SWTOR Teases Choose Your Path Video for Tomorrow

SWTOR official twitter did a tweet today to promote a new video called Choose Your Path that is coming out tomorrow. Trailer is out now

Edit: Trailer is now out!


Note: Word from swtor_potato is that this is for a subscriber promotion in March that reward you with a Black-Purple Striated color crystal (one of each stat) for each character.




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So I can finally go on a huge killing spree and wipe out Jaja Bink’s whole race? If so best expansion or whatever its called 🙂

I’d venture to say it’s anyone with a current subscription. If you don’t have an active sub, you won’t get one, regardless if you ever did or not.

I really hope that is the crystal we’re getting. The backstory for my legacy revolves around an ancient lightsaber with a blade that looks very much like that. It would be cool to have a crystal that would allow me to recreate that artifact ingame.

The goal of the F2P model is to get people to subscribe. I’ve suggested more than once that they add a Subscriber’s Vendor to the fleet. Move all the Collector’s Edition stuff to the Sub Vendor, and add exclusive new desirable stuff every few months. The CE Vendors have clearly run their course, put those items to good use on a new vendor that makes people have a reason to sign up.

The F2P model in SWTOR is very restrictive, which would be fine if the Premium account wasn’t only slightly better then F2P.
SWTOR would have being better served if Premium gave access to all content owned and removed F2P limitations (rather then just mitigate some of them), not what we have now, you can own both expansions but still be unable to do the OPs, that’s just dumb…
If the only difference between Premium and Sub was perks rather then content behind Pay Walls and limitations (credits, WZs, GSF, etc), a lot more people would fork over cash into the game.
SWTOR is not free to play, it’s free to try, not the same.
Everyone knows getting someone to fork over a small to medium sum is easier then having him commit to any kind of monthly fee, heck make buying the expanion required to get Premium status.
Most F2P MMOs, like Tera, Rift and so on are truly “F2P” there is no content you can’t access unless you are Sub, it only adds perks.

You obviously don’t understand the purpose of the F2P model in this game. It is meant to be restrictive so that people will get frustrated with the restrictions and fork out the money to play. It’s not meant to be a “free” game.

Oh I understand, hence why I said it’s “Free to try”, what I’m saying and you didn’t undertand is that it’s a really dumb model, they would get a heck of a lot more money by building around a strong Premium system then a “force them to subscribe” one.

FTP is mostly fine the way it is, PVPers have a valid complaint though, the queue’s for them would be a lot better if ftp had unlimited warzone access, at least to unranked.

They did promise just that by the way, around RoTHC, they even said it was going to be in a “later patch”.
Never came to pass though…

On the other hand I have played this game all the way to 60 subbing only for 12 xp and buying the two expansions. My first character hit 55 through a lot of work and effort. This game can be done via free to play/ premium it just requires working harder and spending credits on unlock via gtn instead of cosmetic items or gear.

I agree. I am pref and the game is playable. Only infuriating thing are non-attainable quest rewards. I dont mind the restriction itself but tell us beforehand what can we expect as reward and what not. When you for example spend week grinding conquest points for harvesting nods and after successfully completing it the game will tell you its only for subs… i call it a low blow and well no more participating in conquest events for me then.
Also i noticed decreased crits from crew missions. i dont mind the fact itself but i was not able to find any official note on this. Is it intentional? I guess. Is it bug? no one knows for sure.
I dont mind restriction. Its correct to restrict the non-paying players but these kind of surprises will not entice me to resub. But it can infuriate me enough to quit:-)

And I agree to your thoughts on giving them unlimited access to space missions as well, heck give them access to GSF too. I had a friend quit ftp because they died on their first 2 space missions and beat it on the 3rd, then had to wait a week to try the 2 missions following it. There were other problems he had, mainly the memory leaks. But that was the proverbial straw. It was a shame cause this is truly my favorite mmo, I think its worth the sub fee though, honestly, its $15, that’s the cost to go to the movies. If you aren’t getting 2 solid hours out of swtor in a month, fine, don’t sub, be ftp, anyone who is playing 10+ hours, you should be happy to pony up the cash.

“Are you not entertained?!” hehehe

F2P in SWTOR is nowhere near as good as any other f2p model. SWTOR F2P is rather Free to Try or a demo, whatever you want to call it.

It’s beyond comprehension to hide such things like trade or cargo hold behind the paywall. I tried to encourage my friends to play SWTOR that are not such big fans of SW like I am and they always quit after experiencing such awful restrictions.

You need to find a good balance between forcing people to pay and making people STAY. Maybe my friends and other f2p players wouldn’t bring any profit after all, but they would at least PLAY swtor and share good opinions about the game.

I’ve been here since October 2013 and so far I see only SW fans paying subscriptions. Players that are fond of MMO games, but are not necessarily SW geeks, never decide to sub.

This f2p system should look like the current preferred status while the actual preferred status would have unlimited access to PVP matches (since you can already bypass the limit by queueing up with a sub), plus give prefs unlimited access to Space Missions because who the hell cares about that part of the game? It’s dead. It doesn’t bring any profit to Bioware and only discourage new players to play it since every time you die in that mode you lose 1 attempt. Maybe some folks would like it enough to return to SWTOR to casually play the railroad shooter? It’s still better assumption than to hide it behind the paywall while it’s dead.

To me, the only restrictions that make sense is the credit cap and no access to ops. Those two are justified and reasonable and it’s the main reason why I sub, but not every month since I’ve done almost every content in this game and there is no much left for me, lol.

Restrictive to players who haven’t spent a single dime on the game. Which is alright in hindsight. It shouldn’t restrict players who pre-ordered the game. That’s my problem with it, I pre-ordered the Custom Edition and played the game for eight months – providing me with features of vanilla that I had paid for. I can deal with being limited to FPSs a week and requiring passes for Operations per week but the xp deficit, the credit cap, loot table on mission rewards… etc.

TOR has had the worst shift to F2P since Champion’s Online. Just look at Zenimax, they had the right response to a failing sub-fee restricted business model.

The xp deficit you refer to is actually what every player gained at launch. For subscribers it’s increased slightly in the sence that unlike f2p you can gain rested xp

I believe they should make Operations, Flashpoints and Wzones unlimited for Preferred status players so they will que much faster and you will have plenty of people running many ops daily.
Something that everyone will be happy about.
And its Something thats is missing out now.
Its crazy trying to make a group even for the old L50 ops and flashpoints. cant find enough ppl around.

thank you, having to wait around for the queue to pop is why i won’t play this game until the next update…feels more like gen chat simulator than star wars.

