SWTOR 3.0 Operative Medicine Healing Guide by Orderken

SWTOR 3.0 Operative Medicine Healing Guide written by Orderken of Pot5.

Intro to 3.0 Operative Healing

For Ravagers or Temple of Sacrifice on Hard Mode, Operative is a suitable healing class. Its healing output is the highest, but it has major weaknesses.

  1. Handling high damage to a single ally: Fine if this ally has 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe. Weak if this ally doesn’t. In either case, Mercenary and Sorcerer are ahead.
  2. Handling high damage to multiple allies: Strong. Mercenary is close. Sorcerer is behind.
  3. Resource management: Fine. Like an Operative, a Mercenary must manage resources, and resources limit healing. A Sorcerer’s resource management is trivial and doesn’t limit healing.
  4. Synergy with co-healer’s class: Fine. Pairs well with Mercenary or Sorcerer, but Operative-Operative is the weakest pairing.
  5. Mobility: Fine. Mercenary is close. A Sorcerer’s mobility is incredible.
  6. Handling mechanics: Fine. Sorcerer is close. Mercenary is far ahead, because Hydraulic Overrides outshines every personal utility available to Sorcerer or Operative.
  7. Passive damage reduction: Strong. Mercenary is close. Sorcerer is behind, having the lowest Armor and lacking a Utility that increases damage reduction for all area effects by 30%.
  8. Dealing damage in the healing Discipline: Weak. Sorcerer and Mercenary are far ahead.



  • Nanotech Suit: Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%.
  • Chem-resistant Inlays: Increases damage reduction by 5%.
  • Infiltrator: Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3.


  • Med Shield: Shield Probe heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it ends.
  • Endorphin Rush: Adrenaline Probe recharges an additional 15 Energy immediately.


  • Evasive Imperative: At most once every 1.5 seconds, being attacked reduces any remaining cooldown of Evasion by 3 seconds.
  • Revitalizers: Stim Boost grants Revitalizers for 15 seconds. Revitalizers heals you for 5% of your maximum health every third second and increases damage reduction by 20%.
  • Augmented Shields: Increases the amount of damage that Shield Probe can absorb by 30%.
  • Escape Plan: Reduces the cooldown of Shield Probe by 5 seconds, Escape by 30 seconds, and Infiltrate by 60 seconds.

In general, Augmented Shields>Escape Plan>Revitalizers. If a fight, such as Bulo, has adds with Ranged or Melee attacks (i.e., white damage), consider Evasive Imperative.


Optimal gear for a typical Operative healer follows. For further discussion, or if you wish to optimize gear for your healing, see Section “Theory and Interactive Model”.

  • Set Bonus: SOR 4-Piece Field Medic’s and Dread Master 2-Piece Field Medic’s.
    • The SOR 6-Piece reduces the cooldown of Kolto Waves from 10 seconds to 9 seconds. This Set Bonus is almost always worthless, because it’s unlikely to increase the number of times that you activate Kolto Waves.
    • The Dread Master 2-Piece increases the healing done by Recuperative Nanotech by 15%. This Set Bonus is more valuable than any other available to an Operative healer.
    • Having two pre-SOR Armorings sacrifices Cunning, Endurance, and Armor, but is well worth it.
      • Having two Dread Master rather than Revanite Armorings increases your expected total healing about 3.3%. Even having two Arkanian rather than Revanite Armorings increases your expected total healing about 2.8%.
      • To minimize Armor lost, prefer Hands and Feet for the pre-SOR 2-Piece
  • Augments: Power > Cunning, but the difference is small (0.125% for all 14).
  • Power versus Critical
    • With 14 Power Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 371 in Resurrected gear or 435 in Revanite gear.
    • With 14Cunning Augments, the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 353in Resurrected gear or 417in Revanite gear.
  • Alacrity versus Surge: Among your Ear, Implants, and Enhancements, 3 have Surge and 7 have Alacrity.
  • Relics: Among relics of the same tier, Serendipitous Assault >= Focused Retribution > any other.
  • Accuracy: None. Accuracy has no effect on healing an ally.

Rotation Guidelines

In combat, no rotation is ideal for long. A healer’s job is triage. Decide who most needs your next heal by anticipating damage and cooperating with your co-healer.Guidelines for choosing your next ability follow.

  1. Maintain 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe on each tank at all times.
    • In general, refresh each tank’s Kolto Probe with Surgical Probe.
      • Surgical Probe costs half as much Energy as Kolto Probe.
      • Surgical Probe provides additional healing.
      • Spending a Tactical Advantage on Surgical Probe helps you maintain Tactical Medicine, which buffs your healing done by 3% for 6 seconds.
    • Until you can rely on your sense of Kolto Probe’s duration, you may wish to set a tank as your Focus Target.
  2. Use Kolto Infusion almost on cooldown and almost always on a tank.
    • Including its HOT, it heals for about the same amount as a Kolto Injection that crits.
    • Its HOT is unlikely to overheal an ally taking frequent damage.
    • Spending a Tactical Advantage on Kolto Infusion helps you maintain Tactical Medicine.
  3. Use Recuperative Nanotech almost on cooldown.
    • Prefer to have at least one tank within range of each Recuperative Nanotech.
      • A HOT is unlikely to overheal an ally taking frequent damage.
      • Recuperative Nanotech grants Invigorated, which increases healing received by 3%. This buff is more valuable for tanks than non-tanks.
      • Unless your entire group stacks, which is uncommon, reaching a tank sacrifices less of Recuperative Nanotech’s potential healing than Kolto Waves’.
    • Plan ahead to reach close to 4 allies with Recuperative Nanotech. Most often, this means targeting
      • a melee DPS or
      • yourself, after positioning yourself to be its hub.
  4. Burst healing a single ally
    • An ally with 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe
      • In general, Kolto Injection + Surgical Probe. Repeat if necessary.
      • If he might die before Kolto Injection finishes, Surgical Probe until this isn’t the case.
      • If he’s a tank, substitute Kolto Infusion for Kolto Injection unless you have Field Medic’s Critical Bonus.
    • An ally with exactly 1 stack of your Kolto Probe.
      • If you have Field Medic’s Critical Bonus, Kolto Injection.
      • Otherwise, Kolto Probe + steps for an ally with 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
    • An ally without your Kolto Probe.
      • In general, Kolto Injection.
      • If he might die before Kolto Injection finishes, Surgical Probe. You’re ill-equipped to assist this ally. Your co-healer must assist immediately.
    • Reserve Stim Boost for burst healing a single ally, especially one without 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
  5. In general, use Surgical Probe immediately after Kolto Injection.
    • This is sensible resource management.
      • Kolto Injection grants 1 charge of Tactical Advantage.
      • Using Surgical Probe with 65 or higher Energy allows you to regain up to half of the net Energy cost of Kolto Injection.
    • If the ally whom you healed with Kolto Injection has 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe, Kolto Injection + Surgical Probe is good burst.
    • If the ally whom you healed with Kolto Injection doesn’t have 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe, Surgical Probe a tank who’s not at full health and has 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
  6. Kolto Waves is situational.
    • Kolto Waves is a terrible use of time and Energy unless it heals at least two allies. Furthermore, unless it heals at least three, prefer to spread, stack, or refresh Kolto Probe instead
    • Kolto Waves versus Recuperative Nanotech
      • You can use both, rather than just one. For example, if melee (including tanks) have Recuperative Nanotech, look for an opportunity to Kolto Waves ranged (including healers).
      • Prefer Kolto Waves if your group is stacked or burst matters. For example, Kolto Waves > Recuperative Nanotech for topping up allies before the end of Underlurker’s Cross.
      • Though Recuperative Nanotech heals much slower than Kolto Waves, it often provides greater total healing.
        • If Recuperative Nanotech heals 4, Kolto Waves must heal 6 with every wave to match its total healing
        • If Recuperative Nanotech heals 3 or 4, Kolto Waves can’t match its total healing relative to activation time (HPCT).
  7. With your ample remaining time, spread, stack, or refresh Kolto Probe among non-tanks.
    • Kolto Probe is ideal for topping up non-tanks.
    • Kolto Probe prepares non-tanks for imminent AOE damage.
    • Kolto Probe allows you to invest “excess”Energy (i.e., passive regeneration that would be lost, because you can’t exceed 100 Energy).
    • Among non-tanks, prioritize those whom you expect to
      • take damage more times than other non-tanks (e.g., the DPS kiting Raptus during Dread Council),
      • take more damage than other non-tanks (e.g., a Sorcerer, who has Light Armor and no Utility to reduce all AOE damage by 30%), or
      • be out of your range more often than other non-tanks.

