Hardmode Ravagers operations SWTOR The Ravagers

SWTOR Hardmode Coratanni Ravagers Operation Guide by Zorz

SWTOR Hardmode Coratanni Ravagers Operation Guide written by Zorz guild of Harbinger.

Basic Info

Gear Recommendation

  • 192 (Resurrected) is an absolute minimum, but as much 198 (Revanite) gear as possible is highly recommended.


  • Coratanni: 3.15 mil (3149440)
  • Pearl: 3.15 mil (3149440)
  • Ruugar: 5.19 mil (5193526)


  • 4 minutes, 30 seconds (after engaging Ruugar)


  • 1x Unassembled Revanite Chest (198)
  • 2x Random Deceiver gear (198, no set bonus)
  • 1x Matter Transubstantiator (crafting mat)
  • 1x Exonium (crafting mat)
  • 6 Ultimate Commendations
  • 8 Elite Commendations

Basic Overview

Differences from Storymode The core mechanics are almost exactly the same, but all attacks are somewhat more damaging making this one of the most challenging fights to heal. Also, Ricochet Shot now instantly kills people if done incorrectly, requiring good execution throughout the first phase. Ruugar’s enrage timer is very tight on Hardmode which requires strong DPS and a strategy to maximize uptime.

Boss Abilities (Coratanni)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Suppressive Fire Kinetic Conal 5-6k, 6 times over 3 seconds 15s
Flame Grenade Internal Direct ~6-8k every 3 seconds 30s
Corrosive Grenade Internal Direct ~6-8k every 3 seconds 15s
Deck Guns Kinetic Telegraph ~25k 20s

Boss Abilities (Pearl)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Acid Spit Kinetic Conal ~4-7k 15s
Pearl’s Poison Kinetic Direct ~2k every second 30s
Frenzied Onslaught Kinetic Direct ~4-5k per tick for 6 seconds 30s
Peck Kinetic Direct ~3.5k x3
Swoop Kinetic Direct ~10k

Boss Abilities (Ruugar)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Flame Grenade Internal AoE ~6-8k every 3 seconds 15s
Corrosive Grenade Internal AoE ~6-8k every 3 seconds 15s
Corrosive Dart Direct 3-4k per tick 10s
Frag Grenade Kinetic Direct ~10-15k 10s
Hostage Situation Kinetic Direct Varies 60s
Land Mine Kinetic AoE ~15k 15s
Backstab Kinetic AoE ~25-30k
Death Mouse Kinetic AoE ~20-25k
Knockback Kinetic AoE ~15-20k 30s
Jet Charge Kinetic Direct ~20-30k
Cull Energy Direct ~2-3k per stack of Dart 20s


Ricochet Shot (Coratanni)


This mechanic deserves special note because this mechanic requires by far the most attention in Phase 1 of this fight. See the Strategy section of the guide for details on how to deal with Ricochet Shot. In short, Ricochet Shot is a targeted cast on a random member of the raid. It will apply the Double Down debuff on that person, causing them to die if they receive the Double Down debuff again. Once the target receives the debuff, he also gets Split City, so that he/she will pass on another stack of the debuff to the nearest player after 4 seconds. After another 4 seconds, he/she will pass on a final stack to the nearest player again and lose Split City. Since no player can receive the Double Down debuff twice, and it lasts 20 seconds, some coordination is required to ensure that no one dies.

Suppressive Fire (Coratanni)


This is a very damaging AoE attack targeted in the direction of the main tank on Coratanni. As long as the tank holds aggro, he/she can just face Coratanni away from the raid and try to absorb the damage from this attack.

Flame Grenade/Corrosive Grenade (Coratanni)

Flame Grenade is an extremely painful, unavoidable DoT thrown on the entire raid every 30 seconds, starting roughly 30 seconds into the fight. Everyone can cleanse it by stepping into a blue circle, which can be spawned by pressing the console at the back of the room. Whoever presses the console is then locked out of pressing it again, so that a new person must click each time. These circles last 20 seconds so the window to use the circles is fairly generous.

Corrosive Grenade is an unavoidable DoT periodically thrown on a random raid member. It deals the same amount of damage as the Flame Grenade, so this person will definitely require some extra healing but otherwise there is nothing you can do about this mechanic.

