GW2 Lunar New Year

GW2 Lucky Ram Lantern Backpieces

GW2 Ram Lantern backpieces gallery. These Ram Lanterns can be obtained as a drop from the various Lucky Envelopes or purchased on the TP.

Video of animation


Lucky Ram Lantern


Lucky Great Ram Lantern

  • Can be mystic forged if you don’t feel like buying it.
  • Recipe is : 1 Lucky Ram Lantern + 250 Luck (blue version) + 20 Elonian Wine + 25 Lunar New Year Fireworks


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34 replies on “GW2 Lucky Ram Lantern Backpieces”

A neat job for the chinese year of the ram.
There are people who give attention to traditions.
For this people/players, this backpiece is a nice item.

For people who dont support this sort of tradition… its not.
Anyways, i like it that anet spend this sort of attention to the chinese traditions.

They could’ve given the backpack design a bit more love. I mean yeah sure, the longer you look at it the funnier it looks but come on, who the fuck is gonna buy this shit lmfao seriously

Aw Scarlet, you are so respectful I almost regret having killed you…. almost xD

I dont mind this backpack. Might get it just for the sake of getting it, although I dont see anyone other than my asura using it.

“from the variosu Lucky Envelopes”
1) typo πŸ˜‰
2) do we know its from various ones? The patch notes are vague as to what comes from what envelope and the wiki claims these only come from the little envelopes (of course that’s player maintained as well)

on a completely unrelated note, I have the yellow ascended rifle if you still need a pic for that on the weapon skin page.

It’s also an exotic potential berserker backpiece, for which you were previously stuck doing guild missions. So it’s a fairly cheap option.

What? It’s just 5 gold or am I mistaking the item for something else? Way cheaper and easier to get than other special backpiece skins + it’s an exotic which is good for alts. Ofc this skin isn’t awesome compared to other backpieces, but still this isn’t worth complaining about IMO.

The only slightly tedious ingredient are the 250 blue lucks but those can easily be collected over time while naturally salvaging blue items, or you can buy lots from the TP if you want to finish it quick.

hey, just look at the recipe, but it looks like it has change. It don’t ask elonian wine anymore, but i don’t know what’s in the 4th slot now

Because in the picture you have only 1 elonian wine instead of 20 selected for the forge. =) Glad you got it! Grats!

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