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SWTOR PTS Patch 3.1.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR PTS Patch notes for Patch 3.1.1

Last Updated: January 28, 2015

All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change.

Classes + Combat
Jedi Knight

  • Just Pursuit has been redesigned: Leg Slash immobilizes the target for 3 seconds. This immobilizing effect cannot be applied to the same target more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Removed the Stagger Skillful Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Reining Reach. Reining Reach increases the range of Leg Slash to 10 meters and reduces its focus cost by 2.
  • Removed the health penalty from Guarded by the Force. Additionally, the base cooldown of Guarded by the Force has been increased by 60 seconds.

Sith Warrior

  • Inescapable has been redesigned: Crippling Slash immobilizes the target for 3 seconds. This immobilizing effect cannot be applied to the same target more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Removed the Stagger Skillful Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Maiming Reach. Maiming Reach increases the range of Crippling Slash to 10 meters and reduces its rage cost by 2.
  • Removed the health penalty from Undying Rage. Additionally, the base cooldown of Undying Rage has been increased by 60 seconds.

Hey everyone,
We have said in the past that we do not typically remove or add abilities between major updates. However, due to the over-performance of the Powertech/Vanguard, we have decided to forgo our typical procedures and remove Unload/Full Auto from the Powertech/Vanguard Advanced Class. We want to take this opportunity to explain the reasoning behind this atypical action.
First of all, we made Unload/Full Auto a more functional ability in 3.0 for Mercenaries/Commandos. Unfortunately, these changes also made Unload/Full Auto a viable part of the Powertechโ€™s/Vanguardโ€™s basic damage rotation. While we did intend to make the ability better for Mercenaries/Commandos, the benefit to Powertechs/Vanguards was not intended.

Sustained damage output for the Powertech/Vanguard is currently over for all Disciplines. The Shieldtech/Shield Specialist is particularly high. The best way to lower this over-performance without damaging our intended ability rotations is to remove Unload/Full Auto from the Powertech/Vanguard class. Additionally, removing Unload/Full Auto reinforces the playstyle we intend for the class. The Powertech/Vanguard was designed to play optimally in the 4 to 10 meter range, and this change promotes that ideal. Furthermore, we tend to avoid implementing too many channeled abilities for melee classes (which we consider the Powertech and Vanguard). Since Flame Thrower/Pulse Cannon satisfies any requirement that the Powertech/Vanguard may have for a channeled ability, and with Rapid Shots/Hammer Shot, Missile Blast/Explosive Round, Explosive Dart/Sticky Grenade, Rail Shot/High Impact Bolt, Death from Above/Mortar Volley, Neural Dart/Neural Jolt, Sonic Missile/Sonic Round, Grapple/Harpoon, Jet Charge/Storm, Incendiary Missile/Incendiary Round, and Thermal Detonator/Assault Plastique, we feel that Powertechs/Vanguards already have plenty of long range options and do not require Unload/Full Auto.

Additionally, this change is part of the Combat Teamโ€™s initiative to take an active stance against ability bloat. Now that we’ve explained our reasoning, here are the PTS changes for the Bounty Hunter/Trooper:

Bounty Hunter

  • Unload is now exclusive to the Mercenary Advanced Class and can be trained at level 15.
  • Flame Thrower can now be trained at level 3 (previously 8) and Death from Above can now be trained at level 8 (previously 10).
  • All Bounty Hunters may want to visit their class trainer to make sure they have the highest ranks of all the affected abilities mentioned above.


  • Edited the tooltip for Pyro Shield to indicate that it only deals retaliatory damage against direct damage, not periodic damage.

Shield Tech

  • Ion Screen has been redesigned: Further increases damage reduction while Ion Gas Cylinder is active by 2%. Additionally, Heat Blast damages up to 3 additional enemy targets within 5 meters of the primary target. Does not damage sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies.
  • Heat Blast now generates 25% additional threat.


  • Full Auto is now exclusive to the Commando Advanced Class and can be trained at level 15.
  • Pulse Cannon can now be trained at level 3 (previously 8) and Mortar Volley can now be trained at level 8 (previously 10).
  • All Troopers may want to visit their class trainer to make sure they have the highest ranks of all the affected abilities mentioned above.


  • Edited the tooltip for Electro Shield to indicate that it only deals retaliatory damage against direct damage, not periodic damage.

