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SWTOR Pax South Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive Contents

SWTOR Pax South 2015 Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive contents provided by Baa’nariim of Harbinger.


Scoop Letter

  • New Costume Designer that was teased previously will be coming with patch 3.2 in April (video coming soon courtesy of Baa’nariim)
  • The decision for action taken against ravagers exploiters finalized this morning. There will be a post from musco about it (no specific timeframe on when this will take action or the post will happen)
  • They read us Bruce Macleans developer letter which is slated for release on the website in 2 weeks. It’s included in the video that will be uploaded later
  • There is no plan to change the new slot machine’s drop rate from its current form. They are sort of "afraid" of releasing future slot machines (future slot machines for other cartel reputations) due to the backlash and the controversy created by the community (note: this is generating some controversy, see clarification here)
  • Two more game expansions before end of the year.
  • New Togruta race, new stronghold
  • New planet Ziost in April


Q&A video provided by Baa’nariim


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572 replies on “SWTOR Pax South Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive Contents”

“The decision for action taken against ravagers exploiters finalized this morning.”

Finally, knowing someone who openly exploited this with his entire raid team for weeks on end and even boasted repeatedly in gen chat and has so far only received a temp 2 day ban it feels good to know EA has more punishment in line for them.

Here’s to hoping it’s not a trivial slap on the wrist and a small fine. Heavy exploiters deserve no mercy

No need to be a dick. I agree with Shadow, I know quite a few exploiters that thought Bioware wouldn’t do anything. It’s nice to know that something is actually being done about it.

Being a dick is highly subjective. For example, wanting to see punishment to people for something they did that does not affect you in any way in a stupid freaking video game, is being a dick at a very high degree the way I see it. Just let people do what they want, and if they get punished, let them deal with it. Celebrating around a fire while the witch is getting burnt is just idiotic.

Whatever Bioware does, people like Shadowofdeath will always want more punishment.

I agree. Especially considering that whatever gear they earned wouldn’t affect performance in PvP. Amazing the amount of hurt going on.

True, but with the abusers being geared better, allowing easier farming of said ops equals to them getting money, gear, etc. more efficiently, which makes it’s way into the economy somehow. Be it through more schematics learned, more high grade crafting mats gained, etc. It’s a fine balance between everything and PvP and PvE aren’t entirely seperated from eachother because of it, imho.

Granted, I bet it doesn’t affect PvP much, but swtor isn’t all about PvP, no? 😮 The most hurt seems to be going on in the PvE side of things, with a minority having pulled ahead fastly of those that didn’t exploit, getting more into a monopoly position concerning money and all that.

But monopoly of what? Having better gear? Do you get lock for loot or gear if you have in group someone with better gear? If you get such person in pug you have higher chances of complateing it cause they can have higher dps/heals/damage mitigation due to better gear. Or they might not need on gear cause they alredy have it. Does such situation hinders you? No, it is to your adventage.
Only downside i can see is earning on crafting items for which you got schematics from re, but i’d say that it is not so and it is to your adventage cause they got schematics faster and so you can buy it faster. 2 sides of the coin here.
Credits they got from loot? Such small mount that it for sure do not change a thing.
And you wrote that abusers can farm ops easier due to better gear. I dissagree. To do ops and farm it you need to have certain lvl of skills to kill bosses, gear will not magicaly allow you to kill bosses. My group killed 1th boss of tos at hm having anly couple of new pieces across group. We had a point that we thought that we need more gear from sm opses but we stayed, polished our tactics and performance and in couple of tries we killed him. It wasn’t gear but us that killed boss.

The reason I would like to see a punishment is simply because it becomes a situation of “why shouldnt people exploit” if the benefits severely outweigh the possible loss or in this case punishment, eg a net loss for exploiting not breaking even. I agree punishment should be relative to the extent of the abuse but someone who runs around openly admitting to abusing an exploit should not get off with a mere 2 day ban. I won’t pretend to know what should be done exactly to these people but it shouldn’t be insignificant, there MUST be consequences to their actions and not just a slap on the wrist and “don’t do it again”

I would totally agree with you on every level, if that principle had been upheld from the beginning. For 3 years, there have been numerous occasions of glitches and bugs in the system, and everyone had been using them, without ANY punishment at all issued to anyone who used a malfunctioned part of the game, including PvP, NiM Nefra, bugged datacrons, bugged lockouts etc. So if you wanna start issuing punishment at some point, have the decency to make an announcement WHILE the problem is still active, and/or shut down operations (Ravagers in this instance) till the problem gets fixed.

World of Warcraft had a bug in its latest expansion, where people could level from 1 to 90 in a matter of a couple of hours, because they could group with characters that were already at level 90 and receive experience for every kill. You know what Blizzard did? They fixed the issue in THREE hours. That would be proper action, not waiting for 3 weeks to even address the issue.

In this case, it’s justified. Cheat to get ahead that affects other people and the game’s economy? Yeah, I have no pity.

No one said that you had to have pity. There’s a long way between caring for whomever used an exploit and actually wanting to see punishment attributed. There are quite a few levels of indifference in between.

Don’t make me laugh about the game’s economy…. the game’s economy has been affected 100 times more by Bioware’s continuous fails, including a severely bugged expansion, an immense amount of gathering nodes that basically made everyone rich, and then jawa vendors and slot machines that made sure everyone gets as many stacks of purple mats as they could. So come on, if you want to be self-righteous, at least get some perspective and be self-righteous about everything.

This is an MMO. Everything has an impact on other people, if you want to exploit yourself gear without anyone getting mad at you got play Skyrim, Mass effect or Dragon Age..

I don’t care about playing a game and trying to think if people get mad at me. I am just commenting on the fact that a person must have issues if they care that much about what happens to other people inside a game. I could never see myself getting satisfaction because someone else was punished in a game, and I personally think that it is sick.

There will be varied punishments based on how heavy the offenses were. All we got on specifics for punishments for heavy offenders was, “They’ll wish they’d never done it.”

We’ll see.

Yeah. I’d love to find out if any of those heavy exploiters are also heavy cartel market users. Guarantee they don’t get banned.

You guys are funny. Every time BioWare says something, you think they are going to do something you wish they would do. Not gonna happen. No additional bans. They have taken (past tense) the actions they were going to take. It’s done.

Rishi was an actual planet (thought it was pretty small). Yavin is a daily area. I’d differentiate. There’s yet to be a ‘planet’ (CZ-198, Oricon, or new sections of Corellia and Belsavis) outside of a leveling expansion that was anything but a teeny daily area and that’s not content on the same level. Now, precedence doesn’t tell the future and I hope they break from it, but it’s starting to become difficult to hold expectations any more.

Well call it what it is then! Every other MMO in the universe calls it an appearance tab. Costume Designer makes it sound like we can like sew our own outfits together (not literally, but I mean like making our own textures for usable armor…THAT’s designing…throwing stuff in a tab that you don’t have to swap out mods anymore is just simply that…an Appearance Tab). 🙂

So they have the unmitigated gall to blame the COMMUNITY for the backlash due to undocumented stealth nerfs. Unbelievable.

Good god man, they didn’t document even half of them. Either Eric is clueless, out of the loop, or a liar. Because all that was ever brought up was Jawa scraps. And I was ok with that nerf.

Not the complete loss of being able to get Certificates.

I was at the event, and that bullet-point summary is a gross misrepresentation of what they said. They did NOT blame the community for the backlash, and absolutely took responsibility for the mistakes they made in communicating their intention for the slot machine, mistakes in anticipating how the machine would affect the economy, and mistakes in how they communicated their evaluation of the situation once the slot machine was in-game.

They DID say that they are gun-shy to release more slot machines because this one was a disaster, but again, they did not blame the community.

The slot machines could have been a slam dunk if instead of Jawa currency they had placed actual items from the old cartel packs on them, even if they were bind on pickup. Now all the slot machines are is a rep item dispenser, which is really useless after you hit max rep.

For the slot machines to be fun you need to be able to buy 1-2 stacks of coins, play them all, and feel you got a few interesting things from the machine. Getting a handful of rep items and a couple of jawa currency at green or blue level, when that level of mats is so over abundant already just feels like a terrible joke.

I also think the Jawa Junk part of it shows that there is not nearly enough of these rare purple mats coming from crew skill missions.

I understand the jawa nerf. But why the Certificates?

And what are they planning on doing on fixing their communication issues? Because Tait and Eric are a big part of this slot machine problem.

Well, they wouldn’t have to be gun-shy if they communicated better. This is a perfect example. The first we heard of “I’m sorry” shouldn’t have been in an in live event. It should have been a forum post.

“mistakes in anticipating how the machine would affect the economy”

Not completely understanding the implications of how they design and release stuff has never seemed to be this crew’s strong point. Back at launch (and yes I know this includes some who are no longer there) – “we didn’t think you all would level so fast!”
PvP – “You don’t really want cross server, you just want fast queue pops.” “You are going to love this PvP patch!” And, um, Heal to Full.

(Quotes are obviously paraphrased by me.)

wow – they really screwed the community on the slot machines with a stealth nerf and don’t have the integrity to own their screwups? big shock there, huh? bad joss, bioware – not impressed at all

FFS… Some of the vocal minority in the “Community” WANTED the slots nerfed, and now you are blaming BW? Are you high?

????? You’re defending BW for bowing to the vocal minority???? Oh wait, now everyone who didn’t like the nerf is part of the vocal minority that did want the nerf? Are you high?

Nerfed =/= unusable. people were upset about the Jawa Junk drop rate and literally no other part of the slot machine. And the devs nerfed it to the ground.

Anyone with any reason could see that tweaks were very likely (they’re not surprised at all that something was done) and logically expected to see some changes doing some combination of 1) creating a gap between Jawa scrap drop rates so that green > blue > purple, 2) overall reduction of all Jawa scrap by some 5% or so off of their total (shifting that chance over to more rep items), 3) reclassifying scrap wins as jackpots and rep wins as normal wins, 4) and cutting certificate drops in half as well. That’s about what people might have expected for a tweak. Instead the nerfed rates now add up to a 0.5% chance in total for all prizes that aren’t rep items. The issue is not that they changed something. The issue is that they made extremely excessive changes that can easily be viewed as unreasonable.

absolutely – expected changes – just not as drastic as we got – nor were the comments posted by the devs really indicative of the degree of change that was made…

no, pumpkin – I am 15 years sober at this point – but the vocal minority did not actually make the changes – unless they have somehow mastered the jedi mind triick – maybe you need to set down the crack pipe yourself, brother 🙂

Anyone who wanted the slots nerfed were dumb as paint. Any who QQ now about them being nerfed are as dumb as paint. Most of us knew they would be right on the off. Why? Because that’s how MMOs work kiddies. If something is TOO GOOD, they nerf it.

Except assassins apparently…they keep getting buffed lol

Howling, entitled brats is why we can’t have nice things. Hopefully they won’t let it set them back too much.

Wouldn’t really recommend Banning those People that have used the Exploit seeing as they are all Subscribers and People that purchased the Expansion. It’s kinda like biting the hand of the owner that feeds you and they end up just leaving you to join a whole new Game. If anything lock them out from doing Ops for like 2 weeks or having no option of being able to Need on Items during Ops for 2 weeks. Either way banning them is going to affect the Game and BioWares budget way more then just leaving them alone and owning up to a mistake they knew was on the PTS and just disabling the Ops until it was fixed.

MMO’s that are pure sub ban subs all the time BW isn’t going to not ban people because they are subs.

This is extraordinarily faulty logic. Taking myself as an example of this, many years ago I was banned (albeit temporarily) for an infraction committed by myself. I had spent over $4,000 on this game. And I know of others who were permanently banned and had spent thousands as well.

When it comes to something like this, your patronage is absolutely not a factor.

If it was a factor, that actually *would* be a form of P2W, IMO. (If giving them more money meant you could get away with things in game, some of which might give you an actual gameplay advantage, that others couldn’t.)

