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SWTOR 3.0 Mercenary Bodyguard Healing Guide by Orderken

SWTOR 3.0 Mercenary Bodyguard healing class guide written by Orderken of POT5.


Intro to 3.0 Mercenary Bodyguard

For Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice on Hard Mode, Mercenary is the most desirable healing class. It has no meaningful weakness.

  • Handling high damage to a single ally: Strongest. Sorcerer is close behind. Operative is behind.
  • Handling high damage to multiple allies: Strong. Operative is close. Sorcerer is behind.
  • Resource management: Fine. Both Mercenary and Operative must manage resources, and resources limit their healing. A Sorcerer’s resource management is trivial and doesn’t limit healing.
  • Synergy with co-healer’s class: Strongest. The most desirable pairings are, in no particular order, Mercenary-Sorcerer, Mercenary-Operative, and Mercenary-Mercenary.
  • Mobility: Fine. Operative is close. A Sorcerer’s mobility is incredible.
  • Handling mechanics: Strongest. Hydraulic Overrides outshines every personal utility available to Sorcerer or Operative.
  • Passive damage reduction: Strong. Operative is close. Sorcerer is behind, having the lowest Armor and lacking a Utility that increases damage reduction for all area effects by 30%.
  • Dealing damage in the healing Discipline: Fine. Sorcerer is ahead. Operative is behind.


Select 8.


  • Improved Vents: Vent Heat now immediately vents an additional 15 heat and grants 10% alacrity for 6 seconds.
  • Power Barrier: Power Shot or Rapid Scan grants 1 charge of Power Barrier. Each charge increases damage reduction by 1%. You may have up to 5 charges. Charges lasts 15 seconds, and gaining a charge refreshes this duration.
  • Custom Enviro Suit: Increases your Endurance and healing received by 3%.
  • Boresights: Increases the damage dealt by Sweeping Blasters by 25%.

In general,Improved Vents>Custom Enviro Suit>Power Barrier.

Power Barrier isn’t valuable enough to influence when, or how often, you Rapid Scan. It usually expires during Supercharged Gas. But some damage reduction some of the time is preferable to the alternatives.

Too few effects trigger Gyroscopic Alignment Jets, which vents 10 Heat when you’re stunned, immobilized, knocked down, or otherwise incapacitated. Furthermore, a healer should avoid about half of these few effects with Hydraulic Overrides or Cure.

If you must deal substantial damage to multiple stacked enemies, Boresights helps.


  • Torque Boosters: Increases the duration of Hydraulic Overrides by 4 seconds.
  • Protective Field: Increases your healing received by 20% while Energy Shield is active.
  • Heat Damping: Eliminates the Heat cost of Jet Boost, Cure, Electro Dart, and Concussion Missile.

Select Torque Boosters, which is valuable for most bosses in the new Operations.

Heat Damping is valuable if you’ll use Cure (e.g., Revan, Torque, or Coratanni). Otherwise, among the lackluster options for your final point to unlock the Heroic tier, Protective Field is a sound choice.


  • Thrill of the Hunt: Progressive Scan and Unload may be activated or channeled while moving.
  • Stabilized Armor: Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%. In addition, reduces damage taken by 30% while stunned.
  • Power Overrides: Reduces the cooldown of Power Surge by 15 seconds. In addition, Power Surge grants a second charge.

In general, Thrill of the Hunt>Power Overrides>Stabilized Armor. Thrill of the Hunt is a dramatic boost to your mobility. Power Overrides improves your ability to respond to emergencies and mobility. Select Stabilized Armor if (a) your damage taken from AOE effects is higher than most non-tanks in your group, or (b) a high-damage AOE effect targets a single group member from time to time, such as Barrel Throw (Bulo) or Mouse Droids (Coratanni).

Supercharged Reserves, which reduces the cooldown of Cure by 3 seconds, is less valuable than an alternative, including for Revan.

The omission of every Utility to improve Jet Boost is intentional.As discussed in Section “Heals for Multiple Allies”, Jet Boost’s heal is almost worthless. Neither Jet Escape nor Afterburners is more valuable than an alternative when a group is ready to kill Revan.


Optimal gear for a typical Mercenary healer follows. For further discussion, or if you wish to optimize gear for your healing, see Section “Theory and Interactive Model”.

  • Set Bonus
    • SOR 6-Piece Combat Medic’s.
  • Augments
    • Aim = Power
  • Power versus Critical
    • With 14 Aim Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 655 in Resurrected gear or 715 in Revanite gear.
    • With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 675 in Resurrected gear or 735 in Revanite gear.
  • Alacrity versus Surge
    • Among your Ear, Implants, and Enhancements, 3 have Surge and 7 have Alacrity.
  • Relics
    • Among relics of the same tier, Serendipitous Assault = Focused Retribution > any other.
  • Accuracy
    • None. Accuracy has no effect on healing an ally.

Rotation Guidelines

In combat, no rotation is ideal for long. A healer’sj ob is triage. Decide who most needs your next heal by anticipating damage and cooperating with your co-healer.Guidelines for choosing your next ability follow.

