SWTOR 3.1 Preliminary Patch Notes

SWTOR released the preliminary round of patch notes for the upcoming 3.1 release arriving next Tuesday.

Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi

  • Ranked Warzone Arena Season 4 has begun! Get in there and go berserk! Season 3 leaderboards have been archived.
  • New Legacy Unlock – Improved Mounting! You can now summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving!
  • New Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi are now available through Group Finder in the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • The Gray Secant has returned from its travels! Participate in the Relics of the Gree event from February 24th at 12:00 GMT to March 3rd at 12:00 GMT.


  • Ship Droids can now equip 1-Handed Blaster Pistols in their Main Hand.
  • Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt have been added to the Mission “[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts.”
  • The following exit points have been added to Guild Flagships:
    • Republic: Yavin 4: Coalition Staging
    • Republic: Rishi: Raider’s Cove
    • Republic: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
    • Imperial: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting their Utility Points reset when the data had changed, resulting in players not always meeting the criteria for the Utility set up they have.
  • The Achievements for killing Commander Mokan now have a proper icon.
  • The BH-7X Custom Hunter vehicle now correctly banks into turns.

Cartel Market

  • Corrected the jet pack animation locations on Shae Vizla’s Chestguard.
  • Selecting the “Bright Yellow Eyes” option in Character Creation or the Appearance Designer no longer makes it impossible to make further changes.
  • The Dathomir Shaman’s Hood now appears properly when equipped or previewed.

Classes + Combat
Jedi Knight

  • Fixed a bug with Soresu Form that caused abilities’ damage to drop by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Dust Storm now additionally increases Blade Storm damage by 40%.
  • Pacification now increases Force Sweep damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Cyclone Slash and Master Strike by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Warding Power now additionally increases Warding Strike damage by 15%.
  • Lunge has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Riposte is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less focus.
  • Warding Call now has a subtle, persisting visual appearance while the effect is active on the Guardian.

Sith Warrior

  • Fixed a bug with Soresu Form that caused abilities’ damage to drop by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Quake now additionally increases Force Scream damage by 40%.
  • Heavy Handed now increases Smash damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Consuming Power now additionally increases Aegis Assault damage by 15%.
  • Lash Out has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Retaliation is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less rage

Jedi Consular
Kinetic Combat

  • In addition to its previous effects, Double-bladed Saber Tactics now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Changed the name of “Double-bladed Saber Defense” to “Double-bladed Saber Tactics” to better fit the new additions to the skill.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Cascading Debris.
  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 30% (up from 15%).

Shadow’s Respite now properly gives a 50% Force Bonus after stealth ends.

  • Jedi Consular trainers on Balmorra, Taris, Nar Shadda, and Hoth now properly display Sage abilities.

Sith Inquisitor

  • In addition to its previous effects, Lightning Reflexes now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Depredating Volts.
  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 30% (up from 15%).


  • Improved the visual effects for Vital Shot, especially when dual wielding Blaster Pistols.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Sanguinary Shot to deal damage twice.

Imperial Agent

  • Interrogation Probe no longer flies away while the damaging effect remains on a target. Instead, it now fades out when the effect ends.

Flashpoints + Operations
Temple of Sacrifice

  • Players no longer receive “Out of Range” errors when attacking The Underlurker, and the Devastation mechanic now functions more reliably.
  • Malaphar the Savage now allows a grace period before using Frustrated Howl.

The Ravagers

  • The Repair Droids present during the Torque encounter now have more health in Story Mode.
  • The damage of Torque’s Floor Vents have been reduced for 16-Player Story Mode.
  • The Shoots Lasers droids now more accurately target and destroy the Repair Droids deployed during the Torque encounter.


  • Players will now get a warning if they pull the Ancient Threat close to its combat reset range while in combat.
  • Ancient Threat’s Force Whisper and Force Silence now have the correct dispel types in the debuff tooltip.
  • All units of the Lance Squadron on Yavin 4 now have boss immunity.


  • The Demolition Probes during M2-AUX Foreman’s encounter in Hard Mode Depths of Manaan now center the damage radius on the probe instead of the player who triggered the detonation.

