GW2 Luminescent Coat and Headgear Collections Guide

GW2 Luminescent Coat and Headgear Collections Guide for Point of No Return release.

Luminescent Coat

Mordrem Kidney

You need to acquire a Teragriff Kidney, Husk Kidney, Troll Kidney, and Thrasher Kidney for the collection. To acquire them, you need to purchase some Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device for 12 Bandit Crests each from the Bandit Crests vendor in Camp Resolve. Use them before you kill champions to acquire the organ parts once the champions die. There is also a debuff that now prevent you from tagging multiple Mordrem champions at the same time to get multiple organ drops.

There are now two sets of champions you can kill for the organ parts. The first set is the usual champions that pops up during the Breach in their underground locations


The second set are the 3 Vinewrath champions that pops up after the Breach during the Vinewrath event.

  • Beekeeper (bottom lane)  is a troll and will drop troll organ parts
  • Mangler (middle lane)  is a thrasher and drop thrasher organ parts
  • Dark Wing (top lane) is a Teragriff and will drop Teragriff organ parts


Unfortunately with chance to get Fang, Tendon, Bladder, Spleen, Eye, and Kidneys from these Mordrem creatures it can be a bit frustrating to get the right organ. Luckily you can turn in the all the  organ parts to the Cryptobotanist that roams around the map. Here is an updated map and schedule provided by reddit user Oaksfromacorns. Remember to turn in to the Cryptobotanist the part that he likes the most based on his location for the most bandit badges.


Cryptobotanist Schedule (note that the time is in server time, which is UTC). You can go into your ingame options and set ingame clock to server time or just know that EST is UTC –5 and PST is UTC –8.

Time (server) Time (server) Location Parts
00:00 12:00 Northeastern Tendons
00:30 12:30 Dry Quarry Fangs
01:00 13:00 Camp Resolve Bladders
01:30 13:30 Sharp Valley Spleens
02:00 14:00 Northwestern Kidneys
02:30 14:30 Northern Eyes
03:00 15:00 Northeastern Tendons
03:30 15:30 Dry Quarry Fangs
04:00 16:00 Camp Resolve Bladders
04:30 16:30 Sharp Valley Spleens
05:00 17:00 Northwestern Kidneys
05:30 17:30 Northern Eyes
06:00 18:00 Northeastern Tendons
06:30 18:30 Dry Quarry Fangs
07:00 19:00 Camp Resolve Bladders
07:30 19:30 Sharp Valley Spleens
08:00 20:00 Northwestern Kidneys
08:30 20:30 Northern Eyes
09:00 21:00 Northeastern Tendons
09:30 21:30 Dry Quarry Fangs
10:00 22:00 Camp Resolve Bladders
10:30 22:30 Sharp Valley Spleens
11:00 23:00 Northwestern Kidneys
11:30 23:30 Northern Eyes

Luminescent Belt

Get 3 stacks of Perseverance buff from doing events in Silverwastesand then talk to the Quartermaster inside any of the 4 fortress when it is not under attack during Pact Assault Preparations and select the option “I am here to prove my perseverance”.

You can only get a maximum of 5 stacks of Perseverance buff and there are two items to get for chest and helm collections (berlt and chinstrap) so you need to go to the quartermaster at 5 stacks, get one of them items and then do one more event to get back to 3 stacks and revisit the quartermaster


Imbued Skull

Grab a Large Skull (crafting mat) from your bank or buy it from the TP. Use it on the Luminescent Pollen Cloud that spawns ithe near the underground Mordrem champion after they are defeated during The Breach to turn it into an Imbued Skull.


Make sure you also grab the Dragonfly wings for the headpiece so you can do both in one go.

Caithe’s Remorse

You will need to complete all the story journal achievements for Point of No Return to get this ascended accessory. Here is a guide to those achievements.


Carapace Chestpieces

You get one Carapace Chest for doing the Vinewrath Vanquisher achievement (i.e. killing Vinewrath the first time). If you are unsure how that event works check out this guide. Addition chestpieces are obtained as random drops from the big chest that spawns when Vinewrath is successfully defeated.

Depending on your luck with the chests it may take you as much as 20 Vinewrath kills to get all 3 chestpieces.


