cartel market Shadow Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Acolyte’s Shadow Pack Preview

SWTOR Acolyte’s Shadow Pack preview. This pack was released on Jan 13, 2015 with game update 3.0.2. Updated with ingame images and videos.



Blade Savant Armor Set




Fearsome Harbinger Armor Set




Formal Militant Armor Set




Nomad Armor Set




Revanite Pursuer Armor Set




Shae Vizla’s Armor Set





Video of all the mounts


Acrid Chemlizard


Talon Cutter


Czerka Enforcer


Joko TZ-11


Lergo Provocateur


Glacial Icethomper


Savanna Vorantikus


Razalon FC-3



Sabertooth Skarkla


Model GSS-47 Jurgoran



YV-24 Starforged Blaster Rifle


DS-9 Starforged Sniper Rifle


RH-33 Starforged Assault Cannon


RK-5 Starforged Blaster


Betrayer’s Starforged Lightsaber


Betrayer’s Starforged Dualsaber



Vector Hyllus Customization 9


Qyzen Customization 6


Advanced White-Blue-Purple Color Crystal


Video of all the emotes/regen


Emote: No Bones Dance/Punt


Regen: One Man Band


Title: Shadow Collector

Title: Shadow’s Acolyte

Stronghold Label: Lair of Shadows

Medium Brown and Pale Yellow Dye Module

White and Light Purple Dye Module



Contraband Slot Machine Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Destitute Smuggler Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Holo Sign: The Drunken Droid Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Massassi Water Reserve Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Planter: Rishi Tree (Blue) Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Jungle Fern Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Rakata Mystic Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Merchant Stall Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Tribal Banner Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Statue of Naga Sadow Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
Trandosian Mercenary Acolyte’s Shadow Pack

Appearance Options

These are probably sold on the cartel market directly rather than as part of the pack.

Images taken from swtor_potato’s thread on reddit.

Appearance Option: Double Braids


Appearance Option: Dreadlocks


Appearance Option: Bright Yellow Eyes (Human Only)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

225 replies on “SWTOR Acolyte’s Shadow Pack Preview”

Cool mounts! And that pistol! And that saber!

The rest is kind of meh.
EDIT: I just hope that the saber is not the size of a small car…

isn’t the pistol exactly the same as the last starforged one? seems like trivial stuff, aside from a couple of armors and the vorantikus mount

Weapons in this pack look “slimmer” than before, but that could be just the artwork trick. Still, they look cool.

I would like it to be blue like the color on the RK-5 Starforged Blaster, like the blue color on the belt of Shae Vizla’s armor.

But no BioWares art department liked “cyan”, but they allso still think the bounty hunter class uses blaster rifles. Just look at the loading screen to SWTOR update 3.0…

they should add something to the weapons making them different, just switching color i think are just lazy but the rest of the stuff looks awesome

We can expect these same weapons with little changes from the next two packs also. If recent packs are any indication.

The new dreadlocks, are a huge improvement over the previous ones. The first style was just ridiculous and awful. (Why the preview is on a white guy, is another story though…)

That cyborg armour is gonna suck.

At least they’re doing something new instead of rehashing the old ones.

The rest of the pack is pretty yummy though.

… Those armors would be awesome without the shoulder pads (save Shae, that is perfect as is), does someone at BW have a shoulder pad fetish? Does *every* armor need shoulder pads?!

Yep, Bioware always puts ONE thing on armor sets to ruin them. Every single time. If it isn’t shoulder pads, its some stupid crap hanging from the crotch/mid section or sticking out the sides/back. The people who design armor in this game have the style of a 4 yr old. They seem to understand NOTHING about flow and form.

The shoulder pads look especially bad with the female type 3 body I have on my bounty hunter. I have hopes that she will look appropriately strong AND feminine in Shae’s armor.

the revanite and shae vizla armor will cost LOADS of money I can see it already. and probably nomad one as it looks sexy as well.

I like it.
But it’s a matter of taste I guess.
Plus, there’s plenty of people who more or less loathe having “lights” on their armour.