Shield Specialist

  • Ion Shield has been redesigned! Ion Shield now further increases damage reduction while Ion Cell is active by 2%. Additionally, Energy Blast damages up to 3 additional enemy targets within 5 meters of the primary target. Does not damage sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies.
  • Energy Blast now generates 25% additional threat.

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74 replies on “SWTOR PTS Patch 3.1.1 Patch Notes”

Permit me to explain my bon mot: given the vocal minority’s penchant for extreme overreaction to any change made by Bioware, my (intended to be) humourous assertion was that this perceived “nerf” of BH/PT tanks would attract the ire of the people who were previously raging about the nerfing of the slot machines, as they flocked furiously to this newest disagreeable change to the game. It was a mild joke, hence the “:)”. I hope this explanation serves to more fully elucidate the humourous intent behind the remark.

I can see where it might draw off some of the “professional” whiners. But alas, the slot machine is a case where I think a high proportion of the outrage is completely legitimate. BW has done such an incredibly poor job of handling the situation it almost defies description.

It was just a joke. ๐Ÿ™‚ Inconsequential. People are gonna get mad at what they want to get mad about, regardless.

lulz – sounds like a PvE nerf. Most PTs an VGs I’ve seen in PvP never use full-auto. They need to nerf the rate at which the shoulder rockets fire. Then they can bring them back down to normal. Also, share the utility with mercs that increase the speed of hydrolic overrides.

Bruh, what is wrong with these developers and making GBTF/UD 3 minutes and with the utlities spec to be 2 minutes and 30 seconds.. That’s terrible. How can that even be useful even without the penalty? Every class already kills sent/mara’s the fastest, why would they increase the CD.

The CD was increased to compensate for the removal of the health part of UR/GBTF. If the cd was not lowered, it would be a 5 second immunity to damage with no penalty. Now there is a penalty, even if it’s not exactly obvious. The cd change makes it look balanced. That is why it was changed.

In pve or pvp, the health part removal makes you far easier to heal.

Was occasionally using FA for filler based on theorycrafting, but meh, don’t care, will be glad to have one less ability taking up space…been having trouble getting my hotkeys how I like them with a couple classes since 3.0 hit due to the new abilities/etc.

really don’t understand why they consider it a melee class when it doesn’t use a melee weapon… I don’t mind the removal of FA, but, they need to make it easier to get back into combat range for the damage disciplines

It’s considered a melee class because most of their main abilities require a 4 to 10 meter range (or 15 meters with a certain utility selected), not a “true melee class” by any means, but definitely not ranged like a sorc/sniper 30-35 meters on most abilities. I think they should be called mid-range due to having a mix of close range and 30 meter abilities, but it’s their game, they decide what to call it. lol

They’re DEFINITELY not a 30m class. Hilariously, that’s all I ever see when I queue for HMs right now. It’s disgusting…
(yes that’s right, vanguards/PT’s standing at 30m doing less than 2k DPS in a HM FP. Don’t worry, you’re a bigot and a tryhard if you tell them to stop doing that.)

well I realize what and why they consider it one, I just don’t agree with them making it that way. Same with the scoundrels… why give a class a ranged weapon and make them fight at melee range? It’s always bugged me.

That said, I still love my vanguard. I do great damage and it’s a fun class for sure, I just wish it was a more traditional ranged combat experience. The only attacks we have that make any sense at melee range are the two melee attacks. Everything else could be logical at 30m.

Also, random thought, they need to make that weird artillery barrage thing we do something more like an offsite attack similar to orbital strike or something, lol

Their entire rotation is melee range or 10m…
You can get a utility that bumps some of them to 15m but otherwise, you’re a melee class, and have always been.
I do sympathize with your thought on a lack of gapcloser or similar method to get into melee range. Operatives/scoundrels and shadows/sins got their stealth. Knights have their gapcloser. Powertechs have…. a gapcloser if they’re tanks, but otherwise, nothing much. That’s kind of ok though, since they’re currently breaking the game with DPS.

Totally Blshts !

Just an average class so far, stop crying without a reason and get some gear.
Its the gear-less guys that always want to Nerf everything else than themselves.

“Additionally, Heat Blast damages up to 3 additional enemy targets
within 5 meters of the primary target. Does not damage sleeping, lifted,
or incapacitated enemies.”
So um.. am I supposed to Rapid Shots the bonus boss in Manaan?