I mostly like this idea, except regardless of how good or bad the stuff offered by the CE vendor is, it’s a slap in the face to the CE owners for them to make that stuff available to anyone else, ever. CE vendor, Security key vendor, and hypothetical Sub vendor should all have their own level of exclusivity. If not, what is anyone’s incentive to earn access to the Sub vendor if there’s no guarantee it won’t just be bumped down a notch later?

I have the Collector’s Edition, and it would not be a slap in the face. Four years of exclusivity is plenty, in my mind. I’d be quite pleased if all active subs had access to the Imperial Trooper armour, the exclusive dyes, and the State of Eternal Grace, among the other stuff. It might be different in the CE was still readily available at a fair price, but it’s not. A Subscription Vendor would do a lot more to encourage people to subscribe than the nearly-forgotten CE vendor, and I for one am not so possessive of my CE widgets that I’d be even slightly bothered if other people could attain them.

I have the CE, it would be a slap in the face if they were to make it available to other people, not to mention illegal. (read the terms, and the definition of exclusive). I would lawyer up and attempt to recollect the thousands I’ve spent on SWTOR, and I’d win. False advertising isn’t that hard to prove.

Your logic is good but there is a flaw. As with all games and everything on the the developers retain the right to change and or cancel any bonus edition perks or any of the content they add at anytime.

Oh get out of here with your logic. Your suggestions are so good and would be a fantastic feature. This means they won’t do it. Sorry.

Doubt it to many problems with it. Defecting to a neutral faction where both reps and imps can defect to would be more likely and easier especially from a financial point of view.

Would be great tho I’d love my merchandise and power tech to defect to reps while maybe even defecting one of my commandos to imps .

But I just can’t see it ever happening because if the had the kind of budget for those kind of changes and stories they wouldn’t have released what we got with makeb. You’d also have to bare in mind with the defecting to opposing faction idea you mention they would have to create 2 stories for each base class. One that defects for those that want to and another for those that don’t want to defect. As I don’t think game would last if they forced everyone to defect because it would make the entire point of it pointless

U never said it was going to happen and nor do I expect it to ever happen. I was responding to his post. Conveying an opinion.

This crystal looks good maybe I will think about it but give us a good discount on the 3 months sub Devs we need it out there.

I thought the pre launch videos were all about choosing our path? Are they revitalizing the old marketing campaign? If so I’d be pretty excited to see some new live action stuff, their commercials all gave me goosebumps. The flashmob in time square and the choose your path everyone sort of morphing into their swtor characters and fighting in the streets commercial were great. Also, free saber crystal? Ok well if you insist. *yoink*

The day cooperative cross-faction content comes out and the ability to switch sides all City of Heroes: Going Rogue-like is the day I will be pumped for anything Bioware has to announce for their shitty title.

I really hope this is cross-faction stuff, so when Ziost comes out and the Emperor is the final boss of the new operation, both factions can team up to kill him. Which from a story standpoint is what I feel would be the most realistic, seeing after SoR most of the galaxy knows he’s a bigger threat than either the Republic or the Empire.

Please BW, you’ve been disappointing me since SoR launched with your horrible bugs, your story which shafted Revan, perhaps one of the coolest figures in Star Wars lore, and your lack of good gear drops in the new HM FPs. Give me a reason to keep re-subbing!

i hope its not the case but i expect this to be a trailer to tell people about the current expansion with the crystals as a subscription reward a la hutt statue ect.. for those active with a sub and xpac as of/by x date

This is to make sure people stay subbed for the month of march when nothing comes out?
There must be more to this. Like some sort of cross faction thing.

Yes. Although we do not 110% know what the announcement will be (datamining could be, and has been wrong) anything that says “subscribers” includes prepaid game time. If you are counted as a subscriber according to in-game features, you will get the extra announced rewards, promotions, etc. as long as your prepaid game time extends past the due date.

The deadline for subscribers to get cool stuff for GSF was November 1, 2013. If you were subbed via prepaid game time, and that game time expired on November 2, 2013, you would still get the cool stuff.

Tl;DR: yes. Yes is the answer to that question.

I highly doubt they would spend money creating a trailer just for a new color crystal.

While adding a defect path to defect to other faction would be cool it just won’t happen. To many issues with doing it. Would also have to be another upheaval to classes as you could not be a shadow on the imp side or an operative on pre side. Mirror classes would have to go and you have one base class and 2 ac’s that are essentially made joint faction and not separate factions. And I highly doubt bw has a budget for something that big.

What I could see which is similar is a neutral fa toon say that Lea es you with options for staying with your faction or defecting to this 3rd faction were imps and reps alike can join.

For example my shadow becomes every increasingly frustrated with the jedi order and Republic in general for the continued distrust of the sith empire as they step up operations to spy and gain upper hand on sith while jedi continued to preach peace is there goal. Thus joining neutral faction full of like minded reps and imps who seek to put a stop to the inevitable Le war between empire and Republic which serves the empires purpose to destroy the entire galaxy.

On that note anyone else find it weird he wants to destroy all life to becomes all powerful and immortal with nothing around to dominate?

But that is highly doubtful as to what video will be. I highly suspect it’s a first glympse at ziost arc

Why would mirror classes have to go exactly?
Let’s assume that the faction arc happens around 55-60, or maybe just 60. What exactly ruins the existence of mirror classes to have a redeemed assassin and a shadow in the same pub side operation?

Actually the Revan arc is the perfect moment to switch factions. Just sod off with Lana/Theron and defect. It CAN be that simple.

Yeah but would it not be simpler and better rather than defect to opposing faction to have theran and lana both break away from rep and imps and long with jakorro form a new faction away from both imps and reps where all who join unite with no squabbles and all equal without the rules of the jedi or the manical dealings of the dark council.

That way jedi and sith alike can play and fight together or alone?

Ok after thinking it through properly after a good nights sleep as it was really late when I posted before I see the flaw in my logic with mirror classes having to go. Perhaps they wouldn’t but there would still be issues with say a jedi defecting but still running around his new factions fleet displaying as a jedi or what not.

For classes like trooper bounty hunter smuggler and imperial agent this is not so much a problem as it would be easily accepted that both factions say hire bounty hunters or smugglers. The problem would be with sith and jedi classes. But then again just my view point. And it’s probably why I am not a story developer lols.

