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SWTOR Hardmode Battle of Rishi Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR Hardmode Battle of Rishi Flashpoint Guide. This flashpoint was released with Patch 3.1 on Feb 12, 2015.


Rarrook and Marko Ka

The first boss of HM Battle of Rishi didn’t get much change from Tactical mode mechanic or damage wise. However, the enrage when one is killed hurt a bit more now so you may want to kill them around the same time. They both have around 733k HP.




Rarrook will place Displacement Mines on party members infrequently. They are large red circles you need to run out of. His other significant attack is a blue circle around him called Hindering Shockwave. This is something usually only the melee need to be aware. The other filler attacks from him are Death from Above and Unload.


Marko Ka is an operative that will stealth, drop corrosive grenades (cleanseable) and summon droids. The support droids you need to kill ASAP as they heal the bosses otherwise. The assault droids he summon are immune to damage but will kill themselves after deploying a long red telegraph. He other attacks are Aimed Shot and Suppressive Fire (frontal AoE?).


Bonus Boss: Commander Mokan

Commander Mokan is the new bonus boss of Battle of Rishi HM. This is a fight that requires a very high amount of group healing, cleanses, and coordination. If you wipe to this boss (you will die a couple times at the least), there is a very long run back as well. This fight has very little tank damage so we ended up using a composition of 2 healers and 2 DPS to successfully defeat him.



Basic Mechanics

  • Commander Mokan has two type of compounds: Compound 9 (green) and Compound 17 (red). They counteract each other in the sense that if you have more stacks of Compound 9 debuff on you, you will take less damage from Compound 17.
  • You can only have a maximum of 4 stacks of Compound 9 debuff on you. If it reaches 5 stacks, you will die instantly. Cleanse will only remove 1 stack of the debuff but if you have a purge it will remove all stacks.
  • There are also 3 red and 1 green injectors on each of the two tables on the side of the room. The red injector will decrease your Compound 9 stacks while the green injector will increase your Compound 9 stacks. Each injector can be only used once per fight.
  • The compound mechanic affects everyone but tanks (or the DPS tanking him) will get stacks of Compound 9 quicker than rest of the group due to some unavoidable frontals.
  • Mokan will drop three Compound 9 green circles individually with some Scatterblasts mixed in and then do a Compound 17 release immediately after the third green circle. He then repeats this until he is defeated.


It is very important to understand how Compound 9 (green) and Compound 17 (red) works. Compound 9 is a green stacking debuff you can get from either the green circles dropped on a random group member or from Mokan’s Compound 9 Scatterblasts.


There is a limit to how many stacks you can get. You will die instantly at 5 stacks. Cleanse will remove 1 stack at a time but purge will remove all stacks.

There two tables on the sides of room. Each table will have one green injector to increase the stacks by 1 and three red injectors that will decrease the stacks by 1 each. Each injector can be used only once per fight and are not clickable until the fight starts.


Compound 17 is red debuff that is applied after Mokan does his Compound 17 Release, a 3.0s cast. This debuff lasts only a few seconds but how hard it ticks depends on how many stacks of the Compound 9 green debuff you have. If you have 4 stacks, for example, you will receive 3.5k internal damage per tick for 4 ticks. . If you have 3 stacks, you will receive 7k damage per tick. If you have 0 stacks, you will receive 51k damage per tick and basically die instantly.


To counter the Compound 17 damage you will want to have 3 stacks of Compound 9 debuff. While this make you take more damage than 4 stacks, you won’t run the risk of dying instantly once Mokan starts casting Compound 9 again as he has a chance to drop a green circle on a random group member that will instantly raise their stack by 1.

The basic pattern to the fight is Mokan wil start off doing a Compound 9 Scatterblast on the tank. This is a 2.0s channeled attack that is unavoidable and put 2 stacks of Compound 9 on the tank (or DPS tanking him). You will want cleanse the stacks right away as they will add up fast. Due to the increased cooldowns on cleanse we found it is best to have two cleansers to make sure that the tank doesn’t reach 5 stacks and die.

