off the GCD and, with the SOR 4-Piece Force-Mystic’s Set, eliminates its health cost.
    • Resplendence reduces the activation time and Force cost of Salvation
benevolence Deliverance


  • Deliverance is a 2-second cast with no cooldown.
  • Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus, a buff from the SOR 2-Piece Force-Mystic’s Set, causes your next Deliverance to crit.
  • Conveyance reduces its cast time by 0.5 seconds.


  • Deliverance is decent for healing a single target. Its average HPS is about the same as Benevolence’s (including if both were buffed by Conveyance).
  • Use every Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus.
    • You don’t need use it promptly, because its duration and cooldown are 30 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce the duration).
    • If Force Potency and Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus overlap, finish Force Potency without a Deliverance. Otherwise a Deliverance crit consumes both Force-Mystic’s Critical Bonus and a charge of Force Potency.
  • Deliverance is one heal (the other is Salvation) that procs Altruism (Altruism’s cooldown is 10 seconds), a buff that makes your next Benevolence instant and free.Deliverance + instant Benevolence is a good combination for burst healing a single ally.
  • Prefer to use Conveyance for Wandering Mend or Healing Trance, as discussed in the second topic of Section “Rotation Guidance”.
sharedbenevolence Benevolence


  • Benevolence is a 1.5-second cast with no cooldown.
  • Altruism, a buff from a completed activation of Deliverance, Salvation, Mind Crush, or Disturbance, causes your next Benevolence to be instant and free.
  • Conveyance increases its critical chance by 60%.


  • Benevolence is decent for healing a single target. Its average HPS is about the same as Deliverance’s (including if both were buffed by Conveyance).
  • Use most Altruism procs.
    • Its cooldown(i.e., rate limit) is 10 seconds, and its duration is 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
    • In a few ways, Altruism is analogous to Upper Hand for a Scoundrel healer.
      • Allow Altruism to arise naturally as you heal, without contorting your rotation to proc it on cooldown.
      • Spend Altruism naturally as you heal. Allowing a proc to expire from time to time is fine.
      • With respect to Force, using a proc is equivalent to one-quarter of a Noble Sacrifice (off the GCD). Per minute, if you use 4 procs, you need 1 fewer Noble Sacrifice.
      • Altruism helps you burst heal a single target.
  • Prefer to use Conveyance for Wandering Mend or Healing Trance, as discussed in the second topic of Section “Rotation Guidance”.
prioritymedevac2_thumb[1] Force Mend


  • Force Mend is instant and has a 30-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It’s off the GCD and costs no Force.
  • It heals you, and only you, for a large amount.


  • This is similar to a defensive cooldown.
  • You may also use it for routine healing when you’re out of range of a round of AOE heals.
casting_thumb[1] Restoration


  • Restoration is instant and has a 12-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It cleanses up to two mental or Force effects and provides a very small heal.


  • For PVE, when Restoration can cleanse an effect, it’s almost always better to cleanse than heal through it. For PVP, Restoration cleanses Consular or Knight CCs.

Heals for Multiple Allies

See Healing Model Spreadsheet for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

In SOR, every ability that may heal multiple allies in one activation is “smart”. If more allies are within range than the ability can heal, the ability selects those allies whose percentage of maximum health is lowest.

onewiththeforce Salvation


  • Salvation is a 2-second cast and has a 12-second cooldown.
  • Salvation’s radius is 8 meters, twice that of its “puddle”.
  • If an ally is in the radius of a Salvation, and doesn’t already have a HOT from it, Salvation can grant a HOT to him.
    • Salvation dispenses HOTs immediately and, until all 8 of its HOTs have been dispensed, once every second for 10 seconds. An ally who grazes a Salvation for an interval shorter than one second might not receive a HOT.
    • Salvation’s HOT heals 11 times, immediately and once every second for 10 seconds.
    • An ally may have at most one HOT from your Salvations at any time. If an ally with a HOT from your previous Salvation stands in your new Salvation, nothing happens. He’s ineligible until the previous HOT is gone.
  • Resplendence reduces Salvation’s activation time. One charge of Resplendence reduces its cast by 0.25 seconds; two charges reduce its cast by 0.50 seconds; and three charges make it instant.
  • Salvation is one heal (the other is Deliverance) that procs Altruism (Altruism’s cooldown is 10 seconds), a buff that makes your next Benevolence instant and free.
  • Conveyance reduces Salvation’s Force cost by 30%.


