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SWTOR 3.0 Commando Combat Medic Healing Guide by Orderken

SWTOR 3.0 Commando Combat Medic healing class guide written by Orderken of POT5.[toc]

Intro to 3.0 Commando Combat Medic

For Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice on Hard Mode, Commando is the most desirable healing class. It has no meaningful weakness.

  • Handling high damage to a single ally: Strongest. Sage is close behind. Scoundrel is behind.
  • Handling high damage to multiple allies: Strong. Scoundrel is close.Sage is behind.
  • Resource management: Fine. Both Commando and Scoundrel must manage resources, and resources limit their healing. A Sage’s resource management is trivial and doesn’t limit healing.
  • Synergy with co-healer’s class: Strongest. The most desirable pairings are, in no particular order, Commando-Sage, Commando-Scoundrel, and Commando-Commando.
  • Mobility: Fine. Scoundrel is close. A Sage’s mobility is incredible.
  • Handling mechanics: Strongest. Hold the Line outshines every personal utility available to Sage or Scoundrel.
  • Passive damage reduction: Strong. Scoundrel is close. Sage is behind, having the lowest Armor and lacking a Utility that increases damage reduction for all area effects by 30%.
  • Dealing damage in the healing Discipline: Fine. Sage is ahead. Scoundrel is behind.


Select 8.


  • Cell Capacitor: Recharge Cells now immediately recharges an additional 15 energy and grants 10% alacrity for 6 seconds.
  • Charged Barrier: Charged Bolts or Medical Probe grants 1 charge of Charged Barrier. Each charge increases damage reduction by 1%. You may have up to 5 charges. Charges lasts 15 seconds, and gaining a charge refreshes this duration.
  • Heavy Trooper: Increases your Endurance and healing received by 3%.
  • Chain Gunnery: Increases the damage dealt by Hail of Bolts by 25%.

In general,Cell Capacitor>Heavy Trooper>Charged Barrier.

Charged Barrier isn’t valuable enough to influence when, or how often, you Medical Probe. It usually expires during Supercharged Cell. But some damage reduction some of the time is preferable to the alternatives.

Too few effects trigger Parallactic Combat Stim, which recharges 10 Energy when you’re stunned, immobilized, knocked down, or otherwise incapacitated. Furthermore, a healer should avoid about half of these few effects with Hold the Line or Field Aid.

If you must deal substantial damage to multiple stacked enemies, Chain Gunnery helps.


  • Advance the Line: Increases the duration of Hold the Line by 4 seconds.
  • Med Zone: Increases your healing received by 20% while Reactive Shield is active.
  • Efficient Conversions: Eliminates the Energy cost of Concussion Charge, Field Aid, Electro Dart, and Concussion Round.

Select Advance the Line, which is valuable for most bosses in the new Operations.

Efficient Conversions is valuable if you’ll use Field Aid (e.g., Revan, Torque, or Coratanni). Otherwise, among the lackluster options for your final point to unlock the Heroic tier, Med Zone is a sound choice.


  • Forced March: Successive Treatment and Full Auto may be activated or channeled while moving.
  • Shock Absorbers: Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%. In addition, reduces damage taken by 30% while stunned.
  • Overclock: Reduces the cooldown of Tech Override by 15 seconds. In addition, Tech Override grants a second charge.

In general, Forced March>Overclock>Shock Absorbers. Forced March is a dramatic boost to your mobility. Overclock improves your ability to respond to emergencies and mobility. Select Shock Absorbers if (a) your damage taken from AOE effects is higher than most non-tanks in your group, or (b) a high-damage AOE effect targets a single group member from time to time, such as Barrel Throw (Bulo) or Mouse Droids (Coratanni).

Supercharged Reserves, which reduces the cooldown of Field Aid by 3 seconds, is less valuable than an alternative, including for Revan.

The omission of every Utility to improve Concussion Charge is intentional.As discussed in Section “Heals for Multiple Allies”, Concussion Charge’s heal is almost worthless. Neither Tenacious Defense nor Concussive Force is more valuable than an alternative when a group is ready to kill Revan.


Optimal gear for a typical Commando healer follows. For further discussion, or if you wish to optimize gear for your healing, see Section “Theory and Interactive Model”.

  • Set Bonus
    • SOR 6-Piece Combat Medic’s   
  • Augments
    • Aim = Power
  • Power versus Critical
    • With 14 Aim Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 655 in Resurrected gear or 715 in Revanite gear.
    • With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 675 in Resurrected gear or 735 in Revanite gear.
  • Alacrity versus Surge
    • Among your Ear, Implants, and Enhancements, 3 have Surge and 7 have Alacrity.
  • Relics
    • Among relics of the same tier, Serendipitous Assault = Focused Retribution > any other.
  • Accuracy
    • None. Accuracy has no effect on healing an ally.

Rotation Guidelines

In combat, no rotation is ideal for long. A healer’s job is triage. Decide who most needs your next heal by anticipating damage and cooperating with your co-healer.Guidelines for choosing your next ability follow.

