SWTOR Master’s Shadow Pack Preview

SWTOR Master’s Shadow Pack preview. This pack was released on March 24, 2015.


B-100 Cybernetic Armor Set


Ceremonial Guard Armor Set


Fearless Hunter’s Armor Set



Powered Exoguard Armor Set


Revanite Avenger Armor Set



Tranquil Mystic’s Armor Set



DS-11 Starforged Sniper Rifle


YV-26 Starforged Blaster Rifle


RK-7 Starforged Blaster


RH-35 Starforged Assault Cannon


Prophet’s Starforged Dualsaber


Prophet’s Starforged Lightsaber



MSM JT-2 Jetpack


Scarred Chemlizard


Marshwood Vorantikus


Tion SY-6


Joko TZ-2


Lergo Agitator


Amzab ZB-4


Gale Cutter



Model S-SC4 Bloodmark


Arctic Thranta


Prairie Ginx



M1-4x Customization 3


Video of Emotes and Regen Items

SOA (Regen)


Emote: Angry Dance


Emote: Worthy


Lord Scourge Customization 9


Advanced Pink-Yellow Color Crystal


Advanced Black-Pink Color Crystal

Title: Shadow Collector

Title: Shadow’s Master

Dye Module: Dark Green and Light Yellow


Dye Module: Black and Deep Purple



Pictorial view: http://tor-decorating.com/cartel-packs/#masters_shadow_pack

Celebration Tent Master’s Shadow Pack
Flag: Rishi Master’s Shadow Pack
Gand Mercenary Master’s Shadow Pack
Holo Sign: Ship Port (Blue) Master’s Shadow Pack
Kubaz Citizen (Male) Master’s Shadow Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Cave Fern Master’s Shadow Pack
Republic Data Storage Unit Master’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Ceiling Light Master’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Pirate Cannon Master’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Totem Master’s Shadow Pack
Rodian Citizen (Male) Master’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Warrior with Spear Master’s Shadow Pack
  • Knox Harrington


    • swtor420

      lol my thoughts exactly

  • That Jetpack mount is awesome, though huge.

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    hahah I have always wanted a jetpack mount but… its fucking huge. lol

    • I hope they scale it down a bit but I guess it makes sense, they want it to cover up the jetpacks on BH chestpieces I reckon? Still lol could do it smaller.

      • Hugo A Sanchez

        yeah thought the same thing

  • Knox Harrington

    As if that poor girl didnt have enough back problems as it is.

  • John Kosto

    I expected more from the last pack of this shipment, I guess I will wait for Shipment 6 to buy a hypercrate then

    • This is very incomplete, wouldn’t put your judgement on it until all the stuff are in it

      • John Kosto

        Well, let’s hope then. I wasn’t impressed with Shipment 5 in general to be honest, excluding the various animal mounts which were pretty cool, and a couple of speeders.

  • Mark E. DeSade

    Ooo, I want that Lergo. Most of my gear is red/black.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    The jetpack mount is pretty cool, but I still want my damn Basilisk War Droid mount!

    • Garic

      Yea I miss the BWD from SWG.

      • Vicious


    • Luis Rosado

      A basilisk would be EPIC, but yeah, that jetback is a must-have for me and my BHs

  • Sarah Anderson


    • Justin Melendez

      Yes!!!! Finally!!!

    • Booker

      Must have this girl on your photo.
      Give me a call if its you.

      • K


  • j’oe


  • captainzor

    and for most troopers it’ll be a HUGE jetpack on top of a HUGE backpack! yay!

  • Dief

    Jet pack is nice but goddamn, why can’t we have the Rocket Boost as a toggle mount already?

    • Ben Gimson

      That would require work. Oh and they couldn’t sell it.

      Well, they’d find a way, but yeah…

  • kingseven

    dammit i want to see the armor im hoping that the frontline veteran set looks like this http://tor-fashion.com/columi-combat-tech/

    • Frankfurt13

      Doubtful, this gear already exist as an Adaptive Armor. Go check Section X

      • kingseven

        i seriously hate when people say that, they are not the same, the helmet on section x is a generic helmet and the chest is backpack-less which in my opinion looks stupide without it

        • kingseven

          and on top of that you know damn-well they re-skin all the time, so i see no problem here

  • OneMoreShepard

    I wonder why they cant make a simple BOUNTY HUNTER JETPACK, not some absurdly big piece of metal

    • ptw

      Because if they did that, then nobody would buy this bulky jetpack later.

      Gotta sell the less desirable ones first, THEN make people spend again on the nicer one.

      • OneMoreShepard

        I can see logic in that, but its been 3 years and we still gets some ugly sets and rarely some nice mounts (but now they overusing walker and recolor old mounts)

      • Kubrickian

        ^ this x’s 5 and don’t forget the many hues shades of the jetpack. This one is vanilla. We are all on the hook until they have a black with purple/red jet fire.

    • Vicious

      Because existing non-functional JPs on BH chests would clip through. That’s why it’s so huge. The only reasonabel solution would be to make a JP you can toggle visibility on/off with.

  • Garic

    Yea like others I have been missing my jetpack since SWG closed down. And in that game you actually worked your ass off to get it, not buy it off some market. Im sure these will go for 444.3 billion credits like everything else that is grossly overpriced, but we shall see. BW should make it a common drop just to piss off all the credit gougers out there.

    • Vicious

      Only the Deathwatch JP you had to earn in SWG, the other 2 came in card packs, much like SWTOR.

      • Garic

        Yea thats the one I meant.

    • Nine

      It’s prolly gonna be 3 mill at most, and ypu could always just buy packs to get it. I promise if you really do want it, it’s not gonna take you that long to accrue credits or cash. Hell, lots of people probably play this game daily and buy packs and still have some life outside it all.

  • torchface

    gonna drop some cheese on this pack. 3 dope mounts and cool npc’s to put in my tattoine bar so i don’t feel so lonely on my dead server.

  • Booker

    Looking good so far.
    Lergo is the new trend this season.

  • michael furious

    That jetpack though…

  • Astyra

    I’m all over the new Vorantikus color. Other than that, only thing I’m definitely gonna get is the title. SO AWESOME.

  • Fuzzypaw

    Will the jet pack work?

    • Foccan

      Aka Brontes NiM mount for scrubs

      • K

        Lol yea anyone who can’t do something some people can are scrubs! Look how much better I feel about myself for putting others down! I feel so much better about living in my mom’s basement now!

  • Jonathan Parker

    Really? We finally get a jetpack mount and it’s an oversized, double-rocket version of Fett’s? Why can’t Bioware make anything correctly proportioned? This isn’t World of fucking Warcraft!

