Patch 3.1 SWTOR

SWTOR 3.1 PTS V1 New Items and Decorations

A gallery of new items and decorations added with SWTOR PTS patch 3.1 version 1 on Jan 8, 2015. Updated Jan 9, 2015


Appearance Options

Info taken from swtor_potato


  • Appearance Option: Vibrant Green Eyes
    • Adds a new eye color for Human characters.
  • Appearance Option: Short Wavy Hair
  • Appearance Option: Undercut
    • Adds a new hairstyle for male Human, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Miralukan, and Sith characters
  • Appearance Option: Dreadlocks
    • Adds a new hairstyle for male and female Human, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Miralukan, and Sith characters
  • Appearance Option: Double Braids
    • Adds a new hairstyle for female Human, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Miralukan, and Sith characters
  • Appearance Option: Bright Yellow Eyes
    • Adds a new eye color for Human characters


Images taken from swtor_miner. Note that the Shae Vizla armor (2nd from left) is coming with 3.0.2 on Jan 13.

Armor set without pics

  • Revanite Vindicator Armor Set
  • B-100 Cybernetic Armor Set
  • B-200 Cybernetic Armor Set
  • B-300 Cybernetic Armor Set
  • Trophy Hunter Armor Set
  • Outlander’s Warlord Armor Set
  • Ceremonial Guard Armor Set
  • Revanite Avenger Armor Set
  • Powered Exoguard Armor Set

Color Crystals

White-Yellow-Orange and White-Purple-Blue are the  two new tri-color color crystals are available from the Artifice Trainer for 500 Artifice. All 4 stat options (Power, Crit, Endurance, Expertise) are available. Mat costs are

  • 20x Hiridiu Crystal (blue mat)
  • 30x Luminous Green Crystal
  • 30x Luminous Red Crystal
  • 30x Luminous Blue Crystal
  • 10x Midithe Crystal (purple mat)



A number of new decorations were added to the decoration editor. These decorations are from the upcoming Shadow Packs and may not be complete.


There is a Commemorative Meat Tree decoration added to the Rishi Rep Vendor for 1 credit and no reputation requirement



Some images are taken from swtor_miner


Mounts without Pictures

  • Joko TZ-2
  • Joko TZ-4
  • Lergo Agitator
  • Lergo Enforcer
  • Lego Provocateur
  • Razalon FC-6
  • Tempest Cutter
  • Tion SY3
  • Tion SY5
  • Tion SY6

Note that the sources for some of these mounts are wrong and some images might be placeholders

Here are some more datamined pics from swtor_miner


Pets without Pictures

  • Prairie Ginx

Note that the sources for some of these mounts are wrong and some images might be placeholders

Here are some more datamined pics from swtor_miner

Legacy Perk

Improved Mounting


Misc Items


swtor-3.1-dyes-2 swtor-3.1-dyes

Regen Item




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122 replies on “SWTOR 3.1 PTS V1 New Items and Decorations”

Hahaha the Meat Tree, that is great. 🙂 Love the tri-colour crystals too, I’m glad I didn’t vendor the stacks and stacks of colour crystals I’ve gathered.

Yea Synth and Armormech are the stepchildren of Bioware it seems. They should just rename the crafting professions “Augmenter” since that is basically all they are unfortunately.

Least they could do is role those into artifice and armstech or something…let me do something endgame with those skills

What other purpose could they possibly serve? Everyone uses custom cartel market gear these days anyways…

If only they would give Synth and Armourmech some exclusive armour schematics from time to time, that would go a long way towards making the professions feel worthwhile. There are still a lot of armours in the game that could be added to both Synth and AM (the white Rigorcord armour from Corellia immediately comes to mind) without infringing on the Cartel Market offerings.

Everyone whining about the new color crystal nodes having no value can now shut it and complain about how there aren’t enough of them!

I wont complain. I have many stack of them, knowing they would be used somewhere eventually. But the 10x Midlithe crystals… thats pretty steep.

agree 10X midlithe is ridiculus considering everything else that it is used for.
And would be so happy if they reduced to color crystal spawn rate to 10% to make farming the much more useful ruusan crystal and enigmatic fragment easier.