  1. While Supercharged Gas isn’t active, build Supercharge as quickly as triage and Heat allow. Rapid Scan builds Supercharge fastest, but costs a high amount of Heat. A best practice for building Supercharge is using Kolto Shot after Rapid Scan.
  2. Use Supercharged Gas for Heat management and boosting your healing.
    • Don’t squander the first moments of Supercharged Gas.
      • If the ability preceding Supercharged Gas is instant, use Supercharged Gas as this ability’s GCD finishes rather than as it triggers.
      • If you’ll be incapacitated or too far from allies who need healing, delay Supercharged Gas until you can resume healing.
    • While healing is challenging, use Supercharged Gas promptly. In general, delay it only as noted below.
      • If your Heat is low (less than about 20), and Healing Scan is available and will be your next ability, use Healing Scan before Supercharged Gas.
      • If your Heat is very low (less than 10), and your next ability will be Rapid Scan or Progressive Scan, use it before Supercharged Gas.
    • While healing is manageable, you may delay it
      • for any reason above, or
      • if healing may become challenging soon. Without Supercharged Gas, healingof a single ally is quickly limited by Heat. Being frugal with Supercharged Gascan burden your co-healer or cause healing that should be manageable to become challenging.
    • While healing is relaxed, use Supercharged Gas to vent Heat from high-DPS abilities.
  3. Though Supercharged Gas increases all of your healing done by 5%, this increase alone doesn’t influence the choice of your next ability.
  4. Healing a single ally
    • In general, the priority is: Healing Scan > Rapid Scan > Kolto Shot. This means using Healing Scan almost on cooldown, and, while Supercharged Gas is active, not using Rapid Scan.
    • Emergency Scan is for burst healing a single ally or, while healing is challenging,Heat management.
  5. Progressive Scan and Kolto Missile
    • Overview
      • Kolto Missile heals many allies, each for a moderate amount.
      • Progressive Scan heals a few allies,two for a large amount (and three for more than Kolto Missile).
    • Minimum number of allies to heal
      • Kolto Missile is a terrible use of time and Heat unless it heals at least two allies.
      • In a pinch, Progressive Scan is a very strong heal for even just one ally, whom you should target upon activating it. Its priority is below that of Emergency Scan, Power Surge + Healing Scan, and Power Surge + Rapid Scan, however, because of its high Heat cost and cooldown.
    • Your co-healer’s class can influence which you use first or more often.
      • An Operative has an ability analogous to Kolto Missile (Kolto Waves) but not Progressive Scan (Recuperative Nanotech heals far slower). Therefore, Progressive Scan > Kolto Missile more often if your co-healer is an Operative.
      • A Sorcerer has an ability analogous to Progressive Scan (Roaming Mend) but not Kolto Missile (Revivification heals far slower). Therefore, Kolto Missile > Progressive Scan more often if your co-healer is a Sorcerer.
    • Roles unique to Progressive Scan.
      • If you can anticipate moments of high damage to multiple allies, be proactive with Progressive Scan. In general, timing Progressive Scan so that its third tick occurs immediately after this damage, and following it with Kolto Missile, is burst AOE healing that no other healing class can match.
      • Each tick of Progressive Scan after the first can heal an ally who’s up to 50 meters from you.This can, for example, save the life of a tank who’s knocked out of your range.
    • On rare occasions, the following figures may be the dominant factor in choosing your next ability. These assume that all healing is effective.
      • For expected healing per second, Kolto Missile matches Progressive Scan only if at least 6 allies receive its immediate heal or at least 4 allies receive its immediate heal and all 3 ticks of its HOT.
      • For expected healing per Heat, the figures are identical.
  6. Without being preoccupied by it, in general, maintain Kolto Shell on all allies.
    • Unless healing is relaxed for the moment or an ally will soon be out of your range, prefer to refresh Kolto Shell after all of its charges have been consumed.
    • Circumstances in which it’s prudent to delay Kolto Shell include the following.
      • While an ally’s life is in peril, refreshing Kolto Shell isn’t a priority. This ally’s expected healing from 1 Rapid Scan, for example, is greater than from 3 charges of Kolto Shell.
      • If you must maximize your effective healing per Heat,Kolto Missile, Progressive Scan, or Jet Boost can provide more than Kolto Shell.
    • While healing is challenging, the priority for Kolto Shell is as follows.
      • Tanks
      • Any non-tank whom you expect to
        • take damage more times than other non-tanks (e.g., the DPS kiting Raptus during Dread Council),
        • take more damage than other non-tanks (e.g., a Sorcerer, who has Light Armor and no Utility to reduce all AOE damage by 30%), or
        • be out of your range more often than other non-tanks.
      • Any remaining allies
    • While damage is very frequent and very light, Kolto Shell might waste time and Heat, particularly if non-tanks stack for Kolto Missile. For example, during the final phase of Revan, you can forego Kolto Shells in favor of Kolto Missile for a while, dealing damage to the Machine Core with the time and Heat saved.
  7. Heat management
    • Each second, you dissipate Heat: 5 if your Heat is 0-40; 3 if 41-80; or 2 if 81-100.
    • Having 40 or fewer Heat almost all of the time is crucial.
      • Unless healing is challenging, in general, use Kolto Shotbefore an activation that otherwise would push your Heat over 40 orafter an activation that costs a high amount of Heat, such as Rapid Scan or Progressive Scan.
      • As discussed above, use Supercharged Gas for Heat management.
    • If you can’t spare a GCD for Kolto Shot, becausean ally is in peril or healing is challenging, your options to drop Heat include the following.
      • If the present emergency should be brief, and if healing afterward should be manageable for your co-healer alone, exceeding 40 Heat is okay. You’ll pay for being overheated with consecutive Kolto Shots. While Heat is 41-80, you drop about 6 Heat with each Kolto Shot.
      • If you can’t be overheated use one Heat-management cooldown.
        • Prefer Thermal Sensor Override if your Heat would peak at about 55 without a cooldown.Activate it if your Heat now exceeds 20 and your next activation will beProgressive Scan or, if that’s unavailable, Rapid Scan.
        • Prefer Vent Heat if your Heat would peak at 65 or higher without a cooldown. Activate Vent Heatafter your Heat reaches at least 65.
        • It isn’t necessary for one of these cooldowns to be available at all times. Using both close together is extraordinary, however, and risks being unable to handlesubsequent emergencies.

The Sections below describe and offer advice about each ability. Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.

Cylinder and Supercharge

combatsupport Combat Support Cylinder

  • Combat Support Cylinder is instant and persists through death and logout.
  • It increases all of your healing done by 3%.
  • Apart from the one unusual exception discussed in Section “Dealing Damage”, it’s the Cylinder for a Mercenary healer.
supercharge Supercharge

  • Supercharge is a buff. You may have up to 10 Supercharge.
    • Healing with Rapid Scan grants 2 stacks.
    • Healing with Kolto Shot grants 1 stack.
    • Attacking with Rapid Shots or Power Shot grants 1 stack.
  • Supercharge lasts 1 minute (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Gaining a stack refreshes its duration.
  • Each stack increases all of your healing done or damage dealt by 0.1%.
  • Activating Supercharged Gas or Supercharged Celerity requires and consumes 10 Supercharge.
superchargedgas Supercharged Gas

  • Supercharged Gas is a buff. Activating it requires and consumed 10 Supercharge.
  • It lasts for 10 seconds, or 15 seconds with the SOR 4-Piece Combat Medic’s Set. Alacrity doesn’t reduce its duration
  • Its activation vents 10 Heat.
  • It increases all of your healing done by 5%, eliminates Healing Scan’s cooldown, and reduces the cost of each Healing Scan that’s completed while it’s active by 5 Heat.

Heals for a Single Ally

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

emergencyscan Emergency Scan


  • Emergency Scanis instant, has a 21-second cooldown, and costs no Heat.
  • It provides a large immediate heal and a small HOT that heals 3 times, once every third second for 9 seconds.
  • It grants you Emergency Response.
    • This buff, which lasts for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this), is consumed by your next Healing Scan and makes it instant.
    • If Emergency Response and Power Surge overlap, a Healing Scan consumes both.Don’t use Power Surge if Healing Scan is available and you have Emergency Response.


  • Emergency Scan is for burst healing a single ally or, while healing is challenging, Heat management.
rapidscan Rapid Scan


  • Rapid Scan is a 1.5-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 20 Heat.
  • Its healing amount is good relative to its cast time, but weak relative to its Heat cost.
  • Each completed cast grants 2 Supercharge.
  • Each completed cast grants 1 charge of Critical Efficiency.
    • This buff lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this), and gaining a charge refreshes its duration.
    • You can have at most 3 charges of Critical Efficiency.
    • Your next completed Healing Scan consumes all charges, each of which reduces the Heat cost of this Healing Scan by 5.
  • Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus, a buff from the SOR 2-Piece Combat Medic’s Set, causes your next Rapid Scan to crit.


