SWTOR Ancient Threat and Yavin Secret Achievements Guide

SWTOR Ancient Threat and Yavin 4 Secret Achievements Guide released with patch 3.0.2.

What are the Yavin Secret Achievements?

With the released of patch 3.0.2, a bunch of sith spirits and talisman have been released on Yavin 4. These sith spirits and talisman grant you a new set of hidden achievements and legacy titles. In addition, there is a 16 player world boss to fight at the end.


The way this all works is as follows. First you grab the Tatooine Ancient Tome and receive the buff that allow you to damage the Ancient Threat. Now you head to Yavin and talk to the four Sith Spirits and receive their buffs that last for 1 hr. After receive their buffs, go to the corresponding Talisman of these sith spirits and convert your buffs into a 2 hr long new buff. Once you have all 4 talisman buffs, click on the fifth and final Unknown Talisman to gain more achievements and summon the Ancient Threat world boss

  • Do not log out, switch characters, change instances or change planets when you are on the spirits/talisman step as doing so will remove you of the buffs and force you to start over.
  • If you are just after the achievements and don’t care about the world boss, you can skip the Tatooine step. You can summon summon Ancient Threat and get most of the achievements.
  • Only person with all 4 Talisman buffs can summon the Ancient Threat but anyone can fight it if they have the Ancient Tome buff.

Legacy Titles

  • Speaker for the Dead (earned after interacting with all 4 sith spirits)
  • Ancient Threat (earned after defeating the Ancient Threat)
  • Grave Robber (earned after interacting with all 5 Talisman)
  • Master of the Beyond (earned after completing all 3 legacy titles above)

Here is a handy map for those who already have a rough idea of where the ghosts/talisman are.


Step One: Tatooine Ancient Tome

Note that you do not need to grab this Ancient Tome if you do not wish to fight the Ancient Threat world boss at the end. If you do want to fight the world boss, you must have this buff as you cannot damage Ancient Threat without it. For those trying to spawn the Ancient Threat, you must grab this tome’s buff before you engage the spirits/talisman on Yavin as their buffs disappear when you change planet.


The Ancient Tome is in Outlaw’s Den in Tatooine but has several locations it can spawn in. Check all over Outlaw’s Den. Below is one of the possible locations. It seems to always spawn on top of a crate so check the crates!


Step Two: Four Sith Spirits

Now head to Yavin and visit these four Sith Spirits. They have a respawn timer of ~ 7.5 minutes and disappears once someone has interacted with them. To interact with them, you need to be standing right next to them and right click them. You will only get the buff from them if you are standing near them when they do the 360 knockback. It is best to wait for other players before clicking the ghosts so everyone can get the buff (there might be a limit on how many players can get this buff at the same time).

  • You do not need to get all 4 sith spirit buffs before interacting with their talisman. It just makes it easier as you don’t need to think about what buffs you have and which corresponding talisman you need to interact.
  • The buff from the sith spirits only last for 1 hr and will disappear if you log out or change planets.


If you get all 4 Sith Spirits and their achievement, you will unlock a new achievement called Speaker of the Dead that grant you the legacy title Speaker of the Dead.


The Deshade’s Master (Tulak Hord)


  • Visited the Ghost of Deshade’s Master on Yavin 4
  • Tulak Hord’s Sith Spirit is in The Breaking Cave, he roams around the entire cave.


Seeker of Forbidden Teachings (Exar Kun)


  • Visited the Ghost of Seeker of Forbidden Teachings on Yavin 4
  • Exar Kun’s Sith Spirit is in Temple Approach, near a forested area with spider webs.