So a Naga Sadow statue and something line about ancient ghosts reawakening on Yavin…new FP in the next few weeks perhaps, or the coffee hasnt kicked in and I’m reading too much into this…

Really glad to see that all these are pretty much new. No retexture shit. I don’t usually say this but nice work Bioware.

Just installed the update. But disappointing enough, no Shadow Acolyte Pack. When will I be able to purchase 1?

Wow, if I was actually playing the game regularly, this would be the first pack in a while that I WANT.

Bright yellow eye, hmm so actually we gonna be able to have nice Sith yellow eyes like it was in the star wars movies?

With just a general glance over, I gotta say the Formal Militant and the Blade Savant got some pretty awesome looks. Visla and the Revenite are awesome head to toe. Really looking forward to seeing that new hair, though more the women’s then the men’s. (The men’s style would look fitting with my Female Merc though). And the new regen… I hope that plays a cantina song.

Something out of this pack is going to pop on nearly every crate.. I forget which pack it was a couple months ago but I remember having at least 10-12 of the exact same boots from a hypercrate and nothing else from that particular armor set, went to GTN and nothing but boots and bracers it was like everyone around me just received coal for x-mas.. Lol just watch your spending guys know their traps before blowing 50+ $$ on stuff that may deflate completely in credit value in the first week. The pack is very nice ..I’m crossing my fingers that the pistol has a better sound than the last one.

Doesn’t look like it.
Opened two hypercrates (that’s 48 crates total) and the only thing I got “plenty” of was the punt emote.
And I got 5 of those…

For me, It’s the Revanite Pursuer’s Belt. I bought 8 packs to test the waters and 6 out the 8 had that belt in it as my “bonus” item. I did get a chemlizard though.

Well, one can always hope… 😛
Maybe they’ll fix it. Other chests have not worked with rocket boost and now do. ^^

Hey Dulfy, thanks for your hard work on this. I, like Connor, am stuck at work. Something about the American dream or something. Are you able to do the Revanite Armor set as well? If you can’t, that is cool, I can wait.

Wow thank you for posting that. I still want it in chrome at least the chest but yeah dye not good for this one. Reminds me of some of the dye treatments on the BH armor you got through questing.

The amount of appearance option available for humans compared to other species is getting more and more ridiculous. Can we have at least *one* more skin colour for Twi’leks … pls? :l

Bright Yellow Eyes + Dreads = Darkside Quinlan Vos…maybe will get some similar face tats so we can make some Kiffar-esque looking humans. lol

‘Feel the power of the weed’ – Darth Vader

‘A mars bar have I shall’ – Yoda.

Star Wars Outtakes disk……honest 😛

Thanks for the update Dulfy! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go broke (credit wise) with all these cool sets – nice to see they’ve moved away from reskins and cyborg sets for a bit.

Really minor thing: the dyed-white Dathomir Shaman set you’re using for the screen shots is kind of ‘busy’ as far as looks go, and some of the weapons (like the new Rifle) don’t really stand out against it as clearly as they might against other outfits.

Pretty good pack, this time around. One of the better ones for variety. For some reason, the Nomad Armor Set reminds me of the Fremen from Dune. “If you walk without rhythm, then you won’t attract the worm…”

Wow, can’t wait to get my hands on that Revanite armor. The Harbinger set will look epic on my Jugg with his Energized Conqueror saber + Blood Red crystal. Can’t wait to experiment with dyes on the Blade Savant. The chest is neat but the rest is a little ugly.

As for the color crystals, it’s interesting to see some new combos. Purple/blue is neat.

I never bought a pack before. Are these random items or do i actually get to choose what i want when i open the pack? I’m interested in this one.

Random as in….i get a random of each type of item thats available? like i will get a random costume, a random pet, a random mount? or is it just one item that you get from the pack ?

I don’t know the exact number, but you have a chance to get a couple of ANY of the items shown above. I don’t do packs often, just buy what I want off the GTN. The armor especially is really cheap the first few days.

You won’t get a whole armor set, just a few pieces of one.