  • Rapid Scan is filler for when Healing Scan is unavailable.
    • Don’t delay Healing Scan solely to gain a charge of Critical Efficiency.
    • While Supercharged Gas is active, don’t use Rapid Scan unless
      • an ally is likely to die before Healing Scan would finish and
      • Emergency Scan and Power Surge is unavailable.
  • You don’t need to use Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus promptly, because its duration and cooldown are 30 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce the duration).
healingscan Healing Scan


  • Healing Scan is a 2-second cast. Its cooldown is 10.5second, which the pre-SOR 4-Piece, or SOR 6-Piece, Combat Medic’s Set reduces to 9 seconds.
  • It’s a very large heal.
  • Its base cost is 20 Heat. Its final cost is
    • 5 Heat fewer if it’s completed while Supercharged Gas is active, and
    • 5 Heat fewer per charge of Critical Efficiency.
  • Healing Scan grants it recipient Invigorated, which increases his healing received by 3% for 45 seconds. Invigorated doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • Use Healing Scan almost on cooldown.
  • In general, you may disregard Invigorated. Spreading or refreshing it doesn’t influence whom you heal with Healing Scan, because its long duration means that an ally has it if he should.
koltoshell Kolto Shell


  • Kolto Shell is instant, has no cooldown, and costs 10 Heat.
  • Using Kolto Shell on an ally sets his number of charges to 7. Charges last for up to 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Each time an ally’s Kolto Shell is triggered, one charge is consumed and heals him for a small amount.
  • An ally’s Kolto Shell triggers if, and only if, both of the below conditions are met.
    • He is “damaged” by an attack.
      • “Damaged” means that he neither defended the attack nor was channeling Force Barrier as it dealt damage.
      • Per the above definition, he is “damaged” by an attack that hits but whose damage is resisted with Shroud, reflected, or absorbed.
    • His present Kolto Shell buff hasn’t triggered in the past 2.5 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
      • This 2.5-second rate limit doesn’t carry over from a previous Kolto Shell buff.
      • For example, suppose that an ally has no Kolto Shell buff, because its final charge just triggered, and that you immediately give him a new Kolto Shell buff. This new buff may trigger instantly, allowing Kolto Shell to heal him twice in less than 2.5 seconds.


  • · See the sixth topic of Section “Rotation Guidance”.
koltoshot Kolto Shot


  • Kolto Shot is instant and has no cooldown.
  • It costs no Heat. A non-crit vents 1 Heat; a crit vents 2 Heat.
  • It heals for a small amount, and grants you 1 Supercharge.


  • Heat management and building Supercharge.
cure Cure


  • Cure is instant and has a 12-second cooldown.
  • Cure costs 10 Heat, or no Heat with Utility: Heat Damping.
  • It cleanses up to two physical, mental, or tech effects and provides a small heal.


  • For PVE, if Cure can cleanse an effect, it’s almost always better to cleanse than heal through it. For PVP, Cure cleanses certain CCs.

Heals for Multiple Allies

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

In SOR, every ability that may heal multiple allies in one activation is “smart”. If more allies are within range than the ability can heal, the ability selects those allies whose percentage of maximum health is lowest.

koltomissile Kolto Missile


  • Kolto Missile is instant, has a 6-second cooldown, and costs 15 Heat.
  • Its radius is 8 meters.
  • For up to 8 allies, Kolto Bomb provides a moderate immediate heal and a HOT that heals 3 times, once every second for 3 seconds.


  • See the fifth topic of Section “Rotation Guidance”.
progressivescan Progressive Scan


  • Progressive Scan is 2.4-second channel and has a 15-second cooldown.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • Its target is the ally whom you’re targeting upon its activation or, otherwise, you.
  • It heals in 4 waves. Each wave costs 7 Heat.
    • The first wave is immediate and heals the target.
    • The second wave heals the target and up to 1other ally who is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
    • The third wave heals the target and up to 2 other allies, each of whom is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
    • The fourth wave heals the target and up to 3 other allies, each of whom is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
  • Upon being healed by Progressive Scan, an ally receives Protected, which increases his Armor Rating from gear alone by 10% for 45 seconds.
    • Though not substantial, any increase in mitigation helps, especially a tank.
    • Protected doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • See the fifth topic of Section “Rotation Guidance”.
  • Since each wave’s Heat cost is equal, Progressive Scan’s healing per Heat plummets if you can’t finish its channel.
jetboost Jet Boost


  • Jet Boost is instant and has a 30-second cooldown.
  • It costs 5 Heat, or no Heat with Utility: Heat Damping.
  • Utility: Kolto Jets grants it a very small heal for you and up to 7 allies within 8 meters of you.


  • Jet Boost’s heal is almost worthless.
  • Jet Boost must heal at least 2, 5, or 8 to provide greater expected healing than Kolto Shot, Rapid Scan(without Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus), or Kolto Shell, respectively.
  • A healer’s job is triage, which is not, in general, maximizing HPS or topping up allies. Before using Jet Boost, be certain that healing the ally with least health or building Supercharge isn’t wiser.
  • Even when using Jet Boost is appropriate, such as for Malaphar, healing allies for less than 3% of their maximum health is unlikely to alter a fight’s tempo or outcome. Consider Utility: Power Overrides or Stabilized Armor instead.

Dealing Damage

Capitalize on every opportunity to deal damage.

In general, the priority for dealing damage is as follows.

  • Except as noted below, for a single target: Electro Net > Unload > Rail Shot > Death from Above > Power Shot> Rapid Shots
    • The priority of Power Shot or Rapid Shots is higher if you don’t have 10 Supercharge.
    • In general, Rapid Shots has the highest priority if your Heat would exceed 40 otherwise.
  • For multiple targets: Death from Above >Sweeping Blasters with Utility: Boresights >Flame Thrower > Sweeping Blasters without Utility: Boresights

Except as noted below, remain in Combat Support Cylinder.

  • If each condition below is met, using High Velocity Gas Cylinder should increase your DPS.
    1. Maximizing your groups’ DPS is crucial.
    2. Your co-healer isn’t a Sorcerer. In general, a Sorcerer can deal at least as much damage as you with less hassle.
    3. There’s a period of at least 20 seconds at the start of combat or 30 seconds in the middle of combat for which your co-healer can, and agrees to, handle all healing.
  • If you switch to High Velocity Gas Cylinder, note that
    1. High Velocity Gas Cylinder reduces Rail Shot’s Heat cost by 10, and
    2. switching back to Combat Support Cylinder to resume healing uses a GCD.
eletronet Electro Net

  • Electro Net is instant, has a 90-second cooldown, and costs 10 Heat.
  • It’s a DOT that ticks 10 times, immediately and once every second for 9 seconds.
  • For PVP, it reduces the movement speed of the affected enemy by 50% and hinders him. In addition, its damage increases based on how muchthe affected enemy has moved with it.
unload Unload

  • Unload is a 3-second channel and has a 15-second cooldown.
  • It attacks 4 times, including immediately. Each attack costs 6 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • With Utility: Thrill of the Hunt, it may be activated or channeled while moving.
railshot Rail Shot

  • Rail Shot is instant, has a 15-second cooldown, and costs 15 Heat (or 5 Heat with High Velocity Gas Cylinder).
powershot Power Shot

  • Power Shot is a 1.5-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 15 Heat.
  • Attacking with it grants you 1 Supercharge even if your target dodges it.
rapidshots Rapid Shots

  • Rapid Shots is instant, has no cooldown, and costs no Heat.
  • Attacking with it grants you 1 Supercharge even if your target dodges it.
  • You may substitute it for Kolto Shot if your Heat is low and healing is relaxed.
dfa Death from Above

  • Death from Above is a 3-second channel and has a 45-second cooldown.
  • Its radius is 4 meters.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 6 times. Each attack wave costs 5 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
sweepingblasters Sweeping Blaster

  • Sweeping Blasters is a 3-second channel and has no cooldown.
  • Its radius is 5 meters.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 4 times. Each attack wave costs 8 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
flamethrower Flame Thrower

  • Flame Thrower is a 3-second channel and has an 18-second cooldown.
  • It affects a “cone” in front of you that has a radius of 10 meters and a central angle of 45 degrees.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 4 times. Each attack wave costs 7 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.


powersurge Power Surge


  • Power Surgeis off the GCD. Its cooldown is 60 seconds, which Utility: Power Overrides reduces to 45 seconds.
  • It grants you a buff thatmakes your next cast instant. With Utility: Power Overrides, this buff has two charges.
    • This buff lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • Though Onboard AED is a cast, it isn’t instant with Power Surge and doesn’t consume it.
  • After this buff expires or all of its charges have been consumed, you receive Unshakeable, which makes you immune to interrupts and pushback, for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • Power Surge helps you respond to an emergency, especiallywhile moving,ifEmergency Scan is unavailable.
  • Use Power Surge for Healing Scan if it’s available or, otherwise, for Rapid Scan.
    • If Emergency Response and Power Surge overlap, a Healing Scan consumes both. Don’t use Power Surge if Healing Scan is available and you have Emergency Response.
  • For PVP, Power Surge is also for interrupt immunity. An ideal time for it is immediately after gaining full resolve.
tso Thermal Sensor Override


  • Thermal Sensor Override is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It grants you a buff that lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Your next ability that would otherwise cost Heat instead consumes this buff and costs no Heat.


