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SWTOR 3.0 Sentinel Watchman DPS Guide by Oofalong

SWTOR 3.0 Sentinel Watchman DPS guide written by Oofalong of The Shadowlands. This guide is adapted from Oofalong’s Annihilation Marauder/Watchman Sentinel Compendium.[toc]

Intro to 3.0 Sentinel Watchman

Quick Gear Recommendations

I do not have proven recommendations for gear in 3.0 as I have not been able to test as much as I need to. Still, as a starting point I am comfortable recommending:

  • 7x Accuracy, 2x Surge Enhancement & 1x Alacrity Enhancement
  • 13x Power & 1x Accuracy Augment
  • Minimal Critical Rating

Expect further refinement on gear recommendations.


This compendium is meant to help you understand how to play and gear your Watchman Sentinel for elder game PvE. The recommendations presented here are derived from the model I built, which is also available as a Google Spreadsheet: here. (Please note: while the model is theoretically accurate I do not have much 192/198 gear at this point so I have not been able to validate all of the assumptions.)

I have created this as a publicly available google doc as that is the easiest for me to maintain. This information may appear on other sites, more often than not the site has my permission to use this guide. I will attempt to answer questions about this guide via the SWTOR forums or my Reddit Post. Alternatively, you can email me at or PM me via SWTOR Forums, Enjin or Reddit where my username is oofalong.


My approach to theorycrafting combines modeling expected results based on relevant factors then analyzing actual results to ensure my model and hypotheses are accurate. Or, doing spreadsheet math and checking the combat logs to make sure it is right.

Thus, for all of my conclusions and recommendations I can, and will if asked, explain the math and mechanics behind it. Where I cannot prove something, I may still offer my opinion and I will try to be clear when this occurs. I do not pretend to know everything, and when someone has a different perspective I attempt to understand their point of view and either incorporate it into my recommendation or dismiss it with data/facts.

There are lots of potentially valid theories to optimize a Watchman Sentinel. However, I believe there is only one – or a very limited number of – truly optimized specs, gear, etc. I aim to identify the most optimal, yet also identify and quantify sub-optimal options.

Discipline Overview

Overall, Watchman is one of the best sustained single target DPS builds in SWTOR. The SWTOR Devs have stated they intend for it to be the highest sustained damage spec for Sentinels. In addition, the build offers high survivability due to a passive proc self-heal. A properly spec’ed and built character will do ~45% of their damage as DoTs. Marauders deal bleed (internal) damage while Watchmen deal burn (elemental) damage. This spec is melee exclusive and suffers from poor burst damage although 3.0 gave it formidable area-of-effect (AoE) potential. Also, it is a very mobile class as nearly everything is an instant ability.

What is new in 3.0

About Watchman in 3.0

Shadow of Revan (3.0) introduced numerous changes to the spec and play style of Watchman. The spec now centers on consistent, but restrained, play compared to the dynamic adjustments required in 2.X. For instance, neither Cauterize nor Force Melt have a cooldown; however, incorrect use of either can leave you very resource starved. Also resource generation is more limited and more of our GCDs are spent using resource neutral abilities. These factors combine to make the spec play very differently than 2.X. Some will prefer the changes while others will long for the return of 2.X features.

Relevant Global Changes

  • Disciplines have replaced Skill Trees. I believe this is a superior system as it removes the illusion of choice and introduces true freedom. For Watchman, the actual Discipline path closely mirrors the Skill Tree talents we are already familiar with, and now we have the choice of selection of our ideal Utility talents.
  • Damage output has been reduced. While there were changes to the damage variables of each ability, often the bigger change was to the magnitude that talents/buffs provide. For example, Repelling Blows previously offered a 30% increase to the direct damage of Rupture | Cauterize, but now only offers a 5% increase.
  • Everyone lost their +3% Accuracy Skill, which means we will need to stack more Accuracy Rating than previously.
  • Stat Formulas were unchanged; however, one of the variables in the formula is level. Thus, holding all else constant your stats will go down slightly at level 60.
  • Alacrity is now useful.

New & Changed Abilities

Every attack had their damage coefficients adjusted slightly, and in most cases the net effect was less than ±5% in expected damage. Below I have outlined the exceptions to this:

  • Force Melt: This is our new level 57 ability; it is a 10m force attack. It is an 18s DoT that ticks every 3s including at application so we get a total of 7 ticks per use. It does the second most damage per use. The ability is very useful as it gives us a bit more range as well as another DoT, which is good considering the changes in resource generation.
  • Twin Saber Throw: The base damage for this ability has been reduced by ~45%; however, with the change to Mind Sear we should always expected a 2x hit. Thus, its expected damage is a bit higher than we saw in 2.X. It remains an integral part of our single target rotation.
  • Dispatch: The damage for this was reduced by ~7%. Plus, it is no longer needed to reset the CD on Cauterize. Given our limited resources as well as our prescribed strict rotation you will not be able to use this on CD in the execute phase.
  • Master Strike: The damage of this was reduced by ~20% and its cooldown has been reduced to 18s.
  • Cauterize: The DoT duration has been increased to 12s although its DoT tick every 2s now.
  • Inspiration buff has been reduced to 10s.

Resource Regeneration

Only three of our abilities provide Focus:

  • Force Leap
  • Zealous Strike
  • Strike

While we generate ~70% of our resource from using these abilities, we have two opportunities to generate resource through procs. In total, these procs should generate ~10 total resource in each rotation. The two procs are:

  • Plasma Blades: This proc has a 20% chance to generate resource from each tick of our burns, but can only happen every 4s. This has a slight edge in resource generation compared to Burning Focus.
  • Burning Focus: This proc generates resource when our melee hits crit against a burning target but can only happen every 4s. We should have 100% uptime considering all three of our burns and several of our abilities hit the target multiple times so we are able to generate considerable resource this way.

Both were changed to 4s lockouts in 3.0. Plus, the success rate of Plasma Blades has been reduced to 20%, and we have less melee hits compared to 2.X. This culminates in very limited resource generation although it is enough assuming you follow the prescribed rotation.

Disciplines vs Skill Tree

For the most part, the Watchman discipline has access to every ability/talent we had via our respective skill tree. Some – Focused Slash – have become a passive talent available to all Sentinel. Some appear as direct replacements in the Discipline path such as Juyo Mastery and Merciless Zeal. Some have been merged with other talents, like the reduced Force Leap’s reduced CD from Blurred Speed being combined with Close Quarters. And, some are available as Utility talents now like Defensive Forms and Watchguard.

While each Discipline talent is listed in the table below, I do want to highlight a few.