You’ll typically get a 1-2 random boosters, a Reputation booster for that pack series, a blue or purple companion gift, and 2-3 blue quality pack items, with the chance of a purple quality pack item (or very rare armour package).

No. 1 boost. 1 companion gift. 1 reputation item. 1 crafting material (jawa scrap) stack. And then 2 pack items. The pack items can be blue or purple or orange, but that doesn’t really indicate quality in the packs; what matters is whether they are Rare (common, really – silver), or Super Rare/Ultra Rare (gold), but in truth, many if not most of the items you get are marked gold. 🙂

Each pack contains two “pack items” and some extra stuff.
The pack items can be singular pieces of armor (the super rare sets), boxes with multiple pieces of armor (the rare or common sets), mounts, titles, emotes, dye modules, decorations, credit boosts, and whatever other items the pack may hold.
The extra stuff is one boost item (experience or social points), one companion gift, one reputation item (a rep token or a Cartel Market Certificate – you can use the reputation to purchase things from the previous shipment of packs), and one crafting material currency item.
In shipment 5, the Stronghold Packs, each pack had a decoration besides the two items, but here in shipment 6, the decorations are among the pack items.
You can always read the exact content of a pack in the Cartel Market’s description of the single pack (not of the hypercrates).

Right. Just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same one – the one already in the game. 😀
“Sith taxi” made me think of some kind of blood-dripping taxi with skeletons and crystals and stuff. xD

The Cartel Market is never actually updated with patches. They change it while the server is online – and it’s not uncommon that a new packs doesn’t show up until out on the evening, European time.

Don’t doubt it, you may see it before the end of the year. Apparently Bioware loves mount size creep as much as it loves saber size creep. 🙂

Full size? Have you seen how much ALL the animal mounts are scaled down? The rancor is ridiculously small. Varactyl too. Even the tauntaun is considerably smaller than the Hoth ones. No way you’ll get a full-sized bormy. Sorry to say.

In five hypercrates plus five packs, I got neither that nor the Glacial Icetromper. Also didn’t get a few crystals, Nomad pieces, and Harbinger pieces – but that was probably just bad luck. I reckon Vorantikus and Icetromper are pretty rare. :3

I don’t get why everyone is having a cow over the Visla armor. It’s about the same as all the other BH gear. They need to start adding things like scalps, like on the savage hunter chest piece. Maybe a new jet pack, get rid of that stupid hose on the chest.

Check again.The original BH sets already ingame are INSPIRED by Shae Visla’s but they’re far less detailed. Shae’s set has more texture/detail from top to bottom. Plus some of the pieces(chest, helm) are not the exactly the same. Trust me i know, i’ve wanted her armor since day 1;)

Yeah, people seem to see retextures everywhere these days… even when it’s a completely new model that just happens to have a similar style to something else.

too bad the dye palette sucks and the jetpack doesn’t work with rocket boost.

dunno yet if the helm has voice modulation, but the way this entire set seems to have been half-assed I would not be surprised if it didn’t.

Why do you care so much? This is a computer game discussion, not the Presidential Debate. Are you related to Mary Poppins and offended at my misuse of the word, Mr. Fancy O Last Name?

I don’t care a lot, but I find it strange that you want to use words you don’t know what mean – even in a computer game discussion joke.
No, why would I be? Just because she used the words? The word existed long before she did.
And for the record, Ø and O are two separate letters. Check out the Danish alphabet. We have æ, ø, and å added after z. You seem very interested in my last name, so I can inform you it means “Eastern farm” – I got it from my grand mother who grew up on a farm called that. It’s a very common Danish surname. Not very fancy, really. 🙂

I find it strange that you want to come in here with an air of superiority, pointing out Dulfy’s errors, and taking up issue with my silly comment. And no, I don’t care about your last name at all, I’m just sarcastically using it to make a point of the unimportance of what it is you’re doing here. Please, keep replying, I WILL get the last word, I guarantee it!

