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SWTOR 3.1.1 PTS Patch #2 Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for PTS Patch 3.1.1 Patch #2.

Here are the incoming Class changes for today’s PTS update:

Jedi Knight

  • Force Camouflage now additionally grants immunity to controlling effects for its full duration. Dealing direct damage ends this immunity.
  • Defiance now additionally reduces the cooldown of Resolute by 30 seconds.

Sith Warrior

  • Force Camouflage now additionally grants immunity to controlling effects for its full duration. Dealing direct damage ends this immunity.
  • Unyielding now additionally reduces the cooldown of Unleash by 30 seconds.

Bounty Hunter

  • Pinning Fire now slows the target’s movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds with each hit (up from 2 seconds).


  • Returned the post-depletion cooldown of Shoulder Cannon to 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Shoulder Cannon.


  • Automated Defenses now additionally reduces the cooldown of Kolto Overload by 60 seconds (up from 30 seconds).


  • Cover Fire now slows the target’s movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds with each hit (up from 2 seconds).


  • Returned the post-depletion cooldown of Shoulder Cannon to 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Shoulder Cannon.


  • Adrenaline Fueled now additionally reduces the cooldown of Adrenaline Rush by 60 seconds (up from 30 seconds).

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71 replies on “SWTOR 3.1.1 PTS Patch #2 Notes”

It allows them to run away after a Bolt Storm, since the extra second would allow a head start for kiting… In theory, in reality with Force Slows, Nets, Force Speed, Saber Throw root, Leaps, Pulls and what not it changes nothing.
A root would have made a solid difference and extra second of slow though? Nope.

Stop complaining cry baby and either learn to play your class or if you don’t like it change it.
For fcks shake already
And write us here what is your class so we can know who is complaining………

Everything they have changed has been because of PVP. They couldn’t balance Hybrid builds with the skill trees so they went to disciplines. I am not complaining I can now switch a spec here and there much easier… but all these skill changes are always for PVP. What’s it matter in an OP if Shoulder Cannon puts out more damage? Who is complaining? Coritanni???

its usually ALWAYS because of pvp reason, it is probably the same reason why WoW changed their talent trees as well. it seems to be almost impossible to balance classes through talent trees so it is why most mmos change how talent trees work.

Yes I just read a post form Coritanni and she was very sad and angry about the ops groups killing her without 10 wipes first and she said she will quit the game forever.

Help Coritanni guys we need her in the game.

the PT change seems to be a PVE change that stemmed from a Balance change (which did no real good for ranked since it resets between rounds)

the rest seem to be pvp changes

Imps do have one more stun than their pub mirror classes. Say, me on my shadow being attacked by a sorc. I see him coming towards me, all black cloaks and spikes and menace, and for a moment I’m stunned by how awesome he looks … by the time I recover, I’m dead.

Damn these guys are totally clue less and imagine they play ranked these days and then they go complain on the forums about another class thats Overpowered in their imagination cos they cant win and have to blame something else than their stupidity.
Shts all over.

Dear Bioware ppl: you have to think more about PVE and less about PVP. You are nerfing a PT ability that in PVE is one of the main resources of PTs for burst. If you take it off, the mid tree will be useless. Let the pvp ppl complain. Other classes are way OP than PT, so don’t let the lack of ability of a couple whiners screw the game for a big number of players both in PVE and in PVP. The missiles are single target, they may be able to wreck ONE player without defensive cooldowns every 1.5 minutes, but they will never unbalance a match. You should worry about Force Storm, that doesn’t even have a cooldown and hit a ton of ppl at the same time.

While I agree with most of this, nerfing Shoulder Cannon is no way makes AP/Tactics unusable in PVE content. Just means you have to work for it. Yes I know “work”, something some PTs and VGs have no clue about.

hahahaha, funny, I’ll give you that. Lemme explain what I meant by useless: imo, I think that nerf would make Pyro so much better that even when the situation requires swapping targets quickly, it wouldn’t make any sense to switch to AP. Right now, only if the fight requires quick burst, I switch to AP. If they tune down the cannon, AP will be an easy-to-play SM-only spec.

Pve is for noobs and roleplayers and babies !!! easy as fuck !! so shut the fuck up ! eat your cartel market crap and stop crying like a baby !

Fat guy, if your mom knows you are talking thrash online, she’s going o cut your internet. Now go take a shower, I can feel your smell from here.

ohhhhh scary !! come in the arena I’m sure I will kick your ass noob I quit this trashy game for a while it’s broken as fuck enjoy your crappy updates unless they add cross server queue like any good other mmo out there I won’t be back and well When I saw your shitty comments I had to put yourself in your place real pvp players don’t go whine on shitty bioware forums only pve players cry for op classes in forums cause they ain’t understanding shit in WZ We know better.. while we are farming kills and wins we let crybabies like you do you that.(ps I’m far from fat and I’m 26 old enough to talk trash when shitters like you deserve it ) You’re welcome !