    • kingseven

      its going to be alright brother, i promise

      • K

        It’s absurdly ugly too 🙁

      • Jonathan Parker

        Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I just don’t like how Bioware feels the need to make almost every armor set, weapon, and vehicle absurdly over sized and not at all proportional. The shoulders on my Commando’s armor are bigger than the boots, gloves, and helmet combined…

    • NV

      I think it looks all right.

    • Nick Foster

      It’s to match the ridiculously oversized blaster pistols of course.

    • Heavensrun

      ^^^ See post up-page ^^^

  • Grey’wolfe

    Yes! That Jet Pack matches my trooper Vanguard’s armor, perfectly! XD Even the size works due to the body type I use.

  • Jara

    Need Jet Pack !!!

  • Sweet’scar

    Hate the jet pack, but I am gonna get it. Why? Coz of the feel. And I am not gonna do ops like crazy just to get the Wings of the Architect, lol. OVERSIZED!

    • Sweet’scar

      Ok, hate hate, maybe not hate… but still… 😛

    • integrabyte

      Well after getting Conquerer of the Dread Fortress early May, i think we got around 25 mounts since then. Last one was taken yesterday in a 43 minute run. We dont play SWTOR that much, hence the low number of mounts.
      What you consider oversized we sell for 30 million a pop :D.

      • Meowmaster

        what you sell for 30 million a pop looks like an unused prop from a bad hellraiser movie, good luck with your pollution of the game with a lame un-star wars looking HM hero mount, congrats

        • integrabyte

          Whatever works for you mate.

    • vel’rathis

      Given mounts dont scale this will look fine on my body size 3 male hunter. no doubt this is just the first of many jet packs.

  • j’oe

    kubaz and rodian decorations, and gand also…

    • Holyfrog

      I’m still hopeing for a Hutt.

      • Naq

        Kubaz and Rodians and Gand. Oh my.

  • /7

    So… no other slot machines? Because they are ‘scared’ now?
    F… it!

  • Vel’Rathis

    The weapons will just be the same models as the apprentice pack buthe with blue lighting effects rather than yellow.

  • zenight

    Here’s an idea: add a Legacy perk that allows Rocket Boost to be used as a mount toggle on top of usable as a speed boost out of combat.
    Now *that* would sell like hot cakes!

    • Zalman

      Good suggestion…and let it work while running.. or pay another 5.000 CC for that ability to the greedy sods.

  • /7

    Oh wow! A jetpack actually reminds me of Star Wars. It has no sorcerer skirt, no magician wings, it’s no peter pan pirate design. It’s really Star Wars, not World of Warcraft on acid.

    Maybe BioWare’s Art Team did get it? This is a Star Wars game, not the Hobbit…

    • K

      Yea man how insane are they to not cater to your exact definition of what is or isn’t star wars! What a bunch of jerks for fleshing out established cosmetic themes and designs that have been part of star wars EU for decades, that you have never bothered to know anything about. They should really just stick to what you specifically know and consider to be thematically star wars, you tell em boss!

    • Heavensrun

      vvv See post down-page vvv

  • DocVak

    Just remember that mount sizes don’t scale with body type. So this looks huge in a BT2 Female, it might look normal on a BT3 male

    • Theminiature Painter

      its only going to look good on toons that are wearing bounty hunter armor

  • Delphine

    They may all be recolors, but I think these are the best colors of any I have seen on these speeders.

    • I was just going to post the same thing. 🙂 I don’t mind recolors so much as long as they are making the items look better. These are some of the best re-texturing they’ve done.

      • Astyra

        MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Sorry for yelling but finally! Someone who actually looks forward to recolors instead of griping about them like a spoiled child. I agree, these colors are pretty neat. Can’t wait to see them in-game.

        • K

          I love re-colors honestly, I have very specific/narrow tastes in the color of mounts and armor so I never mind re-skins.

          • Astyra

            Same here. A lot of ugly armor and mounts get several chances to be “redeemed”, lol, by getting recolors. 🙂

  • Unoshi

    Jet-pack…. Could have been so much better..

    • laniko

      Yea its disgusting, mb next model will be better.

    • Srishunbagasundaran

      yeah, i’ll never understand some of the design choices by bioware or whoever thinks this (insert questionable item/tool/mount) looks good/natural etc.

      • Unoshi

        idd, it really looks like some backpack rocket launcher

        • Srishunbagasundaran

          they’re meant to have that capability, i know jetpacks in star wars have rpgs on the top, but this just looks ridiculous i think, jetpacks have to be aerodynamic and minimalistic as much as possible. Not boring mind you, custom paintjob would be as far as you could go without compromising functionality.

  • Skyward

    Wow… They finally add a jetpack and it looks… Like that…

  • ginsuchop

    Question is: will the rocket pack mount be placeable as a deco in strongholds?

    Because so far the Wings of the Architect is not.

    • Chakra Kusanagi


      It would just be hanging there in mid air constantly… and that would look weird.

      • Infernus

        Maybe if they made it a wall mount it might not look so odd.

        • Astyra

          Awesome idea, it would look really neat hanging on a wall.

  • _viwe_

    What happens with armor thas has a jetpack when you use the jetpack mount?

    • Astyra

      Good question. I’m assuming it will just cover it.

      • _viwe_

        Most of them. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some clipping.
        Some backpacks are the size of two fridges.

        • Astyra

          Yeah, depends on the type of armor. I was thinking of most BH chestpieces with the ‘pack over it would fit but some do have backpacks that would present a major clipping issue.

  • Adam

    Jet pack looks cool but I am still waiting for a nexu mount.

    • Astyra

      A nexu would be awesome! We might definitely see one sometime judging by all the other creatures they threw in the game as mounts.

      • Emil Söderman

        Nexu mothers eat their young.

        • Astyra

          Well gee that’s lovely.

    • _viwe_

      Bormu! Bormu is the animal mount I’m waiting for.

      They are so cute!


      • Naq

        *Lays a hand flat on the Bormu’s face* “Its…afraid. ITS AFRAID!” *Thousands of starship troopers cheer*

      • deathslover

        i want one as a pet / companion

    • The Watchmen

      Ice Cats from Hoth would be cooler

    • John Kosto

      I want the Acklay, because it’s perfect and because of the sounds they make.

  • Sarigar

    The more natural tones of this next vorantikus mount are a lot more appealing. I never liked the vivid blue appearance of those creatures, it looks a lot less cartoonish and more menacing with subdued, natural colouring. I don’t think I’d ever want to ride one, though.