An air of superiority? Dulfy is sharing information, so of course that information should be correct for the sake of the people seeking it. I was just helping her with that, and in case you didn’t notice, she thanked me for it. And I’ll keep posting information about the packs with each new one that comes, just like Dulfy does. I encourage you to do the same if you get things in the packs that Dulfy haven’t got. 🙂
You think I was not being sarcastic, spelling my name out? I knew you weren’t interested, but I really didn’t see why it was necessary to bring it up, so that’s why I replied back sarcastically. But hey, I don’t want to be your enemy. I don’t take pleasure in putting other people down – that’s not what I meant to do – and I’m sure you prefer to be nice and be treated nice as well. Who gets the last word doesn’t matter to me, as long as we’re on equal terms. 🙂

I agree, this has gone too far. I was simply overreacting (and overacting!) just to point out the sheer silliness of nitpicking over the misuse of a dumb word. I sometimes use weird ways to try to make a point, and yeah this one kind of got out of hand. I think I see now, judging by your last reply, that we probably have more in common than either of us would like to admit! 😉 Time to move on, and continue helping others and sharing our thoughts on these posts.

I must say the Mary-Poppins-dragging-my-name-into-it thing didn’t make much of a point, though. 😛
I’m sure we do! At least we both like Star Wars, right? 😀
I actually liked everything else you’ve commented in here – I’m just a bit of a language nerd. 😉
Sounds like a plan! If you’re on Tomb of Freedon Nadd, we should play together some day.

Would be fun, but I’m sure my latency to ToFN would be pretty bad! I’m on The Ebon Hawk (NA).

He posts on all the comments he can get a little ego boost from. You really need to like go outside and socialize. You aren’t the smartest person in the world I know that shocks you… sorry. Also having a European name or being European doesn’t make you ALL COOL/HIGH AND MIGHTY. Relax and get some sun. Talking to people IRL and soaking in some rays will do much better for you than your internet ego posts.

WTF, dude. As far as I recall, I was not the one bringing up my last name, and I just explained why it’s NOT a particularly cool name, in an attempt to put down Connor’s attempt to make me look like I thought myself better.
I haven’t said at any times I’m cool or mighty. And ego posts? Where? Most of my post are simply adding, correcting, or exacting information.

Look, I didn’t mean for this thread to get personal. I was just confused why someone would use a word without knowing what it meant. Then you and Connor started making a big deal out of my name. What does my name have to do with anything? I haven’t said, nor thought, that I’m better than you.

I got two Joko’s. /foreheadbang

No Shae or Nomad at all the only full set was Blade Savant. Three Fearsome Harbinger uppers and five formal militant lowers. I did get a single One Man Band but I am holding out for a video before I consider using it. No Bones is pretty awful but Punt isn’t too shabby.

I only goot Shae’s boots……
I got a cutter mount, 2 tri color crystals power/expertise
and a Revanite helmet if it’s worth any.

Did you type this reply on your phone? I only ask because it looks like your phone autocorrected ‘Awesome’ to awful.

I’m going to hold off on buying a hypercrate until after I see how long I get banned for the Ravager’s exploit.

The Blade Savant chestplate will be great for my Guardian, and I must have Shae’s armor for my Bounty Hunter. I just wouldn’t be a true Mando without it. Everything else is kinda… meh.

is there anything actually winnable off it, or are they similar to the anti-personnel turrets with that have credit consuming clickbait?

You can get junk/scrap that you trade on the jawas, reputation items and cartel certificates. That’s what I’ve been getting so far but wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something super rare in there.

Things you’ve missed:

Advanced Black-Pink Crystal
Stronghold Label: Lair of Shadows
Medium Brown and Pale Yellow Dye Module
White and Light Purple Dye Module

Contraband Slot Machine

About the crystal, well, if people don’t know the previous pack but just want to see what’s in this, shouldn’t it be on the list? 🙂

All armors are shit except shae vizsla’s one…Seriously they need to go back to the same lvl of details when the game launched.. we need some jedi outfit love like the ambitious warrior one wich is one of my favorite

It would seem from your comment that would be a complaint, but if it is indeed the case that there are less items in the newer packs, to that I say GREAT! Less garbage filler crap.

some will agree with you, some will say there seem to be the same amount of garbage filler crap and fewer worthwhile things

how about making some damn armor that isnt similar with anything else they have made already in previous packs, i mean my god bioware you u ppl are more lazy than my 16 year old dog.