  1. While Supercharged Cell isn’t active, build Supercharge as quickly as triage and Energy allow.Medical Probe builds Supercharge fastest, but costs a high amount of Energy. A best practice for building Supercharge is using Med Shot after Medical Probe.
  2. Use Supercharged Cell for Energy management and boosting your healing.
    • Don’t squander the first moments of Supercharged Cell.
      • If the ability preceding Supercharged Cell is instant, use Supercharged Cell as this ability’s GCD finishes rather than as it triggers.
      • If you’ll be incapacitated or too far from allies who need healing, delay Supercharged Cell until you can resume healing.
    • While healing is challenging, use Supercharged Cell promptly. In general, delay it only as noted below.
      • If your Energy is high (greater than about 80), and Advanced Medical Probe is available and will be your next ability, use Advanced Medical Probe before Supercharged Cell.
      • If your Energy is very high (greater than 90), and your next ability will be Medical Probe or Successive Treatment, use it before Supercharged Cell.
    • While healing is manageable, you may delay it
      • for any reason above, or
      • if healing may become challenging soon. Without Supercharged Cell, healing of a single ally is quickly limited by Energy. Being frugal with Supercharged Cell can burden your co-healer or cause healing that should be manageable to become challenging.
    • While healing is relaxed, use Supercharged Cell to recharge Energy from high-DPS abilities.
  3. Though Supercharged Cell increases all of your healing done by 5%, this increase alone doesn’t influence the choice of your next ability.
  4. Healing a single ally
    • In general, the priority is: Advanced Medical Probe>Medical Probe>Med Shot. This means using Advanced Medical Probe almost on cooldown, and, while Supercharged Cell is active, not using Medical Probe.
    • Bacta Infusion is for burst healing a single ally or, while healing is challenging,Energy management.
  5. Successive Treatment and Kolto Bomb
    • Overview
      • Kolto Bomb heals many allies, each for a moderate amount.
      • Successive Treatment heals a few allies,two for a large amount (and three for more than Kolto Bomb).
    • Minimum number of allies to heal
      • Kolto Bombis a terrible use of time and Energy unless it heals at least two allies.
      • In a pinch, Successive Treatment is a very strong heal for even just one ally, whom you should target upon activating it. Its priority is below that of Bacta Infusion, Tech Override + Advanced Medical Probe, and Tech Override + Medical Probe, however, because of its high Energy cost and cooldown.
    • Your co-healer’s class can influence which you use first or more often.
      • A Scoundrel has an ability analogous to Kolto Bomb (Kolto Waves) but not Successive Treatment (Kolto Cloud heals far slower). Therefore, Successive Treatment>Kolto Bomb more often if your co-healer is a Scoundrel.
      • A Sage has an ability analogous to Successive Treatment (Wandering Mend) but not Kolto Bomb (Salvation heals far slower). Therefore, Kolto Bomb>Successive Treatment more often if your co-healer is a Sage.
    • Roles unique to Successive Treatment.
      • If you can anticipate moments of high damage to multiple allies, be proactive with Successive Treatment. In general, timing Successive Treatment so that its third tick occurs immediately after this damage, and following it with Kolto Bomb, is burst AOE healing that no other healing class can match.
      • Each tick of Successive Treatment after the first can heal an ally who’s up to 50 meters from you.This can, for example, save the life of a tank who’s knocked out of your range.
    • On rare occasions, the following figures may be the dominant factor in choosing your next ability. These assume that all healing is effective.
      • i. For expected healing per second, Kolto Bomb matches Successive Treatment only if at least 6 allies receive its immediate heal or at least 4 allies receive its immediate heal and all 3 ticks of its HOT.
      • ii. For expected healing per Energy, the figures are identical.
  6. Without being preoccupied by it, in general, maintain Trauma Probe on all allies
    • Unless healing is relaxed for the moment or an ally will soon be out of your range, prefer to refresh Trauma Probe after all of its charges have been consumed.
    • Circumstances in which it’s prudent to delay Trauma Probe include the following.
      • While an ally’s life is in peril, refreshing Trauma Probe isn’t a priority. This ally’s expected healing from 1 Medical Probe, for example, is greater than from 3 charges of Trauma Probe.
      • If you must maximize your effective healing per Energy,Kolto Bomb, Successive Treatment, or Concussion Charge can provide more than Trauma Probe.
    • While healing is challenging, the priority for Trauma Probe is as follows.
      • Tanks
      • Any non-tank whom you expect to
        • take damage more times than other non-tanks (e.g., the DPS kiting Raptus during Dread Council),
        • take more damage than other non-tanks (e.g., a Sage, who has Light Armor and no Utility to reduce all AOE damage by 30%), or
        • be out of your range more often than other non-tanks.
      • Any remaining allies
    • While damage is very frequent and very light, Trauma Probe might waste time and Energy, particularly if non-tanks stack for Kolto Bomb. For example, during the final phase of Revan, you can forego Trauma Probes in favor of Kolto Bomb for a while, dealing damage to the Machine Core with the time and Energy saved.

7. Energy management

    • Each second, you regenerate Energy: 5 if your Energy is 60-100; 3 if 20-59; or 2 if 0-19.
    • Having at least 60 Energy almost all of the time is crucial.
      • Unless healing is challenging, in general, use Med Shot before an activation that otherwise would drop your Energy below60 or after an activation that costs a high amount of Energy, such as Medical Probe or Successive Treatment.
      • As discussed above, use Supercharged Cell for Energy management.
    • If you can’t spare a GCD for Med Shot, because an ally is in peril or healing is challenging, your options to gain Energy include the following.
      • If the present emergency should be brief, and if healing afterward should be manageable for your co-healer alone, dropping below 60Energy is okay. You’ll pay for being Energy-starved with consecutive Med Shots. While Energy is 20-59, you gain about 6 Energy with each Med Shot.
      • If you can’t be Energy-starved, use one Energy-management cooldown.
        • Prefer Reserve Powercell if your Energy would bottom out at about 45 without a cooldown.Activate it if your Energy now is below 80 and your next activation will be Successive Treatment or, if that’s unavailable, Medical Probe.
        • Prefer Recharge Cells if your Energy would bottom out at 35 or less without a cooldown. Activate Recharge Cells after your Energy falls to or below35.
        • It isn’t necessary for one of these cooldowns to be available at all times. Using both close together is extraordinary, however, and risks being unable to handle subsequent emergencies.

The Sections below describe and offer advice about each ability. Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.

Cylinder and Supercharge


Combat Support Cell

  • Combat Support Cell is instant and persists through death and logout.
  • It increases all of your healing done by 3%.
  • Apart from the one unusual exception discussed in Section “Dealing Damage”, it’s the Cell for a Commando healer.