    • Connor Macleod

      Yeah, I’m definitely digging the more natural look of this one over the blue one. Might actually have to go for this one, been wanting a large creature mount…there’s plenty of rancors running around already, but haven’t seen many Vorantikus. 🙂

      • Rompe

        I’m still hoping we’ll see the Oricon version!! 😀

        • Connor Macleod

          Oh snap, yeah those things are the vorantikus model too! LOL that would be awesome.

  • Connor Macleod

    Possible thought on the jetpack size…Remember how some mounts preview larger than they actually are? Maybe the same is happening with the jetpack? At least I hope so. lol

  • Dave Robertson

    Finally, a jet pack!!

  • Jeremy Marr

    There are going to be a LOT of Bounty Hunters going for that jetpack…

  • SpideyBry

    Can’t wait to see the full animation of that regen!

  • Corrvo

    That regen item looks awesome. The armor on the other hand is nothing I’d be interested in. Can’t wait to see some weapons. And I’ll have to see that jet pack in action. It’s a little bulky for my taste, but it may grow on me 🙂

  • Steven Kucher

    am I the only one that cares that the cybernetic set was penned for all of the previous shadow packs and still hasn’t been released yet?

  • writinwater

    Wow those armours are a massive scare for my poor retinas; scary coloured mounts, too. Right now I would only opt for the regen item and pass on the rest (yes, including the jetpack)

  • ReaverofStars

    I’ll be honest – the first armour set looks like a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle. Turtle power!

    • writinwater

      I was thinking more along the lines of Rocketman, but yes, TMNT might be as likely

  • Decadus

    Oh my gosh, dat third one’s helmet, MUST HAVE!

  • _viwe_

    The regen item looks like it doesn’t belong in SWTOR. Should go to some other game like Wildstar or what ever fairytale styled software.

    • Moises5287

      You clearly haven’t done the Eternity Vault op

  • gore

    I think I saw somewhere that Lord Scourge is getting a customization in this pack. Maybe that was just a dream though? Who knows.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It was datamined around the time of the first Shadow Pack. It looked like an older Scourge with the stitch like pattern lip jewelry for Purebloods. It’s supposed to be for this pack.

  • Terry G Roberts

    Finally a pack with some stuff that actually looks worth buying. I mean a jetpack mount its about time and the armor wasnt too bad either

    • Ben Fuller

      U think the armours shown here are ugly as hell tbh

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Oh great.
    We are getting at least 4 armour sets that are completely new and original.

    And they all look like crap 🙁

  • Bob Bilbert

    Updated Panteer armor set and stateman’s gear? Where’s Theron’s hair?

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Oh they added two more armour sets!

    And they’re ugly too…

    Oh well.

  • Ravarah

    Dat regen though.

  • Sarigar

    Nice to see M1-4X getting a Havoc Squad colour customization.

  • Kelborn

    All this new hair they keep adding just looks awful.

  • Luis Rosado

    Like that M1-4x skin and the revanite sorc-like armor on the bottom, as well as the slim hope I have of ever getting that jetpack. Looks like i’ll have to shell out a couple bucks on this after all. Let’s celebrate Rasta ‘Scourge! Crank that Bob Marley, get the steeldrum and lets make some jerk chicken!!!!

  • Connor Macleod

    Pretty sure that’s not hair, it’s a Scourge Customization. That hairstyle already works on every species if I recall.

    • You right, it is a Scourge customization. I will get it fixed 🙂

  • Js

    When is the Parrot pet coming ?
    Have been waiting for one some time now.

    • Holyfrog

      There is a”parrot” I think is called the gilded wing flutter plume or something like that.

    • Aaron Hughes

      Paradise Flutterplume =D

  • drunk_dulfy_fanboi

    Hey Dulfy, I think you’re sexy! Thanks for all the SWTOR info!!

  • Sami

    This jetpack is definitely too big, hope it’s just a preview problem…

  • DaWookiee

    LOL @ Rasta Scourge! I’m digging that M1-4X customization though.

    • Srishunbagasundaran

      my thoughts exactly 😀

    • Was just going to post the same comment. 🙂

  • Xorras

    Steampunk Iron Man suit? lol

  • Srishunbagasundaran

    not liking the new armour sets, although i don’t like a lot of the armour sets, ah well, i’ll look forward to the next set of packs and hope they get a better armour designer 😛

  • Amodin

    Finally, some armor that looks good.

  • Jay Phillips

    ehh the mounts win again! the armor sure don’t.. All the bulky shit and big ass cuffs on the gloves. I was expecting an skimpy Revanite outfit to follow suit with other series of packs that always have skimpy stuff.. maybe the weapons will have light beams on them hopefully.

  • Sweet’scar

    I lost faith on BW like 3 months ago (and I think it should’ve been so much earlier), they just don’t get it. Fck their armors, they are all mostly sht,,, 2nd one looks pretty decent but those shoulders… same mistake over and over. Get someone who understands aesthetics! Nvm, I know u won’t listen. The other stuff which is the same but dif. skin… ok… they look pretty decent too.

  • Sweet’scar

    Less is more!!! BW! Send ur artists to study art concepts! Jeeeeeeeeezzzz….

  • venom90

    all worse then previous. like they no longer want our money.

  • venom90

    last armor is cool though.

  • That first armor set… loooooooooooool

  • Aaron Hughes

    All armor looks like poo (imo) but that jetpack is going to be a hot item.

    • venom90

      i kinda like the last one.

  • $150

    This has to be the weakest pack yet.

  • Black-Heart

    Dose any one know if this pack is out today ?

    • Nope

      • Black-Heart

        ok thanks dulfy 🙂

  • Darth Ji’inx

    I suspect that this Pack will come out next Tuesday with Patch 3.1.1.

  • tommythepower

    Why is it me and so msny more dont play this gambling game ? .. oh thats right no jedi armors only ugly shit.Funny after 3 years the greedy corporate pigs at bioware still dont take feedback.Meh what ever dont play this turd,just fun to point out how shit bioware managment is

    • Red_Claw

      And yet you “waste effort” to come in here and comment? And it’s not BioWare’s fault, cos EA holds the purse so they pull the strings. They say jump, BW guys say “how high?”. You can’t keep everyone happy, no matter what you do but at least they are trying, and their new content is at least fun and the new planets are great. There’s enough Jedi armour around anyways so use some of that.

    • DS

      No Jedi armors? There’s plenty of cloaks lying around. I’m pretty sure you get one before you leave your first planet.