  • I love Burning Sweep for clearing mobs, just charge in use Cauterize then Force Sweep and watch as your DoT ticks everywhere every second.
  • Accelerating Victory really helps with our ramp-up time and the free Force Melt is a must given our limited resource.
  • The 20% chance to gain Mind Sear from your DoTs may appear to introduce some dynamism to the spec, but it can only happen every 18s – the same CD as Twin Saber Throw. In practice, you will have the Mind Sear buff for nearly every use of Twin Saber Throw.
Sentinel Level Description
Burning Sweep 12 Smash | Force Sweep spreads your Cauterize and Force Melt burns to targets it hits, if it hits a target already affected by those bleeds | burns.
Repelling Blows 16 Increases the direct damage dealt by Cauterize by 5%.
Close Quarters 20 Reduces the minimum range of Force Leap by 10 meters and its cooldown by 2 seconds.
Searing Saber 24 Increases the critical strike damage of your burn effects by 5% | 5%.
Juyo Mastery 28 Your burn effects are 2% more likely to critically hit per stack of Juyo Form.
Focused Leap 32 Force Leap builds 1 additional Rage | Focus.
Merciless Zeal 36 Critical hits with burn effects heal you for 1% of your maximum health.
Plasma Blades 40 Your burn effects have a 20% chance to build 1 Focus when dealing damage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 4 seconds.
Burning Focus 44 Your direct damage attacks that critically hit a bleeding | burning target build 1 Focus. This effect cannot occur more than once 4 seconds. In addition, Merciless Slash makes its target assailable for 45 seconds. Assailable targets take 7% more elemental and internal damage.
Inexhaustible Zeal 48 Juyo Form can now stack up to 6 times, and Merciless Slash can now stack up to 4 times in total.
Mind Sear 52 Your burn effects have a 20% chance to grant Mind Sear, which increase the damage of your next Twin Saber Throw by 100%. This effect can occur once every 18 seconds.
Blazing Ward 56 Dealing burn damage to a target increases your damage reduction by 5% for 3 seconds.
Accelerating Victory 59 Juyo Form and Merciless build two stacks at a time. Merciless Slash also builds up to 3 Accelerating Victory stacks, which reduce the cost of the next Force Melt.

Utility Talents

At level 60 you will be able to invest in seven of these talents. I have highlighted the talents that will generally be the most worthwhile for PvE although you can’t take them all. Thus, you will need to adjust them based on each fight’s required mechanics and/or damage profile. I think the only two that are always beneficial are Defensive Forms and Contemplation (although you can spec out of this after building 30 stacks of Centering).


Utility Description Comments
Jedi Enforcer Increases the damage dealt by Rebuke by 15% and increases its duration by 4 seconds. This is one of the many buffs to Rebuke.
Debilitation Master Strike immobilizes the target for the duration of the ability. This is one of many abilities that immobilizes/slows your target, which has little to no effect in PvE.
Jedi Crusader While Rebuke is active, it generates 1 Focus whenever you are attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds. This is one of the many buffs to Rebuke.
Defiance You generate 4 Focus when stunned, immobilized, put to sleep, or knocked around. This has situational benefits.
Defensive Forms You build 2 Centering when attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, the effect of your lightsaber forms are improved while they are active: Shii-Cho Form: Further increases damage reduction by 2%. Juyo Form: Increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 5%. Ataru Form: Increases your movement speed by 15%. This is always beneficial.
Trailblazer Cyclone Slash deals 25% more damage. While this sounds great for clearing trash mobs, the cost of the ability still makes this fairly unattractive for this Discipline.
Stagger Increases the duration of Force Leap’s immobilize effect by 1 second. This is one of many abilities that immobilizes/slows your target, which has little to no effect in PvE.


Utility Description Comments
Incisor Force Leap, Force Melt, Clashing Blast, and Zealous Leap snare their target, reducing its movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. This is one of many abilities that immobilizes/slows your target, which has little to no effect in PvE.
Jedi Promulgator Each use of Strike, Zealous Strike, and Leg Slash reduces the active cooldown of Rebuke by 3 seconds. This is one of the many buffs to Rebuke.
Defensive Roll Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%. This has situational benefits, but many of the fights in the current Operations have AoE damage making this pretty useful.
Watchguard Reduces the cooldown of Pacify by 15 seconds and Force Kick by 2 seconds. This has little to no effect in PvE.
Pulse Reduces the cooldown of Force Stasis by 15 seconds. This is one of many abilities that immobilizes/slows your target, which has little to no effect in PvE.
Displacement Increases the range of Pacify by 6 meters and allows Rebuke to be used while stunned. This has little to no effect in PvE.
Force Fade Increases the duration of Force Camouflage by 2 seconds and further increases the movement speed bonus of Force Camouflage by 20%. This has situational benefits as it increases the utility of Force Camouflage as a gap closer.


Fleetfooted When Transcendence is applied or refreshed, it purges movement-impairing effects. Additionally, the movement speed bonus of Transcendence is increased by 30%. This has situational benefits.
Expunging Camouflage Force Camouflage removes all cleansable effects when activated. This has many situational benefits.
Force Aegis Increases the duration of Guarded by the Force by 2 seconds. While this is obviously beneficial any boss strat that relies on Guarded by the Force is flawed.
Just Pursuit Leg Slash consumes 2 less Focus. In addition, using Leg Slash against a target already slowed by your Leg Slash immobilizes that target for 3 seconds. This immobilizing effect cannot be applied to the same target more than once every 10 seconds. This is one of many abilities that immobilizes/slows your target, which has little to no effect in PvE.
Enduring Reduces the cooldown of Guarded by the Force by 30 seconds. While this is obviously beneficial any boss strat that relies on Guarded by the Force is flawed.
Zealous Ward Getting attacked while Saber Ward is active heals you for 3% of your maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. This has situational benefits.
Contemplation Reduces the cooldown of Awe by 15 seconds. In addition, you build up to 30 Centering over the course of using Introspection. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Being able to pre-stack Centering before a boss fight is a welcome addition to the Discipline. You can also spec out of this once you have built your stacks.

How to Play

We now have a rigid and static rotation; it is also not very comparable to our 2.X rotation. Personally, I reorganized all of my keybinds and retrained myself to avoid falling into the comfortable routine of 2.X play.


There are 11 essential abilities which you will use on a regular basis. Our core abilities based on total damage done per activation are:

    1. Force Melt
    2. Master Strike (uses 2 GCDs)
    3. Overload Saber
    4. Cauterize
    5. Merciless Slash
    6. Dispatch
    7. Twin Saber Throw
    8. Slash
    9. Zealous Strike
    10. Force Leap
    11. Strike

Opening Rotation

In order to achieve our steady-state rotation we need to reduce the CD of Merciless Slash with two uses of the ability thanks to Accelerating Victory. Thus, our opener spans 24s/16 GCDs. Unlike many classes we will not be doing our peak damage during this opener as we have to build stacks of Merciless and Juyo plus we need to get to the 6s CD for Merciless Slash.