  • Supercharge is a buff. You may have up to 10 Supercharge.
    • Healing with Medical Probe grants 2 stacks.
    • Healing with Med Shot grants 1 stack.
    • Attacking with Hammer Shot or Charged Bolts grants 1 stack.
  • Supercharge lasts 1 minute (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Gaining a stack refreshes its duration.
  • Each stack increases all of your healing done or damage dealt by 0.1%.
  • Activating Supercharged Cell or Supercharged Celerity requires and consumes 10 Supercharge.

Supercharged Cell

  • Supercharged Cell is a buff. Activating it requires and consumed 10 Supercharge.
  • It lasts for 10 seconds, or 15 seconds with the SOR 4-Piece Combat Medic’s Set. Alacrity doesn’t reduce its duration
  • Its activation recharges 10 Energy.
  • It increases all of your healing done by 5%, eliminates Advanced Medical Probe’s cooldown, and reduces the cost of each Advanced Medical Probe that’s completed while it’s active by 5 Energy.

Heals for a Single Ally

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.


Bacta Infusion


  • ·Bacta Infusion is instant, has a 21-second cooldown, and costs no Energy.
  • It provides a large immediate heal and a small HOT that heals 3 times, once every third second for 9 seconds.
  • It grants you Emergency Response.
    • This buff, which lasts for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this), is consumed by your next Advanced Medical Probe and makes it instant.
    • If Emergency Response and Tech Override overlap, an Advanced Medical Probe consumes both.Don’t use Tech Override if Advanced Medical Probe is available and you have Emergency Response.


  • Bacta Infusion is for burst healing a single ally or, while healing is challenging, Energy management.

Medical Probe


  • Medical Probe is a 1.5-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 20 Energy.
  • Its healing amount is good relative to its cast time, but weak relative to its Energy cost.
  • Each completed cast grants 2 Supercharge.
  • Each completed cast grants 1 charge of Field Triage.
    • This buff lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this), and gaining a charge refreshes its duration.
    • You can have at most 3 charges of Field Triage.
    • Your next completed Advanced Medical Probe consumes all charges, each of which reduces the Energy cost of this Advanced Medical Probe by 5.
    • Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus, a buff from the SOR 2-Piece Combat Medic’s Set, causes your next Medical Probe to crit.


  • Medical Probe is filler for when Advanced Medical Probe is unavailable.
    • Don’t delay Advanced Medical Probe solely to gain a charge of Field Triage.
    • While Supercharged Cell is active, don’t use Medical Probe unless
      • An ally is likely to die before Advanced Medical Probe would finish and
      • Bacta Infusion and Tech Override are unavailable.
  • You don’t need to use Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus promptly, because its duration and cooldown are 30 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce the duration).

Advanced Medical Probe


  • Advanced Medical Probe is a 2-second cast. Its cooldown is 10.5second, which the pre-SOR 4-Piece, or SOR 6-Piece, Combat Medic’s Set reduces to 9 seconds.
  • It’s a very large heal.
  • Its base cost is 20 Energy. Its final cost is
    • 5 Energy fewer if it’s completed while Supercharged Cell is active, and
    • 5 Energy fewer per charge of Field Triage.
  • Advanced Medical Probe grants it recipient Invigorated, which increases his healing received by 3% for 45 seconds. Invigorated doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • Use Advanced Medical Probe almost on cooldown.
  • In general, you may disregard Invigorated. Spreading or refreshing it doesn’t influence whom you heal with Advanced Medical Probe, because its long duration means that an ally has it if he should.

Trauma Probe


  • Trauma Probe is instant, has no cooldown, and costs 10 Energy.
  • Using Trauma Probe on an ally sets his number of charges to 7. Charges last for up to 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Each time an ally’s Trauma Probe is triggered, one charge is consumed and heals him for a small amount.
  • An ally’s Trauma Probe triggers if, and only if, both of the below conditions are met.
    • He is “damaged” by an attack.
      • “Damaged” means that he neither defended the attack nor was channeling Force Barrier as it dealt damage.
      • Per the above definition, he is “damaged” by an attack that hits but whose damage is resisted with Resilience, reflected, or absorbed.
    • His present Trauma Probe buff hasn’t triggered in the past 2.5 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
      • This 2.5-second rate limit doesn’t carry over from a previous Trauma Probe buff.
      • For example, suppose that an ally has no Trauma Probe buff, because its final charge just triggered, and that you immediately give him a new Trauma Probe buff. This new buff may trigger instantly, allowing Trauma Probe to heal him twice in less than 2.5 seconds.


  • See the sixth topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

Med Shot


  • Med Shot is instant and has no cooldown.
  • It costs no Energy. A non-crit recharges 1 Energy; a crit recharges 2Energy.
  • It heals for a small amount, and grants 1 Supercharge.


  • Energy management and building Supercharge.

Field Aid


  • Field Aid is instant and has a 12-second cooldown.
  • Field Aid costs 10Energy, or no Energy with Utility: Efficient Conversions.
  • It cleanses up to two physical, mental, or tech effects and provides a small heal.


  • For PVE, if Field Aid can cleanse an effect, it’s almost always better to cleanse than heal through it. For PVP, Field Aid cleanses certain CCs.

Heals for Multiple Allies

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

In SOR, every ability that may heal multiple allies in one activation is “smart”. If more allies are within range than the ability can heal, the ability selects those allies whose percentage of maximum health is lowest.


