GW2 Point of No Return

GW2 Point of No Return Vinewrath Silverwastes Achievements Guide

GW2 Vinewrath Silverwastes achievements guide for the Point of No Return release.


Vinewrath Event

The Vinewrath event occurs in the western end of Silverwastes in a newly added area known as Vinewrath Tangle. This event only triggers after Pact Assault Preparations and The Breach have completed. It will trigger regardless of how many Mordrem champions were killed during the Breach.


Much like the Marionette event from a while back, this event is divided into 3 lanes. Players can participate in only one lane at a time due to a debuff applied to them that lasts for ~10 minutes that prevents you from facing the Vinewrath again. However, players can join in the bottom lane and then join again at the top lane as the debuff wears off just in time.

Each lane take turns in facing the Vinewrath (bottom lane to top). You don’t actually get to fight the Vinewrath but rather a specific Champion. In addition, there is an unique siege carrier for each lane. If a champion is not killed by a lane, it gets pushed to the next lane. For example, if the bottom lane fails to kill the Beekeeper, the middle lane would get the Beekeeper champion and the top lane would get the Dark Wing champion assuming the middle lane can successfully kill it.

The champion list and the lane map above assumes each lane can successfully kill champion.

  • Bottom lane (blue) have the Mordrem Beekeeper champion and Devourer siege carrier
  • Middle lane (green) have the Mordrem Mangler champion and Golem siege carrier
  • Top lane (red) have the Mordrem Dark Wing champion and Arboreal siege carrier

If all 3 champions are defeated, the event finishes and all the associated achievements are rewarded. The event fails if 15 Siege Carriers are lost.

Make sure to go in and loot the event chest after all 3 champions are defeated.

Mordrem Extraction Device

You can use your Mordrem Extraction Device on the Vinewrath champions so make sure to use it before you kill the champions.

  • Beekeeper is a troll and will drop troll organ parts
  • Mangler is a thrasher and drop thrasher organ parts
  • Dark Wing is a Teragriff and will drop Teragriff organ parts

Bottom Lane Achievements

Bottom lane should have the follow achievements associated with it.

Devour Protector – 1 pt

  • Defend the devourer siege carrier during the assault on the Mordrem Vinewrath. The devourer is unique to the bottom lane and all you need to do is to kill some mobs to get credit for the event and the subsequent achievement.
  • This achievement is only granted at the very end of the event

Beekeeper Crusher – 2 pts

  • Defeat the Mordrem Vinewrath champion, the Mordrem Beekeeper. Guaranteed to be in bottom lane but can be moved to middle or top lane if the bottom lane isn’t successful in killing it.

Covered in Bees! – 5 pts

  • During the Mordrem Beekeeper fight, there is a honeycomb that pops up with a white square behind it. You need to stand in it so that you are protected by the honeycomb when the Vinewrath shoot out lasers beams.If done correctly you should receive a buff called Partially Protected. Beware of knockbacks from troll adds that can push you out of the square right before the beam lands. Vinewrath will start shooting beams when the Beekeeper runs to it.
    • For the honeycomb white square to work, you need to charge it to full. To charge it you need to step inside the beeswarm circles (thick orange circles) until you get a target market on you and then you kite it to the honeycomb to charge it up.
    • The beam will pass through the honeycomb twice, destroying it on the second pass. You will get two chances to get this achievement in the fight as the honeycomb will respawn and vinewrath will shoot lasers again later on in the fight.


Middle Lane Achievements

This section assumes that the bottom lane successfully killed their champion. If they failed, their champions will be moved up to the middle lane and the champion achievements will be shifted by one lane.

Golem Protector – 1 pt

  • Defend the golem siege carrier during the assault on the Mordrem Vinewrath. The golem is unique to the middle lane.
  • This achievement is only granted at the very end of the event

Mangler Wrangler – 2 pts

  • Defeat the Mordrem Vinewrath’s champion, the Mordrem Wrangler. Usually encountered in middle lane unless bottom lane didn’t kill their champion.

