SWTOR Game Update 3.1 Conflict on Rishi

SWTOR.com published a new article on the few features we can expect with Patch 3.1 coming on Feb 10.


Rally three of your most trusted allies and return to the dangerous pirate haven of Rishi to fight through Level 60 Hard Mode versions of the two newest story-driven Flashpoints from the Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion, Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi. Plus, compete for glory and new rewards in PvP Season 4 – all in Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi coming February 10th!

Prove your prowess and get rewarded with valuable mounts, decorations and more:

  • Tower over your enemies aboard an impressive Imperial KX-7 Command Walker or the Republic BA-2 Command Walker.
  • Collect the Massassi Gear Set, inspired by the fearsome Massassi Warriors of Yavin 4.
  • Use your new Illumination Probe Crate decoration to light the path in front of you as you take a stroll around your Stronghold or show off visually mesmerizing with the new Multi-state Mainframe Terminal.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20150130


Game Update 3.1 Release Date: February 10, 2015




Rally three of your most trusted allies and return to the dangerous pirate haven of Rishi to fight through Level 60 Hard Mode versions of the two newest story-driven Flashpoints, Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi. Plus, compete for glory and new rewards in PvP Season 4 – all in Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi!

Haven’t had a chance to explore Rishi yet? Lead the battle against Revan, one of the galaxy’s most powerful characters, in the latest Digital Expansion, Shadow of Revan, and experience five new levels of story-driven Star Wars™ adventure.

NOTE: The level cap increase to 60 is included with your purchase of Shadow of Revan. (Free-to-Play restrictions apply.)



On her carefully-cultivated hunting preserve, the infamous Bounty Hunter, Shae Vizla, seeks out those brave enough to confront her increasingly growing power in return for invaluable rewards and vital information about the Revanites. Battle your way through her Mandalorian hunting party, now amped to challenge even the toughest of forces.

  • Tower over your enemies aboard an impressive Imperial KX-7 Command Walker or the Republic BA-2 Command Walker.
  • Use your new Illumination Probe Crate decoration to light the path in front of you as you take a stroll around your Stronghold.
  • Collect the Massassi Gear Set, inspired by the fearsome Massassi Warriors of Yavin 4.


Rejoin the Battle of Rishi and directly face the wrath of Revan’s forces, now even more powerful than before. Prepare your best gear and weapons to take down a new bonus boss, Commander Mokan, known for mercilessly attacking his opponents with the deadly Ranged Flurries ability.

  • Tower over your enemies aboard an impressive Imperial KX-7 Command Walker or the Republic BA-2 Command Walker.
  • Decorate your Stronghold with the new Multi-state Mainframe Terminal and show off visually mesmerizing displays in your room of choice.
  • Collect the Massassi Gear Set, inspired by the fearsome Massassi Warriors of Yavin 4.


Make your mark in the Arenas of Death as we kick off a fresh new PvP Season starting with Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi and ending with Game Update 3.2.

Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark are carefully selecting new rewards from their vast collection of valuable possessions to honor those who are brave and skilled enough to rise above the competition – so stay tuned for more details.

Have a huttball of a time out there and happy hunting!

  • Jerac

    Thinking perhaps the guy with the mask and bowcaster in the photos is: “new bonus boss, Commander Mokan, known for mercilessly attacking his opponents with the deadly Ranged Flurries ability.”

    • Dulius

      I read that as “ranged Furries” the first time

      • Sarigar

        The catapult launches ewoks.

        • Astyra

          LOL yeah and wookiees. XD

  • Mind
  • Ben Fuller

    Where or how will we get the Walker mounts

    • Neg Sani

      They have a chance to drop from 60 hard mode flashpoint bonus bosses. You can already get them from the existing 60 HMs. It’s kind of odd they’re presenting them as something new, but they have to spice up the press release somehow I guess.

      • Ben Fuller

        I see thanks. I been away since sor launch. Lag was so bad I had enough combined with spending loads on hypercube and never getting the rancour mount when that pack was available

  • AbnerDoon

    Massassi armor are those the old pilot boots? One of the fugliest set of footwear in the game.

    • Connor Macleod

      The only thing shown in the pics from the Massassi sets are the chestpieces, no idea why, but all the other junk shown in the pics isn’t from the Massassi set (which has been available since 3.0, they’re not new sets just so everyone knows).

      • AbnerDoon

        Ah that is good to know.

