Shadow Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Preview

SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack preview. This pack is due to be released on Feb 12, 2015 with Patch 3.1. Updated with ingame images and videos



Revealing Bodysuit Armor Set



Martial Pilgrim’s Armor Set


Frontline Veteran’s Armor Set


Revanite Vindicator Armor Set


Dark Seeker’s Armor Set




Joko TZ-4


Tion SY-5


Armored Boreal Icetromper


Patchwork Devourer


Razalon FC-6


Tempest Cutter


Lergo Enforcer



Mesa Ginx


Model Rampart Mark Four



DS-10 Starforged Sniper Rifle


RH-34 Starforged Assault Cannon


RK-6 Starforged Blaster


YV-25 Starforged Blaster Rifle


Redeemer’s Starforged Lightsaber


Redeemer’s Starforged Dualsaber



Video of regen/emotes


Regen: Massage Bot


Emote: Sinister


Emote: Mind Prison Spin


Color Crystal: Pink-Red (bloom on left, bloom off right)



Medium Red and Dark Gray, Medium Purple and Deep Blue

swtor-black-and-red-dye swtor-purple-and-blue-dye

Malavai Quinn Customization 9


Xalek Customization 3

Stronghold Label: Chamber of Deception

Title: [name], Shadow’s Apprentice




Field Communication Post Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Holo-Sign: Ship Port (Orange) Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Imperial Grenadier Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Massassi Cages Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Fungus Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Octogave Plant Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Revanite Zealot Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Hut Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Togruta Citizen (female) Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Tree: Rishi Palm Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Combat Arena Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Temple Fountain Apprentice’s Shadow Pack

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333 replies on “SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Preview”

I hope the Joko speeders disappear after this pack series. it is a horrible cobbled-together design, and I never see anyone driving them around.

Yeah, this one looks pretty disappointing, the armor sets in particular compared to what we’ve seen in the first two packs.

Considering their love for rereleasing old gear from the game, I’m sad I still haven’t got a War Hero Eliminator helmet skin for my rep character.

The female hair looks like a spider web nest. Wth. O_o. This is an extremely boring lackluster pack. Just filler crap and reskin’s that some 5 yr old designed, like 90% of everything else in the game. Seriously, 90% of the gear in this game wouldn’t make it past my approval desk. It looks like crap a little kid designed. Whoever the people are designing gear in this game have ZERO understanding of flow and lines in form and weight of style and aesthetic.

Oh I’m with you there! Having finally seen the original agent’s Field Tech (Columi/Rakata/Tionese) armour on that guy on Imperial Fleet (I forget his name), I’ve got to say it looks amazing, particularly with the ‘hood down’.

Been waiting for a sleeveless version of the Concealed set, guess it will look really nice on female characters. But those mounts, just retextures so it’s a big meh. 🙁

I’m looking forward to the mounts since it should drive some of the prices down, especially on the devourer.

Sure, you’ve got a point in this and I fully understand it.
It’s just a bit disappointing that after the last two packs there are no new ones in this (so far at least). Getting retextures after the Vorantikus, Devourer, Lergo (3rd retex), Chemilizard, Icetromper is not a good deal.
At least the new trooper armor and the “Ventilated” Concealed armor is a must-have for me along with the autocannon. And the blaster pistol of course, if they change the sound of it.
We’ll see, can’t wait for the actual model pictures of these. 🙂

What the flip is it with the ‘slutty’ versions of old armours?!
Slutty scalene was the lowest of lows.
The Concealed suit was freaking hot already, but now they’ve gone and cut holes out of it? Sleeves alone would have been pretty nifty but sleeveless, sideless, thighless… Not a good look!

Are you talking about the third armor? I think those cut outs on the side of the shirt and pants might actually be the secondary color. In this case, it’s yellow and blends.

I think Elle had it right that it’s showing some skin, though I’ll say that looks faaar more natural than the horrible scalene one. That one just looked like some sort of low budget Tron porn outfit.

It’s not yellow, the game has a history of 18+ outfits in cartel packs. It’s showing the background through, it’s another showing outfit. It looks alright however, this one.