Don’t Look Now – 5 pts

  • To avoid being mesmerized by the Mordrem Vinewrath, stand in the white cone that pops up when the Mangler runs to the Vinewrath. You will likely get two chances to get this achievement as the white cone pops up early and then later in the fight.


Top Lane Achievements

This section assumes that both the bottom and middle lane successfully killed their champion. If any of the two lanes failed theirs, you will only get the protector achievement.

Arboreal Protector – 1 pt

  • Defend the arboreal siege carrier during the assault on the Mordrem Vinewrath. The arboreal is unique to the middle lane.
  • This achievement is only granted at the very end of the event

Dark Wing Defoliator – 2 pts

  • Defeat the Mordrem Vinewrath’s champion, the Mordrem Dark Wing. Usually encountered in the top lane unless bottom or middle lane didn’t kill theirs.

Jump Up to Get Down – 5 pts

  • Use plant debris to avoid taking damage from the Mordrem Vinewrath’s uproot attack while fighting the Mordrem Dark Wing.
  • You will need to kill the Triggerblossoms in the area to get the plant debris to spawn. Jump on the planet debris once it spawns. The uproot attack occurs once the entire area lit up.


Vinewrath Vanquisher

This achievement is only rewarded once all 3 champions (Beekeeper, Mangler, Dark Wing) are killed. The reward is 10 AP pts and a Carapace Coat Box. To get additional coats for the Luminescent coat collection you can loot them from the chests once all 3 champions are defeated (not a common drop)

You can have lanes fail to kill the champion but all 3 champions must be killed before all 15 Siege carriers are lost or the event fails and you don’t get the achievement.

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16 replies on “GW2 Point of No Return Vinewrath Silverwastes Achievements Guide”

Uhm, fyi the Honeycomb @ Beekeeper only pops up, if you redirect some bees into it(Charge it up). Just pass through the red Rings and kite the bees into a honeycomb, until it gets the white Square. Also, the troll adds should be knocked back or else they knock you out of the square(very annoying)

Noyne is right! You have to “build” the honeycomb first. If the honeycomb isnt built to 100% when the laser beams attack, you won’t be protected and won’t get the achievement. As Noyne said, you have to lure the bees into the honeycomb to build it!

Same here, fought once got two chest boxes. Good luck to all who are trying to get them! They’re looking so amazing ^^

I did the event four times now and got four coat chests out of it. 2 on first, 0 on second and 1 on 3rd and 4th each.

Hom much luck poinst do you have, are you using Magic Find Booster?
I got two on the first try, and now been doing it more than 5th time no luck with the chest.

Don’t forget to loot the grand chest inside the vinewraith place. A coat chest always drops if the event is successful … I think. I’m 4 for 4 on coat chest drops so far.

I expected more after such a long break. I expected we would be able to fight that purple flower thingie not just it’s 3 minions T^T

@ Mordrem Extraction Device section:

I think that after you extract a part during the Breach, your extractors get “tunned” to that specific champion, and any champion killed during this new event will drop parts as if it were the champion you killed during the Breach.

Additionally what champion you fight is not dependent on the lane. The first champion is always the Beekeeper, the second is always the Mangler and the third is always the Dark Wing. If one lane fails to kill the boss in time, then the next lane in order will have to fight him again, untill it’s defeated, and the lane after that will get the next boss. The Boss-lane association you listed is correct only if no one fails to kill it.

Yep that is why I mentioned above “The champion list and the lane map above assumes each lane can successfully kill champion.” and also wrote half a paragraph on how the champion switching works. I didn’t know about the tuning thingie though so I will add that bit in thanks

Just to clarify some more:
The tuning -does not- matter for the last fight, actually. I tested it with and without. The only thing that actually matter is having the extractor on (not the specific organ one, general use), and that you’re at troll or terragriff. This seems like a bug, as it doesn’t work on thrasher.

I had a Mordrem Tendeon Extration Device active when I killed the Mangler (middle boss, Thrasher type) and did not get rewarded with a thrasher tendon.

This is after the HoT expansion.

Not sure if this is still the Thrasher bug or that the specific tuning device doesn’t work on the 3 Mordrem Champions.

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