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SWTOR Patch 3.0.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for patch 3.0.2 scheduled to be deployed on Jan 13 after maintenance.


Game Update 3.0.2 Patch Notes

Long-forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon’s already-treacherous jungles…


New Guild Flagship Destinations! Rishi and Yavin 4 have been added as Guild Flagship destinations, and Flagship Orbital Support and Transport are now available for those locations.

New Conquest Event! The “Revenge of the Revanites” Conquest Event has been added to the Conquest rotation.

Improved Weekly Reward! Companion Outfit Lockboxes are now awarded for completing the Mission “[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation.” Each lockbox contains a full set of rating 192 armor for its specified companion.


  • It is no longer possible to loot or complete the Weekly Mission for the final boss of The Ravagers without completing the Operation.
  • Made changes to address ongoing performance issues, including addressing GUI and general area performance.
  • The Third Anniversary vendors have been returned to normal duty and are no longer present on either Fleet.
  • The Third Anniversary discount for the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds has ended, and the Strongholds have returned to their normal purchase cost.
  • The Skarkla Vanity Pet can no longer be used at the same time as other pets.
  • People with access to the Shadow of Revan expansion who have not received their welcome In-Game Mail and Rishi Idol Decoration will now receive them.
  • The Galactic History Codex Entries granted upon discovery of the Rishi Datacrons now display their intended text.
  • The “Yavin 4” Codex Entry is now granted automatically with “The Coalition” Lore Codex Entry during the Mission “Confederacy.”
  • The Achievements “Imperial Fire” and “Republic Torch” have had their descriptions changed for clarity. They now read “Complete the Mission “Torch’s Flame” on a Republic character.” and “Complete the Mission “Torch’s Flame” on an Imperial character.” The Achievement goals remain the unchanged.
  • The Achievement “Defeat Torch” is now obtainable by defeating Torch in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint.
  • Updated the achievements for “Revanite Beatdown!,” “Revanite Takedown!,” and “Revanite Showdown!” to only give credit for enemies that players have to defeat in the Battle of Rishi Flashpoint.
  • Updated the description on Ultimate Commendations to better describe where they can be acquired.
  • Updated the description on Elite Commendations to better describe where they can be acquired.
  • Corrected the Orgus Din voice actor listing in the Shadow of Revan credits.
  • Map icons displayed while on the Mission “Heart of the Aggressor” now correctly turn off when the tasks are completed.

Cartel Market

  • The new Acolyte’s Shadow Pack has been added to the Cartel Market!
  • The cape on the Revan Reborn Breastplate no longer stretches in some circumstances.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight

  • Visionary and Blade Turning are now automatically granted upon becoming a Guardian, rather than requiring training.


  • The tooltip for Guardian Slash now indicates that the Guardian must be in Soresu Form for Guardian Slash to enable Riposte.


  • Expunging Camouflage now properly causes Force Camouflage to remove all cleansable effects when activated.


  • Changed the icon for Shii-Cho Mastery to differ it from Decisive Slashes.


  • Changed the icon for Repelling Blows to differ it from Cauterize.

Sith Warrior

  • Lash Out’s tooltip now accurately states that it reduces Retaliation’s cooldown to 3 seconds when using Saber Ward in Soresu Form.
  • The tooltip for Crushing Blow now indicates that the Juggernaut must be in Soresu Form for Crushing Blow to enable Retaliation.

Jedi Consular

  • Fixed inaccuracies in the tooltip for Upheaval. It now correctly states that it has a 50% chance to activate a second Project and that it increases damage dealt by 5%.


  • Cascading Force now properly increases the range of Mind Crush by 5 meters.
  • Fixed the Tidal Force tooltip description to properly state that Telekinetic Wave consumes 50% less Force.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Fixed the Lightning Storm tooltip description to properly state that Chain Lightning consumes 50% less Force.
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt tooltip error that stated that the ability has a cooldown.


  • Fixed an issue which caused various Smuggler abilities to sometimes shoot the ground between the feet of certain non-humanoid targets, rather than shooting locations on the target.


  • Fixed Gunslinger Snap Shot utility proc tooltip description to include Dirty Blast.
  • Diversion now appropriately has a Republic insignia for the target area while the effect is active, rather than an Imperial one.

Dirty Fighting

  • Corrected a typo in the Cheap Shots tooltip.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The Bonus Bosses for the following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their loot drops increased to better reflect their relative difficulty:
    • Legacy of the Rakata
    • Depths of Manaan
    • Assault on Tython
    • Korriban Incursion
  • The following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their Commendation rewards revised to coincide with new level 60 content and bosses now reward Basic instead of Elite Commendations and Elite instead of Ultimate Commendations:
    • Hammer Station
    • Athiss
    • Mandalorian Raiders
    • Cademimu
    • Czerka Corporate
    • Czerka Meltdown
  • The following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their Commendation drops changed from Basic to Elite:
    • Assault on Tython
    • Korriban Incursion
    • Depths of Manaan
    • Legacy of the Rakata
  • The following Operations have had their Commendation rewards revised to coincide with new Level 60 content, and the encounters now reward Basic Commendations instead of Elite Commendations and Elite Commendations instead of Ultimate Commendations:
    • Scum and Villainy (Story Mode, Hard Mode, Nightmare Mode)
    • Terror From Beyond (Story Mode, Hard Mode, Nightmare Mode)
    • Toborro’s Courtyard (Story Mode, Hard Mode)
    • The Dread Fortress (Story Mode, Hard Mode)
    • The Dread Palace (Story Mode, Hard Mode)
  • Group Finder options have been updated:
    • The Hard Mode Flashpoints (Level 50) category has been renamed to Hard Mode Flashpoints (Classic).
    • Players can now queue for the Level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints at Level 60 through the Hard Mode Flashpoint (Classic) category.
    • The Level 55 Tactical Flashpoints can be queued for through Level 60 in the Tactical Flashpoint category.
    • Added Yavin 4 (Daily) to Planetary Destinations at Level 60.
  • Rewards for Group Finder Missions have been revamped to include the new content:
    • Story and Tactical Flashpoints now award Basic Commendations.
    • Hard Mode Flashpoints now award Elite Commendations.
    • Operations now award Ultimate Commendations.
  • The Black Talon and The Esseles have been moved to the Tactical Flashpoint category, and now once again function through the Group Finder.

