GW2 Points of Interest Mastery System Livestream Notes

GW2 Points of Interest Heart of Thorns Mastery System Livestream Notes. This livestream will start on Feb 11, 2015 at noon PST.


  • Nellie Hughes – Expansion Content Designer
  • David Webb – Expansion System Designer
  • Rubi Bayer – Host



  • Back in the Verdant Brink map, same map as last week’s POI.
  • Earn mastery points by finding stuff on the map (i.e. mastery orbs like the skill point orbs) , from stories, adventurers etc.
  • Gliding mastery – updraft exists in the map that will shoot you up higher if you have the mastery.
  • You get a mastery point for simply entering the map.
  • Some of the Mastery system can be used in old Tyria like unlocking collections that eventually give you a precursor.
  • There is an endurance bar for gliding, once that bar depletes, you fall right off the sky.
  • Advancement in the gliding mastery give you things like Thick Wings that allow you to fly further with your glider.
  • There is a delay when you jump off before you can deploy the glider.
  • Bouncing Mushroom mastery allow you access to areas that you cannot get to otherwise. Some events you cannot get gold unless you have the mushroom mastery. There are speed mushrooms that help you with races and healing mushrooms that help you with certain contents. Some mushrooms will even help you with skill recharge. The goal is to give you something in the world that is a content tool rather than giving you another hotbar.
  • Masteries will also help you learn foreign languages and unlock secret areas.
  • Masteries will help you with harder group content. There will be some difficult fights that might be unbeatable unless you or your group have certain masteries unlocked. Certain races for example will teach you how to pierce Mordrem armor if you have the right mastery.
  • You can expect new Mastery lines and Mastery abilities to be added after Heart of Thorns as well.
  • Sandra Ferreira

    *Masteries are account bound

    • Yea, something we have known since the Pax reveal though so it isn’t something new.

      • nopikam

        Isn’t it that we have known everything from this PoI already? That’s what I think after reading the notes… (that I thank you for)

  • IchbinVol

    We got to see some hand gliding… that was it. Nothing extra that wasn’t said already.

  • Gliding at 10:15, 14:20, 16:45 in the video. Cannot be arsed to find any others.

  • ballads27 .

    They also say that You mastery score will be View able in game by other players. they call it an “open world leader board”
    In before lfg post ALL have
    Must have x mastery points and x total mastery points.

    • Morsus98

      Some fights will be unbeatable without the right masteries. Those will become a staple, and if the fight’s unbeatable I will be shameless with my “Must have X Mastery”

  • Anne O’Neymous

    Gear check / gated content, hurray!

    • TehOwn

      Challenging content creates gating. At the very least, a skill gate.

      • Light

        I guess we’ll just have to see. I personally enjoy the metroidvania style of unlocking certain powerups to progress. It can be potentially really good with unlocking certain abilities to progress in certain other areas. It can also be really bad if it’s a massive grind. Since it’s account bound I think it’s more likely to be good though.

  • nick

    I really wish Points of interest was more professionally done. the need better hosts too… they are incredibly boring

    • Tshkotei

      I miss Kate so much :'(

  • Shifted

    I need to stop watching that shit.

    Each episode brings more and more disappointment. It’s gonna reach the point when I’ll just not buy the expansion.

    “Jumping on those mushrooms is so much fun!”

    Yeah, right.
    Truly revolutionary, we haven’t seen it ever before. Ever. *cough* Tequatl *cough*

    • IchbinVol

      The over hype is real. I guess it’s exciting on a developer’s point of view, but this stuff is so lack luster, its not even funny.

      I trust Anet, but I really hope this expansion doesn’t turn into a, “We paid for this!?” reaction.

    • Mike Kelly

      I’m looking forward to the expansion, really I am but their “every thing is super exciting and super fun” shtick is starting to wearing a little thin for me, I have to say, and it’s not just in this PoI.

      As you said, we’ve even had this particular mechanic before. It could be a good mechanic as part of the whole game but please stop trying so hard to sell everything as this amazingly fun and exciting activity.

      “Wow and then you press F to loot the mob!”
      “I’ve had so much fun looting mobs”
      “I know right! I’m super excited and can’t wait until our players have a chance to loot the mobs too at PAX!”
      “Me either that’s super exciting!”

      Tone it down a little.

  • BoomHahaUrDead

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but none of this sounds like new information.

  • balls

    If it’s mushrooms implemented like SAB, I may very well rage quit from how poorly lag is handled

    • Light

      It was clearly different. You have to press the action key for the mushroom to actually launch you.

  • Mina

    The more I see, the more I fear I’ll spend my time with grinding even more than now. They say mastery points will be easy to get but hell, they also say there is no grind in this game which is an outright lie.
    And the more they feed me with this tiny tiny tiny bits of information, the more I don’t care. There is no release date and the current “event” is a joke. If they said ‘hey, we have an expansion coming in 6 weeks and we’ll give you some information on the way’ I would have been hyped for six weeks, preordered the box and be happy. Now I feel like ‘hey, we have an expansion coming, it’s not ready yet and we will publish it -when we are ready-. Here take this bits of information we don’t know yet if it will be implemented, but it’s so much fun. Hype hype hype. But we still don’t know when it comes, how much it costs, what the boxed version will look like and we don’t know -when we are ready-. And we have so much fun!’
    Thanks but keep your stuff until you know when it’s ready. It could take weeks, months, years until it’s finished. “When we are ready” can mean everything. To point out the worst: They are saying it’s still in development. Everything could change on the way, no matter what they promise now…
    That makes me sad, so I won’t expect much and won’t board the hype train.

  • Dusan

    I dont really get you people, what did you expect in a 20 minute sneak peak show?
    On top of that, they said they will show us gliding and mushroom jumping and they did show us that. Where did you get the impression you would get to see anything else? 😀

  • Von Boogie

    This mastery system feels like a lamer version of wild star’s path system…mushroom mastery –>Explorer, foreign language mastery—> Scientist, masteries to help you defeat mordrem —>Soldier. As with wild star, you can improve your masteries with side missions. I know they aren’t called “missions,” but let’s face it…you have to do it anyway.

  • Doomer1

    Because the game shares a lot of similarities game engine wise with Just Cause 2, this should not be too hard to learn. It works very similar to the parachute in JC2 but with the added timer to prevent you from flying around endlessly. Honestly I am excited to see the progression, proves they have not yet tapped all this game engine can do. Next should be vehicles 🙂 but I don’t expect that until they unlock the crystal desert.

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