      Last I checked, there is a metric fuckton of different looks you can have. But if you’re really hung up about “Jedi armors”, like I said, there’s plenty of regular ass cloaks lying around.

    • Alek

      There are piles of plain cloth jedi robes, robes with little armor, robes with ornaments, robes with more armor, cloaks, hoods, plain leather boots… You checked the Collections in the recent two years? Blind.

  • Darth-Robin

    poor scourge, looks retarded

    that assault canon is gonna be really pricey if i wanna have it but the m1-4x finally a reall skin for him and i want that regen item its so cool ^^

  • Sarigar

    Rotating assault cannon? Awesome! Rotating lightsaber? Errr…

  • Macleod

    Pink-Yellow crystal…wtf…*grg* …excuse me, I just vurped, need to get something to drink.

    • writinwater

      Enter ” the grapefruit crystal”…. and finally they introduced some strange rotation on the barrels of the RH35-Assault cannon

      • Sean

        No… I can see all the snark about the Jedi wielding “Fleshlightsabers” filling general chat now…

  • darkfather

    Is Bioware in a contest to make the ugliest MMO gear in history? Because 5 of the 6 gear sets look like something a 4 yr old designed with crayons. How in heck can gear THAT ugly end up in a game? I just don’t get it…

    • STFUplease

      Please indulge me – let me see an armor set you’ve designed yourself. Im guessing you’re at least 5, so you have them beat there. And you can use any writing utensil you’d like or software. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  • Interesting new armor – not the whole sets but parts – looking forward to mix and match for new outfits. Red Lergo and new Vorantikus look great!

    Everyone is waiting for the Jet Pack mount but whats up with that rotating light saber?

  • deathslover

    enough with the cybernetic armour sets they look horrible and dont sell eather. whats the odds that will be the main armour you will get in the new boxset with a scattering of the nice ones

    • Anon

      I’d say this new series looks the best so far. Headpiece aside, it actually looks like a cyborg, where as the other series have looked more like droids with weird parts of skin here and there.

      • Sean

        Some of them were uglier than others; the Series 617 had what looked to be intentionally flesh-colored-plastic-looking upper and lower arms and thighs around the mechanical joints. But I _really_ wish that there would be someone assigned to the Bioware art department that would be in all the meetings where they present new gear sets carrying a four-pound mallet and, if the person creating the gear can’t give a reason for _why_ the hands and shoulders are grossly asymmetric other than “We think it looks cool”, whacks them unconscious and sends the set back with some _other_ art department person to fix. There is, for example, not _one_ of the cybernetic gear sets for which you have two basic skeletally mechanical hands like the right hand on the B-100 set above without having some bulky and unexplained wrist wart like the left hand of the B-100 set on one or both hands.

        • Anon

          Right… To approach your whole “asymmetric” deal…
          The answer for that is simply; variety. We don’t have two item slots for each individual glove or boot, or a slot for shoulders or capes as other MMOs sometimes have.
          Bioware was trying (and thus far arguably failed) to appeal to cyborg players by making several cyborg sets that would “cover all the bases” so more players could try to achieve the cyborg look they wanted for themselves.
          As I said before, the previous serious looked like 90% droid rather than a cyborg. This new series looks much more realistic and common as this is what would be under a synthetic layer of skin, and I’d reckon future sets will have less of that bulky stuff you don’t seem so fond of and perhaps better symmetry.

          • Sean

            It’s not the ‘bulky stuff’ in and of itself — for example, I use the Stalker gloves with my Vanguard, because they contribute to the ‘walking wall’ image by making him look larger and more solid — it’s that the bulk is slapped onto one side of the gear. Take the Tulak Hord set. If both shoulders matched on the chest, regardless of which one you duped across, it would look better than the current ‘one of each’ design. And there seems to be no reason for the big flange on the left arm; I considered it for a Commando, because the shoulder and wrist flange looked like additional armor for the front arm when holding an assault cannon, but for a Sith I just don’t understand the reasoning for it. The Ceremonial set, on the other hand, has large, subjectively unwieldy flanges on the shoulders and hands, but they’re on _both_ shoulders and hands; I’ve seen real-world ceremonial clothing that was equally unwieldy-looking; it’s a plausibly-uncomfortable set.

            I agree that the B-100 set gives a more ‘person with cybernetic reconstruction’ look than the other sets; too many of the earlier sets, with the legs, gave the impression of ‘we were able to save the leg, but not the pelvis, but we stuck the leg back on anyway’ reconstruction. And the ‘90% droid’ is a fair assessment, too — I have a character with the Series 212 chest and legs, Series 505 feet, Series 617 hands, and the Revanite Pursuer head that I’m playing _as_ a droid. The B-100 is the first set that is more ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ than ‘Robocop’; it’s ‘person with mods’, not ‘fragment of body with complete life support and reconstruction’. But I dislike having a greeblie stuck on something for the purpose of making that object more visually busy, and the plate on the set’s left hand doesn’t look as if it had a reason for being there that wouldn’t be served better by having one on the other hand, too..

            • Anon

              The most common reasoning for having a large gauntlet on the left hand is so you can guard with it. This is especially true in Tulak Hord’s armor, a Sith who was a master in lightsaber combat. It’s quite apparent. He doesn’t put any weight on his right arm, his lightsaber arm, because not only would it slow his strikes but also because the lightsaber is fairly capable at defending against attacks as well.
              It is his left side that would be most vulnerable, hence the additional armor. More importantly, the large gauntlet allows him to block and deflect lightsaber strikes to his “vulnerable” side.
              “Why bother guarding with your arm when your lightsaber can easily do the same with less risk?” If his left arm can guard against an opponent’s attack, that leaves his own weapon free to quickly retaliate with a strike of his own.
              As someone invested in Sith play and general swordplay, I don’t find it hard at all to think up a reason. If you need a real world example, you can wiki a buckler.

      • deathslover

        The only bit that i might think of using would be the feet or hands if i was desprite for something temp in my mog set. But i would just not bother

  • Cyber

    I really like the Ceremonial Guard Armor Set and the Jetpack (of course)…
    Guess i have to get some packs there…

  • The Natoorat

    Wait… rotating lightsaber?
    That’s just wrong.

    But rotating staff?
    That’s… beyond lol.

  • haha

    jetpack looks cool. However, I believe that it should be a reward in some type of long mission like SHROUD 🙂

  • Astyra


  • Corrvo

    Rotating barrel gatling gun: Absolutely awesome

    Rotating lightsaber hilt: I don’t even……what? Lol

    I love the blasters in this “RK series” and I’m very eager for March 10th to arrive so I can hear the change they made to the blaster sounds

    I love the SOA regen too.

