SWTOR Actions for The Ravagers Exploit

Bioware has finalized the punishment for the Ravagers exploit, here are the details.

Action For The Ravager’s Exploit | 01.29.2015, 04:23 PM

Hey folks,
As I talked about in my previous post we needed to finalize our data and ensure that we were ready to move on appropriate actions for those players who abused the Ravager’s Exploit. Since we have been a bit more open in our process regarding this particular exploit, we thought it would be best to bring it full circle and tell you specifically what we are doing to those players. As of this post, our actions against players has begun. Here are the types of actions we are taking based on the severity of their exploits:

  • Received a warning along with anywhere between 1-7 days of in-game suspension time.
    • Anyone who received an in-game suspension will also lose their forum privileges for the same period of time.
  • For our most egregious offenders, they will have received a suspension up to a permanent suspension.

Inside of those categories of player’s it is also possible they could have very specific additional actions taken against them including:

  • Removal of inappropriately obtained high-end gear and crafting materials
  • Removal of credits and commendations

We know that one of the gameplay impacts from this exploit was an influx of crafters being able to make items which they reverse engineered from ill-gotten gains. Any player who exploited (regardless of severity) and gained a crafting pattern is likely to see that pattern removed.

So all of you know what to expect, this is an example of the messaging sent to those players who are receiving an in-game suspension:

Dear Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. This is to notify you that we will be taking action against your account for a violation of our Terms of Service. After a thorough investigation, we discovered the following Terms of Service violations:

This account participated in looting the final chest of the Ravager’s Operation without legitimately completing the content. By doing so, this account was able to acquire high-end gear, commendations or crafting patterns, or crafting materials, in a manner violating our Terms of Service and the related Rules of Conduct, specifically:

“… you may not engage in any of the following behavior:

Exploit any bug in the Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and/or communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through the public posting) to any other user of the Service.”

The action taken against your account is a <TIME> suspension and the removal of any learned crafting recipes from the use of this exploit from any characters on this account that participated.

It is important to note that should this account partake in any future exploit, it will receive a more severe action up to and including permanent suspension.

We appreciate your continued participation with SWTOR and remind you the game needs to remain fun and engaging for everyone. To prevent future situations where you may encounter a potential exploit, we encourage you to review our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct which can be found here:, and here:

If you feel that this action has been applied in error, please contact
<i>Star Wars ™</i>: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service

We didn’t take these actions lightly and reviewed every account to determine where we could be lenient. From our end, this was a no win situation. We feel responsible for allowing the exploit to occur and remain in the game for an unreasonable length of time, but we also cannot and will not condone cheating. Thankfully, a large majority of our players didn’t exploit at all, but unfortunately, some of those who did have been with us for a long time, even all the way back to launch. It breaks our hearts to see a few of those loyal players partake in the exploit. Still, it would be unfair to not punish those players, and so we had to take action.

We have all learned some valuable lessons this past month or so, and we’re hopeful to catch these types of situations long before they get released or very quickly thereafter. Please continue to do what you can to notify us quickly should we create another situation where someone can benefit by exploiting a bug in the game.

We appreciate your understanding of our position and hope you’ll continue to enjoy your time with us. We have a lot of great additions coming to SWTOR this year and we look forward to sharing them with you.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Time for Slot Machine Exploiters. You will regret that You bought/win this machine. Here comes another ban hammer

That was not an exploit. It was ” working as intended”. You’re just mad that you are about to get suspended.

I’m simply wondering because I have several guild members who exploited this bug heavily and are playing now.

It will probably take a few days to ban and send out all the email to all the players that exploited this.

Yup, I’m glad they showed they have some backbone left after all the recent stuff and have now given themselves the opportunity to take action in the future with no ‘oh but you let me get away with it before’ bs excuses. Good job BW

A very fair punishment, a light sentence for those who only done it lightly and a severe sentence for those who done it more than most, well played!

I guess Shaun whatever his face hasn’t seen this yet. He’ll be as happy as a pig in mud. It will be interesting to see who got banned.

He shouldn’t be happy at all since he was advocating a perma ban on any and all exploiters. The vast majority who exploited will see a slap on the wrist. If he tries to backtrack and say these actions are what he was calling for then he’s a liar. As it is he’s a loser who had too much time on his hands.

No in the end I won because all you exploiters said nothing at all would happen that they couldn’t take away your exploit loot but the post from Musco proved you wrong.

The fact that you think this is winning shows how much of a waste of matter you are. Someone please go back in time and erase this douche from existence. Literally a waste of space.

I’m not even mad at the exploits, your hard-on for getting people ban just shows how sad and pathetic of a person you are.

So no “ban hammer” for those who’ve been here posting 900x a day wanting blood against anybody who exploited in any way. They can go cry themselves to sleep as that was unreasonable for all the broken content delivered over the last few months anyway which included cheating us out of credits and gear drops. Most people will see a short suspension (slap on the wrist) and maybe the loss of a gear piece/schematic. Those that jumped servers, charged for access, and did the exploit over and over face possible perma bans. It all seems fair to me. Now let me check my email…lol.

I’m talking about people like SpruceGoose and SalisburySteak who’ve been jerking off to the thought of anyone who exploited getting perma bans and having to post ad nauseum on the topic like pathetic losers. There’s no “ban hammer”. More like a “ban scalpel” taking appropriate action based on level of egregiousness.

Says right in the post that there’s a permaban hammer, from ur pathetic tone I take it ur its first nail. HaHa.

“For our most egregious offenders, they will have received a suspension up to a permanent suspension”

Are you so stupid you can’t realize this means the people server-swapping and selling the lockout for perma-bans only? They’re not going to drop the ban hammer on every Harry, Dick, and Sally. They’re in the game to make money first-and-foremost, banning a shitload of subs doesn’t make money, it’s bad PR and loses them money.

Nope. On JC, no ban, and still have my chest piece…and millions from idiots buying my 5 slot machines and stacks upon stacks of purple Jawa Junk and Cartel Certs. Life is good.

Then y aren’t u playing instead of haunting the comment sections? Glad at least the worst offenders are gone bye-bye! haha

It’s more of a “ban ruler slap on your wrist that leaves a mark for 24 hours but otherwise doesn’t affect you in any way”, don’tcha think?

To bad they banned the forum privileges of the permabanned, haha, I wld have LOVED to hear their whining and pleading to get their accts back!

Ok, so now that the Witch hunt is over, can you PLEASE fix the invisible door/crazy bitch attacking her escape pod bug, so that people can finish this op without having to basically do a full group ready check, and explain to any and all pugs exactly what we mean by invisible door?

You still haven’t learned? Just reset the instance after killing Master/Blaster, and have the entire group next to the pod, BUT ONLY ONE PERSON CLICK IT. EZ-peasy. Been doing this for weeks and no issues.

Oh btw – This is DULFY’s website, NOT SWTOR’s…. your request goes unwanted and ignored…. try again on the right site

actually, Just need entire group to leave instance and then just go back in once everyone is out. No need to reset.My guild does this every time we run this op and never needed to reset phase

Well you gotta have everyone leave to reset, and resetting at this point is just insurance. Two extra clicks to make doubly sure no issues arise

found out the other night in my 16m if 1 person in the group can see the door have them click and then the door will become available for every1 in the instance

Dulfy can you reach out to BW and clarify what “permanent suspension” means? I assume a permaban but with vaguely written ToS it can be taken to mean anything. Thx.

Same old empty bioware post…

All talk with no cock.

Has anyone been banned yet? ermm no..we all can log in if we can be arsed with the lagged/bugged content pfff

I had been playing all this morning and didn’t even know there was a ban. We’ll see if it happens later which i doubt or if they’re just all talk.

ToR have such lack of loyalty players. And most of the players who used the exploit are thig end and more active players. Who works to make this game still alive. Bioware will not be so silly to do a hard punishment. This is not WoW with 9mi of players…

Not even remotely true. Every person I know, including myself, that have played since launch did not exploit. And the only people on our server that appeared to be doing the exploiting were the credit-mongers that only did it to sell the exploit and profit from it.

I’ve been in NUMEROUS pugs where the overgeared tanks and healers didn’t even know the fights, and they most certainly were not high-end. Just baddies being bad

your logic makes no sense, your running loads of pug ops with exploiters but think its just credit-mongers who did the exploit? maybe and just maybe your running pug ops with people that are on theyre alts that did the exploit and theyre not running theyre mains in a pug ops with guys like you that are undergeared.
Why is it that cause one guild on a server that didnt do the exploit think that makes them the majority on theyre server and everyone else is small ?


oh and if your ‘mate’ in another guild says ‘oh no we never exploited ..we got the gear the right way’ ..hes most likely lying.

Go back to trolling fleet chat. Nobody wants you here.

Obviously if you are selling the exploit, there have to be people buying. Derpa derp.

And no, what tells me that the high end players aren’t exploiting its the high end guilds recruiting, and I quote, “Non-exploiters”.

I don’t just know people in my own guild, btw. Or even my own faction for that matter. Sounds to me like you do.

ToR have such lack of loyalty players. And most of the players who used the exploit are the high end and more active players. Who works to make this game still alive. Bioware will not be so silly to do a hard punishment. This is not WoW with 9mi of players…

lol I find it funny that you think BioWare will let the worse accusers get away with cheating, because they are loyal players. I’ve been with SWTOR since Alpha and I have around thirty friends on SWTOR that have played since launch. Just because SWTOR doesn’t have WoW’s player numbers (which were gained over time, not gained on day one launch) does not mean they won’t punish the players for breaking the terms of agreement. So unless you got the cold hard numbers to support your argument, you’re just stating your narrow opinion and not the facts.

lulz – don’t matter how many people play. If they NEVER punish people, then they’ll never have the respect needed. If people can get away with TOS violations willy nilly, the gave will devolve into one giant nest of horrible, nasty trolls. With cheating taking place everywhere.

If you would be so kind as the elaborate. Did you just take the forbidden fruit once? What exactly did you do to get the 24 hr ban?

I did the exploit on story mode on 7 Pub toons and 6 Imp toons for 3-4 weeks. I did the exploit on hard mode on 6 imp toons for 2-3 weeks. Did not sell the lock out for credits and did not transfer servers to sell it.

Okay. So most likely the worst accusers are the ones selling the exploit, on top of playing on multiple toons. Or it could weigh upon what loot you acquired from getting the exploit, along with reverse engineering and acquiring the schematic.

Thx for the info and for being up front about it. All these people ragging about this need to learn from your response. I’m guessing the people that are going to get the permaban are the ones who sold it.

What is even better is the fact that I don’t even play on Thursday’s and my suspension will be lifted by the time I get off work tomorrow.

