Patch 3.1 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR 3.1 PTS Patch Notes V2

SWTOR 3.1 PTS patch notes for the second round. Version 1 of the 3.1 PTS patch notes can be found here

Hey everyone!
Below are the Patch Notes for the second patch to the PTS. They will also be merged into the “main” notes.


  • Two new Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Hard Mode Blood Hunt are now available.


  • The Improved Mounting Legacy Unlock now applies Legacy-wide.

Classes + Combat
Jedi Knight

  • Reduced the Blade Storm damage increase from Dust Storm to 40% (down from 50%).
  • Lunge now takes Riposte off the GCD while in Soresu Form and reduces the Focus cost of Riposte by 1 (instead of making it free). The 50% critical chance boost to Riposte has been removed and the Soresu Form damage penalty has returned.

Sith Warrior

  • Reduced the Force Scream damage increase from Quake to 40% (down from 50%).
  • Lash Out now takes Retaliation off the GCD while in Soresu Form and reduces the Rage cost of Retaliation by 1 (instead of making it free). The 50% critical chance boost to Retaliation has been removed and the Soresu Form damage penalty has returned.

Jedi Consular
Kinetic Combat

  • Changed the name of “Double-bladed Saber Defense” to “Double-bladed Saber Tactics” to better fit new additions to the skill.
  • In addition to its previous effects, Double-bladed Saber Tactics now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Cascading Debris.
  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 30% (up from 15%).

Sith Inquisitor

  • In addition to its previous effects, Lightning Reflexes now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Depredating Volts.
  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 30% (up from 15%).

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79 replies on “SWTOR 3.1 PTS Patch Notes V2”

Yep, and normally I’d say “now everyone can stop whining about it”…but I know that won’t happen…they’ll find something else about it to cry about…

because it was soooooo hard to stand still for just 1 second to mount before? yes this legacy crap sure is worth it!

For some of us it sure is – don’t like it ? Don’t buy it – stop thinking that your opinion is the right one for everyone.

Was it hard ? no. Is it comfortable and convinient enough for my legacy to spend 2mio creds ?
You betcha !:)

It has been a longtime annoyance for me anyway. I hate it when I’m blitzing through just trying to get to the other side of a zone, a mob shoots me, dismounts me, I keep running anyway and eventually get out of their aggro range. But I have to stop running to get back on my vehicle.

Is it “game breaking”? No, not at all. But I’m almost certain to unlock this now that it is legacy wide.

The first bullet is still a buff: currently is a 0% damage increase with 3.0.

The second is reverting Riposte back to pre-3.0 form, like many players wanted. It also removes one of the buffs from the first PTS patch.

Basically, they are still buffing Guardians and Juggs, but just not as much as the first PTS patch. They are also hearing feedback that they don’t like the new Riposte and switched it back.

Well, putting it on the GDC was a mistake. I think it should keep the 50% crit however. If they nerf our damage they need to buff our defenses even more. Like it or not damage is a form of mitigation.

are they ever going to address the issue of how broken ToS is? underlurker is broken to all hell and what do they do? nothing to fix it.. in fact the patch tuesday made underlurker worse.. now when hiding behind a rock in a green box it rarely helps deflect dmg.. died twice last night hiding behind a rock and still taking full dmg GJ Bioware a very well QA game

oh and dont get me started on the massassi that can jump all…….. the way back to the start of the instance from right outside the walkers doors, thats a nice feature as well

What you call “broken” I can just as easily call “user-error”. My guild does just fine, and I haven’t heard from any other guilds any gross outrage at the fight. Sure, it has its ups and downs, but that’s life…. Sure hope you aren’t this cynical about the real world. I’d feel very sorry for you if you do

