SWTOR Game Update 3.2 with Ziost will arrive on April 28

SWTOR Game Update 3.2, which will bring Ziost, Outfit Designer, and PvP Season 5, will arrive on April 28.

Ziost = Spring or Summer? ( Clarification Please, BW ) | 02.11.2015, 05:42 PM

Hey folks,
Did some double and double-double checking. Ziost is indeed one of those big updates and it is currently targeting a springrelease. The note of the first update being in the Summer was in error. I let my main man Tait know and he will get it updated shortly. Thanks for the heads up on the discrepancy, good catch!

Ziost = Spring or Summer? ( Clarification Please, BW ) | 02.11.2015, 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by dscount

Thanks Eric.. as you can see its confusing a lot of us players.
The shift from “April 28th” to “Spring” for 3.2 also has a ton of people up in arms (Me included). Clarity on that change might settle some high blood pressures. LOL

I can tell you that it is still our target for 3.2 to hit on April 28th! As with any dates those are our targets and are subject to change. Fear not dscount, no up in arms needed at this time.

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In a sub game? Where last content was 2.5 months ago? And that content was actually a paid expansion which in all honestly didn’t deliver a lot of content.

It was a good and nice content, I don’t know if you were expecting 20 more levels and 4 months of story quests but it was a really nice update.
If for whatever reason believe that other games do better updates go there and stop the blsht comments already.

Not if you’re just going to scream ‘troll’, no. Learn what troll means, then come back.

You were quick enough to scream ‘fanboy’ my friend after Berry’s comment.
Maybe you should check the description of that.

Dismissing criticisms, using stupid exaggerations to make others seem unreasonable and telling people to leave and play other games instead are the trademark ‘arguments’ of a fanboy. I called him out on that. You, however, are just spouting shit because… well, I don’t know why.

Perhaps you’re bored?

To me Ben it appears that you like to give out ‘shit’ but cannot in fact take it.
No surprises there.
To come on here just to insult someone as you did to Berry smacks of more than boredom Ben.
Your Fanboy comment – trademark Troll.

What makes you think I can’t take your shit? I’m here, now, responding to you, am I not? And you haven’t come on here to insult someone, then? You didn’t do exactly what I did? (minus, of course, any evidence to support your insult) Hypocrisy much?

I’ve explained my comment. You have yet to explain your own, besides trying to imply some fabricated hidden meaning in my words.

Your childish petulant response to someone doing to you what you did to Berry shows what your up to Ben.
Your poor ‘Fanboy’ explanation didn’t wash. Berry’s point was not unreasonable to somebody complaining, in fact made perfect sense and fairly well put.
Unlike you inflammatory 2 word response.

His point was totally unreasonable and filled with thinly veiled aggression. “I disagree, –insert generic exaggerated assumption about what the OP was expecting from the xpac– therefore you are wrong go play another game”. That’s what fanboys do. The OP had an opinion, valid or not is irrelevant, and Berry simply dismissed it and told him to go elsewhere. Because that is what fanboys do.

You have yet to explain your first comment. I’ve given you the reasoning behind my comment, it’s clear as day on this page, but you have yet to explain how I am a troll for calling out someone who was being a zealous fanboy.

So please, I ask again, explain how I’m a troll for calling someone out on their BS. You’ve ignored my questions thus far, because you simply don’t have valid answers. Try to answer this time, instead of trying to build this false image that I’ve got some insidious motive.

EDIT: For your second post, I’ll once again point out that you’ve done exactly what I’ve done (just without a justifiable reason). Just admit that you are wrong, it really isn’t difficult. I’ve given my explanation, and you’ve continued to accuse me of being a troll while totally ignoring all my counter questions, providing no valid reason for your accusations all the while trying to play amateur psychologist by building this supposed hidden motive.

I dismissed your jumping in, originally, as you may recall. It was you who persisted. By your own definition, you are the troll here (and seriously, quoting urban dictionary as a reliable source? There are more graceful ways to bow out of an argument.)

I’m done, anyway. This is tedious, you’re unwilling to explain your accusations and you show no sign of changing that trend. It’s like trying to educate a child. So pass, thanks.

Dude come on let it go. For people like you any criticism on game developers is well deserved, while the opposite is being a fanboy. I love this game too and I generally loved the new expansion, while at the same time I think the amount of content was enough. If a person disagrees with you, that doesn’t make him a fanboy. As that person already said, if you don’t like Bioware or SWTOR, go play another game and stop bitching. There is enough negativity in this world without you.

“People like you”, lol, you know nothing about me, so keep your presumptions to yourself, eh?

Also, reread, since you’ve evidently missed the point. The person I called a fanboy was dismissing someone else’s opinion purely because he disagreed with it, using exaggeration to make his dissatisfaction seem unreasonable before telling him to go play another game because he thought the xpac didn’t deliver, yet you’re defending HIS opinion? Someone who tells someone to leave rather than have an opinion? Newslfash pal, someone who loves a game to the point that they won’t hear anything negative said about it IS a fanboy, like it or not.

