GW2 Mordrem Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the newly added Mordrem Weapon Skins to the Black Lion Weapon Specialist

Mordrem Axe Skin


Mordrem Longbow Skin


Mordrem Shortbow Skin


Mordrem Dagger Skin


Mordrem Focus Skin


Mordrem Greatsword Skin


Mordrem Hammer Skin


Mordrem Mace Skin


Mordrem Pistol Skin


Mordrem Rifle Skin


Mordrem Scepter Skin


Mordrem Shield Skin


Mordrem Staff Skin


Mordrem Sword Skin


Mordrem Torch Skin


Mordrem Warhorn Skin


  • relieved_Sasquatch

    nope. not for me. whew, can save my money 😉

  • kamont


    • Agreed

  • lolwut

    Are those weapon skins or Christmas tree decorations?

  • Ausra critic

    This would of made for some interesting game content rather than a simple cash grab, what shame.

    • You’re not required to buy them.

      • EK

        You’re not required to comment, either, and yet you felt forced to do so. 😛

    • Sterling

      yea definitely look like something that could have been made craftable using the mordrem parts from the breach champs and maybe a new drop from the legendaries. They missed an opportunty for long term content even if it is a little grindy.

      • windsagio

        “It would be to the company’s benefit that I didn’t have to spend any money!”

        • Sterling

          nope. not what I said.

          • windsagio

            I’d be pretty shocked if you’d cop to saying that explicitly.

    • Nick Rhodes

      The way I see it, the company needs to make money. Skins are cosmetic and by no means exclusive to the gem store. If it is peoples decision to buy them via black lion chests using gems they did not get from ingame gold, so be it.

      I like the staff, but not enough to drop 100g for it. Am I going to get angry and curse Anet for whatever the hell ‘cash grabbing’ means? Nah. I’ll just stick with my Pact staff.

  • Kirke

    My mordrem-themed mesmer is very very happy 🙂

  • Pipra

    The staff is cool. I think I’ll pass on the rest.

    • nopikam

      Exactly my thoughts. Finally a good looking staff and ugly all the rest xD

  • Sol

    Not my cup of tea at all. Too garish, too busy.

  • Zan7

    I don’t like those at all. lol

  • Shinokata

    While the staff is pretty cool, I don’t think I will be picking any of these up.

  • AbnerDoon

    So fugly except for the staff. I wish the scepter had leaned in that direction.

  • Kreed

    So the sword’s has a special sound effect, I see. Might get that one.

    • Uhm… the sounds are the standart mesmer sounds. Staff is the same. Testet it on myself.

  • nadrian3k

    My god they are horrible. They set a new standard when thought impossible.

  • reson8 .

    The staff makes a sound like the sword when a spell is cast, plus it’s heads move like kraitkin, i think i’ll aim for the staff but pass on the rest which are vile. Even the sclerite skins are better than these.

    • Nope… they dont have other sounds as any other weapon.
      Its the standart sound from mesmer attacks, nothing special.

  • Krystal S. S.

    the staff is ok and maybe… the great sword too. i’ll pass on the rest of them, which is weird because they tend to do a great job on shield and long bow too.

  • Hillbo

    when will they ever create a nice greatsword…. ;(

    (the staff is cool)

    • x3n0n

      even better than legendary

      • Exit815

        In story instance Belinda’s Greatsword glows when Marjory uses it in battle. I sure didn’t notice any particle effects while using that skin.
        GS wielding necromancers should check their privilege -.- First Caladbolg, now this…

  • Jelly

    need a vid for the warhorn.. Is the sound the same as default?

  • Allen

    Thanks you Anet for the caterpillar nightmares.

  • tekdung

    so far there are no good enough skin for rifles 🙁

  • mcnick


  • the other guy

    I atually think they are cool. guess beauty is in the eye..wait why am i trying to reasonwith people on the internet.

    • Freyl

      Eh I like them too – Got the hammer skin for my warrior 🙂 There is not much to reason about. People just like different stuff ^^

  • John Mellinger

    New art direction…I like them all pretty much and don’t have a problem with them. I just love reading net babies crying about the skins… It’s like really…. How about you apply at Anet and show them how to design skins since it’s always the same people on here crying about them after each update.

    • the other guy

      lol i know right. They think that every design should be catered to their specific taste.

      • Shinokata

        “What I like is what everyone likes, and you can ask me and I’ll tell you all about it, but don’t ask them they’ll just lie.” -Anonymous

      • commentor

        Who demands their taste to be catered? I think people express what is not their taste, rather than what their taste is and must be honored. Don’t create a strawman argument and act high and mighty about it. Good for you that these designs fit your taste, but others don’t have to share your taste and they are entitled to their opinion.

    • commentor

      To be fair, aint you crying about someone’s opinions of the skins too? They are entitled to opinion, neg or not, just like you are dissing at someone else’s point of view right now. It’s the game they bought, I do feel they can say things about their points of view, negative or positive. We too all have the option not to read them. AND you dont have to have the expertise to be able to criticize. I can’t cook but I have a say which restaurant is not good. I can’t draw, but I can tell what’s a bad design.

  • Skobie

    Cthulhu themed skins, they look kind of psychotic if you ask me.
    Not for me, but if your into the warped living nightmare stuff, this is it.

  • Nathaniel Reed

    The skins remind me of Monster Hunter XD

  • Exit815

    First thing I did after downloading the patch was getting that GS, best skin set since Dreamthistle 😛

  • commentor

    Seems like Anet have a few pets in here that adamantly defend their arts and criticize critics. Well, mr. and ms. Anet pets, I’m glad that you absolutely love these designs, and admittedly some of them are good to me as well. But don’t act like criticism towards Anet’s art team is THE sin. People can dislike things that are not of their taste, just like YOU dislike people that dislike things of your taste.

  • aaa

    monster hunter????

  • Rogue Demonhunter

    There aught to be “Feed me Seymore!” graboid heads on all of them. Staff is the only one that rocks. 🙂 It’s true.

  • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

    Picked 4 out of 8 skins now. So far, I got the longbow, greatsword, axe and staff skins. While I do understand that it’s not to the tastes of most, this is the variety I was seeking: something grotesque. A nice change of pace to most of the skins I have seen which feel too….shiny (for lack of a better word).

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