8m and 16m are completely different.. im not saying it happend every time.. but the underlurker fight is more bugged then not.. user error? okay yes u can see with your magical eyes how i was standing in the wrong spot.. oh wait yet i wasn’t i was behind a rock in a green square jumping my happy nuts off hoping server reg would pick it up better at times.. sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t like i said i died twice in a green square taking full dmg.. as well as the Devastation is still pretty jacked up… it does what it wants essentially.. sure 8m is much easier to see whats going on with less cluster and easier to execute things and so forth.. this is not the only fight or instance bugged for 16m.. unless u 1 shot majority of the bosses from Rav/ToS they often at times just do what the hell they want when every1 is dead.. had to reset Rav 3x when wiping on torque because hed never reset.. or just do some wonky off the wall shit.. Master & blaster.. had Full on missing mechanics.. there last week, gone this week.. there comes a point when gamers have to take notice of these things and make some sort of stand.. if not we shall keep getting broken content.. Time after time.. its a proven method devs are making popular these days..

I don’t give one flying fuck about the Immortal/ Defense dps nerfs; I am just thrilled that they took their heads out of their asses and pulled Retaliation/ Riposte off the GCD. I might actually go back to raiding with my main, now.

Good darkness changes. I was rarely using discharge cause it was basically a wasted CD and interfered with building harnessed darkness stacks. I will miss the dmg on DV though. Ohh well back to clippin it early!

Hopefully the DV change doesn’t make it to live without addressing some of the overall threat issues with Darkness’ single target TPS. The Discharge buff is definitely a welcome one in this regard, but only in conjunction with what is supposed to be our shiny new uber-skill. Not to mention we lose out on the damage reduction by clipping it in favor of a higher-threat skill just to hold aggro. Our mitigation is already spikey as it is, this will only make it worse.

IMO it isn’t fun having to front load threat prior to a pull. As it stands, unless we want our dps throttling their damage, a pre-pull lacerate to proc Conspirator’s Cloak, pre-casting Crushing Darkness, and then using Force Pull is required just to hold threat in that initial pull. Nevermind if the fight has adds, or drops aggro multiple times, as using those initial front-loaders is nigh impossible.

It sucks when you HAVE TO use Taunt just to keep your other tank in less gear from throttling their DPS and out-threating you with just their normal rotations. Either buff the damage, or buff the threat, not nerf and buff at the same time – That, my friends, is the definition of a wash

I’m curious to hear what some other Sin tanks think about it

Hey Lumi I will way in.

1. Its not a dmg reduction loss. Comming out of stealth you should have 4 stacks of harnessed darkness and you main goal tanking (beside holding aggro) should be to build those stacks above all else. Shock-DV-Shock (proc). Then with the first tick of DV your dmg reduction stacks will reset at 4. So with one tick you should be able to maintain 4%.

2. When 3.0 dropped my tank counterpart in raids (Jugg) was constantly stealing my aggro. Totally sucked. I am very much looking forward to a reduction in Jugg threat and dmg. PT’s no problem with them at all. A Discharge dmg increase is huge as it should make holding aggro both in Single Target and AOE much easier.

3. We have always had to front load our threat hence the pointless force pull skill. What I wouldn’t do for a jump (that is neither here nor there). What it comes down to is I am almost single taunting on cool down unless I know I am going to need it in the next 15 sec.

1. The concern about DV wasn’t about the initial pull, it was about clipping it during the fight for higher damage and higher threat abilities, and thus not getting a full stack.

2. Absolutely. My OT is a jugg, and I am constantly fighting him for aggro where I never had to before.

3. I have never had to front load before. Sure, I would regularly pre-cast Recklessness for that initial burst, but that is now more of a defensive CD. When has using taunt on CD ever been a good thing? Never. If you can’t out-threat without using taunt, there is something fundamentally wrong there.