Dark Side Magician (Naga Sadow)

  • Visited the Ghost of a great Dark Side Magician on Yavin 4
  • Naga Sadow’s Sith Spirit is in Temple Ruins, right under his giant statue


Marked Spirit (Marka Ragnos)

  • Visited the Ghost of Vitiate’s Master on Yavin 4
  • Marka Ragno’s Sith Spirit is in Temple Ruins, right under his giant statue


Step Three: Four Talisman

Once you have the corresponding Sith Spirit buffs, you can visit these talisman to convert them into a new buff that lasts for 2 hrs and gain some new achievements. You will need 4 all Talisman buffs to summon the Ancient Threat and all your talisman buffs are wiped during the summoning so you will need multiple players with the 4 Talisman buffs so you can resummon the Ancient Threat quickly after a wipe.

  • Make sure to not stand close to the Talisman unless you are clicking on it as the Talisman may bug out and remove nearby player’s sith spirit buffs without granting them the talisman buff.

Talisman of Tulak Hord

  • You found a Talisman on Yavin 4. It appears to have some connection to Tulak Hord.
  • Talisman of Tulak Hord is in Massassi Village in Temple Ruins


Talisman of Exar Kun

  • You found a Talisman on Yavin 4. It appears to have some connection to Exar Kun.
  • Talisman of Exar Kun is in Verdant Swamp SE corner next to a stone head


Talisman of Naga Sadow

  • You found a Talisman on Yavin 4. It appears to have some connection to Naga Sadow
  • Talisman of Tulak Hord is in Prowler’s Trail SE corner near a waterfall


Talisman of Marka Ragnos

  • You found a Talisman on Yavin 4. It appears to have some connection to Marka Ragnos
  • Talisman of Marka Ragnos in Training Grounds near north most North Jungle Cave


Step Three: Unknown Talisman and Ancient Threat

Talisman of the Unknown

The fifth and final Unknown Talisman is located north of Training Grounds in a forested area. It is among the skulls on top of an altar. You will need all 4 Talisman buffs before you can click on the Unknown Talisman.


Clicking on the Unknown Talisman will grant you the achievement and complete the achievement Talisman Collector


This will also summon the Ancient Threat world boss, which you cannot defeat unless you have an operation group of 16 players or more.

Ancient Threat

  • You need everyone in raid to have the Ancient Tome buff from step one  to be able to damage him.
  • This world boss requires at least 16 players and has tons of pulls and knockbacks like the Hateful Entity in Nightmare S&V so having bounty hunters/troopers with Hydrualic Overrides/Hold the Line might be helpful.
  • It has 15 mil HP, so be prepared to take sometime to kill it.


Defeating the Ancient Threat world boss grant you two separate achievements: Ancient Threat No More and Master of the Beyond


  • Wolflord

    Speaker of the dead title will do me nicely, cba with the rest but decent guide as always.

  • Me

    What does the boss drop?

  • WFX

    Ancien Tome has been moved. Can’t find it.

  • Detropia

    I’m curious as to how you managed to complete both achievements about the ancient threat since you can’t have the buff from the tome which disappeared? Did you have it prior to the patch or….?

    • Void

      My guess is Dulfy did it on PTS. The same reason why this site had a plethora of detailed guides on 3.0 literally minutes after it got public release.

      • Someone From PTS

        If I remember correctly there were talks on the PTS of NOT releasing info on this boss for at least a couple weeks after it was added. To give players a chance to figure it out on their own. You know, being a secret boss and all.

        Apparently Dulfy disagreed.

        • asdasda

          Everyone disagreed. Take your stupid imaginary pact and shove it.

          • PTSGYT

            Not true. A Majority the people on the PTS agreed not to give out new ops strategies right away. Then someone pointed out Dulfy always has guides up within a week. Then a few days later it was revealed some people had already starting writing guides and gave them to her. At that point it became pointless for the rest of us to withhold info, so more people pitched in to make sure it was at lest correct.

          • Someone From PTS

            Clearly not everyone disagreed. Also, I had no part of that discussion, nor did I have any “pact”.

            I however feel that things like this should not be released so soon. What’s the point of having a secret boss if it’s never a secret?

