GW2 POI Heart of Thorns Gameplay Livestream Notes

GW2 Point of Interest Heart of Thorns gameplay livestream notes.

Show starts at noon PST.

Video (clipped to only show HoT Gameplay)



  • Anthony Ordon – Expansion Content Designer
  • Steve Hwang – Expansion Content Designer
  • Rubi Bayer – Host

Some new things people noticed in the stream

  • New map shown is called Verdant Brink and it is west of Dry Top (pic taken from that_shaman)
  • New event/patch soon – Celebrate the New Year of the Ram
  • New Warrior F2 skill
  • New Revenant class icon


What are you working on?

  • Steve – I am working on a different map we have seen yet
  • Anthony – I am working on this map you are seeing right now. This map shows what remains of the pact fleet with some Pale Reavers (elite Sylvari unit).

Map Design/Outposts

  • With expansion we reached a high point in GW2 point design. We went through many stages – release, Southsun Cove, Dry Top, Silverwastes.
  • We found map wide objectives working really well so all the new maps will have this.
  • This map is about Pact fleet survivors so during daytime you build defenses, capture areas, and gather supplies to prepare for the night Mordrem assault.
  • In Queensdale for example only half the events were Queensdale themed (humans vs centaurs). Our new maps have events themed with the map more.
  • Different areas of the map have different sub-factions and characters represented by Outposts. These are centralized locations on the map where you know there will be content.
  • Claiming an outpost allowing you to control it for an hour or more, give you more a permanent feel.
  • Outposts allow individualized stories that allow you to contribute to the map wide objectives.
  • Something we really try to drive with outposts are the character casts – we focus on telling stories with smaller casts of characters that persists through story. You will see the same characters over and over again and learn their stories. Characters you see in one map you may see again in another map.
  • Mordrem Belcher – New creature that spawns out of the ground and spew out green bile.
  • Event shown where players can grab rifles from a high vantage point and snipe the Mordrem Belchers down below.
  • As you do more events around an outpost, you will unlock new things such as waypoints, adventures, resource farms etc.


  • Adventures are found on the map with their own icons like POI/Vistas etc. It is an evolution of the Hearts. Adventures are meant to be challenging experiences – require you to change the way you to play or play well.
  • Examples of adventures including shoot gallery, jumping puzzles, races.
  • They are basically personal challenges that are repeatable and there are leaderboards for them. As you progress in the masteries system, you will gain new abilities that make adventures easier.
  • Example adventure shown – using a flamethrower to kill mobs/vines. This particular adventure require a certain amount of vines to be torched within the time limit to win.
  • Getting good at this adventure requires quick reflexes, good memory of the vine locations, and avoiding the Mordrem trolls that are trying to disrupt you.
  • Since adventures are challenging, you can click on a X button on the UI to restart it immediately rather than having to run back to the start point and start it from the beginning.
  • We focused on fewer maps (with the expansion) but each map is packed with tons of content.
  • This demo map will be playable at Pax East.


  • Bonus episode of POI next Wednesday to talk about Masteries (noon PST) and show more gameplay (gliding, mushroom jumping).

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20 replies on “GW2 POI Heart of Thorns Gameplay Livestream Notes”

Yeah, and um, well um, it didn’t seem like, um, there was, um, much in it, um. lol

Let’s be fair, though, do we really know of a developer who has devs that can speak eloquently. (ಠ‿↼)

I don’t think warriors are getting a new F2 skill. I think they just updated the UI for them to display the F1 attack for your secondary weapon in the back. Since the F1 cooldown is fully capable of being longer than your weapon swap timer, so it’s useful to know what state it’s in.

It might just auto-swap and activate the burst. It seems unlikely to me that they’d completely overhaul the warrior’s base profession mechanic and say nothing. Plus the second skill is deliberately hidden directly behind the first.

Very likely that specializations will, at the very least, modify profession mechanics. Probably didn’t say anything about it because they do not have the functionality of it for warrior yet and would be weird to be like oh yeah this is the warrior specialization.

Maybe the F2 skill is the Elite skill for the second hand weapon
Or maybe there will be 2 Elite skills for the main weapon, so you can choose which impact you want.

Man what a disappointment that stream was.

Everyone expected masteries, instead we got shown stuff we already knew everything about, not to mention it wasn’t much different from what we already have in game.

Kind of disappointed lately with a lot of MMOs. WoW, GW2, ESO, WildStar, SWTOR, etc.

Not one company can seem to live up to putting in anything close to what they say they are, content wise.

I’ll just wait and see how the Revenant turns out. Masteries seem cool but eh.

Seriously? GW2 is the most casual relaxing MMORPG I have ever played. If you take it too seriously you will burn out, and honestly that’s not what it’s meant for.

Anyone else notice the speech bubbles that appeared over the player character’s head when he walked close to Lathinir and started the adventure?

“Hey we know our skill system is dull and shallow, so instead of using 10 skills, use this flamethrower with two skills! Isn’t that fun!”

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