The Story-Mode Hero

This approach’s one and only goal is maximizing HPS. In Revanite gear, it can sustain up to 13k HPS without cooldowns.It’s appropriate from time to time, such as for the final phase of Titan 6 or Dread Council.

In general, however, it’s a tremendous disservice to yourself, your co-healer, and your Operation group, because it replaces the keen triage, burst EHPS, and teamwork with one’s co-healer that are the hallmarks of progression healing with mindless HPS farming.

  1. Maintain 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe on 8 allies at all times. For each “round”, refresh as many as possible with Surgical Probe, which is about 3 or 4 out of the 8, and refresh the remainder with Kolto Probe.
  2. Sprinkle two or three abilities unrelated to refreshing your Kolto Probes into each round.
    • Below are a few of many examples.
      • For an Energy-negative round, Kolto Waves and Recuperative Nanotech.
      • For an Energy-positive round, Kolto Waves and Diagnostic Scan.
      • For an Energy-neutral round, Kolto Waves canceled as the GCD finishes, Recuperative Nanotech, and Diagnostic Scan canceled as the GCD finishes.
    • In each round, the abilities unrelated to refreshing your Kolto Probes must have activation times(before Alacrity) that
      • total at least 3 second,ensuring that you don’t clip the penultimate tick of your Kolto Probes, and
      • total not more than about 5.1 second, ensuring that none of your Kolto Probes expire.
  3. If circumstances cause the next ally in your refresh order to lose your Kolto Probe, move on.
    • Having 7 allies with 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe is preferable to having 8 allies with only 1 stack.
    • For this ally whom you’ve passed over, in general, restack your Kolto Probe once each round on schedule.

Energy & Tactical Advantage

Energy Management

Each second, you regenerate Energy: 6 if your Energy is 60-100; 3.6 if 20-59; or 2.4 if 0-19.

  1. Having 60 or higher Energy almost all of the time is crucial.
  2. If your Energy is high, Surgical Probe helps you avoid or defer Diagnostic Scan.
    • If your Energy is 65 or higher, you gain about 4 Energy with each Surgical Probe.
    • Unfortunately, if your Energy is 25-64, Surgical Probe is Energy-neutral.
  3. If healing isn’t challenging, use Diagnostic Scan before an activation that otherwise would drop your Energy below 60.
    • The GCD that Diagnostic Scan triggers will finish just before its second tick. If you must cancel it to activate another ability, in general, allow its second tick to occur.
    • If your Energy is 60 or higher, you gain about
      • 16 Energy with a full channel or
      • 11 Energy with a channel canceled upon its second tick.
  4. If your Energy will fall below 60, because an ally is in peril or healing is challenging, you have two options.
    • If the present emergency should be brief, and if healing afterward should be manageable for your co-healer, you can recharge with consecutive Diagnostic Scans. While Energy is 20-59, you gain about 11 Energy with a full channel.
    • Otherwise, activate Adrenaline Probe after your Energy falls to or below 35.

Tactical Advantage

  1. You gain Tactical Advantage as follows.
    • Healing with Kolto Injection grants 1 charge.
    • Each heal from your HOTs (Kolto Probe, Kolto Infusion, or Recuperative Nanotech) or from Kolto Waves has a 30% chance to proc 1 charge. This proc can occur at most once every 6 seconds (Alacrity reduces this).
    • Activating Stim Boost grants 1 charge.
    • Exiting stealth grants 2 charges.
    • Attacking with Backstab from stealth or with Shiv grants 1 charge.
  2. You may have up to 3 charges of Tactical Advantage. Charges last 24 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this), and gaining a charge refreshes this duration.
  3. These abilities cost 1 Tactical Advantage.
    • Surgical Probe. But it immediately refunds the Tactical Advantage that it costs, unless this refund has occurred in the past 10 seconds (Alacrity reduces this).
    • Kolto Infusion
    • Carbine Burst
    • Tactical Superiority
  4. Have at least 1 Tactical Advantage at all times, in case you need it for Surgical Probe.
  5. Spending a Tactical Advantage on a heal (i.e., on Kolto Infusion or Surgical Probe) grants you Tactical Medicine.
    • This buff increases your healing done by 3%.
    • It lasts 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • You’ll have this buff almost all of the time if you use Kolto Infusion and Surgical Probe as discussed in Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

The Sections below describe and offer advice about each ability. Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.

Heals for a Single Ally

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

koltoprobe Kolto Probe


  • Kolto Probe is instant, has no cooldown, and costs 10 Energy.
  • An ally may have up to 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
    • Using Kolto Probe on an ally without your Kolto Probe grants him 1 stack. This HOT heals him 6 times, once every third second for 18 seconds.
    • Using Kolto Probe on an ally with 1 stack of your Kolto Probe grants him a second stack and refreshes your Kolto Probe’s duration. This HOT heals him 7 times, immediately and once every third second for 18 seconds. The amount of each heal is double what it’d be from 1 stack.