Just because someone has spent a lot on the CM doesn’t mean they will continue to do so especially after the slot machine deal.

What MMO’s are pure sub?

WoW has a limited F2P option, Elder Scrolls Online will be going F2P in March, Wildstar and EVE have a time based currency.

What’s left, FF14?

That’s only one MMO though. You said MMO’s plural. You were making it out like there are a number of sub only MMOs that do it all the time, but if it’s just FF14 then that’s obviously not the case.

If FF14 is the only one doing it then that’s not a very strong argument.

If you want a big list here you go FFXIV ARR,FFXI,Ultima,Everquest 1 and 2,Wow pre free trial,Swtor pre f2p,City of Heroes and likely a bunch more I might be missing but needless to say every mmo that has been pure sub has banned subs.

But not after going F2P. That’s what you’re not taking into account.

After going F2P the amount of perma bans that a company does is never as significant as they were when the game is paid only.

As time goes on MMO devs/publishers are never as strict as they were when the game was in it’s infancy and that’s always been the way. It falls along the same line of the game(s) becoming easier and more accessable.

Are you thick or something because they do a majority of WoWs players are subs and those are the majority of the ban the only free trial bans are from credit and gold sellers not real exploiters.

Wtf are you talking about?

Are you saying that WoW never lessened on their bans after going F2P? Yeah, that’s true, I was never arguing that, but WoW isn’t a F2P game the way nearly every other MMO is.

WoW is always going to be the exception to everything because they have millions of players. They operate at a completely different level than every other MMO.

When you have millions of players like WoW does you can always enforce your policies as strongly as they do, but tell me this, what other MMO has even half of WoW’s numbers?

Oh wow, that’s uhm…not a lot.

You do realize that at it’s peak WoW had 12 million players? Nothing has ever come even remotely close to touching that and nothing will, not for a long time.

The MMO market is much smaller than a lot of people including major publishers think it is. Many MMOs started development thinking that there were millions of untapped people out there willing to play an MMO when in reality WoW had already captured a majority of the MMO market or the people willing to play an MMO rather.

There’s only about 15 to 20 million people out there willing to play an MMO, however after WoW was successful as it was companies started speculating that that there was twice that amount out there or more. Turns out, that wasn’t the case.

No MMO at this point, WoW included wants to get rid of a percentage of it’s players. The MMO market is becoming less and less viable as time goes on, so they’re going to want to keep as many people as they can. MMOs that are in their infancy will always handle it differently, but as time goes on they all change.

Only a fool would say 3 million isn’t a lot considering FFXIV ARR has only been out a year and hasn’t even released its 1st expansion which will grow the subs even more if you compare it’s subs to WoW 1st year they are closer.

3 million isn’t a lot especially considering a single player only RPG like Skyrim can and has sold over 10 million copies.

As for FF14’s expansion pack, it isn’t going to increase subs by some drastic amount the way you’re acting. That’s not what expansions do. In almost every case they satisfy the market that is there while potentially bringing in some new players.

Umm yea the WoW expansion that recently came out almost doubled their subs back to where it was in it’s prime.

Every WoW expansion increases the subs for a short time, but then they fall off again until the next expansion.

You’re acting like a MMO’s population can and will only increase, that there’s no way for FF14’s numbers to dip from where they are now or after the expansion comes out.

They won’t simply because the expansion actually adds stuff to the game 3 new classes a whole new giant region added with a massive amount of content.

Flat out lie that you can’t prove despite the fact that you say you back up your claims.

Hey genius what happens when people burn through all that content in a week or two like everybody does whenever a new expansion comes out for an MMO? You seriously think they’re going to stay subbed or are they going to do the exact same thing that people always do, ie subbed for awhile and then quit until the next update.

Going by your logic the people that resubbed for WoW because of the new EP are still subbed. That there’s no possible way that they could’ve unsubbed simply because they added a bunch of new content.

Will take longer then a few weeks to max 3 new classes and get through all the added content FFXIV ARR expansion is not like other companies you would know if you ever played FFXI.

Except not every body is going to play through all 3 new classes or even one of them. Most MMO players will take their existing character through the new areas, story content, whatever, and be done with it. The majority of people who play MMOs don’t feel the need to be 100% completionists.

You think everyone who quits SWTOR has played through all 8 classes?

Umm yea once again you do not know the ffxiv playerbase almost all the 50 player in my guild have nearly all classes to cap plus all the crafting classes and gathering classes to cap also.

So now the 50 people in your guild make up the majority of the 3 million players you were talking about? How does that work.

Also you didn’t answer my question, do you think everyone who quits SWTOR or any other MMO for that matter 100% completes it before they quit? FF14 isn’t a special exception to that rule. Plenty of people played it and quit it even though that’s apparently impossible going by what you’re saying.

I could look it up and give you the real numbers as players can access the database of all characters but sadly even if I did that you wouldn’t believe it because it doesn’t serve your purpose.

FF14 like every other MMO will keep a dedicated audience but never expand much beyond that. FF14 is never going to get to the point where it doubles the current number of subs it has right now.

People keep saying that if SWTOR released a large full an EP that they’d get tons of new people subbing, but the truth is that people made up their mind about SWTOR long ago. They’re never going to be able to do something that brings in millions of new subs at this point and they’re especially not going to be able to bring in millions of new subs and keep them.

Actually it’s just the rate of players added that stay is far greater than the amount that quits that it doesn’t hurt it’s population growth I mean a clear example is they ban roughly 5k a month and the population is still increasing.

You can say the same thing for many MMOs, especially when they were as old as FF14 is at this point.

Shut the fuck there is no mmos that need to have 10mil subs to be succesfull only wow has this and their shitty old game don’t even cost them anything anymore I’m sure they must be laughing so hard with all the money they made.. And still they are greedy as hell they could add so much more content or hell even upgrade the overall graphics would be nothing in term of cost for them with all the money they are making 1 expansion each 2 years is really stupid

Man reading everything you write about the MMO industry just tells me how little you understand the business.

Lol sure you have if you are going to make outlandish claims you might want to back them up with real proof before I laugh to death.

I am actually backing up my claims I listed sites that validate the number I gave you and the Cantina Tour post backs up the fact that they are going to ban plenty of subs.

No, you’re providing links to select things, many of which are common knowledge. You very rarely if ever back up a large majority of things you say.

Perfect example, the Cantina Tour did not mention they were going to perma ban a large number of players. That is something you are lying about or speaking of in hyperbole.

Not really if you bothered to read a lot of post from the exploiters they all mostly say they will quit if they get any form of punishment because they blame BW for allowing them to exploit.

So, once again the cantina tour did not mention they were going to perma ban a bunch of people. You flat out lied there.

People saying that they are quitting the game because of any kind of punishment is them quitting, not being banned, nor is them quitting BW saying that they’re perma banning a bunch of people.

Here is a situation where it’s completely obvious that you lied. Did exactly what I said.

Wow you are a moron really you are especially if you believe that they aren’t going to prema ban a large amount of them I mean you guys went from say they won’t do anything at all now when the writing is on the wall you keep clinging to your denial it’s sad.

So, once again, you were lying. You’ve gone from saying that they said they were going to perma ban a bunch of people and backing up what you said with proof to what it is that I believe.

It doesn’t matter what I believe. Even if they do perma ban a bunch of people you still flat out lied about them saying that’s what they would do. No matter what outcome happens you still lied.

Lol I am not lying I am explaining the meaning of what they are saying because you lack the ability to figure out such things.

No, I caught you in a flat out lie.

You said that they said they were going to perma ban people. That was never stated by them, nor was anything even remotely that specific stated by them. Everything they’ve said thus far about the situation has been vague.

You are taking your own opinions on what you believe their statements mean and trying to twist them into facts, but once again what you said that they said was never stated by them thus you are lying. There is nothing to dispute there. This is a situation where you have been caught lying.

Nope unlike you I know that they can’t just say exactly what they are doing until they post the formal message I mean you would know this if you had actually work for a large company before but it seems your lack of knowledge is blinding you from seeing the truth.

Try again liar.

You said that they said something they did not say. Therefore you lied. It’s as simple as that.

Sorry but it is clear that the truth is something that you were never interested in you like the exploiters believe that no matter what they tell the public that they aren’t going to actually perma ban them but are just saying it to appease people like me and that’s just sad.

More lies.

Not only did you lie about what BW said at the Cantina Tour but now you’re lying on top of that.

This has nothing to do with my views on the Ravangers exploit, this is about you lying, which you seem to do nearly non stop for no reason.

You remind me of how people acted when they believe there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no amount of evidence would make them believe otherwise until they actually went there and none were found that’s going to be the case here with you too it seems.

Except this has nothing to do with that and isn’t even remotely close to a 1 to 1 comparison.

You flat out lied. It’s that simple. You don’t want to admit that you did or that it’s possible that you did even though it’s completely obvious that you did.

FFXIV ARR even at only 3 million is willing to ban 8k per month and still continues to grow even after perma banning all those accounts month after month.

Let me explain it to you when a game is sub only subs mean more becasue that is the only source of income when f2p subs mean less to a company because they get more money from the cash shop.

1) When games are sub only and in their peak numbers. There are always far more players banned then when a game goes F2P. That’s how it’s always been. Bans become way, way more lax when a game goes F2P. There are never nearly the amount of people banned post F2P than there were pre F2P.

2) The majority of cash comes from subs, not F2Pers. The people who sub are the ones who tend to drop the most cash in F2P games that also offer a sub and it’s always been that way across every MMO.

The money that F2Pers generate is no where near as close to what you’re making it out to be. You’re assuming that because there’s more of them that at some point every single person who is F2P is going to spend real money at some point but in fact it’s quite the opposite. The drop off rate for players who are F2P is insane, many of whom play without ever spending a dime, especially in SWTOR. Many F2Pers leave SWTOR once they see how restrictive it is.

That is not correct after Swtor went f2p it’s revenue doubled and most of that was from f2p people buying unlocks plus just because one subs does not mean they will buy cartel coins as subs gain free coins per month a lot of people just save them up and buy stuff using those while f2p people have to buy cartel coins if they want to do ops or have more then 350k credits there are wall that ensure f2p people pay more in the long run and in the long run is all that matters to a company not buying spurts.

I love when scared, angry PVE noobs try an threaten a company that can’t even read their posts on a site not ran by said company.

Ban all those guys. Won’t hurt the game. I’d be willing to spend MORE a month to cover their departure 😉

I’ve no use for PvErs in general, much less those that feel they should exploit something to get their shinies faster.

It will definitely hurt the game. I don’t disagree, ban them, I really don’t care either way, but it will hurt the game. People this dedicated usually spend a fuckload of cash.

I dunno, people like that may not be the ones spending cash. the ones spending the most dollars per person are proably roleplayers

There are people who did this just to make credits from selling the crafting mat – an Ops lockout wouldn’t affect them in the slightest.

I wasn’t either. If you were one of those people that has a ton of max level alts, and did it on each of them every week, it added up to fairly decent amount of credits. (I’ve heard of people doing it 30 + times, take that times w/e the mat is going for on your server.)

Dev 1: I’ve got it! We’ll nerf the shit out of the exploiter’s slot machines!
Dev 2: We can do that? Are you sure?
Dev 1: Of course, it will just affect the exploiters. See….
Dev 2: No…it looks like all of them are affected
Dev 1: Oh. …oh well. Should we get lunch?
Dev 2: Sure!

There was a Q&A, the most important bits made the bullet-list at the top of this post. Most of the questions were “Have you considered adding [my favorite pet feature]?” followed by, “We would like to and have talked about it, but we currently have no plans to do that.” They did mention that Hard Mode Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi are coming soon, 3.1 or 3.2.

Playable Togruta… FINALLY. However vague a confirmation it is, it’s good enough for me at this point. I wonder if we’ll see them around the time of one of the new expansions, or if it’ll be something reserved for the summer months, like the cathar were.

