SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Rarities

Eric Musco posted a message about the upcoming Apprentice’s Shadow Pack rarities. Some of them are not labeled correctly.

Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Rarities | 02.11.2015, 09:14 PM

Hey folks,
For those of you looking forward to the Apprentice’s Shadow Pack coming out tomorrow, I want to let you know of a discrepancy you will find in the rarities listed in Collections. First, the most important thing, all drop rates that are in the pack are working as intended. You will be receiving the items at the intended rarities. The only thing that is not correct currently is what the rarity is listed as in Collections in both the text and/or the rarity icons. Here is a full list of the items, what is listed, and the correct rarity.

Items showing as Super Rare, but are only Rare

  • Emote: Sinister
  • All Pink Red Color Crystals

Items showing as Rare, but are actually Super Rare

  • Field Communication Post Decoration
  • Revealing Body Suit

Also, the Black Pink Color Crystals are not showing in Collections for the Apprentice’s Shadow Pack. However, they are in Collections for some of the other packs in Shipment 6, so you can unlock them from there until we get that addressed.
Thanks everyone!

By Dulfy

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40 replies on “SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Rarities”

Damn. Why did they have to make the Field Communication Post decoration super rare? Why do they have to make any of them super rare? Any idea what category the Yavin Combat Arena decoration is labeled as? How do you find out what any decoration is classified as?

How come you are not playing on Harbringer anymore Dulfy? I had you on my friends list. And now it tell’s me no such player exisists.

Oh that explains it.. I was like dam love that char. Thus is my main char name.So you can add me. If you’ld like. Love the site, excellent as always.

she changed her char names so random fanboys like you CANT find her….

imagine being harrassed non stop by every perv who plays star wars and finds out you are female IRL?

The rarity is not the only thing that matters here. Something that is rare but is really wanted will be more expensive on the GTN than something that’s super rare but nobody cares about. Supply and demand as usual.

would not feeding trolls be considered animal cruelty? wrong labels is fine,just don’t forget 2 add items 2 the packs:)

Tooltips errors are created with post-it notes? No, fool it’s a PROGRAMMATIC ERROR. Dumb ass go buy some reskinned armor and leave the thinking to adults.

Moron only a true MONG wld be so computer illiterate. 1 week of Java will enlighten you you idiot.

Tool tips errors are programming errors… jeez…. we know BW fails a lot though, it’s useless to point it out nowadays since we know they are gonna be doing the same thing till the game dies: reskinned and recolored stuff to sell at the CM. So enjoy the part of the game u like a lot and call it even. BTW even Wow improved their graphics at some point and LOL now looks pretty cool, specially the new remade same map. Anyway, back to pvp!

Nice of them to let us know. I was a little confused when I looked at the rarities in Collections, glad they sorted us out now.

Indeed – why do you play a game that you hate that much ?;)

The issues are minor really, AND they letting us now beforehand. The fix will be most likely following next week – so what are yyou Sprucecycling …erm… cursing about ?:)

Gamble away your money because your subscription isn’t enough! We want to milk every penny you’ve got to spare! New season of Game of Thrones? Screw that! We want more than just a regular subscription to properly enjoy our game! Pay twice as much as HBO and still get royally screwed by RNG! Welcome to EA! It’s in the game… if you’re willing to blow a hundred dollars a month trying to get it!

Oh, man, you’re so right 😉 I learned that the hard way… bought 24 pack of

Master’s Shadow Packs hoping that would be enough to get Vorantikus, but it wasn’t… and what did they do with the only sellable thing I got in the packs – the Slot Machine… they nerfed it 🙁

But what you did is your problem not theirs.
You should have asked them to give you the Vorantikus for free.

And the only reason that they nerfed the Slot machine is because some Kidiots went crazy crying day and night on the forums about it.

Someone need to write guides about how to do everything in this game even how to use the mounts, where is this world going to…….

Its your damn choice on what you will do and what you wont do.
So if you don’t want to do something then don’t do it and stop complaining like a stupidity kidiot.
Unless you haven’t understand already that the choice is yours.
Don’t like the game go play others that are even worst and complain again there too.

Or farm/gain credits (just find a way, havent touched the swtor market in a while, my way used to give me 1.5 to 3 millions per week), wait 4-5 weeks and BANG you got the “rare item”

I am really glad we’re getting updates like this. Sure. the best thing is that things aren’t bugged but at least now I know where we stand with these items.

It didn’t take them 6 weeks to acknowledge it. It’s their general policy not to discuss exploits. It just took em too long to fix the exploit so they had to say something about it in the end. That has nothing to do with this. The problem has always been that they are poor in their communication in general about normal topics. It’s noticeably better the last week or two and I am happy that has happened. As much as I have complained about their lack of communication pretty much from the game launch, I will also be grateful when they do better. That’s only fair.

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