Maybe…maybe not. my suspension email says nothing about it being taken and Musco’s post only states that that is something that could be done.

lol so your did the exploit on 13 different toons and 6 times on hard mode and got 24hr ban and lost RE ….lmao woo that ban hammer is scary…biofail strikes again..24hours haahahaaaa thats nothing

now that we got our 1 day ban (light slap on the wrist dont do it again kiddo, even though legitimately this whole fiasco is bw fault for releasing such broken terribly plagued content.. if theey had a decent QA and group of testers this would never have happend but cool story im off to play dying light

so what? if i pay for a product and there is content there im going to use it. not gonna cry about it like a bunch of fuckin babbies who the fuck cares guys? if it dont affect u in any way.. then stfu play your game its not your business what otheer people choose to do in their own personal space of the game.. grow the fuck up its a game.. but as always haters gonna hate ..

im not mad i lost nothing.. 1 day of play still have all my gear though! 🙂 i never used it to further my personal means beyond just gearing out some toons to help the guild but u haters keep going i think its hilarious that so many of u just wanna see people burned at the steak. You like a game yet u want to see its player base diminish. Good form m8

I want to see dumb players banned 🙂 Quality over quantity I always say. You, friend, are dumb. Like everyone who exploited. WHYYYY you may ask. Because now that the gear is yours. And the wait for new gear begins. How many will complain about lack of content? how many will go an say, “when will we get a new ops with new tiers of gear???? you fail bioware!”
Cheating at PVE is about the dumbest shit ever.
makes me proud I’m a PvPer 😉

I’m not trying to excuse cheating when I say that hopefully BioWare will solve these issues much faster in the future.

Still, it would be unfair to not punish those players, and so we had to take action. Ha not fair I bet you feel really bad about your self. This is a stupid response. An honest way to handle this is a 1 week ban and removing the items from accounts that did it over and over.

Loved it. Hope it teaches some people a lesson. BUT, lets keep on this roll! Start banning ranked trolls now. Win traders in 4s. Clean up PvP now that you’ve pissed off the PvE nubs lol

Now if only they could ban the accounts of all those spamming “Credits for real cash” money makers on the fleet….

I geared 5 toons using the exploit and only got a 24 hour ban. I get to keep my gear though! Lolz to you Pitchfork trolls hahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahh!

In all seriousness though, I will NEVER exploit the game again. The biggest punishment was wondering what was gonna happen and I’d rather earn my gear legit like I always have. I just got caught up in the moment like a looter in a riot.

na more like they didnt have the guts to actually punish people and sat in a room for weeks thinking ‘how can we get out of this without losing people” some biofail employee came up with lets hit them with a 24hour ban on thursday, we wouldnt want to hit them on a weekend now , would we’

Ya, I’ll take Thursday off over any other day of the week :). Still though, BioWare let this happen and a lot of my raid team left weeks ago so the real damage is losing them.

Word. It was torture cause I love this game and have so much time and money invested since launch. Lesson learned and I’ll take the high ground next time for sure.

You may not get to keep your gear. Read Eric Assface’s letter again.

‘Removal of inappropriately obtained high-end gear and crafting materials’

24 hour ban for people that exploited the bug with multiple toons ?? LMAO

”you naughty know that was wrong ..go to your t.v. tonight..bad kid bad”

what do you have to do to get a permaban…Hump Musco’s mother in front of him while wearing the exploited chest piece while screaming ‘ Suck it Biofail !! whos the daddy ! ”

Same here bud, not a crafter. Still hater will hate all those F2P AND PREFERRED “you hate us, because you ain’t us” joke is on them lolz. Jedi covenant server

Honestly, I don’t think they could actually track down all the gear and take it away without wiping out legit gear. I mean, you rip mods out, xfer between toons and all that. I don’t think they have the capability to claw back any illegal gear specifically.

They don’t, that why crafter name dissaper on mod once apply. Probably could if they really wanted but to much work involve

Agreed. Stuff in Legacy gear being sent, having hilts/barrles crafted,etc. No way they can take all that stuff back now. That was WEEKS ago.

It is quite easy – They know when the gear was obtained, they know how many times you’ve actually completed the content, they know whose lockouts were used in obtaining the gear. With just those 3 pieces of information you can tell 100% what gear, was obtained exploiting and which was obtained normally.

Add in they know when patterns were obtained, what was RE’d to obtain them, and what materials were obtained when doing so – they have all the information they need to make informed choices when deciding what action to take

So they are gonna inspect each of my toons and claw back every piece? I ripped almost every mod out and transferred them all over the place. Sure, it could be done, but they’d have to contract that work out and it wouldn’t be cheap.

It’s much easier than you think. The extent of the tools they have available for investigatory purposes are way beyond the scope of what they let on (that is true for any MMO). Literally every action you take, and every word you type, in an MMO is recorded; it just depends on whether they make the effort to retrieve the information. But it would take less than 10 minutes for something this recent, and would only take one person working on it.

10 mins multiplied by at least a few thousand. Good luck with that, unless you’re gonna fund this Pitchfork project.

less then 10 min is a lot considering the number of account to look through even considering they have already the list of offender. Except for the more serieux offender I doudt they willing to waste ressource for that since it the end that give them nothing.

Wasn’t intended to be a comment on the scope of the investigation, just that if they want to find it, they can.

I highly doubt that. You can roughly estimate the amount of data a database with that kind of information would need to be able to store. It’s not feasable to have that, so i bet they don’t.

No they can simply just request EA for assistance in helping them recover the data if they used the full power of EA they could easily do it.

That is my point. They can’t recover anything they have not recorded to begin with. Imagine you had to record everything in this game. And i don’t mean just the current state. That’s just impossible (practically speaking), no company would pay for that, when there is so little to gain with that.

actually they can because Swtor Miner has said even he could do it if he had access to their database I mean how the hell you do you think they can do character roll backs if the system didn’t save the data?

Honestly, i don’t want to be dragged into a real discussion with you again, because i know it will get ugly. I’ll try to keep this civil and extend on my point though.

Firstly though, an argument ad hominem with swtor miner? He said something? Good for him. He’s just making more or less educated guesses like you and me. He hasn’t seen their databases, neither have we.

Secondly I’m not saying they do not save anything. Of course they save stuff. But it’s a matter of usability of the data. You don’t want to save data you don’t need. I have some insight here due to the fact that I’m working in High Energy Physics where the amount of data generated is insane. Of course you would LIKE to retain all that data, but it’s not feasible, therefore you discard almost all of it. I’m reasonably certain it’s the same here as well.

This guess is corroborated by the fact that Customer Service replied over and over again to issues about restoring stuff that they do not have the capabilities to track the specific items. I really hope that they’re not constantly lying when they tell people that…

He has worked with Bioware before he even help them with a fix on one of the OP bosses and he regularly talks to the devs and he talked to them personally about if they could recover the data and they told him yes.

Thanks for the quote. While I am happy that Miner tries to report as many bugs as possible, that does not mean he is helping them any more than everyone doing a bug report ingame. Also he is not “talking” to the devs and definitly not personally. He posted a list on reddit. Long story short, he doesn’t have more insight than we do.

He does its just hard finding the moment in the episode of torocast which he talks about it going to have to listen to a few hours of it till I can find it.

Just food for thought. Why on earth would he have to sift through 1000s of files to get new information on the game, when he has a direct line to the devs?

Like I said he loves finding things out on his own and there is only so much the official devs would give him knowing that he posts his finds online.

You know what the problem is when some tries to discuss anything with you Shaun? First you assume something and then 4 posts later you use the exact opposite to prove your earlier statement. How would you respond to that? I for my part am really giving it up. It’s useless, you just have to be right no matter what. There is no maybe, i believe, could be, anything. There is only I am right because A, then I am right because not A.

I think your mistaking working with the dev as actually working for the company miner does what he does because he loves to find new stuff and he helps the devs with bugs because he loves the game it’s as simple as that.

I mean if I could explain it to you I would but a lot of it has to do with the Id tagging system they use on items to tell what drops what.

Well, older stuff gets compressed and archived, and is a pain in the ass to go through. All this stuff was within the last two months, that’s a lot easier to research, since it’s all still “live” data (depending how often they archive their data).

“Live” data is the current state of the game. I imagine that database to be huge to begin with. Now imagine you had to snapshot that database every few seconds. I highly doubt they have that kind of archives.

Well here’s the general idea run a SQL query most in particular HM you can run a query who has X itemID that doesnt have Y achievementID for killing the bosses? That immediately gives you a list of who just looted the chest. Now give these players a option delete all gear yourself or face a month ban. This saves on the overhead of doing it yourself and is what other games have done. Do the same for SM, then find another data point most exploiters wont have and repeat. I can write a sample query right now for this. They should easily be able to do this. You get the idea it isnt that hard when they are clear data entries that wont be present.

The problem wiith your theorie is that mod once apply to an armor don’t keep their unique ID. That the reason that was state back then when people where asking why crafter mods name disapear once apply. Basiquely when apply a mod is destroy and an armor gain some new increment. Because of that all Querry is much harder to make and would require Human supervision to assure that only the right stuff is destroy.

You assume they have that information in the database. I’m pretty sure they don’t. For them that would be pretty much wasted space.

That not such strait forward. Sure 80% of time it is. But if you move mods around a lot my sending them to other toon by legacy vault or by mail, it get harder to track. It can be done but they would need to do each player individually and that would take a long time. And also God save their soul if they remove one that was legit. it look simple at first look but it rarely that simple in reality.

I bet you they do not know how the gear was attained. Otherwise they would have removed it. They haven’t. Not even the tokens. They did remove Schematics though, which is interesting because i can already see the flamestorm in the forums from people who got a schematic without using the exploit. Ah, fun times.

This is one big pile of childish drama all for a video game. All the people getting upset over other people getting some gear WHICH DOESN’T AFFECT YOU or your game at all. Cry me a river. Seriously. Yes, a freakin game for crying out loud. Of all the things to worry about in the world. “face palm”. So some people used a glitch to get some gear and mats, whoopy freakin do. Get your god damned priorities straight people. But, what am I saying, you flipped out about a stupid slot machine too. Bioware. How about you fix the bugs and other crap? Broken achievements? The Tac Weekly being broke (because only 2 of the FP’s count for it) ? All the time and resources spent on these “cheaters” could have been used to fix things and improve things. Pathetic.

Your tired and old argument is just that, tired and old. Cheating is cheating, period. “Doesn’t affect you”?

“Cheating: Cheating is the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation.”

Note: “unfair advantage in a competitive situation”. If I need to spell it out for you, you will never understand.

Waaaa Waaa. Boo hoo. Aww, how sad. Pathetic.

And how did someone you don’t even know getting a few pieces of gear affect your game or life? It didn’t. Not a single bit. Get some better priorities in your life. Its a VIDEO GAME for christ sake. Worry about your own game, not mine.

1) Are you 5?

2) The exploit tanked the economy on the rare mats which people who did the work for in getting should have been able to sell at a MUCH higher price.

3) It affects those people when it comes to getting in raids even within their own guilds. If most of the guild did the exploit, got the gear, they will obviously be more desirable to take on raids, ipso facto leaving out those who did not exploit.

1) No. Age has nothing to do with this or anything said. Nice attempt at a childish insult though.

2) Economy…in a video game? Those two things don’t even belong in the same sentence. Furthermore, do people who cant makes millions off the GTN deserve some pity party or something? No. Go actually PLAY the game and stop paying 15 bucks a month to set around on the GTN hording credits. It’s pathetic.