  • See the seventh topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.
ventheat Vent Heat


  • Vent Heat is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It vents up to 50 Heat over 3 seconds.
  • Utility: Improved Vents causes it to vent an additional 15 Heat immediately and to increase your Alacrity by 10% for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • See the seventh topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

Other Abilities

hydraulicoverrides Hydraulic Overrides

  • Hydraulic Overrides is off the GCD and has a 30-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It lasts for 6 seconds, which Utility: Torque Boosters increases to 10 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
  • It increases your movement speed by 30% and grants you immunity to movement-impairing, knockdown, or physics effects.
  • For PVE, Hydraulic Overrides is very valuable for the new Operations. Most boss effects respect it.
chaffflare Chaff Flare

  • Chaff Flare is off the GCD and has a 45-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • For PVE, itlowers your threat with each enemy by 25%. Use it proactively, especially after adds spawn.
superchargedcelerity Supercharged Celerity

  • Increases Alacrity by 10% for Operation group members within 40 meters.
  • This buff lasts for 10 seconds, and its cooldown is 5 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
  • It costs 10 Supercharge. Since this buff is almost always used to increase your group’s DPS, it’s preferable for you, rather than a Mercenary DPS, to pay for this buff.

Maximizing Your Performance

User Interface

Tailor your UI for healing. These choices are personal, but consider the recommendations below.

  1. All crucial, time-sensitive information should be visible simultaneously. Therefore, Operation Frames, Action Bars, and Player Castbar should be adjacent and just below your character’s feet. Configure these using the Interface Editor.
  2. Under Preferences > User Interface, enable “Show Cooldown Text”.
  3. Use the Interface Editor to configure your Operation Frames.
    • Set “Buff Scale” as low as possible. Increase “Debuff Scale” until debuffs are prominent.
    • For your usual Operation group, disable “Show Health Text”. This is clutter rather than useful information.
    • Disable “Show Only Removable Debuffs”. Debuffs that may deal substantial damage to allies often aren’t removable.
  4. Using the Interface Editor, enable Focus Target and Focus Target Castbar. Certain bosses have casts or channels that deal substantial damage to allies.
  5. Using the Interface Editor, for the Player Buff Tray, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Effects” and Sort Options > “Personal Effects”. This makes it easy to see your procs.
  6. Using the Interface Editor, for the Target Frame and Focus Target, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Buffs” and “Highlight Debuffs” and Sort Options > “Personal Buffs” and “Personal Debuffs”. This makes it easy to see your effects, such as a HOT on an ally or a DOT on an enemy.


Gain up to 50 points of these stats through Datacrons.

  • Aim
  • Cunning
  • Endurance


To increase each stat below by 1% for every character in your Legacy and Faction, complete all of the quests that one of the listed companions can offer.

  • Accuracy – Skadge, Scorpio, Khem Val, or Broonmark
  • Critical – Gault, Ensign Temple, Andronikos, or Vette
  • Healing received – Mako, Doctor Lokin, Talos Drellik, or Malavai Quinn
  • Maximum health – Blizz, Kaliyo, Xalek, or Lt. Pierce
  • Surge – Torian, Vector, Ashara, or Jaesa

Though optimal gear for healing has no Accuracy, increasing Accuracy through this Legacy perk helps you interrupt, crowd control, or deal damage.


Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.


  • An Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Stim provides 198 of your Primary stat and 81 Power for 8 hours (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • An Adrenal increases a stat for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this) and is off the GCD. The cooldown shared across all Adrenals is 3 minutes.
  • For PVE, an Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Triage Adrenal increases Force or Tech Power by 750.
  • For PVP, a Warzone Adrenal increases Damage Reduction by 15%.


  • A Medpac heals you and is off the GCD. A Medpac can’t crit.
  • PVE
    • The cooldown shared across all Medpacs usable outside of a Warzone or Arena is (a) the remainder of your present combat or (b) 90 seconds, whichever is longer.
    • An Advanced Anodyne Medpac restores 7535 to 7892 health immediately and an additional 2875 health over 15 seconds.
  • PVP – A Warzone Medpac restores 35% of your maximum health and has a 90-second cooldown.


  • A Grenade is an instant ability. The cooldown shared across all Grenades is 3 minutes.
  • PVE – Grenades that stun or root can be useful for certain adds, such as during Styrak on Nightmare Mode, Grob’Thok with Nightmare Power, or Revanite Commanders.
  • PVP – Grenades are very useful.
    • A player affected by one or more of a Grenade’s effects receives Bastioned, a buff that grants immunity to all effects of further Grenades for 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Bastioned doesn’t persist through death.
    • If a Grenade has a stun or unconscious effect, this effect respects resolve.

Theory and Interactive Model

There are multiple tabs to this spreadsheet. There is also an option to view this spreadsheet in full screen mode by clicking the button at the bottom right corner.

Download link (save to your computer to edit):!157&authkey=!AH6Y02KGyIo6I0w&ithint=file%2cxlsx

About the Author

Orderken is a healer for <Hates You> on Prophecy of the Five.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

131 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Mercenary Bodyguard Healing Guide by Orderken”

Mercs have 75% surge WITHOUT any surge on your gear, with 330 surge rating they have 92% surge. That should tell you how important crit is for them.

So I have 503 crit from gear in mostly comm gear. I have some really big crit heals (which I like very much) but I would hazard a guess that 650+ crit rating would mean practically all crit, and power would only come from augments.

I like charts & tables. If any are available, they would be nice to see.

I mean no offense, cuz I know you put a lot of time and effort into preparing that worksheet, but I find it is not very easy to use.

That’s fine, and I’m sure you’re in good company. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make the Model any more user-friendly.

Though I could add a new worksheet that shows output from various scenarios, “Gear Rating” on worksheet “Gear” does this already in summary form. In addition, if your not inclined to trust the Model as evidence for my claims about gear, I doubt that you’d be inclined to trust additional output generated by that same Model.

So, I’ll say this. I’m a mathematician who has decades of experience modeling phenomena one or two orders of magnitude more complex than SWTOR for financial services, insurance, and other companies. I’ve check the model many times (I’ve had it for about 3 months), including by spot-checking results empirically (e.g., leaving my toon to cast Kolto Missile thousands of times overnight with X amount of Critical and, later, with Y amount of Critical).

Actually it’s 86%–the companion buff is 1% and advanced targeting is another 10% surge and it’s basically always up. And that’s another reason to have more crit, because crits it proc it.

And you know that how? Afaik nobody made an error free IO model to determine BiS gearing. Zorz guide is nothing more than guessing + experience. I’m fairly sure once we have an IO model bis crit will be 600+ as well.
(and yes I forgot the companion buff which makes it 93%, also the same surge rating would make IO having 108% and not on every ability, but w/e)

The math is not that hard. Stop guessing and start calculating. It’s pretty easy for mercs as we hardly have auto-crits.