Kolto Bomb


  • Kolto Bomb is instant, has a 6-second cooldown, and costs 15 Energy.
  • Its radius is 8 meters.
  • For up to 8 allies, Kolto Bomb provides a moderate immediate heal and a HOT that heals 3 times, once every second for 3 seconds  


  • See the fifth topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

Successive Treatment


  • Successive Treatment is 2.4-second channel and has a 15-second cooldown.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • With Utility: Forced March, it may be activated or channeled while moving.
  • Its target is the ally whom you’re targeting upon its activation or, otherwise, you.
  • It heals in 4 waves. Each wave costs 7 Energy.
    • The first wave is immediate and heals the target.
    • The second wave heals the target and up to 1other ally who is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
    • The third wave heals the target and up to 2 other allies, each of whom is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
    • The fourth wave heals the target and up to 3 other allies, each of whom is in line-of-sight and 20 meters of the target.
  • Upon being healed by Successive Treatment, an ally receives Protected, which increases his Armor Rating from gear alone by 10% for 45 seconds.
    • Though not substantial, any increase in mitigation helps, especially a tank.
    • Protected doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • See the fifth topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.
  • Since each wave’s Energy cost is equal, Successive Treatment’s healing per Energy plummets if you can’t finish its channel.

Concussion Charge


  • Concussion Charge is instant and has a 30-second cooldown.
  • It costs 5 Energy, or no Energy with Utility: Efficient Conversions.
  • Utility: Kolto Wave grants it a very small heal for you and up to 7 allies within 8 meters of you.


  • Concussion Charge’s heal is almost worthless.
  • Concussion Charge must heal at least 2, 5, or 8 to provide greater expected healing than Med Shot, Medical Probe (without Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus), or Trauma Probe, respectively.
  • A healer’s job is triage, which is not, in general, maximizing HPS or topping up allies. Before using Concussion Charge, be certain that healing the ally with least health or building Supercharge isn’t wiser.
  • Even when using Concussion Charge is appropriate, such as for Malaphar, healing allies for less than 3% of their maximum health is unlikely to alter a fight’s tempo or outcome. Consider Utility: Overclock or Shock Absorbers instead.

Dealing Damage

Capitalize on every opportunity to deal damage.

In general, the priority for dealing damage is as follows.

  • Except as noted below, for a single target: Electro Net >Full Auto>High Impact Bolt>Mortar Volley>Charged Bolts>Hammer Shot
    • The priority of Charged Bolts or Hammer Shot is higher if you don’t have 10 Supercharge.
    • In general, Hammer Shothas the highest priority if your Energy would fall below60 otherwise.
  • For multiple targets: Mortar Volley>Hail of Bolts with Utility: Chain Gunnery>Pulse Cannon>Hail of Bolts without Utility: Chain Gunnery

Except as noted below, remain in Combat Support Cell.

  • If each condition below is met, using Armor-Piercing Cell should increase your DPS.
    • Maximizing your groups’ DPS is crucial.
    • Your co-healer isn’t a Sage. In general, a Sage can deal at least as much damage as you with less hassle.
    • There’s a period of at least 20 seconds at the start of combat or 30 seconds in the middle of combat for which your co-healer can, and agrees to, handle all healing.
  • If you switch to Armor-Piercing Cell, note that
    • Armor-Piercing Cell reduces High Impact Bolt’s Energy cost by 10, and
    • switching back to Combat Support Cell to resume healing uses a GCD.

Electro Net

  • Electro Net is instant, has a 90-second cooldown, and costs 10 Energy.
  • It’s a DOT that ticks 10 times, immediately and once every second for 9 seconds.
  • For PVP, it reduces the movement speed of the affected enemy by 50% and hinders him. In addition, its damage increases based on how muchthe affected enemy has moved with it.

Full Auto

  • Full Auto is a 3-second channel and has a 15-second cooldown.
  • It attacks 4 times, including immediately. Each attack costs 6 Energy.   
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • With Utility: Forced March, it may be activated or channeled while moving.

High Impact Bolt

  • High Impact Bolt is instant, has a 15-second cooldown, and costs 15 Energy (or 5 Energywith Armor-Piercing Cell).

Charged Bolts

  • Charged Bolts is a 1.5-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 15 Energy.
  • Attacking with it grants you 1 Supercharge even if your target dodges it.

Hammer Shot

  • Hammer Shot is instant, has no cooldown, and costs no Energy.
  • Attacking with it grants you 1 Supercharge even if your target dodges it.
  • You may substitute it for Med Shot if your Energy is high and healing is relaxed.

Mortar Volley

  • Mortar Volley is a 3-second channel and has a 45-second cooldown.
  • Its radius is4 meters.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 6 times. Each attack wave costs 5 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.

Hail of Bolts

  • Hail of Bolts is a 3-second channel and has no cooldown.
  • Its radius is 5 meters.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 4 times. Each attack wave costs 8 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.

Pulse Cannon

  • Pulse Cannon is a 3-second channel and has an 18-second cooldown.
  • It affects a “cone” in front of you that has a radius of 10 meters and a central angle of 45 degrees.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies up to 4 times. Each attack wave costs 7 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.



Tech Override


  • Tech Override is off the GCD. Its cooldown is 60 seconds, or 45 seconds with Utility: Overclock.
  • It grants you a buff that makes your next cast instant. With Utility: Overclock, this buff has two charges.
    • This buff lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • Though Emergency Medical Probe is a cast, it isn’t instant with Tech Override and doesn’t consume it.
  • After this buff expires or all of its charges have been consumed, you receive Unshakeable, which makes you immune to interrupts and pushback, for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • Tech Override helps you respond to an emergency, especially while moving,if Bacta Infusion is unavailable.
  • Use Tech Override for Advanced Medical Probe if it’s available or, otherwise, for Medical Probe.
    • If Emergency Response and Tech Override overlap, an Advanced Medical Probe consumes both. Don’t use Tech Override if Advanced Medical Probe is available and you have Emergency Response
  • For PVP, Tech Override is also for interrupt immunity. An ideal time for it is immediately after gaining full resolve.

Reserve Powercell


  • Reserve Powercell is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It grants you a buff that lasts up to 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Your next ability that would otherwise cost Energy instead consumes this buff and costs no Energy.