  • Salvation’s activation time is the same with two or three charges of Resplendence. Therefore, activate Salvation with two charges (use Noble Sacrifice if you have three) unless you must use it while moving.
  • Using Salvation to heal a single ally, such as a tank, is a poor use of your time and Force and of Salvation’s cooldown. The total amount that it heals a single ally is small.
  • In a 16-man Operation, if two or more Sage healers intend to heal more than 8 allies, they should center their Salvations at least a few meters apart, as though drawing a Venn Diagram with little or no intersection.
  • Don’t use Salvation to proc Altruism.
  • Don’t use Conveyance for Salvation.
wanderingmend Wandering Mend


  • Wandering Mend is instant and has a 15-second cooldown.
  • It places 4 charges on its target (i.e., the ally whom you’re targeting or, otherwise, you).
  • Upon triggering, a charge is used, healing the ally who has the charges.
    • Without Conveyance, Wandering Mend triggers only when the ally who has it takes damage at least 0.5 seconds after having received Wandering Mend.
    • With Conveyance, Wandering Mend’s trigger requirement and delay are waived.Wandering Mend immediately heals its target, travels to another ally and immediately heals him, and so on.
  • After a charge is used, any remaining charges travel to another ally in line-of-sight and within 20 meters.
    • If no such jump is possible, the remaining charges are canceled.
    • Travel time is proportional to distance, ranging from about 0.1 seconds for 0 meters to about 0.75 seconds for 20 meters.
    • Wandering Mend may return to an ally whom it healed before.
  • The maximum duration of Wandering Mend is 30 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this) for each ally who receives its charges. However, activating Wandering Mend cancels any remaining charges from its previous activation.
  • Upon being healed by Wandering Mend, an ally receives Resistant, which increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 3% for 45 seconds.
    • Spreading Resistant shouldn’t influence whom you target for Wandering Mend.
    • Resistant doesn’t stack. That is, Resistant may increase an ally’s internal and elemental damage reduction by at most 3% regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • When healing is challenging, use Wandering Mendon cooldown.
  • Use Wandering Mend with Conveyance unless raid-wide damage is frequent enough to trigger all four charges before its cooldown finishes.
  • Conveyance + Wandering Mend provides burst healing for one or more allies. If one ally’s health is much lower than others’, Wandering Mend prefers to heal him twice, providing about the same amount of healing as Conveyance + Healing Trance, but usually many times faster.
shockwave Force Wave


  • Force Wave is instant and has a 20-second cooldown.
  • Utility: Psychic Suffusion adds to Force Wave a very small heal for you and up to 7 allies in its “cone” (one-third of a circle with you at its center and a 15-meter radius).


  • Force Wave’s heal is almost worthless.
  • Force Wave must heal at least 3, 4, or 5 to provide greater expected healing than Benevolence (without Conveyance), Rejuvenate, or Force Armor, respectively.
  • A healer’s job is triage, which is not, in general, maximizing HPS or topping up allies. Before using Force Wave, be certain that using Force Armor on, for example, the ally with least health, isn’t wiser.
  • Even when using Force Wave is appropriate, such as for Malaphar, healing allies for 3% of their maximum health is unlikely to alter a fight’s tempo or outcome. Consider Utility: Tectonic Mastery instead

Dealing Damage

Capitalize on every opportunity to deal damage.