Core Rotations

All of our core abilities have a cooldown (CD) of 6s (4 GCDs) or some multiple of this. Thus, we can create two similar 18s/12 GCD cycles. These are designed such that you can repeat them indefinitely. At most, there is one GCD where you will have a choice. In other words, we now have a very rigid and repeatable rotation. Immediately below I have outlined the rotation, and further below I have offered some comments on the rotation. Please note this picks up right at the end of our Opening Rot


      • The rotation is very limited in terms of resource and available GCDs. At most 7 of our 24 GCDs are used for weaker resource generating abilities. Assuming you have the new 2-piece set bonus, Zealous Strike is essential to use once every 24 GCDS cycle; other than that all of our resource generating abilities are fungible.
      • The actual sequencing of abilities might need to be fine tuned for maximum DPS although I am pretty sure this is the portfolio of abilities to use.
      • Every use of Force Melt should be free due to the proceeding 3x uses of Merciless Slash
      • Nearly every use of Twin Saber Throw should benefit from the Mind Sear buff.
      • This rotation should provide 100% uptime on both Force Melt as well as Cauterize.
      • Each cycle should reliably result in 5 proc’ed resource, which is essential to sustaining this. However, it is theoretically possible that using this rotation you will still be resource starved and be required to insert an extra Strike in the cycle. Unfortunately, this will only delay the rest of the cycle and leave you even more resource challenged.

Execute Rotation

Once your target falls below 30% you gain access to Dispatch; however, given our constrained GCDs and resource there is only one spot in each 18s/12 GCD cycle where we may be able to use it. The third GCD of each cycle allows us to replace Slash with Dispatch resource permitting. Given the reduced damage of Dispatch we do not benefit much from this ability anyway.

AoE Priorities

We don’t have an AoE rotation per se, and depending on the health of the targets we need to determine how many DoTs to spread via Force Sweep. For weaker mobs just spread Cauterize, and for bigger mobs you will want to spread will want to also spread Force Melt.

Cooldown Usage

      • Zen: Given how frequently our DoTs tick now it is harder to maximize your 3-stack ticks of Overload Saber although it is still optimal to do so. On a dummy parse you will be able to use this approximately three times every two 24 GCD cycles.
      • Inspiration: This is still a strong offensive CD. For maximal results you can align this with the other raid-wide CDs,
      • Rebuke: Timely use of this will provide a good DPS boost as well as extra resource to help you maintain your rotation. This performs best with steady amounts of incoming damage like those found in Temple of Sacrifice’s The Underlurker.
      • Adrenal: Try to overlap your adrenal use with Inspiration as well as Zen.

Stats and Gear

Primary Stats

Our primary stat is Strength. Our damaging abilities – specifically the Damage Bonus – all benefit from more Strength. Each point of Strength contributes 0.20 to Damage Bonus. Plus, Strength also contributes to our Critical Chance or Crit %. Strength may come from hilts, armorings, mods, augments, earpieces and implants.

We also have a less important primary stat. Willpower. Willpower affects our Force Damage Bonus and our Force Critical Chance the same as Strength. Your character will naturally have some Willpower, and this can be increased by finding datacrons. However, none of your gear should have Willpower on it.

Secondary Stats

The secondary stats are everything else. There are effectively two different stat pools for us to consider. The relevant secondary stats for Marauders | Sentinels color coded by stat pool are:

      • Power: This is one of the factors of an ability’s Damage Bonus, it specifically contributes 0.23 Damage Bonus for each point.
      • Critical Rating: This is one of the components of Critical Chance or Crit %. Note that Critical Chance or % is not a statread this for more information.
      • Accuracy Rating: This increases our basic attack’s, special attack’s and force attack’s chance to hit. The base numbers for these are 90%, 100% and 100% respectively.You can earn a 1% legacy-wide accuracy boost by reaching max affection with  Lord Scourge or a melee tank DPS companion on any of the other characters in your legacy. Operation bosses also have a 10% defense chance or chance to avoid your attack, which means we want the Special/Force to be as close to 110% to ensure we never miss with our heavy-hitting abilities. Our target rating will result in basic off-hand accuracy of 66.67% and 76.67% for special attacks so you will see numerous misses here, but it will be from the less important off-hand. The exact Accuracy Rating needed is 758 although this is not a readily obtainable amount.
      • Alacrity Rating: This effectively allows us to go through your rotation more quickly. It will increase the speed with which your DoTs tick as well as shorten your GCD. It is much better than 2.X.
      • Surge Rating: This determines the total damage of your critical hits, specifically this percentage is the amount of additional damage your critical hits do. You can earn a 1% legacy-wide surge boost by reaching max affection with Kira or a melee DPS companion on any of the other characters in your legacy.

I need to do more analysis and research to understand how to optimally allocate these Secondary stats although getting at or above 758 Accuracy is a must.

Stat Allocation

The stat allocation on the various modifications are actually pretty simple even if it seems like a lot of choice:

      • Hilts & Armorings of the same quality provide the same amount of Primary Stat – Strength – and Endurance. As DPS we always want the high Strength version, which is named Might.
      • Mods provide Strength and Endurance plus one secondary – either Power, which is named Deft, or Critical Rating, which is named Potent. Further, mods come in three varieties A, B or Unlettered. The Unlettered mod version is superior. The B version favors Endurance over the other stats. The A version favors the Primary Stat stat but it does so at the expense of a lot of Power/Critical Rating.
      • Enhancements offer Endurance plus Power or Critical Rating and Accuracy, Alacrity or Surge. These optimal choices include Adept, Initiative, Battle, Quick Savant, Insight and Acute. In each of these cases, the secondary stats are favored over Endurance, which is important. Most of the items purchased with elder game commendations offer the Endurance-heavy version of these enhancements, which are Assault, Efficient, Finesse, Proficient, Savant and ???.
      • Implants and Earpiece offer Strength, Endurance, Power or Critical Rating and Accuracy, Alacrity or Surge. Noteworthy, the stat budget of the Accuracy, Alacrity or Surge is equivalent to the stat budget of Enhancements for the same tiered item. Thus, we can effectively think about 10x Secondary Stat slots.


The augment debate became more complicated in 3.0. For one you will probably want to devote some of your augments slots to Accuracy Rating. My preliminary math indicates that Overkill (Power) Augments are superior to Might (Strength) Augments now. This confirms my gut feeling as we previously valued the Strength’s incremental Critical Chance due to the 30% free Surge on our DoTs, but this has been reduced to 5% now.

It also appears as if using some Alacrity Augments in place of Overkill Augments will be a DPS gain.

In any event, I plan on doing more research and analysis here.


You will want equip the best Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution relics you have access to. Review this analysis for specifics on relics.



The new purple stims provide an eight hour boost to your Strength and Power, which is superior in duration and benefit compared to the blue ones.