Deck Guns (Coratanni)


Deck Guns are a series of ground-targeted AoEs cast by Coratanni. If you are caught in a Deck Gun, you will receive a large amount of damage and a knockback towards the left side of the room. If you are on the far left of the room, it is fairly easy to find gaps in the Deck Guns, but as you go towards the right side of the room, that tends to become more difficult. Deck Guns spawns are RNG so you will have to do your best to either get to the side of the Deck Guns entirely, or find gaps to stand in.

Acid Spit (Pearl)


This AoE attack applies some damage and a Trauma debuff, reducing all healing received for a period of time. One of the tanks’ jobs is to control Pearl and keep her aggroed and turned away from the raid as much as possible. If the entire raid gets Trauma, healing will be very difficult.

Swoop (Pearl)

While roaming around the arena, Pearl will Swoop at raid members, dealing a small amount of damage and a knockback. These knockbacks can easily cause unsuspecting players to land in Deck Guns or mess up placement of the Double Down debuff from Ricochet Shot.

Frenzied Onslaught (Pearl)

This is the main high source of damage from Pearl. She will pin down her primary aggro target and repeatedly peck them for a large amount of damage. There is no way to stop this attack, even if you taunt, so it must be healed through.

Pearl’s Poison (Pearl)

This DoT is placed on Pearl’s primary aggro target and is one source of damage taken that must be healed through.

Land Mine (Ruugar)

Ruugar drops a Land Mine on the ground every 15 seconds, which inactive for a few seconds, then becomes armed and explodes if anyone steps into it. You can either have the tanks purposely stay in melee range of Ruugar and detonate the mines, or try to kite around Ruugar and lay mines in a reasonable pattern and avoid them.

Flame Grenade/Corrosive Grenade (Ruugar)

These versions of Flame Grenade/Corrosive Grenade, not to be confused with the ones that Coratanni issues on the raid, are AoE targetted on raid members during the Ruugar phase. They deal a fairly large amount of damage per tick and should be cleansed immediately if possible.

Corrosive Dart (Ruugar)

This is a fairly weak stacking DoT placed on the tank with aggro. Its primary effect is to buff Ruugar’s Cull attack, which deals more damage per stack of Corrosive Dart. See above picture for Flame Grenade/Corrosive Grenade for an example of the debuff on the raid frame.

Cull (Ruugar)

Ruugar’s Cull is the main incentive to tank swap, since tanks at high stacks of Corrosive Dart will not only take a large amount of damage from the Dart ticks, but also increased damage from Cull. Cull is cast approximately every 20 seconds. See Death Mouse picture below for an example of Cull.

Death Mouse (Ruugar)

Every 25 seconds, two Mouse Droids spawn in random corners (perhaps the same one). They will travel very quickly to one of the DPS or healers and deal a large amount of damage and a knockback. These should be handled with good positioning and cooldowns, although they can technically be killed as well and have a relatively small amount of HP.

Jet Charge (Ruugar)

Ruugar uses this move on targets out of melee range. He will also sometimes Jet Charge to raid members far away from the boss, so everyone should try to keep within a moderate distance to prevent this from happening.

Knockback (Ruugar)

This is a raid wide knockback used approximately every 30 to 45 seconds. It has no cast. Since Land Mines may be active (if you are not purposely detonating them), this can be very dangerous. Also, if someone takes damage from this move around the same time as they take damage from Mouse Droids, it can quickly lead to death.

Hostage Situation (Ruugar)

This is used approximately after Cull every minute and like Knockback, has no cast to look for. Ruugar grabs a random raid member and then any damage dealt to Ruugar will be transferred to that raid member. More specifically, every hit causes a fixed amount of damage to be transferred to that raid member. So the most damaging attacks are those with multiple hit components, rather than single blows. For example, Rapid Shots and Unload are very dangerous, whereas Rail Shot poses little threat.