  • Sarigar

    Oh good, it’s just the elite comm armour. For a moment I thought armour “inspired by the fearsome Massassi Warriors of Yavin 4” was going to be a bunch of untanned animal skins, shiny beads, and teeth.

    • I would love a teeth necklace… 🙂

      and that unnamed one better not be another cybernetic armor.

      • Sarigar

        I’ll make you one for your birthday, I’m sure I’ve got some extra teeth around here somewhere…

        • Holyfrog

          Can you make me a skin suit?

          • Naq

            “He was wearin him like a suit, like some kinda…Edgar Suit.”

      • Heist 101

        That’s a bonus boss from one of the HM flashpoints I believe, not an armor set, not a new weapon.

  • Sigh

    Awesome, more reskinned crap passed off as something new. Thankyou to all the casuals who eat this shit up, you’re helping Bioware become lazy and unoriginal in their content.

    • Ben Fuller

      That’s nothing new they been rehashing armour with just diff colours since f2p launch

    • Melini

      Look at the corners of the mask and change your pants when you realize what it means.

  • Astyra

    If you look at the update page on swtor.com and view the larger image, the “No idea what this is” is a Rattataki wearing a mask… Could be a new armor set of some sort.

    • pduggie

      wearing a mask and with a bowcaster like Jakaroo.

      I’m glad the ship computers with base AND screens are coming, but it looks like the bases are clickable too?

      • Astyra

        Yeah, it would seem that way. Kinda curious to see what “stunning visual displays” it makes.

        • Heist 101

          Yea I bet it’s two seconds of active computing then goes away just like the hunter’s planning table with the globe that only turns on for 2 seconds.. Also it looks like it’s gonna be glowing blue as well, BW irritating the entire playerbase yet again.

          • Astyra

            I don’t know about irritating the entire playerbase over something that trivial, the hunter’s table was a cool decoration even if the effects were minor. And BW may be bad, but they’re not so bad as to describe something small like the table a “stunning visual display” of any kind. I see your point though, but we’ll see how this stuff looks when they come out. 🙂

    • Connor Macleod

      If I had to guess, the thing they’re really featuring in that picture is the bowcaster. The armor might be a new cartel set, but all the pieces are already available in game, so this could just be a fugly custom outfit of mixed pieces one of the devs came up with! 😛 The mask is the old agent Campaign armor skin (old level 50 stuff).

      • Astyra

        That’s weird. I have no idea why they’d be showcasing something that already exists. So yeah in Dulfy’s wise words: “I have no idea what this is.”

        • Connor Macleod

          Someone else commented above that it’s the bonus boss in the new hardmode version of Battle of Rishi apparently.

          • Astyra

            That’s what I initially thought, but the picture shows someone with a Cathar honor sword and that’s definitely not out masked Rattataki.

  • Connor Macleod

    Looks like that Rattataki has a cyborg customization option on it’s face, you can see parts of it where the mask doesn’t cover. Does this mean they’re finally making cyborg facial options available to more than “humans”? Time will tell I guess, wouldn’t think it would be part of the mask.

  • darkfather

    “snore” Already falling asleep reading the patch info.

    With your little news article you’d think this was something great….

    The “new” armor is ULGY, like 90% of the rest of the armor in this game. GET SOME NEW ARMOR DESIGNERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yet, it is boring recycled lackluster content. I have never understood
    what is so exciting about Hard Mode versions of flashpoints. Whoopdy
    freakin do. The SAME flashpoint, just harder. “snore”. I suppose the NiM
    versions of Ravagers and Temple will be some “great new content” as
    well? Again, boring. Nothing new = forget it.

    At least in 3.2 we get appearance option updates.

    • Axe

      This game has been following the HM/NiM as new content formula for several years. Maybe time for you to look elsewhere for entertainment.

      Not that I’m particularly interested in convincing you to stick around, but hardmodes present tougher versions of fights, bonus bosses, and better loot/comm drops. If a harder challenges and better gear aren’t exciting for you, maybe not so much with the mmos…

      • darkfather

        It is the way it is presented that is the issue. They make it like its some fantastic new thing, when all it is is HM versions of the same two flashpoints everyone is already sick of. Furthermore, they didn’t even spell Conflict right…..this is what 15 bucks a month get’s you? Yeah…

        I would much prefer 3.1 to be nothing but a bug fix patch, because this game needs it BADLY. I see them every single day. In fact, my raid had Cortonni (Ravagers last boss) reset 3 freakin times tonight because that boss is bugged all to hell now.