For example, start with:

2000 bonus damage
32% crit
110% avg surge

Total damage unit: 2000+.32*1.1*2000 = 2704

+1% crit: Total damage unit: 2000+.33*1.1*2000 = 2726

Extra bonus damage needed to match at 32%: 24 / (1+.33*1.1) = 17.75
Amount of power equivalent to 1% crit: 17.75 / 0.23 = 77.17

At this point, if you need more than 78 crit rating to add 1% crit, power is better. Fill in your own numbers, and you’ve got more than a guess to work with.

I suspect that there are better places to discuss IO. I’ll note, however, that Power affects Bonus Damage at a different rate than it affects Bonus Healing. While it’s reasonable to extrapolate from optimal gear for a DPS Discipline (if that’s known), you’re, at best, extrapolating. There’s no need to extrapolate, however, because my Model for healing is available.

For healing, my figure for the amount of Critical from gear that maximizes expected output is as certain as 2 + 2 = 4. If you assume 360 Surge and 95% uptime for Advanced Targeting, the amount of Critical from gear that maximizes the expected healing from certain abilities is as follows.

Kolto Shot – 282
Healing Scan or Kolto Shell – 720
Emergency Scan (including its HOT) – 732
Kolto Missile or Progressive Scan – 763
Rapid Scan (disregarding auto-crits from SOR 2-Piece) – 765

If you increase Surge, these increase, too.

The single figure for Critical in Section “Gear” of this Guide is an average, that weighs optimal Critical for each ability according to that ability’s contribution to your total effective healing. Total effective healing data is on worksheet “Your Healing”, and I encourage you to modify it. My model also lowers optimal Critical to account for Rapid Scans that auto-crit from the SOR 2-Piece. You may modify the percentage of Rapid Scans that auto-crit on worksheet “Healing Amounts”.

Of course, some healers prefer to have less Critical than the amount that maximizes expected output, and some prefer more. Both preferences can be supported, and I’ll discuss each preference and its supporting arguments in a separate article on theorycrafting at a later date.

However, if the question is “What amount of Critical maximizes expected output?”, the answer is known. It follows from SWTOR’s formula as much as 4 follows from 2 + 2. My feelings, or yours, about Critical cannot influence the formula that govern SWTOR.

The reason to use alacrity is simple:

8% alacrity = 8 more skill used for every 100 healing skills used.
Increasing crit will give you 3% or so more crit rating or c.a. more 3 heals per 100 healing skills used.

As simple as that. The only healing class that benefit from c.a. 200 crit is the operative because every tick of a hot can crit. Tested in practice.

Notably, the experiments with stats are backing the Ordeken’s Excel-computed theoretical model above. So, you may want to see in it what happens to Merc healing if you gear your merc for high crit/surge or for high alacrity.
Good luck!

Is it more, or did they swap rapid scan and healing scan’s healing amount from 2.0 to 3? I could have sworn rapid scan from the bigger one before 3.0.

That’s my recollection. Merc/Mando healing has definitely come if age. The burst available is almost ridicules.

but finally it is more logic and I seem to remember that this also had been officially announce by BW. Was counterintuitive pre 3.0 imo.

I’m at 28.32% crit. Will probably do one more crit/ala to give me the 7 ala enh he suggest and see how that works.

Well-written guide and everything, but I’m having trouble accepting your suggested stat balance. Why would I want so much alacrity? All the stat distributions I’ve seen are more in the ~600 crit, ~850 surge, and like 175 alacrity range. Not this 750+ alacrity methodology you’re suggesting. I mean, it seems all well and good for sorcs, but don’t mercs just want non-stop 14k crits?

Prior to 3.0, alacrity only reduced the GCD. Now it reduces cooldowns as well.

Surge hits diminishing returns ridiculously hard at around 300 rating, while Alacrity takes 1800 points before it hits similar diminishing returns. You’ll get far better returns out of ~300 surge ~700 alacrity (186s) than you would from ~800 Surge ~200 Alacrity

Am I the only god damn person on here that remembers Mercenaries and Commandos gets a free 10% Surge Passive for getting a critical ON ANYTHING?

That places Critical rating at the front, and Surge right behind it. Alacrity has its place, but not for Mercs. Get your crap together Kwerty, Alacrity is not that amazing.

It’s +15%, btw (“Warden” at lvl 56), which only makes crit all that much more important, and surge rating less so. Alacrity is the shit. Kwerty is right.

You do realise with all those Kolto Shells on everything and with the amount of ticks of heals you’ll have going out, you only need ~25% crit chance to have near 100% uptime on the surge boost right?

Surge is only as good as your crit rating anyway, while alacrity is good everywhere (even in downtime!). 306 surge = 16% more critical damage, while 306 alacrity is ~3.88% more everything. If you only had 306 points to put in stuff, that 306 surge would get you 10.596% more heals done when you crit (well, actually because its a mando healer, its only 9.09% more healing done ON A CRIT) – so as long as you dont have a whopping 43% crit chance, Alacrity will be better at the point where Surge is at its strongest. Alacrity will still be ~90% efficient at 306 alacrity, while surge will be less than 50% of its normal efficiency by then.

Now the maths backs me up, testing by actual healers (not me) backs it up, the only person here disagreeing with me right now is you.

Of course not, Melio.

For example, the Interactive Model at the end of this Guide applies Warden to all healing done and treats the uptime of Advanced Targeting as 95%. (Per the instructions on worksheet “Introduction”, you may modify the uptime of Advanced Targeting as you see fit. 95% is reasonable according to both the theory/probability and the analysis of combat logs from HM Ravagers and Temple boss fights.)

Alacrity percentage is a direct hps/dps increase, in theory. 9% alacrity bonus amounts to 9% more heals/damage over the course of a fight. It also helps with heat management.


I dont understand why so much alacrity… The mercenary template require crits imo and 20% isnt enough, i always use to play with 33-35% crit (before and after 3.0). I tryed more than 5% alacrity before 3.0 and it looked so useless to gain 0.1sec on the CD..

I’m curious to try your 9% alacrity.

Btw, nice guid for all of the heal.

Lithy, Mantle of the Force, guild “Expertise”

Critical and Alacrity aren’t in direct competition. I recommend a high amount of Critical *and* a high amount of Alacrity.

But you cant have both high 🙁

If you want high amount critical, you need to sacrify alacrity.

Atm i reach 35% crit and 5.5x% alacrity with mix of BIS 192 and 198.

Btw, you really think the new set bonus are worth ? I actually still play with 4 token of 186 set and 2 bonus piece of 198. Do you have arguments for the 4 and 6 piece of new set ?

In fact, you can, and should, have both high.

The SOR 4-Piece is the most valuable set bonus available for Mercenary healing. Since SOR 4-Piece won’t stack with pre-SOR 2-Piece, you want the full SOR 6-Piece.

“Handling high damage to multiple allies: Strong. Operative is close. Sorcerer is behind.”

Maybe I haven’t seen a proper merc healer yet, but from what I’ve seen operatives are considerably ahead in group healing. On fights where the raid is stacked up you can break 8000 hps sustained in 186 gear. Mercs barely get more than half that. Much stronger in single target and burst heals, but not on sustained group heals.

Wierd, before 3.0 on NIM operation, i was always ahead the operative with my merc…

Operative are close but behind, they have only one real group heal, the second is little bit light ( the nano thing)

That is weird, you must either have miracle heals on your merc, or a really bad operative healer, as operatives were a lot stronger than mercs before 3.0.

