GW2 Ncsoft Trademarks GW2 Heart of Thorns

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns has been trademarked by Ncsoft and will likely be the name of the first ever expansion for GW2.

Reddit user grainnn was able to find the trademark that Ncsoft recently submitted called GW2 Heart of Thorns.

Update: Here is the teaser trailer from end of Season 2 Finale for Heart of Thorns

You can look up the trademark here by doing a trademark search and select world and/or design mark search (structured)


  • Tetitasdeazucar

    Come on Anet, you can do it, it will give you money and we the players won’t have to leave the game for the lack of content.

  • The Black Prince

    it would be interesting if they introduce new lower level zones since the scaling system allows high level players to enjoy the low level zones. And a new low level starting area ๐Ÿ˜€

    • alexd

      Why new low level areas? You can lvl to max via Eotm and then enjoy all areas ๐Ÿ˜€

      • The Black Prince

        I would be nice to re experience creating a new low level character in the new zone ๐Ÿ˜› instead of having to level through eotm. And I have like 100 tomes of knowledge so I can always make new characters n boost them to 80 but I would rather wanna try exploring the new zones with a new fresh low level character

      • Nisza

        Thats it… everyone ride crazy after this info.
        No one know exactly that this will be an real expansion.
        And no one know about how a expansion in GW2 works.
        New classes, races, maps are content in mmos like WoW… and GW2 is not WoW or SWToR.

        Would be funny when anet goes a complete different way. Ooohh all the whines. ๐Ÿ˜€
        “Tengu, i want tengus.. why no tengus… weeeeh”

        • Eternum

          Just as you said.
          Nobody knows.
          That’s the reason why everyone goes crazy. In a good way.

  • Woot

    Yeah yeah just shut up and take my money

  • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

    Hmmmm…. an expansion title? This is interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eternum

      Companies don’t trademark a “season” that is basicly a series of patches.

  • Neltisen

    well… An expansion to take down Mordremoth, just like Zaithan? I just hope this expansion is not as large as living story parts

  • R0CK7Y

    hope it will not take our money and take our life too cant quit gw2 to the real life already <3

    • joao_carlos_baptista

      Well, I am paying no money for play GW2 and I buy gems with in game gold, so…

      I think I can spare some bucks for buy an expansion.

  • Ares Zax

    Tengu pls Tengu pls Tengu pls Tengu pls Tengu pls Tengu pls ๐Ÿ˜€

    • The Black Prince

      would rather have kodan

      • L34D

        And i want the skritt. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Sarigar

          If they’re going to add more races, why not go all in? All of the above, plus the dredge!

          • Hooloochu

            If they also added Quaggan it would be very… coo

            • Splinter Heart

              Tengu, Skritt and Charr all have the same model and animations would be almost identical. Differences being the tails and Charr running on all fours.
              It would be easyer to add these to the game, but add so little diversity. Its like Norn, Sylvari and humans, are all human shaped and animated. Add something different like Quaggan or Centaurs, no other MMO has playable Centaurs in it, so should draw some new peeps in. Works for me anyway ^_^ As to Heart of Thornes, I dearly hope, but not holding my breath for a new race / profession, regardless, I shall buy the expansion pack, Tyria is a great place and I want to see it all

              • Harbinger

                Centaurs are boring (and ugly!) ๐Ÿ˜›

                It’s LARGOS ftw!

    • Harbinger


  • alexd

    That name doesn’t sound very cantha or elona friendly….let’s hope for new class/race combo

    • The Black Prince

      theres alot of hints that it might be cantha though ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Springer

        Like what? What are the hints?

  • Vigil

    My first thoughts were of Caithe when hearing ‘Heart of Thorns’. Especially with recent events it could be a nice plot for an expansion

  • Nisza

    And all of the contentwhiners gor for “Cantha pls”… “New class/race yeah”….
    Noone said that such things would be in this “expansion”.
    Thats content in WoW addons… yes… and other mmos… but we know GW2 is NOT like this sort of mmos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Braghez

      True, I’m curious myself…oh well, I pretty liked the stuff they did. Guess they can’t do worse if they ass story stuff etc xD

      • Nisza

        Well I think heart of thornes is only a big version of a content patch.
        Nothing more… but we will see.

        But cantha? rly?… comon… HoT has nothing to do with cantha… or monstrous birds with weapons… >_>
        They hear about an expansion (there is NOTHING written from an expansion in this infos) and yell out “CANTHA”…. bleh

        • Braghez

          Well, maybe it haves something to do with the big birds, i mean…if now Mordremoth fully awakens and wreak havoc in tyria, thus making the world change a lot as they claimed…maybe they’re gonna destroy the walls in the dominion of winds, or tengu will have to flee from it anyway…who knows xD

    • Eternum

      Personally I don’t care what continent / nation they add.
      Just add something big already. High hopes for nightmare / sylvari focused content. We (sylvari) have a lot of stuff happening lately and the story also seem to go that way.

