GW2 Jan 13 Point of No Return Patch Notes

GW2 patch notes for Jan 13 release Point of No Return

01/13/15 – January 13th Release Notes

Release Notes:


Point of No Return
Heroes stand at a precipice as Tyria hurtles toward a point of no return. The Pact Fleet is poised to launch its assault on Mordremoth. The search for Caithe—and Glint’s egg—is narrowing, yet the future is uncertain. What answers will be revealed inside the cave?
After completing Point of No Return, showcase your tactical mastery as a hero of Tyria by completing challenging, episode-related achievements.

  • Players can now complete their Carapace and Luminescent armor sets!
    • Collect Carapace Headgear Boxes by completing the Point of No Return episode. Additional boxes can be purchased for bandit crests.
    • Collect Carapace Coat Boxes by defeating the imposing Mordrem Vinewrath.
  • Complete the Bioluminescence collection to receive a new title, a choice of ascended armor pieces, and five transmutation charges.
  • Want some help completing your Luminescent boots and leg armor? Mordrem spleen and bladder extractors are now available for purchase with bandit crests.
  • Complete the Point of No Return episode to receive various rewards, including a bandit chest for your home instance!
  • Players who go up against the Mordrem Vinewrath will receive the Hero of the Wastes boon that grants 50% bonus magic find and extra bandit crests from various events throughout the map.

Profession Skills

  • Hammer Swing / Hammer Bash: Fixed a bug that prevented the Number of Targets facts on these skills from displaying.
  • Sanctuary: Fixed a bug that caused the Master of Consecrations trait to create a duplicate skill fact.


  • Illusionary Leap: Removed the ability to use this skill in midair.


  • Lich Form:
    • Deathly Claws: Added a Pierces skill fact.
    • Marked for Death: Updated the Damage skill fact to correctly scale with the Spiteful Marks trait.


  • Piercing Arrows: Added Pierces and Targets per Arrow skill facts.
  • Mighty Swap: Added a Combat Only trait fact.
  • Vigorous Training: Added a Combat Only trait fact.


  • Fan of Fire: Added Pierces and Targets per Arrow skill facts.
  • Combustive Shot: Fixed a bug that caused the Damage skill fact to display a lower amount than the actual damage when Burst Mastery was equipped.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Adjusted matchmaking for parties with higher-skilled players.
  • Added an accumulating grace period for disconnects, allowing players to reconnect and finish the game without receiving dishonor or taking a loss.
  • Losses will not count toward the leaderboard standings if a teammate outside your party has deserted.
  • Party members will receive a desertion leaderboard standing if a member of their party has deserted the game, but only the deserting player will receive dishonor.
  • Matchmaking ratings will not be updated if a game has player desertions.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from properly leaving a queue.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to receive dishonor multiple times for the same infraction.

The winter PvP Ladder Test Season has ended. The following rewards will be distributed to players based on their leaderboard position at end of the season:

  • The top 5 players in each region will receive two pieces of Glorious Hero’s armor and one Mini Llama.
  • The top 20 players in each region will receive one piece of Glorious Hero’s armor and one Mini Llama.
  • The top 250 players in each region will receive one Mini Llama.

World vs. World

  • The Toxic Unveiling Volley skill no longer displays on an arrow cart’s skill bar until the skill has been unlocked.
  • Updated guild arrow cart skill damage tooltips to properly reflect their superior level of damage.
  • The WvW Sneak Attack special event has completed.
    • Player kills no longer score 1 point. Finishing a player while your world has Borderlands Bloodlust will award 1 point.
    • Objectives under attack will now display the white crossed-swords icon in World vs. World.

New Items and Promotions

  • Mini Rox is now available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 350 gems.
  • A new Mordrem weapon set is available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist for the limited-time price of 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket. Tickets and ticket scraps can be found in Black Lion Chests.
  • The new Ghostly Mail Courier mail carrier is available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • New exclusive colors for hair and eyes are now included in Total Makeover Kits, available in the Services category of the Gem Store for 350 gems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which finishers would sometimes reset to the default finisher after interaction with the Hero panel.
  • Shifted

    Just got my second Makeover kit from achievements, perfect timing.

  • Halvora

    Pfff, I just saved up enough gems to try a new makeover kit. I had a feeling we would have “Mordrem” weaponry…hehe.

  • bru

    wonder what the colors are for the makeover kits? ugh it’s killing me that i have to wait until later to log on!

  • Otakusensei

    Hell yeah colors!… Now the novelty has worn off. Where are our new faces, Anet? Geez.

  • Rayne

    It’s killing me that this update is suspended at 99% >_?

    • Pernilongo

      same here

  • LdM

    still no changes in gameplay, i wont be back soon (i realy miss gw1 where every week you had a patchnote about skills [really important for pvp players])

    to fellow players,do you think GW2 is dying ?
    (no polymock release since launch…..)

    • bob

      I don’t think it is dying. But I too want some bigger changes. We get these tidbits of things here and there, and when you stand back and look at it all, it still isn’t much because a lot of it came and went. It’s even worse in Season 2 since most of it is in story instances so far. No big events on maps etc. A couple days in Dry Top and/or Silverwastes and you can complete all the content there.

  • Lexi

    Wish it was more than just colors, but oh well. Happy to finally be able to get the chestpiece!

  • Rayne

    GW2 still has plenty of potential, and interesting things to keep it going for those who enjoy it. Because it feels like it is dying to you, does not mean the same for other players.

  • Flamegineer

    Patch of No Update more like.

    • bob

      Take down servers, apply new build, bring servers back online. Pretty standard procedure.

  • whatever

    who is removing my comments? is it the nazi dulfy herself that cant tolerate ppl speaking their mind or is it some other a-hole?

    • TheHulksMothersCousin

      Its Dulfys own website so she can do that if she wants just like you can throw whoever you want out your own house,

  • Thunderfro

    Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug that caused the client to be unable to download patches on the day and time of release


  • Thunderfro

    It’s aaaalllliiiivvvveeee!!! The patch worked. Yay, Anet.

  • DoRnbush

    Any special vendor to trade in Wintersday items now that the festival is over? You know, like Sonder the Seller in LA for Halloween items.

  • J Manzon

    almost 1gb of patch? lol

  • Tinkdnuos

    There’s a nice little easter egg I just noticed in the first part of this new story. There’s a “strange crate” in the priory that you can examine that has a mysterious artifact inside. If you angle your camera right to see the artifact, movie fans will something amusingly familiar.

  • No new world boss?

  • Pixie

    what happened to my moot? i got the feeling the effects are different… or am i getting paranoid?

    • Joel

      I was just wondering if my Meteorlogicus has always had that blue trail…maybe they ninja’d some effect changes into the update.

    • Yoni

      My Bifrost also. I think now it has more glowing effect.

      • Misfit

        Bifrost was updated, it now has a streaming rainbow effect when moving.

  • Me

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • DavidG

    What about show us stats and pictures of those ascended armour pls?
    Cose i cant find it anywhere and i dont wonna choose wrong

  • Lord

    I now understand why Caithe stole the Egg… To counter the Prophecies, or change the way it should work 😀

  • Lord

    In the minipet panel, we can see Braham and Kesmeer too. I think they will appear soon in the Gemstore

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