GW2 Ready Up Stronghold Deep Dive Livestream Notes

GW2 Ready Up Stronghold Deep Dive Livestream notes showcasing the new stronghold spvp gameplay coming with Heart of Thorns.


  • Josh Davis – Anchorman
  • Hugh Norfolk – Game Designers


General Info

  • Will there be a separate queue for stronghold? No it will be added to unranked and ranked .
  • Map will only support 5v5 right now unless you do custom arena.
  • Consequences to dying – Respawn times will stay consistent but the enemy team can take your supply if you die (your supply barrel icons are visible to the enemy). This is the only way you can get more than 2 supply per player.
  • When we had two lanes that meet in the middle, they are stagnant in the middle. The NPCs would just push to each other and die.
  • We might see new builds in stronghold like permanent stealth builds to stealth doorbreakers and heroes.
  • You can play a demo of this gameplay at Pax East or Rezzed (Europe).


Supply & NPC

  • You spawn with 1 supply. It give your team a gambit to spend the supply right away on a doorbreaker or archer. You get a barrel icon on your head when you spawn to tell you that you have supply.
    • We have seen teams open up using 5 doorbreakers and completely go offense while other teams use a 3-2 strategy for example.
  • Doorbeaker’s objective is to bring the enemy doors down. Archers can help kill the enemy NPCs and deal small dmg to gates. Doorbreakers are extremely vulnerable to enemy NPCs who can one shot them.
  • You can go to the supply depot in the middle of the map to acquire additional supplies. You can get a maximum of 2 supplies and the channel to grabbing supplies cannot be interrupted by damage but can be interrupted by Crowd Control.
  • Doorbreakers do not do any damage to players, they just run to the door to throw the bomb. Archers can do damage to players but it is very small. Doorbreakers can be killed or blinded by players.
  • Archers deal massive damage to guards – 25% per shot to guards.
  • Defensive NPCs get stronger as you progress deeper inside the base but they can still be soloed.
  • Players cannot deal damage to gates. In previous versions when players could damage the gate they just sit there and bash the door turning the game into PvGate.
  • Lots of objectives on the map, so there are lots of decisions to be made – should we man the treb, should we run supply, should we go for the hero, should we push?


  • 30s window to let you know where the hero will spawn. 10s channel to spawn the hero.
  • Heroes can give players a proximity buff – Hero’s Buff – 50% damage reduction and 50% reduction to condition duration
  • Heroes do not deal a lot of damages to players and deal slightly better damage than archers to doors.
  • His super skill can be unleashed on the Lord’s room – deal 25% damage to all the elite guards and lord in addition to knocking them down. This skill can be interrupted by CC.
  • Map is themed, one side is Knight themed and the other is Pirate themed.


  • Lord deals massive damage and really need a team to take them down.
  • Lords in this map have a downed state, to kill them you need to spike them. All the support stuff that works on downed players work on the downed lords.
  • The Red lord is named after Josh Davis, his name is Davis.



  • The UI at the top show you the health of your outer gate, inner gate, and Lord’s HP
  • Killing players give score, killing defensive NPCs give score, spawning Heroes give score but spawning NPCs do not give score. Killing the enemy Lord will win you the game.
  • The time limit per match is 15 minutes.


  • Can be used to defend against NPCs – enemy doorbreakers and archers for example.
  • Can be used to control the supply depot in the middle.
  • All the buildings can be destroyed but you cannot damage the door.
  • Sitting on the treb all the time doesn’t make sense and can hurt your team at times.

By Dulfy

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11 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Stronghold Deep Dive Livestream Notes”

not quiet, good teams can protect their heros from getting interrupted, or prevent lord from being rezed or just stomp faster then rezing.

Adding stronghold to the same queue with conquest (& their one TDM map, which was also a mistake) has to be the dumbest decision I’ve ever seen. Let people play the mode they want; don’t force your shitty moba clone onto all pvpers

I’m really questioning the choice to keep the map in standard queues. I understand their reasoning, but if I’m in the mood to play Stronghold, I want to play stronghold. Commenters like Facepalm may never want to play Stronghold at all. There will also be some considerations for the build you bring into Stronghold vs. Conquest, and while you can modify your build before the match begins, it isn’t fun to switch and then have to switch back between modes. There’s a rising (very quickly) thread on Reddit with a lot of reasons and suggestions against this.

I can feel the dissapointment of players expecting something better. I didn’t expect anything, thus I avoided that.

I love how they listed 7 roles as “a few examples of players roles” and yet this map is 5vs5 only Q_Q
I can understand overhyping by playerbase… I cannot, however, understand overhyping done by a developer. It’s a shot in a knee or worse.

Instead of desired by players GvG, we get a MOBA-style map that will get repeatable and boring after 5 matches.

Seems super complicated. Would be cool if they made the NPCs smarter though and gave them the ability to dodge.

What do they mean no separate queue? Joining it will be random unless a custom arena uses it only, exclusively? o.O That’s super duper lame. That actually infuriates me.

I don’t get it. Why stick with this 5v5 format? Why not try something different like 20v20 or something along the lines of what GW1 had?

I mean, I don’t dislike sPVP but come on already; try something different outside a sPVP format for once.

for some reason they refuse to step away from Spvp and want to throw everything into it just like they did with Deathmatches and it’s stupid asfuk.

this just looks like something that could be added with LS updates…it’s not even expansion worthy -_-

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