But let’s me realistic. If bw had the financial resources for story and system changes like this we would never have got what we did with makeb

ya theres no logical reason why all the advanced classes couldnt exist on either side of the war effort
it would probably only take one or rwo lines of dialog even… and then several years of bug fixes…

This is probably just going to be a recap of all the features we already have. I doubt it will announce anything new, these videos never do.

I think it’s just a come play for free trailer like they’ve done before using a similar (if not the same) tagline.

Nice crystal! I hope it will be given in the first half of March, my sub expires on 19th and I’ll need some time to renew it… If I’ll miss the crystal… 🙁

It’s not a Black-Purple crystal, it’s a Black-Purple “Striated” crystal. From the preview there is a very obvious white striation between the black core and purple glow. Looks a whole lot cooler than the standard Black-Purple (which honestly looks like crap on my Volatile Conquerer sabers 😉 )

Will see, but… I don’t really like black core crystals. Call me old fashioned, but I like standard red / blue colours.

Never mind the crystal peeps, everyone will soon have one and they will get boring real quick.
What the REAL issue here as Ben Fuller picked up on below is what is this all about? Is it simply a new trailer to entice new players in, or……….something new entirely.
A chance to CHANGE factions?

LIGHT aligned Sith warriors joining the Jedi’s?

Light bounty hunters going rep side?

Dark Troopers coming to dark side?

Now that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!

I’ve never understood why players want this, seems so pointless and a huge waste of dev time to me. Not to mention how little sense it makes lorewise with companions etc.

Yes it makes sense as long as you lose 90% of your companions. In which case, why not just roll the mirror class in the first place?

companion stories as well as class stories are over at endgame, if not wheres the legions every character commands and wheres my smugglers space station and pirate fleet?

id take faction change with no story explanation whatsoever, who cares?

How little sense it makes lore wise???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Turn to the dark side??? Its the ENTIRE POINT of Star Wars….

Does anyone know what hilt that sith is holding ? It looks like the Primeval Vindicator’s Lightsaber but that is offhand only. I haven’t been able to find a similar mainland.

I believe the Imperial under level 50s PVP vendor on the fleet has it for 900 warzone comms. Think it’s called High Prophet’s lightsaber or something like that.

There are some very rare world drops of that saber as a moddable main hand, but the most reliable way to get one is from the PVP vendor.

Maybe it’s an indication that BW has decided to add more class specific content in future expansions. The problem with the post-50 game is that except for very minor changes in dialogue, it plays exactly same.

I quite like Makeb, it’s the painful slug through Rishi and Yavin that bores me senseless. A full class chain for Ziost would be lovely.

ha!, guess they will release an update saying, they wanted to wait with announcing the delay in case they still could make it in time.

Pity they changed the crystal. Don’t see why they don’t make more shades of normal core crystals. I’d love a Sea Green crystal in the normal fashion.

It won’t be. At best, it will be a trailer movie to show Ziost things, and just an extension of storyline for your class. Faction switching, among so many other things that should be possible, will not be possible with this game, the engine and the developer. So much fail, you should not ever expect what you typed out. Ever.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the SWTOR propaganda videos and ads always said “choose you side” or “choose your path” ?

I guess we’ll see what this is about when the video releases, but it just looks like another trailer for the game as purely advertisement.

So in order to get this i should be a) subscriber b) subscribe their channel? and how the hell they will know who has subbed their yt channel? How they will connect subs on yt with ingame sub? 😀

It says subscribe to see it first. AKA get a notification when they post whatever video they post. You don’t have to subscribe to the channel to get the reward. You just have to subscribe to the game by whatever date they announce.


If they have something intresting, i might come back 😉 i like this game but sor is kind of low compared to hutt cartel and dread masters :/

To each his own. I felt the exact opposite. I thought RotHC was boring as shit. I liked the dread masters stuff but when my guild quit raiding there wasn’t enough to bring me back. SoR brought me back and I thought it was 100x better than RotHC. Anyway glad to help.

I don’t really care about defecting, I am actually hoping it is the ability to switch your advanced class. There would be a lot of logistics involved with defecting, while switching your advanced class could be done easily. My wish: Video announces: those crystals, respec advanced class and brings back 12x. What I think will be announced: those crystals, maybe something small like a new pet or a mount with silly colors…..

If they’re going to make an announcement that the next day there will be a teaser that sometime in the future they’ll get us some usable details in a different announcement, they should make an effort to do it before their afternoon siesta.

Subscribe to our youtube channel and be the first to see the new Choose Your Path video, and then wait ALL DAY for it! <- They forgot that last part.

Dulfy commenters: Cry, cry cry!! “Tomorrow” appears to not have adhered to my specific time frame!! Bitch, moan, complain! EAware, blah, blah, blah!

There’s a few exceptions but you morons on here are the biggest group of spoiled whiners I’ve ever seen. If it had been released this morning? “Fuck BioWare releasing this while I’m at work and can’t see it before anyone else!” You’re all bottom feeders. Go play something else and save yourself from all the disappointment you constantly manufacture in your small brains. I’d love to pull a “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”, get your addresses, and beat the shit out of you when you come to the door.

Lmao… Someone’s having their period… Take a chill pill, complain about complainers and calling them morons doesn’t really put u in a better day light as well. You might just be added to the :Moron group society: but hey who am I to say otherwise right..

The only thing I’ve seen people talk about is how BW announced something for today but failed to deliver like half the dozen times they already did. if anything, it should have been a lesson for BW to learn when to actually make an announcement for stuff and actuallly deliver it instead of making announcement and ending up making more announcement of upcoming announcement of being delayed announcement which will be announced sometime in the future where they will announce more… Get the drift?

Failed to deliver? They said they would release a video. They released a video. End of story. Sorry if it didn’t fly out of your computer monitor and blow you while dressed like Slave Leia.

The problem is everyone who complains about this, like you just did, has no life to the point that this bullshit videogame’s dumbass announcements affect their life. If they don’t announce anything they get shit on. If they announce something too late they get shit on. If they announce something too early and have to change something later they get shit on. If they announce something and it doesn’t contain every last detail that every uber-nerd wanted to devour so they could get to obsessing over the next morsel they need in their sad life they get shit on. Do you get the drift?

Just look above. Nothing but comments from losers bitching because it wasn’t a life changing announcement. It gets the point across if you pay attention. If I was part of the community team I wouldn’t last long because I’d call out complainers for what they are. I’d also tell lazy pathetic losers to not lay flat on the ground 2″ away from me like a child while I’m trying to do a presentation.

They are damn pugers thats why they behave like this, full of crap as always.