  • Assign groups to handle Ricochet Shot as described below (see Phase 1 – Coratanni/Pearl). For 8 man, this will mean having two DPS per tank, with one DPS from each tank group assigned to float around the room as needed. Generally floating DPS should be ranged (or Powertechs) to make things easiest. If you do not have ranged DPS, you will probably have to be a little more creative with our strategy, or come up with a slightly different one to manage the Double Down debuff.
  • As usual, the first 15-20 seconds of the fight are very low on damage so healers should be DPSing as much as possible in order to shorten the fight.
  • Determine positions in advance for Ruugar phase (see Phase 2 – Ruugar). Put one healer on either side with the remainder of the ranged DPS split evenly. Tanks and melee don’t have much of a choice in their positioning.
Phase 1 – Coratanni/Pearl

The main idea is to DPS down Coratanni to 20%, which will cause her to escape the ship, leaving Pearl behind. At that point Pearl will be enraged and deals much higher damage, but this is still fairly easy to deal with. The most difficult thing to manage is Coratanni’s Ricochet Shot, which requires you to rotate around players to ensure that no one gets hit twice with the Double Down debuff, resulting in an instant death for that player. At the same time, you must avoid the Deck Guns AoE and ensure players are quickly cleansed of the Flame Grenade debuff. However, a different player must use the cleansing console each time.

What we do to make things as easy as possible is to divide the raid into three groups: Coratanni tank group, Pearl tank group, and healers. So, assuming no more than two melee DPS, we put all the melee DPS next to the tank assigned to Coratanni, with the ranged DPS staying near the tank across the room on the left side with Pearl. If you have more than 2 melee DPS, your strategy will be probably focus on everyone staying near Coratanni, with people running out of the group for Ricochet Shot and running near the Pearl tank when needed to pass on Double Down.

Everyone is attacking Coratanni, but this is the default position for dealing with Ricochet Shot. The healers remain in the middle. Every time Ricochet Shot is cast, we have the main tank on Coratanni call out the cast and its target. The target of the cast should immediately move towards someone in their group without the Double Down debuff. There will always be at least one option since Double Down only lasts 20 seconds. However, if a fresh person is needed, we have a “floater” assigned to each group which can move over to take the last stack, when needed.

If a healer gets Ricochet Shot, they pass it to the other healer, and then to the floater. Deciding which floater should go to the heal group is simple: the Pearl floater has priority, unless he has Double Down or is clicking the console, in which case the Coratanni floater meets up with that healer. The best floaters are people who can do a lot of DPS on the move, especially ranged DPS and Vanguards/Powertechs. Again, your group composition will partially dictate how people must “float” if you break people into groups as we suggest. But for a group with 2 or less melee, our strategy is easy to execute.

There are a few complications that you ought to be aware of, mostly relating to the Flame Grenade mechanic, which we should now discuss. This is cast on the raid every 30 seconds. Since it deals a large amount of damage, everyone should try to cleanse it as quickly as possible using the blue circles that you can activate with the panel in the back. This means trying to spawn those circles in advance of the Flame Grenade going out. What we do is assign a fixed order to click:

1) Main tank on Coratanni
2) DPS #1
3) DPS #2
4) DPS #3
5) DPS #4 (should not be needed)

Both healers and the tank with Pearl are usually far too busy to click so they are exempt from this duty. The blue circles last 20 seconds, whereas Flame Grenade comes every 30 seconds. So if you click 5-10 seconds in advance, everyone should have time to clear themselves. If Deck Guns appear, you may have to delay clicking for a few seconds, but this is why each person should be in position in advance. If Deck Guns appear, step out of the way, then come back and immediately click and then cleanse yourself and continue with the fight.

Where this gets more complicated is the placement of Ricochet Shot. However, this is a simple way to deal with this which neither compromises Ricochet Shot or clicking the console.

1) If you are one of the people in your group who is due to receive Ricochet Shot, and it is your turn to click, the person passing on Double Down should pass it onto someone else, and then move to you for the final stack.
2) If you are the person who must pass on Ricochet Shot, and it is your turn to click, anyone free of Double Down should move towards you so that you can proceed with your click, and then move away once they have received Double Down. Ideally, you will pass on at least one of your stacks before going to click, but sometimes this is not possible so it is the raid’s responsibility to move with you.

Alternatively, if you have problems with that strategy, you can try to switch around clicking order on the fly so that people who already have the Double Down debuff do the clicking. One example of rearranging clicking order, should you attempt this, is as follows:

1) Floater #1 has Double Down and has not yet clicked.
2) Floater #2 does not have Double Down and is next to click.
3) Healer #1 gets Ricochet Shot and passes to Healer #2.
4) Floater #2 then takes Double Down from Healer #1, telling Floater #1 to go ahead and click first since he already has Double Down and cannot take it from Healer #1.
5) Next round of Flame Grenade, Floater #2 clicks.