    Unfortunately I’m unimpressed with all the armors. But overall quite a good mix of items 🙂

    • You’d think all of these rotating barrel miniguns would be awesome for the commando, but I just don’t think it works. So many of the commando’s abilities are not blaster bolts, they’re mortar rounds and beams/arcs of electricity and stuff.

      If this is the theme they’re planning on going with, these ‘miniguns’, I think they should re-animate all of those abilities so that they’re either thrown grenades, or fired from the trooper’s gauntlet or something.

      • writinwater

        I’m not quite sure which Commando abilities you mean ? Demolition Round, Boltstorm, Full Auto, Vortex Bolt, Hammer Shot, Grav Round…. all are straight (curved) shots from the barrel. Seems like you actually haven’t played the class, right ? Or at least not past the first few levels….
        Pseudo “star wars” science here – nothing you can’t achieve with some magnetic fields putting the ammunition into a spin

        What I actually would like, is the shots NOT flying off sideways or upward towards the target while moving and the gun actually pointing at the target.

        • Seems like you didn’t take the time to actually read what I wrote. I have played commando to 55.

          “So many of the Commando’s abilities are not blaster bolts, they’re mortar rounds and beams/arcs of electricity and stuff.”

          Examples: Explosive round, Grav Round, Pulse Cannon, Mortar Volley, Electro-Net.

          All of these are abilities that are fired from the gun, but have no business being fired from the barrel of a rotating barrel-style weapon. They’re not bullets or blaster bolts; they’re arcing mortar-style projectiles, beams of electricity, and so on.

          • writinwater

            magnetic rail gun acceleration…? Rail gun barrels located around a central grenade launcher barrel ?

            And honestly, you do expect realistic science-based projected ammunition in the Star Wars universe ? In a setting with laser-based melee weaponry, with obviously no energy management problems ? Where twin handguns do the same amount of damage as a gas-tank sized heavy weapon ? I regularly laugh about my body type 2 Scrapper Smuggler beating up robots, rancors or the underlurker ten times her size with her bare fists….

            Star Wars (especially TOR) is simply technically coated fantasy, so please, rein in the “wish for realism” and stop wondering how it works.

            • What do magnets and railguns have to do with firing mortar shells that fall in a parabolic arc, and beams of electricity?

              While I certainly don’t expect the sci-fi in Star Wars to be “realistic”, I do believe that things should at least be logical. One should be able to say “Yeah okay I can see where that could be happening.” And when they come up with things that don’t fit into that line of reasoning, we should call them on it.

              Otherwise we’ll end up with stupid shit like this http://a.fastcompany.net/multisite_files/fastcompany/imagecache/inline-large/inline/2014/12/3039210-inline-i-4.jpg

              • vin b

                he’s never going to live down that crossguard no matter how good the rest of the film might be

                even the tryhards who put forth the theory that the T junction might be cortosis weaved to protect them from being cut off cant explain why the entire cross guard couldnt be made from that to make it safer for the user without it being a cutting blade

              • Luis Rosado


              • Even if I accept the dubious argument that it might prevent the opponent’s lightsaber from chopping your hands off, it doesn’t make up for the fact that you’re now much more likely to CHOP YOUR OWN HANDS OFF, not to mention any number of other self-inflicted injuries.

                Those extra blades are just two more things for the user to have to worry about during a duel, which are typically prolonged encounters wherein the loser is the one who screws up first.

  • S-avage

    I am going to ask a very stupid question…
    What the hell has happened to actual JEDI robes, you know the classic brown, clothe robes with none of this crap on the shoulders or metal freaking helmets, I mean really this SWTOR can we get basic robes.

  • DumbWare

    Rotating barrel lightsaber?

    • venom90


  • Sadriel_Fett

    Haha. Anyone else think that the Revanite Avenger Armor Set looks like Destro’s Iron Grenadiers from G.I. Joe?

  • jo

    Is the Ceremonial Guard inspired by something ingame, like an npc or what? It looks cool but I feel like I’m missing a reference maybe?

  • Arfman

    Anyone know if they are going to make the RK-34 assault cannon also spin?

  • infamous

    *facepalm* When I thought BioWare were going to release a jetpack mount for us bounty hunters I thought these, not a oversized scuba diving tanks..

    This is horrendous, and anyone defending that art design decision under the bases of clipping needs their head examined by an interrogation probe droid! And no, this era does have slim jetpacks that are cable of prolonged flight of 70 meters vertically (might not look it, but they weigh a ton). They even have rocket packs cable of working in space smaller than this.

    If they were going to make it this big, they could of made it look like a space marine jet. At least then it look half decent. Watching BW copy and paste other works it shouldn’t be a problem for them, as they lack all imagination anyways.

    • Weyoun the Critic

      Except most SW jetpacks were meant to be used as the way to increase mobility on the battlefield, not as a means of long range transportation. And since that JT-2 one is the substitute for a mount (as in prolonged use) it has to be different.

      • infamous

        Shae Vizla was running around higher than anything I have ever seen in the game with a small jetpack for a prolonged period of time.

        Yet this giant ugly gas tank can only hover a few centimetres above the ground? That makes no sense? I don’t think BioWare implemented this design based around logic at all. Just another poor aesthetic decision as usual.

        At least they added one though, even if it’s hideous. They might make future models that are more smaller hopefully.

        • AveenaSI

          And Clone Wars is what, 3000 years after the era the game is set in? I can definitely believe a difference being made in jetpack technology in that time.

          • infamous

            3000 years means moot. Tech in star wars is based on the idea that technological advancement plateaus after a certain point and the tech in star wars has remained mostly unchanged for the past 10000 of years or so. Star Wars technology doesn’t make too many leaps in advancement at this point.

            Take a look and compare them though, I see no difference whatsoever. The only giant big difference between Shae’s jetpack and Boba Fett’s jetpack is one has nothing attached and the other has a anti-vehicle homing missile.

            There is no tech leap, just modified versions based on the individual using the equipment. Otherwise lightsabers and blasters would be obsolete by now.

            And if this giant gas tank was a jetpack it would only be able to keep you in flight for a sustain period of time. Making the jet bigger doesn’t automatically make it a reliable transport/mount, it just makes it unnecessary heavy and impossible to wear on foot.

            And you want more proof, take a look at the jump pack. It can only rocket the user into the air for about two seconds and then you descend back down. It also stated to have the worst mobility and control in air for the user, except from reaching great heights and length.

            And that’s the Galactic Empire technology, so no this ugly crap design holds ZERO logic whatsoever, except a bad designer.