The Ravagers

  • 16-Player Story Mode Quartermaster Bulo has been rebalanced:
    • Reduced the damage of Barrel Throw.
    • Reduced the damage of Barrage and Mass Barrage.
    • Load Lifters deal reduced damage.
    • Load Lifters are less likely to target all the same person.
    • Load Lifters now target randomly instead of the nearest player.
    • Load Lifters now avoid targeting the same person multiple times.
  • Drunken Pirates no longer get multiple “Barrel Carry” buffs during the Quartermaster Bulo encounter.
  • The Dangerous Fire Device no longer appears prior to fighting Torque.
  • Torque’s “Magnetic Clamps” now has the duration displayed.
  • Torque’s “Shoots Lasers” Droids now continuously try to attack Repair Droids.
  • Torque’s “Massive Wrench Blow” no longer has lightsaber visual effects.
  • Repair Droids no longer avoid The Secondaries when they are damaged during Hard Mode Torque.
  • Both droid dispenser panels now turn off after Torque is defeated.
  • Fixed an issue where Ion Pulse Wave was not hitting all targets within its proper visual area of effect during the BO-55 Master Droid encounter.
  • Players who are defeated during the Coratanni encounter will be automatically revived at the end of the encounter.

Temple of Sacrifice

  • All defeated Operation members are now revived when a player reaches the Machine Core level during the Story Mode Revan encounter.
  • Players who fall into the pit under The Machine platforms after the Revan encounter has been completed will no longer be stuck.
  • Unstable Aberrations now penetrate ballistic immunity effects during the Hard Mode Revan encounter.
  • The Underlurker no longer fails to use his Devastation ability during his encounter.
  • Story Mode Sword Squadron has been rebalanced:
    • 8 and 16-Player:
    • Reduced the damage of Not So Huge Grenade.
    • Reduced the damage of Rapid Fire.
    • Reduced the damage of Ground Burst Missile.
    • 16-Player Only:
    • Reduced the overall damage of both walkers slightly.

Dread Palace

  • The Healing Challenge during the Nightmare Mode Dread Master Raptus encounter is now able to be completed.

Dread Fortress

  • Fixed an issue which was causing Energy Spheres to incorrectly prioritize targets during the Dread Master Brontes encounter.

Assault on Tython

  • The Absorption Shields of the Imperial Operators are now correctly removed in all cases during the Hard Mode Major Imos/Major Travik encounter.

Battle of Rishi

  • The AL-5 Assault Droid no longer stops working if a player uses stealth or threat drop abilities while it is channeling its laser during the Rarrok and Marko Ka encounter.
  • Addressed an issue where NPCs that were pushed off a cliff/platform did not die as expected.

Blood Hunt

  • Kyramla Gemas’rugam the Jungle Wampa now correctly resets when moved outside of the intended combat area.
  • The Mandalorian Hunters that spawn during the encounter with Jungle Wampa now attack the players as intended.
  • The door to the Tracyn Island stadium now correctly closes when Jos and Valk Beroya are engaged in combat. Jos and Valk no longer target players who have died and returned to the entrance to the stadium.
  • Valk Beroya now correctly use her Rail Shot ability when combat conditions are met.
  • Players now revive at the correct check point after being knocked off the stadium platform.
  • Dralne Be Te Oya’karir now correctly resets if he tries to leave the intended combat area.
  • Shae Vizla got her vision checked and now recognizes Bounty Hunters who are Mandalorians.

Depths of Manaan

  • Hard Mode M2-AUX Foreman now drops loot.
  • The exit beacon now correctly reads ‘Exit to Manaan’ (instead of ‘Exit to Fleet’) in the Solo Mode version of the Flashpoint.
  • In Solo Mode, the GSI Droid is now be much better about not attacking Sairisi when he has a Riot Shield active.

