GW2 Imperial Outfit Gallery

GW2 Imperial Outfit Gallery. This is an outfit sold on the gemstore for 700 gems with Lunar New Year patch.

Dye Slots

















  • Zucki

    Can you hide helm and shoulder?

    • Only helm

      • Zucki

        🙁 ty… It’s sad ’cause shoulders are clipping a lot with my asura’s hair

    • CandiedBunny

      Only the helm can be removed as far as i know.

      Shame, because shoulders seem to be kind of too heavy.

  • pipra

    Love it!

  • Sandra Ferreira

    Do you have the code for the backpacks please?

  • Fashion Mage

    Super mega fabulous. Instabuy.

  • well, charr looks hilarious.. will be a troll outfit tho

    • Andi Lo

      I personally think the male charr looks the best xD totally cool for roleplaying

  • dawwawar

    ugh sucks that its an outfit, really want those shoulders but wont be buying this.

  • Ainseland

    ooo gonna get dis 4 my asura

  • reson8 .

    The shoulders are the only nice part imo. They need to employ some fashion designers ‘cos this recent trend of outfits is just ugh. It’s also a blatant cash-grab cos of the upcoming chinese new year.

    • Andi Lo

      I think it’s a matter of taste. While I agree with you that this one is pretty over the top, I find Ceremonial, Arctic Explorer, and Shadow Assassin to be excellent additions to the game.

      I wish they’re not outfits though ;_; would love to use the ceremonial legs on my other armor.

  • Phoenix1855

    Am I the only one in shock that they actually divided the Asura and Charr outfits by gender? Has this happened before?

  • Shifted

    And again an outfit instead of an armor set..

  • Cobalt

    Damn, i’ve been waiting for this ever since that_shaman data mined them. Was hoping it would be armor and not an outfit.

    • Guest

      It was clear when that_shaman data mined it that it was na outfit…

  • Connor Macleod

    Devs are biased! Where’s the Republic Outfit?! /ragequitcancelsub Oh wait, wrong game 🙂

    • Josef Tauser

      That is the Republic outfit. Its all the rage on Alderaan.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Pelican fly! Come oooonnnn pelican.

  • Kylissa

    Why is it that when they actually give the Charr ‘girl’ outfits, they are missing out on the cool tail pieces that the male skins have?

    • SirTankalot

      Yeah, that IS quite a bit jarring.

    • nopikam

      This happened to Ancestral Outfit too…

  • Karl Hungus

    They should change the game’s name to Dynasty Wars 2.

    • Bhima

      Karl! A fellow Massively refugee.

  • Nearo

    Hmm, I like the ladies outfit, but not being able to mix and match stuff kills me..

  • HadesClutch

    This outfit thing is stupid. Give multiple pieces so we can mix and match, none of this all-or-nothing bs.

  • ricenz


    • you want

      word. im loving this coz such cantha but after a while im probably gonna switch to something else. however those shoulders. if i could have those on all the time…

    • Fashion Mage

      “For once”? Carapace/Luminescent armor got released not too long ago. >_>

      Outfits are nice because they can be used by any profession. I don’t like getting pigeonholed into a certain look because of my armor class.

  • nopikam

    Outfits cost JUST 100 gems less than armor skins for not having to design each piece individually. Not fair, not fair…

  • DarkChaosGames

    Not being able to mix-n-match is why most of these are a pass, the male shoulders look fantastic I.M.O. but the rest of it to me is ‘meh’.

    Heres hoping HoT has a sizable amount of new armours.
    Outfits just don’t do it for me.

  • Freee

    the shoulders remind me of the cantha heavy armor from GW:Factions…god how I miss most of the armor skins from good ol’ GW

  • Sarigar

    I’m not a fan of outfits in general, but these are splendid.

  • tinnic

    I want this but I already have so many outfits… but this is so pretty! T.T

  • thenomad

    This is a step up from the mediocre armor designs of the past but after playing FFXIV, GW2 costumes (even this one) are decidedly inferior. They need to get new artists for these. Maybe poach Square. Also, they should really just put the Charr in heavy armor esque designs. They look ridiculous otherwise. Like dogs playing dress up in human clothes.

  • xPegasusx

    It’s beautiful *_*

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