Just change Grapple/Harpoon to work both ways, meaning pull weak mob to You, or You are pulled to strong mob and boss in PVE. Really simple way to shorten the distance for Powertechs and Vanguards DPS imo.

How about no? DPS Powertechs don’t need a gap closer because they have more ranged abilities than other melee classes, not to mention Hydraulic Overdrive.

Can You read. PVE mobs ? It’s not a PVP discussion, so don’t throll my suggestion for a PVE ability. The BH companion Blizz got an ability where she can pull herself to the mob, in a way that I suggest for strong PVE mobs with Grapple/Harpoon.


I’ll “throll” your suggestion because it’s just as bad for PvE too. Powertechs have more ranged capabilities than any other melee class, which gives them far more up-time on high-mobility boss fights. They also have the speed boost, which is on par with Assassins, who also don’t have an instant gap closer apart from Phase Walk, which doesn’t actually get used as a gap closer in PvE. As far as Blizz goes, since her primary focus is that of a tank, her Zipline is on par with a PT tank’s rocket boost.

That would look retarded seeing tough iron-man-ish BH’s zipline to a boss, Blizz gets a zipline bc it looks funny and jawas are supposed to be clumsy silly creatures. also since only Shield Tech gets Jetcharge the dpsers get a couple ranged attacks to be used WHILE closing the gap. Sent/Mara get saber throws etc.

I’m all for losing Unload as a PT tank. It may have been good damage, but it was just too clunky and awkward to use for a spec that already has enough buttons to push. I was surprised to even see it added to the rotation in 3.0, and it looks like Bioware was surprised too. I’m glad they’re also making Heat Blast worth pressing outside of maintaining the buff. I’m not sure we needed the extra splash aoe threat, but that with the flat 25% threat increase should more than make up for the loss of Unload.

They r not bad I can say.
Pretty good so far.
Unless you were expecting the hammer of Thor as an additional ability.

Nah. What I do expect though is a ”noclip” skill for Assassins soon. I can see it now: ”We saw that Assassins actually have to use all their stuns, roots and immunities in their arsenal to successfully kite/dispose of an enemy. This was never intended. From now on they will be able to fly through walls. Enjoy!”

Um, not really. UR is going to be crazy powerful now–the fact you can use it any time means that you can use it to prevent burst as opposed to just extending your life a few seconds before you die.

There is a huge drawback though in the form of the 60 second CD increase. But I agree, it’s gonna be stupidly strong now.
I’m gonna enjoy my sentinel.

Yes but where’s the much needed CC immunity? I’m done with being stunned to death in warzones or of my Ravage always getting interrupted because every other class has a quantillion stuns and stun breakers in their arsenal.

Or you can not play carnage ๐Ÿ˜›
That’s literally my mindset when it kept happening to me too.
Then I picked up concentration and never touched Carnage ever again. Sweet freedom.

I take the one I have more fun with overall (Carnage) and demand it to be adjusted to current class ”balance”. Also being stunned to death is not an issue for only Carnage.

I’ve rarely been stunned to death in concentration unless I get focused by the other team, which shouldn’t happen if the tank is doing his job and if I’m not overextending.
And I also take the “rebuke can be used when stunned” talent. So I get stunned, yes, but stunned to death? No. Not when I’ve got

a cleansing battle stealth,

15% damage reduction 50% of the time,

Saber Ward,

Concentrated Slice (10% free defense chance if I’m using it off CD),

Transcendence (yes, I’ll use that instead of Zen if I want to survive long enough to do damage, even if the damage is mediocre. It helps the team too. Also I’m choosing between that and a 15% damage increase on a single ability…..)

and now a much more ridiculously powerful GBTF

My problem with combat has always been “Ok, I’m on him, I’m using Zen and precision, now master stri– and stunned… bye bye Gore window….”

To be honest, I don’t think just because you like a spec means they should balance every single spec in the game. Every spec has it’s advantages. It does not make sense to tune every spec to the same sustained dps output. For god sakes, learn something new. It’s not that hard.

I use ul/fa against sin with force shroud a lot my quess is the defs playing sin/shadow class are getting owned 2 much by pt/vg this would explain this nerf and leaving hatred untouched pathetic rly..