If this is a little confusing, study it for awhile. It’s not very complicated as long as you always have two free people to take Ricochet Shot, and someone to click for Flame Grenade cleanses. That’s all you need to do!

Otherwise, there is only one more thing you should be aware of. If Deck Guns haven’t appeared for a little while, you should wait a few seconds to cleanse your Flame Grenade debuff since you do not want to be stunned in the middle of Deck Guns. After Coratanni is pushed to 20%, you spend a minute or two killing Enraged Pearl which is not a big issue if the tanks taunt off each other and cycle defensive cooldowns. All raid members should be prepared to use defensives if Pearl targets her Frenzied Onslaught at a non-tank.

Tanks: While both Coratanni and Pearl are alive, the tanks should be split, with one tank full time on Coratanni and the other on Pearl. We split the tanking advice by boss.

Coratanni: You have a few key jobs as the tank on Coratanni. First, you are the ideal person to call out the target of Ricochet Shot since you are standing in place the majority of the phase and everyone else must pay attention to multiple aspects of the phase. Assume this role if possible. Also, since all of the DPS will be putting their maximum effort on Coratanni right away, you must make sure you can hold aggro, so use your taunts aggressively. If you do not, the Suppressive Fire conal will devastate the raid.

At the same time, you must make sure that you do not taunt around the time of Ricochet Shot, as this can cause Coratanni to target you with Ricochet Shot, even if you already have the associated Double Down debuff. At the start of the fight this is not really a concern, however, so use your taunts freely. After that point, try to continue to maintain high threat by using your taunts after every Ricochet Shot cast. Finally ensure that you are timing your cooldowns either with Coratanni’s most devastating attack (Suppressive Fire), or otherwise when Flame Grenade is cast on the raid. Since the raid will be taking large amounts of damage at this time, the healers will benefit significantly from having to worry less about the tanks.

Pearl: Most of your job on Pearl is maximizing mitigation whenever possible. Vanguards/Powertechs are the preferred tank for Pearl since there is a mechanic (that we call “walkabout”) where Pearl cannot be taunted for a period of time. During this period, your only options are ranged base attacks and VG/PT is the only tank class that can use an ability every GCD from 20+ meters. The next best option is an Assassin due to taking 30% less damage while stunned and one of Pearls abilities (Frenzied Onslaught) stuns and makes you unable to use abilities for the duration. You should also be aware that Pearl’s various abilities will also apply an accuracy reduction, trauma, and a DoT.

When Pearl goes on “walkabout”, keep Pearl targeted or put it on Focus Target and taunt as soon as the immune to taunts debuff disappears. If you are slow, there is the potential for a raid member to eat Frenzied Onslaught which will be rough to survive, so this is your key job to do correctly. Also, when you need to cleanse the fire debuff, it’s better to delay the cleanse if Deck Guns are happening soon. Pay attention to when Deck Guns occur for this reason. Another reason for bringing a VG/PT on Pearl is that Adrenaline Rush/Kolto Overload can heal you through Frenzied Onslaught if you are stuck in Deck Guns.

Enraged Pearl: Once Coratanni is dead, the tanks will swap off tanking Pearl, rotating through their defensive cooldowns. All the above advice about Pearl remains the the same. The only catch is that at times during “walkabout”, Pearl will use Frenzied Onslaught on a DPS or Healer which will result in massive damage on them over a few seconds. If this happens, you should guard swap, use Sonic Barrier (VG/PT AoE taunt), and/or Guardian Leap/Intercede to help the healers. Remember to stop using defensive cooldowns shortly before killing Pearl, unless DPS is slow and Pearl goes into “double enrage” in which case you will probably need to use whatever you can. Overall the tanking of Pearl is very simple but annoying. It’s hard to keep proper mitigation up and you are mostly the rag doll for Pearl.

DPS: Everyone should attack Coratanni for the first 3 minutes of the fight until Coratanni escapes, leaving Pearl behind. Attacking the boss is very easy, what is much harder to learn is how to deal with the other mechanics that you must help your raid survive. Also, your specific role will vary depending on your spec and whether you are a ranged or melee. However, the core strategies for DPS are as follows. You will be most likely called upon to click one of the consoles to activate the vents to cleanse Flame Grenade. Once you do so, you will be locked out from clicking again. You must be at the console and clicking several seconds before the Flame Grenade goes out. Since the Flame Grenade goes out every 30 seconds, it is fairly easy to keep track of the timing.