      • Gods, no. They need to kill off the Sylvari already, not add to it.

  • ะะธะบะพะปะฐะน ะŸะฐั…ะพะผะพะฒ
  • Mizpah

    What are the odds that this is simply just the name for LS3? I’m not exactly sure why everyone immediately thinks expansion. If this does pertain to another physical release of some sort, then maybe it’s just a “boxed set” of a bundled LS1 & 2?

    The thorns reference connects to plants which suggests Mordremoth. So, I haven’t seen anything referencing Mordremoth being apart of anything bigger than Maguuma Jungle, so I would have a hard time envisioning why this would be a “big traditional” expansion. Sure it’s more content, but including a small part of Tyria that we’ve already explored (GW1) I find it difficult to believe that we would get all of those things traditionally found in expansions for MMOs.

    • Pink Popstar Ahri

      I think it would be more of a spiritual expansion so to say. Free large update to owners of the game. and a new name in the stores to attract new players with the Heart of Thorns tag (and signal old players to get back into the game for the new content)

      That or they would need a LOT of content in that expansion to justify it.

  • Shifted

    I’d prefer it to be S3.
    Not in a mood of spending more money on this game.

    • narg

      i finish my first legendary yesterday, BRING ME MORE!!

    • Rotang

      I hope it is a payed expansion, Anet really needs the cash, as of late the newer content has been crap…I would love to give Anet my money ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Shifted

        They’ve been wasting their money on content that disappears throughout S1
        In S2 they realized that was stupid, but instead of putting most of their resources into expanding the stale open world and game features, they feed us the BS singleplayer stuff you play through once or twice and throw it away.
        I don’t buy an mmo to play a singleplayer story >_>

        • Jack Angelfoot

          You would love to watch ArenaNet go bankrupt – the way that the rest of NCSoft is heading, if you watch the news – but you still want more free content?

          Shifted, I am afraid you are dangerously close to being stupid. A company with no employees distributes no free content. It’d be a lot smarter for you to hope it is a big expansion that would make ArenaNet a lot of money. That way you could keep being a cheapskate, leeching the free stuff. And ArenaNet could maintain its staffing to keep feeding you free stuff. And people like me (and 98% of the other people on these boards) could buy the expansion, get the new quality content and be happy too. All you would miss out on is content for a game you call BS and stale.

          If you want to complain, do it intelligently. If you want to weep like a prepubescent fool, do it to your mom, not on a comment forum.

          • Shifted

            First of all, stop putting words in my mouth. I haven’t said I want them to go bankrupt.
            Remember this game is not free, I paid for the box. I don’t choose to give them money because they allow me to, and I consider most of the “quality content” they release to actually suck.
            So yeah, if they intend to continue like that, so will I.


            Go fuck yourself.

            • Norr

              Took the tea out of my cup, Shifted.

              But the quality of the updates has been improving. I choose to hold out and see the fruits of what they’ve been planning for the past year and a half to two years or so.

            • camhaji

              Im sorry this is sounding a lot like the entitled user argument. Just because you bought the game doesn’t entitle you all the content being free or anything past access to the game servers and current content up to the point of purchase (the only exception is being patches to fix content or improve it).
              If you are after huge content updates and lots of cool new stuff to do then like most mmo games you will most likely have to pay for it. Anet have tried to push out content thats free but as you have seen its hard when only funded by micro transactions.
              I believe it will turn out to be a good combination of large paid for expansions and small little free living world updates to give you content between expansions. Which is much more than what most mmo companies will give you

              • Shifted

                Their decision on their payment model and my decision of buying the box entitles me to everything they’ve released so far.
                They want to release an expansion? Cool, but I’m not sure I’m gonna buy it.

      • Nerdian

        Thank the lord someone understands!!

  • Luke Bailey

    Expansion is needed

    the living world is great but it’s not good enough to really be the one thing to expand this game world..

  • Sylvain Ajort

    what if Mordremoth looks like a giant thorny vine just like an asian dragon ? what if native canthan praise him like a god ?

    Cantha confirmed.

  • Nรกdia Rodrigues

    I really hope that this expansion price not be the price of the game, it should be at least half price of the game. I’m anxious to see what they putted in the expation, and i’m loving this Living Story soo much, maybe because i’m a sylvari, and is so awesome know more about them. Sylvari <3

    I hope with the expation they put LS1 aswell because I don't remember very well, and should be good to have it, it would be easier for us connect the history and events.

    • I really wish this Living Story ended up with a giant bottle of Round Up hitting the Grove like a comet.

      Can’t stand the Sylvari or their story line.

      • reson8 .