            Part of the fun of things like this, or the original secret bosses in S&V and TFB, or the magenta crystals was having people trying to figure it out.

        • Funny you should mention this. The info on the secret boss was already posted elsewhere since 3.0 was released a month or so ago. Not only they violated the NDA, they also straight up copy/pasted what was on the forums.

          Why don’t you bring your complaints to them?

          • Someone From PTS

            I wasn’t aware anyone had posted the information already, and before the content was even added. I think it’s worth noting that the effect of it being posted on a relatively obscure site (relatively being the operative word) is different than posting in here on probably the most recognized SWTOR fan site.

            However, seeing as how the cat was already out of the bag I can hardly begrudge you posting your own guide in all its glory. That and how often I end up using your guides it’s hard to get too upset overall. More of an annoyance than anything.

            For the other site to break NDA and post the information ahead of release was really bad form.

            • Yes it was 🙁 I even brought it to Bioware’s attention, they didn’t do anything.

  • Lyc

    it has been moved has it or is this missing tome just ANOTHER achievement bug?

    • It is either a) moved b) bugged or c) has another trigger to spawn it that we don’t know yet. Not sure which option is correct atm

  • Lyc

    tome is in the same place just got it

    • Detropia

      Oh so does it have like a repop timer?

    • Weird I went that location as soon as the servers came up and it didn’t show up for me. I will check again I guess

  • DrOph

    Oh wow. I’ve been silently waiting for this. That eerie little area was calling out to me.

  • Sarigar

    I’m not overly thrilled that they put a key component of a world boss fight in an open PVP area. Seems like a ripe opportunity for griefers. Hopefully that won’t come to pass, or more likely that said griefers will get bored sooner than later.

  • Telanis

    >The Ancient Tome was located at this location in Outlaw’s Den of Tatooine. It does not show up at this location anymore. Until its new location is found, you cannot kill the Ancient Threat just yet.

    According to swtor_miner it’s just unspawned. You have to find out how to trigger it.

  • Lumi

    Looks like Tulaks spirit is bugged… 20 minutes with no respawn, others took no longer than 10, but definitely more than 5.

    • Lumi

      Scratch that, respawn is about the same as the others. But definitely more than 5 minutes and less than 10

      • asdasda

        They all have a 7.5 minute respawn.

  • Sarigar

    1) Forcewalking ritual on Tulak Hord, Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos
    2) ????

    • differentdrummer

      Except of course that they’ll eat you rather than you eating them.

      • Sarigar

        Oh, it wasn’t a plan, it was a suggestion to some other ambitious Sith. GO GET HER, Ray!

        • Naq

          Sarigar, never change.

  • Talor

    You don’t need the Tatooine stone. The boss does spawn anyway 😉 Just tried and died 😛

    • Rondowar

      exactly like dulfy said: “Note that you do not need to grab this Ancient Tome if you do not wish
      to fight the Ancient Threat world boss at the end. If you do want to
      fight the world boss, you must have this buff as you cannot damage Ancient Threat without it.”

    • Robert Hindy

      The stone is needed to damage the boss. Dulfy stated this above:

      “Note that you do not need to grab this Ancient Tome if you do not wish to fight the Ancient Threat world boss at the end. If you do want to fight the world boss, you must have this buff as you cannot damage Ancient Threat without it.”

      • Talor

        Ah where are my glasses?^^

  • this swtor guy

    Please tell me the new fight is in an instance – Yavin 4 is bad enough with the Walkers and general performance issues…

    • asdsda


  • Archexecutor

    Well, I was just going around fishing for achievements, when much to my dismay the boss spawned, even though I had purposefully NOT gotten the Tatooine buff. Fun!

    • Lumi

      Looks like its a group thing. Did it multiple times without a group, and didn’t spawn. Along comes two other guys in a group, and WHAM. Everybody in the vicinity, dead.

      • you moron

        No, you can spawn it solo. It doesn’t just appear, you have to click the Unknown Talisman.