  • The ability that you use more times than any other.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Rotation Guidelines”.
koltoinjection Kolto Injection


  • Kolto Injection is a 2-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 20 Energy.
  • It heals a large amount.
  • Each completed cast grants 1 Tactical Advantage.
  • Field Medic’s Critical Bonus, a buff from the SOR 2-Piece Field Medic’s Set, causes your next Kolto Injection to crit.


  • Healing a single ally whose health is low.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Rotation Guidelines” >#4.
koltoinfusion Kolto Infusion


  • Kolto Infusion is a 1.5-second cast and has a 9-second cooldown.
  • It costs 20 Energy, or 18 Energy with the SOR 4-Piece Field Medic’s Set, and 1 Tactical Advantage.
  • It heals a moderate amount immediately and grants a HOT that heals 9 times, once every second for 9 seconds. In total, it heals for a very large amount.
  • Spending a Tactical Advantage on it grants you Tactical Medicine, which increases your healing done by 3% for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Upon being healed by Kolto Infusion, an ally receives Resistant, which increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 3% for 45 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
    • Resistant doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • Ideal for healing tanks.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Rotation Guidelines” > #2.
surgicalprobe Surgical Probe


  • Surgical Probe is instant and has no cooldown.
  • It costs 5 Energy and 1 Tactical Advantage. But it immediately refunds the Tactical Advantage that it costs, unless this refund has occurred in the past 10 seconds.
  • If an ally has 2 stacks of Kolto Probe, healing him with Surgical Probe immediately refreshes Kolto Probe at no additional cost.
  • On its own, Surgical Probe heals a moderate amount. With the immediate heal from refreshing 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe, it heals agoodamount for an instant ability.
  • Spending a Tactical Advantage on it grants you Tactical Medicine, which increases your healing done by 3% for 6 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • Refreshing 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
  • Burst healing a single ally.
  • Energy management.
  • For further discussion of a use above, see Section “Rotation Guidelines” or “Energy & Tactical Advantage”.
diagnosticscan Diagnostic Scan


  • Diagnostic Scan is a 2.1-second channel and has no cooldown.
  • It has no cost. Each time it crits, it recharges 2 Energy.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • It heals 3 times, but not immediately. A full channel heals a moderate amount.


  • Energy management.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Energy & Tactical Advantage”.
shieldprobe Shield Probe


  • Shield Probe is off the GCD and has no cost.
  • Its cooldown is 30 seconds, or 25 seconds with Utility: Escape Plan (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It can absorb a large amount of damage for you, and only you, for up to 10 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • With Utility: Med Shield, Shield Probe heals you for 5% of your maximum health when it ends.


  • Learn to love Shield Probe. It’s off the GCD, has no cost, absorbs more than a Sorcerer’s Static Barrier with Utility: Augmented Shields, and heals you with Utility: Med Shield.
toxinscan Toxin Scan


  • Toxin Scan is instant, has a 12-second cooldown, and costs 10 Energy.
  • It cleanses up to two physical, mental, or tech effects and provides a small heal.


  • For PVE, when Toxin Scan can cleanse an effect, it’s almost always better to cleanse it than heal through it.
  • For PVP, Toxin Scancleanses certain CCs.

Heals for Multiple Allies

See Section “Theory and Interactive Model” for activation times or healing amounts with gear that you select.

In SOR, every ability that may heal multiple allies in one activation is “smart”. If more allies are within range than the ability can heal, the ability selects those allies whose percentage of maximum health is lowest.

koltowave Kolto Waves


  • Kolto Waves is a 3-second channel. Its cooldown is 10 seconds, or 9 seconds with the SOR 6-Piece Field Medic’s Set.
  • It heals up to 8 allies up to 4 times, including immediately. Each wave costs 7 Energy.
  • Its radius is 8 meters.
  • As a channel, it’s immune to pushback.
  • A full channel heals a large amount.


  • The GCD that Kolto Waves triggers finishes halfway between its second and third ticks. If you must cancel it to activate another ability, always allow its second tick, and consider allowing its third tick, to occur.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Rotation Guidelines”.
recuperativenanotech Recuperative Nanotech


  • Recuperative Nanotech is instant, has a 15-second cooldown, and costs 20 Energy.
  • Its target is the ally whom you’re targeting or, otherwise, you.
  • It grants a HOT that heals 10 times, immediately and once every second for 9 seconds, to the target and up to 3 other allies, each of whom is in line-of-sight and 10 meters of the target.
  • In total, it heals a very large amount.
  • Upon being healed by Recuperative Nanotech, an ally receives Invigorated, which increases his healing received by 3% for 45 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Invigorated doesn’t stack, regardless of the number of healers giving this buff.


  • For an AOE heal, it’s very good for tanks.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Rotation Guidelines”.

The “Stealth Rez”

Exiting combat with Cloaking Screen gives you the opportunity to resurrect a fallen ally with Revive, salvaging a boss kill or a speed run.

Resurrecting an ally with Resuscitation Probe, Onboard AED (Mercenary), or Reanimation (Sorcerer) debuffs every group member. This debuff prevents further use of these abilities for 5 minutes, but doesn’t prevent a stealth rez. In addition, a stealth rez doesn’t apply this debuff to any group member. Therefore, a stealth rez is limited by only your ability to finish Revive, a 6-second cast, before reentering combat and Cloaking Screen.

The following can cause you to reenter combat.

  • When you use Cloaking Screen, an ally in combat has a HOT from you, including if he has full health or hasn’t yet been healed by this HOT.
  • When you use Cloaking Screen, an enemy has a DOT from you, including if this DOT hasn’t yet attacked it.
  • After using Cloaking Screen, you affect an ally in combat or attack an enemy. Examples follow.
    • You give an ally in combat who has full health 1 stack of Kolto Probe, which won’t heal him 3 seconds.
    • You heal an ally in combat with Recuperative Nanotech or Kolto Waves though you weren’t target him.
    • You grant Tactical Superiority to an ally in combat.
  • An attack hits you.
  • An enemy reenters combat or a new enemy enter combat (e.g., adds spawn).

The following won’t cause you to reenter combat.

  • Healing yourself or an ally who’s not in combat.
  • Gaining a Tactical Advantage.
  • Receiving an effect from an ally in combat, including a buff (e.g., Bloodthirst or Ballistic Shield) or a heal (including from an Annihilation Marauder in your Party).
  • An ally having a buff from you, such as Invigorated or Resistant, that he had before you used Cloaking Screen.
  • Dodging an attack, including with Evasion.
  • Canceling a cast that had an ally in combat or an enemy as its target.