As I suggested before to all these pugers and cry babies they can go play PacMan and stop whining like bitches……..

I guess people having opinions that don’t effect you or your life really ruins your little day? You are no better than the “whiners” by name calling the threatening people for having opinions. Internet tough guy, real tough from behind a keyboard. I’d love to see you come to my front door….I’d pay real money to see that. I’d film it in fact and put it in Youtube to prove how immature and childish people like you are.

There’s some sick people at BW that love getting everyone’s hopes up and then force choking the hell out of them. It brings a smile to their face. Darkside BW is.

Aha, aha, ahahaha, bwahaahahahahfuckingha.

Christ I am so glad my subscription is expiring in April. I literally expect nothing of value whatsoever from Bioware at this point.

Dat hype doe, Jesus Christ.

Yeh, I’m cancelling my subscription next month (keeping it just for my guild), just because i’m tired of feeding sarlacc.

Well, i’ve played swtor since beta and i dont want support their team anymore because of constant fails. The only advantage they have is star wars universe itself. Now I play gw2 it’s buy to play game and it has more quality content even without big expansions.

I’m not sure, maybe I’m looking too hard, but it seems there are some minute clips in there that might be new…Not until second glance, though

its a cheap change, they replaced that whiny son of your target on balmorra with theron
some people actually think its new and the crashed shuttle also new……..

for those that dont know, the shuttle crashing is in the intro cutscence for denova pvp map and this screenshot is a class story of sith warrior on balmorra nothing new about it
nothing new just very old content

I told ya that you would be disappointed, but even I was slightly wrong. It’s not even promo for a reward. It’s nothing…

Does anyone else feel like this was a tease for new Legacy options? Maybe defecting…..or being able to queue as an Imp and get grouped with Pubs?

Meanwhile, pvp arenas are more unbalanced than ever. But glad that BioWare put some effort into their YouTube vid. Can’t wait for that extra 2 sec slow on blazing bolts.

Thats Blsht and you know it, what is unbalanced is the new noobilies that dont know how to play and try to blame everything else but themselves.
Its as balanced as it gets whats not balanced is the stupidity of the people that play pvp.

Damn crybabys and quitters.

So glad I stopped paying for this turd. Honestly, I play as a F2P now, and its just so much a relief that I am not giving these fools any more money

And being severely hampered by the restrictions. The real question is why you even bother playing the game anymore if your disdain is at such a level that you’d feel this way.

I don’t know what restrictions you are referring to. I have all the account unlocks, all my money is being held by a friend so I don’t really have to worry about a credit cap. The only thing I do is sign in twice a week for a Ops Group I still raid with, which as soon as they find a replacement for me in one group it will be back back to one day 😀

Even with your purchases, crafting is damn near impossible. The XP gains are garbage. You actually have to spend more time in the game. Unless you’re planning on quitting, in which case just quit. And what are you going to do when they come out with a new expansion in a year? Stop playing? Like I said, at that point, you may as well just quit now.

For one, I don’t craft that restriction could careless about. Two The toons that I play with are sixty. All three of them. I’ve been here since day one launch, I actually paid for the retail copy of SWTOR. The only reason I stick around here, and full out quit the game is because of the money/time that was invested into my account. That and the one team I play with pretty much makes pretty significant strides in HM & NiM content, the only aspect of this game I enjoy anymore.

If another expansion comes out in a two years, and its actually worth it to purchase then yeah I’ll drop the twenty or so dollars on it. Or if I quit between now and then so be it. All I am saying is that I don’t pay to play this game. Doesn’t mean that I don’t want to like it or not play it. It just needs to be taken in a completely different direction to make the game more interesting and appealing so it makes me want to pay to play it again.

Well, don’t worry chief. Somebody is paying for you to play the game. Ops passes don’t fall out of the sky. So, indirectly, you’re still funding the game. It may not come out of your wallet, but you’re enabling someone else to pitch in for you.

This is … incredibly underwhelming and disappointing. It wasn’t even a SoR trailer like we figured it would be at worst. It remarkably broke even /that/ standard of mediocrity.

Yeah. Not really sure what the point of this was. Hopefully there’s something that this points towards. Otherwise it seems like a waste of video editing.

Some nerdraging going on at the official forums about this too. lol Seriously people? It wasn’t meant for “us”…it was only ever mentioned on Twitter, not the official website, it wasn’t “hyping” anything. It was clear to me from the get go that it would simply be an ad.

their official twitter account is not for us? I agree that people overreact but that comment is rather a bit odd.

The whole thing is quite a bit odd really. My guess is some new wet behind the ears marketing person that’s heard how social media is the best advertising platform thought it would be a good idea. lol People following TOR’s twitter already know what the game is about, and possibly also already sub to the youtube channel. Either way you look at it, it’s weird. /shrug lol

It seems highly doubtful that they have a “wet behind the ears marketing person” in Bioware. With the amount of people out there who have marketing degrees, I find it highly unlikely that Bioware picked somebody who has never even taken a marketing class.

I’ve taken a single marketing class and could tell you that the only people that would be seeing their advertisement are people who already know about the game.

You seem hung up on the whole marketing person theory I threw out, and seemingly have not read past that part of the comment. Like I said, either way you look at it, it’s weird. Anywho, I’m done wasting time discussing this, it’s pointless really. I’ll go back to enjoying the game, and the complainers can keep complaining.

well yeh, so far the said they were going to show a new video and they did. Hell if I know what the point of it is.

I guess it would be for those who don’t bother or forget to “unfollow” or “dislike” the game on social media…also, see my reply to EyesOfGehenna below.

I don’t get it either. I figured it was an ad, at best it might include some freebie for subs (at work now, haven’t seen the video yet). Doesn’t seem to be much point getting bent out of shape over something so innocuous as this.

I wish people enjoyed playing the games that they play. I don’t know why they keep playing if they are so constantly frustrated and infuriated by even the smallest things. When I stopped enjoying WoW, I stopped playing it. I’ve never even thought about haunting their forums, complaining about a game I’m no longer invested in. Sticking around just to be angry and complain seems insane, to me.

I think its because these people have it in their heads they are somehow victims, and its their way of trying to harm this game that entertained them but somehow failed to meet their expectations. Every patch, I get the repair bug. Every patch. And there I am, re-installing. Again. I go to the forums, still no other solution. Do I flip out, scream and yell, pitch a fit, drag everyone else down? Nope. I grumble and moan while I re-download because overall, I love this game. When I stop loving this game, I will fade away to something new. I’d hate to think I am so broken inside when I stop having fun I need to take away everyone else’s, or mock them for enjoying something I don’t.