    • Robert Hindy

      The Tat buff is only there for damaging him.

      If you have the buffs from the other 4 talismans, clicking the last one will always spawn the enemy. If you let one of the buffs run out, it doesn’t.

  • Lumi

    Ancient tome is on a crate across from the Jawa vendor in Outlaw’s Den

    • Can you post a pic? can’t find it

      • Lumi

        Sure, here ya go!

        • Weird, it is not up on my server. I wonder if it is bugged or if there is a trigger somewhere

          • Lumi

            It’s up on Bastion. Steady stream of people have been coming by, including an entire ops group. As of this moment, it is still available.

            • Ah, checked on Harbinger and shadowlands, not up on both. Very weird.

              • Wobbuffet

                Not on Begeren Colony

              • up on BC

              • Dakit

                confirmed not on Harbinger

              • Robert Hindy

                Tait said that there is some new mechanic to it that was not on the PTS servers. Seems to need to be spawned or it moves locations or something:


                People in the comments below mention that they found it in different locations on Tatooine. It might move.

          • Ellison Jung

            Maybe it is punishment for Harbinger for exploiting Ravagers too much.

        • Robbieschar

          Its not present on the shadowlands server either

      • Secundum Ave

        Dulfy, the Marka Ragnos bit has the same description as the spirit above it (in temple ruins, giant statue etc).

  • Mel

    Hi guys not maybe the right thread, but comes with the new update. Will there be a new weekly sale this week ? Has anyone who has loggied in the game since the patch seen new items on sale ? Can’t log at the moment, would be cool to know what to expect.

    • Yes probably in about 40 minutes

      • mel

        ty dulfy !!

  • KShrike

    Lol, speaker for the dead 😛
    I love references like that.

  • Lysirina

    the ancient tome is just where you found it, dulfy, here’s the screenshot 🙂

    • camelpockets

      Huh. So it would seem that some servers have the tome, but not others.

      • I’ve read comments that the tome moves, but we’ve been over all of outlaw’s den and no dice

      • Robert Hindy

        Tait said on the forums that something spawns the tome or that it moves.

        Its working as intended on all servers.


      • Lysirina

        yeah, possibly, i’m on EU server Red Eclipse, so… might be moving, might be a bug, it was there for me for the first try

      • Rock

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          She’s a Moose….

  • Esail

    Hmm I spoke to all four spirits but got no title and archivment :/

    • bogey2230 .

      there is more to it than just talking to 4 spirits…read the entire guide

  • BobbyOrr

    Quick thought on the best way to get a full group to be able to accomplish this.

    Would it be better to have one person get all the buffs and get to the point where they can summon the world boss and have someone else waiting on Tattoine to summon the rest of the group to get the first buff and then have the person about to summon the world boss then summon everyone back?

    It just seams like trying to get everyone to get all the buffs without bugging others in the group out all the way to the end might be more of a pain.

  • mike

    I just found the ancient tome in the northern dome hut in the outlaws den on Yung Ma. It was sitting on a crate.

    • Burned

      Yes you did. I believe the tome moves now. Pot5 Northern.

  • Johnny Wright

    How difficult is Ancient Threat in terms of gear requirements? Would everyone in the raid need to have geared up from the new raids if they want to have a shot at beating it?

    • K’ehlas

      I would imagine 192 gear would be sufficient, as 198s are supposed to be your “reward” for beating the hardest mobs/bosses in the game. But don’t quote me on that, I really have no idea.

      • duh

        So far the secret bosses have all been harder than anything else required to reach them, so yeah I would re-think that. Dreadtooth (level 50) wasn’t even killed on Nightmarish until 2.0 came out and people could do it at 55.

        • you’re wrong

          I just like to say, that my guild on jarkai sword downed dreadtooth on level 50 followed by dreadfull entity a few dailys later. and we definitly weren’t world first at this. So it was more then doable.