After the Scatterblast he will start dropping the first green circle. You will want to avoid this circle for the most part as the stacks you gain from this circle would fall off by the time Compound 17 attack starts. Mokan will do his second Scatterblast and drop his second green circle. You should run into this second green circle and gain 1-2 stacks of the Compound 9 debuff.

Mokan will do his third scatterblast and you want to keep the tank at 3 stacks of the debuff. The third green circle will spawn right after and everyone in the group should get 3 stacks fast as Compound 17 is coming immediately after the third green circle.

The Compound 17 DoT will do about 4 x 7k ~30k damage to each person assuming everyone has 3 stacks. Group might need to stack for efficient group heals as the healer(s) tried to top everyone off. The tank’s stacks need to be lowered immediately as Scatterblast will follow that adds two more stacks. This can be either lowered by using cleanses or tank can run to the table and use the injectors if the healers are busy toppng everyone off.

This pattern basically repeats until Mokan is dead:

  • First Scatterblast
  • First green circle
  • Second Scatterblast
  • Second green circle (get 1-2 stacks here)
  • Third Scatterblast
  • Third green circle (get to 3 stacks here)
  • Compound 17 release
  • Repeat

Obai and Vodd

Obai and Vodd didn’t get much upgrades from tactical mode. They gain one new mechanic in hardmode and that is about it. Each have 733k HP.



New Hardmode mechanics

  • During Ball Lightning phase, each lightning ball you pop will give you 1 stack of Electrified debuff. This debuff will double the damage you take from the next Ball Lightning and if you receive 5 stacks of this debuff you will die instantly.
  • The enrage buff they get when one is killed might hurt in hardmode so try to kill them around the same time.


The main thing to watch out for is Paralyzing Forcewave from Master Obai which is a yellow PBAOE and Lord Vodd’s purple Stunning Forcewave. They are both easy to get out of.


During the Ball Lightning phase, you need to run through the balls to avoid having them touch the structure in the middle. In hardmode you get a stacking Electrified debuff each time you run through a ball. The debuff will double the damage you take from the next Ball and will kill you instantly if you have 5 stacks. You will need at least two different players to run through the balls to avoid raising the stacks.


Shield Squadron Unit 1

Shield Squadron Unit 1 got a couple buffs in hardmode but it is still fairly easy compared to the bonus boss. He has 900k HP.



New hardmode mechanics

  • Your group will be grappled in next to the Shield Squadron right before Electrical Megastorm, which actually hurts a bit in hardmode and require you run behind a console.
  • The adds hit pretty hard and can focus down a group member quick. DPS need to kill them off ASAP.


The first thing you will probably notice is the new grapple that pull your group next to the walker boss right before his Electrical Megastorm channel. Not a hard mechanic but at least it keeps thing interesting. You will want to actually run to the back of a console and activate it to shield yourself from the Megastorm damage, which got some buffs in hardmode.


The other abilities worth mentioning are the huge Missile Blast cross and the Orbital Multistrike circles that follow you around. Not new but worth mentioning as they probably do a lot of damage in hardmode.


Lastly, adds are called at around 50% and 5%. First wave is a bunch of low HP adds that can do some serious damage if not killed quick. Second wave has two elite adds you can ignore until the boss is killed.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

84 replies on “SWTOR Hardmode Battle of Rishi Flashpoint Guide”

That guy with the compounds sounds like he demands too much coordination from a random group, but that’s my opinion.
Otherwise, exciting 🙂

Yes. Unfortunately for me, I love playing the game, but haven’t been able to really fit with a guild just because of rl…. Pre 3.0 I was always able to find a pug no problem when free time opened up for me. It’s rare to be able to get a successful pug together now for ops, unless it’s just a bunch of people that have completed it with their guilds already anyway.

Yeah, I don’t look forward to tanking the bonus boss. I ‘ll probably just tell pug groups up front I’m not gonna do it, I’ll bow out if they want another tank. I’m not above using the relative rarity of my role to avoid frustrating death-fests. 🙂 Especially for 2 comms and maybe a decoration.

Oh, I meant the bonus bosses. Now that I think about it, the easy bonus bosses are probably to make up for the problematic first bosses in those FPs.