Whenever Deck Guns spawn, your top priority is get out as soon as possible, and stay close to anyone trying to give you the Double Down debuff from Ricochet Shot, and otherwise staying with your assigned group. Prioritize survival over DPS at all times since the enrage timer does not start until Phase 2 (Ruugar).

Heals: The first phase is extremely demanding on healers and offers some of the highest sustained damage in the game, especially if anyone is slow to cleanse their Flame Grenade. Just as Flame Grenade goes out on the raid, you will need to put out a significant amount of AoE healing, but otherwise most of your heals will be focused on both tanks. Since healing can be extremely demanding, you may want to sometimes alternate cooldowns with your other healer and skip cleansing the Flame Grenade for yourself so that you can catch up healing everyone else.

However if you do have a good chance to cleanse Flame Grenade you ought to do so, since taking the full duration even with a cooldown can be punishing. You can afford to use everything you have in this phase, so heal very aggressively, although you should consider saving your medpac for the spike damage during Ruugar phase. Once you push Coratanni and get to Enraged Pearl, there will be some healing to be done but it is much easier overall, so again, use everything you have in the first few minutes while Coratanni is still active. You should not be expected to run around the arena chasing after people while keeping everyone alive in this first phase, so people should be coming to you in most cases for Ricochet Shot or AoE healing.

Phase 2 – Ruugar

The second part of the fight is also difficult, but for very different reasons. Whereas the first phase is somewhat complicated with Ricochet Shot and Flame Grenade, but mostly about survival, now the key is surviving some burst damage while beating the enrage. After you leave the Escape Pod and kill the four adds, you engage the pirate captain Ruugar. He will periodically drop Land Mines, which either forces you to kite him around, or purposely detonate them. We recommend the latter strategy, since it allows the tanks to keep him stationary against the center console, which is very convenient. This way, the tanks never get knocked around the room for any reason and therefore rarely receive the Jet Charge attack from Ruugar, which deals a very large amount of spike damage (20k-30k).

However, tanks will be eating Land Mines under them for 10-15k regularly. Also, if tanks blow up Land Mines then you never have to worry about the raid having to avoid getting knocked into them, which simplifies life considerably for everyone else. This leaves room for everyone else to be grouped on either the left or right side of that center console, so that the rest of the raid can try their best to get knocked against the walls, while keeping the middle of the room generally clear.

The two most dangerous attacks are Ruugar’s Knockback, which is a raid wide knockback with a large damage component, as well as the pairs of Mouse Droids that are frequently summoned. We like to have the person with the Mouse Droids move towards the middle of the room and either use Hold the Line/Hydraulic Overrides and/or Hunker Down/Entrench, or else try to get knocked back against the side wall, while also using defensive cooldowns in order to mitigate damage. Everyone else should move clear of the person taking Mouse Droids. There are also two DoTs with the same icons as Phase 1, which tick for a similar amount, but they can be cleansed with a regular cleanse now. The raid should be loosely spread out to prevent these from hitting more than 1-2 people at a time.

The final mechanic which requires some strategy is Hostage Situation, which comes roughly every minute. It can be tricky to handle since the timing is not always exactly one minute and calling a DPS stop too early will almost certainly give problems with the enrage. The best way to deal with it is to understand two things:

1) While there is no cast for Hostage Situation, it is usually paired with a Cull, coming within a few seconds of the end of the Cull cast.
2) Hostage Situation deals damage per hit, not per amount of damage applied to the boss.

So if you’ve noticed a minute has passed (a good way to time this without a clock is to notice if there’s been two Mouse Droids since the last Hostage Situation), just as Cull finishes, you can have DPS stop using any moves that have many hit components. So if you’re activating a GCD when Ruugar does Hostage Situation, the raid member will only take a few thousand damage, rather than die instantly.

This is not a perfect method but it has worked fairly well for us. If you can deal with these mechanics, there isn’t much to coordinate and it’s pretty much a DPS race to the end.