Luminescent Headhear

Mordrem Eyes

You need to acquire a Teragriff Eye, Husk Eye, Troll Eye, and Thrasher Eye for the collection. This is pretty much identical to the Mordrem Kidney section for the Luminescent Coat so refer to that part of the guide.

Luminescent Chinstrap

Identical to the Luminescent Belt section for Coat.

Radiant Dragonfly Wings

You first need to purchase Dragonfly-Wing Earrings from Cook Huelic for 140 karma near Rana Landing Complex Waypoint in Metrica Province.


Next you need to visit the Luminescent Pollen Cloud that spawns near the underground Mordrem champion during the Breach after it is defeated and convert it to a Radiant Dragonfly Wing.

Jurah’s Jewel

Purchased from the Bandit Crest collector for 1000 Bandit Badges and 10 gold in Camp Resolve. You may need to complete the Point of No Return story (or achievements)  for this to show up on the vendor.


Carapace Helm

You get helms from completing the Point of No Return story. You can use level 80 alts to redo the story for additional helm pieces. If you have a ton of bandit badges or don’t have level 80 alts you can buy them from the Bandit Crest collector for 1000 badges and 1 gold each.


  • guest

    Any idea if there might be Mordrem eyekidney extractors in the future?

    • I would imagine so in a future patch

      • zonical

        I dont really see a point in it, there is an “unlimited” amount of time to get them. Why would they get into the trouble of making an item that would diminish the amount of ingame time we need to waste to get this new shinny thingies?

        • Pipra

          Because that is exactly what they did with the tendons, fangs, bladders, and spleens.

          • zonical

            I know, I even used them when I was falling behind, I ment it as now there is no new related content for the armor in a couple of weeks.

  • Ignil

    I don’t know if its a bug but the collector collecting the fangs never shows up. He is left out in the circle and it just jumps to the eye collector. Noticed that happen twice today.

    • Ares Zax

      That’s because it always goes in this order: Tendons -> Fangs -> Bladders -> Spleen -> Kidneys -> Eyes. It looks as if the Collector is going around in a circle, but he’s not. The Fangs is the exception to the rule.

      • Ignil

        Ah alright, thx!

  • Yukito

    Sometimes I got two items for one extracted mordrem part. Dunno how rare this is but it happened twice for me.

  • Lord

    Do the next extension will be Elona ? Or Crystal Desert ?
    i hope there will be Maguuma country, but I found it strange that the last Jewel we have to collect is Jurah’s Jewel,
    Jurah was the true name of the Master of Whispers who help Kormir against Abaddon.
    And Brill’s Dragon Egg is linked to Crystal Desert, linked to Tyria and Elona.

  • Ice3

    Judah’s jewel is also available from laurel merchants for 30 laurels once you complete the chapter, for those who don’t want to farm bandit crests for it.

    • Lord

      Great, that means you don’t have to send 10 gold and 1000 bandit crests for it.
      Does it worked also for Verata’s Seared Ring ?

      • Ares Zax

        If I recall correctly, yes it does. However, considering that Laurels have an average worth of 1g each, you’re spending 30g as opposed to 10g + 1000 Crests. If you feel the time saving is worth it though, then go for it. 🙂

  • Neltisen

    20 kills for chest box? Come on, after 30 boss kills i never seen that box in any chest -.-

    • Felix

      please try to stay top lane kill the final boss, when chest shows up, rush to it asap, first couple of ppl have higher chance to get coat chest. I got 3 chests out of 5 times run. Good luck.

      • I’d really like some proof, as that sounds quite ridiculous.

      • Jon

        actually, i think this might be true. i didn’t believe it but i tried it and i got one first time.

  • Raizel

    Luminescent Belt and Luminescent Chinstrap are 1 per day per account?

    • Raizel

      Because after i take the belt, the quartermaster doesn’t display the other :/

      • That is because the perseverance stacks max at 5 and after you get one you are down to 2 stacks so you need to do another event to get back to 3 stacks for the other piece

        • Raizel

          I had 3 stacks or more but the qartermaster still didn’t displayed, i got it today so i don’t know…

          • Was the fort under attack when you talked to him? He won’t give you that option if it is.