            BioWare has a terrible art department with zero ambitions, except roll out content to make you drop cash. There is no logic behind this. BioWare could of easily adjusted it so it could be compactable and adjust the height of the mount so it hovers 4x-6x that of a rancor or walker mount.

            And I gave you plenty of references that the jetpacks in the Old Republic era are on a similar technology level as the Clone Wars era.

            • Honestly regardless of if it fits or not, I know why they made it this way. I can say it by just looking at any of the gear IG. Backpacks and Jetpacks would clip through this jetpack. Obviously they aren’t selling you the jetpack you already have but a new one and it probably needs to be big so the smaller jetpacks on armours don’t clip through. I think that’s the only explanation. So it has more to do with the limitations with the engine and the graphics rather than anything else. I think you are over analysing this a bit too much, it’s probably not that they want to make it this big but that they have to.

              Basically, do you re-write code so jetpacks already on chest pieces is hidden when this is used or the route where the mount is hidden if you have a jetpack chest piece (Which would take a lot of time for something that is just a flavour item that doesn’t affect gameplay). Or do you just make it big enough for nothing to clip through. Either way you twist or turn this you are going to upset someone, so they made it the most simple way they thought of that take up less dev time.

              Like I said, this is just a flavour item, it’s not game breaking if this jetpack looks right or not. It’s about game mechanics vs dev time spent on making a single item that probably only a small portion of the people IG will use. People have been asking for a jetpack mount though so here it is, done to the best of their ability without straining resources on this thing, enjoy.

              • infamous

                Only problem with that is BioWare never bothers trying to avoid clipping with mounts in the past. And I refuse to believe that BW thought about bounty hunters pack backs and jetpacks in the long run. This pack will end up on Jedi/Sith wannabes.

                Most bounty hunter jets are so small you could probably just paste a smaller one on top without any drawbacks. And if you’re complaining it sticks out you can always wear a outfit without a backpack. Troopers cannon is going to clip either way.

          • infamous

            PS. the original designs of this mount had giant homing missile rockets, probably to try and favour the fans of Boba Fett, except it backfired and people complained that it was too enormous.

            So no, BioWare makes terrible copies and this mount is ugly big, because they are too lazy to come up with a decent idea for once.

            Clone Wars VS Old Republic Era is total garbage both scientifically and fictionally. BioWare has clone trooper inspired helmets in this era for damn shakes! The Old Republic emblem is that of the Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order in this game.. *faceplam*

            Anyone else want to try and argue on behalf of all mighty BioWare? You love the mount? Great.. You want to stuff in down my throat, and give me explanations why BioWare made it? No!!!

            • AveenaSI

              Good grief. I was just saying there are 3000 years in between. Even though the tech has plateued, there’s room for refinement and improvement of existing tech. After all, T7 is a forerunner for R2, and there are some size, tech, and model differences. Just making that point.

  • Leah

    looking at that tranquil mystic set and all I can think of… in game Dorian Pavus cosplay O_O

  • Sindariel

    Rotating lightsaber hilts… Now, i’ve seen everything. >.<

    • infamous

      Maybe it’s a new lightsaber function. Seems all the new kids love that kind of stuff.

      • deathslover

        looks like something that should be in a porno movie its called a tongue machine

        • Saratje

          Or the Tickle Torturer.

    • Ben Gimson

      And if you’re anything like me you’re wishing you hadn’t :S

  • Chris

    Looks a mixed bag to me, I am not really fussed about the Jet pack
    mount, I like the look of Fearless Hunter’s Armor Set (maybe for Mako)
    and Revanite Avenger Armor Set (for one of my sith) but will wait until I
    see in game before judging completely (I liked the pictures of the
    recent trooper armour, but the colour looked much different in game and
    don’t like it now).

    They almost get the assault cannon right except those stupid piston type
    things on the side without that it would be perfect (assuming it sounds

  • Zefram Mann

    Mounts, nice.
    Weapons, okay.
    Outfits, ugly as a bantha’s backside.
    Everything else. Meh.

    • Velly Thomas

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  • Cokebeard

    if i’ve said it once, i’ve said 4 or 5 times, what’s with all the pink fucking crystals? i cannot see this big a need for them. i NEVER see them oot and aboot.

    • Liftedplane

      looks very phalic… >_>

  • Purre

    got a release date on this pack?

  • Whatever


  • Dave Robertson

    The RH 35 cannon: nicely done but could do without the moving pistons.

    Sabers with spinning hilts: No. I feel the model was fine enough without with the spinning. Now it just looks wrong.

    The jetpack: I thought the other model was better and would look much better scaled down.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      RH-35 spinning barrel
      RH-34 = RH-35 w/o spinning barrel
      RH-33 = RH-34 w/o barrel on the end
      RH-32 = RH-33 w/o blue highlights

  • Faelen

    Any news on the release of this pack?

    • Macleod

      Coming live in just a few minutes (11:00 CDT) per Tait on the forums.

  • 7tihaar

    Yo! Scourge, got some weeeeed!?

    • Unoshi

      Hehehe, ever since i saw it on CM collection i laughed my ass off

  • Unoshi

    Powered Exoguard Armor Set AKA: Iron-man Mark XIIIV Discarded prototype . Lol

    The Blaster Rifle looks nice enough, The Emote: Worthy and Soa(regen) are the only thing im interested in, maybe the two mounts… And the Rishi pirate cannon from the Decorations, the rest, not really my cup of tea.

  • Murphy

    Watched the preview for the jet pack and after listening to it in action I got a craving for bacon.

    • Luis Rosado

      What’s the best time for bacon? Anytime.

  • Okamakiri

    Here’s an idea… implement a “mount” that’s just a permanent “Rocket Boots” buff. “Rocket Boots” already automatically switches to jetpack animation for Bounty Hunters. It shouldn’t be difficult to code this “mount” to:

    – If armor has jetpack, apply “Rocket Boots” jetpack animation
    – If armor has no jetpack, apply “Rocket Boots” boots animation

    They won’t get a cash cow with less effort required than that…

    • Dru Ilhares

      Of course, the obvious semantic flaw here (hence why I go for it) is that there is no such thing as “Rocket Boots”, and never has been. It is Rocket Boost, which is why those good heavy armors with jetpacks on the back of them (and proper dev work) show the jets there instead of at your feet. I agree with the general sentiment, though.

      • Okamakiri

        Fixed. “Rocket Boots” is a WoW engineering gadget with a similar effect.

  • Xorras

    Am i the only one waiting for customization of every heavy droid in game for Forex?
    All these recolours are so stupid.