  • For a single target
    • Without Force Potency
      • In general, Weaken Mind>Mind Crush>Telekinetic Throw = Disturbance = Project.
      • Mind Crush or Disturbance procs Altruism but is susceptible to pushback.
    • With Force Potency: Telekinetic Throw>Disturbance = Project
  • For multiple targets
    • Without Force Potency: Forcequake. If Forcequake reaches only 2 targets, however, Weaken Mind or Mind Crush have higher DPS on any target that will survive for the duration of its DOT.
    • With Force Potency: Forcequake
cloudmind_2 (1) Weaken Mind

  • Weaken Mind is instant and has no cooldown.
  • It’s a DOT that ticks 7 times, immediately and once every 3 seconds for 18 seconds.
  • For PVE, maintaining this DOT is straightforward if you set the boss as your Focus Target and adjust your User Interface as described in Maximizing Your Performance
mindcrush (1) Mind Crush

  • Mind Crush is a 2-second cast with a 15-second cooldown.
  • It’s a moderate attack that, if it hits, leaves a DOT that ticks 6 times, once every second for 6 seconds.
  • It procs Altruism (Altruism’s cooldown is 10 seconds) even if your target resists it, which offsets some of its Force cost and helps you resume healing.
disturbance (1) Disturbance

  • Disturbance is a 1.5-second cast with no cooldown.
  • It procs Altruism (Altruism’s cooldown is 10 seconds) even if your target resists it, which offsets some of its Force cost and helps you resume healing.
forcequake (1) Forcequake

  • Forcequake is a 3-second channel with no cooldown.
  • It has a radius of 8 meters.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies once for every second that you channel it. Therefore, while useful for interrupting multiple enemies capping in a Warzone, activating it won’t interrupt an enemy who has less than one second remaining on his cap.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback and consumes only one charge of Force Potency per activation regardless of the number of ticks that deal damage or crit.
pileofrubble (2) Project

  • Project is instant and has a 6-second cooldown.
  • It’s useful for burst or while moving.
jediconsular Telekinetic Throw

  • Telekinetic Throw is a 3-second channel with a 6-second cooldown.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • For PVP, it slows the target’s movement speed by 50%.

Cooldown for Healing

mentalacuity (1) Mental Alacrity


  • Mental Alacrityis off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It increases Alacrity by 20%, and grants immunity to interrupts and pushback, for 10 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • For PVE, reserve Mental Alacrity for an emergency or a burn phase. If you’re using Force Potency, too, active Mental Alacrity first, so that its Alacrity shortens Force Potency’s cooldown.
  • For PVP, Mental Alacrity is also for interrupt immunity. An ideal time for it is immediately after gaining full resolve.
agonizingsaber (1) Force Potency


  • Force Potency is off the GCD and has a 90-second cooldown.
  • It buffs you with two charges of +60% Critical chance for direct heals or Force attacks. This buff lasts for 20 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • It doesn’t apply to Force Armor, ticks from a HOT (including Renewal) or DOT, or Restoration.
    • Except as noted above, each heal from an instant or cast that crits consumes one charge. A single activation of Wandering Mend or Force Wave can consume both charges.
    • It applies to each tick of a channel (i.e., Healing Trance, Telekinetic Throw, or Forcequake), and consumes exactly one charge as it ends, regardless of the number of ticks that occur or crit.


  • For PVE or PVP, reserve Force Potency for an emergency or burn.
  • The priority for healing with Force Potency is, in general,Healing Trance>Force Mend>Deliverance or Benevolence>Wandering Mend.
    • Avoid Rejuvenate, because its small immediate heal can consume a charge.
    • Regarding Healing Trance
      • Though the combination of Conveyance and Force Potency causes Healing Trance’s critical chance to exceed 100%, it’s better to use Force Potency for an emergency than to rely on favorable RNG without it.
      • Force Potency + Healing Trance is very likely (or, in combination with Conveyance, guaranteed) to proc 3 charges of Resplendence. This is merely a side-effect of Force Potency, not its motivation.
    • Though Deliverance is a larger heal than Benevolence, an instant Benevolence(with Altruism) is greater burst.
    • Wandering Mend is low priority, because it (a) has a delay without Conveyance and (b) can’t heal the same ally with consecutive ticks.
    • For dealing damage with Force Potency, see Section “Dealing Damage”