And I suspect Ashara will probably get a visual overhaul like Aric did (hopefully she’ll have gotten her shots by then, seeing as Aric looked kind of sickly after his, hehe), and imho she could use it… that plastic sheen is icky.

Yeah, he got a major overhaul when Cathar were made a playable race in one of the 2.0 updates iirc, so he’d blend in better. I joined after said update and didn’t roll a Trooper until well after his appearance got patched, so he’s always looked that way to me. (His original look is uggo, imho)

Ashara’s appearance has already been updated since the game’s release. It’s also unlikely that the Togruta’s appearance will differ as much as the Cathars did from vanilla to playable.

Really? She’s always had that marshmallow, plastic-y look to her to me in every screenshot/video I’ve seen of her. And my cathar characters look pretty different compared to the stock cathar models in the game pre-ROTHC. My guess is if they do upgrade Ashara to mesh with customized togruta characters, it’ll probably be a few tweaks to her facial structure and textures instead of a major overhaul like Jorgan.

I made all of my character Cathar, because I thought that it would be super cool to have a little “Pride” of characters. The biggest drawback to this is that the Cathar do not get to use any of the appearance updates. So, I am patiently waiting for the cool Cathar appearance options.

No, you have to remember that the only thing different about the Togruta mesh are the leku. While the Togruta will almost certainly have a variety of different leku (and face paints) to choose from they’re still going to use human faces just like the Twi’leks and nearly every other race. They’re not going to add completely new face meshes to them like they did the Cathar. The Cathar required it where as the Togruta don’t.

The Cathar had to have different faces in order to be customizable. The vanilla Cathar weren’t designed with any sort of customization in mind. They’re pre-set models where as the Togruta (aside from their leku) recycle art assets created for humans.

As for Ashara you can see the differences made to her here…

In the vanilla game she didn’t have a set skin tone which is why her skin in grey in the first pic. Her eyes also used to be blue and face textures weren’t as detailed as they were after she was updated. These updated features are much more obvious on her Customizations 1&2 than her default look.

hmm 2 more game expansion i do wonder if its a paid one seeing the *cough cough* amount of content in sor with the killing off the old lvl55 ones and its special state *cough bugged and broken without a fix incoming*

none the less i am excited for ziost planet

PLEASE let the new stronghold be Hoth! I’ve spent a fortune on getting all the decorations I want for it. It would be the highlight of this year if it is.

It wouldn’t really make sense. Hoth isn’t some habitable planet you live in for fun.. Seeing it from a real viewpoint like that, anyway. Sorry, mate. I say the most likely ones are: Alderaan [Top-choice, probably, makes sense.] Corellia [Though Imperials have retreated oifficially..] Manaan [Also very likely – both sides can come, would be very awesome [partial?!] underwater base!!]. =)

Or perhaps Tython/Korriban, but since they say ´´new StrongHOLD´´, and not multiple, I assume it´s just one planet for both factions.. so Alderaan, or Manaan is the top choice I guess.

Please let it be Rishi. It’s by far my favorite planet so far. I’ve always loved tropical locations. 🙂 Not sure if it would be though, since they will probably try to make it available to people who might not have bought the expansion.

Meh, Rishi looked like either A) a zone from WoW or B) a zone from a Jurassic Park game for PS1. Would prefer somewhere a bit less bland myself.

Voss could work. They’re not against outsiders, they just want things done their way. There’s a quest Pub side where you talk to a guy who wants to retire there. I doubt their writers are up to the task though, so I expect we’ll get somewhere a bit more generic.

The way I reason is that it seems Tatooine is actively being colonized (people actually making a living there), while Hoth is extremely desolated apart from the Imp and Rep army and some pirates fighting over wreckages (and some Ortolans). Hoth to me feels like it’s a warzone, while Tatooine doesn’t for some reason. But that’s just my view on things. Wouldn’t mind having a Hoth SH. 🙂

You do realize that there are colonies in Hoth and/or garrisons. The White Maw Pirates, the Republic, the Inperials, those furry aliens I forget their name, and those tiny blue aliens with trunks for noses.

Also, the Rebels use it as a secret base of operations in the Empire Strikes back. So that debunks your reasoning for why it won’t be Hoth based on your argument.

Strangely enough, I agree with you: but I think the decision was made a few months ago, so we can only wish…. (and hope the don’t nerf the stronghold, too )

“Two more game expansions before end of the year.”
Now this will be interesting. wonder how long this expansion will last. assuming with two more they mean 4.0 and 5.0 and not 3.5 or such..

“New Togruta race, new stronghold”
Two years later and we finally getting Togruta, only one i want now is Nautolan. I really hope we getting a temple stronghold theme at least big enough to do more stuff and put more stuff.

“New planet Ziost in April”
Always said we need Ziost in the game, now this might also make for some interesting lore coming up and story.

By expansions they mean something like Galactic Starfighter/Stronghold, not a new version entirely. We won’t see 4.0 until the fall 2016 I believe.

ah, figured as much, imo these “expansions ” simply should be called patches and stuff as an expansion in most mmo actually means a new expansion but to each their own i suppose

They just call them xpacs to glorify them. Really, they are just updates, and everyone knows it. Even their expansions are small in comparison to most MMO’s. No idea why they use the wrong terminology, personally, but meh, we all know what’s what I think.

A ‘lot’ of content is a pretty big stretch. But I didn’t say the level cap increase xpacs aren’t expansions, just that they’re pretty small. Stuff like GSH and GSF- those are the updates they inexplicably call expansions.

yeah saw that, this makes me want to have a stronghold there. Looks really nice, bit plain but still nice. looks absolutely fantastic, thanks for the share.

I don’t want Ziost. But I’ll take it. Would rather have expanded quests and such on Manaan so I don’t look at it and wonder…why are you a planet? why must I visit you? lol
The Togruta will be good. HOWEVER. You know it’s going to create so much problems with the gear. Buggy for a solid year I’d bet. Hell, they can’t even fix the Dathomir head piece at the moment.

I do hope we get a stronghold either on Rishi or Yavin 4. Either a pirate themed or temple themed.

I am glad they are adding Togrutans as playable race. For the next race, I want Mon Calamrian so I can finally create a vanguard named Ackbar

it took them 20 months to go from 2.0 to 3.0.. Dont think so easily that these 2 expansions will bring it up to 4.0 much less 5.0 lol this is biofail we are talking about.. these fucks cant even fix the game that they have currently.. so more new broken content before the end of the year? WOOOHOOO!!

Please let me know what exploits pop up out of this. I’ll be your friend forever is I can get all of my characters decked our super fast like some peeps did in this xpac.

Fuzzy, I’m an OE (Original Exploiter) from waaaay back. I’ll hook you up with all the new ‘sploits, son. Don’t let these haters fool you.

it certainly feels that way sometimes. Though the Powertech got a lot of love in 3.0
Same cannot be said for the merc. Still easily squishable.
They said they gave us more kiting ability. But kiting means you’re moving faster than your opponent, either by having a speed boost or using slows/roots/knockbacks
With the added immunity they have to sins, the 45% boots to PTs – only ones we can kite at the moment are Ops, Maras, and Rage juggs. All three classes being minority classes lol
Some games you go against 4 madness sins. May as well just /stuck it at the beginning as a merc haha
No way to kite them.

lol maybe the 2 expansions and ziost wont even make it in the game with bioware blaming the community for the so called controversie on the slot machines, people are unsubbing, stopped spending money on the cm and now some people think that what you reported is sketchy lol

so glad i got legend status with that contraband resale corporation vendor and 20 cartel certificates wont be fooled again

IF anyone actually did unsub due to the slot machine, or have stopped spending money on the CM because of it – then they are a minority.

The slot machine helped a lot when trying to augment 16 lvl 60s and their dual gearsets. The nerf was too much in my opinion. To the point hardly anything but OLD rep items we’re, most of us, maxed on anyways.

Still, I don’t play for such things lol. I don’t know of ANYONE who plays for such things. So, Darth-Robin – QQ

“They are sort of “afraid” of releasing future slot machines”

Dang…. why afraid ? Everybody here is enraged because you changed the things in a way fucked the players

The idea of slot machines is fun. They should release more! Getting (old) cartel market reputation from slot machines is a good idea! Why are they afraid? The only problem is: why can’t they find a way between to many and to low droprates? This can’t be to hard! Just try something gray between black and white!

They are afraid because they cannot do basic math / odds calculations.

The first incarnation of the slot machines rendered running crafting missions not only useless, but stupid to do. Think of that as if they instead rendered it not only useless but foolish to do war zones or operations, because you could just stuff a stack of coins in the slot machine and get your rank or BiS gear or whatever.

Then the second incarnation of the slot machines took it so far the other way that it’s equally stupid to ever put a coin into them. The outcry over this was even larger than the outcry over the first.

Because BioWare can’t do that basic math, they’re afraid that whatever they do next with the slots will be equally stupid to the first 2 times and create just as much, possibly even more outcry.

But in the end, it just means BioWare is afraid of percentage-based mathematics.

This is exactly how I feel about this company, this is the biggest screw over of the SW fan base in the history of SW Anyone who is not voting on this by un-subbing will get only what they deserve form this company.

the biggest screw over of the SW fanbase? if thats the case then the SW fanbase has been pretty damned lucky thus far.

Actually they never they wouldn’t change the slot machines they just said that they weren’t a exploit.

It was people who pay 15 bucks a month to set and
horde credits that were upset….It was a MINORITY of people who threw tantrums about it on the forums, and Bioware is afraid
of them? Afraid of what exactly? There is nothing they could do!! Somehow Bioware can’t just tell them to either
deal with it or quit? The game would survive just fine with out those self centered cry babies, who RUINED the slot machine for the MAJORITY. This entire incident pisses me off. We got something FUN in the game and it was RUINED because of a few little cry babies being loud on the forums. THANX ALOT!!! I am sure you are proud when you look in the mirror every day knowing you screwed up OTHER peoples game and fun because you think everyone should play as YOU play and do as YOU do. Players like you ruin gaming.

Just think of it like real life, the 1% changes the rules so they can keep making even more money while the 99% gets to pay the price.

Yep, and that is part of why this entire incident disgusts me. Furthermore, Bioware saying they are “afraid” of essentially a 1% populace inside a freakin’ video game.

Because most of the 99% don’t subscribe and buy Cartel packs? Hogwash. I know ALOT of people who are subs spend up to 100 dollars or more a month on this game.

Actually, they’re called people who aren’t broke ass scrubs such as yourself. $100 is chump change to me.

Well go rent u out a blowup doll and lose ur butt virginity then with ur 2 week wage from Mcdonald’s haha

No they haven’t moron. Then again if they stated it many times you should have no problem providing a link to that information because none of the EA investors calls have ever stated those figures.

Eat dogshit u have no idea what this game is abt or who plays it. Ur just another F2P scrub who logs in and ruins stuff. 90% of swtor player base is F2P the CEO has stated this 1000x, noone gives a fuck if u accept it or not.

You’re clearly lying and considering EA’s CEO has only been the CEO of the company since September he obviously hasn’t stated anything 1000x yet. In fact he hasn’t made any public statements about SWTOR as of yet so like I said you’re obviously lying. A quick Google search proves that.

Ur a dogshit wallowing moron. EAs CEO has stated this many times. It’s not the world’s fault that u can’t direct ur browser away from horse porn to read the company statement. GTFO fagget.

^ Classic case of a closet homosexual. So sad you can’t just be happy being yourself. We aren’t judgmental and can offer hugs to help 🙂

Again u offer no proof that swtor player base is majority sub again I am vindicated now go kill urself.