It was mentioned on the fanpage where you have 2,5 million followers, so that tease about the upcoming vid was really hyped up man….

Impossible. Ur entire toon and acvhmnts r based on choices within the framework of race and gender u cant just faction change that on a whim or at all.

Achievements and choices are not largely based and race and gender. That’s the most useless aspect of leveling. It plays no part aside from roll playing or companion relationships. Faction changes are impossible simply because the way the story in game is designed.

U r absolutely WRONG. Race and gender are the vehicle game choices revolve upon. U obviously havent played swtor and r merely talking out of ur ass. Alt F4 thx.

Just lol. Race and gender mean nothing. They have no baring other than personal preferance. Your gender or race does not affect the story in anyway shape or form. If u choose to think it’s so important that is upto u. But do not insult someone just because there opinion is different. Grow up. Choosing your race and gender is a cosmetic choice only. That’s my opinion if u don’t like it so be it. I really couldn’t hive a crap what you think. I’m entitled to Mt own opinion.

And FYI I been playing this game since launch and I ain’t gonna let someone like you tell me to stop.

Ura moron. U cant even change gender same faction bc the story from the start depends on being male of female. I know thinking is tuff for u but try it. And brush ur teeth ur breath stinks. #douche

You no what I am sick of your childish and pathetic attitude. Story doesn’t not depend on gender. The only reason there is no gender change is because it is not relevant to the game. If u romance a companion then yes it becomes relevant but aside from that it means nothing. You are never reffered to by gender.

But I couldn’t care. You need to bloody grow the fuck up. I have an opinion. An opinion I am entitled to. That gives you no right to start insulting me or anyone else on this website or any other website. I’m sick to death of people like you that think coz someone doesn’t share your opinion and vents his own opinion it gives you the right to throw insults like a pathetic little boy.

Grow the hell up.

“The only reason there is no gender change is because it is not relevant to the game” makes absolutely no sense lol.

There is no gender change cuz the stories depend on u being male or female. Can’t seduce Lady Granthan as a female u douche.

Admit it, uve nvr played this game and r just opening ur mouth to watch the drool pool out. GTFO moron.

Grow up. I silting people coz they have an opinion that is different to yours is pathetic. I’m sick of stupid little boys like you thinking you have a right to go around insulting people coz they don’t share your opinion.

Grow the hell up.

Faction changes are practically impossible. Considering leveling 1-50 is focused on story 2 different story’s for each planet and class story. Taris and balmorra both being in different order depending on your faction.

It’s a pipe dream to expect a faction change. This is game isn’t like wow that makes it easy to do.

easy enough to implement at 50+ levels then…… or after chapter 3 of all classes… i would love to have a sorc for my pub side runs

Yep. Easy enough to throw that caveat of “Must have completed Chapter 3” into the mix for a faction change. Everything else is essentially the same. Hell, they could also tell you, “Guess what. All your companion affection will start at zero.” You can still be whatever LS/DS level you were already at. And, since none of your decisions during the story mean shit anyway, it won’t have any effect on anything moving forward.

While that was disappointing and seemed pointless as was nothing new and just seemed like it will be uocoming tv advert I can’t say I’m surprised. Seeing as bw recently announced most new thing would be revealed at cantina tours I wasn’t expecting anything huge or game changing with video. But still I expected a little more than this

The Fleet chat is way beyond that at times, anything BioWare came up with for actual in-game content would be mild at best compared to that.

Exactly! 99% of Swtor player base encounters with “sexual themes” comes not from real life humans but a talking wookie on fleet chat haha

How many cut scenes can u recognize? Not in order but I saw Killing Lady Granthan’s Son on DK, reclaiming your first lightsaber from the the Tomb of Ajunta Pal (or Sadow, don’t remember exact one) on Korriban, Confronting that Commando on Rishi, fighting Nomen Carr on Hutta over Jaesa,

It is indeed an unremarkable advertisement that doesn’t reveal anything new but I enjoyed seeing familiar cinematics but this time in hi rez 🙂

Shouldn’t people be excited that BW is putting out advertising videos? We do want to see the player population increase, right? I thought this was an excellent video!

The influx of F2P noobs ruining their game, their PVP, etc. Whiners never have an end to the list of things to whine about.

Tbf F2P noobs are a considerable problem in some areas of the game. PvE geared players joining warzones without a clue as to what to do is worth complaining about, for example.

So it’s basically just a trailer to get more people into the game.
…. and the community is upset about that? What the heck?

It’s not Bioware’s fault that you got your hopes up thanks to some datamining information.

This x1,000,000

Never satisfied. Always “too little” or “too much”. And god forbid they leave anything to the imagination, or let the whining commence!

It was just a vid no big deal.
Crying about everything and bitching all the time gets boring and useless.
Start going outside a few hours a day it will help your brains a bit.

Where is this world going to with all these pugers………..

I was thinking it was from that, it looked like the scene where you find the target’s son in a jail cell. I always killed him though, so never saw what happened if you let him go (was that even an option?).

I thought that, but then the figures who approach are different, and the angles seem different too. It seems like a lot of work for no profit.

That said you’re probably right, nothing else in this video was new or informative.

I feel like ive been given a box and on the outside it shows me everything I could ever want and then when I open it a dick flys in my mouth and fucks me over.

Dispite the stupidity of that remark I admit it defo made my laugh. When ever I see a box of all things I could ever want I’d ignore it coz it’s never gonna happen

No you got a blank box and you imagined it having everything you could ever want and then you were disappointed when it was only the hemorrhoid cream you ordered…

My thoughts exactly. The ‘hype’ was idiot fanboys turning that tweet into some magical wishlist of things that are never going to happen. This is why the devs hardly talk to the community, they say anything and it’s twisted into something completely unrealistic and people get upset when their unrealistic predictions are wrong.

this video is exactly what I expected… Instead of being hyped, my immediate reaction was ‘not this shi# again…’
I thought in pre 3.0 the devs liked to make smaller changes to the game, eventually perfecting it. after 3.0, that thought went out of the window real quick. This game is now really making me to test my love for the Star Wars expanded universe altogether. Thinking whether I should remain subscriber or to go f2p for a time being… I left the game back in 1.2 and came back around 2.3, so quit playing SWTOR isn’t really an impossible idea at all. The marketing department for this game really should grasp the idea that getting new players into the game is impossible at the moment, and regardless how clueless the newcomers may be, they really should focus on letting the current + longtime players to stay in the game… not like this bullshi#… And that goes for the devs too

Oh come on guys & gals. What the hell did you honestly expect?? This is BIOWARE we are talking about ffs. I saw the screen cap and knew it would be nothing new and most likely a rehash of what is already in game and what do you know, it is.