Executing a Stealth Rez – Best Practices

  1. Inform your group.
  2. Use Kolto Probe on yourself. This fresh Kolto Probe serves as a timer for when you may use Cloaking Screen.
  3. Continue to heal allies, but use only Kolto Injection, Kolto Waves, or Diagnostic Scan. You may cleanse with Toxin Scan, as well.
  4. Before the Kolto Probe on yourself expires, locate the body of a fallen ally. You must be nearby, because Revive’s range is 10 meters.
  5. Immediately after the Kolto Probe on yourself expires,
    • remove any DOTs from yourself with Toxin Scan or, if necessary, Evasion,
    • target a fallen ally, and
    • Cloaking Screen > if available, Evasion > Revive.
  6. If AOE damage is about to occur, instruct the ally whom you’ll Revive not to accept until you’ve given permission.
  7. If, after completing Revive’s cast, there’s another fallen ally, immediately cast Revive on him. If he’s more than 10 meters from you, use Exfiltrate to close this gap. You may Revive an unlimited number of fallen allies until you’ve reentered combat.

Executing a Stealth Rez – Advanced Tactics

  1. As noted below, you may attempt a stealth rez sooner than described in Best Practices #2.
    • If you know which ally has the HOT from you with the longest time remaining, you may use him as your timer, rather than a fresh Kolto Probe on yourself.
    • Alternatively, instruct your group members to click off all HOTs from you. (You don’t need to click off HOTs on yourself.)
  2. As noted below, you may use abilities other than those listed in Best Practices #3.
    • The duration of Kolto Infusion or Recuperative Nanotech is half the duration of Kolto Probe. Therefore, you may use either while the Kolto Probe that’s your timer has more than half of its duration (i.e., 4+ ticks) remaining.
    • You may use Surgical Probe on an ally who doesn’t have 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
  3. If you know that there won’t be AOE damage that might hit you, there’s no need to use Evasion after Cloaking Screen.
  4. If more than one ally has died, but damage will prevent you from using Revive for all of them, spearhead a “chain rez”.
    • Instruct an ally whom you’ll Revive not to accept until after this damage has occurred.
    • Further instruct him to use his Revive on another fallen ally before he reenters combat.

Additional Advice

  1. If Resuscitation Probe is available, in general, don’t attempt a stealth rez in the following circumstances.
    • The fallen ally is your only co-healer.
    • The fallen ally is a tank, and
      • both tanks are required, or
      • a tank swap is approaching.
    • The fallen ally is a DPS, and the present phase, or fight as a whole, requires the fallen ally’s DPS.
    • Your co-healer is unlikely to keep everyone alive while your HOTs fall off or you’re casting Revive.
  2. When in doubt, try it. If it fails, use Resuscitation Probe. Later, determine why this attempt failed, so that your next attempt during combat with this boss is more likely to succeed.
  3. Know when and where AOE damage will occur.
    • Even if Evasion is available, it lasts for 3 seconds, only about half of the time that Revive requires.
    • Evasion dodges only Ranged or Melee attacks (i.e., white damage), and offers no defense against Force or Tech attacks (i.e., yellow damage).
  4. Know when adds spawn.
  5. In many fights, you may need to wait until a specific time or phase for a successful stealth rez.

Dealing Damage

Capitalize on every opportunity to deal damage.

In general, the priority for dealing damage is as follows.

  • For a single target:Corrosive Dart > Backstab > Shiv>Snipe >Rifle Shot. In general, Rifle Shot has the highest priority if your Energy would fall below 60 otherwise.
  • For multiple targets:Fragmentation Grenade > Carbine Burst
corrosivedart Corrosive Dart

  • Corrosive Dart is instant, has no cooldown, and costs 15 Energy.
  • It’s a DOT that ticks 7 times, immediately and once every third second for 18 seconds.
  • For PVE, maintaining this DOT is straightforward if you set the boss as your Focus Target and adjust your User Interface as described in Section “Maximizing Your Performance”.
shiv Shiv

  • Shiv is instant, has a 6-second cooldown, and costs 15 Energy.
  • Its range is 4 meters.
  • Attacking with it grants you 1 Tactical Advantage even if your target resists it.
backstab Backstab

  • Backstab is instant, has a 12-second cooldown, and costs 15 Energy.
  • Its range is 4 meters. You can’t attack a target with it if this target is facing you (a 90 degree angle).
  • If you attack with it from stealth, it grants you 1 Tactical Advantage even if your target resists it and can deals more damage.
    • This is an excellent opener when your group enters combat. It allows you to begin a fight with a high-DPS attack and 3 Tactical Advantage (2 from exiting stealth).
snipe Snipe

  • Snipe is a 1.5-second cast, has no cooldown, and costs 20 Energy.
rifleshot Rifle Shot

  • Rifle Shot is instant, has no cooldown, and has no cost.
fraggrenade Fragmentation Grenade

  • Fragmentation Grenade is instant, has a 6-second cooldown, and costs 20 Energy.
  • It attacks your target and up to 7 other enemies within 5 meters of your target.
carbineburst Carbine Burst

  • Carbine Burst is instant, has no cooldown, and costs 15 Energy and 1 Tactical Advantage.
  • It attacks up to 8 enemies within a “cone” in front of you. This cone has a radius of 10 meters and a central angle of 45 degrees.


stimboost Stim Boost


  • Stim Boost is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • Activating it grants 1 Tactical Advantage and increases Alacrity by 10% for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • Reserve Stim Boost for burst healing a single ally, especially one without 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe.
adrenalineprobe Adrenaline Probe


  • Adrenaline Probe is off the GCD and has a 2-minute cooldown.
  • It recharges up to 50 Energy over 3 seconds.
  • With Utility: Endorphin Rush, it recharges an additional 15 Energy immediately.


  • Energy management.
  • For further discussion, see Section “Energy & Tactical Advantage”.
cloakingscreen Cloaking Screen


  • Cloaking Screen is off the GCD.Its cooldown is 2 minutes, or 90 seconds with Utility: Advanced Cloaking.


  • For a stealth rez, as discussed in Section “The ‘Stealth Rez’”.
  • To lower your threat to zero with each enemy. Prefer Countermeasures, so that Cloaking Screen remains available for a stealth rez.
  • For PVE, it’s very rare to be Tactical Advantage-starved while healing. If you have exactly 1 charge, however, and you’re certain that you can save an ally only by two consecutive Surgical Probes, hit Cloaking Screen immediately before the Surgical Probe that otherwise would spend your final Tactical Advantage. This is a desperate move. You should be confident that you can’t proc another Tactical Advantage in time from HOTs, that your next Surgical Probe can’t refund a Tactical Advantage, and that this use of Cloaking Screen is preferable to letting this ally die and using Cloaking Screen for his stealth rez.