3) The people in 198 gear and carry a 186 guy. I seriously doubt much of that is happening, and just quit the guild then and join a better one. Simple Logic.

All these arguments in favor of the punishment and their idiotic reasons actually make me laugh. This entire thing is ridiculous. Its a VIDEO GAME. It was patched weeks ago, move on.

24 hour ban for getting 3 toons fully min/maxed in 198 Bis gear= 110% worth it.
IF they remove the gear, we lose nothing.
IF they leave the gear, we gain everything!!!

Win- win!

So now that we’ve spent weeks analyzing data to issue 1-day bans, I’m assuming BW now has free time to go back and analyze data to grant achievements for the Nar Shaddaa nightlife event and that Rishi datacron nonsense. Right?

Nice to see they have the resources to waste on this nonsense. Pair this with the announcement that the big priority for them is improving the twitch feed, and I have have to wonder, what the fuck is going on at BW? How about you stop catering to the whiny little bitches and pitchfork crowd and actually fix your fucking game? As has been pointed out, how did these people doing the exploit affect anyone else? It has no impact on another player. I am glad they handed out bans. Nice to see consequences for their actions. However, spending all this extra time and effort to strip gear, etc, shows the sad state this game is in. I was surprised that BW took partial blame for the exploit. Very big of them. Of course, this now sets a precedence. No longer can Customer Service lie to players about restoring gear and items. Obviously, they have the means to do so. What a colossal waste of time.

Your tired and old argument is just that, tired and old. Cheating is cheating, period. “Doesn’t affect you”?

“Cheating: Cheating is the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation.”

Note: “unfair advantage in a competitive situation”. If I need to spell it out for you, you will never understand.

LOL I couldn’t care less. Hopefully the whiny bitches feel vindicated and can move on with their lives after weeks of this nonsense.

TIred and old argument? What the fuck are you on about? I said I was glad they were punishments handed out, or are you simply unable to read? I was pointing out that there are far more pressing things for BW to devote energy to. To this day, PVP exploits continue and BW won’t even talk about it. Thanks for contributing.

Exploit: The player uses mechanics put in by the developer to circumvent the gameplay.


Cheating — When a player goes outside playing the game to alter, modify or change the experience of the game from the developer’s original intent.

what was done was inside the game, no client hacks involved. So this is an Exploit. Suck it up. Even Bioware calls it the Ravagers EXPLOIT.

“We didn’t take these actions lightly and reviewed every account to determine where we could be lenient. From our end, this was a no win situation. We feel responsible for allowing the exploit to occur and remain in the game for an unreasonable length of time, but we also cannot and will not condone cheating.”

That’s all we wanted you to say, guys. I’m glad this matter is finally settled and willing to let bygones be bygones.

However I hope it taught BioWare and EA a serious lesson. Next time this happens, don’t just sit on your hands for weeks.

Honestly though, it really was their fault for letting it exist so long. It doesn’t excuse the exploit, but if they’re going to screw up, at least admit they screwed up too.

A) they reviewed every account individually? really? wow, just for that my subscription is money well spent. I thought bots and programs shadowed the whole database and singled out the trespassers. Then they just removed controversial items.
B)If they have learned anything, there should not be a next time. And for players that seem to have gotten away with this, this is a friendly reminder: Don’t profit from our glorious screw-ups, WE ARE WATCHING YOU. (and yes there will be screw-ups. Just for testing your “integrity”)

“(and yes there will be screw-ups. Just for testing your “integrity”)”

Haha, now I’m picturing them adjusting the lightside/darkside alignment of people’s accounts in regards to the exploit.

You guys do realize that they have only banned like a dozen people? There are still people running around the fleet who did not get a mail, exploited dozens of times and even have their unassembled tokens. Just sayin’. Not to mention those that did get a suspension got 1-7 days. Now that’s not even a slap on the wrist.

Nah they banning folks… Got a guildie can’t get in and I’m already logged in otherwise I wouldnt be able to. 24 hours sure does suck…

Of couse it is. They are a stock corporation. Do you really think they would tell their investors at the next general meeting: “Sorry, but we HAD TO show integrity. There will be no dividends this year.”

Lack of integrity can cause people to leave the game just as much, if not more, than bans. I certainly don’t want to play a game where cheating is tolerated.

Going around spewing BS about integrity, have you paused to think about the Devs Integrity as trained professionals (some are even scientists or PhD’s) to release such a flawed game with so few updates, so slow bug fixes, so many exploits, bipolar behaviour such as having the guinea-pigs who preordered SoR pay some mills for training costs and removing those costs the sec their preorder heads-up week finishes? Did they Check their records there and return that money? Did they do anything to exploiters at Nefra NiM? Besides take some 3-4 patches to stop the whole farce?
Lets take the integrity talk a step further. This post is about the ravagers exploit. There has been another exploit on ToS 4th boss (and a Bioware side exploit in the first weeks where the bosses didnt drop loot, lets Ban Bioware) and there are some extra exploits for which there is no public notice. So just the Ravagers exploiters get the penalties. That’s sticking to ToS. That’s integrity.

Nonsense. Noone will leave because they show a lack of integrity. If that really happens, that’s like 2-3 customers worldwide. Hardly much impact.

Gf and I already un-subbed due to boredom (as have many others). This action (or lack of) certainly doesn’t make motivate me to resub. Remember your words months from now as this game continues to deteriorate.

Honestly though, if you and your Gf are not even going to sub anymore, why on earth would you care about the whole thing at all?

You gonna support this game? I’ve contributed so much money to this game (hundreds a month) so I’ve paid my dues. I made a mistake and I am sorry for it. You wanna ban me and everyone else like me? We pay to play.

You pay to play, not to cheat. If you took part in this exploit, in the very LEAST they should take away what you gained from it. There is no excuse for cheating, ever.

Stand in a room full of politicians and repeat what you just said. I’d probably be able to hear the laughter from here.

No one is telling you to leave. This was a huge mess and we should all get back to playing. I’m sure BioWare has learned their lesson too which is the most important thing. Game on bro, let’s all just be friends.

I don’t care about anyone getting banned, even if they deserve it. I don’t wish ill on anyone, especially people I don’t even know. However, they SHOULD remove the gear that was gotten through this exploit from EVERYONE, not just some people as their post suggests. There is no financial or moral argument against that.

Because letting the masses go for that 0.1% mount weeek after weeeeeeek after yeeeeear in and yeaaaaar out, makes sense.

yet political scum can do so much about you. This game has been a stain on the RPG map for so long that really makes me wonder why they keep the bioware name where most of the workers are no longer working there. And Cartel Market is the only thing that receives even minor but still regular updates. You should choose to leave SWTOR. But you won’t. In a sense if you did the exploit (EXPLOIT not cheat, different words different meanings look them up) and you got banned then Maybe, just Maybe you would start thinking a little more clearly.
And yes $$$$$$$>>>>>>>integrity. If it was the other way around, hookers wouldn’t be the oldest profession. So after some 4.000 years of History, get out and smell the rosies, pal.

I guess that’s how you justify your cheating to yourself. Btw, we already un-subbed couple of weeks ago. This game has been in a downward spiral for a long time. I hoped the x-pac would breathe some life back into it, but it’s been a disappointment. This whole exploit fiasco is just another entry in a long list of failures.

You support the game so you should be able to use an exploit 30 times knowing it is wrong? You have no integrity that is really the bottom line. I think the bans should be harsher that is how you send a msg. Not this pansy BS. But what else can you expect from such a craply managed team.

this whole situation is lulz I did not do the exploit but…payed $30 for 3.0 xpac resubed $80 in addition to spending $300 on packs hoping to get some good gear and or stuff to sell use in new ops I.E rav/tos and was unable to enter a single grp for 3 weeks because there was none being formed due to everyone cheating and all they get is 24 hour ban wow…

Boo Hoo, 24 hour ban. What a joke…..You’re damn right you’re responsible for it being in the game so long eric. Worst MMO Developement team ever….

If you’re willing to pay me $100 then I won’t login till next week if it makes you feel any better.

In all seriousness though, good job Eric on somehow not leaving people pissed at this horrible PR throughout this. The punishment is very fair I feel, though I’ll be pissed that the two schematics I learned legitimately will be lost.

I think half the reason so many did it is because they found out about it, did it in mild disbelief, and got caught up in the little high you get from gearing up to BIS gear. That’s how it was for me at least.

In the end justice was done even if they were lighter then I wanted I at least can take satisfaction that all the exploiters accounts will be marked telling Bioware employees that these people are exploiters and should be dealt with harshly should they ever exploit again.

Actually, a day off from a MMO is a good thing. I don’t see a 24 ban as a punishment at all. When I login tomorrow I’ll still have all my stuff and I’m still VERY good in raids so I’ve lost nothing. You pitchfork trolls are the only ones who lose this round.


From the email…

“The action taken against your account is a 24 hour suspension and the removal of any learned crafting recipes from the use of this exploit from any characters on this account that participated.”

I can confirm that I got the exact same email.

Apparently you didn’t bother to read the news story above.

Well I’m someone who didn’t exploit it and can tell you that people in Vint, Mumble, and Team Speak are all confirming the exact same thing right now.

Also apparently you don’t believe Eric either because that email that was pictured is what he said they were sending out.

Well considering they can’t log on and confirm they didn’t lose more that means little.

So now you’re confirming that the email is indeed legit?

Seriously, wtf is the matter with you? Why do you feel the need to argue about everything. Not only did multiple people tell you that was the case but Eric’s post confirmed it as well and yet you still argued about it even though there was proof.

So, you were wrong about the email being legit. Note let me specifically state wrong about the fact that it existed.

Yes and no yes they did send out emails but if you look at email posted you would notice there is way too much spacing between the lines so they are either edited down by the poster or a typo by Bioware missing some lines.

Omg, no it wasn’t, what is the matter with you?

You did not read what Eric posted did you?

I seriously can’t believe I have to need to take a screencap of what Eric posted from the news story above simply because you’re a terrible person that feels the need to argue with everyone and everything.

Look at what Eric wrote. TRIPLE SPACED. It should be obvious but clearly it isn’t so I’ll explain it to you. Eric (or whatever PR person) wrote that in Notepad, Wordpad, or on the forums and when it was copy and pasted over to be sent out in emails or wherever else the formatting of the copy and pasting triple spaced it. It’s a common occurrence when copy and pasting text between different formats.

Yes but no where in his message does he state that all actions will be listed in the email other then time and schematics.

There is nothing else other than what was stated.

Multiple people have now confirmed that the email pictured was the exact same one that they got. This isn’t a situation where there is anything to be gained from lying or dishonest.

You’re acting like people are trying to pull one over on you and they’re not. Yes, they can taunt you with the fact that you were incorrect, but that doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t need to make a big deal out of being right or wrong. You don’t get anything out of it and neither do they.

Personal satisfaction is a momentary feeling it goes just as fast it comes.

Inside of those categories of player’s it is also possible they could have very specific additional actions taken against them including:

Removal of inappropriately obtained high-end gear and crafting materials
Removal of credits and commendations

Nit-picking because you know that when everyone said you were an idiot we were right.

