SWTOR Season 4 PvP Weapon Rewards Teaser

Bioware has posted a teaser of the upcoming Season 4 PvP weapon rewards. The teaser is just a single pic!

Ahoy PvPers! Season 4 is upon us and we hope everyone is ready for more intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark once again cordially invite you to dismember each other for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some unique rewards from their personal collection of antiques and prized possessions!

Without further ado, here is one of the Tier 2 rewards that should give you a taste of what is in store for swashbucklers this season:

This is just one of the rewards we are offering in Season 4. In addition to the above, Giradda will be offering decoration trophies, unique titles, a unique color crystal, a beaut of a mount and a Top 96 character reward. Stay tuned for more information on these rewards later in the Season.

Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy Season 4!

Happy Hunting!

The PvP Team

Season 4 Reward Teaser Blog | 02.10.2015, 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by iDraxter

their legacy right?

Aye! All the weapons in the set come in a single lockbox that is bound on pickup and are all the weapons are bound to legacy.

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131 replies on “SWTOR Season 4 PvP Weapon Rewards Teaser”

nice for pvper …. will pve player also eventually get something as nice instead of crappy ride(speeder) or pets …

You do realize that you can only make so many things that look “Star Wars” before people will say “Everything looks the same, blah blah blah, waaaaah!”

Technically the “Jedi look” is actually the “Tatoine desert folks look” since in A New Hope pretty much everyone wore the whole long robes deal, what became the Jedi look in the Prequels was the same style of clothes Uncle Owen was wearing for example.
The whole “traditional jedi clothes” deal takes root in people having solely Obi-Wan as an example for many years and assuming that what they all wore, it eventually became canon but it’s still weird to me…
Everyone wants their character to look unique, so yeah variety is good.

What’s funny about this statement, is that Satele’s outfit is actually a traditional Jedi armor set for combat.

“Traditional” is such a loose term in Star Wars….

I have…I own over 100 SW comics. Alot of the stuff in some of the comics look miles better than the CRAP they put out now in SWTOR that looks like a 5 yr old designed it.

That’s not a Pirate sword though, it’s a Rapier, so I guess the correct analogy is “D’Artagnan was totaly a Jedi”

I’m glad they’re starting this season without doing any serious class balancing. Enjoy your rewards Sins, Sorcs, and PT’s. I’ll be sitting this one out.

Going Steampunk. This makes me sad. Not that Steampunk isn’t cool, it’s just not a “chocolate in my peanut butter” mix.

as I look at my flaming weapons, I do believe i’ll pass on this season unless there some white whale eating darth vader:P XD <3

WOW what a major disappointment. I spent all that time gearing for S4 in hopes of something akin to the Furious weapons I missed out on last season– to find THIS? jeez man, what a joke.

IMO those weapons, at least blasters, look much better than the previous ones. I would love to trade with you, get S4 and I will give you my S3 😛

Well u have a point, the hilts on the Furious sabers kinds sucked but the flaming blade definitely outbalanced the ugly red trim. I will be participating in season 4 though, I spent too much time gearing to step out. Lol but if you catch Astyra on Jung Ma pub side, give me a shout but I don’t think they’re tradeable.

True. Rishi had a really cool atmosphere, but the pirate gear rewards were too much for my sentinel. Fortunately they were moddable. 🙂

I hate to say it but these weapons are so lame, what is this obsession with making stuff look like it has wood in it? This is the future, give us futuristic weapons, give us shinny lights, stop with this nonsense :(.

You will have to achieve a high enough rating in Ranked arenas (the rating will be revealed at a later date). For Ranked Arenas, I would recommend you get yourself a full set of PvP gear through unranked warzones over the next couple of weeks: You want every piece to be rating 168-174 and from the PvP vendors on fleet. You also want every piece to be fully augmented (186s). Depending on class is how much power/crit/surge/alacrity you want, though if your a tank, stack endurance (including endurance augs), followed by Shield/Absorb.

again? this is the first time you called me a dumb ass. But please explain to me how that hilt is like a fishing poll

Thank you, I will be using this photo and showing it to a lot of my friends. Sometimes guilty for 3/10 here, it could be a lot worse I guess.

U guys r ridiculous. Defending a megacorp like EA and the crap they throw their player base. No wonder theres not content in this game–yall dont want any!

no content in game? I take it you don’t know that they release new content actual playable content at a faster rate then blizzard and WoW.

But hey don’t let facts get in the way of your rage.