Other Abilities

exfiltrate Exfiltrate

  • Exfiltrate is instant. It has a 10-second cooldown if, and only if, you reactivate it in less than 10seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).
  • It rolls you up to 12 meters in your camera’s direction.
  • While rolling, your chance to dodge Ranged or Meleeattacks(i.e., white damage) increases by 30%.
evasion Evasion

  • Evasion is off the GCD and has a 1-minute cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • It increases your chance to dodge Ranged or Melee attacks(i.e., white damage) by 200% for 3 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • Activating it purges all removable enemy effects.
crouchtakecover Crouch, Take Cover

  • Each is off the GCD and has its own 1-second cooldown.
  • For Hateful Entity, the secret boss in Operation: Scum and Villainy, each grants you immunity to this boss’s area pull and area knockback effects, though not to the single-target knockback effect of Dread Touch.
countermeasures Countermeasures

  • Countermeasures is off the GCD and has a 45-second cooldown (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).
  • For PVE, itlowers your threat with each enemy by 25%. Use it proactively, especially after adds spawn.
flashbang Flash Bang

  • Flash Bang is instant and has a 1-minute cooldown. It has a range of 10 meters.
  • Using this on an enemy blinds it, and up to 7 other enemies within 5 meters of it, for 8 seconds. Damage breaks this blind.
  • For PVE, including Grob’Thok or Revanite Commanders, an AOE CC can be useful for adds.
tacticalsup Tactical Superiority

  • Tactical Superiority increases Critical Chance by 10% for Operation group members within 40 meters.
  • It costs 1 Tactical Advantage.
  • This buff lasts for 10 seconds, and its cooldown is 5 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce these).

Maximizing Your Healing Performance

User Interface

Tailor your UI for healing.

  • All crucial, time-sensitive information should be visible simultaneously. Therefore, Operation Frames, Action Bars, and Player Castbar should be adjacent and just below your character’s feet. Configure these using the Interface Editor.
  • Under Preferences > User Interface, enable “Show Cooldown Text”.
  • Operation Frames
    • Set “Buff Scale” as low as possible. Increase “Debuff Scale” until debuffs are prominent.
    • For your usual Operation group, disable “Show Health Text”. This is clutter rather than useful information.
    • Disable “Show Only Removable Debuffs”. Debuffs that may deal substantial damage to allies often aren’t removable.
  • Using the Interface Editor, enable Focus Target and Focus Target Castbar. Certain bosses have casts or channels that deal substantial damage to allies.
  • Using the Interface Editor, for the Player Buff Tray, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Effects” and Sort Options > “Personal Effects”. This makes it easy to see your procs.
  • Using the Interface Editor, for the Target Frame and Focus Target, enable Highlight Options > “Highlight Buffs” and “Highlight Debuffs” and Sort Options > “Personal Buffs” and “Personal Debuffs”. This makes it easy to see your effects, such as a HOT on an ally or a DOT on an enemy.


Gain up to 50 points of these stats through Datacrons.

  • Cunning
  • Endurance


To increase each stat below by 1% for every character in your Legacy and Faction, complete all of the quests that one of the listed companions can offer.

  • Accuracy – Skadge, Scorpio, Khem Val, or Broonmark
  • Critical – Gault, Ensign Temple, Andronikos, or Vette
  • Healing received – Mako, Doctor Lokin, Talos Drellik, or Malavai Quinn
  • Maximum health – Blizz, Kaliyo, Xalek, or Lt. Pierce
  • Surge – Torian, Vector, Ashara, or Jaesa

Though optimal gear for healing has no Accuracy, increasing Accuracy through this Legacy perk helps you interrupt, crowd control, ordeal damage.


Unless noted, Alacrity reduces every figure related to time.


  • An Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Stim provides 198 of your Primary stat and 81 Power for 8 hours (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this).


  • An Adrenal increases a stat for 15 seconds (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this) and is off the GCD.The cooldown shared across all Adrenals is 3 minutes.
  • For PVE, an Advanced Anodyne (purple quality) Triage Adrenal provides 750 Force or Tech Power.
  • For PVP, a Warzone Adrenal increases Damage Reduction by 15%.


  • A Medpac heals you and is off the GCD. A Medpac can’t crit.
  • PVE
    • The cooldown shared across all Medpacs usable outside of a Warzone or Arena is (a) the remainder of your present combat or (b) 90 seconds, whichever is longer.
    • An Advanced Anodyne Medpac restores 7535 to 7892 health immediately and an additional2875 health over 15 seconds.
  • PVP – A Warzone Medpac restores 35% of your maximum health and has a 90-second cooldown.


  • A Grenade is an instant ability. The cooldown shared across all Grenades is 3 minutes.
  • PVE – Grenades that stun or root can be useful for certain adds, such as during Styrak on Nightmare Mode, Grob’Thok with Nightmare Power, or Revanite Commanders.
  • PVP –Grenades are very useful.
    • A player affected by one or more of a Grenade’s effects receives Bastioned, a buff that grants immunity to all effects of further Grenades for 3 minutes (Alacrity doesn’t reduce this). Bastioned doesn’t persists through death.
    • If a Grenade has a stun or unconscious effect, this effect respects resolve.

Healing Model Spreadsheet

Note that there are multiple tabs to this spreadsheet. There is also an option to view this spreadsheet in full screen mode by clicking the button at the bottom right corner.

Download link (save to your computer to edit):https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=531C2CE33B536A51!157&authkey=!AH6Y02KGyIo6I0w&ithint=file%2cxlsx

About the Author

Orderken is a healer for <Hates You> on Prophecy of the Five.

  • Hemlock

    Happy to find out this was pretty much exactly what I was doing already.
    Although I have an AoE burst where I use recuperative Nanotech first to buff the target group with Invigorated (plus 3% healing received) and then use a Kolto Wave on same group.. 2 AoE Hot’s ticking at once = nice AoE burst.
    Great guide TYVM 🙂

  • Xorux

    I haven’t played my op much since 3.0 and failed a couple stealth revives which coincides with your guide and the pre 3.0 mechanics, but when 3.0 dropped the developers stated ” (activating a new heal will still break stealth, but any healing effects that are already in existence will continue to heal their targets).” Is this not true?

    • Orderken

      The quote says nothing about remaining out of combat. The description in this Guide is based on extensive, controlled testing.

  • Buddha

    So you can use the old set pieces with the new. I have tried this in my sent for the MS dmg, and if i have any of my new set bonuson my old set bonus stops working. I have parsed with just old set and new set. Then a mix of the 2. I can tell by looking at the parse numbers ms was not gaining from that 8%. I am not the only one to notice this a few other sent Iin my guide have the same issue.

