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SWTOR Hardmode Blood Hunt Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR Hardmode Blood Hunt Flashpoint Guide. This hardmode flashpoint is scheduled to be released with patch 3.1 on Feb 12, 2015.


Kyramla Gemas’rugam

Kyramla is no longer a roll over like in solo/tactical mode. Some of you may find him a good challenge while others may find him overtuned. He and his adds hits hard and will enrage if you don’t kill them fast enough. His hard enrage is probably around 3.20 with 1.03 mil HP. Adds have 72k HP and always come in pairs every 40s starting at 40s into the fight.



New mechanics in hardmode

  • Applies a hard ticking bleeding dot (green icon) to the tank when he throws the tank that lasts for 10 seconds. Need to be cleansed immediately.
  • Mandalorian Adds will try to Electro Net you a long telegraph in addition to dropping fire mines everywhere. This will damage you and slow you at same time if you get caught in it (ticks for 2.6k every second for 25s).
  • Can enrage if the adds are not killed fast enough – will instant one shot people with his Hurl attacks. If you take too long to kill Kyramla (~3:25), he will also enrage.


Use your offensive cooldowns ASAP to get a good burn on him before the Mandalorian adds spawn. Tanks and healers need to be aware of the new bleeding DoT that is applied to the tank whenever he gets thrown. This DoT can be cleansed by all healing classes and need to be removed as it ticks fairly hard. Tanks need to make sure to get back in range of the healer after the thrown so they are in range for the cleanse.


Kyramla’s hurl (random attack on party members) can hit anywhere from 14k-24k so be prepared for some spike damages.Tanks and melee DPS need to avoid the red circle/frontal (Ground Smash).


Once the Flying Rocks start to come down, make sure to avoid the blue circles as they hit extremely hard in hardmode (can take out half of your HP) and put a lot of unnecessary stress on your healer. The first group of two Mandalorian adds will spawn right after the first Flying Rocks attack (about 40s into the fight).


Once the Mandalorian adds spawn, all the DPS should switch to them to kill them fast (they have 72k HP each). Mandalorian adds are quite deadly as they will drop Fire Mines (blue domes) and try to target players with their Electro Net telegraph. If you had no choice and had to pick between running through a Fire Mine or getting targeted by Electro Net, pick the Fire Mine as the Electro Net ticks for 2.6k/s over 25s and slow you to make you extremely vulnerable to other mechanics.( Electro Net is not cleanseable as far as I know).


Rest of the fight is basically a repeat, with a pair of Mandalorian adds spawning every 40s. Sometimes the Flying Rocks attack from Kyramla can sync up with the Mandalorian’s Electro Net and Fire Mines, creating a huge mess on the ground.

Bonus Boss

There is no bonus boss in this flashpoint. Instead, the bonus content have you do all 6 challenges for a bonus crate. This is suppose to have high chances of dropping the decoration

The challenges are pretty easy and not much different from the solo/tactical mode.

Jos and Valk Beroya

Jos and Valk Veroya received a bit of damage buff on their abilities and seems to have lost their annoying knockback. There is abit of spike damage on this fight, especially if your group members love standing in front of Sweeping Gunfire. They each have 1.05 mil HP.



New Mechanics in Hardmode

  • Jos leaves behind a very nasty DoT when he places his ignored debuff (looks like icon for Grav Round) on the tank and jump to someone else. Healers/tanks need to prepare some cooldowns for this.
  • Valk’s Sweeping Gunfire is very nasty and can kill someone pretty quick if they stand in it.


Jos will be the first guy you will fight. Anyone getting attacked by him will build up Execute stacks that lasts for 1 minute and reaches a max of 10 stacks. This debuff will make you more vulnerable to Jos’s execution moves such as Maul and his new nasty DoT.


At around 9-10 stacks of this debuff, Jos will jump up and perform Aerial Strike. This is a PBAOE (Proximity Based AoE) that will leave a burning DoT on anyone standing near him when he jumps. Melee should run away from him when this happens as the DoT deals about 5k elemental damage per tick for 5 seconds and will take you to half of your HP.


Once Jos jumps down, he will likely perform his Execution move, putting an Ignored debuff and a very hard ticking DoT on the tank. Healers/tanks use your cooldowns on this as it does 6k per tick on the tank for around 8 seconds.


Valk will jump down next, performing her signature move Sweeping Gunfire. This ability is a frontal/cleave that deals about 5 damage every 0.5s and the channel lasts for 4.5s. Melee need to make sure they are not in front of her as otherwise they will take a significant amount of damage from it. Valk will spam Sweeping Gunfire pretty often.


Valk’s other ability are red circles placed on all group members. These circles will follow you for a bit before stopping. Make sure you don’t run into other player’s circles and you can drop the circles safely without taking damage.


In the third phase Jos and Valk will appear together to fight the group. Jos doesn’t seem to use his nasty DoT on tanks when they reach 10 Execution stacks and instead prefer to use Maul instead. This maul attack still hurts a bit but seems less so than the DoT. Pick one and finish them off as the other does not seem to have any enrage mechanic when left alone.