That qel-droma like armor and the revanite like armor are SICK. Looks like my shadow’s have something to look forward to. The weapons are nice, and the sinister emote looks reaaaally cool. The regen is massage bot? This I gotta see.

Let me guess.. those new hairstyles will be for humans only because heaven forbid the other species get some more options even though theyre basically the same exact skeletal models of humans.

Why would these be different from the last few new hairstyles which were also for Chiss, Sith, Mirialan, and Cyborgs? (I think)

It takes much less time to make the textures of new tatoos for miralan, ratataki, twilek and so on, than modeling and texturing new hair styles for the human species only.

WHY!? Why don’t get other species new styles? And why are hair styles always human only. Other species also have hair. Thats so stupid!

They could make more money CC when they sell it to all hairy species!

Same old re-skins of existing mounts, similar dyes, bad hairstyles, no effects on the weapons. Nothing new to see here. Move on , move on.

Tbh I’m glad they slowed down on stronghold stuff, i hardly spend any time in it because my palace is apparently maxed out of hooks yet I still haven’t completed every room, and the only 2 legitimate reasons I’m there are transit options from across planets to fleet when QT is on cooldown or legacy bank. I spent hours pre expac lingering around fine tuning my palace deco only to hit cap abruptly halting everything. Trophies are the only thing iv updated and they are not CM.

Well, with Ravagers punishments out of the way, devs can get back to reskinning crap and cramming it in gamble boxes for the sheeple to buy.

yeah you tell him, cause if you don’t immediately applaud shelling out $45 for a crate of recycled crud then you are obviously a troll under a bridge

Noooo, when you call people, even the people who maybe buy just one or two packs “sheeple” then I’m gonna call you out like the pretentious prick you are.

But… but… someone needs to use ‘sheeple’ to describe people who do something they dislike… it’s currently a popular catchword, that should make him cool right? 😛

To be fair to Spruce Cycle, despite how he said it, look at this cartel pack and yeah there are a ton of reskins. 4 of the 6 armors to be released are reskinned versions from the last couple of cartel packs with the Revanite one being the most obvious reskin. And then there are the mounts with ALL of them nothing but recolored versions of this shipment’s previous mounts. Nothing new.

At least there is one thing good about these latest cartel packs and that is the emotes and new hair styles (Despite this pack’s hair styles being god awful).

Seriously considering putting that RH-34 Starforged Assault Cannon on one of my Commando’s!! 🙂

True, but if you are a sub and get free cartel coins anyway or you just decide that you want to buy this with your hard earned money, who are we to judge?

Oh I don’t judge anyone buying the cartel packs themselves. On that, Spruce Cycle can STFU I agree. My wife and I buy packs when we see something we like or want to make an easy 12 mil on hypercrates but then we do not have any other vices and have the income to indulge our shared past time of SWTOR/TSW.

The only thing I despise with the Cartel Market is the constant reskinning. Surely with the lore that is Star Wars, they could be throwing out new looking stuff all the time.

Still in saying that, there is one reskin I hope happens to the existing Savanna Vorantikus and that is they release the one from Oricon with all the Dreadseed orange glow to it!! Fuck Rancors, make that happen ftw!! 😀

This is true. I don’t like reskins either, especially now that there’s dyes. But I can kinda see it for the rarer stuff in the packs, like the mounts. That way there is an increased chance of people actually getting something they wanted. I’m glad that the armor sets for the past couple of packs at least are all original.

So you’re the one mucking around in the sewers under my stronghold. Get back to work! And by the by…I’m a sub.

Normally this is the part where I would say that there’s someone for everyone….but not you. You’ll die alone. In fact, Jesus, Buddha, and Allah and Tom Cruise love everyone BUT you.

Wow you must be lonely, don’t get the wrong idea, I will NOT be your one and only friend.

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No, I’m not gay, it just doesn’t matter if I was. Only a dumb homophobic asshole would make fun of It, or a 13 year old virgin who has parental locks on his computer and only responds after school when his parents let him have his one hour of computer time.

You know that homophobia frequently points at peoples insecurities about their own sexuality, don’t you?

Everybody hates you AND you’ll forever be a virgin. I almost feel sorry for you……ALMOST.