Items + Economy

  • Jawa Scrap Vendors have, after much negotiation, made arrangements with local smugglers to circumvent an ongoing embargo, and now sell Grade 11 Crafting Materials.
  • Stimpack tooltips have been updated to indicate that they persist for 8 hours.
  • The new Rishi and Yavin 4 Decorations available from vendors have had their values fixed so they may be sold for more than zero credits.
  • “Yavin Mender” and “Targeter MK-1 Boots” Armor pieces have been fixed for Body Type 4, and the boots no longer hover to the side of the wearer’s foot.
  • The items below were duplicated. One of the duplicates has been changed to be an Offhand version, and its name has been changed to include “Offhand:”
    • The Devoted Allies Assault Blaster Pistol is now the Devoted Allies Assault Offhand Blaster Pistol
    • The Devoted Allies Assault Lightsaber is now the Devoted Allies Assault Offhand Lightsaber
  • The missions “Welcome to Rishi” and “Fates Unsealed” now offer the appropriate rifle for Vanguards.
  • The “Holo Sign: Hovering Rishi Dancer” Decoration is no longer incorrectly designated as a Cartel Market item.
  • Updated the descriptions for the Rishi Outlaw Swoop and Concordian Scout  Craft Vehicles.
  • The following Mission reward items have had their Enhancements updated to be more consistent:
    • Raider’s Cove Bulwark’s Lightsaber
    • Alliance Bulwark’s Lightsaber
    • Sky Ridge Bulwark’s Lightsaber
    • Alliance Bulwark’s Shield
    • Raider’s Cove Bulwark’s Shield
    • Sky Ridge Bulwark’s Shield
  • Fixed numerous bugs with the following items:
    • Alliance Targeter’s Vibroknife
    • Raider’s Cove Targeter’s Vibroknife
    • Sky Ridge Targeter’s Vibroknife
    • Alliance Mender’s Vibroknife
    • Raider’s Cove Mender’s Vibroknife
    • Sky Ridge Mender’s Vibroknife
    • Alliance Targeter’s Shotgun
    • Raider’s Cove Targeter’s Shotgun
    • Sky Ridge Targeter’s Shotgun
    • Alliance Mender’s Shotgun
    • Raider’s Cove Mender’s Shotgun
    • Sky Ridge Mender’s Shotgun
  • The following Companion weapons have had their level updated:
    • Devoted Allies Assault Vibroblade
    • Devoted Allies Defense Vibroblade
  • Corrected the icons for the Decorations “Arrangement: Rishi Baskets,” “Arrangement: Rishi Crates,” and “Arrangement: Yavin Crates.”
  • The Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Suit lockbox is now Bind on Pickup instead of Bind on Legacy.

Missions + NPCs

  • Light Side/Dark Side point gains have been added to Moral Choices in the Rishi Missions “An Enemy Twice Over”, “Lingering Hate” and “Path of Betrayal.”
  • The appropriate Light Side and Dark Side points are now awarded during individual Class Missions on Rishi that call for Moral Choices.
  • Credit and Experience rewards for Daily Missions on Rishi and Yavin IV have been normalized.
  • The Mission “The Great Beast Hunt” now only provides gear usable by either Broonmark or Bowdaar.
  • Companion Outfit Lockboxes are now awarded for completing the Mission “[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation.”
  • Scavenging, Bioanalysis and Archaeology Wealthy Missions now give more materials.
  • Players beginning the Mission “Torch’s Flame” can no longer see duplicates of Lana and Theron.
  • Jedi Consular Companions no longer walk through the table in the conversation during the Mission “Barsen’thor’s Legacy” on Rishi.
  • Access Missions for Hard Mode Assault on Tython and Hard Mode Korriban Incursion are now able to be shared.


  • Removed a location in the Corellia Arena Warzone that could be accessed unintentionally.
  • Ship Parts no longer affect the Bolster system.

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223 replies on “SWTOR Patch 3.0.2 Patch Notes”

”Made changes to address ongoing performance issues, including addressing GUI and general area performance.”

“Made changes to address ongoing performance issues, including addressing GUI and general area performance.” I’m assuming that is part of it.

As they said last Friday, the GUI was a major source of the issues. Along with the “hitching” fixes server-side, things should be a lot smoother

that’s not a hard fight. as long as people stay grouped up, AOE healing keeps everyone at 100%. you can even 1 tank all the bosses in temple so it makes the fights so much easier

Well it’s definitely the hardest fight of all 10 bosses of the new operations… and yet they choose to nerf Sword Squadron, which is definitely more doable.

you do know all of ToS can be one tanked in sm…imo bulo is the hardest boss out of everyone cause if the second tank can’t maintain aggro or the raid group you are with don’t pay attention to where they are, they are going to get a shot gun blast for 20k

Our guild was able to defeat Sword Squadron with just one tank, but the Underlurker appears to have a lot of motion, and we couldn’t get it done with a few tries. I am sure we will get it at some point, since we’ve cleared DF and DP HM, but this is supposed to be a SM operation. It shouldn’t be that challenging in my opinion. I mean it gives 192 rewards….

“Credit and Experience rewards for Daily Missions on Rishi and Yavin IV have been normalized.”
Not sure if should be happy or cry… Is it increased or decreased?

I’m not sure, but i’m hoping for an increase.
For other daily areas, the average reward is arround 3.3k creds per minute including loot and mission rewards (from my own runs). The Yavin dailys would give only 2.6k ~2.8k (again, from my own measurements).

A full set of 192 gear for your companion for finishing a weekly? Seems like a little much, although that won’t stop me from doing it.

Guess I need to hop on tonight to make sure I’ve gotten 1 of everything from the anniversary vendor.

There are a lot of things listed here that I am happy to see. It looks like they’ve been busy and here’s hoping some of the lag issues are fixed(ish)

That’s getting fixed, though! And a nice new offhand for him too. Turn that frown upside down, Khem Val! Ack… no, that’s much worse… go back to frowning normally.

Ok… Now NO ONE even will go to S&V, TFB, DF, DP. Sometimes except TFB maybe due to some fast credit. Great fix bioware.
P.S. At last they finaly understand that totaly PUG group cant do their new operation on 16 ppl.

It clearly didn’t make any sense for them to drop Ultimate comms anyway. When ever should content 5 levels behind drop the best comms?