Adrenals provide a short term – 15s – increase to your DPS. For maximal effectiveness use an adrenal with the Weaponsmaster buff and hopefully Inspiration. If you use your adrenal just before Merciless Slash, you should be able to get three uses of this ability with the adrenal buff. This is explained in more detail later.

Armor Set Bonus

Set bonus were broadly redesigned in 3.0. There are now seven qualifying slots: Head, Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Legs and Boots. And, there are now benefits for 2, 4 and 6 pieces. As before they are cumulative such that if you have the 4-piece bonus you also have the 2-piece bonus.

3.0 Weaponmaster & Challenger Set Bonus

      • 2-piece: Zealous Strike increase damage dealt by 2% for 15s. Cannot occur more than once every 30s.
      • 4-piece: Reduces the cooldown of Valorous Call by 15s. Additionally, activating Zen increases all damage dealt by 3% for 10s.
      • 6-piece: Master Strike will grant Challenger’s Critical Bonus making your next Dispatch, Concentrated Slice or Merciless Slash critically hit. This can only happen once every 60s.

2.0 Weaponmaster & Challenger Set Bonus

      • 2-piece increase the damage dealt by Master Strike by 8%.
      • 4-piece: Reduces the cooldown on Valorous Call by 15s. Additionally, activating Zen increases all damage dealt by 4% for 15s.

Obviously, the 3.0 4-piece bonus is inferior to the 2.0 4-piece bonus ignoring the Strength difference. Plus, the 2.0 2-piece is very strong. Generally speaking, you won’t want to break your old 4-piece Set Bonus until you have the pieces for the new 4-piece Set Bonus. Also, if you have the old 4-piece Set Bonus tier 186 keep it intact until you get at least the new 192 6-piece bonus.

A Brief History of Set Bonuses

From Launch till 1.2 set bonuses were tied to the armor shells. This was pretty limiting for a number of reasons; it also meant that every elder game player looked exactly the same. However, this did allow you to equip a PvP armor shell and insert PvE armorings granting you the PvP set bonus but with PvE optimized stats.

With the release of new gear in 1.2, the new PvE gear set bonus was tied to the Campaign armorings while the new PvP gear set bonus was tied to War Hero armorings. This allowed people to better customize their appearance. This also gave Sentinels access to the set bonus of Guardians.

From 1.2 to 1.6, you could mix and match shells and armorings to achieve whatever set bonus you wanted. However, in 1.6 they eliminated all set bonus PvP shells meaning that the PvP set bonus was exclusively available via PvP armorings that sacrificed Strength and Endurance for Expertise.

In 2.0, there are identical set bonuses derived from two different sets of armor – Weaponmasters and Challengers. Further, all set bonuses became tied to the armoring, and any set bonus that was on the shell will be transferred to armoring if you extract it.

Now in 3.0, there are all new set bonuses although still called the same thing – Weaponmasters and Challengers – and the available pieces have expended to 6. Also, PvE and PvP gear now have the same set bonus although the pieces do not mix to grant the bonus. For example, 3x PvE and 3x PvP do not combine to create one 6 piece Set Bonus.

Key Game/Mechanic Concepts

Raid Damage Buffs

Each DPS spec now applies two damage buffs to targets it hits. There are a total of 7 different buffs. Our two buffs are:

      • Assailable: Increases damage taken by 7% from internal/elemental sources; our DoTs are internal/elemental.
      • Beat Down: Increases melee attack damage by 5%; all of other other core attacks are melee attacks.

In addition to these we will benefit greatly from:

      • Vulnerable: Increase force attack damage by 5%; our DoTs are force attacks.
      • Sundered: Reduces target’s armor by 20%; this reduces the damage mitigation our melee attacks suffer from the target’s armor.

Juyo Form

You must be in Juyo Form. Once you enable this form you stay in it until you disable it. For a properly spec Sentinel, Juyo form does many things. First off, it increases attack damage by 1% up to 6 stacks with the Inexhaustible Zeal. Further, each stack of Juyo Form increases the critical chance of our DoTs by 2% up to 12% via Juyo Mastery. Using Zen when in Juyo Form makes our next six DoT critically hit automatically. In short, if you are not in Juyo Form as a Watchman Sentinel you are doing something wrong.

Critical Chance

A melee attack’s critical chance is a function of Critical Rating and Strength; a force attack’s critical chance is a function of the same plus Willpower. Each of these inputs contribute based a different exponential equation, which means the diminishing marginal rate of return varies. Said another way, there is no such thing as a Crit % DR. You should not think about a target crit %; instead you should target a certain critical rating as well as Strength total.

Everyone has a base 5% critical chance and the Smuggler class buff grants another 5%. You can also earn a 1% legacy-wide critical chance boost by reaching max affection with Sergeant Rusk or a ranged DPS companion on any of the other characters in your legacy. This provides an effective base 11% critical chance. Plus, we can add additional critical chance from Strength of at least 8%. This gives us a total melee crit chance of almost 20% with 0 crit rating.

Centering & Zen

Anytime we activate an ability that spends Focus we will build 4 stacks of Centering. Plus, any time we kill something we build Centering. And, Defensive Forms will grant us 2 Centering when we are attacked. Once we have 30 stacks of Centering we can use a few different abilities. The exact number of Zen uses varies fight to fight. For instance, practicing on the training dummy, we must use eight Focus consuming abilities to build 30 stacks of Centering. The most commonly used ability with 30 stacks will be Zen, which causes our next 6 burns to automatically critically hit. Plus, each of these 6 ticks will also heal your 4 person group for 1% of their max health. Zen will always increase our DPS, and well-timed use of it can dramatically increase our DPS.

Modeling Information

I think there are worthwhile mechanics to understand even if you don’t want to do your own theorycrafting.

The melee attack formula is:

Main Hand Damage* + Damage Bonus* + Standard Damage* + Off Hand Damage

* These three attack components combine for one entry in your combat log.

The ability’s tooltip will state if it attacks with both hands. There are two one-handed melee attacks Force Charge | Force Leap and Deadly Throw | Dispatch.

The force attack formula is:

Force Damage Bonus + Standard Damage

Let me briefly explain how each of these components is calculated:

      • Main Hand Damage is a function of the hilt in your lightsaber as well as Amount Modifier Percent (Amt Mod %). The tooltip of your hilt will list its minimum and maximum damage. This – plus the Standard Health Damage – accounts for the variance in ability damage.
      • Off Hand Damage is by design 30% of main hand damage so every Off Hand Hit needs to be multiplied by 0.30.
      • Melee Bonus Damage is a function of Strength and Power. Our class buff boosts this damage by 5%. This amount is than multiplied by the coefficient of the ability.
      • Force Bonus Damage is a function of Strength, Power and Willpower. Our class buff boosts this damage by 5%. This amount is then multiplied by the coefficient of the ability.
      • Standard Health Damage is standard amount based on the level when you last trained on the ability. This is why when you hit 50, 55 and 60 you re-train nearly every ability. This amount is then multiplied by the Standard Health % Min or Max.