You have a butt hymen? what kind of demented mutant freak are you? Wait….don’t answer that.

At least TRY to be clever. Rub the two brain cells you have left together and come up with a decent comeback or stop trying.

Gah! You startled me. You kind of just fade into the background. Must be your lack of original comments. Somebody needs to put a bell or a reflective band on you or something.

You must have been truly skilled to steal that extra chromosome that you are clearly putting to good use.

It must be hard to be required by law to wear a helmet at all times. I pity you. And your little love notes are getting lazy.

Holy crap, we finally got a six-barreled minigun… It’s about damn time. I don’t like the main hull of the weapon (still too bulky for my taste), but at least it’ll look better than the vacuum cleaner of a cannon that we have now.

Don’t get too excited. It will probably only fire from one barrel like that other mini gun assault cannon in game already. 🙁

Miniguns are supposed to fire from just the top barrel, by spinning they cool down so the barrel won’t blow up.

Damn. I was hoping for special armor or color crystals for those who exploited. Like a large red X on the front of an armor piece or an all black color crystal. And maybe a legacy title: The Exploited. And a mount that has a bunch of QQQQ that trail behind it to commemorate all the tears of the self-righteous that we exploiters use to fuel our disdain. X4L!

I just hope (with not much hope mind you) that new blaster pistol doesn’t sound like I’m shooting roman candles out of a tin can like the RK-4 and RK-5. Those are some of the best looking pistols in game (in my opinion), but they sound like complete and utter crap (again, in my opinion)

Hell, give us the pistols from the Casino Event Vendor in a cartel far THE best looking, and best sounding pistol in game. Black in color, laser sight, and awesome sound, what more could a bounty hunter ask for

^^this. I also have the casino bol blasters on my merc (han solo replicas with laser guides) and really like the starforged blaster too. Perhaps I’ll pick up a pair for healing/pvp

a blue xalek….nothing says unlimited power like a dark council member hanging around with a giant, psychotic smurf.

I like the helm on the 5th gear set and the RS-6 blaster as long as the box on the bottom shoots out lazer beam

Gotta say that I’m rather impressed with the weapons in this pack. Sniper looks nice, RK looks nice, blaster looks nice, sabers looks nice. Did they changed designers crew?

But…. unfortunately the guns will sound as inspid as the guns (at least the pistol) from the first two packs in the series. Though I agree, they for once look slightly awesome,

Yea I can’t for a second believe BW doesn’t have knowledge that this pistol sound is the least favored, it’s like someone baking you a detailed cake and celebrating for u and then you cut a slice only to find out it’s filled with feces or coconut. It’s like “thanks for the effort, is there something else here that’s not repulsive”

I think the same about the sound of the RK4, RK5, RK-6 Pistols. I don’t think BW look on the player suggestions anymore. The RK-6 pistol would have been nice if it was cut off just before the second yellow ring on the lasersight.. It’s too long imo.

I Expect double lasersight and pink dots on the RK-7 pistol and still the “puff fart”- sound.

I’m just going to save myself some time and start complaining about the drop frequency of two, or more of these items right now.

Hopefully nothing here will be as piss-poor as the Vorantikus drop rates. There’s rare and then there’s just taking the piss.

“what weak ass 24hr bans for exploiters and broken ass content?? Look at the shiny shiny ! Look new reskin mounts/armour and other useless crap that will divert your attention..
its shiny shiny buy the shiny shiny…its shiny after all.”

I have 2 shiny exploited chest armour plates and zero ban……zero…absolutely fuq all….how you like them apples

The Malevai Quinn customization looks like Morpheus from The Matrix. I’m interested in seeing what the “Massage Bot” regen is going to look like. Sounds like something from Futurama. I wonder if it comes with a “happy ending.”

ok…so we got yet more “ventilated” armour sets, and who the fuck designed those haircuts? it looks like someone took a dumb on their heads and then drew it out in funny shapes.

