GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Crimson Lion Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Crimson Lion Weapon skins gallery. These weapon skins were released with the Lunar New Year patch.

Sword, and staff  skins modeled by Mavik

Crimson Lion Axe Skin


Crimson Lion Dagger Skin


Crimson Lion Focus Skin


Crimson Lion Greatsword Skin


Crimson Lion Hammer Skin


Crimson Lion Longbow Skin


Crimson Lion Mace Skin


Crimson Lion Pistol Skin


Crimson Lion Rifle Skin


Crimson Lion Scepter Skin


Crimson Lion Short Bow Skin


Crimson Lion Staff Skin


Crimson Lion Sword Skin


Crimson Lion Torch Skin


Crimson Lion Warhorn Skin



Crimson Lion Shield Skin


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56 replies on “GW2 Crimson Lion Weapon Skins Gallery”

Take a good look at that staff and see for yourself if it’s worth the purchase. Though I do see an elementalist using it and a Canthan themed Guardian.

Dulfy, does the focus work like a glove, totally covering your arm? I wish we can use dual focus if it’s true o_o

Dulfy (or anybody else), just a side question. What is the armor you’ve got on the human female? It looks absolutely lovely.

The devs are certainly committed to a look aren’t they. So glad I haven’t really liked any of the BL skins they have released, saves me a l lot of money.

The pistol and rifle are pretty cool, but I feel weird about touching the lion’s wiener every time I take a shot.

wow these are great. not too flashy and not too weird. just right. i think the short bow is my least favorite.

The only problem is I already have a ton of skins I like for rifles, longbows, shortbows, swords and greatswords D: And I still want these ones too D: D:

Besides the focus (which covers the entire hand, really different and cool), everything else is so ugly. It’s so focused on “red lion” that most of them don’t even look like weapons anymore. Esp. What is with that mace…?

Better question yet, this is the Lunar patch. What’s red lion got anything to do with anything?

So it seems that the warhorn may actually roar. My SO has one and was like OMG when he used it and heard a lion πŸ™‚

You’re welcome πŸ™‚ He also says there is a faint roar when drawing. Kinda like with the wintersday weapons that jingled. There’s an internal cooldown on it.

is there a post anywhere that shows the different war-horn sounds in game? like the super adventure box one and this one have distinctive sounds?

Female Striders armor from the gemstore, female version is cool, the male version is very different and not as nice.

ornated stuff with no random twinkle twinle little star effect for a change, finally. Though the redness is perhaps abit too much and faze out alot of details. If you don’t look closely, it’s look just like a lump of red color.

Liking how the focus looks like a gauntlet, the only one I’d really consider I.M.O. due to the lack of colour variety.

I just realized something about that sword. Its like Shalamayne from WoW without the glowy thing. πŸ™‚

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