Other Abilities

energydrain Noble Sacrifice

  • Noble Sacrifice is instant or, with Resplendence, off the GCD. It has a 1.5-second cooldown.
  • Noble Sacrifice exchanges 11% of your maximum health for 8% of your maximum Force.
    • Neither Force Armor nor damage reduction mitigate Noble Sacrifice’s health cost, because it isn’t considered damage.
    • Utility: Valiance reduces its health cost by 25%.
    • The SOR 4-Piece Force-Mystic’s Set waives its health cost.
  • You must have more health than Noble Sacrifice’s cost to activate it.
  • Without Resplendence, Noble Sacrifice debuffs your rate of passive Force regeneration.
    • This debuff lasts for 7 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • This debuff can stack up to four times. Each stack is a 25% debuff. Gaining a stack refreshes its duration.
    • Force Barrier purges this debuff, but this is an atrocious use of Force Barrier.
cloudmind Cloud Mind

  • Cloud Mind is off the GCD and has a 45-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • For PVE, it lowers your threat with each enemy by 25%. Use it proactively, especially after adds spawn.
  • With Utility: Suppression, it increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
rescue (1) Rescue

  • Rescue is instant and has a 1-minute cooldown.
  • It pulls the ally who’s your target about one-third of a meter in front of you. You can’t use this ability on yourself.
  • For PVE, it lowers the ally’s threat by 25%. This is useful if a DPS or healer continues to have aggro after using his threat drop.
  • For PVP, use it to advance an ally ball-carrier in Huttball or to pull an ally into the central shelter in Hypergate as the Pylons explode.
  • For PVE and PVP, you may pull an ally out of harm’s way to your safe location. However, in general, don’t pull another Sage channeling Force Barrier.
forcebarriersage Force Barrier


  • Force Barrier is an 8-second channel with a 3-minute cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
  • Its activation is off the GCD, and you may activate it while controlled. But, since it’s a channel, you can’t activate or maintain it while in motion.
  • While you channel it, you’re immune to all negative effects from enemies.
  • Channeling Force Barrier builds stacks of Enduring Bastion, a shield that absorbs damage and grants immunity to interrupts and pushback for up to 5 seconds.
    • You gain one stack of Enduring Bastion upon activating Force Barrier, and one additional stack for every 2 seconds spent channeling Force Barrier, up to a maximum of 4 stacks after channeling Force Barrier for 6 or more seconds.
    • The amount of damage that Enduring Bastion can absorb increases with the stacks acquired when channeling Force Barrier.


  • For PVE, most boss effects respect Force Barrier. Note, however, that it isn’t a threat drop.
  • For PVP, and Arenas in particular, use it to thwart substantial damage. Don’t delay until you have only a sliver of health.
  • For Warzones, it allows you to defend a cap by yourself for some time. In addition, if you have Utility: Surging Speed and a cap is suddenly undefended, you may be able to arrive in time to defend it by using Force Barrier for an instant to finish Force Speed’s cooldown.
  • For Ancient Hypergates, it doesn’t prevent death from the Pylons’ explosion.
  Force Empowerment

  • Increases Primary Stats and Endurance by 10% for 10 seconds for Operation group members within 40 meters.

Maximizing Your Healing Performance

User Interface

Tailor your UI for healing. These choices are personal, but consider the recommendations below.

  • All crucial, time-sensitive information should be visible simultaneously. Therefore, Operation Frames, Action Bars, and Player Castbar should be adjacent and just below your character’s feet. Configure these using the Interface Editor.
  • Under Preferences > User Interface, enable “Show Cooldown Text”.
  • Use the Interface Editor to configure your Operation Frames.
    • Set “Buff Scale” as low as possible. Increase “Debuff Scale” until debuffs are prominent.
    • For your usual Operation group, disable “Show Health Text”. This is clutter rather than useful information.
    • Disable “Show Only Removable Debuffs”. Debuffs that may deal substantial damage to allies often aren’t removable.
  • Using the Interface Editor, enable Focus Target and Focus Target Castbar. Certain bosses have casts or channels that deal substantial damage to allies.
  • Using the Interface Editor, for the Player Buff Tray, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Effects” and Sort Options > “Personal Effects”. This makes it easy to see your procs.
  • Using the Interface Editor, for the Target Frame and Focus Target, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Buffs” and “Highlight Debuffs” and Sort Options > “Personal Buffs” and “Personal Debuffs”. This makes it easy to see your effects, such as a HOT on an ally or a DOT on an enemy.