I don’t know, given the choice of : having people PUG a lot more OPs and having comms drop too easely I don’t think “Making sure these OPs are dead and collect dust” was the right call…

Plus given the the fact you need to reach almost full 198 to get back to similar healing dps levels this can’t be considered the same as the old ops Imo. …i did unsub shortly after Rothc so my point may be irrelevant as I can’t comment on any dps heal nerfs when rothc launched

At least EV HM and KP HM was EASY to do at 55 lvl. Can say the same thing about TFB HM. In 99% you cant complete 3rd boss with PUG group. Also, EV HM or KP HM gives 12 Ultimate to you, while TFBS&VDFDP HM (Only S&V doable with PUGs group) (but 7 boss) for 10 Ultimate? It’s more like a joke. Also Ravager and ToS (ToS in partially) cant be done with PUG. At last not in next 2-3 mouth

You still have the Classic Operation Weekly for level 55 Operations that give out Ultimate comms. NiM DF and DP give out Ultimate comms still.

It will be the same as level 50 Ops were: people might do one per week for the Weekly.

Why only Broonmark or Bowdaar? “The Mission “The Great Beast Hunt” now only provides gear usable by either Broonmark or Bowdaar.”

Yeah, I found that confusing. It makes sense if you remove “only”, since those two were missing their options. I don’t think the companion gear set is going to include weapons/offhands, but I don’t know that for sure. It makes more sense for us to gain the Devoted Allies weapons/offhands during the story, and then get the full remaining gear set from the weekly.

The Black Talon and The Esseles have been moved to the Tactical
Flashpoint category, and now once again function through the Group
Finder. – Does that mean they are going to be Like KDY now? Or Tactical for level 10-12?

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finally when i do CZ dailies i can do the tactical with it and get the whole weekly done. yes i know i could of just ran in there but now with more options for tactical it makes it much better in group finder. you get tired of doing the same 2 tactical all the time.

“Long-forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon’s already-treacherous jungles…”

Wonder what could that be..ideas?

So far, all I know is there will be sith spirits on yavin for us to find and an Achiv for finding them. Don’t think it is gonna unfold into more than that.

How about it’s a secret boss?

This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon’s already-treacherous jungles…

I was just about to post the same thing. 🙂 It’d be cool if they did a scavenger hunt that unlocks a hidden mission!

There’s this “dark” forest part on Yavin 4 (with spooky spider cobwebs) which I’ve wondered the purpose off. Might be this.

If you follow TOR lore (from comics notably) exar kun died on Yavin 4 or at least went there to meet a dark lod of the sith’s tomb (don’t remember if it is naga freedon naad or naga sadow), if my memory serves me right. could be their spirit we are talking about here

Yavin IV has been a Sith world. Nada Sadow had a tomb there (he had one on Korriban, but actually died on Yavin), Freedon Nadd seduced Exar Kun on Yavin, and Exar Kun himself died there.

By means of tedious logic it has been deduced that there are hidden achievements not added to the game yet, which I’m guessing 3.0.2 will solve.

Given that the patch notes did not specify a full backstory for it, I’m guessing it’s not story content, but rather a small, “kill X ammount of mob Y to get Z drops and click Q blue itmes to get achievement and cutscene” mission.

I could be wrong, but who knows.

So now SnV and TFB are dead content….
You might as well scale them up to 60 and at least have them give comms.
Or maybe scale them to DF and DP level and have nightmare drop ulties.
Don’t you think the effort of the designers on ops like TC, EV, and so on is wasted now with the level increase? Other than decorations, there’s really no incentive whatsoever to do the content.
It makes me hope that whatever two operations are coming out this year that they come out soon so we have something to do at 60.

Oh well…
I hate it when MMO’s kill their own content.

Hey Elites still work for a lot of people. I have 12 60s, I need all the extra gear I can buy right now. That said, I hope more people go and do ToS and Rav so Ultras arent so rare to farm anymore.

Cool story, but doesn’t a single designer learn the consequences?
We spent half a year with four (I guess 5 if you count TC) weekly ops. That was an amazing amount of content to have and play through at max level.
Now we just have…. ravagers and ToS, the latter of which is difficult for groups that are starting out (or at least, that I’ve seen so far).
Just once, I’d like to see an MMO do a level cap, but instead of shrinking the content so you can only do new crap, add the new crap to the list and have them give better rewards, but don’t diminish the rewards of the old content.
I understand the purpose of rescaling the comms, but this method is just… lazy. There, I said it. It’s lazy design.

Maybe I am just old school or something, but its how it has always been and I think it is the way it should be. Devs recycling content sucks, period. Give us NEW content, not old stuff rehashed. Rehashing is what is lazy design, do you seriously not see that? I am at a loss for how you can not see that.