Items + Economy

  • Self-Perpetuating Power Cells have replaced Synthetic Energy Matrix as a crafting material required to craft Dark Projects.
  • One of the duplicate M1-4X’s Defense Gear Lockboxes has been renamed to SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox. The newly named SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox has had its requirement changed to SCORPIO.
  • The icon for the Rishi reputation item "Raider’s Cove Saber" now looks more like its description.
  • Following items have had their stats corrected:
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Gloves
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s System
    • Devoted Allies Assault Focus
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Vestments
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Relay
  • Fixed backside cloth stretching issue on Trooper Massassi, Yavin MK-1, Resurrected, and Rishi Maze MK-2 chest armor.
  • Fixed hair clipping issues with the Yavin MK-1 helmet.
  • The Kurtob Alliance speeder has had its item icon, name, and description fixed, and it now appears correctly in the Stronghold Decorations list.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Missions “[WEEKLY] The Ravagers” and “[WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice” are now shareable.
  • The GSI Combat Support Droid now correctly exits combat when entering stealth mode during Solo Flashpoints.


  • Huttball Fire Trap damage is no longer mitigated by damage reduction for level 55+ characters, effectively reducing the number of hits required to kill a player.

Here are some additional comments from Tait.

Preliminary Game Update 3.1 Patch Notes | 02.02.2015, 06:33 PM

Hey everyone,
One of the things that many people have asked for is a better look into what’s coming up. Outside of Bug Report replies and the maintenance messaging synopsis, you don’t really get a full picture of what’s coming in upcoming patches until the Patch Notes go live the day before. I wanted to change this and give you insight into what you can expect in the next week’s patch earlier. This is part of our continued effort to be more communicative of upcoming changes and content. However, we do realize that having information early and then subsequently having it change can cause friction, so if we find that the constant changes to the patches are causing more harm than good due to releasing the information early, we will stop posting preliminary notes. This is an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes.

There are a lot of stipulations that come with this, however. While we definitely want to get this information out to you, we can also see how this information can cause problems when things that are listed don’t make it into the patch (or, on the opposite side of the coin, when the preliminary notes don’t list something you expected/wanted to be in the patch). As such, I’ve compiled some answers to questions that I think may come up, either now or when the final notes are published:

1. Why isn’t X BUG listed in the preliminary notes? This is a comprehensive list of what is coming in this patch, but in no way reflects what is being worked on or is known. That said, the notes are subject to change as more bug fixes are finalized – the final "bug scrape" happens later in the week, before the notes are finalized.

2. Why was X BUG from the preliminary notes removed? The notes are subject to change, and it probably failed QA and had to be looked at again. This happens from time to time, and those fixes are generally moved to the next patch.

3. Why isn’t X BUG fixed in either set of notes? Since we can’t get every bug into a patch, every team has to prioritize bugs, and sometimes that means bugs have to be pushed to the other patches. The same team doesn’t fix every bug, which is why bug fixes can range in severity. As mentioned before, a lack of fix does not indicate that the bug isn’t being actively worked on.

I do want to reiterate that the notes are subject to change. This doesn’t mean that stuff will only be removed – things are added the Friday before a patch goes out all the time. Due to the nature of how patches change, though, the preliminary notes won’t be updated as things are added/removed – the final notes will reflect the final patch. I know it sounds like I am harping on the notes changing a lot, and that’s on purpose. This is the main concern we have about releasing this information early – that it will mislead people into thinking this is in any way a guarantee. It’s not. In fact, it will very likely change. I’d say they have about a 98% chance to change.

Preliminary Game Update 3.1 Patch Notes | 02.02.2015, 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Murder_Toys

Tait seeing that the Gree event is coming it was reported Four month back that
Gree Light Pillar (Blue) not added to decorations list and once put down , once picked up destroys itself 0/0

This example falls firmly into the "subject to change" part:
The fix for this is scheduled for 3.1 but hasn’t been finalized yet, so wouldn’t be in the notes at this stage.

Preliminary Game Update 3.1 Patch Notes | 02.02.2015, 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by sterrwers

awesome patch tait! Appreciate the early notes.
I hate to bother you with such a minor bug, but just wanted to share this in case you guys aren’t aware of it. It’s been broken for a while.http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=771175


Preliminary Game Update 3.1 Patch Notes | 02.02.2015, 08:44 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by dscount

16 man SM LOOT FIX???