Totally with you on all points. My only thought is that now Discharge will be an essential part of the rotation and hopefully (fingers crossed) a dps increase since it seems like a sizable buff in dmg

“Two new Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Hard Mode Blood Hunt are now available.” These are new?? WTF lets recycle more content and make the drops not worth even doing it to begin with…dear lord hurry up with everquest Next …plzzzzzzzz

Let’s think about this for a second…. When have brand new Hard Modes that weren’t just harder version of existing FPs traditionally been introduced? Hmmmm…. usually around the third or fourth content patch in, after they have had time to ACTUALLY MAKE new ones….. And what content patch is this? Oh right, the FIRST… If they didn’t put these out now, you would be whining for the next three months that we had nothing to occupy our time….. I’d like to see you do better

LMAO no they don’t. And I didn’t say I would like to see them do better, I said YOU do better. You have no idea the amount of work involved in creating new content. You like WoW so much, go play on that bloated carcass, why don’t you.

Totally agree. Any time someone compares anything to WoW I just cringe. If its better, you have the freedom to quit this and go play that. No one is forcing you to play.

(self-entitled impatient twats…)

I’m actually neutral on this argument, and do not support the OP, but
How do “you” know what effort goes into game design?

How many MMOs have you marketed?
The answer, is a whopping zero.
Feel free to criticize people, just don’t urge them to do better unless you have done better yourself.

I know because I spent 7 years as a digital artist, specializing in 3D modelling, animation, and texture mapping. Marketing has nothing to do with development, I don’t know where you got that from. Building low poly and high poly meshes, skinning them, and animating them alone takes a great deal of work. Throw in all the effects, sounds, evironments, shaders, filters, and getting it all to work seamlessly and you are talking weeks of development by any number of skilled artists. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I know all too well the amount of work needed, which is why I stopped doing it, and why I can’t stand it when people belittle other peoples creations.

Sanctimonious, aren’t we?

Anyhow, I am not a professional game designer/whatnot.

I have not done it for 7 years.
I have done it for 4 years, as a hobby.
And I can tell you this: it’s not all that hard, if you use the right tools.
If your hands grow out of your ass, and you are using Windows 8 and Google SketchUp, it is hard.
Using the proper tools for the job, you can do fairly nice things.
Speaking of nice things, even SketchUp, flawed as it is, has support for anti-clipping :-), or, well, at least a fix.

its all copy + paste moron there is very little they had to make from scratch for this entire expac, copy past tree here, copy paste wall here done whoa that was hard, they spend a boatload more time doing stuff for the cartel market then they do for content in this game

Lol if u had played lotro in the last year or so you wouldn’t be saying that. The entire 2014 no group dungeons/fps at all just a couple boring big battles and no raids what so ever

Just think about how much fun you’ll have complaining to Sony about the lack of fresh content in EQN when it comes out in 2016. Or 2017. Or 2018. That’s something to look forward to!

Are you really complaining about content when the expansion just came out a month ago? Seriously? Slow down and enjoy the content a little. They cant possibly churn out content fast enough for you if you are already complaining and its only been a month. And EQ? I’m a lifer EQ gamer. And they definitely dont churn out content faster than this game.

Well think it’s certain no togruta species this patch dam it. The was really hoping after the cantina tour and an interview somewhere they would have announced it by now. U couldn’t care how much rehashed content they release uf they add some good species like togruta nautolans and rodians ill be happy enough

I think it’s virtually certain that the Togruta race option will be available through the Cartel market when they release it. Togruta present a significant design challenge, as their head-tails lay flat against their torso, front and back, which will result in clipping with almost every outfit (like the long hair options for humans). Modifying their head geometry to reduce clipping as much as possible is probably taking a lot of time and work. I’m sure Bioware would much rather delay the release than hear the dissatisfied chorus of people complaining about clipping day after day. I don’t see how they’ll be able to eliminate clipping entirely for Togruta, but hopefully they’ll find a satisfactory way to mitigate it in most cases.

Sarigar, have you tried to not be on BioWare’s side in every argument?

Whenever I read a post from you, it’s always “everyone are whiners”, “whiners must die”, “whiners are ungrateful snots”, “BioWare is always right so stuff it”, “BioWare is the epitome of awesomeness/goodness/holinesss.”