Gain up to 50 points of these stats through Datacrons.

  • Willpower
  • Endurance  


To increase each stat below by 1% for every character inyour Legacy and Faction, complete all of the quests that one of the listed companions can offer.

  • Accuracy – Tanno Vik, Bowdaar, Qyzen Fess, or Lord Scourge
  • Critical – Aric Jorgan, Risha, Zenith, or Sergeant Rusk
  • Healing received – Elara Dorne, Guss Tuno, Tharan Cedrax, or Doc
  • Maximum health – M1-4X, Corso Riggs, Felix Iresso, or T7-01
  • Surge – Yuun, Akaavi Spar, Nadia Grell, or Kira Carsen

Though optimal gear for healing has no Accuracy, increasing Accuracy through this Legacy perk helps you interrupt, crowd control, ordeal damage.


Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.


  • An Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Stim provides 198 of your Primary stat and 81 Power for 8 hours (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • An Adrenal increases a stat for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this) and is off the GCD.The cooldown shared across all Adrenals is 3 minutes.
  • For PVE, an Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Triage Adrenal provides 750 Force or Tech Power.
  • For PVP, a Warzone Adrenal increases Damage Reduction by 15%.


  • A Medpac heals you and is off the GCD. A Medpac can’t crit.
  • PVE
    • The cooldown shared across all Medpacs usable outside of a Warzone or Arena is (a) the remainder of your present combat or (b) 90 seconds, whichever is longer.
    • An Advanced Anodyne Medpac restores 7535 to 7892 health immediately and an additional2875 health over 15 seconds.
  • PVP – A Warzone Medpac restores 35% of your maximum health and has a 90-second cooldown.


  • A Grenade is an instant ability. The cooldown shared across all Grenades is 3 minutes.
  • PVE – Grenades that stun or root can be useful for certain adds, such as during Styrak on Nightmare Mode, Grob’Thok with Nightmare Power, or Revanite Commanders.
  • PVP –Grenades are very useful.
    • A player affected by one or more of a Grenade’s effects receives Bastioned, a buff that grants immunity to all effects of further Grenades for 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Bastioned doesn’t persists through death.
    • If a Grenade has a stun or unconscious effect, this effect respects resolve.

Healing Model Spreadsheet

Note that there are multiple tabs to this spreadsheet. There is also an option to view this spreadsheet in full screen mode by clicking the button at the bottom right corner.

Download link (save to your computer to edit):!157&authkey=!AH6Y02KGyIo6I0w&ithint=file%2cxlsx

About the Author

Orderken is from <Hates You> on Prophecy of the Five and have cleared all Nightmare content and timed runs pre-nerf with all healing classes.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

56 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Seer Sage Healing Guide by Orderken”

Nice guide, great job Orderken. I’m glad it was posted before I messed up my gear too much. Going to have fun dropping 200 Crit. Damn comm Gear.

On a side note, what would you say would be the lowest tier of gear you’d use for the Set Bonus?

My guess is Kell Dragon. For Underworld or lower, the maximum health and Armor loss (in addition, of course, to the lower amount of Willpower) may be problematic for the new Operations.

thanks for the guide
but anyone who actually needs a guide to heal i’d rather ask him how the fak did he get to 60

You would be surprised how easy you get through the leveling content, finding marauders with cunning, vanguards with willpower and lvl 55 players with lvl 20 items is far from rare.

I derped my way through leveling my latest char without bothering to pick a Advanced Class 🙂

If you think getting to 60 requires any healing proficiency, you must be doing it wrong.

‘Nuff said, really, but if you are somehow still convinced that leveling is difficult enough that any level 60 healer should know all this from loads of intense healing experience, remember that healing changed significantly one month ago, and that all healing classes can level as dps then respec once they get to 60, so…yeah. And even those of us who have figured out most of this on our own can benefit from reading a guide that reinforces what we’ve experienced with a second opinion and a little extra detail.