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

People told you dumb ass multiple times that this EXACT thing was going to happen and you didn’t/wouldn’t listen. You kept flat out denying they would do something like this and would instead be doing mass perma bans.

YOU WERE WRONG SHAUN! No if, ands, or buts about it.

Why didn’t they perma ban everyone Shaun isn’t that what FF14 did? Hey why doesn’t SWTOR have the exact same policy FF14 does? That’s weird huh?

Them flagging people’s accounts is not you “winning” because as I stated above people mentioned that was more than likely going to happen and you argued with them saying the actions of BW would be stronger than that. SO NOW WHAT?

And yet there were others that this EXACT thing was going to happen and you disputed them. THEY WERE RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG.

Oh and SWTOR somehow still doesn’t have the same policies as FF14. How’d that happen?

Nope because even those people were wrong because they didn’t believe they could remove gear and other things they gained from exploiting.

Nope. There are people that simply told you exactly what happened and only that. People who made no mention or stated any belief about gear not being able to be removed or anything like.

You might want to go back a read all the forums then because plenty of people who said that later said they couldn’t remove gear.

Nope. There are people on here that only made a single comment or two about the whole incident who stated exactly what was going to happen and you argued with them. They were right and you were wrong.

Other people being wrong about the situation does not completely invalidate the people that were right. You simply don’t want to admit that you were wrong, like always.

Nope. I can confirm it because I was one of them. I told you that this was the situation that was going to happen, but you kept denying it saying things like FF14 do/did mass perma bans and that SWTOR would do it as well. Only that didn’t happen. What a shock.

Funny – “May lose” and “Could lose” – being used for those that gained items, schematics – instead of “Shall be” or “Will be”. I didn’t even give a damn about suspensions, that won’t fix the problem. What would fix the problem with those that gained, should just lose any money they gained, along with whatever they gained from the instance and leave it at that.

People won’t give a two bits shit about getting a slap on their wrists. People learn through pain and pain for them would be to take away what was gained.

Typical lack of spine response and action taken, but whatever.

Maybe Dulfy was right and they are doing servre by server bans. BTW, i didnt get ban too and i’m from Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

two people in my server (begeren colony) got a 24 hour suspention (one of them was the one that transfer the lock for hm from harbinger)

I don’t think so since it seems like some servers that have seen bans already haven’t banned everyone who exploited.

Did Dulfy get banned? I wonder if got perma banned, oh wait that’s the golden child of the game, exclusive access to PTS. Since they were the ones selling the exploit from the get go! Yep I called you out and lots of peeps know this

Zorz is doing well, thanks for your concern.

Let’s see some proof of Zorz ‘selling’ the lockout. Oh wait that’s not actually what happened.

I was gonna say taking all their credits on every toon was a good penalty, maybe they did that. I don’t think a perma ban is warranted for this.

Seriously an exploit that was being shouted all over gen chat they took weeks to fix for a game you have to pay real money for to really play…gimme a break not a big deal.

Not really, because some players have a lot more credits than others. Is it fair to take 100,000,000 credits from a one time abuser, and 500,000 credits from a repeat abuser, just because that’s what they happened to have? No.

OMG I am still not sure whether I have this huge hard on because I did not get banned at all and received no penalty, or because Shaun Salisbury got OWNED as hundreds, if not thousands of players, got away practically without almost any punishment….

Since I am not a harsh offender, I would get a few days at most, for which I do not care at all. Doesn’t change the fact that you got completely owned, talking about permanent bans for about a month now

Not really because them taking all the exploited items and forever marking the exploiters accounts is just as good.

Are you seriously saying that taking the items and marking the offenders is just as good as permabanning them? :””””)

No one is stupid to exploit again ever if they’ve received a warning, so trust me, whatever excuse you tell yourself right now, the undeniable truth is that you were horribly wrong in your predictions, and as you were going to get satisfaction from seeing punishment being attributed to exploiters, I am enjoying this slap on the wrist much more than I should. It feels so good to know that you were so so SO WRONG.

No people didn’t believe they could remove the items exploited but as clearly stated by Musco they can.

I lost my schematics, nothing else. Poor poor me. Shaun, you got rekt and you know it, the rest of us get enjoy this so much more because of it. I’m actually gonna miss reading all of your idiotic comments on the subject. Your sad attempt at white knight zealotry just makes the rest of us realize what a pathetic human being you really are.

Seeing as I kept all my gear, didn’t even get a 24hour ban, and made the money I wanted from schematics anyway, you can enjoy the fact that being ‘flagged’ doesn’t matter one bit. Your own enjoyment is based on people giving a shit whether they’re ‘flagged’ or not and I’d be willing to bet both my testicles that very few of them do. So once again, you get rekt 10 fold princess.

Well then if you feel so invincible then way don’t you try your luck next time and see what happens.

Yeah… I do know. Luckily i dont break any of them. Lets face it… Each reply to me or others is just making your argument more stale

Our guild leader shown everyone in guild how to bug it, he done it dozens of times and got a 24hr ban. Nobody else in the guild received any punishment.

Nah all the exploiters accounts are marked that they will always be known to Bioware employees as a exploiter which means that next time will be harsh.

You are forgeting that for smart people (like me) there will not be a next tme, regardless if im banned today or not.

Are you sure I mean if you couldn’t resist the temptation to do this it’s likely that you can’t resist another big exploit.

I did this knowing i wouldnt likely get a big punishment (i only exploited on 2 toons). I wont do it again, and if you think otherwise you are obviously hanging on to your last shred of content to use in your argument.

Not really I am just pointing out the facts many people say they will not exploit but that is only because there is no exploit to tempt you again.

Ill give you credit, this part of your argument is very true. I dont plan on exploiting again, but i do know people who may…

EAT MY DIRTY PENUS! you hate us because you ain´t us!, i haven´t recieve
this mail yet hahaha! also we are so intelligence for you BIOCRAP, we
already sold all the mods armoring and loot, we have spend all the money
(on matts, unlockers, mount, colors and dye also i transfer some money
to another account) gain throught our looting so even is they bann me
they cant extrac my loot because is on the vendors, waiting for me to
buy them back HAHAHA LOOSERR!

Doubtful your GUESS is accurate. I was a one time offender after getting a whisper offer on Rishi. I didn’t even know what he was talking about right away. I would be the example of the lightest tier. I don’t have an email yet.

About a year and a half ago I spent over $600 buying credits from a gold site and Bioware only took 5 mil away from me. I didn’t do it again and instead started supporting the CM and became very wealthy. I’m ok with a 24 ban cause I need to wash the car I just bought last week and go to the grocery. Maybe I’ll go visit my momma too.

Ok guys I get the feeling the bans will be on a rolling mode. If they ban all of us at the same time, the few people left might quit playing due to dead servers.

Who do you want killed?

Technically we are charged with thievery AFTER the murder. I didnt see or touch any corpse.

I don’t think it’s enough. If you don’t have enough willpower to not exploit and cheat but then try to push the blame off on someone else because you cheated. The community really doesn’t need you but oh well.

I don’t think its enough either. Bioware gets away with a slap on the wrist. They get to keep those devoted subs and still market the same defective product.

Bioware must be forced to take down the servers for 1-7 days and fix the damn bugs and sloppy server performance. Besides with so many people banned not many people will be playing anyway.

There would be no EXPLOITS, if the Devs bothered making a decent product which leads to no exploiters. The only cheats in an MMO are client hacks and the like. No such thing in this case.

No matter how you spin it. Cheating is cheating and thsi exploit was indeed cheating. IF you’re an MMO gamers at all, you know looting a boss you didn’t kill over and over is a cheat. Doesn’t matter if it didn’t get fixed for years. IT’s still a cheat and gamers know it’s wrong. Not having the willpower to stop themselves doesn’t make cheating somehow the right thing to do.

Just because I accidentally leave my door open when I leave the house does not mean you can just go in and take whatever you’d like. Yes, my mistake made it easier for you to break the law but YOU’RE STILL BREAKING THE LAW!

Are you comparing an actual object of actual value to the gear obtained in the game? Also are you comparing actual Law with the ToS? You pay money to get that vase. Did you pay money DIRECTLY to obtain those items in the exploits? And even if like you say the exploiters stole something, did they steal from you? Are the items not available to you?Did they deprive you of anything?

BioWare played it rationally and admitted to negligence on their part. That took guts from them. They really were put into a no-win situation as Eric states. The exploited accounts have been flagged with a warning that will get them banned if they do something like this again. It was the most reasonable step they could have taken in my opinion.

The only thing that put BW in a no-win state was going public with the exploit on a massive scale and foretelling Draconean punishments and account-searching. That said, the flagging system is a really nice touch, I second that. THEY SHOULD DO IT RETROSTYLE FOR NEFRA TOO.

Yeah, but if they’d have kept their mouths shut, they wouldn’t have had to disappoint the people crying for punishments. Because let’s face it, they made promises and they did not deliver. Even the person who transferred the lockout to my server didn’t get more than a 24 hour suspension.

I help a lot of people out in the game and I’m a nice person in real life. I’ve been using cheat codes in video games for fun since the 80’s and I skip trash mobs too. I guess I’m a horrible person through, right?

Maybe just a dumbass but I don’t know you in RL so that’s based on how you present yourself here. No team likes a cheater.

Now I am happy that you brough that up. Skipping trash mobs! how could you deny their only purpose! for that you should be ban!

Funny thing though,you guys messed up progression that is why Ult comms are now hard to get for the majority of others.

See what a selfish little twits you are.

That is true. Also some squeamish butterflies in Africa caused Swtor Devs to nerf those Ult comms gains. So we got screwed both ways.

I exploited to remain competitive. All of my raiding friends exploited. Every single one of them, every single week. So either I exploited, or I felt gimped and a little jealous. Considering most people play MMOs for the social aspect, what do you think I did? Yeah. You really put us in an awkward situation, BioWare. This glitch should have been there for a day, tops. (Or never at all, if you believe they knew about it before launch.)

So thanks for the 24 hour ban. xD Slap on the wrist received. I bet whatever blanket script they run will remove the schematics I learned legit, too. But whatever. Like multiple people have said, totes worth it. I have set bonuses I might not have had for months, what with the sorry state of raiding on my poor little RP server.

It’s not like I’m going to unsubscribe sooner because I’ll have better gear sooner. I actually enjoy the game… when it’s not being a pile of glitches. Which it currently is. Can I hire the people who cried about the slots to cry about the glitches? Maybe something would be done then?

Nope. As I stated below, I spent $600 on a gold selling site and BW only took 5 mil away. If any of my credits get touched then I have a few ppl I pay in game to farm credits for me so I’ll be wealthy again in no time. $ talks

So you are a repeat offender? you people as James Franco said “Need to go” i hope you were banned due to your previuos actions.

Nope. I don’t buy from gold sites anymore, I use the CM and I pay friends via paypal to farm credits for me. They need real life money and I can afford to help them out so I do it.

Nope, they can’t touch my paypal transactions. I support the CM too so quit being so butthurt bro.

This type of thing happens constantly in the game but people like you and Shaun seem to be completely oblivious to it, or rather you think that all the people that do it are getting perma banned when it’s very obvious that they’re not.