I have huge trouble with concentration due to being hypotyhrotic and the fact that I finally had mats without having to send out companions every 5 minutes (which I could never remember and could therefore level incredibly slowly or by paying tons of credits for overpriced mats off the GTN) meant that I was looking forward to crafting for the first time since I joined SWTOR three years ago. And then they nerfed the machine (which they said was working as intended) and made it all a huge chore again. I probably spent about 1500$ on this game in the past two years. Looks like I won’t be spending much more now. I don’t want to get cheated like this again.

Gonna be installing this next week probably. Only thing holding me back is the Bitraider crap that installs with it… Does the program run still when SWTOR isn’t running? And isn’t there a way to convert the downloaded to the non-BR version (which requires a full reinstall)? Or is Bitraider not all that bad?

Thanks folks!

Damn, I can’t believe I missed out on this exploit too. You guys really need to let me know when this kind of stuff is happening. GRRR. Looks like if I get the slot machine now, then I’ll just be wasting my time vs getting the good stuff before.

That doesn’t matter the fact they changed them means people will buy less packs to spite BW for doing it.

I advise you all to Get your money back for the packs, Pay-pal will refund most of the last year so far for me. Stick it to them over the slot machine and the continued threat of action over the bug they failed to patch while the vacationed.

Calling complete BS on this. Paypal does not refund money like that. Most certainly not from an entire year or for what you paid for. I just dealt with Paypal and know how it works regarding getting money back scum bag scammers.

From Paypal

“Items Not Covered

Intangible items like digital
goods or services, real estate, motorized vehicles (of any kind), custom
made items – we may cover you in the event that a custom made item is
not received – travel tickets, industrial machinery (for manufacturing),
prepaid cards, or items that violate our policies or eBay’s policies,
anything you buy in person, or money transfers to friends or family. You
must open any dispute within 180 days or you will not be covered.”

When you get 100k + positive feedback on your account that is linked to Pay-Pal you can then tell me what Pay-pal will not do until then just troll someone easel K thanks.

If you do a charge back BioWare will almost certainly lock down the account until you give them money back, likely also including the large charge back fees they will incur. While I can see doing so if one got permanently banned from the game, If you actually hope to have an ongoing relationship with BioWare, this is about the worst thing you can do.

That absolutely WILL NOT HAPPEN. Stop spreading lies, Customers have every right to challenge what they say are fraudulent charges, if they are NOT fraudulent then the money goes back to BW.

sure, but BW also has the right, indeed obligation, to lock an account down while this is being sorted out. because the only legitimate reason for a charge back would be the credit card used to buy the items was stolen

Bullshit they DO NOT have this “right”. That violates specifically California’s customer protection laws and well as many other state laws. Ur talking out of ur ass moron.

so california law prevents a company from putting a hold on an account if they have reason to belive it’s a stolen credit card?

There’s no point in trying to have a reasonable discussion with Spruce, you can give all the evidence you want and he’ll keep moving the goalposts to make it “not count.” And as I said, I’m pretty sure he’s 12.

Um…it happens all the time. They may be able to get the chargeback to go through, as BW isn’t likely to spend too much time fighting over a tiny amount of money. But I would DEFINITELY expect the account to be locked – game companies do it all the time, because otherwise, say for non-MMO games, you could buy it, install it, ask for a refund and then just keep the game.

I know *personally* of someone who ended up getting their entire NCSOFT account locked because they asked for a refund on a game they weren’t going to be able to play for a month or two.

Heck, some of the people who asked EA for refunds after the recent Origin hack issues are running into account ban issues. (Those absolutely ought to be overturned though.)

Can and does happen all the time. Might want to do a little research next time before you’re rude to people.

Ura moron plain and simple. Show me ONE instance where BW has done this, show me ONE. You can’t bc it doesnt happen u turd.

If you’re seriously intent on making yourself look like an idiot, I can give you an absolute ton of links showing EA doing exactly this (which is functionally the same thing.)

Or you can google EA chargeback ban, realize your error, and go away quietly.

PS: Calling people morons and turds doesn’t add to your “argument.” It just makes you look silly. Are you 12?

Link it! Show me the exact scenario not just some bullshit story on one of ur fag forums. You CAN’T thats y. now GTFO.

Well, since you are moving the goalposts and aren’t allowing the tons of people asking for help on forums getting EA accounts unbanned (although I’m still pretty sure you’re 12, and don’t have a clue what a logical fallacy is…)

Gaming companies absolutely can, and DO, do this. NCSOFT specifically calls it out –


Since the argument here is that “they don’t have the right to do that..”

Yes, they do, at least in the US.

Now, shoo. I have better things to do than argue with 12 year olds.

Although, now that I think about it, I might as well have kept my mouth shut – because I don’t really think I want to play with people who think it’s ok to do a chargeback in this situation. So um, go ahead and do it, sure! But don’t whine later when you lose account access, k?

Enough with the wishy-washy exploit action threats, either do something concrete about it or don’t.

Also I was looking forward to getting different kinds of rep from new slot machines, so thanks for ruining that whiners.

I like it. Work over time to work on exploiters that bothered no one save for busy bodies, but keep the slots broken, which cost people millions and millions of credits and an untold amount of real life currency.

Par for the course.

Ramirez: “Remember, Highlander. Remember your home. Another galaxy.

MacLeod: “Yes I remember,” “The beginning. Five
hundred years ago. On the planet Ziost.”

Did some person seriously just say that Operatives have to stand and cast now and aren’t mobile? You’re doing it wrong.

I love that they are “afraid” of releasing more slot machines. Instead of fixing the problem they just leave it as it is and decide not to release more. Who are these people?

Buncha wussies that’s who. This whole mess is THEIR fault but they push the blame on customers instead of the design team where it belongs!

Actually if you watch the video they completely take all the blame multiple times stressing the fact and apologize for how badly they did the entire slot machine debacle. I’m no fan boy and think they are purposely trying to sabotage the game since 3.0 release but I got to give them that much credit.

Blaming players and saying ur afraid of adjusting ur own coding elemet in the game is NOT taking responsibility. They mad this mess now the want to crawl away on their slimy bellies away from it.

No it doesn’t.

How does a single screen shot from a year (or was it a year and a half) ago now “look” like a flash point?

Given how long that screen has been floating around on the internet wouldn’t it be safe to assume that it’s something bigger than a flash point?

Now what genius?

Oh and unlike Rakata Prime, people have known about Ziost for like a year and a half now. That piece of artwork has been floating around for awhile.

The situation with Ziost is nearly identical that of Oricon as well. Oricon was known about for almost a year before it hit. Flash points are usually known about a few months in advance, not a year or more.

Also anyone who thought RP was going to be a full on planet was moronic. All the data about it indicated that it would be a FP. Manaan was the exact same way too.

Look at those fat, lazy, sitting-on-the-ground-while-eating motherfuckers! OF COURSE Bioware feels comfortable dishing out ANYTHING. These nerdy pigs will eat it all up!

Ya, I hate to agree, but I do. Some of us “nerds” enjoy not looking like hell warmed over. I wish more of them would take that initiative.

The transcript of the producer’s letter on Massively only talks about two “major updates”, not expansions. Can anyone confirm whether there was definite talk of expansions and this wasn’t misinterpreted?

The supposed summary of the statement Musco gave about the Slot Machines is not at all supported by the video, for which a transcript of the relevant portion is now available on the SWTOR forums. Looks like whoever told Dulfy that was trolling us.

Dulfy, please take down the troll “summary” and provide the transcript, or a summary thereof, instead. It’s not your fault but it is up to you to make it right. Thanks.

They know it’s just as broken now as it was before but they won’t change it again because it will mean they’re admitting they are incapable of doing basic odds analysis. Sad.

I will almost guarantee not a single dev has a computer science degree. If they did, they would have known better.

See that angrul?

I don’t know why you wanted to be an ass and act like Ziost would just be another FP when you had absolutely no clue about it. Why state something like that as if it were a fact when in reality you knew nothing about it?

Tbf Oricon was still kinda short. I’d love for Ziost to be like one of the 1-50 worlds, but I’m doubtful we’ll ever see those again.

I’d like to see the next stronghold in the form of a reclaimed fortress or castle, stone walls reinforced with modern materials, big courtyards, a nice mix of ancient architecture and modern renovation. I think that would work well for both Republic and Empire. And put it on a nice planet with some sunshine and a great view, please. Preferably with a waterfall visible somewhere.

It’s like a car crash or watching Jerry Springer. It irks you, it’s disturbing, and you didn’t want to see it. But you can’t look away….

Baa’nariim has admitted that the statement about the slot machines was made up and kind of apologised for it of the swtor forums.
We all come here for accurate/the best information available at the time (and the guides, who could forget the guides) and its not your fault that someone lied to you. But Dulfy, you are responsible for repeating it, publishing it and removing it when that person admitted that they lied.
That said I love the site, I find it a great resource as use it very regularly. And for that I thank you and your contributors.

If you feel that way then you should’ve left the game a long time ago. There’s no point in staying here if you don’t enjoy it. It’s ppl like you that make a bad community, honestly…….

Yeah that makes complete sense what with a new movie coming out in 2015 and BW having all their major updates all the way through 2015 mapped out.

Or is this you admitting that you actually believed that completely BS Reddit post about SWTOR shutting down?

Fuck Reddit. When a game costs a company 181mil dollars in ONE quarter alone, it is not long for the cyber world. Now go kill urself.

So, until the decision from the exploiters dont be released, i dont buy another subscription:) BTW, i dont read any rule against the exploiting, and if some players have done it…, the responsability its from BIOWARE:) And Star CITIZEN is coming…:)

Even while having said that over and over , i will repeat myself once more. Not all of the playerbase are living in the US and some countries actually have a sensible civil law system. The TOS is not completely binding in Europe. Clauses which are gravely cutting in the rights of the consumer unnecessarily are null and void.
Also why on earth does would it mean that it is wrong (in the sense od morals) just because you break a rule stipulated in some more or less binding agreement?

Considering that the company is based in America and they make the decisions based on that countries laws so I love to break it to you but they are within their rights to enforce it.

See, and that’s where you’re wrong. Read up on international consumer law.
If I sue them, the court in my country of residence has jurisdiction.

Wouldn’t matter at all you would never get past ligation anyways as they actually have real lawyers that they can afford to pay.

Again. Nonsense. There have been cases tried and won in europe against big US publishers. Since I am in a good mood, I’d actually get an example for you if you want.

You can if you like but you might want to keep it relevant to the setup of this games issue.

The setup of what? I won’t find a precedent of anyone who was banned and sued because of that. That’s not what we’re discussing though. You stated that gamers have no rights whatsoever with their games and that is simply nonsense.

Example RMT if the digital currency actually belonged to the account owners the Bioware wouldn’t be able to destroy all the credits they make.

Also what is it with you really? Did some bad bad exploiter kill your goldfish?

And who is we? The “i have real life issues that i need to project on someone” group?

Dude -wtf man, you see those grotesque people sitting up front? Like is that the people I’m playing with? I need to rethink my life.. bunch of jerry springer rejects.

Ikr? I mean if you’re playing this game and on Dulfy you’re a confirmed geek but have some gd self-respect when out in public! If I was Musco I would’ve started throwing Cheetos at their faces and I’ll bet they’d have started flopping around trying to catch them in their mouths while flapping their arms like beasts.

