Patch 3.1 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 3.1 PTS Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch 3.1 PTS patch notes.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ PTS
Game Update 3.1

Last Updated: January 8, 2015

All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change.

New Legacy Perk – Improved Mounting! With this perk, you may summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving. Costs 2 mil or 400 CC to unlock


Classes + Combat
Jedi Knight

  • Single Saber Mastery now increases the threat generated by Slash and Riposte by 15% while in Soresu Form, but the increased threat generation it grants to Force Sweep and Cyclone Slash has been reduced to 15% as well (down from 30%).


  • In addition to its current usage, Stasis Mastery now also increases the damage dealt and threat generated by Force Stasis by 100%.
  • Beacon of Might no longer reduces the cooldown of Riposte and now only increases the damage dealt by Guardian Slash and Hilt Bash by 30% (down from 40%).
  • Dust Storm now increases Blade Storm damage by 50%.
  • Pacification now increases Force Sweep damage by 75% and the critical strike chance of Cyclone Slash and Master Strike by 30%.
  • Warding Power now increases Warding Strike damage by 15%.
  • Lunge now increases the critical chance of Riposte by 50% (up from 40%) and removes the 10% damage dealt penalty of Soresu Form, but no longer reduces the cooldown of Riposte during Saber Ward.


  • Narrowed Focus is now a Skillful Utility.
  • Gather Strength is now a Masterful Utility.

Sith Warrior

  • Single Saber Mastery now increases the threat generated by Vicious Slash and Retaliation by 15% while in Soresu Form, but the increased threat generation it grants to Smash and Sweeping Slash has been reduced to 15% as well (down from 30%).


  • In addition to its current usage, Force Grip now also increases the damage dealt and threat generated by Force Choke by 100%.
  • Pillar of Strength no longer reduces the cooldown of Retaliation and now only increases the damage dealt by Crushing Blow and Backhand by 30% (down from 40%).
  • Quake now increases Force Scream damage by 50%.
  • Heavy Handed now increases Smash damage by 75% and the critical strike chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage by 30%.
  • Consuming Power now increases Aegis Assault damage by 15%.
  • Lash Out now increases the critical chance of Retaliation by 50% (up from 40%) and removes the 10% damage dealt penalty of Soresu Form, but no longer reduces the cooldown of Retaliation during Saber Ward.


  • Deadly Reprisal is now a Skillful Utility.
  • Pooled Hatred is now a Masterful Utility.

No new pack on the PTS but there are 4 items added to the collections section of Master’s Shadow Pack


By Dulfy

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86 replies on “SWTOR Patch 3.1 PTS Patch Notes”

‘Improved Mounting’. The manchild in me lol’d when i saw that name. Useful perk though i guess but a tad expensive for what it is in my opinion.

This is so retarded… Rather than throw forces to fix existing problems they push PTS update instead

They are a bunch of fixes coming in 3.0.2 on Tuesday. Those just aren’t listed here, since this is for 3.1.

All of the changes here (except the new Legacy perk) are class balancing changes, which is a separate team from the programmers that fix bugs.

New Legacy Perk – Improved Mounting!
OMG Seriously?!?!?! 2Mil/400 CC
And you asked why we are not bothered with Nefra 2.0 exploit…

There might not be a new pack previewable on the PTS, but swtor_miner did post a preview of some datamined stuff last night, and I must say I’m super excited to see one of the new armor sets coming, while similar to stuff already in game, it’s much more sleek, detailed, and high res…probably due to this certain NPC finally appearing in game (if you know what I mean by now). 😉

Now I just have to hope it looks as good on my body type 2 male BH as it does on the female NPC…I’m a little worried, almost everything looks better on the female body types.

I know how to configure the launcher to use the PTS, but I have some questions.

1. Doesn’t it have to patch your install to the PTS version?
2. Do you then have to patch again to switch back to the released version?
3. If both of these are correct, is there a way to maintain on a single computer?

Excellent, thanks for the info! Darn, all this time I’ve wanted to give the PTS a try and I haven’t. But now I will! 😀

Dang for 2 million I was really hoping they were going to have new animation. Something along the line of running beside a mount and hopping on. For that I can hold still the extra couple seconds. 😀

Maybe if it ever goes on sale and has an account wide option. I’d rather spend that 2 million on a new cool mount. I would like that title though and worthy if that is a “we’re not worthy” emote.

At first glance I thought, wow, this is going to be the best ERP update since the Out of Breath emote.


Anyways, I’m betting a lot of players will wait until this goes on sale. 400 CC’s per character is a little steep for a relatively minor quality of life improvement.