Oh, I get it. You don’t want the devs to do ANY work at all, you just want to get the newest levels of gear practically for free by running outdated content.

think your jumping the gun abit iceberg, Kshrike was simply saying it would be good if older ops were still rewardable at endgame rather than put on the shelf and forgotten about,
Flashpoints get bumped up all the time so why not operations?
Also just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t make it right for all.
new operations is great but only 2 at lvl 60 after a few months we’l be looking back at all those lvl50/55 operations with sad,bored eyes wishing if they bumped them up to lvl 60 and got decent comms from them they be worth hitting again.
Its okay for others to have a different point of view 🙂

(thanks for writing a concise version of what I tried to post, hehe. Didn’t see your comment until after I replied to him)

No, that’s not it at all.
And I’m pretty sure I said comms, not gear. Of course I don’t want the best gear to come from old content, that would be ridiculous..
No, I’m saying that comms should come from them, or at least, the nightmare versions of TFB and SnV.
Even though they’re level 55, the nightmare variants are still a bit of a challenge (yeah, obviously not as much as they used to be, and obviously not as “Nightmare” as nightmare implies, but challenging), so why can’t they drop ulties as well?
And here’s the thing: Just because you add content doesn’t mean you have to make the old content worthless, and what you just said, I didn’t say anything near that. Quit the straw man.
I mean, are you satisfied with the fact that there’s no reason to do EV, EC, and KP anymore? Or how about the Revan flashpoints (the HM 50s), or Malgus’ betrayal? All you have to choose from is the same four flashpoints on the same story (good story by the way, but still), and two operations on story mode or hard mode, and then PvP. That’s it.
As opposed to adding those four HMs and two Ops to the existing one and having them drop better gear. I mean, when DF and DP was released, that’s what they did! People ran NiM SnV and TFB for comms, because why not? There are other toons to gear, and 180 vendor gear was as good a starting point as any.
What’s wrong with asking for endgame content that expands, instead of completely changing and shrinking?

I”m mad to, but really mad about the HMs not giving ult comms. Remember that we have a classic ops weekly for ult comms if you do a HM. With only 10 comms be given out now, find it hard people will do the ops anymore.

At least make the HMs still drop ult comms, since we have a weekly tied to it.

I agree especially when they do this a month after the 3.0 changes.

I wasn’t able to play much of that month cause of xmas with the kids so now that im settling down to play a lot more I find i’m gonna be well behind everyone else who have been farming Ultimates on all the ops since December and i’ll be getting just elites!

Badly thought out BW.

Well, you mean, 16m sm, because 8m sm never dropped ulties and never will.
Of course, now it’s just gonna be DF DP Nim that drop ulties (which is what he was asking….)

will they ever give us a chance to do czerka and kdy flashpoints through the group finder, some of us have all lvl 60 characters and didn’t ever get enough rep for either…

Thanx I’m glad they didn’t sever ties with all that glowing gear like they did with T/C/R armors and the named weapons.

Yay no more using comms/crafting my Companion’s gear. Also about time they made the off-hands usable for all those Imp dual-wielding companions

“Jawa Scrap Vendors have, after much negotiation, made arrangements with local smugglers to circumvent an ongoing embargo, and now sell Grade 11 Crafting Materials.”

Looks like Midlilfe Crystals are finally going to go down a bit more. Thank the maker I have a ton of Artifact Jawa junk to turn in

what crisis?! this was my basic income till now ToT. have 4 toon on treasurehunting & hacking at the same time (vette & skadge = ♥) and make 1-2 millions per toon just by loggin through

While I’m sure the green and blue mats will be sold by the Jawa vendors, how sure are we that purple mats will also be included in that change? Or maybe they will include Midlithe Crystals and the Researched Compound purple mat, but not Autoimmune Regulators and Adaptive Circuitry…. cause when the Jawa vendors first showed up, they did not sell the respective Grade 9 purple mats for augments and bio-stuff, like Thermal Regulators for example…. you still had to crit to get them

Best thing on this list of fixes: Jawa Scrap Vendors will now sell Grade 11 materials! I can actually craft 186 sets for my alts now without it taking forever to get the mats or spend 100K+ per mod! This is truly a Godsend!!!!! :’)

You can get Jawa Scrap from either random drops in Cartel Packs from Nightlife forward, Scap Lockboxes from the PvP vendor for 600 WZ comms, or as rewards for meeting personal and guild Conquest goals. The scrap is BoL so they are transferable between your characters, but not sellable/tradeable to other players. Hope this helps!

It’s a real blessing for Artifice, and Synthweaving, since our primary materials are currently quite limited in availability thanks to the endless masses of colour crystals.

I know everyone hates Synthweaving, but with a +5 Synth Crit droid sensor, you can crank out a lot of mk-10 kits and Might/Resolve/Redoubt augments.

I just wish we could have a stonghold available vendor, like the jawas, that sell white grade crafting mats. its such a pain to travel to fleet everytime for flux or zoosha solution etc..
And the GTN stuff is overpriced.

My only issue (not really a problem) is my trooper companions all use section x armor (as does my trooper).
The 192 gear will split up my little dream team/power rangers :O /s

I understand why they did the changes to comms but like K Shrike said they have killed good content. Also, they have put the casual gamer in a bind. One of the guilds I belong to is a VERY casual raid guild, the haven’t done TFB NiM or DP/DF HM, and with what BW has done with the comms I think they have seriously limited that guilds raid opportunities since they tend to rely on gear to help them over mechanics. I like these guys, been with them since launch, but I think this will force a lot of them to move on to other things and I wonder how much of the base will be in a similar situation. Unless I am reading this wrong, I think BW was too heavy handed in their adjustments.

While I agree this hurts casual guilds and not everyone wants to be a hardcore raider, getting the best current gear should be left to those that are running the hardest content. I’m aware the coms gear isn’t the best, but it’s not different enough for the Hm/Nim gear tokens to be considered a reward for completing the hardest content. I think this will help the hardcore guilds recruit more people(hopefully). There’s still plenty of things for casuals to do without stepping into hardcore raiding status.