My thought is if Bioware decides to take back the gear people have exploited, lengthy suspension or even ban accounts, there will be a mass exodus from this game. It is a bad business decision. From what I have heard, they’ve known about this since PTS and didn’t bother to fix it. That’s like getting ticked off at people looking at your crotch because your fly’s open, instead of ensuring you zipped up.
This game has had a host of issues lately and I have been greatly disappointed in the lack of resolution, as well as the poor handling of their customers. Case in point: the datacron glitch on Rishi. I sent in a ticket because I couldn’t complete it and all I got was yes, we know and we’re going to fix it at some point. Uhhhhhh, no acknowledgment of the hours spent killing grophets and getting the buffs – all for nothing, not to mention the fact that the glitch disallowed me from getting the Lord of the Ocean title. This may seem like a minor thing but this is only one of many problems that have been left dangling.
That being said, I have loved this game since launch and I don’t want to be one of the people leaving. I love Star Wars and SWTOR is a great game overall. It handles much better than WoW, imo. The graphics are better and the stories are great. It would be a shame if their overreaction was the death knell of SWTOR…

Considering that it took them almost two years to even start fixing the screwed up entries in the Codex, I’m not surprised at the lack of quality in their testing, or, I probably should say, the lack of acknowledgment of problems pointed out by the people on the PTS. They routinely release content that they KNOW has issues, because people have made them abundantly clear on the PTS forums. This bug with the Datacrons being one example. However, it’s the little things that annoy me, like companions randomly wearing or not wearing head gear in cut scenes, or changing outfit colors even though I put dye mods on, or their apparent lack of understanding of collision detection, since I still routinely get enemies who are underground that I can’t attack, or crafting resources inside walls or underground that no one can get to. I subscribed for the first year and a half or so, but when I saw them only fixing things that involved the Cartel Market and ignoring things that have been around since day one, I went to freeplay. Some things they claim to have fixed even though all evidence says they didn’t. It’s just getting old.

There won’t be a mass exodus. The RPers didn’t care about that. The PvPers didn’t care either. Only you hardcore PvErs who wanted an easy way to gear out. Or those who saw a way to make money by selling invites.

No – write all you want. Those that exploited KNOWINGLY are the same as those who exploit loopholes in taxes, knowingly defrauding the government. When you do something wrong, there should be consequences. Personally, if bioware bans these people. Then start banning ranked trolls. I know quite a few people who will return. THEY left because they saw all these exploiters, cheaters, trolls and saw the inaction.

If they ban you sorry excuse for gamers. yes, I said it. Because honestly, WHO would rush to get max gear??? You have nothing to do after that. It’s senseless. Same people who complain about lack of content 2 weeks later.

I hope you all get perma banned. Have no use for people like you.

I was about to actually respond to you, but your post is so full of nonsense, I realized i just don’t have time for that…

No idea why you replied to me, since i have no clue what you’re talking about. I don’t know anything about exploits and have not bothered to read about this recent one because I have no interest in cheating in a game to “get ahead”. If these people knew this was a bug and abused it, they should be punished, but banning them seems a little much if all they got was better equipment.

i honestly feel like if I’m paying for a product make use of its content that is there.. and while the company is well informed of the content there.. as they themselves implemented such actions.. and did nothing to mitigate them per- Official release.. i did nothing but get the gear i was obligated to. due to the lack of support from bioware… i run multiple 16m guilds and each time we all get 1 piece of gear from each boss and early weeks there were many of us locked out from the final loot from cortanni .. what cause bioware doesn’t see fit to fix their broken product, yet we need be held accountable for measures they implemented and now.. hold backlash against the community because bioware… willingly .. knowingly.. left that bug there and cared not to fix until it became an issue among the community because players felt it was unfair because they were cheated where as whether they like it or not many players they know participated in said glitch.. this is what largely is going wrong with games today.. honestly the community cannot be blamed for a purposefully implemented bug and then the dev turns around once majority of the community discovers it and blame them.. Good job of actually QA or any other testing of your product for that matter.. bioware are u so greedy over Cartel market and minor transactions u would let this matter that is clearly a stem of your own developer flaws ruin a fraction of your subs? or will you learn from this? i guess the next few days may tell

#brokencontent already unsubbed.. finished hm content the other day. will see u fellas in 16months when there is actually more content.. and hopefully its not broken as much as this 3.0 let them have their way with the 3 toons i *exploited* the bug that they themselves put there.. yes free rape biofail how can u resist?

It’s like saying if a money drawer was open, no one around, you’d take the money. Then blame the owners when you were arrested.

JUST because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

You won’t be missed. At all. In fact, I speak for most I think when I say…don’t come back. Your kind isn’t wanted or needed.

Difference is, that that money doesn’t belong to anyone at all, therefore in your example, yes I would take the freaking money, cause there is no owner at all.

Actually it always has a owner remember money comes from somewhere right in this case it’s the government’s money as everything in the game belongs to Bioware you are just renting it.

I find it delicously amusing when gamers relish having no rights whatsoever for/in the games they bought/are paying for.
I guess you are one of those people happy about being spied on by governmental agencies, saying “I don’t care, i have nothing to hide.”
God sometimes i am really happy that i live in europe where the sheep herd mentality is not so bad.

No just saying the truth when it comes to game like this you really have no rights pure and simple.

You make a conjecture and call that truth. That acutally says a lot.
Even more so because i never said something alike.

No it all links to the fact that the game belongs to the company and not to the customers who are only paying to rent the characters out.

How bout both of you shut your rigid two timing indigestive immune system right or wrong deal faces up, no country is perfect, so shut your gosh darn mouths up and have a snickers.

If you had read what i wrote, you would’ve seen that i said exactly that it doesn’t matter how rich or poor the country you are living in is. I was merely pointing out Shaun’s lack of knowledge on ecocomics.

Honestly, anyone who has actually bothered to read the game’s EULA would know that you are right here.

Shaun, please, get out of the Dulfy forums. No one needs sad little angry trolls like you.

Go do something more productive. Like smash your head agaisnt a concrete wall. Maybe that will raise your IQ above your abysmally low score of 2

Not trolling just telling everyone the truth that they don’t want to hear or that they live so much in denial they can’t accept.

Considering how long it took you to respond I can tell you took the time to just pick the only rich non EU country in Europe nice try tho.

Haha. Of course. Because googling that would take hours. Even if i were from a poor country that would not be in any way worse. My disclosure of my country of residence was just made to point out your sheer stupidity.

Not really you’re probably on a 56k connection given the poor country you are really from.

You know, even if that would be the case, you would be the pretentious ass pointing that out, I would still be someone with a backbone living in a poor country.

Haha, now you’re trying to lecture me on physics. Hilarious. You know what? I actually have a collage degree in physics as well. You’re just too funny.

No it doesn’t. But my degree from one of the top10 universities wordwide does. (Take any ranking you like and try to find out which oneone I’m talking about. You’ll get a gold star.)

How about you actually provide proof oh wait you won’t because that would expose you.

See the funny thing is I don’t have to proof anything to you, nor do i have the desire to, other then rubbing it in maybe. I mean really. Do you think i post a scan of my diploma on dulfy or what?

Also none of them are in the country you claim to be from so yea you haven’t been to any of them except maybe taking a tour when you went on vacation.

Well they probably had sometime to recover their standing after all accepting you must have brought them down to number 50.

I also have a collage degree. Earned it at the Hobby Lobby over weekend classes. Next I’m going for a masters in scrapbooking…care to join me?

Also if you had any clue about geography you would know there are at least 3 more “rich” countries in europe not in the EU. Alas, stupidit pointed out twice.

Define rich because coming from you that doesn’t mean much due to your likely broad view of the word.

Rich as in havingconsiderably more income per head as the US. But I don’t asumme someone as narrow minded with as little education as you would know thatthat.

So what? You have an idea of the concept of avarages? Back to high-school with you. Oh wait, you’re there right now i guess. Don’t worry you’ll hear about it in maths someday.

No I would not, because it’s a measure of productivity and not of wealth. If you use wikipedia,at least do it right.

Actually you would because GDP is what the government uses to see how well the economy is doing in that country but I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand the complexity of economics.

Can you even read? GDP is not a measure of wealth. Contrary to you, i have a college degree in economics.

Actually it is because the problem is the way you define wealth would only benefit countries with high wealth redistribution so you use it because it favors how your country runs things but the thing is if you spread out the wealth of the US evenly it would be far greater than the country you are from but you know that’s not how the US work so that’s why you choose that definition.

No it is not. Productivity and wealth different things. The more you try to make an argument, the more people can see ou have no clue what you are talking about.

Of course you would think that because you have no idea what you are talking about I pointed out reasons why you used the term you used and your reasons for using it and all I see now is a coward running away because he has been exposed.

Just read the article about gross dometic product on wikipedia again. If you don’t get why you are wrong ask your geography/economics teacher.

You really do amuse me. On the page you link, try to sort with per capita wealth and tell me what the wealthiest country is. You contradict youself every step of the way.

Guess you forgot to notice that those numbers from switzerland are from 2005 9 years ago so please try again.

2013 makes you happier? “List of countries by wealth per adult” – Wikipedia
Hint: Also note that Norway is above the US there. You might not believe it, but they are in europe but not in the EU! Really!

If i werent’ using my smartphone, i probably could. You will manage to ctrl+c and ctrl+v that into the search bar in wikipedia though, will you? If not i can post the link on my pc if that makes you happy.

Yeah well Samsungs Galaxy S’ are not what they once were i guess. Or disqus is just really crappy on android. ..

Naw all the links I posted were using a Galaxy S4 with chrome browser and it works fine.

You also have the 2nd highest debt per adult and more then twice the debt per adult vs the US

Actually it does it tells people your citizens carry more debt then US citizens do twice as much even though you are a much smaller country must be all that wealth distribution you love.

OK, this will be my last comment today, because unlike you i *really* do have more important things to do.
No it does not. More debt implies more wealth in any case since banks require securities for lending anyway. Even if my deduction was wrong the only indicator relevant for that discussion is net wealth vs. Median wealth. (Read the statiststatistical article on the median vavalue to understand that.)

Actually it does after doing the math your debt to income ratio is 21% Norway is 25% while the US is 16%.

I can’t resist to point your idiocy out once more. Debt to income ratio? Everyone with half a clue about economics just had a laugh at you grasping at straws here. I’ll give you one last small hint. Net wealth means the wealth someone has after you subtract his/her deb. Now can you see why the indicator you propose is just useless. You’re either just trolling around or you really do think you’re smart and making sense. If it’sthe second i really do feel for you. You will not get far in life.

Lol it does matter because it shows 21% of each of your adults income goes to debt while the US is only 16% which means even tho you redistribute wealth more then the US does you also spend that wealth poorly causing you more debt.

You really have no clue. Your last paragraph is just completely wrong. Please really so ask a teacher to explain to you how that stuff with debt and income works. You don’t even know the definitions.
You should also rethink your attitude. Trying to make things up to sound smart and educated won’t get you very far. You might be able to make a few people on the internet think you know what you’re talking about, but you will not get far in college. Unless you’re happy spewing your nonsense around in a buger joint that is.

You can bild a ratio. Bravo. You don’t know what the numbers are you’re calculating with. I’ll stop pointing out you’re mistakes now, since you have a stupid answer for everything, wich just makes it more wrong.

Well I can’t edit posts as a guest, first of all. Second of all I am not a native speaker. Would you care to write something in german, french or italian? Ah thought so.
I’ll let you have the last word though. Come on, post a useless comment after this one. I promise I’ll let you feel good and not write back again.

Actually it does because if they had passed those laws we wouldn’t be having this conversation as the country would be the next Greece by now.

Actually, you would go with GNP or Gross National Product because its a more accurate reflection of a country’s economy. But to go even further, you would go with GNP per Capita because it is a measure of the economy per person.

Mhm. Would you care to say anything useful or are you happy with reflecting instead of making an argument? I don’t even live in the EU you ignorant, not all of europe is, you know? But anyway, let’s assume i did, how on earth would that make me part of a sheep herd? (It’s herd, btw.)

Considering most Europe is part of the EU that must mean you live in such a poor country that even the EU won’t take you in.

Nope I have I just don’t consider them rich I mean yes the average adult brings in more money but the cost of living is also about twice the US average so all that extra money amount to little after that.

Give it up. He is a moron trying to argue his view of things with made up facts. Made up by him with logic only he deems correct.
No matter what you throw at him, he twists his own words around every step of the way. Funny thing is that little dude seems to think he’s right.