Ahh the Lance Armstrong syndrome.

I cheated so I could beat others along with my cheating team. What…! Thats the wrong thing to do? No way!

I really like your first paragraph. I mean really like. Good points and laughs in the same place. Way to go. +1 from me.

“I broke in and stole from your house, You, the owner really put me in a bad situation.”, words of a scumbag.

I say if u sub every month ur basically subsidizing cheaters like this shitheel above me,


Cry White Knight cry!

Your tears cleanse me and your sorrowful sound is music to my ears!

Because stealing is the same as creating an item from nothing that hurts nobody.

Guess I’m too much of a shitheel to understand.

That’s an amazing word btw. Shitheel. I’mma use it all day. Shitheel. xD

U cheat and ruin the community. u dont even sub, prolly scamming ops unlocks. U a terribad no doubt as well lol.

“You really put us in an awkward situation, Bioware.” Yeah blame them for forcing you to use the exploit. This goes back to what dad always said “if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you?” You have no one else to blame for your lack of morals but yourself you piece of trash.

Holy Frog is holy!

But if I got a thousand dollars for jumping off the bridge, and knew all I’d get was a stubbed toe, hell yes I’d jump off that bridge man.

Who said anything about $1000 bucks or stubbing your toe? Point is “everyone else did it so I can do it” is not an excuse. Like I said you’re trash.

You… totally missed the metaphor. Just wow.

I may be trash, but I’m trash that raids. Go back to your flashpoints, muppet.

You cheated. You knew you were cheating. But instead of reporting and ignoring the opportunity to gain an unfair advantage over others you took every advantage of it. You knew it was wrong but you did it. Nobody forced you to so you have no one to blame but yourself. Every decision you make has consequences. You made a bad decision you deserve bad consequences. Stop blaming everyone else.

Bioware put the gun on the table and loaded it. You picked it up and stick it in your mouth and pulled the trigger.

Don’t see how. He only got a 24 hour suspension. Your analogy implies that he killed himself or his account. Neither of which happened.

From what I read, your set bonuses ( along with armor, schematics, other equipment) you received are getting removed as well. Not sure if that really will happen but from what was said I’d not expect for you to have any gains kept from exploiting

My email said: “The action taken against your account is a 24 hour suspension and the
removal of any learned crafting recipes from the use of this exploit
from any characters on this account that participated.”

Nothing about gear removal. Eric’s statement said it was possible some people would have the gear removal… but he made it sound like not everybody would lose their stuff. Just some people. I don’t know what “some people” is. Wouldn’t my email mention it if I were one of those? Guess I’ll see tomorrow and let ya know.

My boyfriend didn’t even get banned. Possibly because he had less characters than I, therefore exploited less… even though we both used all of our characters every week. 😉 I think they’re just running a script, tallying number of offenses, and slapping out suspensions if you hit some magic number. Maybe doing more to you if you hit the next magic number.

Has anyone’s email mentioned anything except a 24 hour suspension and removal of schematics? Anyone?

I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a thousand cheating nerds cried out at once and were suddenly silenced…

I had to post that from another forum LOL.

So wait 24 hour bans are equivalent to a planet of millions of people being killed? How does that work exactly?

Also I expect you exploiters who said that you would quit the game if you got any punishment to actually quit the game.

Nope. Gonna login tomorrow. I hope you don’t quit cause I enjoy your support of this game as much as the next guy’s.

if they take my loot i wont be suscriber any more, thats a fact, but if they dont i gonna be so happy and continuing tell you to suck my dirty penus and you hate us because you ain´t us

Kinda like democrats saying they were going to move to France and Canada when Bush got reelected.

They didnt but France and Canada wouldnt of wanted them anyhow.

Kinda like Ted Nugent saying he’d be in jail or dead if President Obama got re-elected. Unfortunately, he is neither.

The fact that you actually believed that only points out the fact that you’re as dumb as we all already knew you are.

It’s not going to happen. People speaking in hyperbole. You above all others should know that.

Sorry I can’t resist. Could you also call out all those people who said without justice and permabans for all exploiters they would leave, to leave? Fair is fair 😉

Yea if you said you were going to leave if you didn’t get your way then you should leave I doubt either side will do it tho.

In support of the exploiters I am not going to login for a week and going to dye all my toons with black color, and planning to organize an event “nude mile”, will gather all Sith Lords, Jedi scums, smart ass agents, notorious bounty hunters, tricky smugglers and fat ass troopers from all over the Galaxy and walk nude from spaceport to the end of the map in all capital worlds. Come join me in support of the exploiters, lets strip. Look out for the call in the gen chat in fleets and all capital worlds.

Seriously. Getting reacquainted with one’s family for a day or two, said ban is probably a net POSITIVE to many people.

Nothing, suspension and loss of schematics which you can just ‘re more tomorrow and get the scheme again. So essentially just a time suspension.

i learn to do some implants by raiding some ravagers, get them both via need, after that i get some 198´s via my precius xploid and them i reverse ingeniring the old ones, they gonna take that schematic?


Email –

“The action taken against your account is a 24 hour suspension and the removal of any learned crafting recipes from the use of this exploit from any characters on this account that participated.”


eat my dirty sausage you are the idiot for not using this beautifull de gift from BIOCRAP, and i havent reciebe any mail 8========D—–3


Don’t sit down and take this. If you paid for a subscription and bought a defective expansion pack file a complaint with the and file a dispute with your credit card company. No reason to bear the brunt of some over paid bioware employee who has had his ego whipped because he went on vacation despite knowing there were easily accessible items they had not intended people to get.

Sure they can argue what they think is an exploit but people have in reality paid for a broken product and are having their subscriptions suspended due to their incompetence.

1. Find the date you paid for subscription and purchased the expansion, call up your credit card. Dispute the charges.

2. Go to and file a complaint against Bioware in Austin.

Unfortunately, that wont really work. You see, bugs are a part of programming and it’s an understood possibility to a certain extent and before you bought the game. However, cheating and exploiting on the other hand is a no-no right from the start and you even agree to possible punishment should you do it. Report all you want, push the blame to whoever you want, but to bad.

Have you been playing the game? Did you already dispute the charges before you were banned? I’m guessing the answers are yes and no, in that order. Therefore what you are advocating is unethical. But what else should I expect from someone who used the exploit. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

Dude, It’s a 24 hour suspension. It isn’t even a slap on the rist. It is like a dry spit ball dropped litely next to your rist… Seriosuly, chill bro.

A “defective product” with a terms of service attached to it.

You don’t buy something from the store, rip the warranty sticker off and expect to get a refund for it. You threw out your chances of that the moment you broke the agreement.

Because Zorz was one of the few guilds that had access to the lock out and knowledge of the exploit from the pts.

Why are people assuming we had knowledge of the exploit? We hardly even did Cora on the PTS because the fight was broken and gave no loot.

It (the exploit) was never posted on the PTS forums.

well why would anyone post about a exploit on the forums where they tell you not to post about exploits?

It’s PTS, that’s what we’re there for.

If they discovered this during PTS, don’t you think they would have fixed it in the time before Cora was killed on live?

Considering all they had to do was disable Coratanni loot until they figured it out, I refuse to believe they would have let this go through PTS to live if they knew about it.

So, all they would have had to do was disable loot for one boss , and this whole thread would never have existed?


People still could have gotten achievements I suppose, but that’s not why people did this.

If that was the case then why didn’t they just do that when the exploit popped up surely they could have done so with ease.

That’s what everyone is wondering. We reported it the day it was stolen and we figured out what happened.

It was during the holiday season, so that probably is why it took so long to fix, but still… it took way too long for something that seems as easy as going into some code and disabling the loot from 1 boss.

A temporary inconvenience (no loot) would have been much better than all of this,

Don’t worry, Shaun will continue to blame Zorz and he will claim to have the facts on this.

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

I actually find it interesting that people like Shaun still think this exploit existed on the PTS when it didn’t. This exploit was created, after the game went live, as a result of Bioware attempting to fix the “no loot drop” issue on the final boss.

Someone speculated it on Reddit. Then the rumor mill ran with it and little Shaun took the rumor as fact. And he’s so obsessed with this exploit that it’s pretty much taken over his life, he just trolls this board constantly as the Crier Droid of the ravagers exploit.

Shaun is dieing inside because he expected all of us to be banned form gaming and lay in bed at night crying ourselves to sleep. He predicted, in many threads, that the tears of the banned would fall like rain and feed his sadistic sence of self-ritousness. Instead he is crying that all we got was 24 hours off.
Hey Shaun, while you are playig SWTOR tonight I will be curled up next to my beautiful wife, covered with sweat…

I bet Shaun started that rumor. The guy needs to be banned. Seriously, when are we getting rid of this worthless d-bag.

Zorz was not the source from where my imp side lockout came from, nor was it for any of my other friends that had a hm lockout on the harb. I wont name the guild where my lock out came from because that would be…. cold….. Anyway, before you start slamming a guild, try to actually do some research first.

Funny since there are members of Zorz in this thread and Dulfy herself saying that you are wrong. Or do you have proof that the ONLY people that have the facts are wrong?

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

They have never denied my claim that they were one of the few guilds that had access to it because they know it’s true they were one of the 1st guilds to clear HM ravagers.

No, You accused them of being the ones who sold the locks, and you are dead wrong shaun, DEAD WRONG!

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

Nope never accused them of anything I just simply posted why people would believe they did.

“Shaun Salisbury KTap an hour ago
Because Zorz was one of the few guilds that had access to the lock out and knowledge of the exploit from the pts.”

That, douche-bag, is an accusation.

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

Of course you remove the context of the response because you know it was a response to a question of why people would believe they did it.

I quoted you word for word and didn’t remove a single letter. You made and accusation and are wrong.

Ban Shaun Salisbury!

I mean thankfully that member of Zorz understood what I was talking about but it seems you lack that ability.

Because bans maintain order and prevent chaos example imagine if people knew before hand that they would be perma banned for doing this exploit I can tell you for sure that no one would bother trying it if they knew the outcome would have gotten them perma banned.

Ok I got this, then why does it is so important to you that people don’t get pieces that won’t change the way you want to play? Because the only effect I can see to these kind of bug is that more people will get more stuff and the content will be slightly easier (yes stuff doesn’t matter that much if you know how to play).

Because the only reason why you think that is because it doesn’t effect you but let’s say an exploit comes around that allows someone to steal every item and credit from you then you would be pissed and want something done well that wouldn’t have happened if they enforced a zero tolerance deal when it comes to exploiting.

Because if you don’t stop the simple things it will just grow bigger and bigger like how Nefra lead to this being as big as it was they let the smaller one slide and then the next exploit it went out of control.

Wow you’ve got a bad opinion about people… I did the exploit twice to have fun and that was over for me. As for Nefra, well this also didn’t change my gameplay since I wasn’t there at that moment.
Anyway, even if I do understand your point of view, I can’t feel like this all thing bothers me… I’m playing hm now, we’re struggling but i’m having fun with my guild mates and I’m happy about that.