  • See the seventh topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

Recharge Cells


  • Recharge Cells is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It recharges up to 50 Energy over 3 seconds.
  • Utility: Cell Capacitor causes it to recharge an additional 15 Energy immediately and to increase your Alacrity by 10% for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • See the seventh topic of Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

Other Abilities


Hold the Line

  • Hold the Line is off the GCD and has a 30-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It lasts for 6 seconds, or 10 seconds with Utility: Advance the Line (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It increases your movement speed by 30% and grants you immunity to movement-impairing, knockdown, or physics effects.
  • For PVE, Hold the Line is very valuable for the new Operations. Most boss effects respect it.


  • Diversion is off the GCD and has a 45-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • For PVE, it lowers your threat with each enemy by 25%. Use it proactively, especially after adds spawn.

Supercharged Celerity

  • Increases Alacrity by 10% for Operation group members within 40 meters.
  • This buff lasts for 10 seconds, and its cooldown is 5 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
  • It costs 10 Supercharge. Since this buff is almost always used to increase your group’s DPS, it’s preferable for you, rather than a Commando DPS, to pay for this buff.

Maximizing Your Performance

User Interface

Tailor your UI for healing. These choices are personal, but consider the recommendations below.

  1. All crucial, time-sensitive information should be visible simultaneously. Therefore, Operation Frames, Action Bars, and Player Castbar should be adjacent and just below your character’s feet. Configure these using the Interface Editor.
  2. Under Preferences > User Interface, enable “Show Cooldown Text”.
  3. Use the Interface Editor to configure your Operation Frames.
    • Set “Buff Scale” as low as possible. Increase “Debuff Scale” until debuffs are prominent.
    • For your usual Operation group, disable “Show Health Text”. This is clutter rather than useful information.
    • Disable “Show Only Removable Debuffs”. Debuffs that may deal substantial damage to allies often aren’t removable.
  4. Using the Interface Editor, enable Focus Target and Focus Target Castbar. Certain bosses have casts or channels that deal substantial damage to allies.
  5. Using the Interface Editor, for the Player Buff Tray, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Effects” and Sort Options > “Personal Effects”. This makes it easy to see your procs.
  6. Using the Interface Editor, for the Target Frame and Focus Target, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Buffs” and “Highlight Debuffs” and Sort Options > “Personal Buffs” and “Personal Debuffs”. This makes it easy to see your effects, such as a HOT on an ally or a DOT on an enemy.


Gain up to 50 points of these stats through Datacrons.

  • Aim
  • Cunning
  • Endurance


To increase each stat below by 1% for every character in your Legacy and Faction, complete all of the quests that one of the listed companions can offer.

  • Accuracy – Tanno Vik, Bowdaar, Qyzen Fess, or Lord Scourge
  • Critical – Aric Jorgan, Risha, Zenith, or Sergeant Rusk
  • Healing received – Elara Dorne, Guss Tuno, Tharan Cedrax, or Doc
  • Maximum health – M1-4X, Corso Riggs, Felix Iresso, or T7-01
  • Surge – Yuun, Akaavi Spar, Nadia Grell, or Kira Carsen

Though optimal gear for healing has no Accuracy, increasing Accuracy through this Legacy perk helps you interrupt, crowd control, or deal damage.


Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.


  • An Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Stim provides 198 of your Primary stat and 81 Power for 8 hours (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • An Adrenal increases a stat for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this) and is off the GCD. The cooldown shared across all Adrenals is 3 minutes.
  • For PVE, an Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Triage Adrenal increases Force or Tech Power by 750.
  • For PVP, a Warzone Adrenal increases Damage Reduction by 15%.


  • A Medpac heals you and is off the GCD. A Medpac can’t crit.
  • PVE
    • The cooldown shared across all Medpacs usable outside of a Warzone or Arena is (a) the remainder of your present combat or (b) 90 seconds, whichever is longer.
    • An Advanced Anodyne Medpac restores 7535 to 7892 health immediately and an additional 2875 health over 15 seconds.
  • PVP – A Warzone Medpac restores 35% of your maximum health and has a 90-second cooldown.


  • A Grenade is an instant ability. The cooldown shared across all Grenades is 3 minutes.
  • PVE – Grenades that stun or root can be useful for certain adds, such as during Styrak on Nightmare Mode, Grob’Thok with Nightmare Power, or Revanite Commanders.
  • PVP – Grenades are very useful.
    • A player affected by one or more of a Grenade’s effects receives Bastioned, a buff that grants immunity to all effects of further Grenades for 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Bastioned doesn’t persist through death.
    • If a Grenade has a stun or unconscious effect, this effect respects resolve.

Theory and Interactive Model

There are multiple tabs to this spreadsheet. There is also an option to view this spreadsheet in full screen mode by clicking the button at the bottom right corner.

Download link (save to your computer to edit):!157&authkey=!AH6Y02KGyIo6I0w&ithint=file%2cxlsx

About the Author

Orderken is a healer for <Hates You> on Prophecy of the Five.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

89 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Commando Combat Medic Healing Guide by Orderken”

This one is for a Crit Alacrity build for fast heals with more crits, where as the other is more of an overall boost to all healing output for best performance. Currently some stats are not preforming to the way they should in 3.0, some are still following the old 2.9 way so 200 ish crit is right, but the stat is bugged. Either way both are play style and neither are wrong.

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Zen, what sources are you relying on for your information? I suggest that you reexamine your sources, because everything you wrote above is backwards.