        • Back in the days my guild together with another took him down at lv 50 with full stacks. It was darn hard, sure, and you needed to be rather well geared, but quite doable. It just required good team coördination with avoiding red circle spikes and stopping DPS on the scream. Sometimes someone would lag though and still take the spike which was made it most difficult to be honest. xP

  • Vladislav

    Does he have enrage timer? Some tricky mechanic that limit time to kill him?

  • Mikerz

    Is there some sort of mask u need?

    • I do not think so, just the tome’s buff

  • Kree

    Hey guys. So today I put together a 24 man group of people to attempt the Ancient Threat. We all had the ‘Ancient Knowledge’ buff from the tattooine item. Here’s what we know so far:

    Here’s some abilities that it has.
    Force Whisper – Causes you to take reduced healing
    Force Leech – Increases AoE damage recieved by 5% per stack
    Explosive Force*- Unknown.
    Force Storm – Periodic AoE damage that deals about 2k damage per tick.
    It also does a Raid wide Silence, preventing you from casting anything including cc breaks. Perhaps an item is needed to resist this attack?
    When i check my combat logs, Explosive Force is what kills you with 0 damage. It is my assumption that this is the attack that needs to be Resisted by a new item that may be ingame, similiar to the Dreadtooth masks.

    Any thoughts?

    • does anybody in the group have the Dread Master mask on?

      • Artorias

        I had it on, took the hit constantly. Also Explosive Force is an unmitigatable 11k attack, it deals damage and isn’t an instantkill.

        • a mechanic similar to dread touch then

          • Aelero

            So every1 needs the mask from hateful entity in order to survive Explosive Force?

            • no, we tried it out, it’s just a silence ability, like when you pick up barrels fighting bulo. you can move and jump, but you can’t use abilities and it lasts 4-5 seconds

              • Aelero


    • Ottrtigas

      Where do you think this new item may come from? I’d personally like to see a different slot for the newer protective gear, leading to another Legendary item later so you can accumulate them instead of throwing out the Crest of the Dread Masters.

  • Lumi

    At the time of this post, the Ancient Tome is still sitting across the way from the Jawa vendor in Outlaw’s Den on The Bastion. Does not despawn for at least 6 hours, even after server restart

  • Aelero

    Does the buff from “Ancient Tome” persist through death?

    • Benaiah

      The Ancient Knowledge Buff presists through death, yes.

      • Aelero


  • Stu K

    The “Speaker of the Dead” is bugged

    • micmitja

      same here done it 4 times got talisman ach but not speaker of dead

      • Speaker of the Dead is for interacting with the spirits, no? Not the talismans.

    • McNooberton

      huh…just got all 4 and it worked for me

  • Aelero

    As far as I know, I haven’t seen it on Jedi Covenant.

    • christine0984

      I have seen the spirits there but have not tried to summon the world boss as of yet as i feel like it would be a waste to summon him without a raid group formed to take him down.

  • Does this work as good as the Rishi Datacrons quest? If so, PASS.

    • Vodorlo

      Everything works, don’t worry.

  • Luxors

    Nice world boss. It seems that the difficulty is approaching hateful entity one isn’t it ? Some questions I have, Is it a boss you have to kit like hateful entity ? Does anyone already killed him and could explain in more detail what fight mechanic is it ? (Buff, debuff, stacks, raid composition for optimization…)

    When we have the 4 talisman we have a 2hours buff. Is that mean we have to do again the 3 steps once 2hours is passed ? If it’s true it means we have 2 hours to killed him. Am I right ?

    Last interrogation, but it’s to talk about legendary content. Do you think it will be a 3rd boss bonus (in dread palace or sacrifice temple) or do you think this world boss replace an eventually 3rd boss bonus ? Some mechanics make me think about a 3 one but it’s not in an operation instance so…

    • 1. No one as killed it as far as I know. I have heard some people in Ebon Hawk got him down to 90%
      2. Yes you have 2 hrs to kill him before you have to do the spirits/talisman again

      3. Not sure

      • Vodorlo

        About #2…

        Tried summoning the boss with the buffs for achievements, died, and lost all the buffs (save for the Tome), which would prompt me to do the talismans over again should I want to summon him again.