Don’t even really need to respect to DPS when force quake basically ruins any mobs you come across. A decently geared sage + decently geared HK-51 (with assassinate), goes through 55-60 content like it’s butter.

I disagree about turning off “Show Health Text”. Especially in a mixed group, players will have varying HP, and it is important to heal by the hitpoints and not just by the bar length.
If you know a 20k hit will come soon, you need to make sure every players is above 20k health, and you can only know that by turning on Health Text.

For the “Show Only Removable Debuffs” option, I actually have created two interfaces, one with the option and one without it, so that I can quickly change between the two depending on the boss fight. Most of the time, you don’t need the option, but especially for Torque HM, I appreciate being able to see the cleansable debuff without having to filter out all the brez and bloodlust debuffs.

I completely agree with this. If I know how much HP a player has both max and actual, and I know the expected value of my heals I can plan to prevent overhealing.

It’s more.of a personal choice in my opinion. I use Health Text because I always have, it would be weird without it. I don’t see an advantage or disadvantage to using it or not.

In the next version of this guide, I’ll specify “for your usual Operation group” to clarify. For a Group Finder or PUG, you may wish to know everyone’s maximum health before the first pull. In this case, I’ll target everyone before the first pull, making a mental note if someone’s maximum health is much lower than others’.

I was expecting much better guide bh, ie what are optimum stats/force stats for using the new abilities…

Unless I misunderstand your comment, this topic is covered pithily in Section “Gear”, and in more detail than probably any resource ever before published for SWTOR by the Model (Section “Healing Model Spreadsheet”).

Been subscribed to your thread in the forums for a while. Thanks for putting a nice concise guide together. Very much appreciated and keep up the good work

I’d rather have a Veteran WZ Healer like myself since lvl 50, make a Sage Healing guide than follow a PvE one doing NM, which is pretty good too.. but still.. PvP for life.

Edit: from PvP server as well.

Appreciate the effort on the guide, very helpful. Would you happen to have a screenshot of your UI posted somewhere that we could reference?

No, points is customary for SWTOR pre-Disciplines. Points is also more accurate if, for example, you don’t have the Legacy bonus (+1% Critical Chance from a certain companion).

Either way, you need to open your Character Sheet, which shows both.

Hey Orderken, nice guide as always, and as in RotHC I must ask:

What is the crit threshold at which point swapping 198 crit/alac for 192 power/alac is a hps loss ? The spreadsheet says that there seems to be no such threshold.
Let’s say I have power/surge on both implants and ear. It’s better to have only 198 crit/alac enhancements rather than only 192 power/alac or any combination of the two. Do you agree with this? (I know that sounds silly but it’s way diferent from RotHC)

Have you tried Coratanni as a sorc or just with the merc? The mouse droids are a fucking joke, even with Blockout.
They hit me for 31.6 – 32.3k damage without Blockout and the armor buff from Rejuvenate, and about 20k with them both. So the combo, if done perfectly inflicts 33k damage (including static barrier), but if one or more spells are missing it’s certain death. Any advice on this?

Thanks in advance

My experience on a Sage for Coratanni is the same as yours. In addition, if your strategy for Coratanni and Pearl is like ours, an enraged Pearl can also kill a Sage from full health. For these reasons, our progression kill had no Sages.

Here are a few suggestions that might help if a Sage is your only option.

1. Don’t be in a corner of the room. Mouse Droids spawn only in corners, and forcing them to travel to their target buys you time. An ally (we used a DPS) can Tab-target either Mouse Droid and call out its target, who’ll be the target for the other Mouse Droid, too.

2. Ruugar says “Nice try” as Mouse Droids spawn. Force Armor yourself immediately upon hearing “Nice try”, and ensure that you don’t have Force-imbalance at these times.

3. Force the hit from the second Mouse Droid to come one second or more after the hit from the first. If you position yourself so that the explosion of the first Mouse Droid to hit will knock you some distance, you’ll have time to Force Mend + Benevolence with Altruism + Medpac before the second can reapproach you. Have Altruism available or at least proccable for every “Nice try”. If he’s prepared, your co-healer should also have time to land one instant heal on you during this window.