In 3.0 the area heals for operative look stronger than the merc ones. Kolto waves heals about twice what kolto missile heals, but on a 3 sec channel, so it’s about the same healing per gcd spent. Kolto wave does have a much larger area though, and a shorter cooldown than two kolto missiles (the equivalent amount of healing).

Recuperative nanotech is also stronger than progressive scan. It heals less than progressive scan does on it’s first target, but more than the third and fourth. It applies it’s healing over 6 seconds rather than the 3 secs of progressive scan, but it has an instant casting time, so it has more than twice the healing done per gcd spent.

In short, both abilities are more powerful than their Merc equivalent, so any competent operative should outheal a merc on group heals. There are still very good reasons to prefer a merc (much stronger focus heals, preventative heals), but they’re simply not the best for raidwide heals.

I would love to be proven wrong though. If you have an ops log showing big (8k+) raidwide numbers for Merc in an 8-man operation I’d love to have a peek and see how they pull it off.

Consult the Interactive Model at the end of this Guide. In particular, see worksheet “Healing Amounts” regarding Kolto Missile and Kolto Waves, and factor in their different cooldowns.

Regarding your experience in 3.0, there are at least two explanations. First, as you speculated, it may extend only to Mercenary healers who’ve failed to capitalize on the class’s AOE healing potential. Second, the Mercenary healer may have chosen to prioritize tank or other single-ally healing while his Operative co-healer prioritized AOE healing. This is prudent, because, in general, an Operative is less capable of burst healing a single ally. Treating this choice between co-healers as evidence that Mercenary is less capable of AOE healing is a mistake.

Unfortunately, the interactive model seems to be broken for me, I just get a white surface. If I can get it working, I’ll have a look. I haven’t really studied my merc healer well, so it’s quite possible I’ve missed something.

I haven’t healed with that many merc healers, and it seems likely that I haven’t seen the Merc’s full aoe-capabilities. It makes sense that they won’t employ them when there’s an operative in the room, but I’ve done a lot of runs as dps too, some with merc/sorc combo’s. I would love to see a ‘proof of concept’-run, someone taking a merc to a supersimple fight like Malaphar SM or even Writhing Horror, and just pump out maximal AoE heals to see what the spec can do in optimal conditions, even if the healing isn’t actually needed at that point.

I haven’t tried a run like that in 3.0, but we did a few in 2.x just to see. By the end of 2.x it was just over 7800 hps on my operative. That’s not a number you’d see in a real fight, more like a ceiling number of what the class can put out, a bit like a dummy-parse for dps, albeit less standardized. Considering I routinely hit 7k and sometimes 8k in the new combats, I suspect the class potential in decent gear (I still wear 186) should be over 10k hps.

In the end, ofcourse, the player makes all the difference. Most of the good healers in my main guild happen to be operatives, so we run a lot with two ops in HM. This is far from optimal, and we do suffer from it, but we don’t have any sorc/merc healers at the same level. If we did, we’d much prefer to mix.

There’s a “Download” option, at least for me. It’s an Excel file.

In case you’re unable to download the model, below are some figures.
1. Mercenary (roughly BIS Revanite without relic proc) using Kolto Missile on cooldown provides an ally with about 860 HPS.
2. Operative (roughly BIS Revanite without relic proc) using Kolto Waves on cooldown provides an ally with about (a) 780 HPS assuming Dread Master 2-Piece and SOR 4-Piece or (b) 870 HPS assuming SOR 6-Piece.

Of course, there are other abilities for AOE healing, and differences between Kolto Missile and Kolto Waves, to consider. But this is a brief justification for my claim that the AOE healing potential of Mercenary and Operative are “close”.

I’ve managed to download it, it only seems to work in IE (bah). Chrome just shows a big empty square. But I’ve got the file now, it does seem to be an impressive piece of work, but it’s pretty hard to read/check. Inevitable I suppose, on a complex piece of research like this.

Still you seem to say that, with the set bonus, Kolto Missile and Kolto Waves are more or less equivalent. But only if everybody stands in the much smaller kolto missile area, and keeps standing in that area for more time (3 secs every 6 instead of every 9, or the puddle won’t heal). I’d say the edge here goes to the Operative.

In your sheet, progressive scan is listed for more “average healing of 1 ally”, but if I look at the formula it looks like you’ve given that average ally the full 4 ticks, while the average target only gets 2.5 ticks (4+3+2+1 over 4 targets). I may have misread the formula, but if I’m right that makes progressive scan considerably weaker than recuperative nanotech. The area for progressive scan is bigger, but with a max of 4 targets that’s much less of an issue than with the 8-target heals.

All in all, Mercs are strong enough area healers, but I still don’t think they match operatives here. I must applaud the depth of the research you did in that excel sheet though.

The radius of Kolto Missile and Kolto Waves is identical, 8 meters. In addition, the effect of movement on Kolto Missile is small, but can be devastating for Kolto Waves’ throughput.

You’re correct regarding Progressive Scan. Recuperative Nanotech heals for more, but keep in mind that it heals far slower.

Mercenary can choose Jet Boost, and you might consider Kolto Shell an AOE heal for non-tanks while Kolto Probe, in general, you might not.

Regardless of what assumption you choose to make, the result is the same. In general, Operative and Mercenary have comparable AOE healing potential. The only outlier is Sorcerer, whose AOE healing potential is meaningfully lower.

Waited to get home and try 🙂

You’re absolutely right, the kolto missile area is much much bigger than I thought it was, and identical to Kolto Waves. I’m not sure if it got bigger with 3.0, or my memory is just bad. With an equal area and less sensitivity to walking out, it is indeed superior to Kolto Waves. Recup is still slightly better than Prog Scan I think, but all in all I now agree operatives are at best about equal to Mercs in aoe. Guess I should go level my Merc healer to 60 now.

Thanks for the engagement, your feedback helped me get my shit straight!

Well it’s been a looooong wait, last class I think, but it was worth it.

Great job Orderken. Very thorough and will apply the stat balances right away.

so i’ts better get Power augs than Aim ones? o.O because it’s says:


Aim = Power (it should say AIM < POWER) ?

Power versus Critical ( AIM VS POWER) ?

With 14 Aim Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected
healing is about 655 in Resurrected gear or 715 in Revanite gear.

With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes
expected healing is about 675 in Resurrected gear or 735 in Revanite

No. If you assume Aim augments, and then optimize the remainder of your gear, your expected output is the same as if you assume Power augments, and then optimize the remainder of your gear.

Therefore, you may maximize your expected output with either Aim or Power augments.

I was healing 16 man nightmare and am now doing steady progression I. 8 man hard mode…. Power augments are good if you are going for a more alacrity build…. Which helps on burs tier fights whereas aim augments are good for fights with more damage going out at a steady pace… With power augment try and aim for about 72% surge and 30% tech crit and with aim augment 75% surge 35% tech crit… The rest in alacrity. It’s mainly a personal preference as to which way you go, but if you do chose to go with aim then use 3-4 a mods for an easier time getting your crit up and still having a good bit of alacrity in your gear

Mind if I ask where did you get your number for power (5256) in your theory and interactive model? I added my total values for power and even with all Overkill augments I’m still short by 3k. I don’t know where you got that number from.

Yes, it’s just as Hache said. Many of the Cells in the Model have explanatory comments. If you download the Model, you can read these by mousing over the Cell. One such comment explains that the Tech Power from the Barrel in your MH and in your OH is treated as simply “Power”.