        Yeah we read ur first post. I feel that the charr and norn are far too stereotyped and prefer to avoid those areas and the interactions if i can. Besides, roundup won’t do a thing to the grove as the pale tree is immune and everything will just regrow (roundup has no effect on woody material).

  • bru

    cat messenger tho? anyway! an expansion is long overdue and i’m way excited for this to happen! they were speculating on reddit after looking at the profit reports for 2014 for anet that it should be in q3? (july-september) so that’s also got me on my toes as well. i’m just hoping they open up the entire maguuma jungle, i’d love it!

  • Cascoot

    Wow. Im hyped ^^. I just hope it is not a pay expansion

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      ‘expansions’ usually cost money, just not as much as the full game. this isnt WoW, after all. expect it not to be free, but a reasonable price for what will hopefully be a lot of new areas and content.

  • SpiralCee

    Cool! Great name.

  • narg

    but nothing happen ๐Ÿ™

  • It pains me if it is true because that sounds Sylvari based… and I highly dislike the Sylvari and their story ๐Ÿ™ I actually have WAY more interest in the Jotun and their past along with Norn interactions than I do the Salads.

    • George Smith

      judging from that trailer up there it seems like dark things are in store for the sylvari, whether they end up actually being under mordremoths control or not it seems like their race becomes hated and i think something like that is exactly what is needed to evolve them to a more interesting race

    • Lord

      It should be Maguuma Based instead. So it could include Maguuma map from GW1 and maybe the Mursaat hidden city. As we know that Rata Sum is an acronym for Mursaat, maybe they will be explanation from these characters.

  • Jack Angelfoot

    Here are the basics of why the community is assuming expansion or an associated new game:
    1) An NCSoft shareholder report claimed that Arena Net was planning a GW2 expansion for 2015.
    2) ArenaNet promised that there would be a new surprise announced with the end of Living Story season 2. (LS Season 3 would hardly be a surprise.)
    3) The Devs have been actively browsing, reviewing, commenting on, etc, the official forum posts related to potential new content. (This is also why people are expecting a Dragon to attack in Cantha, opening that area. The Devs have been all over the Cantha forum board.)
    4) ArenaNet is planning a big announcement at PAX South (I think it’s in 10 days.) What else would they be unveiling?
    5) In all the unfortunate downsizing that NCSoft just experienced, only ArenaNet was immune. Apparently, NCS figures they will be making a lot of money soon.
    6) NCSoft goes to the trouble of registering a game logo that is markedly different than their current logo.

    Only one thing makes all the above make sense: either an expansion (like GW Eye of the North) or a connected stand alone (like GW Factions or Nightfall) is set for this year.

    Costly? Yes. But it will contain all the great, high-quality content we have come to expect from ArenaNet. I, for one, think it will be well worth it.

  • Sondergaard

    I noticed that in the 4 patents, there are descriptions of gaming software, forums, toys, etc. This seems like a full blown idea that they plan on marketing every aspect of. My guess is, even if it’s not a paid expansion, it will be marketed as a full blown expansion.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I wonder if we will be able to buy the expansion in the gem store….Hmm.

  • Jake Blakeley

    My biggest fear for this is that this will just be a repackaging of LS season 2, and give people the ability to buy the entire season at a discount if they missed it.

  • Man

    The LS 2 Final EP gave us:

    It isn’t the end of the story……….

    GW2 Heart of Thorns will start 2 weeks later, so unlikely it is an EXP.

    Comfirm my guess : The existence of Sylvari is part of the dragon’s power.

    Caithe always stands with my side…………

    • Christofer Mogrey

      where did you read that???24/1 is pax and the anouncement.we don’t know yet if it’s an exp or not
      also from previous pax they said they were working on something that they couldn’t say.

    • gw2fan

      they will announce it two weeks later, yeah. the actuall release isn’t stated anywhere, but probably will be around the summer. if it did come out two weeks later, i would understand you saying it isn’t an exp. i’m guessing it probably is.

  • oneman

    Interesting stories would be about tengu(Mysterious creatures), dwarfs(What happened after gw1 ?) and maybe human again(For example an epic hero of the past). Just my opinion.^^

  • Scarlett Sorrow

    Ill play any new race as long as they arent quaggans…

  • Keneth

    “We couldn’t fix the current content so we decided were just gonna give up, release a bunch of new content instead, and hope for the best.”

    Yep, sounds like Anet. Not that I’m against new content, but it’s kinda depressing when there’s still so many holes in the old content.

  • Uma Pessoa Qualquer
  • Pavel Gabriel

    tengu… it must be tengu… that’s the new playable race…it’s a MUST

  • Lord

    From the Trailer, do I make a mistake or do we see Mursaat or Seer (or what it seems to be) in a Golden CIty ?
    Sort of Flying humanoid form

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