Read this and this to learn about modeling damage; the necessary inputs are here.

Impact of Release & Patches

Each release or patch may include changes to class abilities. This is done to balance game play across all classes and roles. Since the game’s release there have been a number of impactful changes to  Watchman Sentinels.

3.0 Shadow of Revan (Dec 1, 2014)

      • New Max Level, 60.
      • Skill trees have been replaced by Disciplines
      • New ability Force Melt
      • Many other changes…

2.8 Spoils of War (10 June 2014)

      • Increased Merciless Slash‘s damage dealt by 7% as well as reduced its cost by one resource to 4.
      • Increased the damage increase of Inexhaustible Zeal up to 7% per point.
      • Corrected the double proc’ing relics which decreased DPS of this spec.

2.5 Galactic Starfighter Early Access (10 December 2013)

      • Increased the duration of the Merciless buff to 24s.

2.0 Rise of the Hutt Cartel (11 April 2013)

      • New Max Level, 55.
      • Skill tree redesign
      • New ability Twin Saber Throw
      • Many other changes…

1.6 Ancient Hypergate (11 December 2012)

      • Eliminated Battlemaster Gear so now all PvP set bonuses are tied to armorings just like Campaign & Dread Guard.

1.5 HK-51 Activated Start of Free-to-Play (11 November 2012)

      • Merciless Zeal heals for 0.5% down from 1% per talent point.

1.4 Terror From Beyond (9 September 2012)

      • Guarded by the Force reduced to 4s.

1.2 Legacy (12 April 2012

      • Sentinel
        • Force Kick, Awe and Pacify are all free to use. Plus, Force Kick and Awe were taken off the GCD.
        • Master Strike uninterruptable and 15% more powerful.
        • Dispatch usable for 30% and less.
        • Transcendence is Operation group-wide.
        • Force Camouflage reduces damage by 50% replaces Force Fade skill ability.
      • Watchman
        • Force Fade no longer reduces damage but increases duration and speed
        • Valor was moved to tier 1.
        • Quick Recovery has been removed from the game. It reduced the rage cost of Sweep and Cyclone Slash by 1 and reduced the CD of Sweep by 1.5 seconds.
        • Focused Pursuit has been removed from game; however, its effect – Increase Transcendence speed by 15% – has been added to Fleetfooted in the Combat tree. Focused Leap, which increases the resource generated by Force Leap, was moved from the Combat tree to replace Focused Pursuit place.

1.1.2 Rise of the Rakghouls (7 February 2012)

    • Pacify cannot be used on Operation Bosses.
    • Searing Saber Fixed.
    • Plasma Blades increases damage by 5% per point compared to 2% previously.

113 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Sentinel Watchman DPS Guide by Oofalong”

There is really nothing materially different in gearing or rotation between and the excellent write-up Stippling created. He views his core rotations as 12s cycles beginning with Force Charge | Leap and Deadly | Overload Saber, mine start with Annihilate | Merciless Slash and are 18s. I do think there is a slight QoL benefit to mine which is that you get to use Force Rend | Melt as soon as it lights up so there is no need to track it as a DoT.

Without reading any of the guides, I felt this was what works best… In my rotation barring any raid movement to screw it up, I actually wind up a bit different, getting my 3rd merc slash > force melt (w/ proc) straight into overload saber/force leap (i wind up with no filler in there.. not quite sure of the difference as I haven’t really theorized my rotation on paper so to speak..)
Another thing i’ve noticed is that in some of the newer fights, it can be a very bad thing to use force leap at certain points, which is hard (I mean VERY hard) on our resource management, usually requiring an extra GCD of Strike (with another strike replacing force leap) but these moments few and far between (some memorable ones would be final phase of final boss on ToS, Bulo can cause issues with tank movement, and underlurker used to cause issues DURING the cross, but last I ran him the hitbox seemed to be a bit larger, allowing you to stay in the right spot while using it..)

Even though Force Charge | Leap does more damage than our basic attack now, I think it is beneficial in many fights to keep it is a gap closer, which means you sub in an extra Assault | Strike in its place. This was the other reason I didn’t base my rotations on Force Charge | Leap. In my experience the resource isn’t as much an issue assuming you use Cloak of Pain | Rebuke to augment your resource generation.

Honestly, it was a hold-over from when Cauterize ticked every second and I forgot to re-evaluate after the ability’s tick interval changed. However, due to the CDs of our abilities we have to delay one of Force Melt or Merciless Slash. My model shows higher sustained DPS by delaying Force Melt. That is, it is more important to get Merciless Slash in early.

Fantastic guide as always Oofalong. I’ve been a silent fan for a long time, and most of what I learned in 2.0+ was a direct result of your hard work for the class.

Also appreciate giving me the early read of your guide. I recreated my rotation visuals to match yours, as they are much cleaner and easier to interpret. Hopefully between our efforts we’ll see another rise in Sentinel | Marauder play among the community, and others won’t feel so pressured into playing the easy classes for the current content.

I haven’t played the new Carnage at all, but I also really like the new Fury. I understand a lot of the pushback about the AC. Still, I think some it is people’s aversion to change, but there are certainly aspects that I don’t like about the Annihilation.

He’s counting two masterstrikes because a GCD consists of 1.5 seconds (normally) and Master Strike lasts 3 seconds (or two GCDs)

Hello! I did this question on the mara’s anni guide, just wondering what do you think oofalong about the alacrity build runing around the forums for sent whacthmann, i mean, i saw some sample parse with the same dps as a sentinel with regulars stats. Thank you

It is a really interesting idea, and one I hadn’t thought off. I recently did some preliminary math on it and it seemed like 4-5 Alacrity Augments were better than full Alacrity, but I don’t feel I have thoroughly analyzed to have a better answer/recommendation now. I am working on it though.

Thank you, do you think u will publish here something about it when u have a better answer? or I should be keep looking the sentinel’s forum?

First off, very very good guide, lays everything out same as i’ve found it so far in play… Goes over everything very detailed! Very nice job.
As for the alacrity… For now, I run zero.. haven’t even tried it. I know of one person who was consistantly parsing a bit higher WITH alacrity (idk how much but I feel as though it was a couple hundred 200-300ish from augments) BUT, I have also talked to some very experienced sents who have assured me that overall, alacrity and surge seem to be about the same… high parses of about 4800ish with either/or (again I don’t know the numbers..) But for now it seems we will need some more time to test it out in operations, not just on dummies.. As alacrity will increase your APM you need to be able to USE this increase in APM, which in a real raid with ads, movement, etc etc, could be much harder to utilize..

Very nice guide, might try it on my Sentinel sometime. Though I don’t like the way it plays now. Just feels too different, switched to Concentration to try that out and loved the way it does things now.

