GW2 Heart of Thorns Pax South Livestream Expansion Details

Live updates of the GW2 Heart of Thorns Pax South Expansion announcement livestream. Starts at 10:30 am CST or 8:30 am PST.


Official Site


  • 10:00 AM CST – Pre-show
  • 10:30 AM CST to Noon CST- Official Stream

HOT Trailer


Release Date

  • No release date given but playable in Pax East in 6 weeks

Official FAQ


  • Preshow have started, but nothing on screen except a giant HoT logo and some music
  • Jennifer Hale is on stage to start the preshow
  • Random speculation time from the audience
  • Point of Interest next Friday, can’t tell you what is in it yet.
  • 1500 people in the threater
  • Jennifer Hale is the voice actor for Queen Jennah if you are not aware


  • Mike O’brien enters (president, co-founder)
  • Lion Arch still in ruins thanks to Scarlet. Mordermoth has awakened and corrupted much of the Sylvari race. He just destroyed the Pact fleet containing many Destiny heroes. He is deep in the heart of Mag Jungle and that is where we are going next.
  • Heart of Thorns trailer showing Rytlock opening a gate entering some ancient city.
  • Flying gliders/wings shown
  • Expansion Pack for GW2 confirmed.
  • 40 living world release since GW2 launch
  • Mag jungle is the most detailed and dynamic environment we have ever created.

Expansion Features

  • No new tier of gear
  • No increase in level cap
  • New challenges way beyond anything you have faced before. Also the ultimate group challenge.
  • Real character progression long after you reached max level and top tier gear.
  • New progression system – Masteries
    • In the Mag Jungle you will master skills and abilities you need to succeed in the jungle.
    • i.e. learn the ability to traverse the verticality of the new maps
    • The longer you are in the jungle the more you will master the skills of the jungle.
  • Group challenges require you have learned the masteries
  • New profession specializations – customize your profession like never before
  • New guild support and new guild progression

Heart of Maguuma – New Area

  • Some of the richest and deepest zones
  • Consists of 3 distinct biomes – core, root, and canopy (where remains of pact fleet are scattered). You can explore everything from the very depth to the very top. Find the secret of Glint.
  • New challenges for you, your group and new guild.
  • New type of content, new civilization, new creatures, new achievements.
  • Same type of content as rest of GW2 – no quest text, dynamic events etc. We took it to the next level.

New abilities – Mastery system

  • Account based PvE progression system. Available to every character that is level 80.
  • Complete content in jungle to earn mastery points – i.e. from story, challenging content & achievements, exploring etc
  • Use mastery pts to purchase abilities for every character that is level 80 on your account.
  • Examples of mastery abilities
    • Exploration example: If you have spent mastery points, you will have the ability to hang glide and fly with your glider. Ride gust of wind to reach hard to reach locations.
    • Lore example: Able to spend mastery points to learn languages of civilizations deep in the jungle. Learn their secrets, stories and their hidden treasures.
    • Combat example: Learn mastery abilities to defeat the new creatures in the jungle.
    • Collecting/crafting/build example: Precursors are the hardest to get for legendary weapons. Mastery system allow you to build collections that send you on epic journeries that reward you with precursors once complete.
    • Brand new legendaries and precursors will be introduced.

Profession Specialization

  • Each profession can master a new specialization that grow the profession to something new like a secondary profession.
  • Example: Rangers able to master druid abilities and become a druid. With druid they can use staff weapon and have access to a new heal skill, a new elite skill, new utility skills and new profession mechanics that change the way you play.
  • Example: Necromancer & Greatsword. New specialization for necro that allow them to use the Greatsword weapon.
  • We will tell you about each specialization between now and xpac launch.
  • The trailer had some other teasers: Mesmer using shield, Engineer using hammer, and Revenant using Polearm(?)


Brand New Profession – Revenant

  • We have 3 light armor professions, 3 medium armor professions but only 2 heavy armor professions.
  • You have seen Revenant before – Rytlock with blindfold and new armor. He is the very first Revenant.
  • Revenant have abilities to channel and control the power of the mist.
  • Heavy armor profession
  • Revenant channel the power of great legends from Guild wars past and use those to help power its abilities.. King Jalis Ironhammer is one of the legends Revenant will be able to channel and Jalis’s dwarf abilities will be available to you when you channel him. The demon Mallyx buried at the heart of the Domain of Anguish is another legend that Revenant can channel to use the power of conditions to defeat their enemies.