I’ve been waiting for Improved Mount for a long time. I hate having to stop to switch mounts. Does anyone using PTS know if improved Mount allows switching from one mount to another rapidly or do you still have to click on the mount icon you are riding to disembark? Sometimes I like to switch mounts while riding and it’s a bit of drag having to stop and hunt down the icon of the mount I’m using.

Now that would be a worthy upgrade. If we could switch mounts as quick and easy as pets instead of enabling then disabling.

Been waiting on some speeder upgrade for long time but 2 mil or 400 cc per char is too stiff if it would be legacy wide would be worth it, got 18 chars on 2 servers and am sure they can survive without it

3.1 – whats this one called? is this all there is to it? I thought these updates were suppose to be bigger?

Whether or not we just had an expansion is completely irrelevant. They started the 2 month cycle of content. If this is whats expected than that worries me.

“As with all PTS content, this content is incomplete and subject to (and
will) change. We will be adding new content while 3.1 is on PTS, so stay
tuned for more updates” Dulfy always gets the full story, but sometimes not the extra bits. All PTS patches are subject to change, and this one has been said to definitely change. The PTS went live less than 24 hours ago, didn’t it?

*sigh* they so messed up Guardian tank. Warding strike was an unnecessary skill. They could have just accomplished what it does by having Sundered Strike change effect based on form. Make Hilt Bash the level 10 skill. Combine Slash & Cyclone Slash into one skill. Where the primary target takes full damage and everyone else in the cleave takes less (have it not affect CCed targets). Then the replacement skill should have been a replacement for Master Strike. Maybe Soresu’s Razor….?

Lets not completely ignore the fact that they wasted any amount of time on adding ‘Mounting on the move’ One of the most useless things I’ve ever seen added into a game, thats including 95% of the cartel market items. Srsly Biofail, get your effing priorities sorted.

Not sure what your problem is, this is patch 3.1 on the PTS. Bug fixes are slated for 3.0.2 which is likely coming next Tuesday (at least that’s what they’re aiming for), so this PTS patch isn’t going to show any bug fixes because they’re already a part of 3.1…if that’s what you mean by “priorities”…if not, it just sounds like “wah! wah! wah! I’m gonna throw a fit because they’re not adding stuff to the game that *I* want!”

My ‘problem’ is that they even waste time adding something so utterly useless. It takes .5seconds to cast a mount. This time could be better spent on shit that actually makes a difference. If you think this is useful, you seriously need to sit down and think about why you even play this game at all.

Sounds like you should be the one thinking about why you even play this game, you’re the one that’s unhappy with the things they’re doing. Once again, all you sound like is a baby throwing a fit about them not putting things in the game that YOU want. Oh and hey, guess what, these aren’t the final patchnotes for 3.1, more things will be done over the course of it being on the PTS. Maybe you’ll still get everything you want for Christmas, hell I don’t even know what the heck you want…you’re bitching about one legacy perk and not even saying what it is you *think* they should be doing.

I find your white knight zealotry of Bioware to be downright pathetic. I’ll bet you’re one who’s greatest in game achievement is sm ops. It would explain why you defend shitty decisions made by a company that’s half-assed its way through the last year of this game. Stay small nerd.

And this is the point where your strawman argument collapses on itself. Thanks for proving my point.

5 seconds is a looong time when you are a lowbie trying to get away from an enemy player hunting you down. With all that ability delay garbage (that is apparently getting fixed), you need to cast dat mount while moving, so he doesn’t leap on your face. Not every class can get away with stealth/seismic nades.

You obviously play on a pve server and only pve. This perk has potential to make a difference in pvp imo. What is useless to you may not be useless to others.

I don’t play this game at all. I’m taking a break until GSF gets more content. I am also sitting down.

Edit#2: I am not “white knight”ing Bioware. I am suggesting how it can be useful in a way that you probably did not consider. This has nothing to do with Bioware’s choices. It has to do with you.

I know, but I wanted to cover everything, and make sure he has to start a new “argument” with none of the excuses he used on you. Seriously though, I have been caught out on my sage because I had to stop to mount. That .5 seconds can save your life.


It’s mount while moving not mount in combat. If you’ve been attacked and you’re trying to get away you are in combat and still won’t be able to use it. It saves 1/2 a sec while not in combat. Not worth 2 mil per alt.