It’s in the patch, but not finalized, which is why it’s not listed yet. This is typically going to be the case if I’ve said something is scheduled for a specific patch but it’s not listed in the prelim notes.

Codex or Achievements Fix planning for 3.1 or 3.1.1 ? | 02.02.2015, 08:52 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by EnVAnjS

hope bioware know this problem with codex
i wait when they fix some entries

Hey there,
We are certainly aware of the bugs and issues with the Codex and Achievements, and it remains a personal crusade of mine to see them fixed. That said, I currently don’t have any further information on fixes, especially for some of the older ones.

  • BluesLight

    Dem Jugg buffs doe.

    • Fel

      Brings us to where we ought to be. I, for one, am stoked out of my mind!

    • Sarigar

      Gonna be a hot tiiiime, in the old toooown, toniiiiight…

  • Melini

    Thank the Force for that Full-Auto Removal getting cut…

    • Vodorlo

      “I do want to reiterate that the notes are subject to change. This doesn’t mean that stuff will only be removed – things are added the Friday before a patch goes out all the time.”

      Taken right from Tait- you’re not safe yet.

      • Melini

        I’m hoping they realized that taking Full Auto affects more than DPS-Gear wearing Shields Specialists in ranked PvP. I’m also hoping they took a wait and see approach instead of chopping wildly hoping to get things right… Its almost like the Devs don’t even play the game they’re developing…

    • JasonRyder

      Where did you get this information? I can’t find it in the notes.

      • Melini

        It was in the last set of notes.

        • Fionxxi

          bug fix for PTS coming in next patch.

          I’ll sorely miss my 8k damage full-auto on my ST vanguard 🙁

          On the other hand guarded by the force will have no health cost so at least my sent is getting better 🙂

        • JasonRyder

          That’s a relief! I’ll still have full auto on my Vanguard DPS. That is what you said, right? Or do you like it that full auto is being removed?

  • Vodorlo

    Gree event coming back! But only for one week…

    Win some, you lose some.

    • holyfrog

      It’s always only a week.

      • Vodorlo

        Sometimes it comes up for two weeks.

        • Sozinho

          Yes, the very first time I did it was two weeks.

    • Tyresius Lokai

      You just lose some. -Gault

  • Mortúùs

    Ship Droids can now equip 1-Handed Blaster Pistols in their Main Hand.

    • Fel

      Probably just for stats, like a Sage’s magic wand… err lightsaber.

      • Mortúùs

        Unfortunately still pointless if they can’t equip a generator or anything like that.

        • Ewokietalkie

          They already can equip generators.
          Oh and the ship droids on the pts actually do use the pistols in combat – it isn’t just a stat thing – not sure how useful they are in a fight though

          • Iron-Clad

            From what I recall from the PTS is that the ship droid actually made a great healer, but they didn’t like everyone running around using exclusively the ship droid, so they removed MH ability from them to force people to use other companions. As he is used for healing, it is 95% a stat thing.

            I guess since 99.9% of companions used right now are Treek, they don’t care about one companion overshadowing the rest…

            • silver

              And since they added companion weapons for the ship droids.

            • Mark E. DeSade

              Some of us still use HK 🙂

            • holyfrog

              Why use Treek? Use HK with his new camp gear and you don’t need a healer because everything is dead.

              • Holyfrog

                LOL Crafting bitch. That made my day! Thx for that I was feeling really crappy.

              • Holyfrog

                That was supposed to be a reply to Estranged. I suck. No soup for you!!

            • Estranged

              I use what I like, can’t stand to use the same comp on each character. Treek didn’t know she was going to be my crafting bitch when she joined up!

          • GR

            Need to upgrade their damage like the flashpoints droid so everybody can have a power companion.

    • 2vr8ismyhomie

      alright! time to pimp out 2V-R8 hahaha

  • Sarigar

    “The BH-7X Custom Hunter vehicle now correctly banks into turns.”

    I have been hoping for this change for MONTHS now (as well as submitting a bug report every few weeks). Even if this was the only QOL change in the patch, it would be well worth it! Excelente!