Tanks: According to our strategy, your role is very stationary in this phase. All you have to pay attention to is the other tanks Corrosive Dart stacks (taunt off at 2), as well as taunt Ruugar back any time he leaps to a non-tank outside of Hostage Situation. You must also mind your attacks for Hostage Situation since they can be just as damaging as a DPS, since hits from Hostage Situation are weighed equally. Also, if you have aggro on Ruugar you must never turn your back to him, or else he will Backstab you for 30-40k damage. Luckily this is easy to manage if you are up against the center console and not trying to kite him around.

DPS: If you have some defensive utilities or cleanse abilities, you should try to work them in sparingly, but for the most part you need to be focused on doing a very high amount of DPS in this phase to help meet the enrage, while not accidentally killing anyone from the Hostage Situation reflect. When it’s almost time for the reflect (about a minute has passed), avoid doing any DPS moves that have many hits to them, such as a Commando/Mercenary’s basic attack. Remember that you will have a few seconds to recover heat/energy while waiting for Hostage Situation to end, so be aggressive with your energy in this phase. You can’t afford to slow down much so try to have very good awareness about the timing of Hostage Situation so that you do not kill anyone.

Heals: Healing this phase is mostly about anticipating spikes. Watch out for when tanks have multiple stacks of Corrosive Dart and Ruugar uses Cull. Otherwise, your job is mostly to cleanse DoTs and top off everyone after Ruugar’s Knockback and Mouse Droids. Sage/Sorcerer healers should try to use Force Armor/Static Barrier on the tanks on cooldown, but avoid excessively bubbling raid members in case they are targeted with Mouse Droid. If you have a Commando/Mercenary and/or Sage/Sorcerer healer, they should maintain their armor buff on everyone in the raid to help them survive spikes. Be in position to provide heals immediately after any Mouse Droid explosions, since follow up hits from Knockback and Jet Charge, or another Mouse Droid, can be devastating.

Otherwise there is not an excessive amount of healing in this phase, at least compared to the Coratanni/Pearl section of the fight. To deal with the DoT cleansing, coordinate with your other healer and use a simple strategy, such as cleansing top to bottom on the raid frame, or prioritizing cleansing on those nearest to you in the boss arena.

Class-Specific Tips


  • Saber Reflect can be used to eliminate damage from Mouse Droids..
  • Your capacity to offtaunt and take a few stacks of Corrosive Dart can be valuable for awhile if a tank dies in the Ruugar phase. Your raid can survive an extra minute or two with this strategy if absolutely necessary.


  • Force Camouflage, Saber Ward, and Guarded by the Force/Undying Rage are excellent for Deck Guns and Mouse Droids.
  • Predation can help the raid reposition or group up for AoE heals in the Ruugar phase.


  • If you find yourself unable to get out of the Deck Guns AoE in the Coratanni phase, use Force Barrier. Do this even if you accidentally get stuck in one of the circles while cleansing fire if you notice the Deck Guns. While this will cause you to be stunned until your Force Barrier runs out, you are at high risk of death if you take unmitigated damage from Deck Guns.
  • If you are a DPS Sage/Sorcerer, and you have no Sage/Sorcerer healer, you should occasionally use your Force Armor/Static Barrier to protect allies very low on health after Ruugar’s knockback, or if Phase 1 with Coratanni and Pearl becomes chaotic. Remember that only the Ruugar phase appears to contribute to the enrage, so you should play conservatively until then.
  • Dealing with Mouse Droids can be very tricky as a Sage/Sorcerer since you are one of the most vulnerable classes. A good way to handle it is to use Static Barrier on yourself with the Cloud Mind 25% damage reduction, and follow up with your self heal and possibly a medpac after the initial hit. Try to ensure the Mouse Droids don’t both hit you at the same time in order to stagger the damage. In the worst case, if you are at very low health before the second Mouse Droid hits you, you can temporarily Force Barrier, take the time to try to receive some heals, gain some defensives from Force Barrier and then drop it. By this point, the Mouse Droid will either explode on someone else, or come back to you (either case could be beneficial).
  • Use your cleanse when called upon to help the healers in the Ruugar phase, especially when running back to the boss after a knockback or during the DPS stop when Ruugar reflects all damage taken.