Yea I haven’t seen any reason to believe crit is broken..?
Honestly I found 500+ crit to feel a bit to RNG dependent.. My and others theorycraft found the numbers right where you said (surge/alacrity were split even, 74% surge..) but in actual play I felt that there just wasn’t enough in bonus heal, not enough power. It felt like my heals were small and then ever so often would be amazingly good, which in the new ops isn’t really good. Theres a lot of spike damage, sometimes raidwide, and I can’t rely on a crit..
I have my crit sitting at about 400 rating right now (mostly MS augs as well..) basically just trying to keep ~30% crit rate, surge capped to ~73% (though mine is lower, about 72 right now because i’m stacked in alacrity) and everything else to alacrity. I haven’t been able to run the toon hard with the 9% alacrity i have right now but I think it’ll be slightly to much, just felt like a bit more would be nice (probably wind up around 700 rating.. about 7-8%)
Very good guide though, detailed and all seems correct on this one!

RNG is a factor regardless of your Critical Chance, for any Discipline. RNG is a design choice, not a bug. Just as you’re never guaranteed to be dealt a strong hand after playing a certain number of weak hands at a poker table, a Commando healer is never guaranteed a crit heal. Each heal is an independent event. This is customary for games of all kinds, including MMOs.

An interesting question is: Is there a valid reason to have less, or more, Critical than the amount that maximizes expected healing? I’ll discuss this in detail in a future Article, because both preferences have strong supporting arguments.

Last, note that I don’t recommend 5 Surge : 5 Alacrity. I recommend 3 Surge : 7 Alacrity. The amount of Critical that maximizes healing for Revanite gear stated in this Guide is based on 3 items with Surge (i.e., 360 Surge). If you increase Surge, this amount of Critical increases, too.

yes, there are reasons to have more or less crit, than the mathematically perfect amount..

For example: If you plays against many AOE damage, and many Dots, you want a high guaranteed output. Power is here the way you go.

But if you have to Heal Single Target, Crit gets more important, because to hold a target alive, you need Crits. It does not matter if it Crits for 10k or 11k, but it has to crit, otherwise your allies dies. 25% Crit or 35% Crit seems to be a small difference, but in true, its a big, because the important question is:
How many heals (or Global CD), do i need, to get an as good as guaranteed Crit?
For example: How big is the Chance not to Crit with 4 Heals
with 25%: 31%
with 35%: 18%
… so there is the difference which is the important thing, if you heal Singletarget…

thats just my opinion…

I agree with the above post by “random pvper”. These considerations are among the topics that I’ll discuss in a future Article about theorycrafting for all healing classes.

The reason that he states for having high Critical applies to a Commando healing PVE. What your class does better than any other is burst heal a single ally who’s taking spike damage. Therefore, choosing to have Critical that’s many hundreds of points lower than the amount that maximizes total expected healing is inconsistent with this role.

The figures that I recommend in this Guide maximize expected healing.

After you’ve chosen (a) Surge from gear, (b) an uptime for Target Lock, and (c) Aim or Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing can be calculated with as much precision and certainty as 2 + 2 = 4.

This leaves two worthwhile questions.
1. How much Surge from gear should I have?
2. Is there a valid reason to have less, or more, Critical than the amount that maximizes expected healing?

There’s interesting and worthwhile discussion around both questions. I’ll cover this in a separate Article at a later date. But 200 is too far from the amount that maximizes expected healing to justify, regardless of where your philosophy or feelings cause you to land with respect to the two questions above.

Two guides for the same spec? If that’s not a problem then it’ll be interesting to see what other specs get a second perspective.

Only Sage and imp alter are decent heals. BH and pub alter, as with all the other healing classes just SUCK.

Is this guide for PVEor for PVP? And if its for PVE only, what would you change (say in utility/rotation order/maybe more) ?

My guides are for PVE.

For PVP,
* Section “Utilities” would recommend other options. For example, reducing the cooldown of your CCs or CC breaker is almost worthless for PVE, but valuable for PVP.
* Section “Gear” would need to be based on much lower stat budgets. This would, for example, probably increase the number of items with Surge.
* Section “Rotation Guidelines” would change, too. For example, a Commando doesn’t need to worry about falling below 60 Energy if he’s about to be CCed for 4 or 8 seconds. He has nothing to do but recharge Energy while he’s CCed.

*Section gear is almost the same.. (e.b. 7/3 Alacrity/Surge). Only change would be, that crit has a a little bit more value… (something like 400-600 Crit is the best)

*Section utilities, depends a lot on the situation, like in pve, but other utilities are more usefull, or less. For example: Cast Immunity is most important, and something like “Cell Capacitor” or “Charged Barrier” is as good as useless.

*Section “Roration Guidelines” would Change a lot. Successive Treatment is your best Single Target Heal, so you wanna use it in almost every Situation. Medical Probe is a heal, which you will only use with AutoCrit in PvP, there are so many better options to heal a single target, like: Bacta , AMP, Trauma, Succesive Treatment and even Kolto BomB (which heals a single Target for 1k – 2k less… but the AOE Effect and the Slow (which is currently Bugged) give Kolto Bomb more value. So MP is only used with autocrit…

*Section “preventing Damage” has to be written, which would probably be the most important. Kiting, Knockbacks, working with slows, CC´s Stuns, to prevent Damage on yourself or on allies .. ….

*Section “Dealing Damage” needs to be rewritten, in PvP you only want to do Damage, if you can go for the kill. which means, the situation has to fit. a max dps rota is really worthless here, but 2 well timed attacks which deals 8k damage on the enemy can give your team the punch it needs.
In my Opinion a good Healer, should go for the kills whereever he can. For example, in a normal warzone i have something between 5-10 kills as a healer, while i most times do less than 90k damage…
In arena this “going” for the kill is even more Important.