For every 10 Midlithe Crystals I will gather from companions missions, I could probably stack up more than 200 of each color of Luminous Crystals, so…. nope, there’s still a lot of them, and they are super annoying when trying to farm Ruusan Crystals and Enigmatic Fragments, which are still 1000 times more useful.

If you don’t want the color crystals don’t farm them. It’s not like you farm a node and get random crystals. There your annoying problem is solved.

I actually do not farm them. And so do most of the players. So you end up having a whole Yavin Temple area filled up with 90% color crystal nodes, and 10% Ruusan or Enigmatic. Which means that it takes a much longer time to get stacks of these mats, than let’s say Farium or Molytex, or Anodyne stuff for Bioanalysis. So no solution there…

Don’t suppose anyone has done the Yavin 4 weekly to see what the 192 Companion gear boxes are actually like?

I haven’t gotten any of the sets on PTS, but I looked at the Weekly and the lockboxes that contain each set have a specific companion’s name on each one (i.e. “Doc’ Assault Gear”).

As far as I can tell its like the weapons, not moddable, and all the companions that use the same stat have the same gear.

I don’t see why they can’t make mods that are companion restricted, but non-moddable gear is pretty freaking worthless.

Agreed I can’t make my companions go back to norm gear. I spend as much time customizing their appearance as my own characters. They need to hurry up with an appearance tab.

Just lock mods to companions like certain mods are locked to the different armor pieces.

Wow, so f2p’s who bought expansion will have comps with higher gear rating than the armor they can get without buying passes and doing ops. Not quite sure how I feel about that. Kinda YAAAY and a bit nay. I want 192 stuff from weeklies for myself. P=

White-purple-blue looks like cyan with bloom and without bloom it looks like the purple one…and white-orange-yellow looks like yellow/copper. 😐

With bloom, white-purple-blue looks like three colors to me–kind of a blend between cyan and derelict purple–but without bloom it does look mostly like derelict purple, with only a hint of light blue detectable near the hilt. Maybe in action it will be more noticeable.

The white-yellow-orange, on the other hand, just looks yellow to me. But the orange may be lost because the screen shot is in front of a red background.

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Dulfy, any info or pictures on the equipment coming in the new Packs, or those aren’t on the PTS server yet? ^_^

would be awesome if they had more, like 50, or even 60, and be exclusive to artificers 500, just to give us something exclusive on the weakest crafting profession ever (used to be armstech, but then come augments, they’re useful)

Lmao, I hope you’re trolling. Mods and Enhancements 186 are selling well. Mods from ops gear selling for millions. Relics make good money too. Dyes… while Synth and Armormech are selling Augments and nothing else that is worth more than 40k.

Enhancements are skewered due to rampant ravagers abuse (expecting that the corrective action from BW fixes that), Dyes maybe, havent gotten around making many of those, Relics is where i’ll agree, but come future endeavors, augmentators and augments will retake the point as prime money makers.

Ooooh, white-purple-blue crystal… Will be setting aside the mats for that one.

The meat tree is hilarious. Definitely going in my zoo’s Rancor pen 😀

I like a bunch of the new decorations, but I have to say about the Rishi plants: pretty plants, garbage pots.

And way too many materials for one +41 crystal that looks similar already to ones in game. 10 purple mid crystals? Seriously? I can’t even get one from the missions, I’ve had to buy all of mine to make my relics, and I’ve been sending every comp I have out for gemstones to get them. It’s not like I’m not trying, I am, but the RNG can go eat you know what.

Sadly, they felt the need to combine DPS and Healers in one and force (should a player use these and the offhand) SIX PIECES of accuracy on a healer companion. I shudder to think that they may have even included accuracy in the tank gear.

I’m not interested in unmodable comp gear. I don’t care if it’s 192. It’s bad enough that the weapons are unmodable. It takes away from the individuality of your comps. They don’t need that high of a rating anyway. I never die in PVE at this point with the gear they have now. Too bad.

