GW2 Lunar New Year Patch Coverage Guide

GW2 Lunar New Year Patch coverage guide for the Feb 10 patch release.



  • Dragon Ball Arena guide.
  • Head to Crown Pavilion area of Divinity Reach and visit the Phaedra the vendor to purchase envelopes (can only buy them once per day per account). They are expensive but you make most of the gold back from the trophy items they drop that you can sell. If you want to purchase more in a day , you need a Champion token from winning 10 matches in Dragon Ball arena
  • For the A Sparkling Demonstration daily, you will need to find 5 Celebration Fireworks around Crown Pavilion of Divinity’s reach or WvW citadels (your server’s borderlands map citadel  has at least 3 near zone in) and interact with them. You cannot get this achievement by firing your own fireworks.


Patch Notes

Unreleased items

These items will likely be released on the next Tuesday (s) in the gemstore. There will be a more detailed post on them once they get released. Item codes are taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.

Lion/Dragon Masks

  • [&C98WAAA=]   Lion’s Mask
  • [&C94WAAA=]   Lion’s Mask
  • [&C9sWAAA=]   Lion’s Mask
  • [&C90WAAA=]   Dragon’s Mask
  • [&C9wWAAA=]   Dragon’s Mask
  • [&C9oWAAA=]   Dragon’s Mask



  • [&AgFBDAEAAA==] Golden Lion Dye
  • [&AgFCDAEAAA==] Imperial Gold Dye
  • [&AgFDDAEAAA==] Aureus Dye
  • [&AgFEDAEAAA==] Imperial Red Dye
  • [&AgFFDAEAAA==] Crimson Lion Dye
  • [&AgFGDAEAAA==] Rosewood Dye


Mini Mystical Dragon

  • [&AgH+pwAA]


  • Ardenwolfe

    Dulfy, there’s a mini dragon that’s beyond awesome. Any idea if it’s already released in-game? Rare drop maybe?

    • AGPrometheus
      • lourdes

        Gonna be gem store for sure.

        • aimasira

          being an exotic is weird to be in the gem store
          the exotic ones most of the times are buyable or from drop

          • Peotrigos Ole

            like Mini Gwynefyrdd ?

            • aimasira

              Yes, but i dont want to think about it and its drop rate. Still trying to get gwynefyrdd tho 🙁

              • Lord

                Yep, gwynefyrdd is still missing in my collection
                maybe the Mystical Dragon will be a reward for a new collection.

    • Hmm don’t think it is released yet but I will ask around

      • Ardenwolfe

        Thanks. 🙂

    • you want

      that minis been ‘in game’ so to speak for almost a year now lol. had a slot in storage and still one in wardrobe. yet they havent confirmed its release yet. however with the games release in china and the new year (chinese) it just may be actually released

      • Ardenwolfe

        Someone told me this as well on the forums. Jesus . . . I really hope they release it to the NA/EU players in the gem store or something. . . .

        • Daniel Buchanan

          what if its the mini we get in HOT colletors

  • Braghez

    Someone know what are the Golden ram figurines for ? I got a lot of them and thought they would be used for the backpack crafting…but it seems that it’s not like that.

    • Sold for gold I believe

  • Karl Kael

    really awesome looking mini, in not usually into them but might get that one.

  • Ares Zax

    As a GW1 veteran, those Lion and Dragon Masks sure do bring back memories… XD

    • DarkChaosGames

      Nastalgia-boner activate!

  • HadesClutch

    Wow, now that is pretty cool that they’re bringing the Dragon Masks back!

  • Ana Paula Sontachi

    The mini is really cool ! I need to get it *-*

  • Ainseland

    For the A Sparkling Demonstration daily i use my guest pass on 2 low tier server to get 2 firecrackers on each low tier server

    So 2 firecrackers on my home server and 4 firecrackers on 2 low tier server = 6 firecrackers

    • stevonave

      how ?? wont let me

  • Taiwan Wolf

    That mini is amazing!

  • Bladehawk

    The mini scares me ;-;

  • Sagiso 鷺草

    Does anyone with a mail carrier know; are they also used for sending stuff to the trading post? bc it’s probably not worth it – for me at least – if they are only used for p2p mails. Thanks in advance! ^_^

    • Alexandr Bondar

      winter mail carrier used for trading post

  • rc

    Need to know how to get the mini!!!

  • Cyzt

    Well, i love that mini, its the most awesome mini yet (aside of the undead chicken and Chickenado). but i really LOLed so much about the chicken dragon’s leggs.

    Even tho.. SHOUT UP AND TAKE MY 3k GEMS NOW!!!!

  • Mario

    Your home BL has 5 firecrackers.

  • Krystal S. S.

    oh wow, the mini dragon pet is Finally out. i will be getting it.

  • Screweyes

    Any idea on exactly how long this event is going to be in place for?

  • Sutafuzz

    How does one acquire that Mini Dragon?!?

  • Abu

    GOlden lion dye price has to go down now

  • Giljs

    Mini Mystical Dragon was given away free to anyone in NA/EU that signed up for 2-step verification/ Account Security SMS system. AFAIK, you can still get it for free that way. It has never been (and probably will never be) for sale in the gem shop on NA/EU servers.

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