        Save all the other stuff for 3.2, fix the blasted game.

        • GoodBadUgly

          Your words just out of my soul … BW start fixing bugs, instead of bringing new stuff with new bugs into the game. And not only 3.0 bugs but also the mass of old bugs inside the game since its release more than 3 years ago.

          And change the 3.0 rishi and yavin secondary quest. Where are the dialogues we know, where are the mini cinematics when our beloved chars are speaking with (secondary) questgivers? Not just a window that pops up on clicking on a questgiver – and nothing more.
          WHERE ARE THE COMMENTS OF OUR COMPANIONS about quest? They have become nothing more than zombie.

      • Spruce Cycle

        “Maybe time for you to look elsewhere for entertainment”, lol pub swtor can’t survive so u shldnt even breathe such words. This game is on life support as it is.

  • erruss

    So the mounts are just the rep ones with more weapons?

    • Robert Hindy

      They are the same exact ones that have a chance to drop in the Forged Alliances Flashpoints on HM.

      • erruss

        Thanks I did read that but I’m trying to determine difference between those and the reputation ones as color scheme seems to be identical…Ie any other differences?

        • vin b

          There are 3 sets of walkers: conquest, reputation and flashpoint drops

          The yavin reputation do not have guns.
          The conquest (from dark projects) have guns.
          The flashpoint drops have guns

          The imperial walkers are all identical in color so the conquest and flashpoint ones look identical, the reputation one looks the same minus the guns.

          The republic walkers are in two different color schemes. The flashpoint and yavin rep are the same white color, flashpoint has guns, reputation does not. The conquest version is red instead of white and has guns.

          I have all 6 up as decorations in my stronghold

  • prdc

    What the heck is a Multi-state Mainframe Terminal?

    • Connor Macleod

      It’s a terminal that houses the mainframe for multiple states, I think I’ll put Missouri, Minnesota, and Arizona on mine.

      • Holyfrog

        You can put those states together. They don’t touch. But if you replace Arizona with Montana or Mississippi that’s ok because they all start with M.

        I’ve lived in all those states you mentioned. It’s like you are in my mind.

        • Connor Macleod

          I’m from Missouri, live in Minnesota, and been to Arizona (love it there)…that’s why I picked those states. 🙂

          • abaddonsmummy

            I live in Dundee, Scotland and it’s in a bit of a ‘state’

            Does that count? 😛

            • Holyfrog

              Isn’t Scottland just a “state” of Great Britan? Kinda odd you were replying to the “Scotsman” ConnerMacleod.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Hahaha you took me literally, no worries.

                I meant ‘State’ as in a bit of a mess.

                Maybe it’s a Scottish expression.

                O and I think the Connor Macleod above is about as scottish as Sushi! 😛

              • Holyfrog

                Lol i knew what you ment. I was just being a smart ass in both instances.

              • abaddonsmummy

                ahhh the old double ‘derp’

                you swine 😀

            • Azazeil

              Another Dundonian?! Brilliant! I was beginning to feel alone over here haha… and yeah, saying we’re a bit of a state is putting it politely 😛

  • Vâr Fel

    For all of you conjecturing about the photo captioned “No idea what this is,” it is the new bonus boss for HM Battle of Rishi. (Sorry, not teasing new gear/customization options.) Supposedly has ridiculous mechanics to actually be a challenge.

    • IncuBB .

      Yeah… Like spamming aoe, uncontrolled adds, aggro drop, infinity stuns/knocks etc.
      Combat team is started to work in this direction, instead to make honored challenge.

  • KShrike

    10/10 on that spelling, Bioware.
    I still love you guys over there, but wow.

    • Haha nice catch. Conict

      • KShrike

        Oh my gosh, senpai noticed me with something that didn’t turn into drama 😀

        • Holyfrog

          Senpai? Who are you Dwight Shrute?

      • KShrike

        Apparently it’s a Firefox issue and not a typo at all (at least not an intentional typo)
        Which is weird, isn’t it…

  • KShrike

    Massassi gear is 192, right?

    • Yes

      • KShrike

        tyvm for reply

      • tenha

        will there be new companions in 2015?

  • Zalman

    Increase the size of the KX-7 Command Walker with 10%, so I can tower over the Rancor Mount !

  • Spruce Cycle

    How dare devs use the word new when describing these two reskinned fps!