WvW changes

  • We want you to feel what it is like to be inside RTS game
  • New WvW borderland map added to the borderland rotation.
  • Most diverse map we have built. Each keep has its own distinct theme and holding objectives around keep provide abilities to the world that holds it.
    • i.e. if you control the shrines around earth keep, earth will rise up to defend keep when attacked
    • i.e. if you control the objectives around fire keep, your team can use lava to travel across the map
  • Holding objectives is now a bigger component of victories in WvW

sPvP changes

  • Brand new game mode called Stronghold
  • Fight for control of supply, spend supply to hire troops. Hired troops assault stronghold and kill lord to win.
  • Find heroes along the way to help you assault the stronghold.
  • Able to form guild teams – they register on a guild leaderboard and move up/down on the leaderboard to prove who is the best guild in the world.

Guild Halls

  • Guild place for you to build and progress. As you build out your guild hall, your guild members can go on great adventures.
  • Guild hall provide a home base and a core hub for social community.

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128 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns Pax South Livestream Expansion Details”

“Profession specializations?” Since the typical “classes” in Guild Wars have always been called “professions,” does this hint at a branching mechanic – for example, Warriors becoming more like, say, Dervishes or Paragons?

I’m kind of on the fence about that. I’d like to see a spell caster use a greatsword for melee purposes but look at the Mesmer, it was implemented poorly imo. From a purely aesthetic-point-of-view anyways.

Well, with the way Marjory Delaqua’s been handling her sister’s greatsword, the Necro GS just might make for a proper melee aesthetic.

mesmers with shields, too, apparently…that’s confusing. I’m hoping for dual shield wielding guardians, myself.

If I had any money, it would be on the longbow. Bows in general seem slightly more suited to the guardian in my opinion (they have a bow as a spirit weapon, after all), and while firearms have long been popular for “defense,” the guardian with a bow seems more appropriate to me than a guardian with a gun.

Unless they cast John Wayne or Clint Eastwood as “The Guardian with a Gun.” I would totally watch that.

I am actually hoping for some wicked looking legendary not some child looking toy like the quip. I hope they design it to be as badass as the predator. A new wicked new sword would be nice.

Agreed. Please no more Legendary toys. My ranger would like an actual bow, not something shooting flowers and rainbow unicorns.

I hope they kind give complementary so the weapons which have a toy like legendary get a more badass/darker one and vice versa.

My guess is that a precursor acquired by completing a collection will be acountbound on acquire and not sellable. However my guess is that it will drop the prices somewhat, seeing how much you have to do for getting your luminescent armour it will be a big grind both item wise and skill wise meaning that buying might still be the easiest option.

Depends if they are collections in line with the current ones, they are going to require ridiculous levels of effort to unlock, to the point where waiting for an RNG drop may be more efficient.

Yeah, I was hoping for Tengu too, but there’s always next time. In the meantime, really excited for all the new stuff! 😀

Probably due to problems with the personal story.
They would have had to develop the 0-20 parts of the story assuming they just tried to merge it with the existing zhaitan story which frankly doesn’t make sense as the Tengu notably were in no way apart of that historically. (rewriting history is a no-no!)

The other two options being developing a unique story line fore Tengu that shows how they came to join the other races in fighting mordremoth or simply not having a personal story for them which would seem somewhat unfair especially for first time players.

Since this expansion seems to be aimed primarily at level-80 characters, a new race would be problematic.

If they released a new “campaign” like they did in GW1, then a new race would be a better idea. At least then they could start on the same page as the existing races.

ONE new area? I remember GW1 expansions with whole new continents… but I’ll wait until they release the prize…maybe its for free ^^

They did not say it was one map I even think the mentioned region which means it will probably be severall maps. Do not pin me down on how many but seeing the trailer I guess it will be atleast 4 maps.

I’m thinking it will be several maps simply due to the fact that when he was discussing mastery points. He pointed out that you will get mastery for exploring and compleating map(S).

Yes true also if you look at the environments in the trailer it cannot be one map or three maps in one area it have to be more maps.

For me the interesting part was guild halls. This “expansion” is pretty small, they’d better ask a pretty small price for it.

Yeah, the new PvE area sounds pretty small, despite all their attempts to make it sound big. No Cantha, Crystal Desert, Elona, or anything of the sort, disappointingly. Instead more of that stuff we’ve already seen in Season 2.

I agree that it mayby sounds small but you know that is small beceause you work at Anet. for all i know you are right but you cant judge a book by his cover.

Ranger staff is quite possible the most boring thing ive ever heard. Wish they had revealed a more exciting one.

I guess they wanted to show something really different from the base…and a magic using ranger compared to the basic one wich is quite “magically ungifted”, like a war, would be quite a difference in the theme.

Also note the little drones around the engineer, which may be a new utility or hammer skill…
Not sure if Rytlock is wielding a polearm. It looks like a staff. Maybe revenants use a staff as a melee weapon?