On a side note, would you be doing something like this for Concentration as you have a short guide out already(well just a rotation) and I haven’t seen anything else for it yet.

Interesting, much different to my own. Ill give this a test. However I feel this is not optimal as you are missing out a key filler ability within the rotation, being Blade Storm.

You are still granted the proc from Zealous Leap, so perhaps re-evaluate this?

Hey Ooofalong, always good to see you writing guides!
Had 2 questions:
wouldn’t it be better to delay the very first overload/deadly saber by 1 GCD (would profit from force melt/rend not applying stack, resulting in longer uptime)?

Why no mention of force choke/stasis (now strictly better than strike, and if timed right, can

give longer uptime for overload/deadly saber)?

Based on datamined info posted on reddit, an early build of 3.0 included a much stronger version of Force Choke | Stasis; however, this changed. And, I understand BioWare didn’t want the the ability to be used rotationally, they only wanted it used for its CC effect. Thus, when 3.0 went live, I forgot to re-examine Force Choke | Stasis.

That said, while there are some very minor benefits in delaying an application of Deadly | Overload Saber through the use of Force Choke | Stasis, this introduces some complexity that I doubt is really worth it. Basically, you would use Force Choke | Stasis in the 3rd GCD of every other rotation (based on Force Choke | Stasis’s 60 CD), which would delay an application of Deadly | Overload Saber. Still, you would be better off using Vicious Slash | Slash in this GCD resource permitting. Based on some quick math, if you trade Force Choke | Stasis for Assault | Strike, you’d end up doing ~700 more net damage, which equates to ~10 DPS.

Delaying Deadly | Overload Saber at the beginning is an interesting idea: I will need to analyze this a bit more. Like introducing Force Choke | Stasis, it appears to be a damage increase although it introduces more slightly more complexity; we have, after all, been habituated to use Force Charge | Leap -> Deadly | Overload Saber since the beginning of time 🙂 Interestingly, I think you could achieve the same effect by using Force Rend | Force Melt before Rupture | Cauterize, which is what Stippling does. Based on some quick math I did comparing his rotation and mine, his opener does more damage, but by the first GCD of the core rotations mine pulls ahead.

On a tangential note, I got into theorycrafting to better understand how I should gear my character, which requires understanding the portfolio of abilities we use. Only later did I start to think on a GCD by GCD basis how to optimize things. And, I love the fact that despite spending countless hours on this spec for almost three years that I am still learning and considering new ideas.

Things to note about my previous post: have almost not played on my mara since 3.0 went live (but the pts build i tried had the toned down version of force choke/stasis i think), and had not read Stippling guide yet.

For the fun of spending hours trying to find what to put in which GCD for optimal results, you and I both, my friend! XD

On a side note on utilities: there’s no point in keeping contemplation during the fight: you get your 30 stacks, then respec (fleetfooted, expunging camo…) before pulling.

I’d recommend 3x/5x Str Augments, 10x/8x Power Augments, 1x Accuracy Augment.

Please also revise the Utlity points because they do not appear highlighted.

So where are the 1-10 ratings for single target and AOE dps? Also, how does watchman compare against the Combat and Concentration specs? which discipline does the best dps overall?

I believe the ratings were something created by the original authors of the guides on Dulfy’s site, and I am not sure how they were derived. I try not to purport any recommendations/conclusions unless I can back it up with math and/or first hand experience. And, since I don’t play every DPS discipline out there I don’t know how to compare Annihilation | Watchman to the others. Thus, I choose not to speculate.

The guide includes a link to a Dev post that states Annihilation | Watchman is meant to be the highest sustained DPS of the three Marauder | Sentinel specs.

I like how you can see the general rotation and recommendations, but i tend to spec that works for me….but its cool that alot of players of the game make these guides…cheers. 🙂

oops I fixed the links in the Google doc, but I forgot to fix the links in this published version. I will update here when I have

Our new self-cleanse “has little to no effect in PvE”? … I gotta disagree with that. Especially since it actually works as intended now, haha.

yeah, I suppose I should change this. It can be very valuable, but also completely worthless depending on the encounter.

Hi I am a watchman sent with 272 accuracy rating yet I somehow have 100% melee accuracy. How is this possible?

The accuracy formula is based off level. The forumlae changes at level 51. Based off your health (11344), you’re probably level 50, which means you need far less accuracy rating

Thanks for the guide. Always interesting for us bookworms to see some global cooldowns when detailing the windows. I cannot say I love the new watchman but I hate it less than in the beginning. I can safely say, I am still experimenting with rend before cauterize and vice versa. When I get a bit more gear, curently bis 192/198 I will get into some serious parsing.

The spec is not broken as many make it. The class itself does not have a place in current end game design. You can have your rotation perfect and lose out damage a lot of when you need to move out of melee range. I have no issues moving out butr when the whole fight requires me to do that because it favours ranged, then, I use my sentinel on the dummy.

I did a 10 minute parse at 4,450, by adhering strictly to the above rotation. Thus, at times I was using Zealous Strike and Force Leap even though they pushed me above the 12 resource cap. While I applied the armor debuff, I didn’t use stims, adrenals or Inspiration. I am in almost full 192s.

If you want to practice parsing I would recommend removing your relics and don’t worry about Zen. Basically, you are trying to eliminate as many variables as possible. (Removing the relics, will help you see the average damage per ability more easily.) Just focus on flowing from ability to ability.

On this note, I think one of the overlooked opportunities to improve is by thoughtfully arranging your keybinds. For example, After each use of Merciless Slash you will always move to one of three abilities so be sure these are easily accessible.

Just out of curiousity why are you doing Merciless slash first as opposed to doing it after master strike on the opener?

The new six piece would benefit better from that then the rotation you have listed above. Is it merely to get a faster CD on MS?

Pretty much. In order to get the rotation to its steady-state, which is high sustained DPS, we need to get the CD on Merciless Slash reduced to 6s. By delaying Merciless Slash we end up having issues with DoT reapplication and delaying our steady-state. Plus, Merciless Slash applies Assailable, which increases our DoT damage by 7%. This is pretty important too.

oofalong, what is your gear like stat wise? So I can estimate the effectiveness of the rotation.

And out of curiosity, why stack Merciless Slash with overload in the first transition of you mid rotation. I’m assuming its due to a focus being high after consecutive strikes in your opener you can afford to skip a force leap.

gear wise 192s with 82 crit rating, 2x alacrity enhancements, 2x surge enhancements, 12 power augments and all other available points in accuracy.

yes OS into Merciless as these are both important skills and we don’t want to delay either. I am typically able to get away only using 2x strikes right before the core rotation due to enough proc rotation

Sure is.

Crit is something I am still testing. That parse I was using two 192 optimised crit mods, so my crit rating was 164, and my melee chance was 22.54%.

(Granted I use all power augments so I am losing about .5% melee critical chance. I am testing power augments).