    Lot of good stuff in this patch, looking forward to it.

    • Mortúùs

      I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or serious.

      • Sarigar

        I am serious, I love that speeder, and it’s been bugging me since I got it that it doesn’t bank when it turns.

        • Mortúùs

          Well then, with your awesome powers of reporting quality of life things and getting them changed, send some tickets about the Corrupter Blade asking them to make the electricity change color.

          • Sarigar

            Nothing is stopping you from being equally persistent.

          • Vodorlo

            That’s a want, not a bug.

        • JG

          Its a high tech mount that doesn’t need to bank like the others.
          Thats makes it more special.

      • Vodorlo

        Yes, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean someone else won’t either.

        Somewhere, someone loves and looks forward to the cartel market re-skins.

    • SeekerLancer

      Me too, it’s one of my favorites speeders. I was afraid this bug was going to fall under the radar forever.

    • holyfrog

      I am also glad they finally fixed the banking, it bugs the crap out of me.

  • Decadus

    Meanwhile somehow I can’t Access Section X when I bought it 1-2 years back, any suggestions?

    • Vodorlo

      If you’re f2p, did you sub before and access then? Or did you buy access from the CM?

  • j’oe

    tank stance for Vanguards is reducing damage dealt on tooltip for 20%
    they must look into it too
    Ion Pulse w/ Ion cell (1126-1219)
    Ion Pulse w/o Ion cell (1416-1543)
    not sure whats going on, cause min damage is actually 20,48% lower and max damage is 20.99% lower

    • Beroya

      It’s the same deal with Vanguards/Powertechs and Assassins/Shadows. All tanking stances lower damage by about 20%. I know they said that not all known bugs are included, but why would they mention it for the Guardian/Juggernaut classes and not for everyone else affected? Smells like bs to me but I hope it’s just an oversight.

      • j’oe

        eh, i haven’t checked on my sintank, but i have less trouble with aggro on him than on my VG, so i didn’t cared to check
        im gonna report it just for sure

      • Iron-Clad

        Guardian/Jugg tanks have been underperforming for dmg in 3.0, which is why they have been tinkering with them on the PTS nonstop. I would hazard a guess that ‘eventually’ they will fix the 20% dmg decrease on other tank classes as well, but when they do it will come with corresponding dmg decreases from the abilities as well.

        You will notice that the notes above include 3 other dmg buffs and a skill rework for guardian/jugg; this is more than a simple bug fix but rather a serious rebalancing issue.

        • Beroya

          I don’t deny that the class has been underperforming, but that doesn’t change the fact that the tanking stances are bugged for all classes and should, therefore, be fixed for all classes. Fixing a universal bug and passing it off as a buff is unfair to both Guard/Jug players and to all other classes waiting for a fix.

          Also, why would they fix the bug only to decrease the damage anyway? Does that make sense to you?

          • Iron-Clad

            I agree that it seems backwards at first, but I do believe it does make sense if you really look at it. Although the other tanking classes are ‘bugged’ in that the tooltip says 10% yet it decreases dmg by 20%, the 3.0 class balance was designed with that bug in place, so the overall dps for them is roughly where they intended it to be. Had it been correctly at 10% when they did the initial balancing, they would have simply lowered the bases damage of certain/all abilities to compensate, resulting in the same overall dps. To simply increase all damage of these tank classes by 12.5% (changing a dmg reduction from 80% to 90% is a 12.5% increase in overall dmg) would mean those classes are overperforming by ~12.5% and thus would necessitate changes elsewhere to maintain balance. If jugg/guardian tank dps wasn’t underperforming right now, I wouldn’t have been surprised had they just changed all of the tooltips to 20%.

            • Migali

              I checked on my Powertech and on my assassin, the tooltip of the form say it reduce damage by 10%, and the tooltips of skills are indeed reduce by 20%. But when i tested it on a dummy the damage where reduced only by 10%. I also tried it on a Juggernaut, they got the tooltips of skills and their damage reduce by 20%. For juggernaut it’s a damage reduction bug, for assassin and PT it’s a tooltip mindfuck, but the damage is effectively reduced by 10%

  • Darth Z

    Will 16m loot be fixed?