Finally, guys get a halfway decent new hairstyle. I wanted a chin-ish length haircut for my M!Jedi Knight and the one he has currently just doesn’t work. This will do nicely. (Maybe by then I’ll be resubbed and have extra fundage to splurge on it)

Not really feeling the new armor. More skimped gear? As much as I like the idea of unisex skimped gear, I’m getting pretty tired of the stuff especially after they flooded us with it in the Starfighter packs, but that’s strictly imo. Plus, that speedsuit-style one would have been awesome enough if it had just the sleeves gone, not that side-y peek-a-boo crap. *sigh* The bottom-left one looks pretty neat, though, save for the ugly shoulderpads. Ah well. Win some, lose some.

Wow. The new Revan look like armor,definetely instabuy for me !

But i hope BW will remake the Old RakataColumiTionose Trooper gear !

Lol i shall dub thee poodoo hair…. yeah thats just really bad… even Bob Marley would be scared.

I do like the blaster and pistol. Might get the rubber suit to 80s hairband up some of my male companions…

As for the rest… Not overly excited.

Just another copycat pack…omg they didnt even got anything new in there this time. Only repaint and rename item, specially the speeder

the cybernetic gear is new and I’m pretty sure the mask from that red/black set is new, the weapons are all modified (hopefully with new sounds), and the hairs are new

For me personally, that pack has some of the best looking weapons I’ve seen (I especially want the cannon, the blaster rifle and the lightsaber). And I’m going to break down into tears when they have the same sounds as the last few shadow packs which have possibly the worst collection of weapon sounds in the game.

I wish they cared as much for sound design as they do for visual design. Although in general, the speeders/mounts have had cool, appropriate sounds.

I gotta agree… Sweet looking blasters sounding like tin toys– not cool. Although, the first one had slightly better sound then the Acolyte one, so I’m still hoping this one might be a little better.

I agree, same with the new sabers. Love the design but not the sound. I feel like they have a strange swooping noise when activated. That’d be great if a weapon designer could be implemented where we could tie a particular sound effect to a weapon skin.

I absolutely hate the short sleeves on the revan-like and sith outfits. What’s up woth the return of the short sleeves? They’d look

Could we possibly get better screenshots of the new hairdos? (4 new hairdos in a month, that’s a new one for Bioware. If only they didn’t look stupidly silly.)

3/6 armour sets are new.
There’s a completely new weapon (the AC) and the other weapons are different from the ones in the last 2 packs.

Sad panda needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Wow, another sweet Revanite set, some cool looking Trooper armor, FINALLY decently colored Razalon and Joko speeders, and a wicked-looking red crystal. Definitely gonna have to pick some of these up. ^_^

The original Razalon was reddish-hued with yellow touches, I liked the model but the color scheme seemed ugly to me. This one looks much better imo. Black/gray ftw plus it matches everything I wear

Lol yeah I could use some coffee. I had no idea there was already a Razalon– the red and yellow clown car was the first one I had seen. This gray should make a pretty cool alternative though 🙂

some of the armors are cool the weapons are really good looking i like the icetromper mount *bought the glacial version for my sentinel and he is on hoth atm :P* but that hair

it looks like a jawa took a shit, rubbed it through a wookie and is trying to sell it as new.
it doesnt look good to say it softly

Hair is atrocious. Urgh. *shudder* Dayum people get some artistic sorts in your team EA/Bioware. The crystal is nice, so is the ventilated speed suit, or whatever you’ll be calling it.

Because who actually uses Xalex for anything? That stupid fishing hat he has on just makes him look ridiculous.

Why is the size of all the new lightsabers as big as a pvc drainage pipe? Sabers are supposed to be small elegant weapons. Not look like a club you’d beat someone over the head with. 🙁

Apparently Bioware believes that this is not a more civilized age. Coffee Can/PVC pipe Lightsabers are all we shall flourish now.

An in-universe explanation would be that these are the early days of lightsabers and they need to be larger due to power requirements.

After all, it’s only been less than 2000 years since the proto saber was in common use…

I would agree however there are already sabers that look more like the traditional size from the movies already in-game. The Fearless Retaliator’s is just one of two sabers I’ve found that are normal size.