Dude !! If you think living in your mom’s basement at 26 is a thing then you must get your head out of your ass only retarded people still lives in their mom’s basement I live in a condo I’m pretty surr you’re the one still living in your mom’s basement

Why cause I don’t live in a house? and I do live in a condo there is a difference between a condo and an appartment in case you were confused

PVE consists of 99% of the game. PVP consists of a tiny corner in the gamePVPs fun and all but if you think SWTOR is a PVP game you’re nuts

PVE maybe 90% of the game.. that few people play other than to level up so they can do lvl 60 WZ’s and ranked PVP

PVEers want new content.. PVPers want class balance.

Just love it at that people are so proud of themselves for PvP and Raiding. If they really wanted to PvP, they’d get their punk asses in the boxing ring and do it for real. Wouldn’t be clicking a damn mouse. And Raiding? Congratulations, you’ve proven you can be a cog in a machine, spinning in synchronicity with the rest of the cogs. So many MMOers such toads giving rise to the stereotype of basement dwellers.

Its all about the pugers these days, people need to get more often outside than spending time crying for Pvp nerfs on the forums.

No more nerfs is the key, let noobilies train their assesss in a training Wzn full of npcs so they can learn how to play before starting crying in the forums like bitches.

PvP is no fun when everyone pretty much has the same level of power; ie everyone gets nerfed into the ground until everyone is doing the same amount of damage, everyone has the ssame amount of CC, and same amount of CC breakers. Gotta have someone people can roflpwn, else that evil skill word enters the game. Oh wait…

In that case they should make a new class only for PVP so everyone will have only that class when playing PVP and nothing else.
That way they can keep their damn stupidity crying mouths shut and blame their heads for not being able to play good.

All Class Changes and Nerfs are always about PvP but the simplest solution never came up: Have two Skill-Trees, one for PvE and one for PvP. The Skills should be the same, but change the functionality and the amount of damage each skill makes depending if within a pvp area or not (and as open pvp is not really an issue, no one needs to cry anymore.) Forcestrom in PvE nice thing – in PvP it needs to be nerfed, the same with some maro/jugger abilities hitting with more than 12k. Needs a little bit extra work in the very beginning, but than its much easier to balance .

Its suppose to do that otherwise it would be point less, its an aoe no aoe’s have cool-downs

ANd for your stupidity’s shake its a damn AoE just run out of the circle on the ground it makes so damn hard to learn how to play…………..

If you cant play your class properly to win a game its no other classes fault that you fck it up.
Blame yourself and not the abilities of other classes that may cause damage to your toon

A lot of AoE’s have cooldown, Death from Above, Orbital Strike are all on cooldown so you can’t keep spamming them. Both classes also have a no-cooldown AoE, but spamming it will run your energy down in no time. Force storm you can cast pretty much all day in lightning spec.

I play a PvE sorcerer so the rest of your rant is completely misaimed. I couldn’t care less about PvP, an practically unlimited AoE ability that out performs most single-target abilities is badly broken.

those AOE’s you mention are also their big hitters. What about flame sweep? It has no CD.. that acid grenade.. no CD. Never had an issue with heat/energy when spamming them.. duno how your doing it.

with Sorcs they got Death Field which does more burst damage on a CD and Chain Lightning which does more single target burst than force storm. Poping your CDs and using force storm for two channels hasn’t caused me any issues in pvp other than when i try to cap an objective. Poping your CDs hitting me with death field or chain lightning can make me think twice.

Force storm may need modified for PVE, along with other aoes as they should not be apart of a single target rotation. other than maybe a filler.

Maybe if they dropped its damanged and made it spread affliction it would get better use in its intended role of AOE?

PVP people who use it just make people mad when they break CCs.

my primary spec: Lighning Sorc PVP.

Flame sweep is a lot less versatile. You have to be in the centerpoint, and the area is smaller. The damage is also significantly lower. Don’t know what acid grenade is or does tbh.

But I don’t think a no-cooldown AoE is bad per se, this one is just too good, at least in PvE. If you have 4 targets in your AoE, and you recklessness+force storm, you deal about 200.000 damage over 12 seconds (10 seconds with polarity shift), or over 16.000 dps. You can do this every 75 seconds. Even without recklessness the output is still well over 10.000 dps with 4 targets. No other class can get close to that kind of sustained AoE.

In PvP, the impacts is probably lower since people don’t stand still in AoE like MOBs do. But since you pay force per tick now, and can re-place your lightning as often as you want within 30m range, you can still chase people with lightning pretty effectively.

I do enjoy nuking big groups of adds in PvE with my sorc, but I recognize it’s a little too effective in it’s current configuration.

PTs are more of a Melee class.. so yeah duh. 🙂

yeah corrosive grenade.. confused acid blade with it my bad. the grenades bonus is the dot spread. Yeah less initial damage but massive potential for total aoe damage. you can see this a lot with lethality in objective pvp.

both are instant cast on GCD. Force storm is a channeled tick.