The recruiting problem of the so called hardcore guilds is their attitude. There is an amazing number of ex-hardcore players out there who don’t want to hear for such guilds after being in a couple such during the years.

He’s the easiest of all the bonus bosses, imo. Position the boss perpendicular to the entry, tank in front, dps and heal in back. Every have their back to a wall. When he does his cast, run out to hide behind the corn stalks and AOE the rats. Then just jump back on boss.

Rinse and repeat. Easy.

Why would you even need to do that? You can just heal through the AoE. I’ve only been in one heroic group that did this, and it was before we knew the bonus bosses didn’t drop loot… like day 2 or 3 of SoR. Should be even easier now that people have had over a month to gear up.

“It is no longer possible to loot or complete the Weekly Mission for the final boss of The Ravagers without completing the Operation.”

So tell everyone what the exploit is before you actually patch it. Well done guys.

It is a massive exploit . 3 guilds i have toons in all have done it and bragged non stop…while i played the game and get fucked out of doing everything..EA at its best…

“The Only Guild?” I beg to differ mainly because my guild cleared it several times. But who cares really? People clear it all the time in pugs. So we ran it as a guild and cleared it. Nothing to write home about.

The weekly gear for comps is pretty sweet. I’m fairly certain they will do a gear boost soon like they did shortly after Makeb came out, but this is a pretty sweet deal.

“a gear boost soon like they did shortly after Makeb came out” you mean the GSI satellite? It was released about one year and a half after RotHC.

I think they are referring to the gear tier boost when nightmare mode ops are introduced. So for example let’s say nightmare ToS comes out, they’ll introduce new gear for that at level 204 (or something). Then basic comms will buy you 192 instead of 186, elites will buy 198 and ultimates will buy 202.

They might not change the gear on the comms vendors right away when NiM is introduced, but at some point after the gear will get bumped up.

When 2.4 came out or Oricon as we know it, they then introduced 180 gear as ultimate comm gear. Before that it was Verpine gear as ultimates and then it was moved down to elite gear.

This was roughly 5-6 months after 2.0 came out.

I fully expect the ultimate gear vendor to increase shortly, possibly the next major update when a new planet is introduced. Just based off of 2.0 and beyond.

Well in good news you can still acquire kell dragon armor and weapon tokens from SnV NM. When 3.0 released I thaught these would be unobtainable like the old armors from first raids but recently found out that it is still possible to get these.

“The Mission “The Great Beast Hunt” now only provides gear usable by either Broonmark or Bowdaar.”

They amended the patch notes to change “only” to “also”. Which makes more sense.

I hope they address the Dark Project mats issue as well with the Jawa vendor fix. Doesn’t make sense that vendor still sells Self-Perpetuating Power Cell yet you need a Synthetic Matrix to craft one (which the vendor does not sell.)

“The Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Suit lockbox is now Bind on Pickup instead of Bind on Legacy.” I think this set was received with other 3 by mail, and it should be BoL, like the others. But at some time ago the packs that contained these sets became simply Bound (at least on all of my chars). I haven’t tried opening them since, because I was counting on BW to correct this bug (all these packs back to BoL). I think we all want those 4 sets to be BoL, and is this a problem for BW to make them so? What is the current plan? I read the above note as if they planed to make all those sets BoP which is bad for me…

The lock-box is BOP, the gear is BOL.

This gear set was the only one that didn’t have that change, so it was adjusted in this patch.

The boxes were changed from BoL to BoP in 3.0.1.
I am guessing that they don’t want us to have “free” legacy gear anymore, or at least to not hoard it. Each of the GSF sets has 7 piecies, which will take up a LOT of storage space if you open the set.

Consider: 22 toons, X 4 sets, = 88 items. That’s more than a tab of legacy bay storage. Now, multiply by 7, you get 616 items. You only have room for 400 items in legacy storage.

BioWare has never much liked legacy gear, hence why it is usaully ugly (in the case of GSI gear, Tython/Korriban FP Gear, KDY gear), or obscenely expensive, (Gree gear, Coruscant gear) or impractical to use on multiple toons (Coruscant gear).

GSF sets, while ugly, were free alternatives to legacy gear that could be used for comps, for yourself, or for normal transfers. I can confirm that shells are still BoL, but the lockboxes are BoP to prevent centralized storage, et cetera.

I keep the boxes closed. Still need them. They don’t take up much space. And I keep them in my toons cargo bays. Why put it in the legacy bank, you only need one set in the legacy bank, and that’s only if you’re too lazy to transfer it to the legacy bank whenever you need to transfer stuff. With the strongholds, this process doesn’t take more than a minute. So yeah, no reason AT ALL to remove their BoL status.

“Shae Vizla got her vision checked and now recognizes Bounty Hunters who are Mandalorians”
LMAO ive told her many times I AM MANDO BEEYOTCH haha

Better late than never I guess.

Now, when I finish the playthrough of my second bountyhunter in a year or so, she’ll recognise that it’s a mando…

So they still ignore that reverse engineering is broken with random drop items from Rishi, Yav, and boxes. GG Bioware, give us new cartel shit without fixing glaring problems.

You misunderstand.

“glaring problem” = whatever bothers him personally.
Everything else is unimportant.

Seriously? So free HK-51 droid armor? That is going to pretty much sink the last money producing crafting skill I have, Cybertech. Not to mention the hours upon hours upon hours I just spent reverse engineering the schematics for them all and gearing up my companions since release. If they were going to do this why didn’t they do it right after the release or give us a warning it was coming?

I have got to find another game to play, this one is literally a complete waste of time.