They can’t do that. They are a F2P game and the funding to keep them “profitable” in the eyes of big baddy EA is keeping subscribers paying to play and buying Cartel Coins. If the money goes away, so do people’s jobs.
EA will only keep allowing them to spend $ on this game if the game is bringing in a sizeable proffit.

That’s not what happened though. He’s asking about this specific instance, so actually give a specific answer to his questions instead of presenting another one about something different.

If you bothered to read the whole conversation he understood what I was talking about.

That still doesn’t change the fact that you tried to change the conversation because you had no actual answer to his question.

Once again you clearly didn’t read it all he said he understood what I said and he got my answer he just doesn’t agree with it.

That still doesn’t change the fact that you tried to change the conversation because you had no actual answer to his question.

No I was giving him my answer and I gave him an example of why my way of thinking is right even they understood it but for some crazy reason you don’t.

That still doesn’t change the fact that you tried to change the conversation because you had no actual answer to his question.

By now even YOU realize not a single solitary soul on this planet puts stock in what you can tell us “for sure”. You’re a joke. A deluded, self righteous, joke. You’re the only person who even pretends not to see that at this point.

Nope the only problem is that I don’t control the Terms of Service team if I did then people wouldn’t even have the perception that they don’t ban.

The only problem is your failure to recognize your complete and utter impotence in the matter. By the end of the first day, you’d thumped your chest over dozens of posts. You did NOT get your wish. You were granted NO meaningful vindication to speak of. You will NEVER have a say on the ToS for this product, or any product designed with creating jobs or wealth for investors/provided extended, ongoing customer service in mind. That cold, hard, truth is the only good thing about this whole mess.

Yeah I was granted my vindication simply from the fact that all the exploiters have been marked in the records as exploiters and once they login they will notice Bioware cleaned out all their exploited loot which means they did it all for nothing and now they are marked players.

Often wrong, never uncertain. If ever you ever wonder what your peers are thinking while they feign politeness.

You do realize that most of “the exploiters” didn’t even get a slap on the wrist? Like nothing, no mail, no lost gear, nothing.
Just sayin’.

No they got emails over the day and the gear will be removed before they are off suspension.

I know for a fact that people who have exploited quite extensively (only SM though, i doubt anyone had the HM lockout on our server) did not receive a ban and they still have dozens of tokens lying in their inventory.

well maybe they ran out of time before getting to the EU servers considering how many people exploited but don’t worry they didn’t forget them.

But Shaun, you said a couple days ago that their weren’t very many people who exploited. That it was gonna be quick and easy to just perma-ban them all and be done with it. Now you think that the number of exploiters was to great for them to be able to get to the EU Servers in a timely manner. Which is it Shaun?

Wrong again Shaun. There were numerous people in my guild who had several to a dozen chest pieces in their inventory and are on an US east coast server that didn’t even get suspended.

They didn’t suspend every body that exploited it.

Again. Proven wrong. Feel free to return to the street corner with your “The End is Nigh” sign. They say a broken clock is wrong twice a day. How do you manage to even fail at maintaining that win ratio? A rare gift indeed. 10 60s. HM/SM lockouts each week. 24 hr suspension in the middle of the week, to end in time for the weekend(thanks for that extra consideration btw, BW 🙂 Three schematics deleted. Eight schematics retained, all gear retained, all remaining chest tokens retained, all money retained, all comms retained. Total money spent on cartel coins (lifetime) 15.00. Total money spent on subscription (lifetime) about 105.00. Satisfaction in knowing all along, that your trolling attempts at instilling fear of reprisals and moral inferiority into others has failed utterly in the face of reality :Priceless.

Nope thanks to all your bragging it’s just given me more evidence to send to Musco that the team didn’t do a thorough job.

Because they had no idea what actions they took. Because they didn’t measure their response? Because they didn’t state specifically that they strove to be as lenient as possible? Because they don’t acknowledge that they provide a game service, nothing more? Because they don’t realize that the draconian punishments that you deem fair and appropriate wouldn’t serve to alienate a significant portion of their customer base and cost them money? Yeah, Shaun. Tell them. They need your help. Everybody in the world is wrong but you. Be sure to promise you’ll cover the all the subs that you won’t miss, but that bioware might, when reporting their earnings. Offer to buy all us exploiters out why don’t you? It would actually be the most constructive and sensible thing you’ve done since this all started. Or just keep blowing steam while BW and everybody else laughs at how far you’re willing to cling to your faulty position.

Considering WoW the most successful MMO is harsh on exploiters and they still keep subs high I doubt my way of thinking is the real issue.

Same overall priorities, different trials to face. I’m not certain (certainly not as certain as you’ve been all the times you’ve been proven factually incorrect) but every step, every move or statement made by bioware in response to this has been contrary to your scorched earth predictions and desires. That you remain staunch about how you alone are in the right in light of all this sure comes across as somebody who checked out long ago.

People who did the exploit may have affected the economy. But, the damage is largely done and attempting to remove schematics was a fair move to try and mitigate a lasting effect. There does not appear to be anymore disciplinary action coming in response to this embarrassing episode, Shaun. You don’t get what a vast majority of your posts implied you wanted. Most of us get to keep playing. Sorry, but moving the goal posts by holding some double secret probation over our heads doesn’t scare a single, rational soul. It never did.

Face it. You chose to fight an absurd battle whose conditions and rewards for victory you HAD to know meant nothing when compared to keeping the business going. It’s over. At this point, if you keep going, most people will pity you, rather than hate on you. Go play swtor. This forum battle was over the day you thought to start it. GG.

Either way it was a victory due to the fact that so many of the exploiters said they wouldn’t even do this and they did and even a few of the exploiters that said they would quit if they were punished at all did quit and the exploiters that started it were also perma banned.

You’re right, Shaun. Congratulations on your hard won victory. May you forever be hoist upon the shoulders of chubby, neckbearded, katana welding cosplayers everywhere.

Many of the exploiters stated that it was going to be a slap on the wrist, and that’s exactly what happened.

Many exploiters said they were going to hand out suspensions instead of perma bans and that’s exactly what happened.

Many of the exploiters already knew that their accounts were going to get flagged because that’s what happens in these situations when someone isn’t banned and/or suspended.

Did any of exploiters who said they quit actually quit?

Actually BW isn’t laughing they of all people have egg on their faces for not shutting this exploit down when they had the chance.

Nope because all it shows is they didn’t do a thorough job and will lead to Musco telling them to finish the job to stop making him look bad.

Not doing their job means they didn’t remove the gear, which still makes you wrong.

You said that people would log in today to find that there gear was gone. That was not the case. Not only were you wrong you were flat out lying as well.

Nope because they were supposed to remove it then but because they didn’t they failed to do their job it’s as simple as that.

Actually it does because they said they were going to do the job but they didn’t so that is on them had they done the job correct then we wouldn’t be having this talk right now and hopefully Musco will get them back in to finish the job so they can keep the promise they made.

1) They never said they were going to remove everyone’s items.

“Inside of those categories of player’s it is also possible they could have very specific additional actions taken against them including:”

Note words like POSSIBLE and COULD HAVE.

2) It’s not on them it’s on you. YOU are the one that stated it like it fact when you didn’t have to. You simply couldve not posted that and waited until today to find out for sure but you couldn’t help yourself could you?

3) How many times now has BW screwed up on something like this? Even if they had said they were going to remove everyone’s items how could you think they weren’t going to screw that up too? Again that like #2 is on you for believing that.

Considering they didn’t remove gear from anyone tells you they didn’t do their job because if they weren’t going to do it at all they wouldn’t have listed it.

That still doesn’t change the fact that…

1) You weren’t wrong.

2) Could have simply waited a day to see the results instead of spouting off.

3) This is par for the course for BW at this point. Oh they messed up on something? You don’t say?

Every part of this situation is on you but you refuse to admit that you were wrong or take responsibility for your actions. You want to hold everyone else responsible for everything except yourself. How does that work exactly. How can anybody ever believe you or follow your example if you’re constantly wrong and hypocritical?

Because I don’t require any of you to believe me or not if I cared about what exploiters thought I wouldn’t be posting here.

That’s right folks. Shaun will lie and not care if anyone calls him out on it he will just keep lieing!


The boy is messed up. I figured it the first day and left well enough alone. Yesterday and today I’ve goofed by engaging this buffoonery. Fair warning. By now, it’s clear he’s either intentionality trolling or mentally deranged. Get out while you can. He will likely never concede his errors in any of these exchanges.

Speaking of which I thought you and all the podcasters out there were gonna make sure Bioware “stuck to their guns this time” and made sure to ban people. What happened there jack ass? Oh wait that’s right the exact same thing that happened the last time there was a major exploit and the time before that too.

We have been getting on Musco’s case about this best part is the exploiters have been taunting Musco on twitter about the punishment so all this is going to do is get Musco to have the team remove the items they told him they would.

Oh yeah, because you’ve been totally right about everything else thus far. I mean they did perma ban a bunch of people like you said they would right?

No, because “bunch” is in reference to the entire games population. That’s the only way to measure the term in this specific case.

You were wrong Shaun. You were wrong all around. You act like you know Musco personally and you are an idiot.
No one likes a rat Shaun and no likes you. You are blind Shaun, all of us saying that there wouldn’t be any serious punishments because BW was afraid of the fall out were right. You were so very wrong because you are an idiot.

BS, you were calling for blood dude. You were demanding BW ban all of us for ever and anytime anyone told you how dumb that was you were defending the demand.

Nope. We already knew people’s accounts were going to get flagged. That’s standard procedure with MMO suspensions and was yet another thing that people told you that was going happen that you denied and argued wasn’t going to happen.

And you’re also completely wrong about people losing all their gear, but you’ll never admit to being wrong about it even though it can been proven.

Also you should pray they never have a opening in the Terms of Service team because I’d probably take it.

Of all the things that will never happen, that will never happen the most. No prayer required. John

You would do exactly as they have been doing. Why? Because it is all about the $ for BW and if you swung your ban hammer the way YOUR morals say to do it you would get fired after profits dropped by 1%.


Like any gamer in an MMO, if they cheated they should be banned. If they didn’t they have nothing to fear.

Okay, just to be clear. They sent the notices out via email correct? If they did, how long ago did you guys receive your email?

Well, not fear, more like anticipation. I own up to what I did. I knew it was wrong, but figured with past exploits and current exploits (pvp) what the hell. So I jumped on the bandwagon.

But I expect a punishment and now it’s being served. I have no problem with my temporary ban. I deserve it. But. I have yet to receive my email…

The only thing I would love to see Bioware do now, is use this same amount of money, energy and resources to handle the PvP exploiters and most importantly… those damn credit sellers/farmers.

Yup, there are currently no cheaters or exploiters in the game right now. Well aside from all the numerous ones that still are I mean.

Have cheated, not a lot though, haven’t been banned… I love this game so much… Screw you haters
Kind regards

Hey, how does that statement work out with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband….”I have cheated, not a lot though”…

R-E-L-A-X…. I was only messing with Sami. I saw what they wrote, and it was the first thing that popped in my head……

I have been watching all of the discussions about the exploit and the slot machine. I have to admit, this has provided some good entertainment value.