However I have run alot more and received similar results. Some of the other parses in that file around 4700 were with 200-250 crit rating – which puts me around 23.5% to 24% melee chance. Currently, I am playing around with a single critical mod, so 82 critical rating at 21.11% critical chance. I have not noticed significant changes because of RNG of course.

My thoughts on stacking crit is a little weird, because myself and gag used to think with the new gear critical rating would be essential. I think now for dummy parses if you want to parse high, less is more because the extra power is beneficial and you just need to wait for RNG. However for operation fights, the extra critical chance can give you more consistent critical hits, giving you more consistent damage.

As a side note, I also run a lot of surge 444 to be exact. This I am testing as well as the soft cap on surge is at 450 rating. What I have noticed for parses at least, it is irrelevant how often you crit, just how high your average hits are. I am unsure if critical rating plays a part in how surge hits are calculated.

Alacrity I have been through the runs with, seems to me it is still worthless for watchman, and putting the extra slot in surge is a dps increase. (My highest parses to date are without any alacrity. I used to use 1 192 enhancement with an augment to bring the master strike down to 2.9 channel time, seemed to be a loss in dps for me).

I do not run the 6 piece set bonus because I think it is utterly useless as it stands for sentinels, my math at least suggests it is far more beneficial for operation bosses and dummy parses to use the 4 piece + the new 2 piece. The extra stat gained from 186 to 192 does not affect damage output significantly, (Which is why I wont use the new 6 piece ever, until it is patched up to match other classes).

First off, as you probably saw your crit rate on the main hand hit of Merciless Slash was 45%, which is way above your actual critical chance. But it sounds like the overall observed melee crit rate was pretty close to your stats. It’s amazing to me how often this seems to happen and it makes a big difference in parsing. One of the topics I have always wanted to investigate more was how beneficial is the variability/volatility crit offers. But this will have to wait for another time…

Next, I would be very surprised if you could discern a difference in DPS between augments; there is simply too much uncontrollable RNG in each parse.

Yes for a Dummy Parse, I think the best results will happen with minimal crit, but exceptionally lucky RNG in the attacks damage range as well as favorable critical rates. My model is meant to calculate the highest expected or average DPS, which should indicate the most reliable/consistent stat allocation. The model predicts immeasurable differences between 0 and ~180 critical rating. I define immeasurable as ±1%.

I had thought the new 6-piece was bad, but once I looked at the math again I was surprised at how much 1 extra critical hit of Merciless Slash mattered. For now, I think the old 186 4-piece /new 192 2-piece is slightly ahead of the the new 192 6-piece. But, the new 198 6-piece is best and the new 192 6-piece is better than the old 180 4-piece/new 192 2-piece.

Re: Alacrity – I took your parse and calculated how long it takes you to use each ability. I base this off of how long from activating the ability until you activate your next ability. Basically, a perfect player would use an ability every 1.5s assuming no Alacrity. In practice this doesn’t really happen due to connection lag and/or human reaction time and/or combat logging delays. Still, I think this is a valuable metric as it can often help people identify where in the rotation they can improve. The link below is to table showing your average use time for each ability. The other tab will show you how I calculated it. Anyway, your average usage time for instants is 1.56s, which means you are losing 4% of your GCDs. Given this I am not surprised that you saw negligible differences with Alacrity as it would actually amplify the lost GCDs. (To be clear, I am not criticizing you or your parse at all. Every time I look I look at my average usage time its worse.)

The difference will be minimal. The trade off will be slightly more crit over slightly more overall damage. Just personal preference though. I’d like to see some math behind it thought, perhaps a combination of augments is the way to go.

Once I am geared in full 198s, which will hopefully be soon, ill see to using around 350 crit rating, and checking the benefits of it.

I disagree about the 6 piece.

Consistent damage over a couple extra crits per fight is meaningless, considering the same results can be achieved through RNG. If we took a normal operations fight, which is around 5-6 minutes, we’d be getting 5 extra crits per fight. An average crit is only going to roughly double the damage of your merciless slash. So perhaps from a 5k-6k hit, to a 10-15k hit. You can calculate the difference gained from the extra 1% and 5 seconds if you’d like, but its ‘always’ going to be better regardless. Zen is up most for the fight generally, and the consistent damage on all your burns is going to vastly outweigh a few extra crits. (Neither is the change in stats significant enough even with 198s to make the transition).

Let me put it this way, Gunslingers new 4 piece is exactly the same as the old, yet they are now guaranteed 2 critical hits per minute. Their 4 piece isnt really a huge benefit like ours, but still sentinels should not have the reduced 4 piece set bonus. If the new set piece was like the old however, the 6 piece would be a very decent addition to the class, and might help to balance us with other classes parsing higher with far simpler rotations.

I play with 200-300ms, so I wont ever be able to bring the ability delay down to the GCD. I should be getting around 46APM, and I can only manage 45.3ish due to server latency. Given the surge soft cap is somewhere around 700, it may be more beneficial to have more surge. Its however hard to me to compare it because of exactly what you brought up.

RE: Set Bonus – Ahh, crap I just reviewed the analysis I did comparing the set bonuses. I incorrectly counted the number of Merciless Slashes | Annihilates; I assumed 6, but in 72s it really is 12. Thus, the benefit of the guaranteed crit is less impactful. On a training dummy fight the expected damage differential is less than 50 DPS. However, as you also point out in a boss fight where incoming damage allows you to use Zen | Berserk more often this will be amplified. I will link my full analysis once I clean up the formatting. In any event, the new 4-piece and 6-piece is underwhelming even if it were to mean slightly higher DPS.

Ok, sorry about posting about a different spec on this thread, but since it’s clear that you’ve done concentration, I want your opinion on a parse and rotation. I’m trying to see if there’s a way to make it raid viable.
No 192s except for offhand, 186 mainhand, 186 gear, 99.5 accuracy, 71% surge (85% with +15 from spec), 0 alacrity, blue power augments.

My rotation is the juggernaut rotation, with a few modifications.

leap zen | focused burst | exhaust | master strike | master strike | concentrated slice | blade storm |

zealous leap | focused burst | slash | zealous strike | concentrated slice | slash |

zen zealous leap | …

Is this decent for 186 gear, or no. What am I doing wrong?

I have the old 4 piece and 4/6 of the new. Now my question is have you noticed the old set bonus not working when you have the new set bonus equipped. I have parsed it a few time with and with out and have noticed MS not getting the 8% buff from the old 2 piece when I have the new 4 piece on as well. There are a few other sents I know that have said the same thing.

Well the tooltip value seems to update for me, but I haven’t parsed enough to ensure the 8% is getting added to the actual damage.

On the core rotation, after the opener, It appears as though the timing for Overloaded Saber is off. You have it listed at 1, 8 and 16 in the rotation. 1 to 8 wouldn’t meet the cool down as it is only 10.5 seconds. Shouldn’t it be 1, 9 and 17 to allow 12 seconds apart each time?