4. Both of Ruugar’s DOTs that aren’t Corrosive Dart are cleansable, including by a Sage. This doesn’t mitigate damage from Mouse Droids, of course, but might help you keep everyone topped up.

That’s all I have. Despite the above, this fight is easier with Mercenary-Operative or Mercenary-Mercenary.

Ok thanks for the quick reply, on our 10 minutes + fight I stand at around 3k EHPS + 800 Absorb per second. So that’s about 21% absorb, which mean I need about 0-40 critical rating (I’m in half revanite/half resurrected). Do you think I should swap all my crit/alac 198 for only power/alac 192?

As for your advices (thanks by the way) I think/do the things you say here. Maybe a little more kitting to get the 1 second between two hits could save me. But again, if I take the mice twice in a row my Cloud Mind won’t be up and it’s certain death or Barrier. :/

Our heal combo is Sage-Scoundrel, I currently have a Commando in full 192 (not all optimized mods with my 198 enhancements) but I don’t feel like I’ve got the mastery to play it competitively yet, especially on Coratanni and I love the Sage gameplay. Maybe it’s worth a try but I reckon I’d feel nice if I could kill the damn thing on my light armored toon :p

I have yet to watch your kill of Coratanni but with our group we rarely hit enrage on Pearl, I assist dps as much as I can and I don’t think we ever had any problem with that.

Anyway thanks again o/

Here are precise figures.
* With Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 55 in Resurrected gear or 120 in Revanite gear.
* With Willpower Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 40 in Resurrected gear or 105 in Revanite gear.

This assumes that 18% of your total effective healing is from Force Armor. I chose 18% based on pre-nerf Sword Squadron kills. If Force Armor has a different share of your total effective healing in general, or for the present fight that you’re working on (e.g., Coratanni), (i) add about 20 Critical for every 1% less than 18% that is Force Armor’s share, or (ii) subtract about 20 Critical for every 1% more than 18% that is Force Armor’s share.

Even if Force Armor has an 18% share of your total effective healing, you won’t see a meaningful drop in total expected healing until your Critical is over 400. For example, in Revanite gear with 14 Power Augments, optimal Critical for Wandering Mend alone is 445. This higher amount for Critical is eroded by
(1) Force Armor,
(2) Deliverance auto-crits from the SOR 2-Piece,
(3) using Conveyance for Healing Trance,
(4) using Conveyance for Benevolence, and
(5) Recklessness.
My Model doesn’t capture Recklessness, but does capture 1-4, resulting in the lower overall optimal Critical.

Sage heals is the best made and most logical mechanically class in the game. Really love my sage healer. Great guide to!

Are you recommending surge in gear because of the auto crit that comes from the sage’s natural procs?

Would going full power/alacrity be < some power/surge in the gear?

Surge is valuable for every healing (or DPS) class. Until you have about 300, it’s more valuable than Alacrity. It’s crucial to have at least 2 items with Surge. Does this answer your question?

Hey Orderken, great healing guides, I followed your Commando one and it’s working really well. only thing I did differently than you was my crit rating, we seemed to agree on almost everything else hehe.

I made a Sage healer now ,and about to gear it up with 186/192 mods, but I’m not sure what crit rating I should go for, maybe I’m just not reading the spreadsheet right. ^_^

Though a low amount of Critical is optimal, it isn’t crucial.

1. Your gear may have over 400 Critical without meaningfully diminishing your performance.

2. Almost always, 192 Critical Mod > 186 Power Mod. That is, more stat points trumps points in the “better” stat.

How do you go about getting around 55 crit in resurrected gear & 120 in revanite gear exactly? I also see on your spreadsheet you aren’t running any crit in those…is that still true today?

Regarding the Model, it works for each of the three healing classes. Since each class has a different optimal amount for Critical, I chose zero as a class-neutral placeholder value. This zero means nothing else.

