SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR Cartel Market Weekly Sales Feb 3-10

SWTOR Cartel market weekly sales for the week of Feb 3-10.


New Item

  • First Grand Crystal Pack – 200 CC
    • Contains one color crystal, drawn randomly from the cartel, contraband, and bounty packs
    • Potential for White, Pink-Purple, Cyan-Blue, Orange Red, Lime-Green, Derelict-Purple, Black-White, Silver-Blue, Mint-Green, Copper, Blood Red, Hot Orange, Blue Core, Charred Orange, Yellow Blue color crystals.

New Discounts

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26 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Weekly Sales Feb 3-10”

I came back after a couple years for the SOR launch, and the Crystal Pack made me a ton of money and gave my new toons a quick visual kick. Even months later I think it was one of the better CC purchases I’ve made.

Same here. In the last year they have run the Offensive Bundle twice. Still waiting on the other two bundles since they are no longer available in the Cartel Market… for whatever logical reason. Attn Bioware: Some of us just find GSF boring and would rather do the PvE space stuff.

The blood red is my fav red for a sith toon. The new Cartel vendor red are awesome but those are really ahrd to get – 3 certificates and champion standing!

I have to agree. Blood red is cool since it’s traditional Sith (Darth Soverus in Korriban tact FP) and an alternative to the usual Red or Purple. I don’t have anything against red/purple but it’s nice to switch it up every once in a while.

I use a Charred Orange with the Desolator’s Starforged saber on my new Immortal, I like it. My Vengeance Sith recently switched from Blood Red back to plain old Red; I like the classic look of the basic red crystal, and he is a very traditional character, so it seemed like a good fit.

I don’t like the dark core crystals 🙁 that’s why I never used charred orange… and copper crystal is more yellow-ish than orange, I guess… But my favorite one has to be silver-blue, on my jedi shadow. A nice and subtle variation on the traditional blue jedi crystal 🙂

I like the cyan-blue for my Defense Jedi, it complements his green skin and brown robes. 🙂 You gotta colour-coordinate when you’re saving the galaxy!

Totally! I like some of the ones like Derelict purple, Blood red, Mint green, and Silver blue. Those are what I rotate on my sent, and they are slightly different but with same basic color hue,

I remember a time when almost all advanced +41 crystals sold for millions each. Now the GTN is flooded with them, with even Hawkeyes in the sub-100k realms. Not much credits to be made off crystals anymore.

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