Or it might be “mobile” turrents, seeing as there is more than one following him. Just food for thought…

I logged in to post the staff thing. I can’t imagine polearms being introduced as a weapon without being specifically mentioned in the talk. I mean, we know some classes are getting new weapons, and none of them were “polearm.” And I doubt that they would add a weapon that only the new class could use.

Awesome preview. Except the several awkward moments when Colin paused expecting an applause but didn’t get any right away.

Completely agree. The fact that he is the damn president of the company but was wearing what looked like 10 dollar jeans and a sweater didn’t help.

This comment just shouts “elitist” all over it.
I’m sorry, you don’t like it when people dress casually? Get over it, or shut the hell up.

I did cringe when that happened but hey, we’re nerds, it’s uncomfortable to leave the house, let alone give a presentation to more than 70, 000 people. They did well.

That was odd, but looking at the crowd and how many grumpy faces there was I dont think it was Anet team failing. just some random people in the wrong room. Should have let somone who wanted to be there have their tickets XD also the sound was a little misleading. The crowd was boomsticking just the mic wasnt pointed at them right away

I’m not sure, they might be druids. In Guild Wars 1 you never met them but you could find lore about them. Mursaat had flesh, they themselves were not energy based and I doubt Lazurus coming back would forsake flesh for energy but we’ll see. I’m betting on the other.

That engineer screenshot…. That a ripoff Torchlight 2 engineer, down to a healbot! Not that it is a bad thing, a melee tank engineer would be very interesting.

No new dungeons? That’s pretty disappointing for an expansion. Even Swtor releases new dungeons for their expansions. lol.

it didn’t say anything about no new dungeons. I have a feeling there’ll be at least one. It’s a huge slug of pve content.

They did say in the FAQ that all the major features are mentioned on the HoT page and there no mention of dungeons there. I personally think they need to revise the mechanics in dungeons before adding any more. It is odd that they apparently haven’t any more new dungeons or fractals planned.

They said ” New challenges for you, your group and new guild.” This imo could easily include dungeons as well as world events and normal events…I mean, a guild could be entertained by a world event, since it required big numbers…but for “your team” a dungeon would be ideal.

Still, we ll see…i prefer a dynamic world with hard events etc than a dungeon 😮 would just put story ones.

They said there would be new kinds of group content we haven’t seen before. Maybe it’s just more open world encounters. Maybe it’s instanced. Maybe it’ll be like elite missions in GW1, but with a GW2 spin. Who knows? Seems like they’ve only scratched the surface.

Not the large scale GvG’s that some of us were thinking of.
I know a lot of WvW players that were looking forward to an instanced map that we could do 20v20s and 15v15s in (even against guilds in our own server).
But im still excited for this ExPack, and its paving a path towards newer and better things, heck we might get a GvG map in the future.

None of us want large scale GvG 😐 It wouldn’t be GvG anymore…It would be some wannabe WvW crap.
True GvGrs want 8 people at most, like old GvG. This will be GvG, especially since they’re putting guild teams too and a ladder dedicated to them where you have to register the team.

I have not once heard of people wanting more than 8 players in GvG. I recall from the original that some people wanted even less. If you want some big zergy fight, you can bring your guild to the Obsidian Sanctum area. It’s not ideal, but it’s a fine place to play.

Necromancer greatsword is sexy. Better start leveling my guy up. Also, one of the pieces of artwork on their HoT page shows a warrior with a greataxe over his shoulder, so maybe we’ll finally get greataxes!

Well, I guess they had, and will have in the near future, a lot of hassle balancing this new class and specs…adding a new weapon now, would be quite an hassle. Especially with the esport scene pressing on them for “balanced matches”.
That said i do not believe they ll add more classes after Revenant…they ll prob keep going with specs and maybe new weapons…because adding only one would be stupid, because you can give that weapon to everyone…i mean, engi with polearm ? lol…they should add at least 2-3 to grant everyone a properly fitted weapon.

Are you 100% sure about the new legendarieS and new precursorS ? I did not hear it being said but i was speaking a lot during the stream so i may have missed it.
Will be really really great if that’s true 🙂

Weapons aren’t class-specific. No class has a designated legendary weapon, so I doubt the Revenant will get its own.

I’m pretty sure that “Polearm(?)” was really just a staff used the way a real staff would be used in a fight.

Yeah…confirmed as staff…artistic departement are such assholes sometimes…but i guess that maybe revenant will use melee staff ? xD

Yes the did mentioned it! New Legendaries and precursors. They did talk about precursor quest as well. It will be on the exp pack !

Do we know if they will create legendaries armor or rings ?
At the moment, only weapons are legendary. All other iventory items are ascended max.