    • Iron-Clad

      You must not have read all the way through.

      “It’s in the patch, but not finalized, which is why it’s not listed yet. This is typically going to be the case if I’ve said something is scheduled for a specific patch but it’s not listed in the prelim notes.”

    • BS

      Read Again.

  • Deshik

    Thank god they finaly added the bright yellow sith eyes. Many of us have cried that our hero gets zombified with each darkside rank and the last straw was when the eyes turned red.

    • You know you can turn off darkside corruption if you want, right?

      • Ben Gimson

        You can’t turn off the zombiefication effects. So if you want dark side eyes, but not the whole weird skin effect, you’re kinda stuck between having both or none at all.

      • Deshik

        I wanted to keep darkside 1 look while going further. Now I can.

  • Astyra

    Oh my gosh so excited! Season 4 starting and the GREE EVENT! Can’t wait to participate in my first season of Ranked PvP and run the Gree event for the first time! 😀

    • Kel

      Oh you are in for a treat…. >:D

      • Astyra

        Really? Ok well we’ll see how terrible I am at both of these… 😛

  • Corvus6

    Starting PvP s4 without addressing Shadows/Sins, Sorcs/Sages, or VGs/PTs.

    GG Bioware. Ranked is gonna be a shitshow.

    • KellUrsa

      it has been since ranked arenas started. And not because of class balancing. It’s the trolls. And the fact they have tied conquest to ranked, making it so conquest focused guilds send their Pvers into it. This season will feature almost exclusively, hatred sins/serenity shadows and mid tree vans/pts. You won’t see many mercs, snipers, or marauders. Not that you saw any mercs or snipers in previous seasons. except when snipers were exploiting the wall bang tactic. Until they give the squishier classes better escapes or dcds, the game will suffer imbalance. But…if you all remember previous posts, and twitch streams. Developers don’t want to give a class a new dcd. Cause then all classes will want one. Which is the dumbest excuse they could give. So other classes will bitch and want more dcds? Doesn’t everyone bitch about everything anyways? balance the damn game, and let the QQ go.

  • Spruce Cycle

    Yay re-skinned hm fp’s, just what players have been clamoring for!

  • Spruce Cycle

    1,000,000 credits SWTOR dies this year.

    • Popo

      You’re right. Leave now and save yourself the time.

    • Estranged

      Well, those credits wouldn’t be worth Nerf poo.

    • Stanley White

      aren’t you the same person who said this 3 years ago, and 2 years ago, and a year ago?

    • Hokyfrog

      I’ll bet you all youre credits against all my credits that it doesn’t. Ohh and also all the money you would get Fromm selling all your gear before you delete you’re account.

    • Jack Bean

      You underestimate the POWER of the dar…F2P model.

  • Tygur

    Dathomir Shaman head piece fix! That means I’m back in the game haha, so shallow I know, but I play this game to become a character, aesthetics plays a big part.

  • Bob Bilbert

    yup. useless patch. they’ve yet to fix the bugs, instead they improve animations for skills.

    • Spruce Cycle

      Lol my force choke animation doesn’t even bother to show up and neither does the bar telling u how long it lasts. Huge Fail devs.

      • John Kosto

        Change your graphics card, cause my animation and my cast bar show up properly…

        • Popo

          He’d rather just troll Dulfy.

          • rob martin

            it’s assholes like him, that caused me to take a 8mo sabbatical from this game.

        • Spruce Cycle

          No fool, ability delay has nothing to do with hardware, fool, but game coding.

          Learn to think.

          • John Kosto

            Well if you meant fucking ability delay, you should have typed ability delay instead of the crap you typed. That way I would have understood your crappy whining in proper English instead of proper bullshit that it is now.

            Learn to express yourself correctly.

            And yes, my force choke ability animation and cast bar appear 100% accurately all the time, so keep on trolling idiot

            • Spruce Cycle

              Fool not my fault you can’t read or comprehend the English language. Sometimes people DESCRIBE in words the situation instead of s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g it our for morons like you.

  • Sozinho

    What about the spam of the credit sellers? Please, do something…

  • letitgo,letitgoooo

    hooray more fixes for ravagers and tos that will most likely lead to new bugs!