Finally, some more decent long hair for males. I’ve never understood why SWTOR hasn’t tried to cash in on the character creator cash cow like every other MMO. Give us new hairs and faces and such more often. Folks will buy that stuff up.

One thing I keep hoping for is new complexions, especially “old” complexions. There are so many NPC’s with age lines and wrinkles, but only one male human face that looks at all aged. Some other possibilities would be complexions with more makeup, or even softer, younger appearances for faces.

hmm, I could well do without the cosmetics tab (I usually draw it to the far left and am content) , but to each his own. I am uncertain about the hair, but I guess we will only know how good/bad it is if we try it out in the designer.

I think the Scar tab would be better for tattoos, since that’s on a different layer than complexion. It could go either way, though.

Or just add tattoo bars, bounty hunters and troopers have em. Make them good though, even games with excellent customizability seem to just have the worst tattoos. SR3 for example.

I think you are on to something. Cosmetically aging some of my toons would certainly have cartel coin appeal. Some of my toons have been around since launch and would be weathered from the amount of action they’ve seen.

oh my goodness, please PLEASE that awesome cybernetic leg that doesn’t start in the crotch!! But maybe not have it a pair of shorts on the other side…

Hmm looks pretty darn good. Especially the Minigun style assault cannon! 🙂 Armour sets look great too. The “ventilated concealed bodysuit” not so much (what’s with this ventilated stuff? Did somebody put it in a washing machine with rocks and then angle grind it like they do in Indian sweatshops??). But some nice stuff in there. Yay!

The gun looks awesome! I think they wanted to put a gun like the Primordial Assault Cannon Besh but will be more common.

The ventilated stuff is because one of the most popular threads on the community forums is about skimpy male outfits.
Plenty of the “ventilated” type outfits are basically taken straight out of that thread.

Reskins, reskins, reskins, reskins and more reskins. They cant even come up with decent NEW armour designs each month, let alone other content for the game. This pack looks disappointing, even the decorations look bland and uninspired. The only set I might use is ulic qel droma redesign….but that was already ingame used by that Jedi on Oricon in the quest.

What are you talking about?
Three out of the six armour sets in this pack are new.
That’s 50% reskins, 50% new.

2 armour sets are new (The cyborg and trooper, in my preference I am not too fond of them), the rest are taken from existing models with alternate tweaking to remove or add things.

The helmet on the hooded black and red robe is basically the columi weapon masters head wear with the robes practically being the stylish/stately chest guard with different patterns (You can basically get the same design with red/black dye).

The revanite set is tweaked with the helmet off the old battlemaster pvp weapon master head wear and an added semi cape on the back of the existing chest from the most recent revanite armor.

As I mentioned before the Jedi like robes are ulic qel droma’s armour redone that already existed in game on an NPC Jedi that partook in the Republics quest on Oricon.

And I dont really need to explain the redone concealed bodysuit…..

I was meant to say that I was referring for the majority of the pack, not the armour in particular. It seems to be a common thing that they do and it is seems lazy considering that it is their main development to implement in the game. Granted I don’t think I could come up with funky new armour designs EVERY month, but after so long it screams laziness from a company that makes quite a decent amount of money off of this game, especially the packs. The only totally new thing they do in every pack is the emotes.

Actually I would say the revanite helmet is more of a mix between the battle master pvp helm and revan’s helmet. Which is fitting considering the origin of the armour, but its not a new design.

More shit hair but I’m digging that assault cannon, now if only they align the blaster bolts coming out of the correct part of the barrel as well as make it have a logical reason for shooting grenades without a grenade launcher.

look up 40 mm rounds or MGL… those barrels are big enough for it lol… if it is Gatling not Vulcan where the barrel spins past a receiver you could have a rotating reviver in the other direction for variant munitions 🙂

Pardon? THe M61 Vulcan is a Gatling-style rotary cannon; the receiver rotates with the barrels. I don’t believe that there is any cannon design where multiple barrels rotate past a single receiver, because of the cyclic-rate limitation from having to extract the spent shell from the single receiver before loading the next round. The other way around, though — single barrel, multiple receivers — has been used in a number of designs going back to the MK213 developed right at the end of WWII, whose ancestry can be traced back to the Puckle gun.

