Shadow Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Acolyte’s Shadow Pack Preview from Instagram

The official SWTOR instagram has posted some previews of the upcoming Acolyte’s Shadow Pack due to be released on Tuesday, Jan 13,

SWTOR Official Instagram account:

There will be more previews released in the next couple days (hopefully) so check here for updates

Shae Vizla Armor


Revanite Pursuer Armor


New Nomad Armor


Glacial Icetromper Mount


Lergo Provocateur Mount


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114 replies on “SWTOR Acolyte’s Shadow Pack Preview from Instagram”

Man! These new armor sets that they’ve been releasing in the Shadow Packs have been awesome! I love the helmet on the Revanite Pursuer set! So glad we’re actually getting new stuff now instead of recolors of old sets!

While most have “worked” the two of the four new ones in-game do not work at all, and let’s not forget that the bounty event armor still does not work either, add in the fact that of the other working jetpacks in game, about 50% of those have display/clipping error with their flames(at least on male body type 3) that range from “so bad I refuse to use it”, to “well at least I have to look closely to see that the flames are coming from floating “booster” outside of the actual jetpack” These all seem like SUPER easy fixes I don’t understand why they leave such sloppy visual bugs in a game that is only still in operation due to Cartel Market cosmetic item sales.

Actually, most of the jetpacks have worked. It’s only been one or two that hasn’t worked. (the underwater sets doesn’t count since we don’t know if those were ever meant to work or not, being underwater and all)

I kind of expected the Shae Vizla armor to show up sooner or later, but all it is is a recolored version of armor already in the game. When are we going to finally get some updated Mandalorian Retro-Crusader armor based on what they currently wear in-game? We got the Mandalorian Hunter armor, but that’s just the basic noob Mando version of the armor. When are they finally going to come out with the next two variations that they wear in the Mandalorian Enclave on DK. People have also expressed the wish for some Mandalorian decorations for their SH’s, as well.

It’s not though.
It’s not a recoloured version of another armour already in the game.

Go ahead and show me where that armour set is.

Unless of course, you’re referring to shae vizlas armour.

And in that case, it’s not a recoloured version of an armour set already in the game either, since vizlas set isn’t “in the game”.
It’s a set that’s on an NPC that can’t be worn by players.
So, still a new set.

(oh and by your own standards then, them releasing more mando armours like the ones worn by mandalorians in-game would still be “recoloured verison of a set already in game”…)

So….you don’t pay enough attention to what armor sets look like to realize that this is not a re-color but “care” enough to complain about it….classy.

ALL I care about Shae’s armor is that the darn jetpack actually works(visually), seeing as BOTH the 186 and 192 BH chest pieces do not actually display flames from their jetpacks when in use(reload+regen/jet boost/etc).

What’s even sadder is that the Bounty Hunter Event, Bounty Hunter Armor, that you have to do Bounties to get(sensing the theme?) also does NOT work, that’s somehow the lamest and laziest thing I’ve ever heard of.

I know big games like this have glitches of all kinds and I am very patient with most of them, but the pathetically large number of visual glitches with character armor(often a RL as well as an in-game monetary investment) are just inexcusable, especially when they’ve had months going years to fix some of them.

I’d like to think that because this is an armor set associated with a “legendary” character in the SW universe it would have been QA’d properly and not visually bugged…but then I just equip my Satele Shans dualsaber on my Assassin and I see that they still have not fixed the surging/lightning/dark charges aesthetics being totally glitched on it(also the kingpin’s dualsaber has this same visual bug) and I lose any hope of bioware ever caring after you’ve already paid them for something

Revan Reborn chest is still royally fucked as far as I know. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some big glitch with the new stuff too 🙁

I hear you, dude. I’ve been asking for the updated version of the Cruader (Hunter) armor for a while, as well. Some of that heavier looking armor, with the fancier shoulder bells and jetpack. The ones you see the higher ranking Mandalorian’s wearing around Dromund Kaas and Tatooine. With that Shae Vizla Flashpoint on Rishi (Blood Hunt, I believe), I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with some of those Mythosaur skulls and Mandalorian banners they have on the walls in there. Those are screaming to be made into a Stronghold deco.