  • KShrike

    And now scoundrel damage got nerfed down.
    Sad day to be a ruffian scoundrel.

    • Popo

      Unacceptable. You must say: SCREW YOU, EAWARE (biofail is also acceptable)!! YOU NERFED MY CLASS INTO EXTINCTION!! NOBODY IS GOING TO ACCEPT THIS OUTRAGE!!! I’M GOING TO GO PLAY [insert fotm here]!!!

      • /7

        This class never was FOTM.

        • Darth-Robin

          not sure if trolling or serious

          but healer operatives and scoundrels were so op it made the other 2 healer specs not wanted for pvp so they finally got the nerfbat they deserved

          • writinwater

            strangely enough the whole universe does NOT revolve around pvp…

            • Hayeck

              Are you sure? 😉

          • BraveSirRobin

            Not sure if stupid or retarded…
            If you were unable to shut down op healer in wz, l2p…

          • Amodin

            And just yet another fantastic reason not to mix PvE and PvP abilities. They need to be kept, and remain separated from each other.

            But, the bad ideas must continue to flow from EA/Bioware.

        • KShrike

          He’s 100% talking about pvp.
          *I* am talking about PvE, where it’s not FOTM.

    • /7

      Somebody: Scoundrel and Agent is nerfed to the ground. Where is all the fun we had?
      Somebody else: We lost 50% of our abilities nerf by nerf, but the damage is ok now!

      Nerf incomming.
      What’s left now?
      Hitting 3 buttons, dealing no damage.

  • Titanvoyager

    When this patch is going to be released? 10 Feb?

  • Luis Rosado

    Glad riposte is back the way it was for guardians. took some getting used too after 3.0

  • John Kosto

    Do we know if the Willpower Devoted Allies Assault companion gear set will also be corrected like the Force-Lord set is? There’s a bunch of implants and ear devices and other gear with willpower main stat that are bugged, I was hoping all of that gets fixed.

    • The Watchmen

      “Following items have had their stats corrected:
      Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Gloves
      Devoted Allies Force-lord’s System
      Devoted Allies Assault Focus
      Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Vestments
      Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Relay”

      This is most of the Willpower gear, including the Focus that had nerfed stats on them. So yeah, all of the Willpower DPS companion gear will be fixed. Remember this is a prelim Patch note. They are still adding and tweeking it before next Tuesday. They probably didnt thin to mention both sets right always

  • Popo

    Thank you to everyone who was selling Self-Perpetuating Power Cells for under 1K credits in December…lol. Time to make a profit 🙂

    • TacoFactory

      The Power Cells are available with artifact jawa junk which is in great supply. I don’t think they will cell for any crazy amount.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Preliminary patch notes and some additional explanations. I really am happy to see BW making an effort to communicate more. Good stuff.

  • Godlikesaliar

    So they are nerfing Cascading Debris for Kinetic Combat Shadows! Thanks a bunch Bioware! Shadows are constantly ignored by Bioware, then we get one good damage ability and whack… nerf hammer descends!

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      They are moving the damage from Cascading Debris into Force Breach. That way, you dont have to stand around channeling abilities so much.

      • Xelian

        The problem is that shadows are quite spiky again compared to other tanks. They should work on that not on how much damage shadow tanks can do…. Getting 30k hits is not funny at all…

        • Amodin

          “spiky again”? Try “Still spiky”. The spike damage has been a problem since the major changes at 2.0 and have completely sucked as tanks since that patch. It’s still a problem, and will always be a problem due to Bioware’s ‘slower than snot in space’ mentality.

          Or, they just don’t care. That’s why I ended up making a Jugg tank, it feels far superior to that spike-ridden filth sin/shadow tank. And, that makes me a sad panda.

  • meru

    So jet pack animation locations on Shae Vizla’s Chestguard is more important than not working Merc-Commando healer set piece items, it’s been 2 months and it is not fixed.

    • Knox Harrington

      Cartel Market > All else in EAware’s SWTOR

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Well no, but it was brought to their attention (finally) through a thread about shae vizlas set… so…
      They said they’d get around to all of them eventually now that they are aware of the issue.