Excuse me but the pants on the blade savant are rehashed crap from previous armor sets so maybe you guys are the one that are blind

What? the put lettuce on another sandwich?!?!!? But the meat, bread, sauce, and veggies on it are completely different?!?!! Bah, it’s the same damn sandwich!!!!!

Maybe you should go learn english and perhaps look at all the armor again or do u just work for bioware? Idiot.

First off, if you’re going to be a grammar Nazi then you should proofread your response first, English should be capitalized and “u” is spelled “you”. Second, I would LOVE a job at Bioware. Who wouldn’t?!?!?!! Lastly, stop trying to sling insults because we made you look like the idiot you are and because you have no counterpoints to throw at us. If you want to yell at packs that have nothing but re-skins in there there are some prime examples out there, but not this one.

All the animal mounts are scaled down. Have you seen the rancor? That mount is tiny compared to the real thing. The varactyl is also a lot smaller, and compared to the movie it’s basically a miniature. Even the tauntaun is scaled down for the mount. :/
– and when you place them as decorations, they are even further scaled down!

Yeah I have all the rancors except the dread one but I like the size they made it. I just don’t like the proportions on it. They could left all that extra stuff off of it. Looks tacky. And yes rancors on Belsavis are ridiculous.

Thanks for putting the emote/regen video up. I can gladly trade the regen now. I was hoping for super annoying not super lame. : )

Great vids, thx a lot! Now if anyone could put up some vids with blaster sounds it would be greatly appreciated!

You must’ve gotten something else. Dye modules? Titles? Stronghold labels? Decorations? Each pack holds two items. 🙂

Oh man Vorantikus at 15 million starting. /sadpanda

I guess it is as rare as the rancors then. Maybe tomorrow will bring better prices.

Yeah I never bother attempting to buy anything until 3 or 4 days after the first wave from initial pack purchases is coming off cooldown for people to post on GTN. Gotta wait for that undercutathon!

The jetpack on SHAE VIZLA’S armor set does NOT work, Jet Boost/Recharge+Reload/Etc do not produce flames from your Jetpack, instead they are showing in your boots (yes I have the graphics on ultra so this is not a display issue with my PC), this is
getting seriously, SERIOUSLY pathetic Bioware. This is the 2ND item(s)
of a “Legendary Character” released since the fall that has a painfully
obvious visual glitch(Saetele Shan’s Dualsaber) and yet was knowingly
put on sale in the Cartel Market/Packs, and it marks itself as the
FOURTH bounty hunter armor in the game that I know of to have completely
non-functioning jetpacks the previous three being; the NEW 186+192 chestpieces and perhaps most sad of all teh BBA Contract Hunter’s legacy set.

Let’s not forget the Headhunter’s set from Rishi reputation… i mean the jetpack technically “works” but the jets are hilariously nowhere near where the nozzles are

Tait just posted that they’re going to try to get fixes into 3.1 for Shae’s and Headhunter’s jetpacks, and do a pass on the other ones when they can.

I know Your frustration man… Some day we will be able to buy “Jetpack Piloting” 5.000 CC to make it work… Please fix it BioWare.

Not a fan of the Vorantikus animations, and that’s a good thing. That saves me a lot of credits because otherwise I like the idea of more swtor inspired mounts. Bring me a Nexxu.

Dulfy, it’s amazing how you can get all of the pack items and have videos of them like the DAY the pack comes out… So, just out of curiosity– how many hypercrates did it take you to have ALL of the items?

The hair keeps getting worse and I have no idea why coloured eyes are restricted to humans only? They are just textures, how does that make sense?! I paid for them anyways :/

I’m only dreading what the others will look like;

Appearance Option: Short Wavy Hair, Shaggy and Afro *shudders in terror*

Well it’s good someone likes them. I’d like to see more effort put into Zabrak hairstyles.

There is also tones of options for Twi’leks, but I doubt BioWare’s creative department are cable of the task.