Frankly, it seems a little sycophantic, but it may just be my cynicism talking.
There are innumerable problems with clipping. For instance, long robes (like the default orange “Consular” gear) clip through “car” mounts such as Tirsas, Deslers, Skiffs, podracers…et cetera.
Atris’ tabards do not clip only on Sages, because of the way they hold their sabers; the yclip on Scoundrels, Shadows, Sentinels, commandos, ….et cetera.
Twi’leks. I have given up playing troopers or snipers as a Twi’lek, because, invariably, the rifel/cannon is going to clip through the lekku.

Some of these issues have been around since launch, (because the species has been around since launch) and…nope, no fix in 3 years of game.

Personally, I think there are 3 possibilities as to why Togruta are not out yet:
1) BioWare is trying to decise the market cost. Technically, you could do 600 CC like the Cathar, but, people have been asking for a new race for ages now, what if they would pay more? I’m guessing the first option is them working out if the ycan sell them for more than 600 CC.
2) BioWare has left the development of Togruta until last-minute, preoccupied with SoR, and is still working out coding for animations
3) Everything for Togruta is ready, they are just waiting for the clientel to get into a frenzy about it when they actually release it. They are also trying to time it so that it does not coincide with major content, so that players “devote due attention” to various things. Say they released Togruta with the Gree event. What do you think people would be doing? Why, of course, they would be running dailies for rep and Helix parts! Not sitting on th fleet at the Appearance designer and spending money customizing that one “perfect” look.

Less idealism, more realism, guys.

And, I’m sure BioWare does not give bantha poodoo about fan reaction and product quality. Strongholds, Flagships, conquests, cartel itmes (with clipping!), the gloves on the Savage Hunter set that still lack all texture, SoR. lots of things I could list where the reaction was not taken into account.

I have never said any of those things you quoted me as saying. Those are pure fabrications.

You’re welcome to share your opinion, as I will share mine. If, however, you’re only content when I share YOUR opinion, then by the sound of it, you will continue to be discontent.

As I just said to Sarigar, they are waiting to space content out, to give the impression of “lots of content”.
This patch will go live in late Jan/Early feb, then there will be the Gree Event in March (probably).
I’d say we’re gonna get Togruta in April, and the week after, they are going to announce a suprise double-XP weekend to level that new toon.

Yeah your probs right but wouldn’t 3.1 have been a good time for it. I mean a month poss 2 after sor so most people have played through the content. (Not me waiting for togruta) hehe. Like u say probably March will be green event or some kind of event and as u say most will be doing that not leveling new toon or sitting in front of appearance designer changing and perfecting there look for a new race.

3.1 comes a good amount of time between both launch of sor and an event. Like u say togruta have been in game along time. I doubt it take that long to just come up with customization options and reducing clipping as much as possible. While I can understand that with nature of f2p games and mmos in general these things are about as much about getting things out to players asap it’s also a boy waiting for best time to maximise profit. Especially with f2p games in which a bulk of the money they get comes from market sales.

It would be nice tho to at least get an official confirmation on the swtor website rather than just a cantina tour and a podcast interview. It let’s players no what’s to come. Example recent lotro’s new lead has laid out a 2015 plan of content to come over the course of the year. It doesn’t give specifics or dates but it shows players that they have firm plans and interesting content coming and keeps them playing and investing in it

“The Improved Mounting Legacy Unlock now applies Legacy-wide.” — best move ever!
No, seriously, it’s on par with 12x.

“Reduced the damage dealt by Cascading Debris.” — QQ QQ QQ.
Isn’t the entire point of having a replacement ability to be stronger than the one it replaces?
I will miss doing viable damage on my Shadow.

It may still be stronger than Project. Also, Force Breach is getting an additional 15% damage buff. You will still be able to do damage!