The game does not belong to Bioware. It’s a product that doesn’t have a proper ownership due to the parties involved.

If Bioware actually owned SWTOR then they could do anything they wanted with it outside of EA and Disney, ie take it to another publisher or whatever. We know that isn’t the case though.

Bioware actually has the least amount of claim to the product of the three companies. EA has the option of putting another team on SWTOR if they chose to do so. It’s somewhat similar to the situation with Kingdom Hearts in that Disney owns the name (Kingdom Hearts) and original characters (Sora, etc) and could easily give the property to someone other than Square-Enix if Disney wanted to.

They wrote the code it belongs to them as a company and EA owns Bioware and EA retains the sole rights to publishing Star Wars games they allow Bioware control over the code and allow them to control the game thus they own the stuff in the game.

EA does not contain the sole rights to publish SW games. Disney can and will be publishing SW and SW related video game products without EA. There are several SW games in development for mobile devices that EA will not be publishing. EA also won’t be publishing the Rebels based web browser MMO, nor will EA be publishing the Star Wars themed Disney Infinity that releases next year.

Not seeing the part where it says Disney Infinity 3 will be published by EA, or anything about mobile or browser games, ie the things that fall outside the contract.

The EA contract is not a 100% blanket across all SW related games. There are things like Disney Infinity that fall outside said contract.

Disney retains the rights to make casual and social games in the Star Wars universe on mobile devices, tablets and the web. Anything else Star Wars related is EA only.

Disney Infinity is also an exception. Disney Infinity 3 will be a Star Wars product, however it won’t be published by EA. It will be published by Disney just like DI1 and DI2 were. DI2 was a Marvel product despite the fact that the Marvel video game licenses are spread out between various publishers.

The situation was exactly what I stated it was, EA have the sole rights to all SW games, I don’t know why you wanted to try and dispute the matter.

Actually it’s not a Star Wars game it’s just a game with Star Wars characters in it as it is just a add on to the core game you can have all the characters interact with each other no matter the series they are from.

Reality is the real world, not credits in a game. If you think that in-game credits have an owner, then you must be on some serious drugs there. I know that you are just a troll and nothing more, but even as a troll, you’re not funny.

Buy, sell, transfer or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) , or offer to transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction, any game Account or game Content, including (without limitation) game characters, character attributes, items, objects, currency, credits or copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by the Services, or its our licensors, without first obtaining our express written permission, nor may you encourage or induce any other player to participate in such prohibited transaction(s)

Shaun, please quit trying to sound smart with your idiotic trolling. Go back to Soviet Russia where your logic stands please.

Actually this proves me right.
Buy, sell, transfer or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) , or offer to transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction, any game Account or game Content, including (without limitation) game characters, character attributes, items, objects, currency, credits or copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by the Services, or its our licensors, without first obtaining our express written permission, nor may you encourage or induce any other player to participate in such prohibited transaction(s)

Except in this case, the owners of the money drawer opened it for you and told you to take it, then got mad when you gave the money to other people. Because BW created the bug.

So your argument is invalid. kthxbai

W. T. F?? FIrst, why are there no chairs? Second, just because there are no chairs doesn’t mean you lay on the ground like a fucking child right in front of the podium staring up at BioWare. One of the most pathetic displays I’ve ever seen. If you are in this video laying on the ground for nappy time you should walk off a cliff.

In his defence I imagine he found it difficult to sit upright without a chair to support that massive belly. He was probably still there after everyone left trying to right himself.

So if I download the game through the discs/physical copy, it won’t install that Bitraider client, correct? But if I download the game through the discs, will the game update to the latest expansion?

Yeah, sure. You still need to buy it online though. If you only activate it with the CD key that came with the discs you will get 30 days subscription and the first expansion for free, but not the newest one.

You can use the downloader and still disable Bitraider. You just have to go into the config file and disable streaming.

Just out of curiosity, could some of the “kill (erm ban) them all for life!!!?!” crowd tell me in a few words why they care so much? And please don’t give any analogies or moral arguments, but just why it impacts your life, be it real or virtual. I am honestly curious.

We’re watching people that broke the rules in a game we play get punished. We don’t have the right to be happy about that? “It has nothing to do with you, you shouldn’t have an opinion” sounds like an excellent way to look at the world.

You have the right to be happy about anything. I was not saying you couldn’t have an opinion either. I was asking how it would impact you.

Ravagers looking for 1 more heals, 2 dps. You join as a non-exploiting healer. Someone else joins at the same time invited by someone else, they are also a healer, they have exploited. They have 4k more health than you, their gear is optimized and you are no longer needed. Guess you are sitting this one out. Your reward for not doing the exploit.

This is multiplayer, which means there is always an element of competition between the players, and suddenly having an influx of gear you didnt earn, or the ability to craft things nobody else can make, sets you ahead.

If you cant see why the people left behind aren’t happy, its your own shortcoming to not be able to shift perspective.

(Bonus round. The exploiter is an untalented turd who derped his way into full gear, the healer that gets tossed is actually really good, but refused to cheat. The ops wipes about 7 times on the first boss and everyone goes their seperate ways. Now it impacted a bunch of people.)

I never run into that situation. As long as your gear is sufficient it’s usually first come first served. If that situation arises, you might have a point though. On the other hand it would have exactly the same outcome for you regardless of the other person just raided 5 times more than you or exploited.
To be honest i don’t see the competition in PvE though. I for one am actually quite glad there was the exploit, seeing as average gearing got better and there might actually be a chance of 16m groupfinder raids accomplishing anything.

I have only ever ran into 1 PUG leader who tried to boot me for being in Com’s gear or gear that wasn’t, in his mind, good enough. Once in voice chat I told him that I knew the fights forward and back and if he had any doubts as to my skills I would gladly go get one of 4 other toons that hadn’t just hit 55 2 min before I accepted his group invite. When the Raid was complete and I was, the only person who obviously knew the fights he apologized for holding my gear quality against me.
Anyone who uses gear to judge you as a player doesn’t deserve to be the Ops lead. Gear is only there to augment skill. If you suck, you suck and gear won’t change that. If you are good then gear will only accent your skill. Plain and simple. People all fired up about the exploiters getting better gear probably should focus on improving their knowledge of fight mechanics, increase their situational awareness and practice their primary, secondary and tertiary rotations. If you don’t know what your secondary and tertiary rotations are supposed to be, then the better gear I gained from exploiting Ravagers in SM isn’t what is making a difference between my DPS and yours.

No sane person boots people from not having the super exploited gear, 186 is plenty for the new content.

We only boot incompetent people who don’t know how the hell to get out of purple and red and blue circles.

So you get your jollies from seeing others punished? How very sadistic of you.
How does someone getting extra loot affect you directly? How does it impact your game play? Not on a moral or mental level, but how does it impede your ability to play the game and enjoy game play? Again strictly from a game play stand point, no morals or internal thought process injected into the scenario.

Fallacy of exclusion. You have a desired answer you want from asking your question. The issue involves morals and internal thought process. We want fair play, so rules are established. You broke the rules? Enjoy your ban.

So the answer in your case would be, it impacts you because it hurts your feelings if other people break rules or what?

No, it’s a perfectly good reason if it’s what you feel.
It seems odd that others breakind rules causes you discomfort.

It seems odd to me that you think cheating is okay. Unless you’re just trying to justify your actions or seem edgy, which is fine.

See, now your projecting. Did I say i find cheating okay? No. It’s besides the point anyway, because I was saying I find it odd that others cheating cause you discomfort (without being otherwise affected).

Projecting? Not really. Also, I would say I feel empathetic more than discomfort. Developers work hard on a product and players find ways to break it. I’d be upset too. Well, maybe it’s a little cathartic while we’re at it.

Either way, it’s happening (exercise in futility and all that).

you are projecting, you are projecting your opinion and beliefs into Mike’s response to your’s. Not taking the comment at face value.

See, it doesn’t affect your ability to play the game nor your enjoyment of said game. I bet you a 60 day game time card and a $20 cartel coins card that I, personally, will not get banned. Why? Because BW knows they are against a rock and a hard place and they will do the bare minimums to please you white knights.

quit trying to justify how we’re in the wrong to want to see BW actually take action against people who broke the rules. I’ve got news for you bucko. this isn’t a court of public opinion BW has said they will take action.

You silly stupid fucks, always wanting to see someone get banned. If someone wants to exploit a glitch what the fuck is it to you? So somebody wanted to get some armor faster, big woop. If you feel like using a glitch is cheating then don’t use if yourself, and quit trying to impose your weak conscious morals on someone else. Bitches! I hope people exploited the hell out of that glitch, and I hope it burns your biscuits real good you self righteous bastards. Hahahaha!

I broke ’em, and I didn’t get banned. Must steam your britches something fierce, don’t it? And oh boy, I got a whole couple of pieces of garbage 192 gear as my big prize. Everyone panic!

I’d rather they actually produce content that doesn’t break and quit screwing over subs before they worry about that.

You assume everyone who did exploit will do so again and everyone who hasn’t will not in the future. Somehow i doubt that is the case…

Normally I think you’re a troll and a dick, but I agree that BW should lay down the law and say that enough is enough and if anyone does crap like this again perma bans will rain down.

They still need to just do minimal punishment for ravagers and move on though. I know you want everyone in the world banned, but that’s just moronic.

I’m not part of your target crowd, but I will say that the “white knights” are all trying to take some kind of moral high ground here because the Ravagers Exploit did nothing to affect anyone, not really. Some people got some better gear, so now we can help other get through the ops with slightly more ease. This is EVER SO SLIGHTLY because gear doesn’t make up for skill, it augments it. In most cases that is. If you are a sucky player then everything is dependant on your gear, if you are a good player gear is merely the gate you have to pass through to get to the content. Some of us wanted to open that gate a little quicker because it had been slammed in our faces by game breaking bugs and team crippling lag.
This was a bug created by the software designer. I have done some research in court documents and I can tell you that I have not found a single instance of where a Terms of Service agreement held up in court. I have found plenty where companies have tried to use their ToS as a “contract between company and customer” but it has always been ruled against.

Again, you just reflect (or deflect actually). You’re doing the same thing over and over. You state facts and give no proof whatsoever. Which is ok in of itself, but that hardly puts you in a position where you can accuse others of the same fallacy.

Ok, I will officially stop discussing anything with you now. It gets old hearing nonsensical arguments over and over after a while.

I’ve been looking this up on the internet quite a bit lately as well. I’ve not found any court cases where a Company’s ToS was upheld in court either.
I’ve found about 20 different cases and not one where the judge sided with the company I stead of the customer.

Please use either WestLaw or Lexis, provide proper citation (including the reporter in which you found the case). I’m quite curious to see if you’re blowing smoke up the community’s ass or have actual proof to back up what you are saying.

A College Paralegal Student

I’m sure the reason you used the exploit is that so you can “help others get through the op”. Why are you talking about court cases? Do you plan on taking EA to court after you get banned or your gear taken away for cheating? I love seeing all these people shaking in their boots.

Just people being busy bodies. It makes no sense for them to be crying about something so absurd when this game has real issues. These are probably the same type of people who cry all day long about remakes for current gen consoles. Instead of just not buying it, they piss and moan about it just because.

Because it seems to be practically impossible to get banned in the game right now – and I know of at least two instances where people had their personal information posted in game and the offenders were back after a mere week. It’s either got to change at some point, or this is not a game I’m ever going to want to consider playing again.

Can someone tell me why it is appropriate to lay down on your back at an event? Those nerds look fucking ridiculous. I get there aren’t any chairs, but laying down…
Plus, has anyone noticed how the developers/community people are a million times better looking than their fanbase? It must be kind of shitty.

It’s just fat nerds just “letting their hair down”, if you will. A bunch of social awkward people who feel comfortable being retarded around each other. The kids who do goofy stuff because they think they look cool. Nothing more.

