SWTOR Prinawe Mounts–Possible future Cantina Tour rewards

Several Prinawe mounts have been spotted in the Decoration Editor. Dataminers say it might be a reward for future cantina tours.

swtor_potato mentioned on reddit that these mounts are labeled for Cantina Tour. More reason for players to go to the cantina tour in that case as the same pet is getting old.

  • Prinawe Congregate – Anaheim
  • Prinawe Junction – San Diego.
  • Prinawe Collective – Germany
  • Prinawe Aggregate – Seattle
  • Prinawe Union – New York


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55 replies on “SWTOR Prinawe Mounts–Possible future Cantina Tour rewards”

do you get all of them for going? and is there going to be a live feed via internet to buy into (that includes the mount of course)?

bummer.. im hoping that since theres multiple colors this mount sneak peek will be dispersed throughout CM/Drops/directpurchase/or future content. I for one will be setting my crosshairs on the new jetpack mount, hopefully they dont find a way to make it super cheesy or annoying like what they do to pistols lol.

I can’t tell if it’s intentional, but to me they look like compacted versions of the Normandy from Mass Effect.

Yay they finally added a mount that looks like a shoe…. lol. Good thing they look horrible, otherwise I might be slightly upset. Kinda lame they would give an in game item to those that attend the cantina events, not everyone can attend and its not fair to give people an item for simply showing up at an out of game event. They should just give those that attend a coupon for a months sub or a certain amount of cartel coins, that would most certainly get people to attend more than some fugly mount or pet.

Life’s not fair. I’ve never been to a cantina tour event and have zero problem with people who go to a one getting an exclusive decoration, mount, or pet.

Why at the CE vendor? Why is that no more exclusive then getting it at the tour? Why not the security key vendor?

It’d be nice to see something (ANYTHING) get updated on the vendor for pre-order folks in general. I couldn’t get the CE when it came out, the thing was gone. Only months later did some unsold ones start showing up, and then with even more ridiculous pricetags.

Yeah, the Mounts kinda look unfinished and i gotta agree that if they are Cantina Rewards it’s really a slap to the EU Player base.

If u haven’t figured it out yet… they don’t give a crap about the EU customers. Example: Why do EU servers lag so bad all the time? Because they’re in freaking California, kind of a lot of internet between them and us, exactly how they like it.j

I guess they must be desperate for attendance at their events now. No surprise considering the multitudes of fuck ups on their end ever since the launch of 3.0.

Sigh, I’ll miss this MMO…well…sort of. Pre-Cash Shop version at least.

You all complain way too much, very sad. Crybabies. Awe, its so sad you wont get a mount. If those people can make it to one of those events then good for them and if they get a reward, thats cool too. Quit being such babies over every damn thing. Now, let the flaming begin for the crybabies!

What’s really unfortunate is that Bioware does such a magnificent job of giving us reasons to complain. If they do something for the community (and that’s a big IF) it’s usually half assed, poorly planned with shoddy communications and poorly executed. Besides, if you don’t complain nothing is ever going to get better.

The one in Germany will probably be held in English, since everyone in Europe besides the UK learns at least two other languages.

They couldn’t be bothered to go to freaking SW Celebration in Essen last year, and I know there were a lot of TOR players there. Hell, SW Combine had a booth for crap sake, but not Bio-don’t care. EU players are only good to them for money, taking it that is…not spending a little to make actual contact with us.

How is it that every post is upsetting payers more and more? do they do this on purpose? it certainly feels like it… i understand that any change will upset some1 but as i scroll thru last months post seems to me that the majority is not happy with the way things are going atm

Calm down, folks… it’s only a mount ! If you don’t have it the world won’t end.
And btw, that thing looks rather fugly

All of you complainers wouldn’t go to the cantina in Europe anyway, you just complain for the sake of complaining.
You just hate when someone has something that you don’t.
Then you would complain that you can’t go to the cantina in the scheduled time because something popped out in your life.
That mount is nothing special just like the astromech pet that they used to give out on their streams. Why complain over such a small thing..

You see there’s something called feedback, without it, businesses and other such organizations don’t know if their customers like or dislike things. Complaining is one such form of feedback, and it’s not up for you to decide what is or isn’t “worth” complaining about, you are not being forced to listen, and when you then go on to claim to know not only the “real” reason people are complaining but also to know that they’d just complain about something else you’re really treading on thin ice of being a super douche. Enjoy being perfect

I already enjoy watching people raging and fighting over a mount, jawa party, taun fawn codes and other things in this game. A few pixels can drive them crazy. Really enjoyable to see how they think they deserve every single item every time Bioware tries to reward a certain group of people to which those people don’t belong.

We complain because it sets a bad precedent. If they bothered to cater to their entire fanbase rather than picking locations that are convenient for them, this wouldn’t be an issue for most people. They might as well just hand out the reward to anyone playing within a 30 mile radius and be done with it, because that’s what it boils down to.

It’s a shame they don’t make the cantina tours more accessible to a larger group. I hate to break it to Bioware but New York doesn’t represent the entire North East of the United States and it’s too far for me to go. If they had it in Philly at say Wizard World Philly I’d be there in a heartbeat. But NY Comic Con is too far, too expensive and too damn crowded to be bothered.

So I can lie on the floor AND get a speeder in the process (which kinda looks like a beached whale)…. SIGN ME UP!!!!

Being they never come to my state, not going to happen. I am NOT driving for hours and hours just to set around a room full of mostly fat ugly people. No offense, but it is true. I’ve seen the footage of other Cantina events, makes me cringe and frankly disgusting. People need to have some self worth and look in the freakin mirror. You can be a nerd and not look like crap.

The saddest thing is that these kind of ppl are the ones dictating how things will go in the game nowadays. They probably were the ones that went schizophrenic with the slot machine drops and look where that got us. I swear,if those basement dwellers cared about real life economy as much as they do for a virtual game economy, things might’ve been slightly better in the world.

Regardless that they look ridiculous and I wouldn’t want one… Giving content exclusively to a handful of players who happen to be free that evening and live close to one specific place is wrong. It’s one thing to not get something because I don’t care enough to do some content, spend credits in game or real cash on the cartel market… not at all right though when I’m excluded unless I’m willing to spend $2k+ and fly half way around the world. Wrong, no other way to say it.

I’m glad these fugly mounts are being handed out at an event in a city I’m never going to visit. It makes it that much easier to not care.

I like it. It’s not as overstyled as many CM or reputation mounts. Common mount. Why not? Not every item has to be shiny and blinking like a x-mas tree.

Don’t know if this was mentioned but this is obviously a direct result of the sw episode 7 trailer. The female character (han solo’s daughter?) going in to a settlement in tatooine.

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