I agree with you on the Shae Vizla armor. Looks like most of the other bounty hunter armor in the game with that same helmet type. Chest piece looks more ornate, but still basically has that same feel as these:

I do like the better color detail in the bicep pieces on the armor, though. Hope those don’t get too jacked up if you dye the set.

I like these new armor sets. They are getting better with not recoloring and putting out new stuff. More detail, better looking. Looking forward to Shae Vizla set. Looks similar to what is in game but there is a difference in all the pieces. Also hoping the don’t mess up jet pack.

I hope the Icetromper is not super super super rare so that maaaaaaybe I can buy it from the GTN for a somewhat reasonable price, like I did with Plateshadow Devourer. Pretty cool mounts in the last few packs, good job.

Like others said, don’t mess with the jetpack and i know what my PT will be wearing from now on;)
Shapes out to be a great pack

Ugh, I hope this doesn’t show a trend for putting glowy bits on animal mounts.
I really don’t want this game to have the look I so distastefully associate with WoW mounts 🙁

Just wondering if the Nomad armor, with brown dye and a different helm. Could give you a sort of Ubese Bounty Hunter look, like Boushh. Just wish they would add more options for reputation and social gear.

the shae vizla armours nice the revanite helm not bad the nomad yuck
last but not least poor mount them lights bllllind meee

Actually, I kinda like the nomad headgear for tatooine and other harsh climate planets 🙂

Of course, my BH won’t need that, but my other characters might 🙂

These are some fantastic looking armors. I have one request BioWare…give us a Darth Malgus armor set! We’ve got Satele Shan armor set, we’ve got a Lana and Theron armor, now we’ve got a Shae Vizla. Where’s the full Malgus set? One that has a hood and all the badassness that goes with it? I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants a Malgus armor set. Still, I’ll happily buy this pack. These armors look great!

yeah, it the same as the old battlemaster. I’ve tried other chest pieces but I keep goin’ back to that one.

Agreed, I have the exterminator hood, and while I love it it doesn’t close when you put your saber away just always stays open. Every sith lord that has worn a hood n cloak always had the cloak close when they weren’t fighting to hide there under appearance. What’s the point if the enemy knows your wearing battle armor under the cloak.

Meh. It’s a good armor, but there’s no cloak and cape. That’s what I love about that look that Malgus had. Massive shoulder armor, mask, hood, cloak, etc lol.

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Me too! I’d still prefer the original Revan armor, but hopefully this set is way cheaper on the GTN for all us Revan fans who don’t have 7+ million credits to spend.


The “new” in New Nomad is not part of the name. In the pic of it from behind, their Instagram says “Here’s the back of the new Nomad set.” Therefore, “new” is not part of the name. Based on your PTS item post, I suspect it will either be called Outlander’s Warlord or Trophy Hunter.

Looks like got hijacked, it’s redirecting to some diet supplement page when you click on the links. Didn’t pick up any malware from it, but got an attack page warning. Might not be safe to visit for a bit.

I’m getting redirects sometimes when I open some of the featured outfits from the homepage in a separate tab.

My desktop computer. I ran two antivirus/malware programs, cleaned out my browser cache and cookies, the usual stuff.

Have you seen it recently? I’ve run all of SiteLock’s scans and haven’t received any alerts. I’ve checked most of the files and don’t see any extraneous code. All I can think of at this point is one of the ads was causing it.

It just did it again, when I clicked on (trying to look for a new mount). Gonna run antivirus/antimalware again…

The direct link above works fine, but if I go to, go to Misc, and choose Mounts, I get redirected.

Weird. I just can’t recreate the problem. I’ve tried on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and my iPad and iPhone.