If you are the real Eric Musco and not someone pretending to be (which is against the ToS of this site) can you tell us why we paid $20 to preorder a game that wasn’t even close to finished? Can you tell us why you think that Shadows of Revan is a success when many in the community feel it isn’t and the server populations are lower than they were before SoR launched?

The devs should be shown the stats of how many ppl used the exploit and then hand them a memo that says this: “Don’t let this happen again”.

Then we can all go back to playing SWTOR and stop this BS that would make Martin Luther King cringe.

The punishments comes in next year maybe?!Or finalizing the data Mr. M alone?Need help?!Unacceptable slow. No problem there is more game like gw2 with full live support. Where is no monthly fee… I am disappointed in swtor. And i never sub again.

I realize that there weren’t any chairs in this hall and lazy people wanted to sit down, but it is DAMNED disrespectful to lay down on the floor while people are giving a presentation…

Wow… people are so offended about the stupidest things…
I’m sorry, does the FLOOR offend you?
How about you plan an event, THEN talk.

Why does he have to plan an event to have an opinion that laying on the floor like a child right up against a podium where people are speaking is ridiculous behavior?

Nope, I’m not offended by any of it, but I feel that people LAYING on the floor while the SWTOR team was talking, was disrespectful to the presenters. I have organized plenty of events/training sessions/ presentations in my life and usually had chairs for people to sit in. If I didn’t, however people stood and didn’t chose to lay on the floor like it was nap time.

Isn’t this *exactly* the kind of moral judgement that some folks seem to be against when it comes to the exploit stuff? In other words, did this personally affect you? (That seems to be a common argument, so it seems like it should apply here as well.)

I mean, if this were the SOTU, that would be one thing. But it isn’t, and I *seriously* doubt the BW folks cared.

Oh STFU, no one cares if you’re “offended” by people not wanting to stand up during a boring ass preso.

Hey Moron, I said I’m NOT offended, you fucking ass clown. I said I find the fact that they were laying down during the presentation disrespectful. Just as I find you to be a totally disrespectful fucking Douche bag. From me you get the amount of respect you earn and you haven’t earned any.

Grrr – so tough behind your keyboard with that neckbeard!

“I’m not offended – I’m just offended!”

Funny you talk about earning respect when you earn none yourself with that whinge ‘tude you have.

You started the flame war with your initial comment. I show you no respect, nor do I care to receive any from you because you have proven yourself to be a douche bag with your first statement made.
Again, not offended, I just find it disrespectful, but you obviously lack the intelligence to understand the difference.

I just don’t care what your opinion is, or what your feelings are.

But by all means, get the last word again, I won’t respond…pretty much summed it up a second ago for ya.

First… a thank you to Dulfy (and to those that assist her), in uploading all the great info on her website. You do a great job keeping up with all of it.

Second… For the all the flamers, haters, and trolls. The room was adequate size, but only had 3 round tables with chairs around it. NO other chairs were made available to anyone. People were NOT lazy. Many had been there for the PAX since it opened at 10 am CST, but the “cantina crawl” did not begin til 7 pm CST.. We had plenty of people standing around the room, while others hugged the wall around the room, on the floor. We had 2 hosts maintaining a “bar” for those that wanted a drink. Whether it was Bioware’s fault for not thinking ahead or the convention host staff, the problem was NOT whether people were lazy, but weather the host staff were prepared to handle our multitude. As far as laying out on the floor goes, well that is not professional or a good representation of our group. For those that watched the video above and commented about those on the floor, evidently were NOT paying attention to what was said by the Bioware staff, and they were paying more attention to that which was going on the floor.

Third… for the Bioware staff, next time you are on stage, at a podium…please speak up a little louder, relax, and take your time in speaking. Many could not hear all around the room too much. A special thanks to all the staff that stayed and answered a good many questions with us individually. It was short, but fun. Thanks.

NOTE: Here is a better picture of the room and how it was. Yes, I was standing, hugging the wall and was responsible for the picture.

From what I hear from a friend that went, the Catina was the only thing worth going to Pax South for. He said the whole convention was poorly organized.

Bring back the Ravagers exploit! #ericmuscoislame #icheatedanddidntgetbanned #bringbackslotmachines #nefraexploitftw

LOL Ikr, all those haters losing their minds praying for Bioware to punish the “exploiters”. I wonder if they realize the magnitude of the players who participated. If they ban, which is highly unlikely there will be on average 20-30 players per server. Hahah when will you guys learn that this game doesn’t cater to the F2P or preferred. Good luck with that lmao

Not sure what being F2P or preferred has to do with anything. F2P and Preferred could still, and did, participate in the exploit by simply buying a “Weekly Pass: Operations” from the GTN. As a preferred player myself, I keep a stock of these in my cargo hold so I can raid with my guild raid group every week.

F2P and Prefered players, by the designs of BW wouldn’t have the ability to level to 60 in order to take advantage of the ravagers Exploit, except in 1, weird way. Truely F2P players can’t level past 50 with out buying a subscription, at which point they become a prefered player, till the end of the game. Prefered players would have to buy SoR to level past 55 which puts them in subscriber status for 30 days. Now Theoretically a Prefered player who bought SoR, became a subscriber and let their Sub lapse 30 days after SoR went live could have taken advantage of the exploit once on a couple toons by use of an Ops pass. But that would be after the threat of retribution from SWTOR had been announced. That would have been really dumb.

There are so many things wrong with your entire post so I’ll have to address these individually.

1. “F2P and Prefered players, by the designs of BW wouldn’t have the ability
to level to 60 in order to take advantage of the ravagers Exploit…”

This statement is factually inaccurate. F2P players and Preferred players could purchase SoR just like everyone else. (see more on this in #2 and #3)

2. “Truely F2P players can’t level past 50 with out buying a subscription,
at which point they become a prefered player, till the end of the game.”

F2P had access to buy SoR just like everyone else which would make them preferred because they spent money but does NOT make them subscribed (see #3 for more on this.). Also, once you become a preferred player you do not lose that status even if you never spend another dime on/in the game.

3. “Prefered players would have to buy SoR to level past 55 which puts them in subscriber status for 30 days.”

Purchasing SoR does NOT put Preferred players in subscriber status for 30 days. I am a preferred player who purchased SoR and I was NOT put in sub satus for any amount of time. I still had to buy my Weekly Operations passes just like before to run Ravagers and ToS with my raid group from Day 1 of SoR.

The rest of your post after the quote in #3 is moot since you obviously have no idea how F2P and Preferred works. I was a F2P player for awhile before subbing in September 2013 when they offered Rise of The Hutt Cartel for free to subscribers. After a couple months of subbing, I went to being a preferred player and have been since then. There is not a single aspect of F2P or Preferred status that I am not familiar with so if you care, or dare, to argue with me on the points above … bring it!

So, cantina tour looks like this ?
Four people talking to unrespectful cows laying down the floor and too tired to stand up….

Yes totally agree. I was quite shocked and astounded at what i saw on that video.

Makes me wonder on the future of the franchise if that is the turnout at these events.

I actually went to the Cantina Event in New York a few months ago, and it was NOTHING like this. The event was held at a pretty cool bar, there were tons of people, and they gave us free drinks and as much free food as we wanted (more actually), so I would assume that this was an exception.

Instead penalize exploiters, that is impossible as many other OPs realize, just gift something cool to the people who didnt do it.

When punish is impossible, dude. Reward is the only way… I’m sure you must be “amurican” or something like that…punish , punish… teach them… Not evrything is about retribution, mate. Is about want to be legal too.

An old woman faster than the BioWare (in both development and penalties)..
Next time I speak to my grandmother to help evaluate the data. She also retired have time to do so.You still hope?!

What exploit would that be?
Subscribers paying for broken content and piss poor service and terrible customer support?

If they release a Hoth stronghold AND the stronghold label “Fortress of Solitude”, I’d be good.

Come to think of it, if Superman were Marvel, they probably would.

I really have to wonder if any of the people being nasty about the people in the front of this video (seriously, who cares, it’s not a State of the Union speech, people,) – are the same folks also arguing re: the exploit “it doesn’t affect you, so who cares.”

I’m willing to bet there are at least a few of you who made and/or upvoted both of those kinds of comments and don’t realize exactly how hypocritical that is.

The 2 don’t relate.
I find the actions of those who are laying on the floor during the presentation to be disrespectful to the presenters. I think feel that how you act while listening a speech, class, presentation, as an audience member shows your level of respect for the person talking. I don’t care what my personal feeling toward the SWTOR team is right now I still respect them and wouldn’t have laid down on the floor while they were talking.

I’m not sure I see the rationale behind how they’re different, other than your statement that they are. If I had to guess, I’d say BW’s biggest concern here is “is there a good turnout,” and “did people enjoy the Cantina event. ” Other than that, I seriously, seriously doubt they care. And if they don’t, why should anyone else?

I mean, if people were doing something BW really found inappropriate (like making out up there or something,) I feel pretty sure they’d have done something about it.

I feel the exploit is clearly an exploit and anyone who gets punished for doing it should not complain or be surprised. I also think that the people laying flat on the ground directly in front of the podium embarrassed themselves and deserve ridicule. Unless your a 4 year old child please don’t act like one in public.

How people act towards others is a big deal, sorry, but If you think that people finding Disrespectful behavior to be rude is somehow related to people thinking it is ok to take advantage of a bug then I think you are just trying to find some kind of “moral high ground” so that you can feel as though you are better than other people. By doing so you are are simply just showing your own hate and prejudice.

Perhaps you shouldn’t be so judgmental?

I spent 20 years in the Army, and I feel that those people laying down in front of the podium while the presenter is talking is EXTREMELY rude. It shows they have no respect for the person talking or for themselves.

First, thank you for your service.

But I do have to say that you’re making some rather large assumptions about my motivations. Because, look – there are a fair number of situations where I’d likely 100 % agree with you. This would be in very poor form at say, a commencement address. But- would you have thought twice if you’d seen fans dressed in cosplay stuff in this picture? I don’t think I would, as this is a setting I would expect to be significantly less relaxed and less formal.

Also, some of the comments on here about those folks have been pretty nasty and mean. If you don’t like them lying down that’s one thing, but do people really need to be trashing their weight, too?

Lastly, if one isn’t someone who was arguing that the exploit is ok because it didn’t affect anyone else, and arguing at the same time -that somehow this isn’t ok, despite it not really affecting much of anyone either- then the original post doesn’t even apply to you.

Lastly, you just seemed go have gotten really upset at someone you don’t know and have never met. You might want go give some thought re: who is really being judgmental here. (And no, I don’t think that applies to me for thinking that it’s not really necessary to be referring to our fellow fans as whales and whatnot.)

No, I don’t agree with the folks making fun of peoples weight and the name calling. I don’t think that people should be singled out because of those kind of physical issues at all.
I only have a problem with the fact that they laid down on the floor while people were presenting. For me it doesn’t matter what the context or atmosphere is I would never think it was ok to lay down during someone’s presentation.

People hate themselfes. To feel better they try to hate other people. Many small-minded people hate against overweight people because of that.

When the slot machine got released, I read lots about it in the forums, many rage about it as an exploit and many others defended it.

But when Eric came out publicly and said that the slot machine IS NOT an exploit and it works as INTENDED, then and only then I spend 1250-1500cc to buy packs of 250cc each to get my slot machine!

5 days after bioware totally changed the way slot machine acts and it was not the product I bought! That is why I unsubed.

Bioware robbed my cartel coins and decieved me and I hope Dulfy will reffer to them about it, because I am not the only one… I cannot write about it in their forums, because I am preffered player now and not considering to go back till they refund me.

Gonna move on in other games now.