    • Buddha

      I know this is a op guide but only one i have noticed mention using 2 old and 4 new set bonuses

    • Orderken

      Some classes can, some can’t.

      • Buddha

        Well that sucks lol but ty for answering my question BTW good guides yall have been putting out

  • avenger

    honestly I am bit disappinted since OP used to be my main for 3 years, but for new content i had to re roll for Merc

    gotta try your tips, thx

    • Orderken

      I understand where you’re coming from. A lot depends on your co-healer’s class.

      That said, Operative would be obscenely overpowered for PVE if its burst healing of a single ally were to be meaningfully buffed without “The Story-Mode Hero” technique being simultaneously nerfed into obsolescence (e.g., by increasing the Energy cost of Kolto Probe or reducing its healing).

  • Spoon (CoU) @ pot5

    Nice guide from a self confessed story mode hero

    • Xzelsius

      oh well, do it better then 😉

      • Spoon (CoU) @ pot5

        easiest way to do it better is to log off my operative and play any other AC 😛

  • Another excellent guide Orderken, all matches up well with my experiences.
    I’d like to know your opinion on using Alacrity adrenals instead of Triage. I use them with the idea that smaller heals arriving faster is often more useful in “panic mode”, and the overall boost to healing should be pretty similar, but I don’t know if the math really works out that way.

    • Orderken

      An Efficacy (Alacrity) Adrenal is a smart choice, and for precisely the reason that you’ve stated.

      The math is:
      * Triage/Power increases expected healing by 6%, and
      * Efficacy/Alacrity by 5.4% (assuming that Stim Boost isn’t active simultaneously).

      I haven’t used Efficacy/Alacrity often, because I’ve been fortunate to have Stim Boost available when reaching for a cooldown. If I didn’t have Stim Boost, however, I’d prefer Efficacy/Alacrity over Triage/Power for burst healing a single ally on an Operative.

      • Thanks for the numbers. I assume using Efficacy with Stim Boost (which I often do) drops it’s effectiveness to about 4.9%? I love the speed bump it gives, but I should probably at least have some Triage adrenals available too to combine with Stim Boost in those tense moments. For casual raiding, I guess my old reusable efficacy adrenal will do fine.

        • Orderken

          For an Operative, expected healing increases by about
          * 11.1% with overlapping Stim Boost and Triage/Power Adrenal, and
          * 10.1% with overlapping Stim Boost and Efficacy/Alacrity Adrenal.

          Close enough for either choice to be fine. You’ve done your best if you have a Power or Alacrity Adrenal available (as opposed to walking into the Operation without Adrenals) and keybound for quick access.

  • Common Sense

    I have waited a month for your guide. Worth the waiting the guide is. Many thanks!

    Ordeken, how do you rate healers for Rishi/Yavin HM OPS? How much operative is behind the other two? Do you think operative will be viable for the future NiMs?

    Once again, thank you!

    • Orderken

      In general, Mercenary > Sorcerer > Operative, because burst healing a single ally (often, but hardly always, a tank) is crucial in each of the new Operations on Hard Mode.

      * An Operative has Surgical Probe. If an ally has 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe, this is good, but Mercenary and Sorcerer have stronger options. If an ally doesn’t have 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe, Surgical Probe pales in comparison to a Mercenary’s or Sorcerer’s options.

      * A Mercenary has Emergency Scan, which also grants him an instant Healing Scan; Power Surge; and Progressive Scan (though an AOE, it channels an enormous amount of healing into its initial target).

      * A Sorcerer has Static Barrier; Roaming Mend with Force Bending; instant Dark Heal with Dark Concentration (and +60% Critical Chance with Force Bending); and Recklessness with, among other options, Innervate.

      Though each of the options above for a Mercenary or Sorcerer has a cooldown or requires some setup or proc, they remain stronger in the hands of an experienced healer than Surgical Probe.

      • Lora

        I disagree. I’ve done SM Ravagers, ToS and first bosses of HM. And so far my HPS as operative was higher than as sorc or merc.
        Plus I have no energy problems, mobility is awsome, aoe heals on Underlucker are very handy. Only one problem- dps, but if i wanted deal decent damage, I would respec.

        • Orderken

          I wrote about Hard Mode, so the experience that you report isn’t a basis for disagreeing.

    • Orderken

      Despite my post below, the only pairing that I’d avoid for progression if another option were readily available would be Operative-Operative.

      The person whom I heal with most often loves Operative healing, and plays it well. No one ever had cause to consider switching him to another class. (Our first Revan kill had all Bounty Hunters for a reason that’s both unrelated to healing and no longer exists.) I prefer him on his Operative, because it complements my Mercenary or Sorcerer so well, and because a stealth rez is very valuable for progression.

      I except that this would remain the case if Nightmare Mode were released today. Of course, there may be changes to one or more of the healing class before Nightmare is released, in which case, I’ll update these Guides.

      • Common Sense

        Thank you, Ordeken for your elaborate response. Much appreciated!

  • Lat

    Nice guide, thank you fur this. We have been patiently waiting for someone to step up for this. Only critique is you need to remove Snipe and Corrosive Dart, as we no longer have those. Otherwise, killer write up, well laid out, and 100% agree with everything in here.

    • Erm… yes we do still have snipe and corrosive dart, they’re both Imperial Agent powers. We just lost orbital strike.

    • Orderken

      Operative has both. Keybind Corrosive Dart. (I almost never use Snipe, and, when I do, it makes me sad that it’s my best option.)

  • great guide as always! thanks ordeken!

  • KShrike

    Oh look, in the introduction, someone who points out everything *I* pointed out when 3.0 came out.

    I’m so done with Jung Ma refusing to take my theorycrafting seriously and denying me a chance to raid just because I always tell it as it is.

    By the way, you were pretty thorough with the crit stuff. Nice guide 😀

    • G$

      It was never about your theorycrafting, Shrike. You’re just not that great of a player to begin with. That’s why we never took you on raids. We gave you a chance, you did not perform well. It was nothing to do with your class.

      • KShrike

        That’s just simply not true…

        • Shulk

          You guys should just take this elsewhere instead of cluttering responses with drama.

          • KShrike

            Yeah, I was gonna delete it once my point was made.
            But looks like I can’t let my point be made without causing drama, so I’ll delete it. Sorry.
            That said, I can only delete my posts. Someone else has to delete theirs.
            And it looks like deleting only removes my name from the post…. well, crap.
            Well, I *did* want my point to be made, but to cause drama on this thread was not my desire.

            • K

              “And I was right on every point. Ever since I left I was always right
              about everything, from the augment argument, to statting, to rotations,
              to specs, to even a potential raiding strategy at the end of Ravagers.
              If you guys couldn’t stand me because I told it as it is, then so be it.”

