cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for Feb 17 – 24

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for the week of Feb 17-24


New Discounts

  • Emote: Chilly — 200 CC –50% Discount — History of item
  • Emote: Freezing — 200 CC –50% Discount — History of item
  • Mercenary Contract: Treek — 1050 CC –50% Discount — History of item
  • Treek Customization Bundle — 150 CC –50% Discount — History of item
  • Thermal Retention Armor Set — 600 CC –50% Discount — History of item
  • Preferred Access Bundle — 324 CC –80% Discount — History of item
    • Unlock: Inventory Module
    • Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
    • Legacy Perk: Improved Speeder Piloting I
    • Customization Control: Display Character Titles
    • Customization Control: Unify Colors
    • Customization Control: Display Legacy Name and Title
  • Newcomer Bundle — 202 CC –75% Discount — History of item
    • Quick Travel Pass
    • Czerka Cruiser Speeder
    • 5 Minor XP Boosts
    • Legacy Perk:” Improved Speeder Piloting I

No Longer on Sale

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44 replies on “SWTOR CM weekly sales for Feb 17 – 24”

Alright, putting up the Thermal Retention Gear and the Chilly & Freezing emotes this week gave me a nice chuckle. Well-played BW… god damn it’s cold out :-/

The Thermal Retention Gear and Chilly & Freezing emotes are especially marketed for players in the Northeastern United States!

Just need a vibrosword shaped like a shovel and it’d be perfect.
(I’ve been riding around on my Czerka LD-1 Celebrator lately. >:) )

Ugh, I’m more than a little jealous – here in NYC it’s been so cold the last few days that when it got up to around 25 today it counted as ‘shorts weather’ (literally: walking four blocks in Greenwich Village this afternoon I saw at least three different people wearing shorts!)

Great time for any new players to buy the fury little friend. I used her on many of my alts to level. Probably the best companion in the game to level with.

Definitely, especially since we don’t get healer class companions until around level 30. Well, I guess Mako is an exception but they are all pretty weak.

Or you could buy 1 and then purchase the Legacy unlock one time in the Collections menu and just grab contracts on all your alts forever.

Did I miss something? If you buy the legacy unlock for 300k is it free for the rest of you alts? If so, does it work for HK that way?

It’s a cartel coin unlock. It’s under the “Special” Tab of the Cartel market section of your collections, costs 600cc to unlock the “Mercenary Contract: Treek” item for your entire collections. So you can have treek on every character on all your servers, forever and ever.

It does not work that way for HK. You must unlock him through normal means (the long gathering quest), then you can buy him on alts for 1 million credits a pop. No Legacy unlock, unfortunately.

no stay away from the unlock with credits(imo) i grabbed the collection unlock at a very reduced rate(some random sale) and now dont have to pay anything to unlock treek on any toon in my legacy…. buy either version of the treek contract and use 1-2 months of cartel coin grants to buy the collection unlock( you will find in special section of collections)

Been there for a while and I still haven’t brought myself to buy Treek. The amount of Ewok hate that I have is mind boggling.

It’s been so long since I hit lvl 50 I don’t remember it. That’s an aspect of the game that has been forgotten.

What would you say is the most lucrative CM pack to buy if you’re looking to either resell or gamble to open it for valuable items?

Guys dont buy this stuff check dulfys other post theres a new game coming soon Choose Yout Path. looks SICK but no more SWTOR is sad but you know 5 years is a long time for one game. so save your coins for this new game. I posted over there but I’m letting Mosco now to drop his new game for Chritmas time on Xbox. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! #getchooseyourpath #moscochristmastimepls

I’m on truth kid. FO REALS! Mosco said it a real game coming soon. They even have a trailer: Choose You Path! They didnt make that for no good reason!! Get in the no son. and oh i smoke black and mild THE BEST!!!! YEAH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These new packs are coming out in ranking titles ~ like Acolyte and Apprentice ~ even the gear is basically 1 little change to the item from it’s lower pack. Looks like it would be better to wait for the next ranked pack to go on sale or the final rank pack. Atleast you know you’ll get the final look of your weapon. Like the Pistol/Sniper/Rifle even Speeder

No. They are not. Bought Treek for 1million credits from vendor…then spent 700cc to unlock for legacy. Good deal.

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