            • Raizel

              No it wasn’t, maybe the fort was lv 1 or 2, it had to be lv 3 or above?

              • Lord

                As they are in the collection, they are limited to one by account
                You must have 3 perseverance stack to get them.
                But once you have one, it will never show up again.

                It is the same thing for items that must be put in the pollen cloud.
                To prevent people from making money with these tiems they are limited to one per account.

  • Nekami

    [Wynne’s Locket][Jurah’s Jewel][Plague Signet][Caithe’s Blossom][Caithe’s Remorse] can be purchased from Laurel vendor

    • pabi

      Thaaanks 😀

  • GotchaNL

    About the Coat Boxes:
    I think you get a guaranteed box when you do the boss with a character for the first time. My main Guardian got one on the first try, but nothing on the second try. My Elementist got one on the first try as well. Lastly my Engineer got a box as well on the first try. I might be very lucky or you can use multiple level 80’s to get a guaranteed drop of the coat box.
    Maybe Its worth the shot for you trying to get the coats!

    Edit: I used different lanes on every character

    • Silvyah

      You were lucky.

  • mAje

    Teragriff Eye didn’t drop for me , any ideas?
    i kill it , at least 15times pre day -.-”

    am i that unlucky?

  • Olga Kaoru

    I got Eye like 8 times already, but no kidney! 🙁

    As for Coat Box, I’ve done event around 10 times and got 4 of them.

    Where are my kidneys?! 🙁

    • Lord

      Totally RNG…
      I got two Coat Box on my first run, and nothing after… unless I change character and received a box and the nothing.

      For eyes and kidney
      I didn’t get any eye for days and suddenly, I got 3 of them. Now I have plenty of them.
      Now I only miss Mordrem Rosser Eye

      For kidney, I only have 2. It Always gives me what I do not want 🙁

      Statistics : Assuming that organs parts have the same RNG weight
      You only have 1/6 to get kidney per champion if we do not count gland or heart and 1/8 if you count them.
      So it takes lot of time to get them and can be a bit frustrating to get them.

      Remember that if you finish LS2- part 8 story, you will get a chest that allows you to choose THE kidney or eye you want. Keep it until you only miss one to finish it easily.
      And if you kill 4 mordrem husk in pact assault, you will get the achievement reward which contents 3 mordrem husk sample. That can help.

  • pabi

    About Coat Boxes – in 3 boss kills I got 3 boxes. First one was from the achievement, second and third from the kill (first time did the south and north path, second time only south). So it’s probably pure luck to get them, without magical “do it with your first character standing on one leg” 😉

    • Silvyah

      Yeah you’ve been very lucky. I’ve been trying to get them for a week now, and did +/- 20 bosses. Only one box sadly.

      • Raziel

        I tried to do it with an other char, straight 1 chest, then logged back to main and bam last chest! Just had luck with me this time!

        • Silvyah

          Yeah I also tried to grab a different character but it didn’t work for any of my 4 characters D: RNG Jesus isn’t with me on this one >_<

  • Malene

    The header for “Luminescent Headgear” says “Headhear” instead of “Headgear.”

  • Talon Nighthawk

    OMG the grind was so real but finally got that last eyeball to complete the set today ty dulfy for the crypto map now time to chest farm 😀

  • Done

    Perhaps it was mentioned
    already somewhere, but I still asking myself, if I can immediately turn
    in the extracted stuff once it is recognized as part of the collection. I am
    seriously running out of space and in addition it would help with extra bandit

    • Fallenwulf

      Yep once it’s extracted that’s all you have to do. Go ahead and turn them in.

      • Done

        Thanks! Thats what I wanted to read.

  • Gabz

    So I’m woefully behind on starting my Luminescent collection. If I’m starting from scratch, can I carry one of each type of extractor into a boss fight and get each of the organ types from it? Or does each organ require a new kill of that boss?

    • Kuma

      you can only have 1 extractorbuff at a time
      which means you have to do every boss about 7 times

      • Gabz

        Crap. Thanks. 🙂 I was hoping you could use a buff up and put it back on to have it trigger again, but I’m guessing it triggers on event completion, so that won’t work.

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