The worst part of the video promoting the dark and light side choices is that they actually make sweet fuck all difference in the grand scheme of things story wise or anything else besides cosmetic if you go dark side. I find it funny Bioware wants to promote this feature when story wise, having gone light or dark, it makes no difference when the story ends.

Interesting point: My Sith pureblood marauder also wears the Thana Vash outfit and is also lightside (except she uses the swords of the Vigilant). Could have been almost a video of my girl’s exploits lol.

I already have a video of your girls Sexploits! HAHAHA BURNNNNNNNNN kid….lmao. ima make a new vid 2nite with her next to u while u sleppin…lol. i’ll be careful not to bump your toes kid… 😛 #allupinit #yogirlismygirl #rompesgirlvid

You know, it probably only took one guy to put these clips together. So I seriously doubt that anyone else missed a beat.

Agreed, this wasn’t some monumental effort. This was a video a guy from their marketing department probably spent 1 business day or less on.

i didnt see anything but rehashed clips what are we supose to be looking at? Wish ea would get thier shit together with this game and quit screwing around with pointless videos and gambling packs why im in the emu. How much did that video cost? what did it achieve? absolutely pointless and a waste of time /smh

EMU? you mean that game that has fewer players then the starting planets? Sounds like you are just jelly that this game is doing so well.

i thought being emu was an old thing like 90s are something LOL but if you r like that than cool man but stop cutting up your gloves to make penis covers LMAAAOOO i’m jus playin its cool brah #heemutho

jajaja people actually play EMUs? that’s sad at the very least play a F2P game. Do you also connect with a 56k modem to get the real experience?

How many people play this EMU with you?

HI ERIK11111 heY are you one of those munchkins? and i want o play as a dam woopie MAKE IT HAPPEN MOSCO!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

If the post 3.0 updates has been well balanced overall in both PVE and PVP aspects, and with much less systematic problems, this trailer could’ve been well received… at this point this trailer only makes many existing players to think ‘not this shi# again…’
still, let’s see if this trailer promises improvements to the aspect of the game that has been the problem since the launch of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel…

You didn’t pay for anything. The moment you gave Bioware your money, it became their money. They paid their employees with their money to make their video. Funny how he has 17 up-votes at the time of this posting, and you have? Oh yea, zero. Oh, and by the way, using abbreviatory slang and calling someone an idiot is more than ignorant, it’s projecting your own inadequacies. Of course, I could just point at your Talibani profile picture and call you uneducated, but I think that would be the most complimentary thing anyone has ever said to you. Tiny man hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, how original.

Thats 16 not 17, your point on how stupid people are to pay them money is right, i have many times in the last 3 years paid for this hole of a game aka filled with crap, but thats just our silly gaming human ways, we wanna try new things out, & try have faith 1 day they will make this game awesome (No chance that will ever happen) But your point on the persons picture, and trolling them just ain’t nice. Let people moan, if you don’t agree, troll to yourself and be the better person. His word Idiot was to far, but your words of inadequacies & uneducated are just as bad… So in turn, non of you are getting likes 😛 Lets face it guys, this game is close to crashing, lets just hope its soon & stop downing each other.

The subs and users of the Cartel Market paid for this advertisement and it SUCKS. We have every right to complain and even demand refunds for these “reskinned” ads.

As for ur comment, idiocy is pure idiocy that’s all the critique it deserves.

You didn’t even read my comment, because the second sentence literally says “you give them your money, it isn’t yours anymore”…. So you can’t read, and you sit around all day complaining about everything. Either you are mentally ill, horribly disfigured, disgustingly shallow, or some combination of the three. I’m going with the latter. “Latter” means the last thing, since I have to dumb it down for you.

Funny, one of your up-votes is your own. HAHAHA, how sad.

That’s right I don’t retarded nonsense from even more ‘tarded randoms from the internet. Ur thought rank just above dogshit imo.

You didnt pay for the ad stupidity madness.
If you dont like it go play another game so you can keep whining about it there too.

Suckers and crybabies all over, wtf is this wolrd going to ……….

Subs and CC market users paid for this ad. U r public school educated so I wldnt expect u to be able to rub 2 brain cells to figure out the EAs ad budget comes from its consumers and not a money tree momma told u abt when u were 3. #dumbass

Note how the Paladins of Bioware have yet to ride to this one post and lay siege to its lands.

Gee, I wonder why.

Its alive and kicking and if you dont like it go and play another game and write the same bshrs about that one too in a month, thats how it goes.

To me it looks like it’s hinting at a future choice between joining the emperor and remaining loyal to your faction, or something like that.

No no no no no no no. Stop. Stop making up shit off tiny little clues you think are there. This was nothing but a new ad for current content targeted at people not playing. Nothing more. Check your expectations and use some sense people.

You seem to have it backwards. I pay 15 a month to play this game. And as a subscriber I am perfectly within my right to complain about matters every day if i wish. It is like buying a new car only having to take to the garage every week because bits and pieces break down in a random order. I pay money in the hope that the game or said car will eventually run again as advertised.

If you are taking a carinto a garage every week there is no chance it will ever run again as advertised. Some cars are just lemons and its your own fault if you continue to put money into it. Unless you can’t afford a new car. But then you can’t compare something you need (transportation) to something you want (a game).

U do realize thats how all games go these days bugs and fixes all the time, thats how it is.
Either suck it up or go play pacman.

Pacman was the game yo. i gobblin gobblin gobblin the pellots. wakka wakka wakka wakka. played that for days DAYS At a moms couldnt even stop me cause i wa so on point wiht it. that boss fight do. #pacsman

HA! shows wat u no. I doNt wear that fine azz vest for pics…only for fappin’ while looking at yo pic LOL! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you feel the heat brah????

Yep thats their profile, and they always ask for nerfs too complains and nerfs thats what their life is all about.

Damn these sht.

Rather than venting, unsubsCribe from their YouTube and twitter feeds, let the stats show this advert failed and we are less likely to get a repeat. Duffy, Potato and Miner are far more informative anyway.

It didn’t fail. People just had unrealistic expectations of what it was and it was no one’s fault bu their own. The video was 100% what I expected it to be based on what they posted. Current players clearly weren’t the target audience and never have been for the choose you _____ ads they put out from time to time.