WOOOOW REVENANT! Is it Demon Hunter-kun GW2 edition?! It has even blindfold. Will we be able to change into demon form? I want demon form like Illidan-kun!. Anybody has any info on it? Shiny!

More than likely this is a modernized version of a GW1 class, the Ritualist. Channeling the souls of the dead for power was their schtick. From the description, Revenants are basically an evolution of Rits in plate.

Yep, but if Dervish were using Scythe, and Paragon were using Spear (which could be a kind of Polearm)

So is Revenant a mix between Parangon and Ritualist ?

I doubt it’s related to paragons, the signature thing about paragons was actually their shout abilities to buff allies, and in GW2 shouts are split between Warriors and Guardians, so the GW1 paragon was likely incorporated into those already.

You’re right, I was just talking about the Polearm.
And Spear has already been included as a Underwater weapon
Now all the GW1 professions have been remade

So “just” a Heavy Armored Ritualist.
I have an empty slot already waiting for this (and tome of knowledge to boost his experience :-D)

Well, it’s a begin :p Plus if they add them even without xpacs but with LS too, they could be added quite often.

they never mentioned how many we’ll actually get for each profession; ranger and necro were only examples. I’m guessing 2 for each profession (I see little point in creating only 1 specialization), but we’ll see 🙂

They atually confirmed that with HoT only 1 specialization per class will be introduced. However, since you have to give up some privileges and mechanics of the core class you could say that base and hot specialization are two different specializations.

no, that’s all TBA, there will be a demo in six weeks and they are planning an open beta, so it won’t be out anytime soon.

i’m sure they might be planning to release it in august (exactly 3 years after gw2 release) and maybe some long time events to fill the time ( Super Adventure Box, or Rebuild of Lions Arch)

I can’t imagine there will be a boxed retail Collector’s Edition. A Digital Deluxe is probably more than likely but when it comes to MMO expansions Blizzard is really the only company that keeps doing boxed versions and that has more to do with tradition at this point than anything else.

If they are working that way, that means there should be at least 3 more expansions (one for Jormag – Shiverpeaks, one for Kralkatirrik – Crystal Desert, and the last for Primordius – Tyria’s Deep)

and maybe a new chapter for the Dragon Sea and acces to Elona or Cantha

I hope so.

Wonder what they will do with the PS for revenant. It doesn’t make much sense that they get the same one as the old classes since zaithan will be dead when rytlok comes back and teaches us.

Excellent question! Presumably the revenant PS will take place entirely after the fall of Zhaitan, and focus instead on the campaign against Mordremoth. It wouldn’t be hard to put revenant characters through all the usual paces up to a point, then have them head to Maguuma instead of Orr for lvl 70-80.

The personal stories is based on race, not the class, so this is unlikely. I think they are more likely to add some small tweaks into existing stories rather then make something entirely new. More likely then not, Rytlock wont be teaching us anything and the Revenant class will likely be explained as though it existed from the very beginning. At least that’s my prediction 😮

I’m thinking that “pole arm” is actually new staff skin. This is more than ok with me as it could mean using a staff in a melee format. The way it is wielded is the main tell, it is swung like a blunt weapon, not a piercing weapon (sound suggests the same thing)

Hey Can somebody tell what is a revenant ? I am not good at english … I dont really understand the text about the new class tho…somebody here german ? who could maybe only translate or tell me what the actuall is a revenant? kinda guardian? warrior? i have no clue

Revenant heisst übersetzt Wiedergänger, er hat shcwere Rüstung und die Klasse basiert drauf das man antike Mächte zu Hilfe ruft, man verwandelt sich nicht direkt, aber man kann Geister von alten Helden um Kräfte anrufen, denke ist vorstellbar wie n Engi-Kit wo du z.B. den Zwergenhelden verkörperst und dann seine skills benutzt. 3 Helden die er rufen kann wurden bestätigt: Glint, die Drachenfrau, Jalis der Zwergenheld und Mallyx, ein Dämon.
Der Revenant verwendet eine uralte Magie aus den Nebeln um die Erinnerungen dieser Helden zu kanalisieren.
Das ist ales was bekannt ist über die Revenants ausser dass Rytlock einer wurde während seiner Abwesenheit.

wow ok vielen danke für die tolle und ausführliche antwort 🙂 !! ich war noch nie ein wirklicher fan vom ingi 😀 war mir meist zu kompliziert mit den türmen 😛 hört sich aber interessant an!

Kein Ding ich weiss wie gespannt du sein musst, da kann man dich nich hängen lassen 😉
Es wurde nicht im Detail erklärt was es bedeutet die Helden zu kanalisieren, aber vielleicht kann man sich auch attunements vom ele vorstellen wo halt die kanalisierten helden einen einfluss auf dein gesamtkit haben und man he Bach situation wechselt 🙂

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