GW2 Ghostly Mail Carrier in Gemstore

A rather unexpected gemstore update came through tonight, featuring a single Ghostly Mail Carrier for 600 gems.


The ghost is fairly silent and there are no sound effects associated with it.


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I was always a bit curious about these carriers, does the person on the receiving end need to have a ghost one as well for the ghost to appear?

Nope, the other person didn’t have it in the video. I think how it works is this.

If you are receiving mail from say gemstore or TP, you need to have it for the carrier to show up.

If you are receiving mail from another player, either you or them need to have it for it to show up for you.

I have never seen my default carrier appear so i haven’t bothered with gemstore ones. Does it only happen when you get the mail, or when you open it?

When you send stuff to trading post too, it’s just hardly noticable since it’s just a bird passing by…never actually seen it before i had one of those.

You can see it a lot after a boss battle or something when people are clearing their bags. They’ll put stuff on the TP or send stuff to friends. The doves/birds-of-some-sort fly in and out from all the people doing this. They will also show up underwater if you send/receive mail.

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