        So regardless, when you summon him, you lose the buffs and would have to get them again after summoning.

        • Aelero

          That why you want multiple people with the talisman buffs. They remain on you till you leave planet, log out or the time for buff runs out.

      • Dalara

        Our guild on Shadowlands got him down to 90%. It’s a tough fight for sure. We didn’t know any of the mechanics and did two pulls on him, which required us to get the summoning buffs again after the first wipe as only one of us went to the trouble of getting them. I would recommend any guilds that attempt to bring their ship for the orbital support buff and even maybe kill pilgrim for that buff as well, also everyone should have the talisman buffs and take turns summoning to get in as many attempts as possible in the 2hr period. It is definitely not something you want to attempt without excellent gear and skilled players. We did this day one, with minimal knowledge of the fight as we were the first guild to find where the tome was on Shadowlands and get a 24m group together. After reading the posted guide on the SWTOR forums, it seems to be a three tank fight like Nightmare Pilgrim was when it was relevant content.

    • Aelero

      Kree made a post further down about some of the abilities the boss has. Also, having snipers/gunslingers for entrench/hunker down and bounty hunters/troopers for hydraulic overrides/hold the line would probably be the most optimal since he does pull you to him from time to time.

  • Sarigar

    Lorewise, has anyone determined exactly who or what the Ancient Threat is? An amalgamation of ancient Sith spirits? A powerful Dark Side Force entity? A being from another galaxy/dimension? An avatar of the Emperor?

    • Vodorlo

      I remember for the TOS Revan fight, he would summon theses things during the fight, just named differently (Aberrations).

    • Amarandt

      I like to think it’s a cloud of (merged) pure dark side energy. You gather this dark side energy from the dark lords’ spirits (you get buffs from this) and then put it in the talismans. Then when you put them all together at the altar (including the unknown talisman) the energy merges and forms this big cloud. The boss deals energy damage ,too.

      But this is just my view / theory, ofcourse. 🙂

    • Luxors

      Maybe an emperor part of his spirit. We have learned that when we kill him in the guardian story that we just killed his physical form and not his spirit. Maybe he divide his spirit in 2 forms, one is this wb and the second is the one we see leave from the pyramid.

      My second suggestion is it may be a continuous of boss bonus entity we know, but bw wanted to give this access to more people, and by the way change the kind of boss bonus we know. I find this boss very close to them…

  • Nozyspy .

    Ahhhh does anyone remember the ancient tome thingy that was on top of the main building in Outlaws Den that everyone thought was some kind of uber-secret?

    Maybe this is a nod from Bioware to the rumours that surrounded that item?

    • it is but now the tome can be found somewhere else ^_^

    • you twat

      Read before you post, moron, this guide says quite clearly that the Tome is involved.

      • 57th Street Incident

        Take a deep breath, read the post you’re replying to before posting.

  • Theeho

    If anyone’s interested in killing the boss, I wrote a guide on the SWTOR forums describing how the fight works: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=790054

    • Aelero

      Its a helpful guide, but unless someone on my server finds where the Ancient Tome is located, its of no help to me at least.

      • Nomar

        It moves around the outlaws den. You have to keep looking

  • mommad

    I’m still waiting to see if there’s any good drops off of this other than a title. Kind of meh to me to go through all of that only for a title.

    • Zombie Grunny

      There is a trophy!

      • Xorras

        Trophy in loot like on walker?

        • Lumi

          Trophy as in a portrait art for the wall of your stronghold, like all the others

          • Calphaya

            Actually, this “Trophy” will be one that sits out on the open on a Large/Medium Floor hook, according to the Decoration list. It’s one of three 3-d trophies, alongside the Giradda Barge Replica and Lancer Squadron Command Unit, gleaned from Season 2 Ranked PvP and killing the Walker, respectively.

