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GW2 Jan 13 New Hair and Eyes Colors in Makeover Kit

Gallery of the new hair and eye colors added to the Makeover Kit with GW2 Jan 13 patch.

New Hair Colors


New Eye Colors

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24 replies on “GW2 Jan 13 New Hair and Eyes Colors in Makeover Kit”

This was the second thing I Googled (after the patch notes). Thanks for having the info up so quickly!
Totally love the new hair and eye colors, especially finally being able to have lovely dark brown eyes. 😀

Can anyone confirm if these new hair colors are available in the self style hair kit and the permanent self style hair kit? The patch notes say that the new hair and eye colors are available in the total makeover kit; but doesn’t mention the hair style kits. Makes me a littler nervous, really seems like they would include the new hair colors in the hair style kits and not just exclusively in the total makeover kits.

Do you want to blind your friends while you blind your friends? Use this brand new celestial hair dyer with your celestial coloured (and/or radiant) armor and chaos weapons! Now for 249g at your local trading post.

Wait…? New hair and eyes colors but no new hairstyles?? I think i’ll wait this one out before i waste a total makeoverkit for only the eyes… (Nice eye colors doh..)

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