It might be worth putting a download link to the xlsx next to the embedded interactive model. Most browsers can’t render the embedded excel document, a download link gives people an alternative way to get the data.

First of all im using Aim Augments
i tried with you model but dont know how, Could you tell me what critical rating should i have, if i have 360 surge andd 777 alacrity? it mid way from resurrected to revanite, so i dont know what critical rating choose if 655 or 715, im using Aim augments

There’s no meaningful advantage to being so precise, especially while you’ll be upgrading your gear weekly. Any amount in between (or even a bit lower or higher) is fine.

Hey, nice guide! But i have a quiestion regarding to so much crit rating. I’m not that skilled as healer so im trying to figure out one thing. If you sacrifice power to crit, won’t it be worse, than with full power? I didn’t tested this, but can you roughtly tell me, what will be the difference between your crit build and full power build? for example, how high gona be crit with lets say healing scan with full power and with such less power like in your build? ty

Having close to the amount of Critical from gear that I recommend increases expected output by 2% over having 0 Critical from gear.

What 2% means is up to you. On the one hand, it won’t prevent you from killing a boss. On the other hand, it’s equivalent to walking into an Operation with 5 empty Augment slots. So, if having 5 empty Augment slots isn’t compatible with the expectations that you or your group set, then neither is having 0 Critical from gear.

tywm for your answer. so if i got it right, the difference between 0 and like 655 crit (im usin aim augs) is about 2%? Thats not big difference, but it is… thanks a lot this was exactly what i was looking for.

The RotHC 2 piece doesn’t work. its not that it doesnt stack with the SOR 4 piece, it just does not work. Although its probably not needed, may be useful to say the RotHC 4 piece does not give teh 3 seconds off Emergency Scan cooldown.

nice guide! I found the comparisons quite interesting. the only thing I missed in that section was rotation difficulty. I’m thinking about the player factor; even if mercenary heals have no meaningful weakness, if they are difficult to master, maybe it’s not for everyone. I would love to see a comparison of difficulty for the three healing disciplines.

I don’t believe there’s much difference. To the extent there’s a rotation,
* Operative is straightforward. But you must maintain Kolto Probes.
* Mercenary is straightforward. But you must manage Supercharge.
* Sorcerer is least regular, and, at higher levels of play, being proactive with Static Barrier rather than merely reacting to damage rewards foresight. But there’s really nothing to manage, not even Force.

Thanks! I have a corruption sorcerer and I actually felt it became easier to play with after 3.0. Found it quite strange actually, as I never had the need to use consumption again since the change.

Did you test (or model) Alacrity vs Triage Adrenal? Even in full 198 gear the Alacrity adrenal gives an additional 5.9% alacrity. Since I don’t know the Bonus Healing contribution to HPS I can’t really calculate the Triage adrenal….

For a Mercenary healer with the Revanite gear that I recommend and without any “Bloodthirst” buff,
* Triage Adrenal (+750 Power for healing) increases expected healing by 6%, and
* Efficacy Adrenal (+750 Alacrity) by 5.4%.

Either is a good choice.

To date, the Adrenal that I’ve used most often in the new Operations has been Attack. Several fights (e.g., Torque, Sword Squadron, and Underlurker) that can present a DPS check require little or no healing for the first 15+ seconds, so I DPS upon pulling.

A few questions:

– How did you get 5.4% for the alacrity adrenal? These are my calculations:

840 alacrity from gear = 9.47794825465%
840 + adrenal (750) = 15.3786251902%
adrenal = 5.9%

Isn’t 1% alacrity = 1% HPS increase?

– How do you calculate HPS from Power? Not questioning you here just want to know 🙂
Short answer please, if there’s one.

– How much Triage adrenal worth at 192 gear lvl? (if it’s even any different)

Alacrity adrenal (with my above calcualtion but with 770) should be: 6.0903 %

Question 1
1 Power = (0.17 * 1.05) Bonus Healing. The 1.05 is for the Warrior class buff.

1 Bonus Healing doesn’t increase the healing of each ability by 1, unfortunately. The increase equal’s the ability’s “Coefficient”, which can be found on worksheet “Ability Data”.

I recorded them in Column B of worksheet “Ability Data” in my Model.

The easiest method is mining, like swtor_miner and swtor_potato do.

Question 2
Two distinct “diminishing return” effects apply to Alacrity. You’ve capture one but not the other. Here’s how I’d do the napkin math (example is for an instant/GCD ability):

1.5 / (1 + 9.48%) = 1.37
1.5 / (1 + 15.38%) = 1.30
(1.37 – 1.30) / 1.30 = 5.4%

It may help to think of it this way: if your Alacrity were 100%, your activation times would be cut in half, not zero.

Question 3
For a Mercenary healer with the Resurrected gear that I recommend and without any “Bloodthirst” buff,
* Triage Adrenal increases expected healing by 6.2%, and
* Efficacy Adrenal by 5.6%.

I thank you for the guide. I have looked over the comments and not sure if I missed a min/max on critical somewhere in the discussion or in the guide itself; I know the spreadsheet allows for putting in current gear. I am capping surge and using a high alacrity build and pre 3.0 had run with almost no crit- so I was basically wondering what is recommended low end/ high end for crit or if any? Thank you

It’s in the Guide itself. Please see Section “Gear”, which is near the beginning.

Let me know if you wish to discuss this further.

Great guide! However everyone I link to this has asked the same question about crit, do you think you could just add a line that just says 0 crit enhancements/mods?

The reason that I didn’t do this is that there are too many possibilities to list. Any combination of Ear, Implants, Color Crystals, Mods, or Enhancements that gives you an amount of Critical from gear that’s within about 250 of the relevant optimal amount is fine.

Can you explain the 715 crit rating assuming aim augs? I was brought up in the school of “if your crit is over 30% you’re a bad and should uninstall”. If I’ve been lead astray I’d really like to know. I’ve been merc heals on my main since launch and it is hands down my favorite class. Glad it finally got some love from the balance pass.

Unfortunately, that was poor (and dogmatic) advice for both RotHC and SOR.

In a comment far below, I reported, for each Mercenary ability, the amount of Critical that maximizes its the expected healing. These figures are facts.

In general, I consider any amount of Critical from gear that’s within about 250 of the relevant optimal amount to be fine and not worth debating. Adhering to “Critical Chance <= 30%", however, would limit you to at most ~300 Critical in Revanite gear with AIm Augments. That's ~400 less the relevant optimal amount. There aren't compelling reasons to deviate so much from what maximizes expected healing.

The 4-piece set bonus seems to not work when you first log in, change instances, go to different planets, and enter a raid or flashpoint. The only way ive found to make it work is to take off enough pieces so i only have the 2-piece set bonus, then re-equip them.

I love the guide, I tweaked some stats on my merc and am very happy with the results. I really just switched two pieces from power/surge to crit/alacrity to get what you suggest. The only thing I found odd was the descriptions are towards the end and not the beginning. Not an issue for me since I don’t need them anyway, but it just seems odd for new merc healers.

That said, I understand you are also writing the guide for ops. I may have missed it somewhere else, but what would you suggest for crit/alacrity/surge? I assume, like merc and sorc, alactity/surge will be 7/3. But I’m not sure about crit, right now I stuck with 25% but i haven’t really experimented with it. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

I sent my Operative guide to Dulfy moments ago, so it should be published sometime this week.

Regarding Operative stats:
* With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 371 in Resurrected gear or 435 in Revanite gear.
* With 14 Cunning Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 353 in Resurrected gear or 417 in Revanite gear.
* 3 Surge : 7 Alacrity.