  • lol the walker was cool 4 months ago and bringing in new armor sets that arent new is something they been doin for years! Lack of creativity, drainig cash thru cartelmarket,, fail at fixing shitty bugs that been there for months now all goes to show how much they care… pvp is broken and they launch season 4 like its all good. cant help this negativity but with over 400 days played i find myself playing less and not enjoying it as i used to, especially the last 3 months

  • Sarigar

    The new terminal decoration appears to have the “clickable” glow to it, any idea what it does when you click on it? Personally, I would prefer if interactable decorations did not have the blue glow; it’s not appealing to see in a stronghold. I’m not on a quest, I’m at home.

    • Naq

      Agreed, I really like the automated anti personell turrets shapewise, but the blue glow has me hesitant to use them. I think the new screen changes the display when you click it, which is interesting at least. Its worth noting they CAN make clickable items that don’t glow blue, like the generator that drops in the Left4Dead flashpoint. Maybe this is something we should bug for on the suggestion forums.

  • writinwater

    Underwhelming – same walker’s ( and not everyone loves walkers ), some FP dropped 192 armor that we already have, some deco…. although if the new FPs are more challenging, that might just be some welcome addition to the game. After all we play for being entertained, right ?

    I truly wonder what that last “unknown” is, though.

  • Beasthuntt

    Just here to see if they fixed the slots or un-derped the lack of end game ops rewards.

    Nope. Well, maybe in 4.0.

  • this_swtor_guy

    I wonder what James Ohlen thinks of SWTOR now. This is just plain sad, the state of the game.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Best MMO i’ve ever played and i played most.

      Yes it has it’s faults and Bugs but name me an MMO that doesn’t.
      And i’ve played from day 1 and it keeps getting better.

      Just my opinion.

      • Stanley White

        ^^i agree. i have 109 active accounts in my guild and everyday we have no less then 30 people on, more on the weekends. we love this game and everything that comes with it. yea the bugs sucks but at the end of the day i’m still happy. if someone gave you a million dollars in wrinkled up $100 bills are you going to complain? it might not be pretty but a million dollars is a million dollars.

        • Kubrickian

          wow , i want your meds.

      • zenight

        The only thing keeping it from being great is the prefered restrictions, make them less draconian and a lot more F2P would spend cash on it which would increase revenu and allow for more content and bug fixes.
        I’ve tried several MMOs and SWTOR is the only one whose class history I actually care about, other MMOs I just spam the “skip” bouton and to get back to the fighting.
        SWTOR though? I Watch the cinematics, sometimes a few times in a row, just to make sure not to miss the amazing story line.
        Looking forward to the April update, which is supposed to be single player content.

      • Darth_Ziltoid

        There are a lot of us that feel this way. The forums and dulfy, unfortunately, are the 2 places that every armchair dev thinks their opinions are considered. This usually leads to a disproportionate amount of people bitching about every single minor thing that inconveniences them, seriously, first world problems. “OMG, Cora is still bugged? Well screw it, not playing this shitty game” is absolutely a response you can expect from spoiled children, scroll down, and there are probably 30 references to this exact thing. It’s nice to see that other longtime players (been at this since beta) truly feel that this game has done spectacularly well in keeping our attention, and is all in all a pretty solid game that I don’t mind sinking my free time into. Honestly though that is probably the problem, most people here don’t have anything better to do with their time, except play SWTOR and then complain about it.

      • Kubrickian

        Say’s this guy who works in the cartel pack department of biowort and his 11+ co-workers.

        • abaddonsmummy

          lol I actually work in the ‘pissing people off Dept’ in Electronic Farts where we deliberately put bugs in the game just to ruin your sad life. eg. that bit of your cloak that still hangs under your speeder. 😀

  • Matt Man

    massassi gear from rishi got it….. #makessense

  • Bobby

    Dulfy, could you please add images for all the different Devoted Allies armor sets from the Yavin IV Weakly?

  • Guest

    Maybe I’m just not seeing it anywhere, but does anyone know when the Vizla Chest Piece is going to get its back rocket fix? I apologize if this has already been answered elsewhere

    • It is fixed on PTS 3.1.1 so I guess in patch 3.1.1 it will be fixed

  • venom90

    am i the only 1 unimpressed with the Massassi Gear Set? it’s hardly any different from that revan set (not the reborn]

  • Unoshi

    Oke….that is totally a Massasi gear set…… Right…..

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