SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Jan 13- 20

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of Jan 13-20


New stuff

  • Acolyte’s shadow pack – 250 CC
  • Hypercraate: Acolyte’s shadow pack – 5400 CC
  • Appearance Option: Vibrant Green Eyes – 100 CC (Human only)
  • Appearance Option: Bright Yellow Eyes – 100 CC (Human only)
  • Appearance Option: Double Braids – 240 CC (female only)
  • Appearance Option: Dreadlocks – 240 CC (male only)


  • W4-K2 Astromech Droid – 70 CC (75% OFF)
  • Czerka CZX-4 Blaster Rifle – 250 CC (50% OFF)
  • Czerka CZX-4 Sniper Rifle – 250 CC (50% OFF)
  • Interstellar Privateer Armor set – 720 CC (50% OFF)
  • Malevolent Interrogator Armor set – 720 CC (50% OFF)
  • Republic Essentials Bundle – 357 CC (50% OFF)
  • Imperial Essentials Bundle – 357 CC ( 50% OFF)
  • syreei

    This pack has to be better than the rest.

    • Sivis

      It is definately one of the best, thats for sure.

      Whole host of mounts, armour sets are really dcent (especially revanite persuer), the slot machine that yields jawa junk/rep/etc for contraband chips, etc.

      Quite why this wasn’t the first of the shadow packs, with revans armour thrown in, is beyond me. Would’ve been a nice thing to have, while waiting for the insane amount of fixes needed.

      • p4v7

        If you had thrown Revan’s armor into that pack, it would have been OP!

  • Nick Wenzel

    wtf the Mount wohahaha

  • Havik79

    What does the green eyes look like?
    Lol, weren’t the imp and pub essentials bundles on sale last week for 30% off?.

    • erruss

      Slightly greener than other green eyes not worth it

  • James Ohlinger

    Anyone here on the bastion server?

    • Eros

      Hello from Bastion!

      • Guest

        Imp on bastion, hello

    • Geminilegion

      Imp on Bastion, Hello

    • GSF4Lyf

      Bastion represent! lol

    • Hugo A Sanchez

      Powertech here

    • Vodorlo

      Imp Bastion (mostly).

  • Sweet’scar

    Could u make a guide on the new Slot machine please?

    • Vodorlo

      The odds:outcomechancelose25%”win_token”20%”win_jawa_junk”10%”win_droid_parts”10%”win_scavenged_scrap”10%”win_trophy_small”10%”win_trophy_medium”8%”win_trophy_large”5%”win_certificate”2%total100%
      Taken from swtor_miner.

      • Sweet’scar

        Thx! 🙂

  • Rock

    my step-sister m.kes $73 /hour on the computer . She has been without a job for seven months but last month her check was $13300 just working on the computer for a few hours. find out here now;.Anyone

  • Lady Stardust

    Would’ve bought the dreadlocks unlock for quadruple its original price if BW made the hair available for female characters. Likewise, I would jump all over the double braids if males could wear them. Seriously, why can’t they just make all haircuts universal across both sexes? My ladies are super butch and my men are super girly, damn it.

    • Verian

      You can I believe. Check out the customization options on your toons.

    • guest

      The dreads are available for females. The hairstyles that are available for males have been available for females as well. It’s just the reverse that isn’t true.

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    I got Vizla’s Chest helm and boots, but dying the gear is terrible. Using a 2 color dye on it will make you look like a colorful dalmatian dog.

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