If you don’t like the game then go play pacman or another one.
Cant see the point in posting on the forums just to complain about blshts all the time.
See how much sht the other games offer you then come back again.
I have seen it happen millions of time from stupid complainers that they complain about everything and anything no matter where they go.

“If you don’t like the game then go play pacman or another one”

This is not a game but a comment section u douche.

You spent more time writing complains about it than play then game.
Quit already.
Whats wrong with people these days………….

It’s F2P. Make it a sub and I’ll quit. Along with the other 99% of swtor 500k player base haha.

I don’t know, there was a silver-black crystal that was datamined recently, that’s what I figured it was…doesn’t look very cyan in that picture to me…or maybe I need to turn up the color saturation in my settings. 😛

That AC with the old ship cannon style looks amazing compared with the Rishi quest AC that are also supposed to be pirate cannons.

Ya know, I think that color crystal is pretty boss. In the past have the PvP crystals been extractable or are they locked in the weapon?

Also the crystals from last season covered all the different stats and not just expertise. So there were +power, +crit, +end, & +expt, you got 2 of each crystal per lockbox for a total of 8 crystals. It was a pretty decent award for tier 3 I would say.

Eh I think they could be better, so if I am getting this right, at the end of the season if we get to tier 2 we will receive a lock box with all of those tier 2 rewards?

The single hand saber looks like those swords they put in your fruity mixed drinks at the bar! LOL! I love it. I would have an alt rock that saber with a pink crystal fo sho!

…so it looks like a sword… you know those things that the little plastic swords are made to look like….

This might be the silliest complaint i have ever heard.

Read it again. Not a complaint. It think its hilarious, and I love it! I used to use those swords as lightsabers for my old kenner figures as a kid since they were translucent and the kenner sabers sucked. They were a bit oversized for sure, but that didn’t matter to a 5 yr old in the 80’s.

Don’t know about you guys But I love these weapons, after all I’m a Pirate too.
See you in the arenas damn pugers, swipe the deck !!!

Huge bummer for any non pvper pirate fans, here I thaught it was pvp people that care least about minor aesthetics and cosmetics, PvP mounts usually did the “hey everyone!-I’m a Big Deal” on Fleet/Ogrimmar/Stormwind/Jita/etc. and everyone was fine with that.

I would like that assault cannon and the crystal, and possibly the pistols (reminds me of Leia’s), and regardless of my distaste for pvp, I respect the players enough to not just start queueing naked, so, is a full set of basic warzone comms gear enough to queue for ranked without it being a “Naq Hate” fest? I just don’t want to let whoever is on my team down, but I also don’t want to have to go completely hardcore…also from people who have done this, how hard has it been in the past to achieve tier 2 or 3 rewards? Will I have to be stellar, or just capable? I heal really well, its all I do, and I don’t just facetank players while I do it, I kite and keep mobile etc, swap to a bit of dps to push people over the threshold by by no means am I amazing. Should I not even bother, or is this an achievable goal with a basic set of unranked gear? How many warzones will I need to do with a 50:50 win ratio?

Secondary concerns, imps on my server have outgeared rep side for years, pretty much resulting in endless free wins for them. I don’t see myself winning most of my matches. Does rating come from wins or medals? Will I be judged on my performance or the naked trolls I get in my group?

Going to finish my set up and hit 2018 this weekend in between maxing out all my alts, should start either my misery grind or pvp adventure this coming week. Might even update on how its going…if its positive anyway..there’s enough negative posted already.

Last season the weapon set was in tier 2. The tiers go up by ~25+ every season. By that logic im expecting this weapon set to require a rating of about 1325 – 1350. Then the top tier will probably be ~1700 which will include.

i just hope the color of the crystals in these previews finally come out soon not just in pvp weapons if they do last time i saw this color was in the original screenshot of hypergate when they announced it been waiting forever for cyan-black

I like these all a lot. I’m just hoping the pistols aren’t too small, hard to tell from the concept. Most pistols are sort of dwarfed by my PTs massive armor. Either way cool stuff! Having a lot of fun and doing decent this season so far! 1318 and climbing 🙂

So they are not going to be releasing an armor set for this season? I would be very disappointed :/

I only started ranked pvping from season 3 so im not sure if there is some sort of pattern to how they do rewards. Not sure if your comment was supposed to mean that they probably wont release armor for this season?

so far, they haven’t done 2 seasons in a row with armor/weapons in the rewards. The trend may continue, they may change it.

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