SWTOR Events Calendar

SWTOR Events Calendar with dates of SWTOR events, patches, and conquest objectives.

If there is an event not listed below, feel free to point it out in the comments.

Calendar with only SWTOR Events

Calendar of SWTOR Conquest schedules

See this post for details on the various Conquests.

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53 replies on “SWTOR Events Calendar”

id like to see the even road to a actual fully functional working game. that is what i most look forward to but i know its not happening must retard strength through all the buggs n glitches

So they are fucking this up and let Bounty week to be for only 5 days ? thats fuckin pathethic Bioware u could postpont event but u cant make it longer. Fuckin BioWare retards

yeah, and we only get a 4 day double xp weekend…. I certainly know which one I prefer… nevermind that bounty event has been around for over a year

f*ing whiners

Myself and pretty much everyone in my guild stopped doing Bounties at least 3-6 months ago. Had max rep and all achievements a long time ago, so I don’t see the incentive? As long as this week’s Conquest event starts in an hour’s time, I’m good. After 2+ months of bugged content, I think overwhelming player opinion is likely to be bugfixes > recurring events

Not every single player has played for the last year. If it would be so, Swtor would have died long time ago. Having this week shorter is unfair to newer players who are at like Friend reputation or don’t have it at all. And for the ones who can’t farm it on 10 characters every day. If you and your guild all have Legend, good for you. But there are many other players who need this event. And yes, I know that we have this event every month. And yeah, it’s not that big of a deal. But is it really that difficult to make it 2 days longer?

My guild has stopped doing Conquest since 2 months ago because it was nothing but boring, should I use the same logic and tell you something in the spirit of “oh well suck it up, no one cares about conquest cause I don’t do it anymore, so you know, no big deal there”? The guy wants to do Bounties, so having a 5 day week instead of a 7 day week, messes up his playtime. I don’t see a problem with his complaint, it’s a pretty solid complaint.

We want bounty’s week if you don’t like it then go play “Spongy Bob” for the conquest and sht.
They should put a bounty on your toon since you are a deserter.

So Bounty Week is 2 days shorter? Oh right, it is so difficult to move the end of Bounty Week… I guess I am not hitting Legend this time…

The part of Bioware that runs SWTOR is based in Austin Texas, and Bioware is owned by EA which is an American company.

You would think with the game being Star Wars that they would have December 18 marked on the calendar for the date of the new Star Wars movie release!

might want to add that by clicking the Google Agenda button, you can add this to your own calendar.
and thnx dulfy ^^

I feel so pathetic right about now, I’m on this business trip to Guam for a month, making $$$$$, staying at this beautiful resort, 7 fucking pools, paid for by my company, it’s 77 degrees outside and no rain, it’s Chinese New Years and there is a bunch of hot drunk females wandering the strip, and I’m here thinkng…FML I’m missing out on double Xp and gree event. I need help.

You know spending time writing on the forums (instead of playing or be outside) doesn’t really help you at all.
Either something is wrong with your thinking patterns or you are just dreaming an illusion in a already fake matrix world we all live in

I think we’ll probably see the Casino event during the Summer again — after all the event’s name means “Summer of Splendor”. Just have a few months to wait or 4 months….. and see.

Printing a few of them already, add it on my wall in my room and will put some on the schools events board just in case.
Every class needs one lots of players there.

Where did you get the info for the upcoming Conquest weeks? Seems you’re even ahead of SWTORMiner atm. 😉

would like to see the conquest calendar updated again we are so close to running out of the information you have here it has been very helpful with planning things.

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