I agree with the above post by “random pvper”. I’d like to reiterate a crucial point, and state it more forcefully: if you’re not seizing opportunities to kill or assist with kills as a PVP healer, you’re doing it wrong. Full Auto and High Impact Bolt are ideal for this purpose, and a well-timed Electro Net can seal an enemy’s fate.

dont forget Stockstrike , the root Effect for 2s will give you many kills and the damage is decent. in my opinion, its our best Damage skill, even better than Full/Auto HighImpactBolt. And there is Explosive Round which is a good option in PvP, because its instant.
Instants are the most important in PvP, everybody knows it, but as good as nobody uses it. For example: “Field Aid” is instant, heals for a decent amount and has low energy cost, furthermore it cleanses stuns/cc´s/roots… so in many situations, its the best option, to use Field Aid, its as good as everytime better than an 10k Heal, because it gives your allies time to kite, react, or just to do something…

It’s clear you put a lot of work into this, and it’s appreciated. But it’s very hard to follow for somebody who just finished the story quests. Is there a simpler guide, or maybe could you start each section with a real simple overview?

For example, I’m in 178 gear and I want to know what to do now. The fact that “SOR 6-Piece Combat Medic” gear is optimal doesn’t really tell me anything useful. After a lot of google searches I figured out that you are probably talking about “Revanite Combat Medic” 198 Operations reward gear, but I’m trying to pick Basic Comm gear or crafted gear, and I need to know which stats to prioritize. You use a lot of shorthand notation in that section and it leaves me scratching my head. Aim = Power? But then you go on to say that if you use Aim augments you need less Crit. So Aim > Power > Crit? Then you say something about how many slots have Alacrity and Surge, so Alacrity > Surge?

You did the right thing in asking. In the tug-of-war between making this Guide longer and making it accessible for players new to the class, I did my best.

Aim = Power means that, for whatever gear is available to you, select pieces to maximize your Aim and Power. For example, if a certain piece has 100 Aim and 50 Power (150 in total), and an alternative piece for the same slot has 80 Aim and 80 Power (160 in total), you’d choose the second piece, because 160 > 150.

Regarding Critical, it’s beneficial for a Commando healer, even in high amounts.

Regarding Surge and Alacrity, your first priority is having more than 300 Surge. After that, prefer Alacrity over Surge.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

I started a commando combat medic a few days ago she is now lvl 19 and i mainly play fp’s and class missions, when i was first equiping my medic i wasnt sure asked around and couldnt get a valid set of rules but after reading this from what i understand i need to concentrate on power and aim and try to get my surge up to 300 min, hopefully im correct. ty for your critical information

Hey Max. (Thanks for the guide Orderken). Everyone starts somewhere mate – too many new players don’t ask these questions and get frustrated imo. If you are interested in endgame raiding and getting the most out of your character (and this game) then for me the TLDR version of ‘what comes next’ is:

Fill up on 186/192 (non-raid) gear from HM FPs, etc, according to the stat advice given
(buy 192 relics if you are rich enough)
Get comfortable with the class /role in HM FPs
Get a helpful guild that runs SM raids (not progression raiding yet)
(tell them you are new / ask questions. All real raid leaders prefer questions to un-necessary mistakes)
Fill up on 192 raid gear (including your six piece bonus, non-lettered mods etc)
(Your SM team should get the first 2 HM bosses as well for 198 implants and relics)
All the while learning mechanics of fights and raiding in general
If/when you are ready and want to push it join a HM guild /team

Hope this helps mate

This information can be data mined. For example, swtor_miner and swtor_potato do this.

An alternative approach is to derive it yourself using in-game tests and basic linear algebra.

Commando heals just plain suck both pve and pvp. Just today we had 3 commando heals and my sage, I don’t have one lick of pvp gear on me but I outhealed all 3 full pvp geared commandos in Ancient Hypergate.. I did while playing Hill Climbing Racing on my Android too.

LOL Spruce wtf are you talking about. Going around to all the forums and hating on Mando heals? If played right they are far superior to the other classes in PVE. Why don’t you gtfo and try to play one, then come back here and maybe your piss-poor attitude will be a little different. It’s players like you who make this game complete shit. This is just plain rude how you reply to someone who worked extremely hard on making this guide. Get a life.

“Going around to all the forums and hating on Mando heals” Dulfy is not a forum but a blog with comments. Lol, swtor isn’t that popular to mandate multiple forums; I post only here. And yes Commando heals SUCK.

Heh.. Again you post an ignorant jumble of what seems to be words that you cannot back up with solid evidence/information. Obviously you are a complete ignoramus that tries so hard, but for some reason can’t get his facts straight 🙁 Sad day for you! After this post I’m not replying to you anymore because you are obviously completely misinformed, and cannot back up the argument to save your life. Good try though! Just to let you know, I will faceroll heals on my Commando over your Sage any day LOL. Have fun living your fantasy world.

Worst. Comeback. Ever. Stop trying, really. Not only can you not spell correctly, you are unable to even form complete and concise sentences. I’m done with you now.

Quick question re: stats and gearing. I am in almost all 192 gear from the elite comm vendor. I’m sitting at around 550 surge. From what I read I want to be just over 300. So my question is should I start purchasing, say the gloves, and rip out the 192 enhancement that has power and alarcrity on it and replace the crit and surge enhancements to bring my surge down a bit.

I recommend replacing 1 Enhancement that has Surge with 1 Enhancement that has Alacrity. Whether this new Enhancement should have Critical or Power depends on how much Critical from gear you have already.


What would you say a goal for crit would be? I’m at

25.71% crit
73% surge
6.37% alac
This is mostly 186 gear, fully augmented w/ companion boosts.

For Critical Chance, about 33%. In addition, I’d swap one or two items with Surge for items with Alacrity.

This guide has been an invaluable tool for me.

What I think would be really helpful is a screen shot of your toon Orderken. It would really help to be able to see a screen shot with Ranged and Tech so that we can play around with our numbers to get close to the optimal ones. Being a new player I find it hard to follow stats because sometimes people refer to % and other times to a number. It’s slowly sinking in but it would be a great help!

Actually I just figured out how to take in game screen shots and have been creeping some of the major healers on Ebon Hawk…so no need to waste your time. Again thx for the guide.

for the numbers below I’m guessing you take away from the power pot to get crit to 33-35? right now I’m sitting at 468 crit (26%) in full 192 optimized with 1 198 set bonus piece.