Good for you! First, the people that pre-ordered SoR spend thousands upon thousands of credits to train and level up abilities and then training is made free with no restitution to those that had already spent credits. Then they release awesome slot machines and after people spent hundreds of Cartel Coins (which is real $ so that’s even worse) on packs to get an awesome slot machine, that slot machine is then nerfed to what is now essentially a novelty stronghold decoration. Again, no restitution to those that spent $ on CC that they normally wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

At this point, if Bioware does ban people for the exploit, which I have adamantly said I find to be highly unlikely, they’re going to take a big hit to the wallet with the loss of these subs as well as those that unsubbed due to the shenanigans mentioned above.

On that note…for those that haven’t heard…. Elder Scrolls Online (renamed Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel United) is going F2P starting on March 17 with a sub option just like SWTOR so there’s always options for those that are fed up.

I also spend 2.5million for training, I had 13x 55s and when it become free, I was expecting a refund for all the credits I spend… Since I stop leveling, it took my mood away.

I also got angry with healers, I have 2 healers and they made healing a
hardcore thing! All the weight of PVE moved to the healers and they nerfed them
allot! The other thing that made me extremely angry, is the commendations and
the items we get from vendors. The commendation items are very wrongly
calculated (stats) so its a waste of time getting commendations! The only way to get dressed, is to make lots of lvl 60 OPs, but lvl60 OPs are full of exploits and now people will get banned for it.. lol

But what happened with the slot machine, I found it very deceiving. Enough is enough…

It’s actually F2P but B2I (Buy To INSTALL). It’s just like any standalone PC game but on an MMO level. It’s really no different than Bioware charging for Rise of The Hutt Cartel when it came out or charging for Shadows of Revan. Guild Wars 2 as well as Diablo 3 are other examples of F2P but B2I games.

It’s gotta be one of the next couple planets they add. It ties in too well with Yavin and Ziost to be ignored much longer.

It may not tie into the planets directly but it loosely ties in with the current Revan/Emperor storyline. When the Emperor turned Revan and Malak to the dark side he tasked them with locating the Star Forge. The Star Forge is where Revan and Malak plotted their revenge against the Emperor and began the Sith Invasion. Kashyyyk was one of the planets where Revan discovered the Ancient Star Maps that he would piece together to learn the location of the Star Forge.

Further we learned that the Infinite Empire lead by the Rakata in ancient times, completely reformed Kashyykk into the world it is now. Prior to the terraforming by the Rakata, who knows what the planet had been like, and why it was chosen for such change?

Makes some sense I guess. I think Czerka has that star map though, on the Tatooine planet arc (both sides I think) there’s mention of Czerka finding Infinite Empire tech in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, implying that it’s no longer hidden. Czerka would probably have taken it, if possible.

Tbh I would like Kashyyyk, just don’t want the Empire shoehorned in. Now if the Emperor’s Hand had been spotted passing through to the Shadowlands for some reason, I’d be more open to the idea. But I can’t think of any sane reason for the Emperor to go to Kashyyyk.

Personally, I’d kill to see Onderon. I’m sure (though I could be imagining/misremembering it) Lord Scourge says in his vision he saw the Knight take a crown from the Emperor’s head. That never came to pass, literally, so Onderon (has a monarchy, which I believe was at one point a Sith monarchy) would be an awesome reference to the KotOR series, provide a unique new world to play on (Yavin was very similar to DK imho) and it would make more sense for the Emperor to turn up somewhere like that.

Just really don’t want to see any shoehorning with the writing. Revan was painful to watch in SOR. With luck, the story that follows will make a lot more sense.

Onderon was featured, or first introduced, in the Tales of the Jedi comic series — which was still set long before the Knights of the Old Republic comic series and video games. And, yes, it would be interesting to see it presented in SW: TOR at some point, if possible.

Also Ryloth, Shili, Kashyyyk, Felucia, and Raxus Prime would be fun to see in SW: TOR. For Twi’Lek characters, going to Ryloth would be a ‘homecoming’. For Togruta characters, going to Shili would be so. And Smugglers would get to take their companion Bowdaar to reunion with his family on Kashyyyk. The other two —- just because they look so cool from other SW projects that have featured them.

Felucia and Raxus Prime were awesome in TFU. If they tried to give us those silly Clone Wars Felucians I’d rather they just not add it though. The Jungle Felucians in TFU were really cool.

I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this isChewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense! Why would a Wookiee, an 8-foot-tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall Ewoks? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself: What does this have to do with this post? Nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, it has nothing to do with this post! It does not make sense! Look at me. I’m a gamer defending a major software company, and I’m talkin’ about Chewbacca! Does that make sense? Ladies and gentlemen, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you’re in that jury room deliberatin’ and conjugatin’ theEmancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests.

I dont know where that came from but I like it.

PS. You should not smoke what ever you’re smoking on a school night.

As a longtime fan of star wars and the products surrounding it I’m concerned this game is getting put on the back burner and sense that a slew of new games are in the works for present day Star Wars. Possibly even a new MMO. Here we are bickering about trivialities but has anyone noticed the budgetary differences now compared to lets say the costumed flash mobs at the games release?

Also look at the barely adult teen men they bring to the convention to speak on behalf of SWTOR. Didn’t it seem like there were more grown up looking people being interviewed for this game not so long ago? The time it takes to fix simple things in this game and the shallow content in the expansion makes one wonder if they have a tenth of the original staff working there. Makeb is three times larger than yavin and rishi combined.

Just food for thought while you complain about beached whales in front of the podium or if the sith players have found a weakness, however unlikely, and exploit it.

The game stumbled out the gate. The engine is a wreck, and the game has limited potential for expansion and improvement. It’s been pretty clear- to me, at least- that SWTOR is getting just enough support to keep people throwing money at it. It’s in a life-support stage; EA will provide the minimum to keep it up, but they won’t actively try to save it when it sinks. After all, who do you think will be making the next SW MMO?

Hmmm…. ban the “exploiters”, lose a bunch of money effectively killing the game and making way for a new SW MMO ….. makes sense!!

TOR is very profitable though and with the upcoming movie they would be insane to not kick things up a notch and add more resources.

Very profitable atm, aye, but an IP can only get you so far, and in time that’ll start to run dry. They don’t need to add more resources when the films are released though. The new films will BE that resource. Folks will watch the films, think how much they like Star Wars, how awesome it would be to be a Jedi, and either check out or return to SWTOR because they’re hyped about the films.

Profits will briefly soar, dropping off after a month or two because SWTOR is, ultimately, an incredibly restrictive game as F2P and not worth paying a sub for once you’ve done the core (old) content. I think EA expected a lot more from SWTOR (as did most of the people who bought the game I should imagine) and they give it no real attention, because it makes money without any real input. Add nothing to the game for a year- no patches, content, packs etc etc- and I promise you people would still be paying good money to play at the end of that year.

You could bake dog shit, call it a Wookiee-cookiee and people would still buy it, because it’s got the SW label on it.

Great, can’t wait to check out the new stronghold. I hope it’s not the same layout as the DK/Core. I haven’t unlocked Nar Shaddaa, so I definitely have a slot option for activation.

Beware, both NS and Tatooine are expeeeennnnnsive places to fully unlock and decorate. They are much nicer than the DK and Coruscant ones though.

I am still dumbfounded by the sheer unprofessional appearance of the whole thing. It kind of reflects how Bioware feels about the game and of course us who play the game. From Bioware hiring a room (I think it’s a room?) with no seats available for people to sit on to letting a couple of overweight guys just lay there in front of the podium like a bunch of beached whales or how the Bioware crew came dressed and stood at the podium (Slouching and leaning). Hell it looked like more was spent on the guy who came dressed as a trooper then they did on the hiring of the room. And oh, that prepared speech……urgh.

If you didn’t know this was Bioware, you would have swore this was a presentation by some dodgy get rich triangle scheme. And of course the responses given to some questions, they would be better off just sitting there eating a burger with a shit eating stupid grin as a response. The way they glossed over a few things with the slots machines for example:

* No mention of cartel certificate nerf nuke or why if the machine was meant to be for reputation drops only as stated in the cantina, why raise the cost of the coins? Why not nerf the jawa drops and keep the coin price the same for the reputation drops?

* No mention of where they stood on their stated view about trying to help more people get lvl 11 mats and bring gtn prices for them to prices they wanted (As they stated in the forums originally when they answered questions about the slots pre-nerf) but since the nerf, lvl 11 mats are now back, and in some cases priced higher then before the slots. Do they still want this or was it just more bullshit from them which is starting to become the norm now?

Then again, with the way Bioware is handling SWTOR what with the slot machine debacle, the training costs and refusal to refund players who pre-ordered SOR and spent hundreds of thousands training, the laughable threats of waving the Ban feather for Ravager despite letting a KNOWN exploit into live and taking a month to fix it and of course the sloooooooooooooooooooow response to fixing things still outstanding over a month since 3.0 release (And oh yes, the utter uselessness that is their Customer Support) does indeed match what we saw in this cantina tour.

2015 will be an interesting year to watch for SWTOR. I hope it hasn’t had it’s day just yet but after 3.0 and all the crap that followed……………………….yeah well watch this space I suppose.

The Galactic Starfighter Event in SF was actually really well done. It had a ton of great food and dozens of tables and chairs. Not sure what happened with this one…I would have be annoyed that I had to sit on the floor, for sure!

What’s the bet the new planet will be another Manaan type where you can only explore a tiny part of it and do one single thing there (a tactical no doubt) but still have the cheek to call it a new planet? Hell and here we thought Quesh was a tiny short planet. 0_o

Agree,these planets are just little daily areas,the starting planets were huge in comparison,they need to add the adventure part in this game,the mystery.

which will be a bummer because i been wanting ziost for ever it’s the other sith planet in lore besides korrbian

My understanding from a Dev friend of mine is that Ziost is going to be a solo planet, storyline continuation with dailies but no new FPs or OPs.

all i gotta say is that if they make ziost as small as blackhole then alot of players including me are done sorry but an really important planet like ziost should be extremely big and not so abysmall small like section X or black hole

Personally, since it’s just going to be a storyline/dailies planet I’d rather it not be huge. There’s nothing I hate more than traveling for days just to get to my next objective. If I wanted to do that I’d just play WoW.

I did not do the exploit and i have been vocal here and on the swtor forums that something should be done to those that spread it and those that did it on many toons.

But i do not believe bannings should or will happen to the vast majority,i think BW will have a very even handed response so we ALL can move on because i am tired of this just as much as deflategate.

Now the slot machine issue gets me too because i dropped down cash for a hypercrate and used it some and then bam i have not used it since due to the changes,,and again i hope they tweak it some to make it viable again and yes i have crew skills on eight toons that i still would of used regardless of the slot machine.

So you actually thought the machines were to stay like this?
25k credits for 10-12 purple blue and green jawa mats were to good a deal. Anyone SHOULD have seen a nerf coming. Those that didn’t ……. I withhold my commentairy here lol.

You see those people on the floor in the video? Remember that vision the next time you wanna ERP with someone you met in the fleet cantina 😉

Guy in the red shirt looks like he is licking his plate clean. These people are repulsive. Completely distracting and utterly awful.

I wanna know when they’re going to fix the many many bugs that are in this game? Some have been in swtor since launch and no fix, also the new operation bosses are really buggy and it’s been almost 2 months and none of these bugs have been fixed or addressed when they are going to fix them… I don’t care about new features or cartel packs I’d rather be able to finish an operation with no bugged bosses.

Fixing bugs would require actual developers working on the game engine, not just people filling in templates/forms to add “new” content. Aka they’d actually have to spend some money… something EA seems to be very much against :

I know nothing about Ziost lorewise, apart from the name; I’m conflicted on whether to research it on Wookiepedia, or just wait and see what I learn ingame.

I’m hopeful that one of the reasons we’re still waiting on Togruta is them working on minimizing clipping as much as possible. Given the limits of the engine and the non-colliding nature of worn armour as it is now, I’m not very optimistic. Perhaps things will be different after the advent of the Costume Designer.

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