LOL, yeah, so I got a 24 hour slap on the wrist while I was away from home anyways. lol. Ask me if I’d do it again. Ask me.. 28 of those Matter Transubstantulator’s or whatever they are called that I sold for a mil a piece. If I get to keep the creds from that (most likely will) then it was worth it and i’d do it again. #Laughingallthewaytothebank.

Not gonna lie when I say I don’t think it’d really bother me. I’ve been getting into swg emu pretty hardcore and haven’t actually logged in in three or four days. And last time I logged in i put stuff on the gtn and logged out. Games a getting a tad bit stale to me.

Yes, true!!! I forgot about them, you remind me of all the component I had crafted…
No sorry, but this hammer is definitely a joke.

“Inside of those categories of player’s it is also possible they could have very specific additional actions taken against them including:
Removal of credits and commendations ”

there goes youre millions

Meh I doubt it because they would literally ha have determine what I made from the soloist and separate it and if so. Oh well so be it. See another post for why I really wouldn’t care. Also I have meeeelions otherwise.

I’m betting that any and all action taken is listed in the e-mail. If it doesn’t say you got that stuff taken away, then you probubly didn’t.

you are my hero! well i used 12 to make some implants that i learn “legally” and sold the implants for 4m, 3m and i already spend my money, by taken all the mods armorings from me 198´s exploid armors to all my ten toons so where they gonna take the money that i dont have because to move armoring and mods you need like 1M per toon, FUCK ME WITH A SPIKE BAT ain`t gonna be suscriber any more if they do that

Just because you don’t have the credits to give them doesn’t mean they still can’t take them away. They already have a perfectly working escrow system in the game that behaves in almost the same way.

You will just be given a negative amount of credits. Basically a “credit debt.”

That’s not an official statement, but it’s how I would handle it.

i think that will be so much effort just to fuck me up, instead they should fix all the buggs in game, oh maybe that´s it is what im paying for

Frankly, it’s more work to remove/revert your gear than it is to enter a negative number for the amount of credits you have on your character.

All they gotta do is type a “-” into a text box.

Congratulations to you. Hey, I’ve got no problem with what you did, so long as you own up to doing it. I can’t argue that it doesn’t do much to stop it, but it does make it very, very clear that you are a douchebag. All I needed to know, personally. Just because it was easy and with little repercussions, doesn’t mean it’s right. Oh wait, this is a video game so somehow it’s okay to be a douche – I forgot.

Laugh all the way to the bank. I’m glad you’re owning your title.

So… does this include people who didn’t exploit but learned schematics from ‘potentially’ exploited goods bought off the GTN?

I bought a resolve hilt off the GTN, RE’d it and learned it. If the hilt I bought was up there due to the exploit, would that cause my learned schematic to be revoked as well?

I totally doubt it myself, but on the other hand it would make sense. The exploit caused an overload of unintended gear and loot into the game. Basically made everything happen faster than it was intended. So… in order to fix the game’s economy, they might find it to be a reasonable action. I, for one, wouldn’t put it past them. I just hope that if they DO do that, then they give me back my spent credits.

I am very sad to see that SWTOR, BioWare, has taken any action at all against the players who have used the software as intended. What BioWare calls an “exploit”. BioWare just proved that they will never take responsibility for their lack of software testing. There has already been several people who quit game just for a 24 hr suspension. Several of my close guild mates quit game just because they heard their friends got a suspension. This is definitely a Dark Day for the Empire, and Republic. I am upset with this turn of events. I will have to reconsider my attitude towards Star Wars as a whole. Bad move BioWare. 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

If all it took for people to quit was a 24 hour “break” – because that’s what they got. Or better yet – if people quit because they “heard” their friend for banned for exploiting, good fucking riddance and tell them i hear Care Bears Online is right up their alley.

Slow down, it’s just a game, if they like it they’ll come back. But I admit it’s a sad day for 2 reasons. First it definitely show us that bioware screw by its inaction at fixing the bug or taking action against the users (wether you’re pro or against the bug exploiters). Second, if what you say is true, good players are leaving and that’s even worst for us, and the game… If they had the bug fixed on time, even two weeks after the released of SoR, this exploit wouldn’t be such a problem since people would only have one or too pieces and no one would bother. They’re blaming users for their laziness and they should be ashamed of it… Guess they’re not…

You have accepted the EULA enforcing cheating, and cheating is what they define as cheating ; no matter the numbers of holes in the game, you are not allowed to exploit them. You cannot expect to exploit a bug and get away with it in a MMORPG ; you are free to return to offline games if you didn’t agree.

And it’s just the beginning. If they know they can rope you into a group of deviants and tag you then the future population of this game will just be sycophantic sheeple like shaun salisbury. And would you want to remain in a game where all that is left are a few cloned shaun salisbury sheep?

I think our punishment was pretty lenient. Back to business tomorrow. I can’t imagine people being upset enough to quit over this slap on the wrist.

I’m mildly surprised anything happened at all, but, with all the screaming going on, I guess they had to do something. Please, please keep making a fuss so the people who wanted us punished feel like we actually were.

I didn’t fill punished at at all (since I haven’t been). The real punishment is to play with all those whiners, hopefully there’s /ignore…

As a cheater I have to say that I think they did take responsability and admitted that they made mistakes.
I got a 24 hour suspension of my account, which means that I won’t be able to play my usual 4 hours tonight, and my Wilpower hilt Schem taken away. That is pretty leinient considering I ravaged coritani about a dozen times…

Wow!! you guys got upset here!! It is good to know some still care!! 🙂 Let me restate a little. The people that I know that quit the game didn’t quit just for this “punishment” . This was just the straw that broke the camels back. BioWare has done so much to hurt the players, from totally destroying the crafting abilities through cartel market, to faulty and nonexisting new content, and huge delays on content. Not to mention the lack of effort on wz’s and pvp content. Not having a joint cross server for GSF and PvP. Not integrating GSF with the rest of the game properly. It goes on and on and on. I love Star Wars, so i will probably stay. However I can totally see why several of my friends threw up their hands and said “Screw this!”, and quit.

So much QQ
I’m glad your whiney friends quit. Bye bye losers.

And it was not using software as intended. You exploit knowingly, you get the ban hammer. Eat it scrub!

Only Pubs who exploited should have been punished by converting their Pub toons to the mirror image class on the Imp side. Imps are ruthless and we can and will do whatever we want. That’s the bottom line. Darkside for life.

Just because I accidentally left my door open when leaving the house does not mean you can just go in and take whatever you want. Yes, my mistake made it easier for you to break the law BUT YOU ARE STILL BREAKING THE LAW. Even when it comes to something as insignificant as video games I try to make decisions based on what is right and moral. So you can “white knight” me all you want and say, But all I got was a slap on the wrist and still have my millions” – it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve compromised what is right and wrong for a couple of meaningless digital items.

We’re talking about a game, you said it, I did not still your car, break into your house or kill someone, why does it have to be so important for you? It won’t change your life, it didn’t change mine either. I don’t get it… Could you explain why it matters so much for you?

Bull. You can’t judge someone in RL based on video game shit. If you do then you really need to go the fuck outside and get some sun.

No you can’t. Are you saying that I’m a fucking asshole because I roll an Imp toon and kill Pubside NPC’s? I raised a daughter, pay my bills and help others in RL whenever I have a chance. Don’t come at me with this bullshit that just because I use a cheat code in a video game that I’m Hitler. Seriously, wake the fuck up.

I think that’s great you did all of that. However, you seem to be a bit defensive about this considering it’s just a video game.

I feel bad for exploiting Ravagers, but BioWare let it happen. I’d never do it again if the opportunity presented itself. I’m probably breaking the ToS by paying friends who need money to farm credits for me too, but I don’t feel bad about that. They need RL money and I provide a way for them to make it by playing and subbing to this game. Say what you want about me, but I’m not a pussy and I do what I feel is right, but again, I do feel bad for participating the exploit. I’ve always earned my gear, and that’s how it’s gonna be from here on out.

Wow… I think you’re the one that needs to get some sun. You being on your computer acting like a total douchebag, is all in real life. I don’t know what your definition of real is, but everything from your last breathe, to you typing up that absurd comment, is all in real life.

If it happened in game, sure. That’s part of the fictional world and not against TOS. You want to be a dark sider and kill thousands? That’s by design; that’s within the fictional world. What you did was cheat in real life, which IS against the TOS

I honestly would be more concerned with people wanting to be a dark side and kill thousands than people who break rules stipulated by a game company. Just sayin’.

You take this game to seriously dude. Is this all you have to do with your life?
I have a wife and get laid 3-4 nights a week, maybe you need to consider meeting girls and stop living in SWTOR.

The only principle I got is to don’t hurt anyone in anyway… And It didn’t felt like I did when I used the exploit, since It didn’t impact your gameplay. Sorry, I don’t get it.

Wait, wait guys I just figured it out…
Jason Long is Shaun Salisbury…
They say the same stupid things, they have to be the same guy.

Let’s say I stole a dime from someone. “Hey, it’s just a dime, it’s no big deal right?” It’s still wrong. Why compromise your morals for something like that?

It hurts the crafters whose in-game economy is affected by the influx of schematics and materials, and those gaining millions of free credits that put others out to pasture (I.E. You have now used your unearned millions to inflate the prices of items in the economy at a detriment to moral and rule-following players)

Erm… an influx of goods and a subsequent lowering of demand LOWERS prices, and with increased competition people are LESS likely to make untold millions of credits by behaving in a monopolistic manner (read unfair advantage). Do you even Econ 101 bro? Just as easy to argue (hypothetically) this was GOOD for the game’s economy and you benefitted from it, since unlike your ridiculous unlocked house analogy, nothing was stolen from you. OMG, you might have benefitted unfairly from the actions of others! Go pay the millions you think are due the crafters or you’re an immoral cheater!

We’ve got a crafter here folks. One of those unguilded no friends types who missed out on the glitch and is spending all his game time telling us about the polarity of right versus wrong. Ha ha.

“It hurts the crafters” Oh booo hooo the richest 1% of the game are going to notice that they can’t charge 10 million for a willpower hilt for 2 months, Instead the price of the hilt dropped to 2.5 million in the span of 2 days.
Big deal, so the crafters can’t screw people for as long as they usually do. I’ll catch their tears in a bucket for you.

Because a dime can buy you a bag son and everyone knows a dime bag can get you baked enough to find all these righteous posts funny as heck well all but your drivel

I don’t think that taking advantage of The Ravagers Bug was a compromise of my morals, I believe that it helped me to get some better gear so that my teammates and I could have a slightly easier time in the ops that we run.Your Self Righteous anger aside, where do you get off distating to others what their morals should be? Why do you get to tell us that we have to accept your moral code and that ours is null and void? Who are you to force your opinions on us?

If I walk into your house and take all your stuff, but it’s still all there when you get home, are you going to whine this much?

Why would you want to walk into my house in the first place? That in and of itself is illegal. The RIGHT thing to do would be to report it.

Better Analogy: Your at a theme park. You paid to get in. One of the rides is broken and you get to go around twice. Upon getting off the ride you wander through the park going about your business. Suddenly you are escorted out of the park by security.