        • Vodorlo
      • Xymanek

        Does every1 get it?

  • Unoshi

    i do hope BW will bring these four spirits in a much bigger picture.
    Related to an new operation or w/e They have been to major in the past and in future games to be left out like that or use as simple npc’s but here’s to wishful thinking

  • Aelero

    The ancient tome doesn’t always spawn on top of a crate. http://imgur.com/zEKhOTz

    Also, on a side note, switching instances also removes the ghost buffs.

    • dickbutt

      Thanks! Found it there on the Shadowlands instance #2 just now.

  • Mandalore2280

    Well crap, there goes my hope of Naga actually being added on as a raid boss on Yavin….

    • Xymanek

      Remember: Emperor’s currently doesn’t have any physical form, he is force manifestation. Its likely we will see him resurrecting dead sith lords as ops bosses later

  • feign

    So our guild tried a 16 man (2 tanks, 4 heals). We think 3 tanks may be better. What we’re not entirely sure if his ancient knowledge debuff on the enemy is supposed to disappear entirely (since we had the tome buff as well) or it stays there and that we were able to damage him anyway, as we did not have the “immune” damage issue.

  • Naq

    I’ve wanted the title “Treasure Hunter” since launch, we keep getting close. Galaxy explorer for instance. Now, grave robber. Reminds me of Locke Garrimonde from FF6, “I’m not a thief, I’m a treasure hunter!” So for now, I will take Grave Robber, and wear it with grinning disdain till I get what I want. I ran this last night, 4 spirits, 4 totems, and then the final to summon the boss, all in all took like….25 minutes, I would start with The Breach, its the one players are most likely going to click on their way by doing dailies, then move onto the other 3 without any real competition. When summoning the Ancient threat, there isn’t really any hope of escape, if you run, he pulls you back, then instant kills. But, whats a little knock out in exchange for a fancy new title? I still had my wallet when I woke up and everything!
    Sweet side effect, you find all sorts of neat nooks and crannies to the Yavin 4 zone you might not have found with regular play, some of them are ideal for RP (if you rp)

  • Bob Smithers

    2 days now, the tome never shows up, no matter how long we all wait. It must be bugged.

    • Vodorlo

      It is not bugged, just find it…


      • beruhl

        YOU ARE A LIFESAVER. We almost scrapped our May the 4th WB ops night because we couldn’t find it for 2 hours.

        • Vodorlo

          np, glad I could help. 🙂

  • Dyremaker


    Is the Ancient Tome spawn bugged?

  • Jules

    I just went through all of the spirits then couldn’t find one so I switched instances hoping it would be available, turns out that drops the buffs too… Didn’t see it in the guide, so just in case you didn’t know 🙂

  • venomlash

    You CAN get the achievement for the Talisman of the Unknown without the other talisman buffs, just so you know. I was able to do so yesterday.

  • Popo

    How long does the buff from the Ancient Tome stick around?

    • Vodorlo

      3 hours, persists through death.

      • Popo


        • Telrre

          It doesn’t persists through death. After wipe at wb, I still had this buff.

  • yellow-power ftw

    Ancient Tome any1 knows its respawn timer ??

    • Zombie Grunny

      No respawn timer. Different locations per server

      • No Idea

        Is it different per server? or different every time after kill?

        • Zombie Grunny

          I guess per server, can’t say though

  • Zombie Grunny

    The Loactions are different per server. i checked.

  • Vodorlo

    Congrats to Seven Stuck, who killed the boss! http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=790054
    Loot that dropped from him were four trophies mentioned below me, and purple yavin rep. That’s it.

  • OT_Chiver

    So, here’s a question. If you all get killed by the Ancient threat, will you have to regather all the force buffs and talisman buffs from all 8 points?