I did not need a buff on my sentinel, but thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
I think GBTF is stupidly strong now. Like, it should not be that strong.
I will enjoy this.
edit: And reigning reach looks like (on paper) a godsend for concentration sentinels ๐Ÿ˜€

you still will be stunned, you will only kill baddies with it sorry but you will still be long dead before you get white barred and being able to use it.

it will only work on baddies nothing more nothing less

As far as I see here all changes (regarding Sent/Mara) here are for PvP only….. Where is the PvE change? Will the new operations remain that faking unfair for mDPS? Seriously what a stupid way of calling a “class remake” when they are not getting really new here… On PvP we are already screwed, since 3.0 we got screwed in PvE too because of the new Ops, now we will remain screwed atboth? Wow.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. The changes are welcome, but should’ve been there from the start of 3.0. Plus it still does fuck-all to solve our issues in PvP/PvE. Reading their neat little forum thread I had hope, but I guess I expected too much from Bioware once again.

There was a response in the boards that says this is not all the changes being made, just the first round being tested. We may get more in time.

No fix for the balance sage? Again? Thanks Bioware for keeping this useless.This has caused me tons of headache when I parse. They have nerfed it too much. Ok, let’s make even more useless, and just keep it broken.

I really don’t get it, i’ve read your complaint a few times before. Then go play TK. Not every spec must be OP. You don’t want to learn something new? Then be happy with less DPS. Sages don’t need changes, they are in a good spot now anyway.

“Removed the health penalty from Guarded by the Force. Additionally,
the base cooldown of Guarded by the Force has been increased by 60

So I keep all my health but can only use it like once/boss fight? I guess that’s sort of fair.

More like twice per boss fight, maybe even three or four times during the longer bosses.
But you won’t because you should never be in a situation where you use GBTF in pve so very often. So what this basically means is, if you’re a good sentinel in pve, you will NOT die in a raid for whatever reason (unless it’s a wipe).

o.O Useless?

I’d say Undying without losing any hp is like the most awesome panic button ever. With the Utility you can basically tank for 6 seconds now. No more dying on Bulo now, when i take aggro. Yay!

What, you meaning to tell me PTs were underperforming in threat? I wasn’t having an issue on the nightmare runs I did, and I was undergeared.

I’ve never had an issue holding threat personally, but I’ve been a main VG tank for a couple years now. However, besides the taunt and Stockstrike the VG had literally no abilities that generated a decent amount of threat, unlike the Shadow and Guardian which both have multiple high threat abilities.

You forgot Ion overload, pretty decent threat. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah, some more is nice, especially for such an ability as Energy blast.

Ion Overload is triggered by Stockstrike, so that’s why I put it there. I use Energy Blast on CD on almost all situations so the additional threat will be nice especially as my DPS keep gearing up, some of the DPS are SO broken (in a good way)

Well why don’t they take Flamethrower away from Mercs then? Seriously, what PT is using unload anyway? Idiots.

Both DPS specs and the Tank Spec have a DPS increase by using it rotationally thanks to the changes they made to it in 3.0. The smallest buff was felt by Pyro, which gets about a 0.2% increase to its DPS by incorporating it (yeah lol thats bad), while the strongest buff is felt by Shield Tech which gets quite a huge boost out of it. Bioware wanted to tone down the DPS increase brought about by Unload.

My point in all this is that VG is actually falling in Average ranges compared to the other classes (except IO/A and TK/Lightning), why they feel its nesseccary to remove an ability that has been apart of our toolkit since Closed Beta I have no idea, but I can guess its the PVPers at work again complaining about how their Sorcs and Mercs have a hard time killing them…

Also for the they posted it in reality comes down to 2-3 abilities per spec. Unless they plan to buff Explosive Round or the reach of Pulse Generator, I forsee Vanguard falling back pretty hard with consuderation of all the tank buffs coming.

Seriously BW, you don’t attain balance chopping at something in two directions hoping the end will meet. Measure Twice, Cut Once.

not sure why you are laughing, full auto is one of the commandos main damage dealers, especially for assault specialist which is the highest parsing spec in the game fool.

eh so full auto made vanguards/powertech op hehe good one bioware now stop trolling us please ๐Ÿ™‚

if they are serious about this then wow so out of touch with reality and the game

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