Well you might want to look up the Gatling gun it was several barrels that spun past a single receiver that was hand cranked. This would have 1861 to 1865 so I can understand most people not realzing that the Gatling gun is that old. Multiple receivers don’t make sense when the objective was to cool the barrel and fire done the center line barrel almost always at 12′ clock. If you have multiple receivers there is no point to spinning them as it would kill accuracy. If you can find old footage you will see that rounds only come out of the 12′ o clock position and when the gun jams which they all do it stops firing which if they was more than one receiver it could fire again as the jams always happen in the feeding tube. I worked with the GAU 6 and GAU 8 not the tripod mounted AA gun.

As to how it works it is basically like a stamp machine it feeds a round past the teeth so to speak and fires then the next is pushed through. The messed up thing is if the gun jams and the ammo is still live it is the the enlisted guy responsable for the plane or the lowest man or woman on the toe-tom pole that gets stuck fishing them out, then EOD comes and takes them away after it is safe. lol

So I have no idea what you looked up but the oldest and newest are based on that design.

Bioware needs to hire a stylist or something. They’ve consistently made the worst hairstyles in every game they’ve ever developed. In the 10+ years of playing Bioware games, I can justifiably say I am sick and tired of the trend.

I like the trooper armour (or at least the chest), especially since it’s in orange (all my havoc troopers are in armour that has some orange in it).
The cannon looks nice but I bet the barrel does not rotate (if it does it’s replacing all my cannon using characters/companions).

I believe I’ll wait til the final version comes out, with the laser scope and holographic HUD and whatever other illuminated bells and whistles they tack on. 🙂

Keep in mind that this is the third pack of this shipment, so the pack after this one will be the “final version” of that weapon… no guarantee for bells and whistles…

If I Remember right from SWTOR miner the last one should be the same model, just with blue lights instead of yellow.

There shouldn’t be an initial shortage of them, in any case. I know I’m in for at least one crate, so chances are I’ll have my pick!

They will probably sell on the Ftn for like 1000 credits so it wouldn’t be like throwing away a lot of money if you buy the first one.

I wish they’d do more ‘normal’ decorations. They keep dishing out this Rishi and Yavin themed stuff. Just because 3.0 introduced those planets doesn’t mean they need to go overboard with all these tribal and super-exotic decorations that look out of place in guildships and strongholds. Seriously, do you really want tribal huts and bird people loitering around? It would make sense if there were Rishi or Yavin strongholds. But there aren’t. More GTN fodder. The Massassi decos are alright though as they go with Tatooine. We’ll probably get Sandpeople NPC decorations after this.

I like the Assault Cannon and a couple of the decorations. I only have one of the newer pistols, and really hated the way it sounded, so I might have to give this new one a shot.

Not buying any of the packs, but I will buy that Revealing Bodysuit off the GTN. Much sexier than most of the variations of the dancer armors.

Ogan-Dei’s set turned even more ridiculous by the last minute hood addition. Who the hell came up with the idea to add a heavy, thick hood to a light vest?

Sould rename the game to Star Wars The Old Cartel Market . Scary how 99% of everything new to the game is in gambling bags and for Sith and Bounty hunter players only.

No, the most scary thing is how obviously biased some peoples views are.

just in this pack we get 1 jedi set and 1 trooper set and yet here you are claiming that “everything is for sith and BH only”.

As for the “cartel market” jab, sure, they tried having a subscription based game.
It didn’t work.
So its this or nothing… your choice.
(keep in mind, you don’t have to buy a thing for real money, someone else will do it and sell it to you for in-game money)

agree that armor would be AMAZING to have,but I fear we will never have it and the closest we would get would not be worth getting,but il keep hoping for that gear tenha:)

Actually remove the silly mini cape on the exhumed chest armor and get another pair of boots to replace the ones from the set and you have a very similar looking armor, so someday I expect it to be available via miss matching various pieces.
If not they’ll out right release it just like they did Satele’s set.

They’re starting to touch a little on some of the story characters armor (satele, shae, revan reborn) so heres hoping.