Okay, just want to clarify how much power (raw number) do you have? how much crit is needed to get 33-35 percent

Please use the Model. Column “Total” on worksheet “Character Sheet” shows the same the percentages that would display on your Character Profile in game.

The Critical Chance that matters is “Tech”, not “Ranged”, by the way.

I’m surprised that you optimize things based on HPCT. I think of energy as the limiting factor on this class’s healing for most of the fight and thus have always optimized things based on HPE. What’s the reasoning behind your using HPCT?

HPE is a good metric for comparing healing abilities, and informs Section “Rotation Guidelines”, but isn’t useful for gearing.

You may be interested in worksheet “Heal Amounts”, which includes a column for healing “per Time to Recoup [Energy]”. This is an HPE calculation designed to allow apples-to-apples comparisons across all three healing classes, including Sage.

i was woundering if you could also post a simplistic rotation like
medic probe> (next skill)> ect. for the healing /damaging parts. of the build

was reading the rotation as it is and all the explination under the skill of why just confuses it for me im one of them players that see the rotation set out like skill > next skill > next skill to use.

and i understand everyones diffrent but it would help if you could for people that struggle.

If a rotation were decent, I would’ve presented it, if for no other reason than that would’ve been far easier to write.

Healing isn’t for a player who hopes for a rotation. I suggest DPSing if you enjoy having a rotation. Many DPS Disciplines have a strict rotation, especially for PVE.

I’m happy to offer tips for certain situations, such as the Machine Core phase of Revan, but applying such tips to a different situation will end badly for you.

ah k thanks i dont really do flash points. its more of sence me doing pvp and healing my companions

where do I find percetnages. I have 36.9 critical, and 75.6 surge. Should I bring them down a little to get more power

Yes, I would reduce your Surge and Critical. Per a post of mine below, rough percentages are as follows.

Critical: 33-35%
Surge: 68-72%
Alacrity: 7.8-9.5%

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So.. are two Commando-Medics recommended to play in one Raidgroup (especially for HM content)? Actually it is better to have two different healing classes in a group isn’t it?

For HM Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice, Combat Medic-Combat Medic
* excels for the reasons listed in Section “Intro”, and
* is the exception to the custom of having healers with different classes.

I can provide additional feedback with more context. Are you choosing one new healer from two applicants? Are you about to begin a HM’s first boss or final boss?

Searching for a new Healer in in our group is a Commando Medic; now theres still one missing – we thought it’d be easier to find a good dps instead of a goodheal – so I offered me as a Commando Heal, too. But the question is if it wouldn’t be better with to different classes. Our group “just” started in HM. (First two bosses)

Combat Medic-Combat Medic is the safest play.

Potential changes were released for testing this week on the Public Test Server (PTS). Combat Medic is unscathed. Sawbones and Seer could be in trouble.

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????????hhf trt

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Great guide Orderken, just wanted to point out that I think you said commando under the mobility overview instead of scoundrel.

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This guide does not account for the fact that the 4-set commando heal bonus does not work. Love how it talks about the ideal “merc” set bonus but doesn’t mention the commando in a Commando healer guide.

For this Guide, the issue with the 4-Piece Set Bonus is immaterial. Combat Medic remains the Set Bonus to choose.

Hey Orderken, Just wondering if my stats are good for HM prog. Currently min/maxed 192s with bits and pieces of 198s optimized mods/enhancements.
Crit: 695-32.81 (Tech)
Surge: 342-68.54%
Bonus Healing: 1402.3
Alacrity: 813- 9.23%
Power: 2099 raw (Bonus Damage is 1284.4)
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Orderken. Currently doing Hm Rav/ToS and currenlty trying to beat the Sword Squadron.
My heals look fine, but always trying to improve. I mostly have 192 Resurrected and some Revanite gear. I reduced my crit from 35% since it seemed a bit high. But my Surge still feels low even with 3 ear/implant/enhancements and 7 alacrity. Aim augments.
Crit: 33.74% (556 rating)
Surge: 67.82% (351 rating)
Alacrity: 9.14%
I have a bunch of resurrected 192 enhancements for tweaking, don’t know how to increase Surge other than augments, or is lower alacrity still reasonable? :S Thank you in advance ^_^

Your stats are excellent for Hard Mode progression.

In percentage terms, the following stats should maximize healing for most players.
Critical (Tech): 33-35%
Surge: 68-72%
Alacrity: 7.8-9.5%

If your Surge feels low, drop one Alacrity Enhancement for a Surge Enhancement. Alternatively, drop one or two Aim Augments for Surge Augments.

I think our healing styles are alike. When I first sumpled upon your guide, the only thing I did differently was my crit rate, which I then changed and got better 😀 Anyways, I got a single surge augment, and my surge is now 69.34%, so I’ll roll with that and see how it goes 🙂
Thank you for your time 😀

Some advice for Sword Squadron progression as a healer.

1. Each healer chooses a Walker whose tank you’ll focus. If your tanks swap positions, stay with your Walker, not a particular tank. This should reduce your movement and prevent a tank death if both are low health simultaneously.

2. The frequency of damage taken by tanks is high, because both Walkers attack. You’ll spend more GCDs than usual using Trauma Probe on tanks.

3. Don’t hesitate to use Tech Override to burst heal a tank while you’re moving if Bacta Infusion and Successive Treatment aren’t available. I used Tech Override most frequently during my group’s first kills of Sword Squadron or Bulo

4. Plan ahead to maintain your usual APM (actions per minute) while moving. That is, keep in mind at all times a good use for Trauma Probe, Successive Treatment, or Kolto Bomb.

We are in desperate need of some Republic Healing guides for 4.0. Just realized there is none. Any chance these are coming soon ? 🙂

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