    • ni

      Only the one who summons the boss loses the buffs.

      • OT_Chiver

        So not a bad idea to have more than one person gather the buffs?

        • Not a bad idea at all. Allow you to have multiple attempts without downtime

          • OT_Chiver

            Man…. that’ll suck, having limited pulls based on buffs rather than item cooldown. What drunken dickwad thought that’d be a good.

            • Ryan Sizemore

              its supposed to be, not easy…

  • David Kapostasy

    Definitely not bugged on POT5, just ran through and summoned him. Survived the pull due to OP hyrdraulics.

  • Maliha

    I just found it in the same location as Vodorlo below. It’s in the GTN area of the Outlaws den, sitting on a sill to the right of the entrance… note the Pub buff icon is different from the Imp buff icon. You can see the coords in the map pic.

  • Frozztie

    youtube link to were the ghosts are and were the talismans are

  • Alison Salotti

    Grave Robber (earned after interacting with all 5 Talisman) — I tried to get this achievement with a guild mate of mine. We had all the buffs, and went to click on the Unknown Talisman ( we did not have the buff from Tattooine). It summoned the Ancient and killed us both without giving either of us the achievement for Grave Robber. And took our buffs we had also.

    • Secundum Ave

      And that’s why you get the buff from Tatooine.

      • Alison Salotti

        The buff from tattooine was to battle the boss. The guide said you can get the achievement if you want without fighting it. However, I deleted the comment because the title showed up later. So there was some sort of delay there. But it did work. 🙂

        • Secundum Ave

          Episode 6: Return of the Biofail.

  • Ebola

    Here is an other position where the ancient tome spawn (Outlaw’s Den – Republic’s enter on the right site the small house)

  • Confused

    I have been trying to do this for over a week now.. I have found everything save for the 4th ghost… Seeker of Forbidden Teachings (Exar Kun) … I’ve been covering the path and the forested area with the spider webs for 2 hours straight today alone and the ghost is a no show.. has this been moved?? Am is supposed to summon him somehow? (doesnt make sense since the rest of them just float around) am reaching at straws here.. I can’t find this guy.. ANY help would be Greatly appreciated! Txs

    • kampori

      Just did it now. Went straight into the forest and saw him immediately. Do you have bloom turned off? maybe turning it on might help, they show up like a beacon.
      Or maybe you’re just unlucky and people keep getting it behind your back

  • Fazu

    Tome aint allways on a crate… found it inside the den on a ledge near door…

  • cg_hash

    Oblivion is going to down ancient threat on Saturday, June 13th. Head to oblivionswtor.enjin.com to stay posted on our progress.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Anyone know what the respawn time is for the Tatooine Ancient Tome? Been driving around for 30 minutes with no luck.

  • Jara Swtor

    Done with 24M.

  • Quen’tin

    I’m at 265/315 Exploration achievment points as You can see in the screenshot. Anybody can help me what I’m missing?

    • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

      You’re missing Censure the Commandant – Defeated “Commandant Jenarian” on Yavin 4. Rare champion spawn near the temple in the middle of the map (around the vicinity of Lance Squadron Unit 2).

    • Damz

      hey mate,whats the name of the 3rd yellow achievement at bottom?

  • Александр Востриков

    Step Four: Unknown Talisman and Ancient Threat, instead “Three” 🙂

  • Damz

    So i have 215/315 on exploration, i know ancient threat gives additionl 50 points, so my question is does anyone knows where u get other 50 points that are missing?
    the ones i HAVE are:

    -One giant leap for coalition
    -no sensor left behind

    -Republic espionage
    -imperial espionage

    -Talismans of exar, tulak, naga, marka, of unknown
    -spirits of exar,tulak,naga,marka
    -speaker of dead
    -talisman collector
    -censure the commandant

    • Damz

      ah sorry, im blind xD didnt see last pic, Master of the Beyond is what im missing

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