              -=- You are absolutely out of your mind if you actually believe this. The level of delusion it takes to think that you are right about literally everything, and to assume that your presence was “intolerable” solely because of this, is unmeasurable.

    • Lakkir

      My god shrike, no one ever told you were a garbage healer at any point. We took you on runs, it your attitude towards yourself and others in the raid that was a huge negative. And about your theorycrafting, you don’t listen to others. Theorycrafting is putting on your own theory and listening to others, acknowledging others points while trying to make your own. You don’t theorycraft, you try to force your opinion on others who by the way, have much more experience in the specs and classes that you were forcing your theorycrafting on.

      • KShrike

        “My god shrike, no one ever told you were a garbage healer at any point.”
        A huge lie, just look at G$’s comment. Even if you didn’t (and you never did, Lakkir, so to be fair, not really a lie, maybe you’re unaware on how others in Wrath treated me). Axio and Roxxy were the biggest components on telling me that my op heals suck. At least when Prome did it, he was trying to help me improve, but others were quite toxic about it. And in the end, looking at this guide, how to the letter it’s basically my entire mindset with medicine operative, then my relationship with you guys just falls apart.
        “We took you on runs, it your attitude towards yourself and others in the raid that was a huge negative.”
        Truth, but my attitude improved over time. You guys had a constant habit of taking something I said and turning it into a negative comment. The one time I called you guys out on it, you (collective) were angry that I would accuse you of twisting things I say, to the point where the party was split on whether my words were taken the wrong way or not (you didn’t all agree). Now the only real time it stayed negative was with specific players, and a majority of it was provoked.

        And the last part:
        No, my problem was you refused to acknowledge the points I made. Even Zorz was using marksman to make the DPS check on HM Underlurker, and you were arguing that Marksman didn’t make damage on demand to make a burn check. This is dead wrong, and at moments like this, I argued the heck out of this.
        Other points were me attempting to break through the close minded meta that everyone in the guild had about classes. And I was right on every point. Ever since I left I was always right about everything, from the augment argument, to statting, to rotations, to specs, to even a potential raiding strategy at the end of Ravagers. If you guys couldn’t stand me because I told it as it is, then so be it.

        • Comicbookguy

          Worst reply, ever.

        • Lakkir

          I’ve never said at any point that MM isn’t viable for raids, that is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve parsed 4.6, almost 4.7 with virulence, 4.6 with MM and 5.1 with Engineering. You tried to argue about virulence and marksmanship with me, and just because you “have” a gunslinger does not mean you know the class.

          “I was right on every point” – Shrike 2015 (Good work changing your name to guest by the way, smooth.)

          After reading this I believe there is no reason for me to continue arguing. This should tell anybody who is reading this a general idea about him.

          My sincere apologies on arguing on your website Dulfy and if you could please remove the guild name from the comment above it would be appreciated.

  • Young-Sandwich

    Op heals dps was not great 2.x, now it’s a joke.

    • Spoon (CoU) @ pot5

      people have cleared the hardest fights with it… the writer of this guide’s co-healer is an operative, and they have cleared 10/10 new HM ops, so it’s indisputably viable

      • blubb

        The DPS of the operative healer being the reason why they have 10/10, in your opinion? 🙂

        • Spoon (CoU) @ pot5

          Clearly not, but his original comment is like me complaining about the ehps of a marauder.

    • Jigga – The Bastion

      This is simply wrong, Operative healing requires high levels of focus and takes a while to learn the feel of the class. It’s more difficult (in my opinion) to heal at a high level with this healer but it’s most CERTAINLY just as viable as the others. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not good at the class. Each healing class has variable positives and negatives based upon the fight and in my opinion there is no class that is superior to the others on every single fight.

  • Guest

    Can someone help me understand this better? The guide says stuff like “the amount of Critical that maximizes expected healing is about 371…” but the spreadsheet has 0 crit rating from gear for all classes. Which is it? Tyvm for this excellent guide!

    • Orderken

      Your Critical from gear should be in the ballpark of the amount reported in Section “Gear” > bullet “Power versus Critical”.

      In the Model, the default values on Worksheet “Gear” have zero Critical. This isn’t
      optimal for any class. The Model is one Excel file for all 3 healing
      classes, and each class has its own optimal Critical. I choose zero as a
      class-neutral placeholder to encourage users to experiment with higher
      amounts for each class.

  • Kenny

    The guide suggest to get AIM datacrons. Which operative abilities does AIM affect?

    • Orderken

      Aim increases Critical Chance for Ranged abilities.

      • Kenny

        As I understand it, all the operative abilities are “tech”, not “ranged” so I ignored AIM datacrons. But if I am wrong, please let me know and I will be happy to hunt those buggers.

        • Orderken

          Thank you for pointing this out, I’ll remove or qualify this. My testing confirms that Aim doesn’t increase Critical Chance for Operative healing.

          • thadalina

            quite a few attacks are ranged. it does’nt help healing but off-dps’ing and getting them won’t hurt.

      • TheHarbingersKwerty

        Speaking of Overload Shot, any reason you recommended snipe over it? Snipe is 5 more energy, only slightly more damage, and affected by pushback, so Overload Shot should be significantly better shouldn’t it?

        • Orderken

          I almost didn’t include Snipe. I decided to mention Snipe since its range is 30 meters. (Overload Shot’s range is 10 meters.)

  • Sharona

    Can you maybe post a screen shot of the UI you suggested? That would really help out.
    Also i have a question regarding surge, considering that at any point (barring something like stealth rez or some such) at least 2-4 allies will be affected by your HoTs, and each HoT can crit with every tick, doesn’t it mean that on average you’ll A LOT more ticks than other healer classes, thus making surge more valuable? As a disclaimer, i have done no testing for this, just something rolling in my head.

    Thank you for this guide, it was the one i was waiting for the most.

    • Sharona

      Edit: i meant more crits than other healing classes.

      • Orderken

        Screenshot with Debuffs: http://imgur.com/p2i4i41
        Screenshot with Castbar: http://imgur.com/689I1wp

        • Sharona

          Thank you! That was very helpful!

      • Orderken

        The number of times that a HOT heals doesn’t affect the stats that maximize the expected healing of any of its ticks.

  • BobbyGriffin3

    Great article! Everything is clearly explained well and there are some great tips all around!