This change was necessary as people are wearing DPS gear in tank spec and doing ridiculous amounts of damage (6-7k per tick in PVP). The skill they are buffing isn’t even used in this dps spec and now requires shielding so this should be a big blow to the “DPS Darkness” spec but not to actual tanks.

Now they just need to make the DPS set bonus not apply to tank spec and the problem will be fixed. ATM darkness is the only spec that can use another specs set bonuses.

My guess would be the left side door of the “holo-statue trophy” room, or whatever they call it. Hope it will be some big ugly monster, not a random mandalorian cannon fodder dude. 🙂

I second that. The removal of Ultimate Comms from all old ops except NiM DF and DP just killed the desire to go back to any of the old content. 10 Ultimates per week from the weekly is ridiculous. They restrict the number of ways to obtain and the amount of Ults available during the course of the week (including current ops) but leave the price of gear the same….. Not sure whose bright idea that was, but it wasn’t a very good one.

I’ve ran the new ops over various characters the past few weeks, and I think I can only just now afford 1 piece per character.

Being at a stable 192 gear level isnt a bad thing for the time being honestly. At least they didnt get rid of Elite comm drops. Then I would have cried.

In case you guys don’t remember, when 2.0 first came out, it was hard to get ultimate comms as well. Only the weeklies of TFB and SnV gave comma along with FP weekly. Only in the past few months that it became easy to farm comma. I am sure that in several months to a year, it will go back to how it was.

Right. I was very suspicious about getting Ulits from 5 Level lower SM Content in 16m mode. That was ridicoulus (or however thats spelled, I’m no native…).
Now ist pretty much where it should be – provided they fix the bugs in temple and make a better balancing of Boss difficulites in SM Content (8m vs. 16m). But Ultisare now finally fair. (Well, I used my 3 weeks Christmas Holiday to stockpile a lot of ultis on a lot of toons so I’ve no reason to complain anyway…)

I agree. I didnt get much time to play over xmas cause I got a young family, and now i find i’m getting Elites only when everyone else I know has stocked up on Ult’s.

If your gonna do it Bioware do it from the fecking start!!!!!

First they reduce the damage bonus of Pillar of Strength from 40% to 30%, but to compensate, they also remove the damage penalty of Soresu. Now they return with the damage penalty of Soresu, but keep the damage reduction for Pillar of Strengh. The result is 10% less damage bonus for Crushing Blow and Backhand, but we still retain the 10% damage penalty. They are fuc***g up Jug tanks really well. It seems Jug tanks did not suck enough at dpsing so they needed to nerf them even more. Good job Bioware.

As if this wasn’t enough, they also reduced the damage for the other tank, Assassin (Depredating Volts). They seem to have a fixation with empire classes. No wonder Imps always get raped in WZs against reps

You do realise they’ve made exactly the same changes to the mirror classes on both empire and republic? Jugg and Guardian, Shadow and Assassin

As it’s been already stated around the webs: “people are just to eager to pre-emptively whine/cry/complain about everything and anything being done by BW regarding this game”. What does that mean exactly, or why does that happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

Stop crying.

Take a look at the Darkness Assassin again, yeah, Depredating Volts (which for me deals about 6080 damage over 3 seconds) is being reduced in damage, but it doesn’t say by how much. But what else does that part say?

“Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 30% (up from 15%).” That’s DOUBLING it’s bonus damage of Discharge, which is one of the main threat generators for Assassin tanks. But wait, there’s more! “Lightning Reflexes now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.”

Sure, doesn’t stack, but Discharge is on a 10 second cooldown. With my shield chance at 58% with Dark Ward up and my Parry/Deflect chance is around 26%, I know that chances are I will always have that extra 75% bonus damage up for Discharge. Discharge deals 946-1055 for me, so an average of 1000. That’s right now, give that an extra 90% damage with the changes. They are essentially doubling the damage of Discharge which in turn doubles my threat. The changes are going to make AoE tanking and threat generation easier. And what do we lose from Depredating Volts? Damage. Depredating Volts isn’t a high threat generating ability.