Hmm, with Overload Saber off the GCD I suppose this looks little off. Typically, Overload Saber will creep forward in your rotation. That is, the first time through the cycle you may have to use it after Merciless Slash, but after a few cycles you will probably end up using it before Merciless Slash. I will see if Dulfy can update the pic to better reflect this.

It’s time I tried watchman in 3.0
So I threw my gear into the spreadsheet, it comes out with 4.2k expected DPS.
I was able to pull off 3.9k, which I was pretty proud of for only just picking up the spec.
Anyway, I was wondering once again for advice (unless there’s a watchman forum we can post this on) on how to improve it, if you have time 🙂 the video of the parse and a screencap.

First off, the numbers calculated in my spreadsheet do not precisely translate into true DPS. The biggest omission is linear increases such as Adrenals, Inspiration and the Weaponsmaster Buff from your set bonus. The spreadsheet is meant to guide you on how best to gear your toon.

Next, can you upload your log to Parsely? This makes it much easier to see specific areas to improve.

First off, you didn’t have great crit rates on your biggest hitting abilities. Merciless Slash’s MH had a 28% crit rate, which is above our crit rating, but when you are talking about really high parses you need to crit on the right abilities a lot, which is just down to RNG. Master Strike’s MH crit rate was a measly 10%.

Next, you have about 5% GCD loss happening. This means that instead of activating an ability every 1.5s you are doing so every 1.57s. This is effectively a 5% DPS penalty. Some of this is due to connection lag, combat log lag, and human reaction time. You can try adjusting your ability queue time. And, try to improve your reaction time:

Finally, there were three deviations from the rotation where you either reapplied DoTs early or you inserted additional attacks, which delayed more important attacks. The trouble areas are in red text on this sheet.

Keep practicing with the rotation. I would recommend not doing a TTK parse just spend 20+ consecutive minutes going through the rotation to build muscle memory.

Hi, I have few questions to ask. Did you catch what is the best critical range we need to have ? Secondly is it better to have the 4ancient set and the 2 new set or the 6 new set bonus ? I don’t any one so I m wondering which is the best.

I would stick with the old 4 piece and new 2 piece.

I would only ever switch to the new 6 piece if you dont have access to dread forged or dread master armouring for your set piece.

I believe Oofalong was going to do some numbers on it? Not sure on that. Either way the results are going to show consistent higher damage more often is more beneficial than lower consistent damage with a very infrequent critical strike.

Hi, are dual proc relics back ? I’m checking watchman logs from and some folks seem to have 48~50% “primary surge uptime”.

I have heard it is just the Resurrected SA relic. I will add this to my list of things to more closely examine (although it won’t be very soon).

Seems its 192 Resurrected Focused Retribution only, works for all class with access to self-heals. Do u suggest converting some power/mainstat augment to alacrity ? With 1 alacrity enh. the gain was decent, 192 BiS + 198 FR relic, parsing ~4.7k (no dual proc). Dual proc should give 100~150 dps I think.

Getting a double proc’ing Resurrected Focused Retribution relic may provide as much as 40 extra DPS compared to the Revanite relic of the same type. It is not a straight doubling; your uptime goes from just under 30% to about 45%. The double proc manifests as buffs with longer durations and more frequent proc’ing.


I am very soon hitting 60 and the lovley augmenting starts, if I don’t want to lock myself into one of the dps specs, is Might Augments ok for Watchmen or is the dps loss huge, is it worth to go 50/50 might and power or should I commit to only power augs?


I might of missed it, but what’s you crit and surge %. Also do you use any alacrity with your sent/mara. I’m currently combat spec pull 4.1k in 192 almost min/max I know wm is the better and what to get any advise on what I can change is stats or gear wise. My Augs are a 50/50 overkill/might as well

You should be able to switch between specs with no re-gearing. You might miss out on some small amount of DPS, but generally Maras/Sents want low critical chance. I don’t really target a crit or surge %.

For Surge %, you basically have 3 or 4 slots to split between Surge and Alacrity. I recommend at least 2 in Surge.

You want little to no critical rating in your gear; 0-200 will be best. Also, read the link below to better understand critical chance as it is not synonymous with Critical Rating.

~4,500 DPS with the gear you describe sounds pretty good. I would not recommend the Alacrity Augments. Also what is your Surge Rating?

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i am wondering because you only have 1 crit enhancement which should make the crit rating crap but your chart in the pdf file shows the crit rating as if you have multiple critical things on your gear.

never mind I just changed out my implants to have better stats and now everything is where it is supposed to be 🙂 thanks for the great guide.

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While the point is probably moot by 3.2.1 (tomorrow as of writing) I’m just wondering. I seem to be doing far less dps as watchman than the spreadsheet suggests I should (by around 400ish dps). But then I’m also having a lot of trouble following the rotation. It’s kinda like reading a notesheet (which I am terrible at) and I just can’t get the hang of it.

I don’t know if there’s any kind soul out there that could either point me to some classic mistakes in this rotation or a mnemomic to remember it or simplifiy it or find a rythm in it?

(Though if it helps my gearing currently is 3 surge/power enhancements. Rest is accuracy power (along with implants and earpiece power) and 8/12 alacrity rest is power. Mostly because I just enjoy the feel way more of the alacrity. In a 192/198 mix.

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Very new to the sentinel class and i seem to not be able to find number ranges for watchman spec gear. Anyone have general ranges for a sentinel in 192s (resurrected) gear for crit/surge/alacrity/power, etc?

Thanks for any input!

My Sentinel’s stats in BiS 192’s are as follows, and they work well for me:

6-Piece Weaponmaster/Challenger’s Set Bonus (4-Piece New Set Bonus and 2-Piece Old could work very well too, with as much Master Striking as you do)

Augments: 12 Overkill (Power) and 2 Accuracy
Implants: Resurrected Vindicator MK-X (Power/Accuracy) and Resurrected Vindicator MK-V (Power/Surge)
Earpiece: Resurrected Weaponmaster (Power/Accuracy)
Enhancements: 4 Initiative, 2 Adept, 1 Quick Savant
Mods: 8 Deft and 1 Potent (Make sure they are UNLETTERED).

So basically stats are:
Approx 3,650 Main State
Approx 2,500 Power
82 Crit Rating
760 Accuracy Rating
333 Surge Rating
111 Alacrity Rating.

In actual numbers that ends up being
100.01% Accuracy
68.54% Surge
1.47% Alacrity
21.72% Crit Chance

Hope that helps 😀

Thank you very much for your input! I will definitely try this out and hopefully it works for me as well.

the rotations shows each GCD, and since Master Strike is 2 GCDs long it appears twice. In any event, the rotation is out of date due to 3.2.1.

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