From 2nd boss: “During Ball Lightning phase, each lightning ball you pop will give you 1 stack of Electrified debuff. This debuff will double the damage you take from the next Ball Lightning and if you receive 5 stacks of this debuff you will die instantly.”

Interesting, I never really understood the mechanic for those balls. When they get to the center, they cause AoE damage, and I’ve seen players deliberately popping them with a cooldown before they reached the pillar so that they’d not harm the group.
But it seems like the actual mechanic seems to be that you need to avoid them. O.o

Anyway, nice guide as always, Dulfy! I don’t think anyone will need a guide for anything but the bonus boss, but it’s nice to have a reminder of all the other mechanics as well. 🙂

No, the mechanic is still that you need to pop them. You don’t want all 4 people taking AoE damage. In tactical mode you didn’t need to use a cooldown so I’m not sure what you are referring to. The idea with this mechanic is that different people pop the bubbles, not the same person. Please don’t try to avoid them if you haven’t already popped one.

and I’m sure the bonus boss will be a complete 25x achievement. BW loves to punish achievement hunters with these, like the Manaan bonus boss. Have yet to complete that once.

Manaan bonus is extremely easy, if you know how..
(When you enter his room, stand in the corner immediately on your right, stand as far back to the wall as you can, and don’t use aoe. If you do that, you avoid all demoprobe dmg ^^)

nobody has to eat any dmg, at all (only the tank, from the boss) that’s it.. no movement, no nothing, makes it insane easy 🙂

Oh I’d like to try it too….just not 25x with PUGs. No way I’d be able to convince guildies in voice comms to do it that many times.

Has BW totally lost their mind, bug groups have problems with 60 content(basically ops and HM FPs are dead) but BW makes stuff more and more harder….i just don’t understand what is going on with BW 🙁

You always can do the TACTICAL SHIT mode if u like…. if u want a challenge go for the “Hard Mode” content!! Or what do u want a Hard Mode content that any retard with no idea of his class can do?

Oh really… So if YOU want challenge – why don’t YOU go and complete Ravagers or ToS NiM?
Or it’s already not a chellenge for you?
Flashpoints must be FAIR challenge. Not ballstwisting.

How can u be already playing this ??? Its stated to be added to game at this very moment. U work for BW or something ?? If so ? please stop with all the spoilers

Another epic fail from BW, i expect it wasn’t tested much as well.

A HM of something that players have done to death, on top of 4 others they’ve done to death? Yeah great work there…

That bonus boss will so be avoided in pugs/will cause many raeg quits. GJ BW…

Bonus bosses should always be difficult but give a nice loot too. You don’t need to beat them to pass through the flashpoint so PUGs should not complain. Get a good group before you queue up or ask guildmates if you really need to kill him every time you run that fp.

I didn’t realize people were doing the tactical version of this beyond the 1 time required for the story. I couldn’t have named or described a single one of these bosses. Guess I was missing out.

Bosses 1+2: Random MK-2- blue 184 gear piece
Bonus boss and boss 3: Random MK-1 purple 192 gear piece
Bonus boss: Decoration
Boss 3: Chance for BA-3 walker mount

Note that you can kill the second boss before the bonus boss, that way you don’t always have to walk so far when you wipe on the bonus boss, the medcenter will be much closer.

Next Bw Masterpiece. Way to hard for the craploot. Bonus boss decoration is not guarenteed. besides acms why should some1 run this flashpoints ? u can buy that crappy 192 stuff for elite comms….and they wonder why they lose players again….
sm ops to hard for normal casuals or pug, hc flashpoints are bad rewarded and end up in a wipe-orgy in 9 from 10 cases….

Damn, what will all the pugers do ?
Can Devs make a pugers friendly version of it ?

They will start crying on the forums like crazies, I hope they will not be asking for class nerfs again instead of Bonus boss nerfs cos they get confused very often.