If you can’t make money from Cybertech besides selling droid armour, I don’t know what to tell you. I make money hand over fist just selling blue-quality 178 armouring and mods. Plus there’s no guarantee that what you make won’t turn out to be better, even if it’s 186: Bioware LOVES to pile their companion gear with crit, crit, and more crit. Your Hawkeye and Expert droid armour pieces may still be a better choice.

Blue 178 drops from daily missions as well as blue 184, 186 purp doesn’t even sell, basic comms buy those and basic drops like rain. I doubt you do well selling them, however I do agree with your comparison, but the ratings are visually higher to the consumer. Another stick in the eye to the crafters.

All I know is any time I put a bunch of 178 armouring on the GTN, it’s all gone by the next day. 12-15K a pop for stuff that has no value to me is not a bad trade. 🙂

I believe the OP thinks that something isn’t profitable unless you’re making hundreds of thousands of credits per sale.

I’m getting alot of money from selling black/red dyes for 25k per unit.
Sure, it may seem like little, but in the end it builds up.

I liked it better when I was selling black/red for 55-60K a pop, made my first 10M that way. But hey, it’s still basically free money. 🙂

Depending on the day, I sometimes sell them for up to 50k each though.
It’s fluid.

The free gear you get is actually weaker then the best ones you can craft i know I compared them last night.

I used the 192 devoted allies weaps as a general comparison, they were not that far off from standard 192 comm weaps. But if that is the case as you say, they are sub-par, it doesn’t matter, players go for the rating, 192 is better than 186. If they are not comparable why did BW rate them so incorrectly? My guess is they will be good enough for comps and the players will not pay much attention to the true stats.

the only thing they have higher is armor rating that is it otherwise all stats are lower then the best purple 186 you can craft but best guess is they wanted them to be decent but not better then the crafted stuff as most people don’t care about min maxing companions.

Really tired of this type of “poor me” attitude, get over it man, if you were somehow actually making decent money by selling droid parts, you should be thankful that you were able to make anything at all rather than complaining at some arbitrary “wall”. I like how you also insult your customers(players) by saying they are unintelligent enough to discern that an item is not necessarily better just because the rating is higher(which in my experience is not true anyways, perhaps this says more about your own approach to gear comparison than other people’s?) Fyi – the rating is almost certainly based off of the base damage these weapons are doing(eg:barrel/hilt if they had them) and in that case is no different that having a higher rated barrel/hilt/armoring than the mod+enhancement you have in the item, assuming that players will be unable to recognize this, and that those who do will not care is really sad. I love it no matter what developers do there is always some Eyore out there to complain to everyone else about the sunshine.

lolololol. Sucks to be you! ” Aww….poor guy isn’t able to play the market and price gouge the other players” Look on the bright side… can still sell to sub-60 players with HK…..

“The Underlurker no longer fails to use his Devastation ability during his encounter.”

The bug was fixed. Fight is still going to be rather difficult, but I don’t see them nerfing it. It’s not so hard once you get the mechanics down.

not worried about the mechanics already done it on 8m, but im in several 16m guilds and the cross always failed in 16m

I guess they are not fixing the mission “Big Guns” on Balmorra Imp side that prevents you from completing the planet storyline.

Sparky is bugged as well ( Hardmode) he making “Brutulize” instantly some times . Underluker is too bugged many times made it and some times is ok and some times making cross is failed (red)

Group Finder options have been updated:
The Hard Mode Flashpoints (Level 50) category has been renamed to Hard Mode Flashpoints (Classic).
Players can now queue for the Level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints at Level 60 through the Hard Mode Flashpoint (Classic) category.
Does this mean that lvl 50 HMs stay at lvl 50 enemies?

Again….because you care so much what other people did in THEIR game that didn’t affect you at all? I am real tired of this kind of mentality in gaming. I could give two ****’s what other people do in their game as long as it doesn’t effect mine personally.

It does affect other people, some people having better gear than they should have affects the economy and affects the PVE population, because they have less reason to buy gear, play content to get gear and are able to craft better gear than they should be able to.

Fine, more gear for me when I play with the people that don’t need it. Unless they’re greedy and of course we know TOR peeps aren’t greedy at all! (sarcasm)

Unfortunately this is not only in-game mentality. People care for what others do, even if it doesn’t affect them at all. Some people KILL others because they believe in a different god. Others used to kill because of different taste in fucking music. All of this is suppressed anger, that just finds its way out through any means possible. Anyone who wants to see other players punished because they used the Ravagers exploit is pathetic.

The most controversial thing about that glitch is seeing how pathetically high and mighty the community can act about the littlest of things. Really sad that so many players are brainwashed into acting like there is something morally wrong with using the ONE glitch that advantages the player despite swimming in the same sea of lazy willfully unattended issues that we all inhabit. No, you are not morally nor in any other way superior to those who did this. It is a testament to how easily people forgive their own transgressions in sight of a chance to dance on a high horse and point fingers at others, just another way humans can emotionally benefit by leeching off of others. If after all we have, and continue to put up with, from bioware’s lazy quick cash first mentality screwing up our game, you REALLY feel that a handful of free virtual items are worth kicking someone from all they’ve poured into this game is fair then I sincerely hope that as soon as possible you take some time to re-evaluate your life and what reality means to you.