      • retardedisretarded

        because cartel market vanity shit is more important than game breaking bug… yeah, lets all jerk off on new vizsla’s animations

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Not the same people working on those two things…



  • Seph

    I’m very interested to see what loot will be dropping from xeno. Hopefully something useful for level 60’s and not just lowbie trash.

    • The Watchmen

      Reason Gree Event took long to show up this time was because they were re-tooling the event to level 60. So yeah Xeno will be dropping at least 186 stuff in SM, maybe 192 tokens. Maybe 198 stuff in HM

      • Mustafa

        LOL, no it won’t. It never dropped tokens nor it should drop any. It will drop new tier gear, prolly 186/192 or 192/198. But not tokens…

        • The Watchmen

          Used the word maybe, get told no it will not as if they know already. lvl 55 Xeno used to drop Arkainian tokens on 16-man SM and Underworld tokens on 16-man HM. Ran it weekly on 10 characters, its been a while since its up, but 8-man of both version just drops rep token and helixes, 16-man actually gives out gear

        • zenight

          Xeno dropped Arkanian and Underworld tokens last time around…
          I got a main hand Underworld there in HM.

  • they made the right decision about preliminary notes. the slot machine drama must have taught them about makings statements before they are sure about it…

    • Smow

      Saudades Jawa scrap :/

      • Me ferrei comprando Slot Machines pra farmar Jawa Junk… pouco tempo depois os cara nerfam brutalmente.. *heavy sigh*

        Muito QQ viu…… ainda bem que deu tempo pra pegar uma boa quantidade. kkkkk

  • Strew

    Good luck to all for season 4 but me I’m out for good till they fix their archaic ranked system or give info on what they said they were working on to speed up the queue times.. If that is even true… Doing pvp in Tera while waiting for Skyforge at the moment.

  • pduggie

    The following exit points have been added to Guild Flagships:
    Republic: Yavin 4: Coalition Staging
    Republic: Rishi: Raider’s Cove
    Republic: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
    Imperial: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina

    1. i like that guild flagships get to go to rishi all the time.
    2, I don’t get why only the republic gets to go to the landing pad and Yavin 4.
    3. ????

    • smellslikeabugbioware

      they aren’t the imperials could before but the republic couldnt cause it was bugged, theyre fixing it.

  • Boulevard

    So no fix to the Contrabrand Slots that drop nothing at all.

    • SWTOR Middle Class

      I am sure they won’t touch these after the initial backlash of crafters saying they ruined the crafting economy. Funny thing is, they nerfed the hell out of the slot machines, and then released a full 192 set for all of your comps. That is ultimately a bigger shot to the economy overall. Who needs to buy stuff to outfit their comps anymore?

    • contraband slot machines are a great item to stride for according to eric so what are u upset about?

  • Sarigar

    I hope they fix Broonmark/Bowdaar’s shield generator too, put Force power on it instead of Tech power.

    • abaddonsmummy

      And HK’s Rifle has cunning in it!

      • Sarigar

        That’s OK though, since HK can use either Aim or Cunning interchangeably.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Thanks, I never new that.

  • yellow-power ftw

    Self-Perpetuating Power Cells have replaced Synthetic Energy Matrix as a crafting material required to craft Dark Projects.
    CRAP, and what are we going to do with those now (Synthetic Energy Matrix)?

    • Anthony Jessup


    • Knox Harrington

      You can make Grade 7 ship parts with those Synthetic Energy Matrices, which still sell for upwards of a million credits, assuming you know how to make them.

  • Knox Harrington

    Where’s my PT tank’s Heat Blast buff? I’m sick of using Full Auto as a tank. The sooner they get rid of it and buff Heat Blast, the better.

  • StarlaBlaise

    So any news on imperial character’s intro bug? Except for agent’s.

  • Drago Musevini

    Please people,a moment of silence for ultimate comms. ………………………………………………………….

  • Kodar

    Sry if I missed the memo, but;

    One of the duplicate M1-4X’s Defense Gear Lockboxes has been renamed
    to SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox. The newly named SCORPIO’s Defense
    Gear Lockbox has had its requirement changed to SCORPIO.
    Does this impact the Agent companion SCORPIO?

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