  • Resilience/Force Shroud can be used to resist all damage from Deck Guns and Mouse Droids.
  • Your capacity to offtaunt and take a few stacks of Corrosive Dart can be valuable for awhile if a tank dies in the Ruugar phase. Your raid can survive an extra minute or two with this strategy if absolutely necessary.


  • Hightail It/Covered Escape can be used to roll Deck Guns and Mouse Droids, although in the case of Mouse Droids, using Hunker Down/Entrench with Defense Screen/Shield Probe is a much better option, since it can be exceptionally difficult to roll the Mouse Droids and you don’t want to compromise anyone else in the raid by accident.
  • Alternatively, Hunker Down/Entrench with Shield Probe will prevent almost all damage from Load Lifters.


  • Scamper/Exfiltrate will evade all incoming damage for 1.5 seconds and can be used to avoid all damage from Mouse Droids.
  • 30% stronger Defense Screen/Shield Probe with reduced cooldown is a very wise combination to periodically reduce damage taken. Lethality and Medicine Operatives should instead consider 20% damage reduction from Pugnacity/Stim Boost for the Ruugar phase to deal with Mouse Droids more effectively.
  • Use your cleanse when called upon to help the healers in the Ruugar phase, especially when running back to the boss after a knockback or during the DPS stop when Ruugar reflects all damage taken.


  • Reactive Shield/Energy Shield combined with Hold the Line/Hydraulic Overrides is an excellent combination for Mouse Droids in the Ruugar phase.
  • Faster and longer Hold the Line/Hydraulics Overides are both very useful for multiple reasons in this fight, so make sure you take this utility.
  • It is possible to AOE taunt Mouse Droids to shield yourself or others if you are very fast.
  • Your capacity to offtaunt and take a few stacks of Corrosive Dart can be valuable for awhile if a tank dies in the Ruugar phase. Your raid can survive an extra minute or two with this strategy if absolutely necessary.


  • Reactive Shield/Energy Shield combined with Hold the Line/Hydraulic Overrides is an excellent combination for Mouse Droids in the Ruugar phase.
  • If you are a DPS Commando/Mercenary, your Emergency Scan is a nice quick heal to throw on yourself or another raid member right after they get hit with Mouse Droids in order to help them survive. You should do this on a limited basis because of the tight DPS check.
  • Most of the severe damage in this fight is AoE, so use the Heroic utility to take 30% less AOE damage.
  • Use your cleanse when called upon to help the healers in the Ruugar phase, especially when running back to the boss after a knockback or during the DPS stop when Ruugar reflects all damage taken.

Advanced Strategy/Video Discussion

Tanking Overview: [youtube=]
In this video, one of our main tanks (Smugglin) outlines the Coratanni HM fight from a tanking perspective.

DPS Overview: [youtube=]
In this video, one of our DPS (Yolo) outlines the first phase of the Coratanni HM fight from a RDPS (floater) perspective.

Heals Overview: [youtube=]
In this video, one of our healers (Raulos) outlines the Coratanni HM fight from a healing perspective.

Full Video PoVs

Tank PoV (Shieldtech Powertech): [youtube=] DPS PoV (Virulence Sniper): [youtube=] Healer PoV (Bodyguard Mercenary): [youtube=] Healer PoV (Medicine Operative): [youtube=]
16m Healer PoV (Corruption Sorcerer):

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Love this boss fight. Well, the story one anyway. Haven’t tried HM yet.

Especially for sorcs/sages: the incomming kinetic damage is a lot higher than in the damage tables above.

Unfortunately the whole concept of a damage table has turned out to be very confusing and annoying to manage, so there may not be much I can do about this in retrospect (this is true for all guides I’ve written for this HM tier). While the damage types etc. are useful, I can only give the most vague damage ranges since a tank, a heavy armor DPS/healer, and a light armor DPS/healer can take drastically different values, especially since I have to factor in what buffs or cooldowns they might have been using. Playing a Sorc main myself these days I definitely know that these attacks can be brutal.

Just a random note….Ruugar’s knockback actually does have a cast. It’s only .6 seconds though so it might as well be instant

Very informative as always, Zorz.

Slightly off topic… but I always heard “walkabout” as “rock it out.” It makes more sense now though.

For those who have a hard time coordinating the 4th console clicking. A healer can easily click the first console before the first fire comes and Coratanni group can do the rest of the console clicking.

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