To be honest as an artist myself they shouldn’t bother investing the time making a new race like the Togruta, if they can’t afford to put an effort for what they already have. And the human eye restriction proves that show far.

actually, if you make a sin Zabrak that looks like maul, with the shirtless coats and finger-less gloves and black pants and boots with dreadlocks, you’ll get a made up character i drew up in art class years ago ”the son of maul”!

Not sure if those dreadlocks can be used on a Zabrak. I think it’s restricted to humans, chiss, and mirialan only.

Oh yeah purebloods, almost forgot them. Hopefully Zabraks, Twi’leks, and Cathar will get some love too.

I think a lot of Zabraks are bald in the media, because of Darth Maul and BW are fine with that because lack of diversity means less work for them.

However, Eeth Koth and a few others prove that the entire species are not hairless at all.

I believe (it’s been a while since I read up on it) by the lore for the zabrak race, they are inclined toward no hair. Having hair typically indicates some sort of “mixed blood”. However, I’ve rarely seen anyone who bothered to RP that part of the lore very strongly.

I seriously doubt Eeth Koth is a hybrid, because he has hair. Yes there are different Zabrak subspecies, that doesn’t make them half humans though. The only thing that they may not grow is eyelashes and eyebrows, but some Zabraks can often have them.

I’ am just thankful Filoni didn’t visit their planet and screw everything we know about them.

My understanding (which admittedly could be flawed) was that hair was not originally a natural trait among the zabrak and was only slowly added to the gene pool through introduction by other species. Not that any given zabrak was half-zabrak and half-somthingelse, but that the pure genetic bloodline would not have hair. Anyway, my zabraks are always bald because I feel they look better that way. To each their own, of course, and more choices are always better. 🙂

I never read that anywhere in the lore. Do you have any reference to that? So what you’re saying is that they are mutated Zabraks? Well the more diverse the looks the better.

I haven’t watched a football game in at least two weeks, but if memory serves, that’s not how you punt.

Anyone on Ebon Hawk who wants to try out the new Contraband Cartel Slot Machine, you are more than welcome to visit Hardraker’s Vacation Retreat on Nar Shaddaa. I’m not charging anyone admission for invites, it’s publically listed. You can buy chips from Ms. Sato in the vestibule, the lounge is down the stairs and to the left (where the Bith Musician holosign is). I’m not giving out keys for this, but if I’m online, you’re welcome to play as long as you like. Cartel Market Certificates, Contraband Cartel rep items, Jawa Scrap/Parts/Junk are all waiting for you. Hope you see the disco ball come down!

Bought the whole Blade Savant set…..and the legs+boots glitched graphically and are permanantely light blue, not even dying them changes it

I think the final bit of my sanity has gone with this one. Hit crate #5 no slot machine no vorantikus. I only have 3 pieces of the nomad still have yet to see a chest or head. Still have missing pieces for the Shae set as well. In the 5th crate I did finally get a pair of greaves for the revanite set.

But hey I maxed my faction. Think I’ll just go cry in a corner for a while. :p

I hear you, mate. In five hypercrates plus seven packs, I didn’t get Savanna Vorantikus, Glacial Icetromper, Nomad Greaves, Gloves, and Belt, Fearsome Harbinger’s Supplementary Body Armor, White-Blue-Purple Indestructible and War Hero’s Crystal. And the Vorantiki go for about 15 mil on my server. :/

Faction? You mean reputation?

Aye rep. What really sucks is outside of the slot machine and vorantikus none of the other stuff is selling for much. No chance to recoup even. My one hope now is they add another vendor with more stuff. If only I could use that stack of cartel certs to buy the 2 items I actually wanted out of this.

Savanna Vorantikus is 11 to 15 million on Harbringer and the slot machine has stayed around 3 mil.

Managed to pull a /nobones emote last night. Checked the GTN to see what it was worth … was selling for over 900k (on TEH server). Craziness for a silly dance emote! Also got the helmets from Shae Vizla and Revenite Pursuers armor sets. All-in-all a good “investment”. 🙂

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