Cheating? Now the game is being patched and this will not happen anymore, I will say the truth. I used it. I was doing ravegers and the last boss was bugged and did NOT drop anything. This was after hours of figuring out how to work around the other bugs. So when the final boss didn’t drop anything, I exited area and went back in and guess what. The boss had dropped stuff. So I picked it up. How is this an exploit or cheat? I put in a ticket to BW twice explaining what happened. The reason I did it twice is because the first one came back with a form letter saying nothing. The second said, sorry but loot is destributed randomly so what dropped is all you get. That was it. How is this a cheat? Should I be banned?

Nope. You did it once by your own account. Farming for mats and gear is another story. Bans wouldn’t accomplish much positively here but I think deleting the obvious exploiters gear and mats would be the appropriate solution.
I don’t think that’s going to happen though given the amount of work involved in figuring all of that out. If they can’t find the time to restore lost Nightlife achievements I certainly wouldn’t want them wasting gobs of time on this.

Or just the ones that don’t care what others do. Anyway, the result is that if Bioware decides to ban all the people that used the exploit, they will lose A LOT OF MONEY, since I don’t see anyone returning with another account to create a new legacy, especially after playing this game for years. And it’s not only the subscription, it’s the Cartel Money too. SWTOR has already suffered a first death when they turned into F2P (after failing to build a game that could keep 1 million initial subscribers), and now that they have managed to build a great game, they fuck it all up with an expansion full of bugs, and an exploit that fucks up everything even more. If they ban the people that used the exploit, the game will die, possibly forever.

The class-changes are bullshit. No need to nerf PT (burst), sorc (I do fucking 4-5k hits with Lightning Storm) or marksman-sniper (Insta-kills from 50% and more). The thing is I play all of these classes and they are way to powerful, it’s nearly impossible to stop the PT from doing it’s burst (15m range) while you are completely fucked when you play marauder (ROOTS, SLOWS). In Solo ranked I see: Juggernauts, Sorcs, Assassins, Powertechs. Coincidence? I think not!

So I assume the first sentence means the Force Ghosts are back on Yavin like they were on PTS? I hope so. They were fun things to find.

So… You never even noticing Ancient Threat decortation in decoration menu and never looked for “What Is That?!”

What surprise? If you understand the statement “like they were on [the] PTS”, you were on the PTS, hence no surprise for you. If you were not on the PTS, you don’t know what “like they were on [the] PTS” means, hence nothing’s spoiled. Save for you, perhaps, but that’s a different story.

My sage and sin hasn’t been nerfed yet! Rejoice! Considering how long they’d let me faceroll as a lolsmash, I’m hoping for at least a good 6 months of lolling at unsuspecting victims of my facerolling. 😀

Some wonderful bugs for you all :

# Some players strongholds have been removed from their lists. Its prestige still applies, as does conquest, but it cannot be accessed.
# Main Hand legacy items for comps, with the new off hand code change, mean that some players main hands are now gone (have to go do the quest(s) again).
# Mail sent/requested after the patch is broke, it will not work.
# Lockboxes for opposite factions, as part of the Yavin weekly change, will appear. For example trooper comps are appearing on imp side.
# Blizz’s lockbox is incorrect and listed as healer/dps, or healer/tank i forget which.

The companion main-hand legacy weapons do not need the quest to be done again. They get removed and placed into your inventory. They do not get deleted.

The companion main-hand weapons turn into off-hand and go into your inventory now (so you don’t need an off-hand, it’s already there). You still need to do the main-hand quest now.

There is a possible second Scorpio (did not check the stats) set found on the Rep side, for Troopers. Funnily it claims to be restricted to m1-4x

Dathomir Shaman head piece still doesn’t display. Hate to be that person but I have put a lot of money into this game to make my toons exactly like I want. My next one was based on that and my OCD won’t let me play again until its fixed.

And still bugs run rampant. The underlurker is just a disaster area. I do not understand how this expansion can be such a mess.

Yeh at the moment we have Ravagers, which is fine on 8 man. And we have ToS that is not fine on 8 man. Don’t even bother about 16 man or the gf for that matter. That leaves us with very little endgame to do. I understand the decision to remove ulti comms from lower content but there isn’t enough level 60 content to make up for tht.

16M raids are now broken and more bugged then pre 3.0.1 and yet bioware wants to focus efforts otherwise.. this is the make or break in my opinion for this game.. they either do something to fix the imbalanced fucked up. performance shit.. gameplay or this game fades to black just like ESO, Wildstar, defiance, guild wars, may the list go on?

*whisper whisper whisper*
what? making people play bugged to death/lagfest/glitched shit for over a month and fixing nothing is like exploiting too? shhh don’t tell anyone, maybe they won’t notice while they try to kill each other also throw a new shiny on the cartel market, that’l keep the fishes happy”

Are Ultimate comms suppose to drop from SM ravagers and ToS bosses in 8 man or did that get changed too? Only dropping in HM or 16 man content?

well 16man bulo was doable but torque is heavily bugged and for 16 man bolstered groupfinder yeah its impossible, after atleast 6 tries the group gave up its not doable on 16 man period

and the ultimate comm removal from lvl55 raids save for the retarded NIM DF/DP is the most dumbfounded idea to please the retarded non paying the bils nimraiders who cry for moar content and they dont even use those ultimate commgear cause they find that gear useless GOOD JOB BIOFAIL bah end little rant/

Alot of pcs in the willpower companion set only have 124 willpower, anyone notice this in other sets? Companions are better off wearing 162s than that

Do I have to be a sub to access the lockboxes from the WEEKLY on Yavin. I’m just wanting to know before I actually do the weekly.

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