I didn’t mean in combat. I meant exactly what I said, running away from a jugg that is just out of range of you. I have seen this happen many times: the guy running stopped to mount, and whoever was chasing him (usually mounted already) got close enough to put both in combat. Mount while moving eliminates that risk of stopping.

lol yeah okay 2 mil or 400CC just so I can sit still 2 seconds less thank you but no.
If it’s on the GTN for 300 000ish yeah other wise BioWare please…

But won’t it be on Cartel Market too, like speeder Piloting 1,2 and 3?

If thats the case, then yes, you can buy it off GTN.

No, it’s a Character Perk, which means it’s unlocked through the Legacy panel. You don’t get a “consumable” item that grants the ability, it’s simply an unlock. You just either buy it with creds, or cc, like other legacy unlocks.

Yeah same thing 11 characters…I don’t think I’ll be spending 22 mil for saving too second any time soon :>

well no because you’re not allowed to mount while in combat that would be stupid, what’s the point of being knocked by combat if you can just hop back on

Improved Mounting: Should be 500k per toon or 3million per account. A value of 2M per toon, would be improved speeder pilot 4, now 150% or higher

my mother-in-law makes $64 /hr on the computer . She has been without work for 8 months but last month her income was $18691 just working on the computer for a few hours. over here;.Improved

Kind of lame legacy perk. What ever happened to them raising the legacy cap to 60? I was hoping for some new legacy ability to raise your max speed to 120% when you reach Legacy 60. How about making a perk to decrease your quick travel cool down to 5 minutes, or even 0, like the quick travel to the fleet?

Yeah, while it is nice to see them finally adding something to the mostly abandoned legacy system, there are definitely different things I’d like to see. One idea I had wasn’t really a buyable unlock, but more along the lines of the class specific unlocks, like how we can earn all the class buffs, I’d like to see a way to earn the other classes out of combat heal/recharge animations…I’d much prefer to use the consular’s golden glow standing meditation on my guardian, rather than the knight’s kneeling meditation. As far as buyable unlocks, you definitely have some good ideas there…I’d love to see a mount speed increase, but I’m sure that would lead back to the usual “hero engine problems”. 🙂

It only cools down to ten minutes, currently. If they’d even perk it to where it’d only CD for five minutes, that would be awesome.

How about Free mount on the move to all of us Subs who preordered and dumped 1 mill credits into skill costs per toon

LOL just LOL 2mil so i dont have to stop moving to mount LOL per character if i laugh any harder my lungs are gonna explode

The speeder thing is nice but it’s such a minor convenience it seems kind of silly to make it a legacy perk instead of just making it how speeders work by default.

As the current state of the server, you can practically have this ability already with the action delay, lol

hmmm so only guard/jugg tanks are affected so far? I’m pretty sure Sin tanks and PT tanks will also get their 10% dmg reduction removed….
so my immortal discipline with dps gear may be viable after all? There are some hefty percentile increase in skill damages…

Okay, so, first time I read it, I was like, “Yeah! Daily effeciency increased 7.98% because of mounting while moving!” and then I looked at it again, and saw it was per character :-(.

Such a great idea, but as so often happens, poorly executed. 2mil • 22 characters = 44 million. Yeah, that’s almost a flagship; if I can’t afford one of those, how can I afford that?
400cc • 22 = 8800. Nah, I’d rather unlock the Tatooine SH for that.

The mounting on move perk is really useful for World PvP …but then just remenber this game doesnt have any open world pvp and save your moneyz.

Is not for run…is for hunt. Flagged reps trying to run? force run, bike, and chase… other way they will be far away from you when casting bike ends.

A “legacy perk” that is not for your legacy, just your character! Hopefully they made a mistake and really intend for this to be an actual legacy perk, rather than a character perk.

Actually, strike that. I don’t really care. If I were to craft a list of 100 things they could add to improve the game, this wouldn’t be one of them. Were people clamoring for this on the forums? Or is BW just averse to adding things people actually want for the sake of being “original” (we thought of it, not you!)?

They’ve already said there’s more to come, this is just the first iteration they put up on the PTS. It’s probably not even slated to go live until late February at the earliest. When they update PTS again, there will be more patch notes.

They must be still unf*cking mara/sent, that’s the only reason I can think of them not mentioning changes for the class..

If you’re not doing well on mara/sent, you need to do something different because mara’s are damn good right now.

Isn’t Watchman/Annihilation like the 3rd top dps at the moment?
But if it’s not #1, it’s apparently not good enough.

Thank you. Tired of listenting to everybody whine and cry. I’m still having a lot of fun on my Watchman/Annihilation toons, am destroying pre-3.0 content, and I’m doing fine in the new content as well.

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