The Section X reputation armor looks almost exactly like that, so I don’t think they will create a Cartel version too.

Yeah, the Section X armor is almost the same thing, except it doesn’t have a backpack and it uses a generic trooper/SW helmet instead of the set’s helmet.
Really, they need to bring back all of the T/C/R sets.

^this, personally i love the headpiece, the same with the tulak horde set i think it looks terrible others drool over it

Every Trooper headpiece is either Terribly mainstream, ugly, or like the current set’s: doesn’t look like a trooper once so ever.
The Rakata piece still looks like a trooper but isn’t as easily recognized.

Yea I agree with bringing back ALL the sets but tbh they should realistically be drops from their original raids.. Then the people who haven’t had a chance to acquire these pieces can get it. Folks who have run the raids a billion times probably have no need for these armors anyway. I was all excited when the enhanced assailant set came out then pissed that you can hardly dye it. The original armors were fully colored. IMO stuff on cartel market should be new models.

I wonder if that Black outer, White inner saber, held by a mandalorian is a secret hint towards at some point a release of reversed colour saber. Foreshadowing of a sort.

As I said reversed, I referred to a possible black core, white shell. In the Clone Wars 3d animated TV series, it was used by clan Viszla.

The black core, white glow crystal actually is already in the gamefiles since… two-three years I believe, if not since SWTOR launched.

I made a post on here on another article a long time ago seeing someone on the fleet with it. I saw a person walking around with it on the fleet on my server (The Progenitor, EU, rep side). A guy (girl?) in the guild Gizka has it on their female guardian. Of course I previewed her, thinking my game was bugging, and saw to my amasement it actually read “Black/White” in the crystal slot. Of course I screenied it and shared on in the comments on Dulfy in said article.

There have been some stories going around how those people obtained it, including being former employees of BW and CS messing up when restoring the natural white crystal and handing out Black/White instead. This person however told me he/she obtained it from the GTN. The original owner apparently sold it there.

But yeah, I’m not sure what BW is waiting for with releasing that one. Maybe swtor_miner can find the crystal in the gamefiles for comfirmation? 😀

(I will edit this post when I find the post with screenie of my char previewing the crystal and I’ll try to dig through my thousands of screenies to find the char I previewed it from.)

How does that work anyway?

Outer, mid and inner colour or something?

I’ve noticed that the laser sights on some blasters use only the one of the colours, so using the black/white crystal fx. will make the laser invisible.

that pistol is from the previous pack, luckily i managed to get 2 of those pistols from packs ive opened and now my merc uses both of them. but ya they are sexy

a) the gun is dirt cheap (around here at least, you can get it at 20k) and b) unfortunately sounds like popcorn in the microwave (aka the “Rangehunter” sound )….. if you can stand the ridicule of that, go ahead and pop… ahem blast…

Since the pistol here has blue detail instead of yellow like the previous I’m really hoping it’s sound has also been changed to something more bearable.

It’s true that the gun on the picture have another name. It’s called RK-5 Starforged Blaster instead of the ingame version called RK-4 Starforged Blaster.

I too hope the sound has changed to something more reflecting the size and look of the blaster. I would preferre the sound from the Kingpin’s Blaster.

The glowe is odd imo. Why not a red glowe or color reflecting the used color Crystal. More $$$ for EAWare…

Looks more like a copy of Robocop. I’m tired of BioWare abusing the Star Wars license if all they are going to make is knockoffs from other franchises. At least it’s not as bad as the power ranger gear.. or bug

I got the gun from trying to get the rest of shae’s armour. One pack I got the helmet, 2nd a belt and bought the chest on gtn for 300k. I opened one last night and I ended up getting the giant pet that looks as big as a Rancor!

those pistols are dirt cheap on Bastion server last time I checked
All though the pvp vendor sell some pistols that make awesome sound. I also realized that vendor guns go to their designated spot. offhand to offhand slot. no more click and drag.