Even if they reduce the damage of Depredating Volts by around 16.5% and lower it my damage with it to 5000, it is worth it since Discharge is getting a HUGE buff.

Tanks are meant to hold threat and take damage, not necessarily deal it. Sure, Tanks that do higher damage are nice, it helps, but keeping aggro and keeping yourself alive with defensive cooldowns is a bigger priority.

You should learn to read.

First, I never said stop crying about Jugg nerf. I said to stop crying. Miang’s whole post was crying. First crying about Juggernauts, then crying about Assassins, and then implying that Republic beats Empire in WZs (on my server Empire is the one that is always winning, so that’s server specific or he always gets bads) because Bioware prefers Republic to Empire when the changes are the exact same for Juggernauts and Guardians.

Know what else you should read? The first 3.1 patch notes since this is version 2. You can find them here:

So let’s look at that. And just keep in mind that on the live servers, not PTS, Immortal Juggernauts are currently one of the highest damage dealing tanks, if not the highest.

In general for the first set of 3.1 patch notes, Juggernauts are getting increased threat from Vicious Slash and Retaliation by 15%. Bam. That’s a good thing, more threat single target. But now Smash and Sweeping Slash are reduced to 15% instead of 30% bonus. Not bad. So they reduced the AoE tanking abilities to increase the threat generation of single target. Not a bad trade off, in fact it is better cause now there is more versatility.

But wait, Smash and Sweeping Slash have reduced threat? Oh no. Wait a minute… “Heavy Handed now increases Smash damage by 75% and the critical strike chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage by 30%.” They buffed AoE damage?! Awesome!

Force Grip is now also increasing damage and threat from Force Choke by 100%. That’s DOUBLING damage and threat on Force Choke. Another good thing.

Pillar of Strength no longer reduces the cooldown of Retaliation and reduced the bonus damage for Crushing Blow and Backhand to 30%. Now this sounds bad, but keep in mind that Lash Out now takes Retaliation off the GCD which is completely awesome. Oh, and it reduces it rage cost by 1. Sweet. They made a trade off, I prefer Retaliation being off GCD for all that it does.

“Reduced the Force Scream damage increase from Quake to 40% (down from 50%).” Okay, V1 notes added the 50%. That would’ve been 50% more than live and apparently too much, so they are dropping it just a bit while they test. Still, its a 40% increase from live.

“Consuming Power now increases Aegis Assault damage by 15%” What?! EVEN BETTER.

Just because a class is getting CHANGED doesn’t mean it is getting NERFED. He just decided to only look at the bad stuff. So yeah, some bad stuff MIGHT happen, and that’s really just 10% less damage for Crushing Blow and Backhand. Look at all the good things though.

Oh, and all these are PTS PATCH NOTES. They aren’t live. The changes haven’t happened yet. And he is crying about them.

Yes, it must be terribly annoying for the bitchy little whingers when someone points out exactly how self-indulgently myopic they are…

We need a new buy-able companion. This time, make it a neutral Force user that is Heals/DPS. Now I know every healer comp can DPS, but I’m talking about serious DPS ability and good healing at the same time. If they figured out to have a Tank the can off-heal, by the Maker, a Healer that can pump out good DPS isn’t be too hard.

Or give me Wookiee as a playable race. Wouldnt even need to hire a voice actor, just use random Wookiee talk in for the conversations.

Also, bring on the companion mute button already ffs.

I disagree. I don’t think more companions are needed. There was no reason Treek was needed IMO. Just look at everyone using Treek, it’s pretty much anyone who has unlocked it. No need to choose between companions now.

There shouldn’t be a need for your healing companion to do DPS. Just switch to your DPS companion, they are there for a reason. Think of your other companions who have roles and aren’t being used. Poor them.