    Btw. Dulfy, what is rarity of items? How often each of these dropped for ya?

    • I opened around I guess 5 hypercrates. 3 jetpacks, 5 lergos, 3 gale cutters, and 1 Marrshwood mount. Only got 1 Soa regen item and I believe 2 of each emote

      • ShenLong

        Would you trade 1 jetpack for the Vorantikus? 😀

      • NunyaDangBisness

        10mill for a jetpack? No…seriously…I want one.

  • Bawbert

    Still no all pink dyes. This game is bullshit!

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      I thought about this. As far as I know there are no all pink dyes, all red dyes or all blue dyes for example…and suddenly it hit me. Of course! If you could have those colours you could dye skimpy armour fully pink/red/blue and make it look like your character is completely naked…I mean think of a chiss with all blue very skimpy armour…and of course that won’t do for a teen rating…

      • Darth-Robin

        how about a pink eye colour now that would sell 😀

  • Macleod

    In-game images of the new Vorantikus and I like it even more now! Wasn’t a fan of the blue one from the Acolyte’s pack, I like the nice neutral/natural colors of this one.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Agreed it would look awesome for my body type 3 Sith juggernaut. The blue on looked silly.

  • Arby

    First thing that came to mind when I saw that sith on the Vorantikus was “what the devil?!” That dude is creepy.

  • Naq

    These new world of warcraft shoulder armors are great! I didn’t even know they had cartel packs in wow! I am so excited to wear these giant silly new shoulders on everything armors on my paladin. [/sarcasm]
    Spinning gatling gun, cool. Spinning gatling saber…wut? Hot purple mounts, fun. Realisic colored animal mounts, nice.
    And a regen item that makes me want to monologue and drop the floor.
    What a confusing pack. Crap armor, everything else is kinda cool, or weird enough to appreciate. Cyborg Helmet made me giggle “Whats on tv I wonder….oh, its my face!” and the Mystic armor was almost star warsy, so they slapped a rearview mirror over the eyes to derp it up to stick with this packs theme.

    • Spider

      Don’t like them don’t buy them.
      So simple.
      Negativity wont get you anywhere better.

      • Naq

        At its worst its a mixed review, enhance your calm citizen. Its ok for people not to like things, and critical review could result in better things later. Those armors are bad and their designer needs to rethink the aesthetic. Most of them would be ok if the person making them knew when to quit.

      • Boot

        Don’t like his opinion, skip to the next.
        So simple.
        Negativity blah blah blah

  • jones

    Mounts look cool.
    Vorantikus Im coming for you

    Regens are great also.
    Will give it a try.

  • Try

    dem shoulder pads

  • Popo

    Opened two hypercrates and scored the following other than the usual companion items and boosts. I go into these with zero expectations and open them for fun, to sell on GTN, or share with my guild. Overall I’m happy as usual. Really wanted the Soa regen, the Vorantikus, and the Jetpack…2 out of 3 aint bad.

    Full set of Ceremonial Guard armor, plus some extra pcs (it’s better looking than I thought, especially if dyed a different color.)

    All but the legs from the Fearless Hunter set.

    Some Lower and Supp crates of Tranquil Mystic and Powered Exoguard armor.

    One Revanite Avenger gauntlet.

    Every vehicle except the jetpack, chemlizard, and Amzab. Got several Tions.

    Several Ginxs and a thranta.

    9 pink/yellow crystals (mostly Endurance) and a mix of a total of about 10 weapons

    2 x Soa regens, 1 angry dance, 2 x Worthy

    Decos: Several Rishi flags and totems, a couple each of Celebration tent, Kubaz citizen, Rishi ceiling light, and Blue Holo-ship sign. 1 each of Rodian, Gand, and Pub data storage unit.

    • Dru Ilhares

      You got a fairly nice haul. In one hypercrate, I managed less than half of every outfit, 4 crystals (all but hawkeye), only the Amzab speeder, and a variety of decorative stuff – plus two dye kits, one of which was black/purple. Though listed as ‘deep purple’ instead of ‘dark purple’, I can see zero difference in tinting in the preview window. So hey, I got a dye kit that doesn’t suck. 🙂 I’ll probably scrape up credits to complete an outfit or two, but that crate was pretty much a waste. Only myself to blame, I gambled and lost.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    One of the better packs to come out in a while.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Yeah I think the packs are getting better and better especially the armours. There appears to be something for everyone these days instead of the usual reskins.
      All in all well done bioware.
      BTW does anyone else think the male model looks cross eyed.
      Also (and I know its extra work) but what it would be good to see a preview of the larger/muscular body types. Just a minor gripe.
      Excellent work as always dulfy.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    I didn’t see it listed, but they have a Stronghold Title in this pack called “Chamber of Truth.”

  • NunyaDangBisness

    I must admit, the Lergo is a lot better looking IRL than I expected from pix. I could care less about the new Joko and Tion I got…fugly arse purple crap. Really bummed I didn’t get a Jetpack, but I knew from the get-go they’d wind up being uber rare. Saw a guy flying around fleet with one….they do look nice.

  • abaddonsmummy

    What is the drop rate on weapons please?

    • Dru Ilhares

      Out of an entire hypercrate (24 packs) and 3 extra packs I purchased, I got a total of 2 weapons – so the random number generator clearly hates me.

    • Arby

      In 3 crates I got 2 pistols, 3 rifles, 1 assault cannon and zero lightsabers at all. Worst weapon drop rate since first two sets of packs.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Thanks Arby.
        Thats really surprising considering the drop rates for weapons have been really high of late. When the first starforged blasters came out i bought one of the GTN for 20k cause there were so many.
        I don’t really mind the low drop rate though cause it means they will sell for a good price and owning one gives you a bit of exclusivity 😛

      • Darth-Robin

        got myself the assault canon for my commdano and sniperrifle but i cant be arsed to get the lightsabers they are far to stupid

  • Deshik

    I like how the team keeps pushing the boundaries of the female outfits. One day we’ll get something even more racy than the slave outfits, mark my words!

    • Saratje

      Disney themed pasties.

    • Len Hobbel

      Need high Heels WE need 6 Inch stiletto Platforms , my toons need them,
      Yes you can walk run and fight in them. That old ” you cant walk how can you run” That is from chicks who never wore REAL high heels. Not only can you walk but you can kick and clean and screw in them…also wield a light-saber and or a Blaster.
      HIGH HEELS 6 Inch+

      • Arby

        At least knee-high hooker boots witout the funky knee flaps and armor plates.