Shae Vizla

Shae Vizla didn’t seem to get much buffs in hardmode. She didn’t seem much tougher or have any new abilities. She has 1.9 mil HP.




  • Melee need to watch out for Shae’s Flamethrower attack as it applies a burning DoT that only the tank should get. It is a frontal/cleave.
  • Avoid Death from Above and the lava floor.
  • Right before her Maelstrom attack, there is a grapple droid in the middle. If you kill it fast enough, your group won’t get grappled in and will take much less damage.


By Dulfy

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46 replies on “SWTOR Hardmode Blood Hunt Flashpoint Guide”

Holy mother of God, enraging ads in a HM FP….
That’s stuff I would expect in a Nightmare mode.

I’m quite excited 😀

No, *that* has got to be bull crap, since the gear drop is 192.
Unless you’re making fun of my nightmare metaphor, in which case…. screw off and figure out what a metaphor is… or rather try to figure out what I intend by it.

Nah, it’s tuned for a good groups in 172s, or decent groups in 178s.

But a group that goes in blind and doesn’t communicate often and clearly will die 😛

I think the skill level required for players in those gear levels to do it with just typing is pretty damn impossible to get from a pug. You need people who are really damn good in order to clear it in that gear. And I still don’t think you’d be able to clear it at that low.

You still have all the other olderstyle ops to do which are still fun and nice.
Dont stuck your head only on the 2 new ops.

Thank later when a lot of wipes will occur and pugers wil start quiting like raindrops falling on a rainy day.
Its a quitters world out there, and HM content make them show up.

Loots need to be upgraded a bit so it worth the effort of doing it, some mounts or rare items will help out on this.
Come on people share some ideas here.

Jos and Val fight will be nerfed. Currently it is beyond pugging and beyond healing with an operative.

In fact, it is so hard that last night we need to pull a full team of progression mains in order to succeed. Tank got more heals than he needs on Bulo HM. Kinda like the challenge :))

Please share your technique of burst healing at least 20k damage in less than 2 seconds on an operative. Because that’s what this requires, they do 70k damage bursts in this short amount of time.

Kyrmala,had so many Wipes because of the Low DPS (Full 92 …) and yet it wasn’t enough DPS (even tho,Kyrm’s HP went down in no time …)

BH is a real challenge,specially with Pugs.In my eyes,the first ever >HARD<mode FP in ToR.

I’m fine with them adding even harder Hard Mode content, I would just prefer if they put them in their own category. It is immediately obvious that the new HM FP’s are tuned to a higher difficulty and challenge than the Forged Alliance hardmodes, and that is causing problems for PUGs. It would take a team of truly gifted players to beat these hardmodes in 178-186 gear, and the chance of ending up on such a team through group finder is quite low.

People have already started dropping out of these HM’s without even attempting them, and that more than anything says that they either need to be retuned, or segregated. It wouldn’t be difficult to add an “Elite Mode” category with its own daily reward, allowing players with better gear and higher skill level to access challenges better suited to them, while players who are still acquiring gear and improving their skills to fight through the regular Hard Modes.

The major problem is that people do not want to run through the content in a blink, but at the same time do not want to put effort in it. Where is the problem to need more than one evening whittling down one FP?
The first Boss is a pain at first, if you have no clue at all. But in the end it is just another job for the DDs. If you can not handle to kill him before he goes enrage, pay your Ship a visit, praise your Bot for his nice paintjob, and put some holes into the puppet until you are familiar with the “new” rotation.
This is no flame at anyone, who thinks this new content is to hard for the average player. It is more like what bothers me when I am reading hateful spam on the fleet or comments in forums.
People will get used to the new playstyle the bosses need. To move and to do damage at the same time. The 192 gear you get does give you a good comfort zone. You just need about 3k dps from your DDs to get you through the first boss. This is like 2/3 of what you should be able to dish out in somewhat 192 token to bought gear.
Another thing that bothers me is that the Flashpoints minimal gear requirement is stated as 178. I don’t think I would like to do BH or BoR in 178 gear.

Personally, I enjoy taking time to learn a new boss. A few wipes don’t bother me, as long as the team is learning and eventually gets it done. For my own part, I am always 100% confident in my ability to learn an encounter, and in my skill level, whether I’m tanking or DPSing. My experience with PUGs, however, has led me to believe that most players do not feel the way I do about content. Too often, if things don’t go the way they want, on their timetable, they become belligerent or quit out. It’s a disappointing trend.

3k dps is 2/3 of what you should do with 192 gear? So we should be doing 4.5k? When on leaderboards there’s only a handful of players globally than can do 4.5k dps or higher on operative dummy? For a freaking FLASHPOINT? U mad bro?

“Where is the problem to need more than one evening whittling down one FP?”

A FP is something you should be able to clear in a relatively short period of time with a group finder group. It’s not progression raiding. I’m not going to say to the PUG’s “hey, let’s meet up again in group finder tomorrow to try doing the first boss of Blood Hunt again.”