On top of that, companions serve only a small part in the game. They really only help you while you quest. Other than that, they just get sent out for Crew Skill missions and I’m not even sending out all my companions right now since we have HK and Treek.

Instead of a new companion, they need to adjust the current ones. Give them new meaning. Increase the affection caps with the expansions, add new companion quests and updates, more companion interaction where they chime in and talk during quests. Maybe more companion interaction between companions. Let’s see Quinn and Pierce actually decide to fight each other, like a duel the player can watch, and the fight be determined not only by the gear that each companion has, but the Marauder gets to interfere to help one or the other. What if Khem’val gets hungry and tries to devour Xalek’s essence? It would be interesting.

Hell, maybe even make a flashpoint that allows for 4 people to be in the group WHILE using a companion. Make it a semi-operation but as a flashpoint. Then make an achievement for that flashpoint for groups that can clear it without using their companions.

Something needs to be done for companions, but I don’t think that it is to create a new companion to replace the others.

As for a companion mute button, they just want your attention. They don’t want to be forgotten. But you can always lower your “Voice Volume”.

I am stoked about having Riposte/Retaliation back off GCD. On the other hand, I am obviously not happy about getting my damage nerfed as I like to contribute to raid DPS and it also nets less aggro generation, but I will reserve judgement until I see how it plays out. I see potential there to make Guardian/Juggernaut gameplay more fun and still viable.

With Riposte back off GCD, it seems like Slash and other fillers will make it back into rotation, so even though our damage will be reduced, we will be able to jam in one extra ability and therefore, we might be able to keep our DPS as high as it is right now. Focus/Rage management might get interesting again as well, it’s something we don’t have to worry about nowadays.

If BW does that change right, it might be just an increased demand on player skill and I would be fine with that. If they calculate that wrong, I would like a buff in next patch and ability to fly in 4.0 😀

If you mean the ability to fly as in flying mounts, it won’t happen.

If it did, it would only be for the new content, meaning a few planets at most. It wouldn’t work on older planets simply because of how they were created. Bioware would have to recreate everything. Travel is easy enough with quick travel, speeders, mounts, and all the legacy bonuses. Things would become too easy (they are easy enough as it is).

Now, a flight mechanic in a fight, maybe a dogfight boss in an operation, that’s possible and wouldn’t require them to have to change old content.

As for the changes, it’s still in test and that patch won’t be out for at least a month, more than enough time to test and update now that Bioware isn’t on vacation. They are just going to balance, and of course people will be upset about nerfs, but appropriate buffs will be put in as well.

Guardians flying is a joke that has been going around since they announced sorcs will be able to cast while moving, Tulak. You can trace it back to SWTOR twitch stream 😉

Personally, I’m really tired of hard/nightmare modes being categorized as new content by the BW devs. A new HM flashpoint in my eyes is a flashpoint with entirely new encounters, not the same fight I’ve done 100x but harder. Not that I’m hating on them making HM flashpoints, its just *another* patch without anything that is actually new makes me want to unsub.

This will not fix Shadow/Assassin tanking. They are still very prone to spike attacks. Shadow protection is unreliable as in most times you have to move a lot to avoid things on the ground (so you either can’t build stacks or can’t finish the channel) and Kinetic ward is either not fully used due to slow heavy boss attacks or burned too fast. I don’t even want to comment the new set bonuses – 2 second CD on Taunt for 5% shield chance? 3 more stacks of the unreliable kinetic ward for 2% of the much needed for shadows DR?

“This will not fix Shadow/Assassin tanking. They are still very prone to spike attacks”. Well yea, you are a clothie….Sin tanks can’t natively tank as well as PT’s and Jugg’s. There more to “tanking”, then just grabbing and holding agro, you have to be able to mitigate burst damage as well, something a sin lacks badly at. Sin tanks are better suited for PvP imo and this is coming from extensive FP/Op’s dedicated healing, where I see first hand how lackluster a sin tank is (compared to PT and Jugg).

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