        • Len Hobbel

          I dont know what knee high hooker boots are. My wife wore Knee high stiletto Platform boots all the time and heels. They never said Hooker and we didnt buy them from a Hooker Store.
          She is on my facebook. Since Hookers also wear jeans must mean ALL jeans are HOOKER jeans…

    • Arby

      There’s always hope

    • CWilson

      Hey, not all the players are male. Where are the slave boy outfits for my husbands/companions?

      • Deshik

        I think that in your case all you need is the invisible set that has been avalible for some time. It turns your man into an armored underwaer guy.

  • Saratje

    Opened 5 packs, 2 or 3 of them had no equipable items, only: a reputation item, scrap, companion affection item (those that you use to gain +xx relation), a title, a stronghold title. Up until now they all atleast had a piece of armour or a weapon. This is new to me, I hope when I get more they’ll contain something more than these did.

    • Arby

      If you’re trying for a particular mount, emote or deco you will get more armor than you can store, and vice versa… Murphy’s law of cartel marketing.

  • Friendo

    I boguht a hypercrate which i will sell entirely on gtn pack by pack. Besides that, i bought 4 packs with 1000 coins i had left from subscriptions, and opened them myself. I got a rk-7 blaster, couple of pink yellow crystals (endurance and critical), a Joko mount, a Tyon mount, an angry dance emote, a black and deep purple dye and a jetpack. yes, a msm jt-2 jetpack, in 4 packs, i was lucky definitely. i think that’s the luckiest i have been in this game.

    • Friendo

      Sold it right now for 10 million credits, being the most expensive on gtn 11,8 mill. Its a good price imho

      • Arby

        Cheapest is 19mil on Red Eclipse

  • Luke Farmer

    About time they released a new m1-4x customisation.
    Until now there’s only been the two on the Ilum security key vender

    • Darth-Robin

      sadly unlike all the other customisation that bioware released in these packs

      m1-4x version is restricted for prefered players while lord scourge custom skin in this pack isnt

      its fucking lame…..

  • Solomon Darkfury

    Hey Dulfy, you don’t have the Stronghold title listed?

    • Dru Ilhares

      Good call, I was surprised when I got the “Chamber of Truth”.

  • 57th Street Incident

    And if I ever get an urge to dress a merc up as Iron Man, now I’ve got the chestpiece.

  • Jonathan Parker

    I have a feeling that the jetpack will be the new most expensive mount on the exchange. Walkers went up in price like crazy, and before that it was animal mounts, so I expect jetpacks will be similar.

    • Arby

      They’re apparently pretty rare as well (got 1 from last pack of third hyper-crate), which will drive the price up even more.

      • LoadingGod

        I opened 2 and a half hypercrates and I got no jetpack or Vorantikus.

    • Garic

      Have no fear. In future packs they are sure to release the same jetpack in different colors like they do every mount. Sure, the walkers are expensive still. Or you can just get one off the rep vendors. I’ll bargain on the jetpack not being super uber super rare in future packs to appease us who refuse to spend 100.00+ on hypercrates to get one.

    • Darth-Robin

      saw 1 on the gtn, well over 25 million yeah far to expensive

  • Maria

    Personally I think the jet pack is bullshit. It takes enough time and money to unlock the rocket boost inside your legacy, now they just up and allow people to use it as a mount. Bad call Disney.

    • Arby

      I don’t even understand this. They’re not the same thing and it rocket boost certainly isn’t very expensive. And the jet mobile-home backpack is super-rare and pretty ugly.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        It is ugly so I don’t want it. Simple. The difference is that the jetpack is a mount/speeder. So you can use it indefinitely in areas that allow mounts. The rocket boots only work for a short time and then have a cooldown before you can use them again. The advantage of rocket boots however is that you can use them also in areas that do not allow mounts/speeders. Also rocket boots can be used as of level 1 but as I said, with all the advantages they have a short duration and a cooldown.

    • p4v7

      Jetpack is a mount. Rocket Boost is not. I don’t know what you wanted to tell us but it doesn’t make sense.

    • Gams

      Focus here Maria you have it all wrong.

  • TheExile

    anybody know what the account unlock cost is for the jetpack?

    • 240 cc

      • TheExile

        Thank you.

  • yellow-power ftw

    i got the angrydance v2, how can i add the other 2 in same char? or is only 1 per char and random?

    • Keep using the emote, you will see the other versions

    • Sadriel_Fett

      Some dances have three or four versions when you use the same emote. They just randomly pop up which version. Kind of like the “Stylish Dance” (/style) has three different “Gangdam style” dance moves when you use it. Just keep using the same emote and eventually you’ll see all the versions.

  • MrM

    /nobones > all

    • m1i-x

      /tihaar > /nobones


  • IceBaby7

    God i luv those jetpacks. And they dye modules on this pack are pretty nice. But man, every shadow pack hypercrate that goes on discount bfore being discontinued, im buying. Fingers crossed for at least ONE jetpack. Just one lol………

  • Trenders

    JetPacks are the new trend everybody wants one !
    Just keep more Jetapack styles coming out !!!

    • infamous

      I’m laughing at all the people that are spending 10mil on them. The packs have only been out for a couple of days, the ones at 16-19 mil are just crazy.

  • infamous

    And I rest my case, bought my MSM JT-2 for 7mil. And all I had to do was wait for a few days. Still the most dumb design I have ever seen. But the rate BioWare is going with the art, and content it is better than nothing.

    It’s going straight on all my Mandalorian and bounty hunters, and not on the 20 people that think it’s cool to see a sith/jedi using it.

  • Grognard Foehammer

    Anyone happen to know if the glowy blue patches on the assault cannon change colors with the slotted crystal?

  • maria bray

    Have played swtor game for half a year around and we like to get credit for swtor on buy4games.com which place price is more cheaper and delivery is fast,

  • Sadriel_Fett

    I was able to buy the SH title “Chamber of Deception,” but I’m not able to sell my extra SH titles of the “Chamber of Truth.” Anyone else having this problem?

    • Vicious

      Item currently can’t be sold on the GTN, bugged.

  • Aaron Gallahan

    WOW new lightsaber (single) is so kick azz, The new sound i love and when performing attacks the base of the crystal/saber top Glows BRIGHT. Looks like the animation on trails has been lengthened as well

  • Kubrickian

    Just got Fearless Hunter Helmet for 15k, powered exoguard for 5k , and revanite avenger helmo for 80k. I truly love it when they put an item in a pack that makes everyone fork out 400 real life dollars to get. They end up having to purge their limited cargo space and everything goes for pennies on the GTN. Keep up the good work Jetpack!

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