    Anyways I have a very big question that for the life of me can’t find searching all over the SWTOR forums or the web. It’s Surge vs Alacrity! I am currently in mostly 192 gear with a couple 186 still and slowly optimizing my set to the best it can be. On all 3 healing classes its suggested to go with 3 Surge pieces and 7 alacrity. Why do you suggest this rather the norm which most people I’ve seen are a 5/5 split evenly between surge and alacrity? I have 73% Surge and a little over 6.5% alacrity. So according to all the healing articles, should I really sacrifice a lot of surge to around the 62-65% mark and In turn raise alacrity to around 8-9%? I have about 25% crit chance and I really feel comfortable with that mark and have no questions or issues there whatsoever. It’s the 7/3 spilt between surge and alacrity that im curious about and would love an explanation from someone as to why I too should take this route and sacrifice 10% or so of my Surge for an extra 2% alacrity? Thanks in advance!

  • Kevin

    Hi there, great article! Have a question for both my operative and merc healer. As the set bonuses in 3.0 seem paltry, have you done the mathematic modeling to determine if a 4 set piece bonus at the 192 level is better than the 198 armor pieces from ultimate comm gear? Thanks!

    • Orderken

      For Mercenary, no math is necessary. The SOR 4-Piece Set Bonus is far more valuable than 198 Armorings without it. (At this time, however, you must unequip and reequip Mercenary Set Bonus pieces each time that you enter a phase for this Set Bonus to work. This is a bug.)

      For Operative, though it’s not a slam-dunk, I prefer the SOR 4-Piece Set Bonus over 20 additional Cunning from two more 198 Armorings. The SOR 4-Piece Set Bonus is equivalent to about a 3% increase in Energy regeneration. 20 additional Cunning increase expected healing about 0.15%.

      • Kevin

        Thanks for the explanation! A kind of new question for you. I am currently in 192 min/maxed gear optimized according to your guidelines. I am now in possession of 180 DF glove/boot armorings with the old 2 piece set bonus. I know you said to get the 186 set, but do you think I should drop down to the 180 level or is that too steep of a drop?

        • Orderken

          That wouldn’t sacrifice too many stats — use the 180 Hands and Feet Armorings.

  • Marla

    Hi there – quick question, where do you stand on the lettered vs. unlettered mod debate? Specifically for the operative I’m looking at Artful Mod 37 vs. Artful Mod 37A. The former has 40 more power but 20 less cunning I believe…Does the +40 power but -20 mainstat increase expected healing over time?

    • Orderken

      The stats for Advanced Artful Mods are as follows.
      * 37 has 97 Cunning and 82 Power.
      * 37A has 117 Cunning and 48 Power. This is +20 Cunning and -34 Power.

      37 > 37A. On this topic, there’s no debate. A player arguing otherwise is unqualified to offer advice about stats.

  • Steve

    Which is normal HPS after 3.0 for healers? In 186/192 gear?

    And have you any tips for EHPS? Cause it 80-90% only on hard bosses like Underlucker, other times it’s pretty low.

    • Orderken

      On this topic, there’s little helpful that may be said.

      Regardless of your class or gear, for the new Operations on Hard Mode, it’s typical to have 4k+ EHPS for a boss, or a phase of it, that’s challenging to heal.

      If the percent of your healing that’s effective is < ~60% as an Operative, or ~80% as a Sorcerer or Mercenary, consider dealing more damage or asking your co-healer to deal more damage.

  • Jahn0poosh

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  • Lin

    Is it normal for operative has around 60% EHPS? I really try my best, but can’t increase it. It rarely reach 75% and it has around 90% only in fights that are very trying.
    Maybe my rotation is wrong? I would greatly appreciate any advice.

    • Orderken

      This doesn’t suggest that there’s an issue with your rotation. An Operative heals with HOTs and must maintain 2 stacks of Kolto Probe on allies who might take burst damage, which mean more overhealing than a Mercenary or Sorcerer healer.

      Unless healing is challenging, your non-Operative co-healer could spend more time dealing damage. You could, as well, but it’s less convenient for you, because (1) your best attacks are melee and (2) failing to maintain 2 stacks of your Kolto Probe hinders your response to spike damage.

  • wileydsp

    When I look at that spreadsheet…I only see 5 enhancements listed but the label says 7 total. Where are the other two?

    • Orderken

      It seems that a user made changes to the Model that it has retained. A number of the inputs for Resurrected gear are wrong. I’ll contact Dulfy.

  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • wileydsp

    Orderken, Have you had any chance to play around with the proposed changes coming to medicine? I would love to hear your thoughts on how the changes will impact us, and how might the guide change?

    • Orderken

      The changes released this week to the public test server (PTS) for Medicine are worrisome. The change to Kolto Probe would cost Medicine substantial HPS. The changes related to Kolto Injection, Kolto Infusion, or Surgical Probe would offer in return no meaningful gain in burst healing for a single ally.

      • Kevin

        Hi Orderken, but what about the 2% all-healing buff received when a TA is consumed? Since Kolto Infusion and Surgical Probe are used so liberally, shouldn’t we have near 100% uptime on that buff? And if so, do you think it would potentially offset the Kolto Probe nerf?

        • Orderken

          Wileydsp’s post, and my reply, were about PTS 3.2 (a month ago). PTS 3.3 is much different and better for Operative healing.

  • monijatila

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    • sinlove

      shut up

  • Ser JuJoo Guppy

    An FYI, if the current 3.3 PTS changes go live, the new 6 piece set bonus will be more healing than the old 2 piece set bonus, assuming using nanotech on cooldown. The 3 second reduction on nanotech is enough to get an extra nano off each minute, which comes out as more overall healing from my quick math.

    Just something to keep in mind, IF those changes go forward!

    • AdjeYo

      And with the energy reduction and a boost from the buff it gives, it probably will be worth it to use it on cd.

  • Александр Востриков

    Dear Orderken, please tell me, how many crit and surge oper in medicine should have? I Think crit near 450-460 and near 340 surge in 192 gear. Thanks 🙂

    • Orderken

      Those stats are excellent. Section “Gear” discusses optimal stats in 192 (Resurrected) gear.

      • Александр Востриков

        Thank you very much 🙂

      • Eric Shultz

        tbh the spreadshit for me isn’t cut and dry for me to understand

  • Александр Востриков

    Dear Orderken, what do you think about this change in 3.3 Update:
    The Field Medic’s 6-piece set bonus has been redesigned: Reduces the cooldown of Recuperative Nanotech or Kolto Cloud by 3 seconds. It is necessary to change the old 2 pieces (pre SoR) of 2 new (SoR)? Thanks 🙂

    • Orderken

      Yes, now choose the SOR 6-Piece Field Medic’s.

      • Александр Востриков

        Thank you 🙂 You saved me from going to DF DP HM 🙂

  • Ashton Sloane

    So I’m assuming, you want surge on ear/implants but alacrity on all you enhancement mods?

  • Barb Lee

    Hope you’re working on one of these for 4.0. Great guide! Thanks for doing it. Could you include Numbers for Power, Crit and alacrity on the new one? Thanks 🙂

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