Christ, the hood on Ogan-Dei’s set and that crappy ass .. cape(?) on the new revanite set just makes me cry.

Pleaaaase. Remove those. Dear lord.

I knew I’ll like the Revealing Bodysuit, but now I fell in love with it (for my girlie toons ofc). Instant get and unlock.
Any news on the blaster pistol’s sound, is it a new one?

I like the addition of the hood on the martial pilgrim armor. It looks like it truly is a weathered jedi’s armor that is used to seeing all kinds of rough terrain.

Dulfy, think we could get a close-up of the Revanite Vindicator Mask? ^^ Trying to see some details on it! Thanks in advance!

Besides the crystals, I collect them, there is nothing amazing in this pack so far. Looks like I’ll be saving those cartel coins for next month.

this pack looks awsome,so much good stuff..that hair aswell…it will make my next toon look just like me i have about that long hair

well the rotery plama cannon aleady ingame (pure black and pure awsome) does spin its ammo clip thing when unsheated,so this one probaly will rotate….perfect for any bounty hunter with a cannon or someone similiar like a criminal or pirate or something

I’ll probably have to splurgh and get the revealing off the GTN. also like the Lergo. I have the pervious version but like this color better. My favorite mount i’ve had so far.

I can’t help but see “Beast Ganon” every time I see a Devourer mount..Specifically “Beast Ganon” from Twilight Princess..Legend of Zelda fans will get me.

Wonder if the new hairstyle for males will look green if your character has black hair? Will it be like the other two hairstyles?

You’re right. I don’t understand why they akt like that. It makes no sense.
Why do they show it to us, just to remove it.

You’d be better off buying packs now, selling them and using the in-game money to buy a jetpack. You’re stupidly unlikely to get the jetpack if it’s going to be rare.

I have not liked any of the Joko mounts til now. That one looks quite nice. What a difference a paint job can make! Also, poor icetromper on Tatooine. 🙁

So I’ve seen from the SWTOR email I got today that previews a few items that the mini gun barrels don’t rotate. Too bad for commandos, that would have been cool. Maybe they’ll make it rotate in a future patch, unless the way it is now is intended.

Does anyone know if the pistols out of this pack (the RK-6) sound like roman candles shooting out of a lead pipe like the RK-4 and RK-5 pistols before it?

As with the last two packs, incredibly low rate of clothing being dropped. Unless I’ve just had horrible luck with the last three hypercrates. If you’re trying to get a full set of something from this, hope you’re lucky.

Yes, I got one pack that had nothing but XP boosts and companion gifts. Was pretty disappointed for what you have to pay for them.

I was happy I got the Dark Seeker mask, that finished off the look I wanted for my Immortal tank. But the rest of the crate I got was heavy on boosters, and low on actual stuff. I think I got more mounts than armour pieces/boxes. I usually end up getting two crates per release, but this time I think I’m gonna stand pat; there’s nothing else I want enough to bother getting another shitload of warzone and exploration boosters.

Wow, I should have read the fine print on this pack. Only gives 6 items (thought it would 7 like the others) and hardly any decorations. I bought the 24x pack and out of all them I only received only 6 decorations: 3 Imperial Grenadiers, 1 Togruta Citizen (female), and 2 Potted Plant: Yavin Fungus’s.

Guess I’ll just have to buy the rest of the decorations off the GTN cause I ain’t spending anymore money on Cartel Coins for this pack, it ain’t worth it. Tons of XP boosts and companion gifts. really?

The Architect was a Stronghold Pack, and this is a Shadow Pack. Two different shipments. The content of a pack varies slightly from shipment to shipment – but yeah, it’s sad that decorations count towards the pack’s two “main” items in this shipment. :/

The boosts and gifts, though, that’s been the same since shipment 1. They’re just extra, really.

Thank god I learned my lesson finally. I picked up everything I wanted out of this pack for dirt cheap today. I also finally saved up enough last night from running dailies to finally buy my blue vorantikus. So many people fighting today to be lowest I only had to spend less then 300k. That was emotes, regen, customizations, crystals, razalon and a set of armor. Mwuahaha, so happy I did not get spend any money this time!

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