So like I said; reread. Because- to reflect your own comment- there is enough ignorance in this world without you.

You display a complete lack of understanding of counter argument, however i think it is through choice rather than ignorance, as you understand very well what you are doing.
It’s not hypocrisy for trolling a troll its irony by the way, a premise you seem incapable of accepting.
My posts and responses to all the forums are a mixture of positive and negative, trying to offer a balanced view of my gaming experience however yours is all negative and inflammatory – hence the name Troll.
You may not like it Ben but that is your problem not ours.
In the words of the immortal Han Solo “boring conversation anyway”

Just to satisfy you (and i really should not) the urban dictionary definintion of Troll is – n Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, etc,etc.

Looking at ALL you comments i think its safe to say your trolling my friend.
Well if that’s important to you fella good luck with that.

Having re-subbed to WoW last week after a 4 year hiatus, it reminded me of the amount of content a proper paid expansion should have.

And before you say it, I know SWTOR’s expac costs half as much, yet I don’t think it adds 1/10th the amount of content. I defended SWTOR for years, I’ve loved the game since beta. So it saddens me to see it continue degrading into a dress-up-your-avatar game. It’s like Sims Online.

Wake the fuck up and face the facts.

Guess you didn’t get my subtle joke…*looks at my name* *looks at my avatar* More people need to see Highlander, it won the Academy Award for Best Movie Ever Made.

Aye and an american plays a scotsman and a scotsman plays a spaniard. You gotta love Hollywood.
Academy award for best movie ever……..WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ๐Ÿ˜›

Think of it this way.
We only have two ops to burn through for what will become 5 months.
…. so yeah, that seems a bit far away for me.
At the very least, they could add queues for HM Dread ops or something.

I have WAY more things to do than two ops, I don’t limit myself to such a miniscule part of the game, I enjoy all aspects of it.

Well on a small server, queues for FPs are nonexistent, and the same goes for PvP.
I guess that’s kind of my fault though.

Super pumped about this, especially since it’s not gonna be another pay-to-play expansion, we get this mysterious new “outfit designer”, and a new planet that I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time. I hope this new stronghold is Yavin 4 or Tython/Korriban. I’ve also got my hopes up for something similar to the Furious weapons for season 5.

also make sure you don’t stand close to any windows or doors when earthquake hits… dont want to fall out… anyhow i think its going to be Alderaan, they mentioned Alderaan allot as what certain devs would like to see as a new SH.. but im hoping for Yavin 4, Ziost, Oricon or Tython And or Korriban

Denial. Not just a river in Egypt.

BW still reuse shit the game launched with. Those Furious weapons will come back in some form, just watch.

Hey man I’m no peasant, I’m a PvPer that wasn’t geared in time to participate in Season 3. I’m just hoping that future ranked reward weapons will have a lightsaber effect similar to the Furious ones.

You seem sure. I dont see it as there is no questing on manaan, only 2 flashpoints. People are unfamiliar with the landscape compared to Alderaan or Makeb say.

Now I’m sort of understanding why they’re offering a reward for staying subbed during March, during which you probably have burned out on content.

They were offering a nice silver crystal for subs in that period, but now they’ve changed it to a striped black core purple (which looks disgusting). That’s the ‘reward’.

If they do make manaan I hope they put more undersea windows and environment, in the flashpoint look at the ceiling in every room, it’s layed out as if it was intended to be windows but got chopped off priority at some point in time. I remember seeing the early screenshots of the FP and noticed it immediately thinking “guess they gotta finish the windows” then bam it’s out and there’s like 1-2 windows tops with a few bubbles behind it.. Kotor manaan undersea still looked way better.

I hope it’s not Manaan as the general chat would be dead as there’s no questing there, its got no scenery just water and there are much better options i.e Alderaan’s beautiful mountains.
Just my opinion though. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know what your saying, general chat can be ‘disturbing’ however it feels as though your part of a community (no matter how weird :P)
It gives a sense of population and belonging when i’m sitting at home with the wife and kids asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

ocean’s totally have scenery…coral reefs, kelp-forests, firaxxan sharks and schools of fish. Could be sweet.
But the lack of questing (or anything else) on the planet is a deterrent for stronghold placement, though I wouldn’t mind if a stronghold came with more stuff to do on the planet.
Alderaan stronghold would be sweet, I can’t wait.