I’m sure you did not CHOOSE to go around twice, like the offenders CHOSE to knowingly break the rules. The more apt analogy would be if the ride finished its run and you KNOWINGLY stayed on for another go.

So the next time you stuff your belly with one more piece of pie you need to know that you’re exploiting the body God gave to you. Right?

That action is hurting no one but myself, which is not the situation that occurred with the exploit (which affected the game’s progression and economy, this hurting several). And irl I eat healthily anyways

Why you pissed at me? BioWare dropped the ball here plain and simple. Get the fuck over it but don’t call me a fucking RL criminal for some petty video game shit. Is it right for me to call you a murderer because you killed a video game NPC?

That’s not breaking any real life rule. That’s all by design and part of the fictional world, and doesn’t break TOS. Cheating does.

actually the pie analogy may be the most apt example … but not in favor off the exploiting…you stuff your belly constantly with said pie you may run the risk of developing diabetes resulting in health issues which correlates to higher premiums/taxes across the board with your health care provider ect… you may not be hurting anyone directly but your actions do have an affect on the community at large…..idc about who did or didn’t exploit btw ….but i effing love pie

People need to stop with these insane analogies. They’re not 1 to 1 comparisons. Breaking into your house in real life is not the same thing as what people did in this game. It’s not even close. Not even remotely.

Exactly. I’d never rob someone’s house or rob a fucking bank in RL. These people making that comparison need to seek professional help.

Agreed Asari.

People like to constantly exaggerate these situations and speak in crazy hyperbole to try and give the situation more weight than it truly deserves.

Someone being robbed in real life is a serious real life issue. The consequences are far greater than anything being “robbed” in SWTOR and like you said they’re not 1 to 1 comparisons.

It’s just people speaking crazy trying to validate their own views.

Why are you people so insane? Breaching an online game’s ToS is not equivalent to doing anything that harms another human being.

The only “law” here is BioWare. They made their decision. It’s over. Everyone on both sides just needs to get over it too.

You accidently leave your door unlocked I break in and see your toilet door open and also you snoring with your mouth open so I choose your mouth over toilet bowl it’s illegal but hey I get to shit in your mouth

Compare apples to apples man, not looting a make-believe boss in a make believe world to a felony.

Because, you know, you kill innocent people in this game. You make the choice to have slaves, exploit NPC’s for money, murder your boss for more power etc, etc. So if you wanna talk about morals in an RPG, lets talk about how you should be playing Rainbow Dash: Spreading the Smiles instead of anything where your character uses a weapon…

All of what you stated is a design intention made by Bioware in the fictional game world. Want to be a Sith Lord and slaughter millions? Great! That’s a part of the in-game fiction. What you did was cheat and break the TOS in real life. You’re a cheater. Hope you feel good about yourself. Good day!

I feel great man! Thanks!!
You wanted to compare looting the boss to actual robbery, they 2 aren’t even in the same category dude. You made a ridiculous and I was trying to bring you down to earth. Don’t go all Shaun Salisbury dude, stay calm and rational and this will be a discussion, “get shauned up” and I’m gonna have to troll you to death too.


The point still stands that your example is not a 1 to 1 comparison. You said it was like breaking and entering. Breaking the TOS in the real world is by no means the same thing or even close to breaking and entering. Are they both wrong? Yes, but they are by no means the same and acting like they are or trying to make people believe that they are is completely insane.

No Jason, I contend you are not the sole instance to say what’s right or wrong. I have my own moral compass for that. And don’t try to argue with “you broke a rule”. I’m not comparing myself to them, but see how many rules great people have broken, take Ghandi, Mandela, take your pick.

Hey, I will gladly take a ban to have run 12 characters they all the bis mods and enh in less than a month! The qq’ers who sat on the sidelines bitching wanted bioware to take action and now that they have, we are square with the house and are the haves while they are the have nots!

Read it and weep! I’m sure the moral high ground will comfort you as we continue to exclude you from our Hms because you aren’t geared enough. All you suceeded in doing was ripping a few of your own guilds apart over stupidity and labeling yourselves as the new baddies. E-street cred yo! We would do it all over and laughing all the way to the bank! Lololol

Come on man! This is a VIDEO GAME….”meaningless digital items” as you put it…..and you’re comparing it to real life? You really should step away from the computer and go out into the real world more often.

While leveling you can purchase a certain item and put it in legacy storage then put it on a mule toon so the CD never ticks down. You then can walk into a full set of PVP gear when you hit 60…i dont call it cheating…you still put in the time to pvp to get the coms

You can do that even without freezing the CD timer–just cycle them every hour or so (buy one, sell one) and you will NEVER run out a timer, even if you stop making more coms.

Good question. not enough peeps cry about that shit so BW ignores it. even like the big guilds that buy from gold farmers to get creds for conquest not enough peeps cry so they ignore it.

This action is only happening because the community got to bold with it. Many people probably got a “the cat’s away so the mice will play” attitude because the Dev’s were all on vacation. This was the first time that I have seen people openly talking about the exploit in Gen chat, advertising lock outs for saleand even making threads about it on the official forums. This exploit was more public that any other. If it hadn’t been so public then there probably wouldn’t bae been any action taken, just like Nefera and win trading.
My bet is that the folks who were reported to selling teh lock outs will be the ones to recieve the harshest punishment.

Well hell, since I’m not able to login tonight maybe I’ll go rob a few banks, break into people’s houses and kill a few bums under the bridge. I’m a criminal since I exploited, right? Pathetic fucking pitchfork fucks. See you in game tomorrow when I have to carry your ass through an Op or HM FP.

BW knew about exploit for weeks but were too cheap to pay someone to come in on overtime to fix + they were padding their 4th Quarter earnings report by selling extra Revan expansions they would never have sold had they not allowed the exploit to continue for a month.
Their greediness doesn’t get them a ban – they used us, we used them but we get the repercussions.

Those terms of service don’t cover Bioware’s liability here… regardless of what one may think of those involved; #1 they can’t prove anyone knew it was a bug if they refused to publicly acknowledge the bug existed #2 if everyone had access to it, then they’d be hard pressed to demonstrate how the advantage it gave was “unfair”. And I use the words “liability” and “prove” very deliberately, because instead of confiscating digital items, they confiscated game time, which has real monetary value. That distinction is very relevant. As such, unless they can PROVE people knowingly violated the TOS (hint: you can’t prove it to a legal standard when you use subjective weasel words like “unfair”) then they’ve opened themselves up to the very real possibility of a class action lawsuit for having knowingly violated their own TOS (essentially taking payment for services intentionally not delivered). It’ll be interesting to see if they pissed off enough subscribers that actually happens. It may only be a couple bucks per person in actual damages, but multiply that by thousands of subscribers, throw in some punitive damages and legal costs, and that could be a costly mistake indeed.

Buying access to an already completed Operation to receive loot for a fight you did not participate in is such a clear violation of any SOP, that… well… I hurts even thinking about it.

Again,what you think of those involved doesn’t matter. If BW had “in-game” decided the Ravagers loot was “cursed” and it dropped all your toons to level 1 and “sliced” your credit account empty, they could have done that… the game is whatever BW decides the game is as-they-provide-it. But legally, if they take actual money to provide a service, and then intentionally cut access to the service, they’re liable unless they can prove the customer agreed to those terms. That’s very difficult to do when people merely used the software as-they-provided-it (no third party hacks or reverse engineering). That’s the distinction. It’s not about what you think is SOP, it’s about what you can prove. Unless Bioware can prove that players psychically read the programmer’s mind to know what is and isn’t a bug, then the TOS is too vague to be legally binding such that BW can confiscate real world money. Yeah, they include those TOS terms to discourage exploiting (as they should), and in most cases the threat is a good enough deterrent, but it’s really toothless once cash is involved, because cash is the easiest way to demonstrate damages in a suit. Exploit incidents are usually too small to bother with small claims court, but something this prolific could cross that threshold for any decent lawyer who wanted a quick payday.

Well, fortunately, what you think doesn’t really matter, either, because the TOS is so clear that BioWare can do this that it’s not even an issue. And any lawyer that picks this up would be an outcast by even the ambulance chasers.

All of what you stated is by design and promoted in the fictional game world. Want to be a Sith and slaughter millions? Fine. That’s a promoted part of the fictional in-game world. What you did was break the TOS in real life. You’re a cheater. I hope that sits well with you. Have a nice day!

Is it really so clear? Is there a SCOTUS precedent which outlines a test for fair vs unfair in all video games? Unless you actually have disclosure of the requirements from the developer, whether something is a bug is completely subjective. Let me show you how absurd your position is: say force speed is actually a 150.001% speed boost, even though the tool tip says exactly 150%. This “bug” has given you an “unfair” advantage that you’ve “exploited”. Do you really think the TOS are so very clear that you should turn yourself in to have your account terminated? Once you concede the premise, you’re just quibbling over degrees.

That’s your opinion, not mine.

To be able to use the exploit, you have to obtain access to an already completed operation (at least in some instances via buying/selling access!) to gain fight-specific loot for a fight you did not participate in.

This ist such a violation of in-game-SOPs and requires you to _actively_ elude the usual in-game barriers preventing this, that proving your breach of the TOS is plainly obvious.

And if I bother my lawyer with such nonsense, he’d ask me if I’ve gone insane.and my legal costs insurance wouldn’t cover it, too (and I’m happy about it… otherwise I’d have do fund such nonsense of other people with my money).

Accept that by agreeing to the TOS you explicitly agree to arbitration with an arbiter of their choice. No courts.

i salute to you, captain. when the bug was found out, people were unsure if it was either a bug, or an exploit, since Bioware didn’t really specify what a true exploit is. people weren’t sure, so they did it. but once Bioware came down with a verdict that it was an exploit, alot of people stopped using it. some used it to get a few friends few just to get some 198 gear, gear they probably would never get by themselves, whilst others exploited (as by definition) the bug by charging people huge sums of cash, or sometimes materials they would get from the ops mission.
so, in a way, those who had continued to exploit the bug in ravagers, should, to a degree, be given a ban, or at least a warning. but those who charged people, farmed rediculously, on the other hand, i can see giving them a month to a permanent suspension. this, much like many things in life, is not black and white. not cut and dry. its a many shade of severity. saying that all who had exploited, should be ban permanently, or flogged, or what may you, that mom-like mentality is……well…..terrifying. 1.) its a game. 2.) half of the people who did it werent sure it was a true blue exploit or not. 3.)bioware took some time to mull over this before a verdict was brought down. no one was sure untill they said it was. there were many people who took part in it before they said it was an exploit, more than Bioware will let on. not everything every company says on the internet is true.
so, in short, not everyone should be ban, and not everyone should walk away from this. we are all human. we don’t know what is or isn’t poison until someone chokes on a berry. we all should be better than this, theres no need to go into witch hunt mode, nor should we be carelessly using bugs to our advantage. so, as a plea to the community, cant we just go back to complaining about rehashed weapons and gear, and maybe someone throw in a jawa-fart joke or two. please? think of the wookies.