Thank you sir! Like my merc, I only have slight changes to make. The same changes actually. Swap out 2 Power/Surge for Crit/Alacrity.
Kind of off topic question. Is there a DR on how Primary stat effects crit rating after 4k? Someone in guild mentioned it and that was the first time I heard it, so I tried to look it up and got some weird results. Some said it only effects Willpower and others said it is so small it isn’t really worth worrying about. I ask because I went Aim augments on my merc before any info on power vs primary was out and my aim is at 44k-ish.

Critical Chance from each Primary Stat that grants it to a class (for a Mercenary, Aim and Cunning) has a diminishing return. But this effect is small across the relevant range (about 3600 to 4650).

In any event, my Model accounts for this. There’s no meaningful difference for a Mercenary healer in either Resurrected or Revanite gear between Aim and Power Augments.

I’m curious – while I understand this is PvE focused, does the stat priority follow a similar trend for PVP gearing?


I’d anticipate (a) Critical being lower, because the stat pool is lower, and (b) probably 1 more Surge Enhancement, because there’s a minimum amount of Surge to hit.

For the final point to unlock the Heroic tier, none stands out for PVE. I decided that it wasn’t worth my time or readers’ time to split this hair in the Guide.

Regarding Infrared Sensors, a 2% increase in defense chance won’t allow me to ignore a mechanic to finish a heal. The damage reduction over time isn’t material, either, because Armor mitigates damage from Ranged or Melee attacks (i.e., white damage), and a Mercenary has Heavy Armor.

Though I can’t recall a single example for which Protective Field mattered, in theory, it could allow me to heal someone other than myself one GCD sooner. For example, if I took damage from standing in fire, a 20% healing received bonus from Energy Shield might allow me to spend one less GCD paying for this mistake.

In fact, I run with neither. Cure costing no Heat is nice for Revan’s first floor and Ruugar. I almost always forget to change Utilities between bosses, so I’ve had Heat Damping since December.

Posted this in the mando comments section but going post this in the merc comments too in case someone here knows.

Quick question re: stats and gearing. I am in almost all 192 gear from the elite comm vendor. I’m sitting at around 550 surge. From what I read I want to be just over 300. So my question is should I start purchasing, say the gloves, and rip out the 192 enhancement that has power and alarcrity on it and replace the crit and surge enhancements to bring my surge down a bit.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the numbers for this. Could you give me a ratio of aim/total stat pool, power/total stats, etc. for the main stats for this class? I tried using the spreadsheet, but…well, I’m a little math deficient :/

I suggest having each stat close to the neighborhood for it below.

Critical (Tech): 33-35%
Surge: 68-72%
Alacrity: 7.8-9.5%

For any slot, the rule of thumb is to choose an item with (1) the highest item level and, among items of equal item level, (2) the fewest points in Endurance.

Any reason why you suggested to go for 33-35% crit? Isn’t that a bit too high? Or am I missing something?

I just got back into using my merc today since pre3.0 and realised how different it felt, and wanted to ask anyone why they took away the protective field buff that was applied to everyone within range of kolto missile right after the use of supercharge?

So far, I am not liking merc changes, but guess I will try to get back into this class since it was my favourite healing class pre3.0

If you enjoyed Mercenary healing before SOR, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it now.

In SOR, receiving heals can bestow up to 3 buffs. Each healing class grants 2 buffs, and any two healers not of the same class have all 3. I suspect, therefore, that BioWare wished to standardize and balance this aspect of healing.

Primarily because of diminishing returns.

Having 4 Surge : 6 Alacrity is also excellent for a Mercenary healer. With this amount of Surge, the amount of Critical from gear that maximizes expected healing is about 30 greater than what I reported in Section “Gear” of this Guide.

Having 5 Surge : 5 Alacrity is reasonable for a Mercenary healer. With this amount of Surge, the amount of Critical from gear that maximizes expected healing is about 55 greater than what I reported in Section “Gear” of this Guide.

Having more Surge than Alacrity is unreasonable in high-end PVE gear for any healing class, even Mercenary.

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I use my Mercenary Healer for progression and my gear setup is 4 Surge Enhancements and 6 Alacrity with 14 Aim augments. Also, I’m running only 3 pieces with Critical (Earpiece, Feet and Legs) in a total of 468 +-. I want to ask something: do you think my crit value is enough for the amount of Surge I use? Or should I add another Crit piece like Hands or a Belt?

Forgot to mention, my gear is full Resurrected with no A mods or High-endurance Enhancements, also Revanite relics and Revanite implants.

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4 set bonus still not working for Mercs. However if you unequip and then re-equip all gear each time an instance is changed SCG lasts for 15secs as intended.

6 Alacrity and 4 Surge with 624-700 Crit. I’ve ran both setups and 6 Alacrity + 4 Surge are the best in my opnion.

In the Interactive gearing section the enhancements appear to use the values from the comm gear not the token gear. Any reason for this?

Regarding Augments, your proposal is fine. I discussed only 14 Primary Stat or 14 Power because these are customary and straightforward, and because no other set of Augments provides a meaningful increase in expected healing. If your Critical is < about 900, you're fine.

Hi there Orderken, Still debating whether or not to move from my Operative main to my Merc alt for HM progression (we’re currently 3/10). My partner is a Merc. I could have sworn that previously this guide stated that Merc/Merc was preferred over Merc/Operative. What do you think about the pairing strengths?

Any class of healer paired with a Mercenary is strong for Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice on Hard Mode.

If we were to consider the healing abilities of each class, an Operative would seem to complement a Mercenary best, and stealth rez is useful for progression. Mercenary-Mercenary is best overall, however, primarily because Hydraulic Overrides is invaluable for many fights, including Coratanni and Revan.

so, I can get crit, surge, and alac as high as suggested on all 3 counts but, I would sacrifice quite a bit of power.

the number chart isn’t working for me, or perhaps it’s now irrelevant so curious. where are all your stats both point and percentage wise just for funsies. either you or anyone who’s achieved this optimization. I feel soft, healing for only 15-16k crit when before I was at 18.5 ish. I’d imagine the overall healing is up for the non crit portion of it, but I’m still curious.

Neither Surge nor Alacrity compete with Power on gear. Critical competes with Power, and you should choose a substantial amount of Critical over Power, as described in Section “Gear”.

I have a question. Do u have a parse of ur healing maybe, coz im not pulling as much hps as on ma sorc and I wonder maby im doing sth wrong?
i have:
33,10 crit
68,24 surge
8,97 alacrity

sorry form my english 🙂

Your stats are fine.

I no longer have parses available. Interpreting parses requires experience or expertise.
1. Be sure to compare apples to apples. Are the parses that you’re
comparing for the same fight? Is the raid’s total damage taken per second equal?
Is your healing role the same? Is your co-healer the same player and
2. In general, HPS is a poor metric. Focus on EHPS, instead.

Suppose that you’re comparing apples to apples, and that your EHPS as a Mercenary healer is materially less than as a Sorcerer. The culprit is usually Supercharged Gas. High EHPS requires both its optimal use (i.e., for a fight’s burst damage) and its frequent use. As a result, a Mercenary has a longer, steeper learning curve for each fight than a Sorcerer or Operative.

Isnt it better to get 2p old set bonus and 4p new? You lose some mainstat but gain 3s of supercharged gas.

In that case, choose the SOR 4-Piece and the pre-SOR 2-Piece Combat Medic’s. To minimize Armor lost, prefer Hands and Feet for the pre-SOR 2-Piece.

Bear in mind that BioWare might consider this a bug rather than a fix.

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