Fact is Kyramla as it is tuned today is arguably more difficult than Underlurker in Temple of Sacrifice. What is clear to me is that the people developing this content don’t play it with the gear rating it’s designed for. They screwed up when the Czerka HMs were introduced as well, but this is far worse.

Garbage. Get some crafted 186 gear and you’ve already gotten as much or more than a HM flashpoint will give you.

You don’t do hard modes for 186 gear, you do it once you have 186 gear for Elite comms to buy 192 gear.

No, you don’t. 192 elite comm and dropped HM FP gear has much, much worse stat distribution than crafted 186 gear. Once you have that, you don’t need to do hard mode FPs or collect elite comms except to get the armoring pieces, which are the only mods that are straight upgrades from crafted gear.

Only token pieces are superior, and they’re superior in every way. HM flashpoints are basically pointless in and of themselves. The only things you’ll want are ultimate comms from the weekly.

I’m afraid you’re wrong. Even if I agree that most the loot is useless, the bonus and final bosses drop massassi type 2 which have optimized enhancements. It’s a good way to improve yours and it’s faster than grabbing one enhancement a week (assuming you use what you loot on the toon you loot it)

Did it with 4 players all in full 192+. Wiped every time, spent too much time weaving through the blue circles and adds circles to dps the adds down before new ones spawned. And the recommended gear is 178? Madness. Battle of Rishi bonus boss is easier than this.

Kyramla is way too hard vs. the other 60 HMs. And for what? A 178 piece of gear that it drops? Our group couldn’t clear it with an op healer in 192 gear. Would love if the Friday stream was the community team or devs playing this FP in 178 gear. I’ll tune in for that.

Kyramla Gemas’rugam has wayyyy too much framerate drop when those blue aoes and adds come down. At first I thought it was my connection (living in Aus) when i thought i got out of the elecricity or the add’s telegraphy but then rubber banded back into it. But a guildie who has excellent ping (19ms), would also have the rubber band with lots of framerate dropping. It’s rather frustrating since there’s little room for error with so much damage output from many sources (boss, adds, aoes). It feels even more frustrating than pre-nerf first boss in HM LI where you had no idea where the blue electricity ball would drop. :

Here’s the strategy that my PUG used that got us through Jos and Valk – in an amazingly easy fashion

1. Jugg tank (me) grabbed Jos and kited him in a circle about 15 feet out from the center of the platform. Did so while attacking, defending and taunting – walking backward. Kept the threat up as much as was possible.

(This kept Jos’s stabby attack thingy on the other folks to a minimum – no sooner would he jump on ’em I would taunt him back.)

2. DPS and healer stayed in the very center of the platform burning down Valk as fast as they possibly could.

3. Jos would knock me back on occasion – I would land on edge of the platform and immediately force charge right back to him and continue the circle kite, once again keeping his attack on the others very brief.

4. Healer had to combat rez me once – but that was it.

5. The moment Valk was down – Jos was finished off in about 45 secs.

Our group was all 186 + 186 augments at a minimum – players seen often in OPS on the Bastion.

Side Note:

In my opinion players with 186 + 186 can carry one player who is 178. I.e., players who are about 50-54k can carry one who is 40-41k. But carrying two that low gets to be rather difficult in a PUG – either heals come up a tad short – or dps. But for an all < 186 group – if it's a PUG – the chances of a bail are pretty good. It does help to have a well geared tank. My tank holds up quite well in these HMFPs with the exception of the final boss in Rishi HM. He's 186/192 + 186 augments with 22% defense rating, 41% shield rating and 34 % shield absorption buffed with Fortitude Stim and Absorb Adrenals.


Since the nerf, the first boss is easier. However, the enrage is still there, and if both dps are specced to dots/rotation that take a while to ramp up, then you will have trouble meeting the enrage timer. If you can, ask dps if they know the rotation and can respec to burst spec classes/no ramp up time specs like carnage and marksman.
It can be run with one dps that is dot spec, but you’ll be on the dot (no pun intended) with enrage. A strat that worked with one of my groups is have both dps on one add when they come down. When one add goes down, have the dps that isn’t so bursty go back onto the boss while the burst dps save their burst to take down the other one.

Just throw in some healing stations at places where the players are kicked of the plattform, and the tactical version of this flashpoint ist done. Just keep the machanics as they are, requiring a tank and a healer, and trow in groups of four damage dealers. Job well done, by lazyware.

Annoying knockbacks seem to have returned. Skulled a PUG and ruined a perfectly good buzz.

This is a very intensive healing flashpoint, especially on hard mode. It requires a pretty damn good healer at it and with decent gear if possible too. Not newbie friendly at all, so if your healer can’t manage to keep you topped off at least 30% of time on any of these fights (especially the 2nd and last one as they apply heavy hard DoT’s on the tank) it’s not worth even doing it.

Healing isn’t the issue, the sharp enrage timer on the first boss screws you if you get bad DPS.

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