You can still put this 192 gear on droids, as well as companions who do not change appearance with armor (Khem Val, Broonmark, & Bowdaar) and still maintain their individuality. Regardless of whether or not you need 192 gear for companions, just do it for Khem. The lovable monster is meant to be a force of nature 🙂

There’s two. The ambiguity was probably meant to reference both. Their names are 2V and C2. No I don’t remember the last half of their names, but that’s their nicknames.

I know there are two. And my comment was referring to both. The point is most people don’t care enough about them to care what they are called. Even you gave a half assed answer to the non-question. What else do you know?

Your comment said “his” not “theirs” so how was I to know you referenced both? Clearly you didn’t and you’re just back-tracking. I know responding to you was a waste of time. But I did it anyway.

Ohh. So my comment only referenced one ship droid while Xorras’s comment referenced two. Clearly your backtracking. Who doesn’t know there are two ship droids? You still haven’t named them. You’re wasting space and oxygen.

Xorra’s post was more ambiguous whereas yours was specific. I never intended to name them, only to point out I know what they are called – which I did that already. Have a pleasant evening.

Well I also said “his” instead if “it’s” because as a droid IT has no sex so why aren’t you correcting my ignorance there? You’re just one of those arrogant people who need to correct everyone to make themselves feel better. Have a nice life wasting the world’s air, ahole.

Both of those droids have male voices, they are he(s). I may be arrogant, but you’re the one calling names. That says more about what kind of person you are than me.

What weekly is this from? Are they adding a new one or is it a reward from one of the existing weeklies (Spirit of Cooperation or The Enemy Within)?

2mill too unlock the legacy mount option, or 400c it highly apparent they want people to use CC to unlock this stuff which ingame prices like that

While I do agree that this feature by itself is too small a gimmick (it would have been nice to summon a speeder in combat to escape), I still don’t get why people sort of stumble over 2 million. If you play seriously, are around level 60 and have your crew skills up, getting 2 million should take less than a day if you grind those credits down without interruption. People might get grouchy over this remark, but I still think I’m right. Plus if one really wants to do nothing, go to the GTN, take a look at whatever is underpriced and resell it.

You must not have many alts. Try buying this for 17 toons. Not worth the cost.
I would pay up to 5 mil for legacy wide unlock but not paying 2 mil or 400 cc for even one toon.

I don’t see the need for the feature on each alt, but a legacy option wouldn’t hurt, that’s true. I’m sure if enough people remark this, they may always add such a feature before the release.

Well people with many alts do see the need. It’s a convenience item isn’t it? So there is no ” need ” for it at all. But I can tell you if you have 5 characters that have it and 16 that don’t (yes I have 21 characters), it gets annoying. You will notice the difference because you get used to a certain convenience. So for me realistically I either get it for all my toons or I don’t get it at all. It’s not worth 42 million to me. We’ll see what happens when it hits the live servers but under these circumstances the prices are too high for an individual unlock. It really should be an account unlock for such a feature really.

Rocket Boost is the best perk you can get. You travel through two starting planets in the blink of an eye, you move faster through any instance that disallows mounts and save time. You come back faster to your group from the medcenter It’s simply must have for a regular player.

I would expect that the per-character option will roll out, and then in six months or so, after the per-character option has had a chance to suck credits out of the people with more credits than sense, it will get revised to have either a legacy- or account-wide unlock for the same amount as the initial purchase (a la the J0-1Y speeder).

It’s not that I don’t have the two million, its just that this unlock simply isnt worth 2 mil. For a single character, I’d be willing to pay 300-500k for it. At 2 mil, I’m fine with stopping for half a second to mount up.

The oh so popular meat tree now here as deco to remind us of that horrendous first week glitches and lag ..very fitting (sarcasm). At least it’s only 1 credit lol.
IMO I would prefer the slayers 3 npcs as deco

What many people already said. I’m willing to eventually pay a bit more(cc/credits) for a legacy wide unlock of that neat speeder thingy rather than spending that much for a single one.