Regarding the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing, I reported the exact figure in the Guide, because some readers wish to know it. In practice, however, treat it as a ballpark. You could have up to about 400 Critical from gear on a Sage without a meaningful loss in your performance. If you do wish to be as close as possible to the figure that I reported, that’s 1 Color Crystal (41) or 1 Augment (52) in Resurrected gear, or 1 Enhancement + 1 Color Crystal (81 + 41 = 122) in Revanite gear.

Your total expected healing as a Sage is about 0.25% greater with 14 Power Augments rather than Willpower. It isn’t necessary to purchase or craft Power Augments if you already have Willpower, because this difference is small. This difference arises primarily because (1) Force Armor can’t crit, and (2) Clairvoyance increases Bonus Healing by 5%.

Dulfy, is it possible we can get some alternate guides for some of the healers? The dps guides are created by a diverse community, whereas the healer guides are all made by the same guy.
(no offense Orderken, I just like having multiple sources rather than just one for everything)

While I appreciate your spreadsheet, I wish you’d say what attributes should be focused on in order and what the optimal numbers to shoot for should be as in other guides because not everyone has gotten the tier gear or they are still in the process of getting the gear. Since they are having to deal with comms gear, it helps if you know what the optimal rating in each stat would be in order to arrange gear, mods or augments accordingly to achieve the most out of what they have to work with.
And again, while I appreciate your spreadsheet, I also find it somewhat confusing and I’m saying this with the experience of building complicated spreadsheets myself. I’m just not as familiar with the content of what you built it to achieve as I’d like to be.

The Guide describes “optimal numbers”.

Regarding the Model, worksheet “Introduction” has instructions that were fine for its many other users. Worksheet “Gear” might be the only worksheet of immediate interest for you.

Did you have a question?

Hi. I am kind of confuse. I was using 10 willpower aug and 4 alacrity aug that give me the first picture stats.

By recomendation I change and now are using 14 power aug that give me the second picture stats.

Is that right cuase I see a drop in willpower and alacrity of course but just a bit increase in bonus healing.

Comments? recomendations? Ty

If you wish to optimize your gear further, drop at least 200 Critical from gear, and drop at least 120 Surge from gear.

Regarding Augments, Power > Willpower unless you use Force Armor rarely.

SWTOR stats are complex. The advice that you seek can’t be gleaned from analyzing Character Sheets. You must rely on a theorycrafting resource, such as my Model.

Can someone please update this guide to reflect the class changes after 3.3? Major difference to the possible rotations after increased force cost. And noble sac does not exist any more.

Also can someone give advice on what to do if you don’t have the set bonus to use to buff your skills.

I would love for someone to suggest a solution to using salvation if you are the only healer in a situation like the platforms on EV. Wandering Mend only and dont use salvation?

I won’t be updating this Guide. I no longer play SWTOR, because it’s no longer a raiding MMO by my standards.

Use Salvation while platforming during Soa. There are at least two opportunities as your group is moving down.

What MMO are you playing if any? I’ve done a bit of research and just can’t seem to find anything worth getting into right now (played WoW on and off for almost a decade and while I did love that game I just can’t go back).

I hardly every use salvation because it costs too much force and does a small amount of healing. Instead, I use vindicate in between my rejuvenate+wandeirng mend/healing trances

No. Salvation should be Force efficient while platforming during Soa. In addition, since Lora is solo healing, not using 8-player healing abilities while platforming would be poor technique even if these abilities were Force inefficient.

I’m sorry I didn’t realise this was strictly a PVE guide (until I scrolled down through the comments), as I mostly PVP where you need to constantly throw out burst healing and everyone is always spread out so you rarely get say 8 people in one spot. Which is probably why I have a more negative view on salvation than you. I was rushing when I was typing that and I should really edit to say *I don’t use it liberally* salvation has a high force cost. If you use it liberally (And keep using three stacks), you’re going to quickly run out of force. Yes, there are situations where it’s useful, but IMO wandering mend and healing trance are better to rely on for primary healing. But yeah, in some fights I can see how it would be useful.

Also, I was in a rush and I skipped over that last line specifically about solo healing in EV. But I still don’t like salvation. Other abilities are a lot better.

Okay im glad im not the only one then. I was underwhelmed by salvation but I thought I was doing it wrong. Thanks for the reply.

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