Tried in a pug to kill the bonus boss last night. We didn’t have a prayer. Wiped every single time. And we weren’t badly geared either AND we read this very guide. IMO, in its curent state, that bonus boss is not going to be attempted much, if at all its just not worth it for 2 elite coms. BW will find the kill stats for him very very low. Then we moved onto the next main bosses, the Jedi and Sith, and got wiped multiple times there due to some members not knowing to pop the electric balls… One member of the group flat out refused to do it, when told they had to as one person can’t pop them all there was a rage quit… *le sigh*

You need to pray first guys, nothing can be done unless the whole group starts praying.

These new HM’s are gonna be a pugers failing and quiting madness.

Trying the last Boss since yesterday… It keeps spamming random adds from the beginning… there’s no pattern to see.. 3-5 waves BEFORE we reacht 50% any suggestions ? our dmg is good, movement is ok.. but the incoming dmg of this massive addswaves is hard to survive…

We had the same problem yesterday. At one point, we were getting multiple waves of adds at the same time. Eventually, we got a pull were we actually got a reasonable/manageable amount of add waves and passed it with no problem. I dont know if it is just so random that it appears broken, or if it actually is?

Did this boss last night. I agree, there appeared to be some randomness in the waves of adds. First wave was definitely before 50%, maybe at 75%. At least 3 waves in total. And sometimes there would be multiple clusters of the squishy but hard-hitting adds landing at the same time–as the healer, I could see the tank’s health dropping at a pretty fast rate to require my nearly constant healing, so I knew he was picking them up (he said he’d picked up two clusters of them), but my own health was dropping precipitously because there were still more adds on me (they were spread out enough that area taunt didn’t get all of them). The time we downed the boss, there didn’t seem to be as many adds. Need to go back there to see what the deal is with those adds.

Wiped on the bonus boss a few times last night before the group decided not to waste more time on it. We could make it through one cycle of his routine but then everything would fall apart. As the healer, it seemed that I had to save all my cleanses for the tank (it was a Vanguard) because of the sets of 2 unavoidable stacks he kept getting. Have any healers found that they could spare a cleanse for anyone else, or are you all also keeping them for the tank?

I’m also wondering whether people have found that the green stacks from the third green circle that he throws have time to fall off before he does his fourth green circle (after the first red debuff has gone by). A problem I had was that when he threw his fourth green circle on me, I still had the 3 stacks that I’d collected to survive the red debuff, and I didn’t get out fast enough so I got 2 more stacks and died. Obviously I need to be quicker (jump!) in getting out of the circle, but part of the chaos in the second round of his routine is that his next green circle is going to fall on someone who will take at least one more stack on top of their 3, unless the 3 stacks fall off before the fourth green circle lands. Is it possible to have those stacks fall off before the fourth green circle lands if I manage to get my 3rd stack immediately after the 3rd green circle is thrown?

My last question is whether people have had success with this by having ranged and healers stacking to try to control where his green circles are thrown, or by spreading out slightly so it only hits one person. I’ll definitely have to go back here with some good guildies to experiment. Thanks.

For the cleanses you really need a dps to help you with it as it is not manageable doing it yourself I find. For green circles if you move fast enough you should only get a 4th stack if a new circle drops on you. However server lag can cause you to eat a 5th and die. If you have issues I would try cleanse 1 stack after compound 17 to reduce it to 2 stacks if you can spare the cleanses.

Well I was there with a Vanguard tank, Guardian, and Gunslinger, so not the easiest setup, I guess. Maybe I’ll have to go back with a dps who can cleanse and then work my way up to doing it with any set of classes 🙂

Just downed this healing on my Op.

All my cleanses were on the tank, dps were left to manage their own stacks by standing in the circles appropriately, and if they fucked up use their own cleanse or a red vial.

I found I had to get my 3rd stack early on the 3rd circle so the debuff would both last through the cast and fall off before we started the cycle again.

We had range loosely spread out at the back then clump up on the boss on the red cast for heals.

Thanks, that’s good to know that it’s possible to get the 3rd stack early enough so it falls off before the next cycle of circles. I’ll have to work on that timing.

