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SWTOR Patch 3.1 Cartel Market Update

SWTOR Patch 3.1 Cartel Market Update. This update includes the Apprentice Shadow Pack, some hairstyles and various dyes on sale.

Note: The new sales replaces the sales on Tuesday Feb 10. Those items listed on the Feb 10 update are no longer discounted.


New Items

  • Hypercrate – Apprentice’s Shadow Pack – 5400 CC

  • Apprentice’s Shadow Pack – 250 CC

  • Appearance option: Afro (male or female human, cyborg, chiss, mirialan, miralukan, and sith) – 240 CC

  • Appearance option: Shaggy (male or female human, cyborg, chiss, mirialan, miralukan, and sith) – 240 CC

  • Appearance option: Bright Blue eyes (human only) – 100 CC


New Discounts

  • Longspur Sportster – 360 CC – 50% OFF

  • M8-M0 Astromech Droid – 140 CC – 50% OFF

  • Black and Deep Pink Dye Module – 300 CC – 50% OFF

  • Deep Pink and Black Dye Module – 300 CC – 50% OFF

  • White and Deep Pink Dye Module – 300 CC – 50% OFF

  • Deep Pink and White Dye Module – 300 CC – 50% OFF

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36 replies on “SWTOR Patch 3.1 Cartel Market Update”

I’m disappointed, but given how they still haven’t fixed the damn move able parts disappearing after you loot something, at least the appearance will stay the same.

Glad that they didn’t. Don’t need hundred re-skins of super rare items. Then what would be the point of calling them rare?

Wow, glad I bought the name changes as soon as I saw the sale. I really didn’t expect this pink nightmare to come out so fast. Although, it does make sense considering what Saturday is.

Meh, I don’t mind the direct purchase stuff. I know a PvPer on my server who will love all these pink dyes :’)

The dreadlocks from last pack clips BADLY on my Sith Pureblood. Even doing the toon creation screen you have to deselect the dreads or the rest of the options will not work. Typical BW failing.

Yep, and the Legolas locks from a while back also clip through a lot of the chest armor. I suspect if we were to take a walk through the office we’d see a lot of bad hair or no hair at all. Otherwise I can’t explain why they don’t get it so hard.

It’s a Star Wars Afro….. I mean… everything named in a galaxy far, far away don’t have to be exactly the same as everything in this one, right?

actually it could be…. We have toasters here but there they could literally be called darkeners….. what we’d call fro-locks could literally be an afro in that universe…

Did anyone else notice that the Apprentice Pack email they sent this morning had the trooper in the gif image wearing revanite boots? lol

Still ZERO Zabrak or Twi’lek customization. Honestly the rate in which BioWare takes to make these static haircuts is laughable.

4 years and this is all BioWare can do? Look at Cryptic and they give you 10x as much for free 0.o. I logged on thinking I would end up having to spend $20 to play as a Romulan and it’s free. That’s an entire expansion pack worth more hours than Shadow of Revan combined, plus better looking hair cuts also free.

BioWare and EA are milking the Star Wars IP to death and not in a good way.

its very cool that they are adding more haircuts and stuff… Its bad that they are doing it only now after I spent shitload of cartel coins on cartel crates, because there was nothing else for me to buy 🙁

We want an Elvis hairstyle, so many people want and cry for it day and night on the general chat and on the forums.
Its so easy to make one, come on Devs show some love.

Give us ELVIS syles !!!!!!!!!!

I still hope to eventually see some more short, conservative hairstyles for men. We have a greater variety of facial hair than we have moderate hairstyles. I’m also hoping to eventually get the Sith facial option with decorated barbels, like Scourge and Vowrawn have.

Hey guys, trying to get one of these helmets. The prices on my server are completely ridiculous. Could anyone accept my referral link so I can have another try at these packs? It gives you a free character server transfer and other unlocks. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here.

Which helmet, and which server? I’ve noticed referral links posted here tend to get the post deleted, so you may want to edit that out. 🙂

Whoops should’ve been more descriptive. I’m on the Jung Ma server looking to obtain a Revanite Vindicator helmet. Just edited the referral link out. I was hoping someone would click it so I could try the packs again.

I have an extra trooper helmet, if you were on Ebon Hawk I could have helped you out there. 🙂 With the extremely low drop rates on individual armour pieces in this release, you’re probably better off selling any packs you get and using the cash to buy the item you want. That, or just grind some cash from missions and materials, and buy it that way.

Alright, well thanks anyway. I’ll see if the prices go down this week, the first Revanite set pieces were in the millions when they were first listed.

Natural afros are very rarely the perfect spheres of hair 70s mass media entertainment would have us believe. What they have there is a really beautiful and natural look you don’t often see and I am so unlocking it (see what I did there?) first chance I get.

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