Other than that it is really nice feature and also the crystals look nice if a bit expensive…

White-Yellow-Orange looks like a regular yellow crystal.
What’s the point of having 3 colors, when they look like an ordinary 1 color crystal?

I think the only companions I will outfit with these 192 gear packs are those who don’t display worn gear (Khem, Broonmark, Bowdaar, etc). Will have to wait and see what the other gear sets look like, but the medium-armour healer/DPS gear is ghastly on both sides.

I’m curious to see if the droid tank/DPS gear is better than what I can craft; that would not be great for crafters, but I haven’t been able to make that much off of selling droid parts anyway.

I’m surprised the droid parts aren’t selling better. I have two HK’s in full 186 Expert droid gear, with the 192 weapons, and they are literal death machines. Even the blue 178 parts yield great results for DPS.

On the other hand, the stat distribution on the crafted droid tank armour is not great, and requires augments to tune it. SCORPIO is a superb tank, but she would be a lot better with much higher Shield values and a lot less Defense.

Theres armor for your companions?? Holy crap this is cool. Now since i’m cheap I won’t have to heal the crap outta Khem anymore?? maybe?? lol

because it’s a free set of gear to put your companion into something halfway decent so you’re not wasting your comms on them until after you get yourself into something decent enough to at least start pretending to act like you have an idea of what you’re doing in SM raids.

Stupid question here: On my sorc I get mein hand and off hand wepans from weeklies does that change with calssed the rewards that is ?

Idea: how about the customization kiosk using only credits unless your changing your species? Any one else agree with me ?

I like the idea of the improved mounting but 2mil/400CC per character is way too much for it to even be considered as a good idea!! If it was a proper LEGACY unlock, in that it unlocked for all your characters instead of being an individual perk, it would be worthwhile…

I always get all excited for new crystals, and then they never include a Black-white crystal.

That regen item is vaguely reminiscent of the Deku Scrub playing the Ocarina in Majora’s Mask, or at least my memory of it.

Did I read that correctly? The Shae Vizla armor will be available on Tuesday, January 13th? How? Is a pack being launched on the 13th? Or will it, *gasp*, be a direct purchase from the Cartel Market?

wish they gave a Legacy Perk to unlock the datacrons you got to other characters…at least if you got all the empire ones, lets say, and the ones shared by both factions it would be counted…if you need to get the rep ones would have to get them also lets say…but getting them all for each character is annoying honestly

I will buy it with 2 mil if Improved Mounting can summon speeder during combat. But no can summon speeder while moving. THIS IS STUPID

i would buy the improved mount thingie only and i do mean only if i can use it while in combat, in warzones *pvp* in operations and flashpoints while also in combat only then will i consider buying it as it stands no thanks

So with these companion armor sets, will there be any for HK-51 and Treek? Or is it only for class companions?

I presume you may have found this out now, but yeah there are ones for HK and Treek, with Treek having separate tank and dps/heals sets

Well managed to get the Shae Visla’s chest piece. I would not attempt to get the other parts like belt and boots on GTN. 1-2mil for boots and pants is just crazy.

Instead of all those animals mounts, BW could at least make a Mandalorian Basilisk if they don’t want to create a jetpack mount.

Dulfy is there any news on when “Appearance Option: Short Wavy Hair” will be released or what it looks like?

Technically, Wings of the Architect is a jetpack mount…

And while this mount is sick, it would be OP if it ever makes it into the game.

Wings of the Architect: No offense but that looks nothing like a jetpack at all, not to mention it’s ugly as sin.

They already have plenty of armour pieces with a jet attached. And yes I included Z-12 and Z-6, because star wars technology doesn’t advance much in 1000 years, except brands.

OH and WHY do they make ANOTHER, BIGGER version of the shittiest “tree” decoration in the game? At least on my server, Player’s have voted against that tree with ridiculously low prices resulting from nobody wanting it.

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