Mokan is not that bad at all. The trick is to not panic (even if the whole group drops to 20%) and play it safe until he is down on the ground. Your heal needs to cleanse two of the tanks stacks until the red stuff comes into play everytime. If a rDD can help, it is even better. There should not be any need do remove even one stack on a DD or the Heal. Just watch your steps and try to not cluster up the green voids.
Try to get no stacks at the first void, one or two on the second and the last ones in the third, so they won’t wear off before the red stuff is done.

When the mayhem starts group up for AoE Heals than split up to not get cought in a green void. (Assassin’s Shelter is a handy one here.)
We did it in nearly any combination of the three Tanks and Heals. The only thing i cant give intel is meeles. Hardly anybody I know sticked to his after starting to raid hc.
I wouldn’t recommend doing this in bought 186 gear. The healing part is quite stressful. Some well DDs should not have a problem to get him done in three cicles.
Can’t imagine to play it with a full PUG so…

Well we had a Guardian dps who was a bit undergeared, so that didn’t help. But I definitely panicked on the red dot phase as everyone suddenly got close to death, so I’ll have to work on it. Thanks.

Was having a good team. Healer, DPS – all was ok.
I was on my PT.
But last boss was terrible.
Wiped about 6-7 times when adds was coming (with heavy damage).
Plus during them boss started to spam his blue aoe circles.
So basically we didn’t have any chances.
Challenge? No.
Slaughter? Yes.
It’s not even Hard mode anymore.
It’s nightmare mode.

Last Boss – Adds at 80%, 60% odd then a few more sets beyond 50% (I don’t think this is meant to happen). Pug fail, Guildies yes but only just, took 2 attempts. Both DPS on adds together, DPS with off heals, allow for latency when avoiding AOES

Is the last boss broken? The add waves seem very random (as in the amount of enemies with each) and very spread apart. Is the DPS just supposed to sit under the adds before they land? With some of the add waves, as heals I instantly get hit with about 6 to 8 dots that are impossible to heal through (and too many to cleanse).

Amy Merc healers get through these bosses, and if so can you share tips? I find that while my great burst heals help – my AoE heals aren’t doing nearly the effectiveness they seem to do in most other HM FP’s, It seems like all of the bosses in the HM of this are dropping a lot of gnarly DOTs, and even with a solid heal rotation that would ordinarily keep most folks over 80% hp, I’m struggling to keep people up. I’m cleansing as often as I can, but I feel like it’s just not nearly as much as the fight calls for. I can get through every other HM FP (aside from Blood Hunt, which is a similar situation to this) with no issues at all. Happy to eat a slice of humble pie and hear what I might be doing wrong.

I’ve been in pub groups where our commando healed past it without complaints, sorry I can’t share any tips we learned though

i have since made it through many times. It took one thing:

1. Lots of set gear bonuses.

Once I had (mostly) all of the 192 set gear bonuses, it was a lot easier to get through.

They probably nerfed some things too if I had to guess.

lol at the dulfy’s strats for the last boss about not being too hard. Either it’s bugged from release, because that telegraph can hit the group when people are clearly out of it and people rubberbanding back into blue aoes.

Plus the vid runs with two healers. Of course it’s going to be easier to heal through the outgoing dmg with two healers. One healer you can’t keep up either because of rubberbanding from the aoe drops/pull and heals on adds.

The rubber-banding generally happens if you have lots of lags or performance problems on your pc, it’s not a general effect of the fight. And it really is a very easy fight if you can move out of stuff in time…
(er… 6 month old comment I just noticed, feel free to ignore me if it’s long ceased to be relevant)

I’m having a hard time with the missile blast. I CLEARLY leave the marked area (sometimes with seconds to spare), but I’m still getting hit by it. Is this bugged or am I doing something wrong?

Jump or stop moving AFTER leaving the marked area so the server will recognize your position. You can also try /stuck BEFORE the fight so that the server will reset your position as well (similar to what many do on underlurker for the cross phase in ToS.)
Seen the same thing, so it is a bit buggy.

I’ll give both suggestions a shot. Thanks. I have stopped moving before, however, to no effect.

I’ve noticed that there is an AOE that hits everyone during the cross, might be that which hits you.

Adds pop up alot more than 50% and 5% now, there is one set per grapple phase after the first grapple. Also its random which set comes out each time.

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