I’m less concerned with the AOE damage because how often does that happen other than trash? (i dont’ raid so i don’t know)

but people using it on single target because it is more effective than their spec abilities then that is a problem.

do a single target test spamming force storm vs force lightning with out blowing CDs everytime their up and then with see how it does.

I like using it for doing dailies on makeb or something.. that’s about it lol

Damn all these PVP cry babies, they need to nerf their heads.
No more Nerfs for fck’s shakes !
We dont need any more nerfs they mess up the whole PVe sht, damn these PvP noobilies that cant play and always asking for Nerfs.

Tell your PVE buddies to quit queuing ranked PVP. thank you

It is about class balancing in general not just PVP or PVE thats why there was a change to PT this time around. You can add a root to saber throw and it barely effects PVE boss fights at all. you can drop the CD of force wave by 2 seconds (reduce the heal talent by 5% too) with out effecting pve hardly at all.

darn PVE cry babies.

Gosh,so many been crying about the upcoming Nerfs for PT/Vangs and I can’t see any changes.

Returned the post-depletion cooldown of Shoulder Cannon to 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).
Nerf? Nah,I pref less DPS-output with less GCD.We hit High enough with our basic rotation,I’m using SC as a Filler any ways.

The issue was that SC wasn’t synched with battle focus at all, and it made people mad. With the changes they’re implementing, Shoulder Cannon is 2% less powerful instead of being desynched with Battle Focus – A far better option.

Well I returned to SWTOR yesterday in a month as a sin.

I won every game in which mara was on the other team. Lost every game in which my team had mara.

I didn’t even notice they were buffed. The change is necessary.

Power techs are OP plain and simple, omg people have to start using skill? Sad day. I hate it for you. I play this game because it is better balanced. If I want broken classes and terrible balancing I would go back to wow.

You don’t play ranked do you… Sin and Sorc are way more OP in ranked than PT. PT is one of the squishiest classes in PVP right now.

Just because 4/8 People are penetrating the PT(s) doesn’t mean they’re squishy,lol.

Could ask you the same,do you play Ranked? I’m having a Blast melting Sorc’s and they go down easily.Since SC resets after every Round,I can go all out and melt at least one of them down in less than 2sec.

(Unless there’s one of those ‘OMG! I’m sooooo Good,I just re-stealthed like a Pro’ type of Sins/Ops)

But yea,I don’t find PT/Vangs OP … there’s far more OP Classes out there (Sins come to mind) and even Sorc’s DPS,is just BS.

Tend to agree PTs with the extra rockets can easily force a sorc to bubble at the start of the match which usually causes the sorc to die in fairly short order.

All classes have their place but Sent/Mara and nonhealing commando/mercs are usually my first targets because they are ‘usually’ a quick kill.

Sent/Mara could use a ranged root, but if they do that please reduce the CD of ranged push backs a small about

what is entirely OP are 2 or more stealth classes on the same target, with out help or blowing all the CDs most classes just fall over in just a few seconds.

What BioWare really needs to work on is matchmaking cross server and more balanced Solo queue matches. then little tweaks to classes..

The FC boost for Sentinel/Marauder is useless: if you use FC, you go invisible, so its natural that you cant be targeted… If you get hit by force wave or something, it will break and you get exposed, and there goes the buff. It would be better to put that into like first 4 seconds of Predation, or saber ward. FC is a waste of that potential: in alternative, make FC do what resilience does, a real purging of hits, as it would make much more sense.

All you need is Immunity for it’s Duration .

Normal situation : 1v1 against a Sorc,the only way to ensure a Victory is by using FC first (to close Sorcs burst window) if you use it inbtw the BSTW you pretty much wasted a CD and from there on,Sorc should pull an easy win.

but I don’t think the Surv of Mara’s is the Issue,in my Eyes the DPS-output is.You’re getting out-dpsed by most Classes (pretty much all) and while their CD’s are more than useful (Immunity,DMG Reduction by 20-30% or + , vanishing etc etc) .

Sorcs can kite us forever,literally.We have no Range root any more (besides ForceCharge) and it’s really hard to close gasp now a days (not just against Sorcs,every RDPS).However,Mara’s seem to shine against Classes like OP/Sin and even PT.

P.S I thought BW learned from their mistakes in the Past … but they didn’t. Listening to one side of the Community (either PVE/PvP) isn’t going to fix anything.

Wow that’s all they are doing to Sentinels? That’s fucking it?! These aren’t big changes, this is damn pathetic, we will be just as redundant as we were before.

Yup, that’s pure solid shit. At least no halving HP from undying range? Or just give us Retaliation back… I am happy if I am able to sneak in extra dmg every now and then.

Are they ever going fix the 4 piece set bonus not working properly for commando heals? giving supercharged cells the extra 5 seconds?

like they fix the broken alacrity bonus from 4pc set bonus that only works on sorcs and not on sages ? i dont believe so.

Probably not.They haven’t Fixed Earthquake’s animation yet (which shouldn’t take much Effort …) so I doubt they’ll fix the 4P SB any time soon.

Probably around April,once they’re releasing Ziost.

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