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GW2 Dive Master Drydock Scratch Achievement Guide

GW2 Dive Master Drydock Scratch Silverwastes Achievement Guide.

This is a fairly easy Dive Master but you need to make to the end of the Retrospective Runaround jumping and go right from there. If you need a refresh on the jumping puzzle, here is a video.

  • Note: A mesmer can also port you from the wooden ship once they made it to the diving goggles location. This is a good solution if you are lazy or just don’t feel like doing the jumping puzzle all over again

Once you reached the end of the jumping puzzle, take a right from the chest and follow the ledge on the wall that runs in a hole. Go through the hole and you should arrive at a new area.


Grab the diving goggles and jump down from the left. You want to make it past the ship all the way down to the very shallow at the very bottom (it doesn’t look like water)



Special thanks to Dimix Sqoma for showing me the diving goggles location.

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You do not need mesmer’s help if you fail your jump. Just don’t open the chest at the end of JP so you keep 9x[Milestone] buff. If you die just pay 1 gold to Kit near skritt hole to get teleported to 9th milestone.

It’s now possible to skip the JP altogether if you have a griffon. I bunnied up on some rocks near the northern gate at Camp Resolve and ran around a bit on top of the mesas for a while – ended up going to Red Rock Bastion by griffon from there, bunnied up higher onto some of the rocks and ended up flying over northeastern Silverwastes, and being able to get to the diving goggles more or less by accident. Worth a try, was certainly faster than doing the JP.

Go to the Wailing Sands POI and then high jump w/Springer NE towards Topsy Turvy and you’ll see the shiny rock Dulfy is standing on in the video

If you go into the Far Silverwastes and head to Charnel Grounds poi, you can use the springer mount on the southern cliffs and get to the diving goggles very easily now.

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