Im sorry but what are we supposed to look for at the end? I liked the video, but it’s nothing we havent seen before and there’s nothing special in it as far as I could see…

I’m amazed with the time at the hands of some people that seem to dedicate their lives to complain every day, at every topic.

I loved the teaser. And if I could make people colide in midair, I would do that ALL THE TIME.

Cool 🙂 Yeah, story was better with first but I thought gameplay (controls and abilities) were better with the second.

You do realize its very unlikely someone who isn’t a current subscriber would bother to follow a twitter feed of a game they aren’t even playing…right?

Since lots of people that play this game didn’t like that video, it will be highly unlikely that they retweet/share this video

yeah i haven’t watched it, but their ‘want’ is still valid. I still would’ve shared it just to get more people exposed to swtor so we can hope faster ranked queues 😉

I think most people liked the video. However they had a misconception that the video was going to be an announcement of some new content or feature. When they didn’t get what Bioware didn’t promise they started throwing temper tantrums.

Keeping with the trend, you do realize that there is already a wealth of videos for people to share with their friends that is a more accurate depiction of the game than this, right? Creating another advertisement for a game that already has tons of advertisements in the form of free videos on twitch and youtube is a waste of time. You don’t see any other MMO that has been around for a while create an advertisement for their game that isn’t wrapped around some new content.

You do realize that there are a wealth of Ford commercials out there, and everyone in America knows about the Ford Motor Company, yet they still waste their money on commercials.

You do realize that just isn’t true 🙂 I seen wow commercials with an orc driving a Ford not too long ago. Or the wow Mr t videos… point is there is nothing wrong with them putting out new media as long as it doesn’t take away from development. 3.0 is still pretty new as well.

Same as my comment below. Television commercials are a far cry from posting a video on Youtube and only telling the people following you about it. Television is a form of media that everybody sees. It’s relatively indiscriminate in who it markets to. Youtube, you actually have to look for it.

And the WoW Mr. T commercial actually added new content. It was just a stupid mohawk grenade, but it was something new.

Also, Twitch wasn’t even around in 2007. Hell, Youtube was only 2 years old at that point. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly the most effective form of advertising. For the most part, it still isn’t.

Duno why there is any disagreement about it. It’s just an ad isn’t it? The Mr t Comercial didn’t add new content… the debs did 🙂 like I sad before 3.0 is pretty new yet… 3 my is also new and new content (even re skinned old content) is added often by bioware.

outlet really doesn’t matter… bit it was all over the MySpace 😉

So, according to your post, someone who isn’t a current subscriber isn’t playing SWTOR. You do realize that SWTOR is F2P with a subscriber option right? A large number of accounts that exist in SWTOR are F2P accounts. The ability to access 99% of the features that subscribers can access, via the GTN, makes the game very appealing to those who don’t wish to spend money on a monthly subscription to a game.

With that is problems tho many of those unlocks cost more creds than a f2p or premium player can have at anyone one time

Ah I see. Never uses f2p or premium so didn’t no how escrow worked. Thought it just held your credits beyond 350k and u could use it to get back up to 350k one u spent some

Close, the money that you get when your on macx goes into your escrow, then you can buy an escrow unlock on the GTN and take the money out of it while you’re still on max and it’ll let you exceed it temporarily

I know this is late but I’ve been away from the board for awhile. You see, what you’ve mentioned isn’t a problem. There are 2 ways around that. 1. If you have a subscribed friend that you trust you can just give them the credits as you go and when you get enough, they buy the unlock and trade it to you. I did it this way for a long time with a friend of mine. 2. Another option I’ve used is building up your escrow and then buying escrow transfers off the GTN to transfer enough credits to buy what you want. The 650k escrow transfer is usually under the 350k credit cap for a preferred user and I’ve seen them as low as 250k even.

even for an advertisement video its a dissapointment, i mean really, bioware making a cheap ass change in a class story quest on balmorra to include theron….sorry but that is just very very lame.

not to mention the one sided bullshit with empire only and absolutely no republic

that is choosing your path about, choosing to be part of the empire or republic……guess they ran out of money for this add to include the republic

guess you didnt read it carefully then, cause nowhere did i say something about a new expansion,

next time try to read it

Underwhelming. At the very least all they would have to do is update their events like Chevin/Rakghoul/Gree for level 60 and give the vendors for those events new items like “rancor rakghoul”. Offer them ever two weeks in rotation.

As I type this my guildies are under 5 and my server is ‘Light’ status.

Gree event is updated for lvl 60 and becomes active on Tuesday. The Rakghoul event has been on about 5 times between this past summer and now, and will return at some point updated to 60 as well. I am not sure what Chevin is, but I can assure you that these events are more interesting because they do NOT run every two weeks in rotation. Bounty hunting runs every month, and people still complain about that, because they say it’s too often. As if someone is making them participate. People will generally complain about anything and everything.

Actually the Rakghoul event happened three times last year (2014). Before that the event ran one time around April or May of 2012 and was a one time event on Tatooine, much different then the current event that has run on Tatooine, Alderaan and Coriella in 2014. The Chevin event much like the original Rakghoul event was a one time deal and was the pre-lude to the Gree event that ran a lot back in 2013. Then tapered off during 2014 and finally making a re-appearance in Feburary of 2015.
As far as the bounty hunter event, ya that got old fast because it ran every month for most of 2014 and I stopped participating after they changed the drops to needing contracts instead of credits. But its true people will find any reason to complain, so I say bring back the original Rakghoul and Chevin events because I didn’t know certain achievements where gonna be needed now back then.

Those old events didn’t grant any achievements, as achis didn’t exist back then, and no achis for them were added.

Under Legacy, Possessions – they added two achievements for the Rakghoul event that required you to play both as a Imperial and Republic. You had to acquire both sets of uniforms and as well in the Codex there are 10 missing entres 3 of which did with the added world bosses for the event. For the Chevron again a codex entrée was added and a uniform to gather.
It wasn’t until 2.0 that they added the achievements for those so you would have had needed to know what bio-ware planned ahead of time if you wanted the achievements months before they inacted the achievement system.

Achievements, no – but there had been some codex entries, which was close enough. I believe Musco has commented that the Chevin even (The Grand Acquisitions Race) was definitely a one-time thing. Which is both cool and a bummer, because I have since deleted a few alts who had the Scrapper as their primary mount. Would be nice to be able to clone that over to a couple characters I have recreated since then.
And the original Rakghoul event caught me a little off guard, and I ended up missing my shot at the belt both times, so I’m sitting on an incomplete Imperial Containment uniform. Would be nice to get that completed.