I don’t think the Selkath would be OK with hordes of pink, blue, green, and red monkeys descending on their pristine planet to float around in giant metal containers full of garbage. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the other hand, Alderaan seems like the strongest possibility for a new stronghold location. I’m already planning how to lay out my majestic alpine retreat!

i would personally love rishi,oricon or yavin (both the sec and third fitting for sith and yavin maybe jedi) and maybe even makeb (don’t say that the reps think it is destroyed…they realize sooner or later in the weekly that the empire saved it using (play the imp side,won’t spoil it for ya) so it is totally possible

dear god ranked season only lasting about 2 months…. there won’t be any downtime when trolls aren’t queuing solo queue… XP

in April hmm ? maybe i should reactivate my cancelled sub ?… hmmmm naaaaaa better not i bet the sages are still fucked up then and there will be never a patch to fix the destroyed balance tree in pve. so lets wait and see whats really coming.

believe me: if you dropped from the game 3.2 will surely not provide reasons to return. Well, maybe the costume designer – I’m eager to hear more of it!

Balance/serenity is in a good place atm I think. I’m playing it on my shadow. See alot of socs and sages also playing it in lowbie pvp

well, if Ziost is released in April that would be really awesome actually. I know the cynicism about it but considering they got more support from a cancelled project, this might happen. There can be delays as always but I really am liking their new level of communication.

You like it now, wait till shit really hits the fan in the summer and they completely fucking clam up on information again.

Mark my words, Bioware’s open-ness, and communication is nothing more than a result of a back-pedaling sham from the shoddy 3.0 Early Paid Beta Test Access, To the slot machine nerf and finally – them getting off their asses and doing something about an exploit that apparently lasted since the launch of 3.0. It will come to an end most likely in the summer when people have forgotten about the slot machines, the exploit and so on an so forth.

I have no faith whatsoever for Bioware at this point, and eagerly look forward to any sort of replacement Star Wars game in the foreseeable future.

If ur referring to shadow realms for the cancelled project it isn’t canceled. They are just starting from scratch on it

I’m guessing sort of a new planet…I mean it is a new planet, but probably just a daily area with an initial questline and then repeatable dailies, like Oricon.

I really thought they were going to add more to Manaan during the SoR expansion. I’d like to see more info about the Order of Shasa and the Selkath since KoToR.

Yeah I did too, and it’s a shame they didn’t as the music and architecture are beautiful. Perhaps we’ll get a Manaan stronghold instead ๐Ÿ˜€

I really like Manaan. I like that they added a beautiful hub to just enjoy and look around in without feeling obligated to put crap to shoot at there for no other reason than “Mmo logic”. Its a neutral planet in relative peace, and its a really solid rp spot if anything. And it works for its initial use, which is neutral ground to meet the faction opposite person, in the lead up to the current expansion, otherwise people would have complained about meeting lana or theron on the respective opposite fleets. The only thing I might have liked to see is some shops, maybe some flavor items added in to buy, and a gtn/storage area.
I thought CZ198 worked too, but only because its CZ, theres lorebits for them all through the game, and honestly it had the right look and feel for what it was supposed to be, a “tiny storage installation” turned top secret evil lab.

The amount of people bitching on this page, is just… hilarious. If you don’t think the expacs give enough content.First, Tell the devs. Or go somewhere else. Either one really works. But we all know, how Ziost is going to end up. Based on the last (5 is it now?) planets. CZ was nothing but dailies and 2 FPs with a small (and a bit underdeveloped imho) story, Oricon continued a long on going story but it mainly turned out to be a daily area with little to no exploring, Manaan… was a total bust. With the exception of the FP there seems to be little to no reason for its addition. There is nothing to explore or do save for the vendor and singular FP. Perhaps they added it for future additions to the game? Who knows. At this point it is rather useless. Yavin 4… such a fantastic lore embedded planet. Where ancient sith lords hatched their evil little plans. It could have been a fantastic planet, but instead they made it 4 story missions with dailies and an Operation, and surprisingly little exploration of it. Rishi was probably the 1 out of the last 5 they added that is up to par with other planets. It can be explored and it has a nice long story line. However it is rather sad there are no side missions to it or side story you can do, those seem to have died with Corellia as the last one. Now this doesn’t mean that Bioware isn’t going to do anything with Yavin, Manaan, Rishi, or Ziost… but it also means you shouldn’t get your hopes up where you can wander about the planet doing side missions and a side story in addition to the main story. There is a large chance it is going to be Oricon’ed and have a story line and ends up being an eternal daily area.

You didn’t know? This is where all the people who spend hours and hours playing a game they hate, made by a company they despise, come to vent about how they are forced to play.

Question for 3.2: please explain if legacy gear will stay in the game, because i have 20 sets and was going to buy more to equip comps with older 162 gear, while keeping 186 for my chars – I need legacy gear to continue!

I wonder if the outfit designer will mean I can recolour the Battlelord set, and have a “hood down” option?

I hope they don’t make it so it goes to 65. I REALLY Hope so. Or if they do so then make it for the legacy gear just all goes up a level; 50 legacy gear goes to 55, ect. This way there will be no hard times.

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