Finally using the instagram account! Told you that the guy posted some early stuff. 🙂
Unless you already knew and I was just stating the obvious. hah

Interesting how that nomad set’s cape is showing his shadow, hopefully it won’t add to more ui graphical bugs or lag.

I just hope they throw us a tiny, meat-stripped bone and don’t make the Shae Vizla set as vanishingly rare as the Revan Reborn and other ultra-rare sets (atlhough I expect they will). As much as I love SWTOR, their artificially ultra-mega-rare gold-foil-edged-chase-card armour sets are becoming more aggravating than enjoyable.

For real, I want that set bad for my merc, can’t wait to see how it dyes…and I usually don’t buy packs for set pieces, I make other people waste cc and I get them off the GTN…and I usually avoid the stupidly expensive unnecessarily rare stuff (most of which I don’t like anyway)…I just hope this set doesn’t fall into that category.

Yeah, I have not yet gotten any of the ultra-rare sets, because dressing exactly like a signature NPC is not very appealing to me, but I’d appreciate seeing them rein in the artificial rarity a bit. There are certainly more and better ways to part customers from their Cartel Coins and credits than making them chase frustratingly rare item sets.

Right??! I never really got people who want to wear the exact outfit of an extremely famous(in-game and out of game) individual, but that still doesn’t hold a candle to how insanely bizarre I find it when people name their character after people like Revan/Maul/Nihilus/ you get the point, normally I have a pretty easy time understanding why someone makes the choices they do even if I would not have, but that’s one thing that I just do not get the motivation behind. Are they so lacking creativity that they couldn’t think of their own name or insecure about making one up? Are they attempting to somehow roleplay as that exact character within a completely different reality or what? No answer I can think of satisfies me, I’m not trying to hate on ppl who do this, some of my in-game friends do, I just can’t help but think it slightly pathetic when someone names their character RÉVANN, because every other spelling of the characters name is take, it’s the epitome of un-unique

Actually, there haven’t been many that are AS rare as the revan reborn (or original revan for that matter) was.

It was an oddity to be fair.

You’re right, Tulak Hord set is the only other one I can think of that was both extremely rare and highly sought (mainly for the chest and helmet). But I hope they don’t decide that the Vizla armour should also be extremely rare.

Yeah, Tulak Hord wasn’t really rare, it was just that it was so damned popular.

Happens with some outfits.
They fall into the “really rare” category but due to the demand, the prices and availability go into the “super rare” category.

But yeah, I hope vizla won’t be extremely rare.

But I’ll get it no matter what.

Tulak Hord set WAS extremely rare, not only was it from a horribly shortly ran pack (from Nightlife Event), it was the first pack from the Nightlife event which was a wreck. People discovered almost immediately that something was off about the droprates from that pack, and after being called out on it by the forumites, BW finally admitted to fudging with the droprates in that pack…like no one would notice. The outrage got them to change things back for the second Nightlife pack that was released, but the first pack was left unchanged…and the Tulak Hord set had horrifically low droprates, at least the chestpiece and the helmet in particular.

I got almost the entire set (including helmet, but not chestpiece) from two hypercrates.

Yes, it was much more rare than usual “rares”, but it wasn’t as rare as the revan reborn or original revan sets.

Expensive, yes.
Rare, no.

I got most of it from one hypercrate, but the thing was selling like crazy on the GTN.

That’s the problem with some of these discussions about rarity.
You can’t use the GTN as an indicator because some sets are so popular that they sell for millions despite being not all that rare.

Same thing happened with the Mira outfit.
Wasn’t all that rare (still “rare”, but not ultra rare) but it was so popular that prices skyrocketed on the GTN, and sales were so fast that it appeared to be rare.

Well, from 2 hypercrates I got almost all the sets.
Only missing 1 piece from each set, and nothing major either.

That is good to hear, thanks for letting me know. 🙂 I usually end up getting two crates; if I haven’t got what I want by then, I either abandon it, or start bankrolling to buy it when it hits the GTN.

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