Looks like a cool version of Swtor…I mean you see that and could think is about star wars or else, then comes the reallity check and is just about humans in weird clothes right clicking on glowing things, and kill some ammount of random dudes. Ays… so much potential wasted so badly…

I think it’s kinda funny that they chose a warrior to model the chose your path trailer. I played both dark/light sides and his fate is the same.

It’s not funny at all. Most proles fantasize abt being a kick ass warrior instead of the burger flippers they r.. An ad with an Agent in cover wldnt b that exciting now wld it?

i went out with a prole this one time. biatch was CRRAZZZZYYYY like a sqrriel but fine as wine too u better believe that! OH and Mr she wasnt a burger flipper, she took orders at Red Lobster bet you never ate so good LOLLLLLLL but i like u #redlobsters #prolescrazyhot

When does Choose YOu Path come out? Im ready to buy this game NOOWWW son. and will prebuy for sweet ass purple cristal. does this mean they r shuting SWTOR down???? seems kind of soon but oh well.

HA no trolls in starwars friend only Warcraft Worlds but seriosly when will is this SICK game drop?? and if it is not on the Xbox i will cry. I saw Mosco is on this page so i’m gonna make sure he nows that this Path game will be BIG on xbox especially if it drops on peeops around christmas #moscomakeithappen #bestchristmasever

You must be the biggest idiot in the world…

Swtor has been out for 3 years, and Choose your Path is just an ad for swtor, for the promotion coming out soon.

I love it when people call other people idiots after responding to obvious trolls.

It makes me feel all…warm and fuzzy on the inside.

you the idiot kid. look above you. trailer is real. made by Mosco for his new game Choose The Path. knowledge is crazy get some!! I like yo name VORDOLO like a spanish voldemort from Henry Potter WINDARDUM LEVITATIOS!!!!!!!!!! #magicisreal

Ok. It shows nothing exiting new… but… it’s made better than many other trailer an teaser of 2014! Finally they got somebody who isn’t totally untalented in making trailer out of ingame video.

Why was there buildup hype for this video? Usually hype trailers are supposed to show new stuff to spark peoples continued interest. Choosing our path was also the main pitch when the game first released since dark/light choices were integrated in quest interaction, so I don’t see what’s so new other than to get new people to try the game out. At least it shows the actual game rather than a expensive high quality CG trailer. If I never heard of this game and saw a dishonest trailer of the game I’d probably think they were exaggerating bc the game is getting stale.

You can, however, preview it; simply click a working item (another crystal is easiest) to bring up a preview box, click show items. Then, without closing the box, click on the non-working item. Itll show up in the preview box (Under the wrong name on the box, but the item will be correct).

There ya go.

They could make another cinematic trailer for the game, the first three are still one of the best trailers in recent years for me.

I dunno what everyone is complaining about, I’m a sub and I happened to enjoy the ad, it’ll get new players and is making me excited about the Sith warrior class story. Only thing that bugs me is the pvpers everywhere whining about a class being more powerful than the others. NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE NOT THEN OST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE GAME AND IT’S YOUR FAULT ALL THE CLASSES ARE UNBALANCED. Yes, I wish they’d fix operative as much as anyone else but these pvp dicks need to stop whining about pvp and making the devs screw pve people with the same class. Fix operative and leave pvp alone, they can deal with their own shit after that.

Ok, so, i’ve been hearing some weird stuff about this video. i’m not sure if its a teaser trailer for some new stuff coming down the line this year (possible faction changing, I.E. changing sides, defecting.) or if its just another regular trailer, kind of like the live action one that came out a couple of years ago. i did notice some parts of the trailer i haven’t seen in the original Sith warrior story line, like the one where you get Theron Shan out of a cage at the 0:49 mark of the video. or even the tank battle a few seconds before that, on the 0:38 mark. it kind of looks like Denova, but i don’t remember seeing a large wreckage like that off its coast. i cant really make any sense of this video, any thoughts about any possible new content, or anything?

it seemed like a big waste or resources and time. Its just rehashed clips and the point of it was what? info weve had since launch? i still dont know what musco was talking about at the end i just saw rehashed video at the end i didnt see anything new or exciting. Just seemed like a waste of time/resources for nothing

what you saw was not new, the freeing of theron is actually part of the sith warrior class story on balmorra but instead of the son of your target its theron its a cheap ass change that bioware did, the tanks shooting and shuttle crashing is part of the intro cutscence for denova pvp map you know the one where there are 3 cannons and you need 2 to take away % of the enemy bunker. its not new

its an advertisement add for new players to choose their path nothing more nothing less

hmm, you might be right. i honestly thought there was going to be new, semi-ground breaking new content. that type of stuff is how you get new players. if they weren’t going to be advertising new content, then why bother making a new advertisement, instead of using an old one. you would save money and time. just doesn’t make sense.

then again, it could just be new content/story lines recycled from much older content. guess we wont find out until April, still holding out on hope. not too much though, but just a little.

It’s not faction changing, there are a number of reasons:

1. Everybody and their goats will be doing it. Think about that. This means that EVERYBODY on both sides are traitors.

2. Companions. Just think about how confusing it would be if one minute you were commanding Havoc Squad, and the next minute you were surrounded by a jawa, a con artist, and a whiny “bounty hunter”.

3. Class story. Imagine helping the Rift Alliance stay in the republic, then the next thing you know you’re chasing down ghosts in order to defeat your “rival”, who for some reason you’ve never even heard of before…

4. Mechanics. Mirrored non-force-using classes use different weapons on each side, meaning that if you don’t have enough comms or credits for mods, you may be effectively locked out of the game until you can either use your alts to grind for credits, or beg for them on fleet.

so thats where the original swg coding went in that box eh LOL. I found that video better then “rechoose the path you were already been on with rehashed vid clips”

hehe! We used to have this one guildy, always a negative Nancy. In text… negative. In voice negative.

Warlord Greebo could not stand for that. Dude making my team depressed IN VOICE in PVP match. He goes in the most depressing voice ever “oh… they got 4 healers…” Like because of such things we should just give up and accept our fate.

Im like “No. F that. Focus Rips target. All on Rips target! (and said same in text). Rips was this badass dps mara that knew his stuff… was in pvp EVERY day, win lose or draw.

Think the point is… even if we lose, we gonna make them FEEL like they lost:)

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